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7.8.08, 11:55 PM
Tuesday's Touching SHUIS Summary and Picture of the Day. . . . . .

Standing in front of the altar in the church, Ivy announces that she has something to tell everyone. Watching on the monitor, Alistair interrupts a call, “I want to listen to this. I'll call you back.” In their front row seat, Francisco comments, “Mrs. Crane looks very angry.” Cristina shakes her head, “Yeah. I do not have a good feeling about this. Not good at all.”

Ivy begins, “As you all know, a secret I had kept since the day that Ethan was born was recently revealed in a horrifying manner. Someone got a hold of my personal letter, and instead of doing the honorable thing and coming to Ethan or to me, this person did the lowest, most reprehensible thing possible. She sent it to a tabloid. Instead of my painful revelation coming out privately so that Ethan and Julian and Sam and I could talk it through, it was trumpeted to the whole world through a sleazy tabloid headline, which destroyed Ethan's life and shattered everyone close to him. The idea of someone doing something so heartless was, as you can imagine, alarming to me. I couldn't believe that anyone would ever want to hurt Ethan, and certainly no one who ever truly cared about him. But I was wrong. And now I have the proof that the person who ruined Ethan's life is someone so devious that she managed to convince all of us that she is a sweet, innocent girl when nothing could be further from the truth! Well, I know the truth, and I am going to expose her the same way she exposed my secret! The person who ruined Ethan's life and took everything away from him is the same person who stands here today claiming she loves him, claiming she wants to marry him! And that person is Theresa Lopez Fitzgerald!” She points and looks at Theresa while the guests gasp. Ivy makes things clear, “Theresa is the one who sent my letter to the tabloid! She is the one who exposed my son's paternity!” Theresa cries, “No, this is not true. I didn't do this. I would never do this!” Ivy yells, “Oh, I knew you would deny it. That is why I brought proof!” She holds up the tabloid.

In their seats in the front pew, Tia Cristina exclaims, “I don't believe our Theresa is capable of doing such a thing.” Francisco says, “Of course she wouldn't. Theresa's a good girl.” Cristina agrees, “Yes.” Francisco nods, “Mrs. Crane must be mistaken.” Ivy again states, “Theresa Lopez Fitzgerald is the one who betrayed my son! She sent my letter to the tabloid! It's all in here!” Theresa cries, “No, this is not true! I didn't do this, Ethan!” Luis turns to Sheridan, “My sister wouldn't do this. There's got to be a mistake. Theresa couldn't have. She loves Ethan.”

Ivy continues, “I trusted you, Theresa. I took you into my home. I gave you a job! I supported your relationship with my son, and this -- this is how you repay me? No, Ethan. There is no way you are going to marry this conniving bitch! Everyone gasps. Ivy turns to Father Lonigan, “I'm sorry, Father, but there is no other word for her. There's no way, Ethan -- no way this wedding is going to go on!”

In the library of the Crane mansion, Julian answers the phone, “Yes, Father.” Alistair asks, “You still watching this, Julian?” Julian says, “Oh, I'm glued to the set.” Alistair shouts, “Well, unglue yourself and do something.” Julian replies, “Well, what can I do? It's out of my hands. Ivy stopped the wedding. It looks as if Ethan won't be marrying Theresa now.” Alistair booms over the phone, “Do I give a damn about those two? I couldn't care less if they got married. But Sheridan and Luis are another matter. They have to go through with the ceremony. He has to put that ring on her finger, no matter what.” Julian replies, “Well, I can't see that not happening, Father. I mean, even if Ethan walks away from Theresa, I'm sure that Luis and Sheridan will continue their wedding.” Alistair, “Better hope they do, Julian, because one way or another, Sheridan must die today. And if it's not via the poisoned ring, then you'll have to do it. It'll be up to you to kill your sister.”

Standing next to Sheridan, Luis says, “Look at my sister. She's devastated. On her wedding day. Wish there was something I could do for her.” Looking toward Ethan and Theresa, Sheridan replies, “I don't think there's anything that either of us can do.” Luis takes her hands in his, “I'm sorry. I wanted your wedding day to be perfect for you.” Sheridan looks at him, “It's yours, too. We'll both be disappointed. Right now I'm more concerned about Ethan and Theresa and what this means for them.” Luis assures her, “Well, this whole thing is a lie. That tabloid is a total sleaze. They don't care what they print as long as they stir up trouble or sell papers. Theresa's innocent. She'll be able to prove it. I know she will.”

While Ivy takes Ethan to another area of the church to talk, Pilar goes to Theresa's side, “How can this be, mija? Hmm? You told me you deleted that letter from the computer.” Theresa replies, “Mama, I did.” Pilar asks, “Then how could Ivy's letter have been sent from your computer?” Theresa replies, “I don't know, but I swear I didn't send it. I would never do such a thing, mama. Please believe me. I would never hurt Ethan.” Pilar sighs, “I believe you. I do. I just don't know if anyone else will.”

Standing in the back of church near the bank of candles, Charity says, “I can't believe this could happen to Ethan and Theresa -- two people who love each other so much.” Miguel replies, “My sister didn't do it, Charity, all right? She is completely innocent. I know she is. She'd never hurt Ethan.” Charity says, “Look, I know that, but look at what's happened. I can't see them getting married now, can you? And if this kind of thing could happen to Ethan and Theresa, something could break the two of us apart.” Miguel exclaims, “No, all right? That is never going to happen. Nothing can ever come between us.”

Standing in front of the altar with Sheridan, Luis and Chad, Whitney says, “I can't even imagine what this is doing to Theresa. I mean, Ethan is her whole world. This wedding meant everything to her.” Chad says, “Yeah, well, life's going to be rough on her now.” Whitney assures, “Chad, she did not do this. There's no way she did.” Chad, “I'm not saying she did, all right? I'm agreeing with you, ok? I mean, it's hard for me to imagine somebody who loves Ethan as much as she does would do something like this to hurt him.” Whitney says, “Well, she didn't. I know she didn't.” As she approaches the group, Gwen asks, “Sheridan, you ok?” As Sheridan stands with Luis holding her hand, “Yeah, I'm fine. It's Ethan I'm worried about.” Gwen replies, “I know this is your wedding, too, and to have something like this happen is just ...” Sheridan says, “It's unbelievable.” Gwen says, “Just such a shock.” Still holding Sheridan's hands ,Luis turns to Hank, “Well, Hank, I guess you better hold on to this for us.” He takes the rings from his pocket before Sheridan tries to stop him, “Wait -- what are you doing?” Luis smiles at her, “Don't worry, Sweetheart. Everything's going to be fine. I'm just going to give it to Hank to hold onto it for safe keeping. I am going to marry you today, promise. I'm going to put this ring on your finger and I'm going to make you my wife.” Looking on from the library, Julian comments, “That's right, Luis. That's what you're going to do. I'm counting on it. Because if you don't, I'll have to kill Sheridan myself.”

Theresa joins Ethan and Ivy as they talk, “I didn't do this. I never did this.” Ethan replies, “No, Theresa said she didn't do it, and I believe her.” Ivy says, “The tabloid said it has proof that it was Theresa.” Ethan asks, “Since when do you believe what's in a tabloid? You always said they were full of nothing but trash.” Ivy agrees, “Yes, that's true. But this is the same tabloid that broke the story about your paternity, and they were right about that!” Ethan replies, “So they're wrong now! Theresa couldn't have sent the letter! She would never do something like that to me.” Ivy begs Ethan not to believe Theresa but Ethan says that he does believe her and wants to get back to the wedding. Theresa beams!

Looking on, Luis holds Sheridan's hands as they stand facing each other, “See, now, I told you everything was going to work out.” Sheridan smiles, “Yes, you did.” Luis adds, “And we are definitely getting married today.” Sheridan smiles adoringly at Luis. In her pew Cristina turns to Pilar, “You see, Pilar. Everything is all right. There's nothing to worry about.”

Ivy is still trying to convince Ethan not to marry Theresa but he tells Ivy that if she says she didn't do it, he believes her. Theresa says, “I love you, Ethan, and I would never do anything to hurt you.” Ethan announces, “I know that. Everyone -- sorry about the interruption. But I'd like to get back to the ceremony.” Holding Sheridan around the waist, Luis smiles, “Yeah. Thank God they worked it out.” Sheridan smiles, “And our wedding will be back on track.” Luis smiles at her and kisses her cheek.

Cristina marvels, “Oye. This Ivy -- she's a little loca, no?” Francisco gives a skeptical look, “More than a little, I think.” Cristina replies, “Yeah? Huh. But this wedding is going on. Nothing can stop Ethan and Theresa from getting married today.” Pilar replies, “I hope not.”

Standing by Ivy's car toward the back of the church, Miguel asks, “Feel better?” Charity replies, “I don't know.” Miguel soothes, “But everything's fine now. I mean, Ethan and Theresa are going to get married.” Charity says, “I know, and I'm happy for them, Miguel. But I'm sorry. I can't shake this feeling that something really terrible is going to happen here.” Miguel asks, “Can you tell me what?” Charity sighs, “I don't know. Whatever it is, it's going to cause terrible heartache and pain, Miguel.”

Luis asks, “The ring ready?” As he pulls out the ring, Hank replies, “: Right here, buddy. Won't be long now before Sheridan will be wearing it.” Luis grins, “I can't wait. Yeah, well, you hold onto that ring because I'll be needing it real soon, all right?” Hank shrugs, “Come on. I won't let anything happen to it.” Luis grins, “Nice.”

Julian speaks up, “It's all systems go, Father.” Alistair says, “Excellent. The wedding is back on track and we are back in business. Won't be long now before Luis slips the ring on Sheridan's finger, and then she'll no longer be a problem.”

Ethan says, “Well, Father, let's pick this up where we left off, shall we?” Father Lonigan replies, “Very well. I just need a moment. Then we can begin again.” The wedding parties stand at the altar in front of Fr. Lonigan ready to get married.
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To be continued...

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Sitting in their pew at the church, Kay asks, “Do you believe this?” Jessica sighs, “Oh, talk about a roller coaster ride.” Kay says, “Poor Theresa. You could see the blood drain from her face.” Jessica agrees, “Yeah, well, there's a smile on it now, though.”

At the altar, Hank grins, “Let's get you two married before something else happens, huh?” As Sheridan and Luis both smile at him, Luis, “Yeah. We're ready.”

Pilar makes her way to Theresa’s side, “Are you all right, mija?” Theresa replies, “I won't be all right until Ethan says "I do." A few feet away, Ivy continues to try to convince Ethan not to marry Theresa because she believes that Theresa betrayed Ethan. Ethan continues to believe in and defend Theresa.

In the library of the Crane mansion Julian watches the wedding feed on his monitor, “Oh, get on with it. Let it be done. Let Sheridan's death be painless, please.” He groans.

Standing in front of the altar and Fr. Lonigan, Ethan asks, “Father Lonigan, can we continue the ceremony? Because Theresa and I are ready to get married.”
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Sheridan looks around, “Where's Gwen? She was here just a minute ago.” Luis says, “Don't worry about Gwen. She probably just got upset after seeing another wedding about to blow up, like her and Ethan's did.” Sheridan says, “Yeah, probably.” Luis looks toward Hank then at Sheridan and smiles, “As long as Hank doesn't disappear on us, we can go ahead with ours.” Hank says, “I'm not moving here till I hear some "I dos." Luis shakes his head, “Uh-huh.” Hank agrees, “Till death to us part. That's the only thing that's going to break you two up. Not some stupid tabloid.” All three of them smile at each other.

Miguel asks, “Charity, what is it? What's wrong?” Jessica adds, “I know. She always gets that look whenever she's having one of her premonitions.” Miguel asks, “What are you seeing, Charity?” Charity replies, “It's Sheridan again. She's at the altar, and she's all twisted in pain.” Miguel answers, “But she's not. I mean, look for yourself. She's up there. She's smiling. She's fine. It's Ethan and Theresa that we're worried about.” They look up at the altar to see a smiling Sheridan.

Father Lonigan begins again, “Since this is a double wedding ceremony, I have to shift things, reorganize, not to mention pluralize everything. So if there is anyone who knows why this couple should not marry, let them speak now or forever hold their peace.” Gwen comes forward from the back of church saying that she does. Theresa looks at her. There are shocked reactions from the guests. Gwen says, “I know why these two people shouldn't be married.” Francisco asks, “Who's that?” Cristina replies, “That's the girl Ethan gave up for Theresa. I knew she'd cause trouble.”

In the library Julian is a nervous wreck, “My God, I can't take much more of this. Luis and Sheridan have to get married. Because if they don't, I'm going to have to kill my own sister.” Rebecca replies, “Julian, Ethan and Theresa not saying "I do" doesn't mean that your sister can't still get married. I mean, there's nothing to stop Luis from putting that poisoned wedding ring on Sheridan's finger.” Julian has a fantasy about Luis putting the ring on Sheridan’s finger and her dying in his arms. Julian comes out of his daydream and asks, “Will this bloody day never end?”

Ethan asks, “Gwen, what is this?” Gwen walks up to the altar and stands in front of Ethan and Theresa while everyone looks on, “I'm sorry to have to be the one to do this, Ethan, but I love you too much as a friend to let this wedding continue.” Ethan asks, “What -- what are you -- I don't understand.” Gwen tries to convince Ethan that Theresa is a liar who ruined his life. Theresa denies sending the tabloid and Pilar accuses Gwen of being jealous. Ivy implores Ethan to hear Gwen out. Theresa swears again that she did not do this. Ethan defends her, “Look, Gwen, please. I love Theresa. Don't do this to yourself.” As he edges closer to Pilar, Theresa and Ethan, Luis yells, “: My sister would never do anything to hurt Ethan. Sending an e-mail to a tabloid about him? You don't know what you're talking about.” Gwen replies, “You're wrong, Luis.” Luis counters, “No. Ethan dumped you. You want revenge, and you're hoping that smearing Theresa and tearing her down is going to win Ethan back.” Ethan says, “That's not going to happen.” Gwen says again, “Theresa lied and cheated. I'm telling the truth.” Sheridan walks up to Gwen and tries to end this, “Gwen, please, let it go. I know that this is hard on you, but Ethan and Theresa love and trust each other.” Gwen, “He can't trust her.” Sheridan continues, “Those tabloid people lie all the time. I should know. I've been on enough covers, and I have yet to read anything that is remotely related to the truth.” Pilar says, “Ethan and Theresa have a right to get married.” Sheridan affirms, “Pilar is right.” Cristina nods, “Of course she's right.” Francisco shouts, “You tell them, mi hermana.”

Charity says, “Theresa's in trouble. I can see that. My premonition's about Sheridan.” She has the premonition of Sheridan twisted in pain on the floor of the church. Miguel points out, “Sheridan isn't in any pain. I mean, look. And so is Luis.” On the other side of the aisle, Cristina seethes, “That Gwen. There's a word for women like that.” Francisco warns, “Don't say it, Cristina. We are in church, remember?”

Ethan is adamant, “You'll never convince me that Theresa lied.” Ivy, “Oh, open up your eyes, Ethan! Why would the tabloid print it if it weren't true?” Ethan, “To sell papers.” Ivy, “And open themselves up for a lawsuit in the process? Theresa could sue them for a fortune. Please, the tabloid's attorney would never allow them to print it if it weren't true. You are a lawyer, Ethan. You know that.” Ethan, “All right. Then it would have been a careless lawyer. That doesn't change anything! Theresa says she didn't send it.” Pilar agrees, “She didn't.” Sheridan adds, “She couldn't have.” Ivy, “I am begging you, Ethan, please, just check this out for yourself. Because if you don't, you will regret it for the rest of your life!” Ethan replies, “I am not delaying the wedding, Mother.” Gwen tries to convince Ethan that he owes it to himself to find out the whole story. Ethan tells her that he already has the truth. Chad went to the tabloid office and turned up nothing. At Gwen’s prompting, he asks Chad if he found anything at the tabloid office.

Ethan, "Look, Chad went to the tabloid to find out who sent the e-mail, and he turned up nothing. Isn't that right?" When Ethan asks Chad replies, “I -- I broke into the office, and -- I found this. This is a message that was sent to the tabloid -- the one exposing paternity. The e-mail address is here at the top.” Ethan looks at the email, then at Theresa.
Standing behind Sheridan and Luis on one side of the altar, Hank says, “That's it. Theresa's off the hook.” Sheridan asks, “Off? What makes you think that?” Hank replies, “Oh, Ethan's looking at the proof that Theresa didn't send the e-mail, right?” Sheridan says, “I hope so.” Hank says, “Just a crazy mix-up.” Luis adds, “The only people who believed it were Ivy and Gwen. It's good to get it cleared up, though. Oh, poor Theresa. Look at her. She's having a tough time.” Hank grins, “Well, at least we'll finally have a wedding, huh?” Sheridan and Luis smile!

Theresa asks, “Who was it, Ethan?” Ethan replies, “It's sent from your computer, Theresa.” Theresa is shocked, “What? No. This can't be.” Ivy says, “Oh. I told you, Ethan, but you wouldn't listen. It's true. You are the lowest! You -- you are unspeakable! You sent the e-mail from the computer that I gave you. You came into my house, I denied you nothing, and how do you repay me? You ruin my son's life!” Gwen adds, “I told you she was a lying bitch.” Cristina stands, “She can't talk to my sobrina that way!” Francisco says, “Sit down, Cristina.” Theresa replies, “No! This is all a lie, Gwen!” Ivy states, “Here's the proof, Theresa.” Ethan shakes his head, “No. No, there is no proof. No, and I want you and my mother to leave us alone. I trust Theresa completely. There are no secrets between us.” Ivy asks, “What about this e-mail, Ethan?” Ethan replies, “Well, how could she have sent the e-mail when she didn't know that I wasn't a Crane until the night of the engagement party?” Ethan turns to Theresa, “You didn't know I was a Bennett until that night, did you? Did you, Theresa?” Theresa, Pilar, Whitney and Chad look worried. Ethan asks, “But how could Theresa know I was a Bennett before that night? No one but my mother and Pilar knew.” Gwen says, “Well, someone else had to know -- the person who sent the information to the tabloid. Theresa.”

Ethan begs, “Theresa, tell me Gwen is wrong. Say that it's all a lie, a mistake. Look, tell everyone what I already know -- that you would never lie to me.” Theresa begins, “Ethan ….” Ethan says, “Theresa, I love you. I want to marry you. Tell Gwen, tell my mother, tell everyone that it isn't true, that you didn't know.” Standing close, Sheridan and Luis look at each other.

To be continued………..

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At the church, Father Lonigan ushers Sheridan and Luis into his office, “Please come in, my children.” Luis walks in, “I'm worried about my sister.” He turns to Sheridan, “I don't even know where she is.” Following Luis into the room, Sheridan says, “I don't understand why she ran out of the church. I mean, she's making it look as if Gwen and the tabloids are telling the truth.” Luis asks, “You don't think that Theresa sent that e-mail about Ethan's paternity, do you?” Sheridan puts her hand on Luis' chest, “No, of course not. I just wish that she hadn't run out when Gwen accused her of knowing Ethan wasn't a Crane and not telling him.” Luis says, “Yeah, tell me about it. It makes her look guilty as hell. I'm sorry, father. It's just ...” Father Lonigan says, “You're forgiven. This has proven to be a most unusual wedding in every respect. I was prepared to perform a double wedding ceremony.” Luis sadly says, “It was Theresa's dream.” Father Lonigan, “Under the circumstances, you have an important decision to make. Do the two of you still want to get married today or not?”

In the Crane library, Rebecca squeals, “Oh! Why did you turn off the feed to the church?” Taking a drink, Julian replies, “Because I can't stand the suspense! If your harebrained scheme to stop Ethan and Theresa from getting married prevents Luis from slipping that ring on Sheridan's finger, father is going to force me to murder my own sister in cold blood.” Rebecca says, “Julian -- Julian, don't worry. I'm sure that Luis and Sheridan are going to go ahead with their wedding in spite of Theresa's misfortune. I'm going to call Gwen and see what's going on.”

Running after Theresa, Ethan calls, “Theresa! Theresa, stop! Listen. I need you to help me make sense of all this. Why did you just run out of the church?” Theresa stops but she doesn't look at Ethan. He asks again, “What Gwen said in there, I know it isn't true. I know you didn't know all along that I wasn't a Crane. You didn't lie to me, did you, Theresa? I need to know the truth, whatever it is. Did you lie to me? Did you know all along that Ethan wasn't a Crane?” Theresa replies, “Ethan, I never sent that e-mail. That story was a complete fabrication.” Watching Ethan and Theresa a few feet away, Whitney says, “I'd better go get Luis.” Chad replies, “I'm going to see if I can talk some sense into Ethan.” Whitney goes quickly to find Luis. Chad tries to reason with Ethan, “Just hear me out. You told me yourself that you've never loved anyone as much as you love Theresa. So what's it going to be, man, huh? You know the kind of trash those newspapers print just to sell copies. You're going to believe a tabloid over the woman that you want to spend the rest of your life with?” Ethan turns back to Theresa, “Theresa, you didn't answer my question. Now, please, just tell me. When did you find out I wasn't a Crane?”

In the his office, Father Lonigan says, “The last thing I want to do is pressure you.” As Luis hold her hands, Sheridan says, “I know you have another wedding scheduled.” Father Lonigan replies, “Yes.” Luis says, “I just wish I knew that Theresa was ok.” Sheridan looks up into his eyes, “I'm sure she's fine. She's probably explaining everything to Ethan right now and they'll be ready to go on with the ceremony in just a bit. Would it be all right with you, Father, if we go ahead and do it all together then?”
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Father Lonigan says, “I don't know why not.” Sheridan smiles, “Then it's settled. We'll wait until Ethan and Theresa work things out and then go ahead with the double wedding.” Luis asks, “Yeah? Sure you're all right with that?” Sheridan says, “Of course.” Luis smiles, “I love you.” He puts his forehead against hers. (So sweet!) Father Lonigan says, “I believe this is my cue to exit.” Sheridan leads Fr. Lonigan to the door. As she walks back to Luis he says, “You know, I mean that. I really do love you. Most women -- well, they wouldn't wait, not even an hour or two.” Sheridan smiles, “Most brides aren't marrying the man of their dreams.” There is a knock on the door. It opens and Whitney enters saying, “Luis, come quick. Theresa needs you.” Luis and Sheridan quickly follow her out the door.

On the church grounds, Ethan again asks, “Answer me. Did you lie to me? Did you know all along that i wasn't a Crane?” Theresa says, “Ethan, please don't ask me these questions. Just remember how much we love each other, and just let it go.” Luis, Sheridan and Whitney arrive on the scene but stand back out of the way with Chad. Whitney asks him what's going on. Chad replies, “Ethan keeps asking her when she knew the truth about his paternity, but so far she hasn't admitted anything.” Luis says, “Well, why should she? My sister didn't do anything wrong. You guys don't think that she sent that e-mail the tabloid about Ethan being Sam's son, do you?” Whitney replies, “No, no, Luis. Of course not.” Sheridan stands behind Luis as he says, “All right. I don't know how her e-mail got on that thing, but there's no way that she could have sent it. She didn't even find out that Ethan was Sam Bennett's son till Ethan found out himself at the engagement party. I'm going to go see if she's all right.” Sheridan grabs his arm, “No, don't. Let them work this out on their own.” Luis begins, “But she's ...” Sheridan says understandingly, “I know you love your sister, but this is between them.” Ethan says, “We talked about who else knew besides my mother and Pilar that I was Sam Bennett's son. You said you had no idea. I need to hear that that wasn't a lie. I need to hear the truth, and I need to hear it from you. Did you know?” Gwen arrives and suggests that Ethan would know the truth if he just looks in Theresa's eyes. He does and exclaims, “Oh, my God. You knew I wasn't a Crane.” Theresa cries, “I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. Yes, I knew, Ethan. I knew you weren't a Crane before you found out.” Ethan asks, “How? How is that possible? I defended you. I told everyone that you couldn't have known before I did because we found out at the same time.”

Standing back and watching the scene play out, Luis says, “I can't believe Theresa knew that Ethan was Sam's son.” Standing next to Luis, Sheridan says, “She admitted it.” Luis replies, “But why didn't she tell him the truth?” As they watch, Theresa admits, “I knew for months before you found out. But I swear to you, I didn't send the proof to that tabloid.” Ethan asks, “How did you find out?” Theresa replies, “It was by accident. I mean, Mama held Mrs. Crane's personal papers at home in her closet for safekeeping, and I found it in the suitcase by chance.” Ethan asks, “But I asked you point-blank if you knew before I did, and you said no. Why didn't you tell me the truth?” Theresa replies, “Because I didn't want to hurt you. Being a Crane meant so much to you that at that time i thought there was no reason that you had to find out.” Ethan asks, “Well, what about later after I knew? Why didn't you tell me then?” Theresa cries, “Because I was scared that you would blame me for this story getting out. I was afraid I would lose you, Ethan, and I couldn't face that.” Whitney pleads, “Ethan, it's true. Theresa wanted to tell you so badly. She was just scared that she was going to lose you.” Chad tries, “Ethan, remember how we talked about all those "what ifs"? Well, this is the big one, man. You said you'd be able to forgive someone if they knew the truth but didn't tell you out of love.” Ethan grimly states, “Only if it wasn't the person who stabbed me in the back with the tabloid.” Theresa cries, “And that wasn't me, Ethan. I don't know how that happened, but I swear to God above that wasn't me. I'd never do that because I love you.” Ethan says, “I thought love was about trust. And if you trusted me, why didn't you tell me the truth?” Theresa says, “I wish I had. I'll wish that every day for the rest of my life. I am so sorry, Ethan. I did a terrible thing. And maybe you'll never be able to forgive me, but I am begging you -- please, realize that I did what I did out of love.” Ethan hugs Theresa. Smiling as he walks over to where Ethan and Theresa stand, Luis says, “Well, ok, folks. Looks to me like the double wedding's back on. Now, what do you say we all go back into the church?”

Gwen asks why Theresa scanned the letter on her computer. Ethan believes that they don't know how the letter was scanned onto the computer. Ethan would like nothing better to go back into the church and get married but, “I think it would be nicer if we start the wedding without all these unfounded accusations against you. So just answer the question so they'll let this go once and for all. Did or did you not scan the letter into your computer?” Theresa replies, “Yes, I did. On my computer.” Ethan asks, “But why? You knew it was a huge secret. You knew you shouldn't have seen it. Why did you want to put that kind of information on your computer?” Gwen thinks that the tabloid paid her a lot of money for the story. Theresa says that they didn't because she didn't send it to the tabloid. Luis steps up again, “That's enough from the both of you, all right? Why don't you just leave my sister alone, huh?” Ethan, “It just doesn't make sense. When did you scan that letter into your computer? What day?” Theresa replies, “I don't remember the date, Ethan, but it was right after your engagement party to Gwen.” Ethan asks, “My engagement party?” Theresa replies, “Yes. I thought that you didn't love me. I thought that I'd lost you.” Ethan asks, “Theresa, was that it? Is that why you didn't destroy the letter when you found it? Is that why you scanned it into your computer?” Theresa says, “Ethan, I didn't know what I was going to do. But I would never hurt you. I would never send that letter to the tabloid.” Ethan says, “Look, Theresa, it is time for the full truth. Now, were you going to get back at me because you thought I had chosen Gwen?”

Now on the church grounds, Julian says to Rebecca, “Sheridan's by herself at the moment. If I don't convince her to go ahead with her own wedding ceremony, Father's going to make me kill her some other way.” Julian walks over to Sheridan who is standing a little apart from the group surrounding the Ethan and Theresa drama, “Here you are.” A startled Sheridan asks, “What are you doing here?” Julian replies, “Well, I couldn't stay away. Do you have a moment?” Sheridan looks at him like he is nuts, “Not really.” Julian tries again, “I -- I came here to beg your forgiveness for my role in trying to keep you and Luis apart.” Sheridan looking very skeptical, “I don't believe you.” Julian says, “Your skepticism is well-deserved, but I've come to realize the error of my ways. I know now that you'll never be happy until you marry Luis. Tell me you're not thinking of postponing your own joy. Tell me you're still planning to marry Luis today, that I'll get to watch him slip that ring on your finger.” Julian smiles while Sheridan frowns, “What are you up to?”

To be continued...

7.11.08, 11:50 PM
On the church grounds, a few feet from Luis who is dealing with Theresa and Ethan and their problems, Sheridan says, “You and father tried so hard to break up Luis and me, and now you suddenly want us to get married? What are you up to? Why are you so eager for Luis and me to get married?” Julian has a flashback of putting the poison on Sheridan's wedding ring so he tells her, “I -- I'm urging you to marry the man you love, and you think up I'm up to something?” Sheridan looks skeptical, “Are you?”

In another area of the church yard, Ethan asks, “I need to know the truth, Theresa. Were you going to get back at me because you thought I'd decided not to call off my engagement to Gwen?” Whitney chimes in, “Theresa would never do anything to hurt you, Ethan. She loves you.” Chad adds, “And that's the bottom line, man. Ethan, just let it go, all right? And we can all go back into that church right now and have father Lonigan just finish up this double wedding.” Ethan says, “I need to hear it from you, Theresa. Were you going to get back at me because you thought I'd chosen Gwen? Is that why you scanned the letter into your computer?” Theresa replies, “No, Ethan. I swear.” Luis looks solemnly at Ethan and asks, “Now do you believe her?”

Julian replies, “I'm -- I'm not up to anything, Sheridan. My only concern is for you. I just -- I have this feeling if you don't marry Luis today, you'll lose him forever.” Sheridan says, “But Luis and I love each other. I will never lose him.” Julian tries again, “Well, never say never, sister dear. Consider what's happening with Ethan and Theresa. They love each other, and I doubt very much from the looks of it that they'll ever tie the knot.”

Ethan asks again, “Theresa, you said you wanted to protect me from learning that I wasn't a Crane. Then why did you scan the letter into your computer instead of destroying it?” Luis also asks, “He's right, sis. Why didn't you destroy it?” Theresa replies, “I was confused. I was upset. But believe me, Ethan, it wasn't to get back at you. I swear, Ethan, I have never sent this letter to the tabloid.” Ethan then asks, “Just, Theresa, give me a reason. Why did you scan that letter into your computer? What were you going to do with it?”

Sheridan replies, “Well, I think Ethan and Theresa will work things out and the four of us can get married as planned.” Julian asks, “But what if they can't work things out? I'm sure Ethan and Theresa wouldn't want you and Luis to put your wedding on hold just because of them.”

Ethan says, “I need a minute to think about this.” Ethan walks off by himself. As Theresa starts to run after him, Whitney stops her, “Theresa, Theresa, let him go. Let him take all of this in, ok?” Luis looks toward Sheridan and sees that Julian is there with her, “I need to talk to Sheridan for a second.” He asks Theresa, “You going to be ok?” Theresa answers, “Yes.” Whitney says, “I'll keep an eye on her, Luis.” Luis rushes over to Sheridan's side. He puts his arm around her and at the same time moves her away from Julian. She places her hand on his chest. Luis asks, “Julian. What the hell are you doing here? As I recall, Sheridan made it very clear that she didn't want you or Alistair to come our wedding.” Julian replies, “Yes, and I unhappily accepted my sister's wishes -- until I'd heard that your nuptials had been marred by Ivy's arrival and the subsequent bombshell she dropped. I came here to urge Sheridan that you and she should marry today no matter what Theresa and Ethan end up doing.” Luis asks, “And I'm supposed to believe that? As I recall, you and Alistair didn't want us to get married. You were trying to break us up. Now suddenly you want us to get married?” Staring at Julian, Sheridan says, “I've been trying to figure it out myself.”

Returning to Theresa's side, Ethan begins, “Theresa ...” Theresa answers, “Yes.” Ethan says, “No matter how I look at this, I still don't understand why you scanned my mother's letter into your computer.” Theresa says, “I know it looks like I did it for revenge, Ethan, and, yes, I was upset when I thought that you had chosen Gwen over me.” Ethan agrees, “Yes. You were going to leave Harmony for good.” Theresa says, “But I didn't use that information to get you back, Ethan. I love you. I would never do anything to intentionally hurt you. In the short time after I scanned Ivy's letter into the computer, you came to the airport and you stopped me from leaving. I realized that you loved me and that you wanted to marry me. So I deleted the letter, Ethan. I don't know how the tabloid got it!” Gwen says that she knows. Theresa sent it. Ivy thinks that Theresa is just trying to make Ethan believe that she is innocent. Theresa replies, “I am innocent! Ethan, you have to believe me! The only reason I scanned Ivy's letter into the computer is because I'd thought I'd lost you!” Ivy says, “Well, if I have anything to say about it, you have lost my son.” Theresa asks, “I haven't lost you, Ethan, have I?”

As they walk through the church grounds, Francisco tells Pilar, “We don't mean to add to your stress, hermana, but we arranged a flight home right after the wedding.” Cristina explains, “I'm sorry, Pilar. I have to go back and tape the show. I'd give anything to stay, but all the guests -- they're already booked. I hope you understand.” Pilar replies, “Of course I understand. Thank you so much for coming. Hermano.” Cristina says, “I feel horrible leaving you. I hope things work out. Theresa was so happy. Why would someone want to hurt her, sending that e-mail to the tabloid? I don't understand.” Francisco asks, “Who would do such a terrible thing, Pilar?” Pilar replies, “I don't know. But I do know that sooner or later Luis will find the person responsible for ruining Theresa's happiness. Of that I am certain.” Cristina says, “Oye. But don't worry. Because if things don't work out, I know a lot of very fine young men. You remember that cute Iglesias boy?” Francisco shakes his head, “Cristina, no more matchmaking. You promised.” Cristina sighs, “I just don't want to leave, you know. I miss you already.” Francisco says, “Family should not be parted for so long, Pilar.” Pilar nods, “You're right.” Cristina says, “Recuerda que te llevamos en el corazon.” Pilar replies, “Yo, tambien. Adios.” Cristina replies, “Bye, mi amor.” Pilar says, “Come. I'll take you to your car.”

Julian says, “I don't blame either of you for doubting my sincerity in light of recent events. I had no right to try to break you up. But father convinced me we were doing it out of love for you, Sheridan, and I fell for it. He played on this promise I made to our mother years ago that I would always look after you, and ...” Luis frowns, “And you've broken that promise how many times now?” Julian responds, “Luis is right. I've repeatedly let you down, but I would like to make amends. I came here today to try to keep the promise that I made to mother, to put your happiness in Luis's capable hands. So I urge you -- get married today, no matter what Ethan and Theresa do.” Luis again asks, “Why?” Julian replies, “Well, father would kill me for saying this, but I want you to be happy, Sheridan. You're my sister. And at times it may be misguided, but I -- I do love you.” Sheridan frowns and leads Luis away from Julian.

Gwen and Ivy continue to try to convince Ethan not to believe Theresa. Ethan begs, “Theresa, please, give me something to hold on to, something tangible.” Theresa replies, “I can't, Ethan. All I can give you is my word that I didn't send that e-mail. And if you don't believe me, well, there's nothing more I can say.” Theresa walks away. Ivy goes after her.

Sheridan walks up to Julian, “I don't know whether you're being sincere or not.” Julian says, “But I am. Your marrying Luis means everything to me.” He looks behind Sheridan and sees Rebecca who is all wet, “What? Becks, that's really not a very good look for you.” Rebecca whines, “It's Pilar's fault. She pushed me into the fountain.” Sheridan tries not to smile too much as she looks up at Luis as he says, “Well, she must've had good reason. My guess is you set her off ragging on Theresa, and you're lucky you got off so easily.” Rebecca sputters, “I -- I want you to arrest her for -- for assault and battery with intent to drown.” Luis replies, “Wait. Have you lost your mind? I'm not to going to arrest my own mother. And even if I did, no court would convict her. If anyone deserves a dunking, it's you.” Sheridan cannot contain her smile upon hearing this. LOL! Rebecca says, “But Pilar just ...” Julian quiets her, “Rebecca, dear. This is supposed to be a festive occasion. Of course, it was marred by Ethan and Theresa's problems, but that's no reason for Luis and Sheridan to postpone their wedding, now, is it?” Rebecca replies, “Oh. Yeah, that -- that's right. You two should get married today, no matter what happens.” Luis folds his arms across his chest while Sheridan her hand on his arm in a show of solidarity, “Hmm. Well, we've decided not to do anything until things are squared off between Ethan and Theresa. Oh, besides, we know better than to take anything you or Julian say at face value, so what's really going on? Huh, why do you want us to get married? Julian, what kind of game are you playing?”

Julian replies, “I -- I am not playing games, Sheridan. I'm simply trying to make amends for the horrible behavior I've -- I've exhibited towards you in the past.” Rebecca adds, “Well, yes, we both feel just terrible about the upset we've caused the two of you, and -- and we'll never be able to forgive ourselves for buying into Alistair's lies.” Julian says, “Yes, I -- look at me, Sheridan. Sheridan. I am -- I am prostrate with regret, profuse with apology. Believe me, I want nothing more than to see Luis slip that wedding ring on your finger.” Sheridan and Luis look at each other. Julian continues, “I just want you to be happy, Sheridan. I know your happiness lies in being Luis' wife. So you two go back in there, take your vows.” Luis takes Sheridan off to one side.

Julian turns to Rebecca, “Hope I convinced them to get married, though I hate Sheridan's going to have a poisoned ring placed on her finger, and I hate the thought of killing her myself even more.” Standing behind Sheridan, Luis grins, “Forget about what Julian said. Do you want to get married today?” Sheridan replies, “I was struck by one thing my brother said.” Luis asks, “Yeah?” Sheridan answers, “That -- well, that if don't get married now, something might derail us like it did Ethan and Theresa.” Luis turns Sheridan around to face him, “Sheridan, Sheridan, wait. Nothing will ever come between us. We don't have any secrets.” Sheridan nods, “I know, but -- but, still, it just made me uneasy.” She holds her beautiful face up to him and smiles, “I so want to be your wife.” Luis says, “Oh.” Sheridan says, “But if you think it will upset Theresa for us to go ahead, then we should wait.” Luis grins, “Well, I think that Theresa wants us to be happy. So I think we should go back in that church and finish off this ceremony and get married!” Sheridan happily throws her arms around Luis' neck. Rebecca asks, “Should we take this as a positive sign?” Sheridan replies, “Yes. Luis and I are going to go back inside and get married.” Luis kisses Sheridan! Julian whispers, “Till death do them part.” Luis holds Sheridan's hands up to his lips and kisses them. They smile and stare into each other's eyes.

To be continued...
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7.12.08, 10:42 PM
Outside on the church grounds, Sheridan and Luis decide to get married without Ethan and Theresa. As they see Father Lonigan, Sheridan call out to him. Father Lonigan replies, “Yes, Sheridan.” Holding Luis' hand as they walk toward Fr. L, Sheridan laughs, “It's amazing how you can recognize voices.” Father replies, “Yours is very easy to pick out tonight. It has such a happy ring to it.” Placing his arm around Sheridan, Luis says, “Well, it's going to get happier because, well, we'd like to finish what he started.” Looking up into Luis' smiling face, Sheridan's smile is radiant, “All the way to “I do!” She looks at Luis then at Fr. Lonigan, “If that's all right with you, Father.” Fr. Lonigan replies, “Oh, it's better than all right. It will be a great pleasure. Why don't we go round up the others?” Luis takes Fr. Lonigan's arm and they all walk off. Looking on, Julian is about his sister's impending death but relieved that he won't have to kill her himself.

Also on the church grounds, Ethan tells Chad that he can't marry Theresa now. Theresa hears that and runs off in tears thinking that she has lost him forever. Ethan then tells Chad that he is not going to marry Theresa today. He still loves her and wants to work things out. He still wants to marry her, just not today.

Luis finds Miguel with Charity and tells him that he and Sheridan are going to go ahead with their wedding. Luis asks Miguel to find Pilar, Ethan and Theresa and ask them to come back inside for the ceremony. Miguel goes back to tell Charity about the wedding being back on, then leaves to find Pilar as requested. As Charity watches Sheridan, she has another premonition of Sheridan twisted in pain on the church floor. She looks over and sees Sheridan and Luis happily kissing while standing next to Fr. Lonigan.

As Julian and Rebecca stand behind some bushes so they can see and hear what is going on with Sheridan and Luis' wedding. they again discuss why Sheridan must die. Rebecca again asks what they did to Martin. Julian says that she doesn't need to know, but then he says, “Suffice it to say, if Luis would ever find out he would kill me.” (I wish they hadn't rewritten the Martin storyline. So, Luis would kill Julian or make sure that Julian spent his life in prison, IF he found out that Martin ran off with Katherine? That makes no sense nor does having to kill Sheridan to keep that a secret when it would be more likely to tear Shuis apart! Once they rewrote Martin's disappearance storyline, nothing much made sense.)

Back from his mission, Miguel finds Sheridan and Luis sitting on a bench holding hands. He tells them that he found Pilar. She will tell Ethan and Theresa and the others and they will join Shuis. Miguel says that it sounds like it might take a while though. Luis turns to Sheridan, “Well, we've waited this long, we can wait a little while longer, can't we?” Sheridan nods, “Yes, and once Pilar, Ethan and Theresa join us, we are going to finish that ceremony. You and I are going to get married.” Charity has her premonition of Sheridan again but this time Sheridan is dead and Luis is holding her in his arms and grieving. Charity stands up and shouts, “No, you can't get married! You just can't!” Sheridan and Luis turn to look at Charity, then back at each other.
Miguel rushes over to Charity and asks her not to wreck Sheridan and Luis' happy day. Charity apologizes but says that she has to tell Sheridan about her premonition. Luis and Sheridan stand as they hear what Charity is saying. He keeps Sheridan's hands in his as he asks skeptically, “A premonition?” Charity leans around Miguel and answers, “Of Sheridan...on the floor in agony, Luis, and of you holding her lifeless body. I see death. It's hovering nearby. You can't go though with the ceremony. You just can't!” Sheridan looks up at Luis and is clearly shaken. Behind their bush, Rebecca asks if that is the girl they have heard about who can see the future. Julian thinks it is. Rebecca wonders if she really knows what is going to happen. Julian says of course not. Charity continues, “Look, Sheridan, you can't go through with this. If you do, I think you will die.” Sheridan looks so frightened as she looks up into Luis' face to see what he thinks about this.

As Shuis look on, Miguel talks with Charity. He tells her that everything is fine. Sheridan is fine and that she must be sensing the drama that happened with Ethan and Theresa. Charity says, “No, I know what I saw.” Julian and Rebecca come out from hiding behind the bush to help convince Sheridan to go ahead with the wedding. A truly frightened Sheridan begins, “She aid...” Luis puts his finger on Sheridan's chin and cheek to turn her to face him, “I know.” Sheridan asks, “What if she is right?” Julian speaks up, “Sheridan, don't let your fears or the fears of others stop you from marrying the man you love.” Luis turns from Julian to Sheridan, “Oh, I didn't even think. I don't have the rings. I gave them to Hank and he's taking Francisco and Cristina to the airport.” Miguel pulls the ring boxes from his pockets, “Actually, Hank gave me the rings before he left.” Julian smiles, “Well, that's a sign if I ever saw one! We have the rings. Let's get this show on the road.” Ethan and Chad join the group. Julian exclaims, “Here's another sign. Didn't you say you wanted to hold up the ceremony until Ethan was here? He's here!” Sheridan smiles, “Yes, he is.” Looking confused, Ethan asks, “What is going on here?” Sheridan explains, “We're going to continue on with the ceremony.” Luis puts his arm around Sheridan, “Didn't my mom tell you?” Ethan replies, “I haven't seen Pilar but I am happy for you guys. I think you two should get married.” Running up to Luis, Pilar asks, “Luis, have you seen Theresa?” Luis has not, neither has Miguel. Luis asks, “Why? What's wrong?” Pilar says, “I'm sorry. I know that you two are ready to exchange vows now but I don't think Theresa will be here for the ceremony. She ran off before I could tell her.” Luis exclaims, “She what?” Pilar says, “She was terribly upset. She overheard Chad and Ethan talking. She said you said you didn't want to marry her any more.” Ethan replies, “I never said that.” Chad adds, “She must have misunderstood, man.” Ethan agrees, “I said that I couldn't marry her today but I still love her and want to marry her after we work things out.” Ethan, Chad and Whitney run off to find Theresa. Luis turns back to Sheridan and holds her hands. Sheridan asks, “What do we do now?” Luis replies, “I don't know. Why don't we just wait and see what happens?” Julian jump in here, “Why not go ahead now. You're so close. Don't let the day be a total loss.” Luis turns, “I'm worried about my sister.” Pilar rests her hand on Luis' shoulder, “Mijo, Ethan has gone to find her. There is nothing more you can do.” Luis smiles, “Maybe you're right. (to Sheridan) What do you say? You want to do this...finally?” He pulls the rings out and looks at Sheridan's ring. She smiles, too. They continue to look into each other's eyes and smile.

Jessica arrives with Father Lonigan. Sheridan replies to Luis, “I don't think I can go through with it. I don't want to have to worry about Ethan and Theresa when I should be concentrating on the most important day of my life. I'm sorry, Luis.” Luis says, “No, no, don't be sorry. You're right.” Julian jumps in, “You two love each other. Why not tie the old knot?” Luis looks into Sheridan's eyes, “We will get married, just not under these circumstances.” Sheridan looks around, “This wedding should be a celebration. I don't know about the rest of you but I don't think I can celebrate with Ethan and Theresa in so much pain.” Luis looks at Fr. Lonigan, “Father, I'm sorry but we're just going to have to pick this up another time, all right?” Father Lonigan replies, “I understand completely.” Julian is about to say something again to convince Shuis to get married but Rebecca stops him. She says the others are going to become suspicious if he keeps trying so hard.

Sitting on a bench in the church yard, Luis tells Sheridan that they did the right thing. “When we get married I want us to have happy, perfect memories of the day.” Sheridan smiles, “Yes, let us look back on our wedding day and ...” Sheridan's face changes from a smile to a face that looks like she is shocked, causing Luis to ask, “What's wrong?” Sheridan replies, “I don't know. I felt like someone walked over my grave.” Standing in the back of the church, Julian continues his conversation on his cell phone, “Yes, Father, I'm well aware of what I have to do. She will die.” He looks glum as he hangs up on Alistair.

To be continued...
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7.13.08, 11:32 PM
Out on the wharf searching for Theresa, Miguel, Ethan, Luis, and Sheridan stop while Miguel takes time to check in with Pilar who thinks it might be Theresa on the phone, “Sorry, Mama. It's just me checking in. Theresa's still missing?” Pilar says, “She didn't even come home to change from her wedding dress. Where could she be, mijo?” Miguel replies, “Mama, I'm on my way home, but Luis wants to talk to you. All right, bye. See you.” He hands the phone to Luis, “Mama? Any chance you heard from the police station or the state police?” Pilar asks, “Why would they do at? Is Theresa hurt?” Luis replies, “Oh, of course not. I had to notify them to let them know that she'd gone missing and -- well, the more people looking for her, the better, right?” Pilar says, “Yeah, I suppose.” Sheridan holds Ethan's arm as they listen to Luis say, “Try not to worry. Theresa's a smart girl, and she knows how to take care of herself, and I'm sure wherever she is, she's fine.” Pilar sighs, “Yeah, yeah, I guess you're right.” Luis replies, “Well, I'll call as soon as I hear anything. Ok. Bye.” Sheridan walks over to Luis as he hangs the phone up, “You're as worried as your mother, aren't you?” Luis sadly says, “I just wish I knew where to look.” Ethan joins them, “This is all my fault.” Luis begins, “No, Ethan ...” Ethan interrupts, “No, if I hadn't have been so hard on Theresa, she wouldn't have run off.” Sheridan turns to Ethan, “Look, Ethan, you can't blame yourself. That tabloid headline hit you really hard. It's not your fault that Theresa misunderstood what you were telling Chad.” Ethan forlornly says, “All I said was that I didn't feel I could go through with the wedding right then and there. But I still love her. I know we can work things out. But now I have to find her, and I don't know where to look. Where could she be?”

Ethan goes off on his own to try to find Theresa. He shows her picture to a couple of guys who taunt him. He tries to fight with them when Sheridan and Luis arrive on the scene. Luis pulls him off the guy, yelling, “Ethan! Ethan! Hey, get off of him! Get off him!” One of the guys says he is going to call the cops but Luis informs him, “That's not going to be necessary. I am the cops. Now, beat it! Go on.” Luis shoos the guys off , then turns to Ethan, “Ethan, what are you doing, man? You can't be going off on people like that.” Ethan yells, “I'm just worried about her. You know, what if something's happened to her?” Sheridan consoles, “You can't think that way. Wherever she is, she's all right. We're going to find her.”

Arriving home, Miguel hugs Pilar, “Still no word from Theresa?” Pilar says, “No.” Kay tells him, “Miguel. I told your mom that if there's anything I can do, anything at all ...” Miguel asks her to tell Charity that he may not be able to go on their trip to Warlock Island if Theresa is not found. Luis, Sheridan, and Ethan come through the front door of the Lo-Fitz house. Pilar asks, “You haven't found her.” Luis stands on side of his mother, “No, I'm sorry.” Ethan says, “We looked everywhere, Pilar.” Standing on the other side of Pilar, Sheridan adds, “You mustn't give up hope.” Pilar tries to think of the others, “You must be starved. I have coffee and fresh baked bread in the kitchen. Go ahead and help yourselves.” Sheridan stands behind Pilar and rubs her arm as Luis says, “I meant what I said on the phone. Theresa's a strong girl. She's going to be ok.” Pilar can help but cry, “Well, under any other circumstance, I wouldn't have any trouble believing you, but this time her heart has really been broken, and I'm just afraid of what she'll do. I've already lost a husband and a son. If I lose my little girl, I don't ...” Luis takes Pilar in his arms to comfort her.

Sitting on the couch with Pilar, Luis announces, “I'm going to check with the police station. Maybe they heard something.” Luis stands and goes to the phone. Ethan crosses the room and takes Luis' place on the couch, “Pilar, I'm sorry.” Pilar says, “It's not your fault, Ethan. You've been very understanding.” Ethan confirms, “You know I still love her.” Pilar agrees, “Yes, I know. I only wish Theresa did.” Ethan replies, “Yeah, so do I. You know, I can't do this. I can't just keep standing here and waiting. You know, I've got to keep looking for her.” Chad joins him, “Ethan, I'm going to go with you, ok? Now, Whitney gave me the names of a few more of Theresa's friends, so we'll start with them.” Ethan, “All right, thanks, because I don't know what I'd do if anything happened to her.” Ethan and Chad leave.

Sheridan stands next to Luis with her hand on his arm in a show of support. As Luis hangs the phone up, Miguel asks, “Any news?” Luis replies, “Uh-uh. The guys have even put word across state lines as a personal favor to me. No one's seen Theresa.” Whitney says, “Well, there has to be something that we can do.” Luis responds, “Well, if there is, I haven't thought of it.” Whitney asks, “Ok, what about the airports?” Luis replies, “That, bus and train stations -- those are the first places we looked. We've got her picture everywhere. We even faxed it to the F.B.I.” Miguel asks, “What about hotels and motels or whatever? I mean, she could have registered under a fake name.” Luis replies, “We've got it covered, Miguel.” Luis crosses the room to stand in front of the bookcase. he picks up a picture of Theresa. Sheridan follows him putting her hand on his arm and resting her head on his shoulder. Luis turns to face her and takes her hands, “I'm sorry. I -- I know this morning isn't what we expected it to be.” Sheridan quips, “You mean sleeping till noon and having our honeymoon breakfast in bed?” Luis smiles, “Lunch and dinner.” Sheridan giggles, “It'll happen, Luis.” Luis replies, “Yeah.” Sheridan says, “I'm not worried. You know, we made the right decision in postponing the ceremony. We need to be here for Ethan and Theresa.” Luis confides to her, “I -- I'm trying to stay positive for my ma and Ethan's sake, but Theresa's been gone a long time and -- well, I'll bluff if you call me on it, but I'm really starting to worry.” Sheridan hugs Luis in an effort to comfort him.

Ethan returns to the Lo-Fitz house, “I'm sorry, Pilar. We still can't find her.” Everyone stands as Ethan enters and Pilar says, “That's ok, Ethan. I know you're doing your best.” Chad turns to Luis and asks, “Anything on your end?” Luis replies, “No. She's so young to be out on the street all night by herself. I keep trying not to think of what could happen.” Sheridan says, “You've got to stop letting your imagination run wild. Theresa was upset. She probably did the same thing that I would have. You know, she went somewhere alone to try and pull herself together before she was ready to face the world. She'll be back soon. In fact, I'll bet she walks through that door any second now.” Ethan says, “I wish she would because then I could explain to her what I meant when I was talking to Chad, and I could ask Father Lonigan to reschedule the wedding as soon as possible.” Sheridan turns to face him, “It will happen, Ethan. We will have that double wedding, and next time nothing will stop it.” Ethan says, “Look, you have no idea how much I want to believe that, but I just keep thinking that I might not see her again.” Sheridan says, “Oh, Ethan.” Luis goes to the window and looks out, “Come on now, sis. Come on, you got to come home. You don't know how badly we need you.”

Sitting next to Pilar, Sheridan comments, “The bread is wonderful, Pilar.” Pilar says, “Thank you, Sheridan.” Luis stands next to Sheridan and pours himself coffee before he moves the coffee pot to sit on the table next to Sheridan. Whitney says, “You know, I heard the weather is really supposed to cool down tonight. That's good.” Chad comments, “Really? I thought we were in for a heat wave. You know, why don't we put on the weather and get the street story.” Luis agrees, “It's a good idea, Chad.” TV announcer, “Looks like the nasdaq's down and the mercury's up.” Chad asks, “What'd I tell you? We're in for a hot one.” TV announcer, “And breaking news -- the body of a so-far unidentified female has been found in an abandoned warehouse downtown. Police are asking anyone with information on this Jane doe to call a special number.” Everyone looks up. Miguel, sitting on one side of Pilar, quickly puts his arm around her. Ethan stands and says, “Theresa.”

To be continued................

Lopez-Fitzgerald family wedding portrait...
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7.14.08, 11:33 PM
In the Crane library, Julian says, “Father wants Sheridan dead so Luis won't gain access to the Crane family secrets.” Rebecca asks, “Well, have you come up with a plan yet” Julian replies, “Not quite yet. That sister of mine seems to have nine lives. Since she didn't put the poisoned wedding ring on, she's still alive and kicking.” Rebecca reminds him, “Well, you better come up with something quickly, or Alistair will never reinstate you as heir.” Julian says, “Just have to figure out the details of the murder. When I do, Sheridan is as good as dead.”

At the Lo-Fitz house, Radio announcer, “I repeat -- an unidentified female body has been discovered in an abandoned warehouse downtown. In other news ...” With Sheridan and Miguel each on one side of her, Pilar exclaims, “Oh, God. Oh, God, no. Not my little girl. Please, Luis ...” Sheridan and Miguel each hold Pilar's hands and are able to get her to sit back down on her couch. Luis goes to his mother, “Now, look, everyone. Let's just calm down, ok? Mama, I have got every cop in town looking for Theresa. If something were to happen, they would've called.” Sheridan agrees, “Luis is right. We wouldn't hear about it on the radio. Someone would've called us.” The phone rings. Pilar exclaims, “Oh, God. What if that's the police? What if something horrible has happened to Theresa?” Luis goes to the phone. As everyone stands looking at the phone, Pilar asks, “What if that's bad news about Theresa, Luis?” Luis says, “I'll get it. I'm sure every thing's fine. Hello? Oh, my God.” Pilar says, “Oh ...” Whitney exclaims, “Oh, no. Maybe that was Theresa's body they found. Maybe Theresa is dead.” Chad says, “Shh. .” Walking closer to Luis, Pilar asks, “Luis, who is it?” Luis looks around at everyone in the room, “It's Theresa. She's fine.” Sheridan smiles, “You see? I told you she was fine.” Ethan comments, “I don't know what I'd do if something had happened to her.” Sheridan smiles, “Well, you'll never have to wonder because we are going to have that double wedding before you know it.” Pilar takes the phone from Luis, “Teresita, thank God you're ok. I've been worried sick.” Theresa says, “I just wanted to call and let you know that I'm ok and that I love you.” Pilar says, “Teresita, please, just tell me where you are.” Theresa tells her mother, “I'll check in with you later, mama. Bye.” Pilar shouts, “Teresita, wait! Ethan is here. He wishes to -- Theresa? She hung up.” Ethan asks, “Is she ok? Where is she?” Pilar replies, “No, she's fine. She just didn't tell me where she was. She wants time alone to think.” Ethan panics, “No. But I have to talk to her. I have to tell her that she misunderstood what I was saying to Chad, that I was saying that I didn't want to marry her right now. I mean, I still love her. I still want to work this out!” Chad says, “Look, man, you'll get to say all of that to her very soon, all right? The important thing right now is that Theresa is all right.” Luis agrees, “That's right. I think we can all rest a lot easier knowing that Theresa's ok.” Even though Chad tries to get Ethan to leave the Lo-Fitz home, Ethan doesn't want to until Theresa comes home. He finally listens to Sheridan and agrees to go change clothes and relax for a while. They all promise to let him know if they hear from Theresa. Ethan, Chad, and Whitney leave. Pilar says, “Thank God Theresa's safe because I don't know what I would do if I lost her.” Miguel says, “You don't have to worry about that now, mama.” Luis puts his arm around his mother and kisses her head, “I think we can all rest a lot easier knowing that Theresa's ok.” Pilar sighs, “Yeah.”

In the library Julian says, “Sheridan should be honeymooning six feet under right now. Since she isn't, I have to do the dirty work.” Rebecca asks, “What are you going to do? Shoot her in the street like some John Wayne movie?” Julian informs, “I know perfectly well that I can't kill Sheridan in Harmony. Luis and Sam Bennett would be swarming around me like horseflies.” Rebecca agrees, “Yes, you would be the first one they suspect. Well, what are you going to do, my pookie?” Julian replies, “I have to find a place where I can control the police force, bribe them into not investigating the crime.” Julian says, “Sheridan is going to die, and I'm the one who must kill her.”

At Tabby's house, Miguel tells the group that Theresa called and she is all right. Charity asks, “Are you sure that Sheridan and Theresa are ok? I can't shake this horrible feeling that I have.” Miguel assures her, “I promise. They are both fine.”

Pilar walks in from the kitchen and sees Sheridan and Luis sitting on the couch in the living room kissing rather passionately, “Ahem.” Sheridan and Luis giggle. They stand holding hands. Luis laughs, “Sorry, Mama. You caught us.” Pilar says, “No apologies necessary. I am sure this is not the way you envisioned your first morning as a married couple.” Luis jokes, “Well, call me crazy, but I at least expected to be married.” Sheridan adds, “If everything had worked out smoothly, we would be on our way to the airport right now, ready to catch a flight to Bermuda.” Luis takes Sheridan's hand, “Our honeymoon! Honey, with everything going on, I forgot to call and cancel the trip.” Sheridan says, “I don't think that's possible, remember? The tickets were nonrefundable.” Luis exclaims, “Oh, damn. I hate to lose money, but it just wouldn't feel right going on our honeymoon not being married.” Sheridan says, “Luis, you're right. So, how are we going to spend our first day as an almost-married couple?” Luis grins, “Well, we can go back to the cottage and get some rest. I'm sure we could both use some of that.” Sheridan grins, “That sounds wonderful. (Her face drops.) Oh, no, we can't go the cottage. Remember? I hired workers to redo the plumbing while we were away. The place is probably a wreck.” Luis says, “Oh, we're batting a thousand here, huh? First, no honeymoon. Now, no home.” Pilar says, “Well, you're more than welcome to stay here. Miguel and Kay are on their summer trip to Warlock Island.” Luis replies, “Thanks, Mama, but I just think Sheridan and I need our space for now.” Sheridan suggests, “We could get a hotel room.” Luis says, “I think we should really be saving money.” Sheridan asks, “Then what are we going to do? For the next week, we have no place to stay.”

In the Crane library, Rebecca asks, “What is it with the Cranes and the Lopez Fitzgeralds, anyway? I mean, first there was Ethan and Theresa. Then there was Luis and Sheridan. Why don't you just take up with Pilar?” Julian smiles, “Now that you mention it, there is something naughty about that maid's uniform.” Rebecca pouts, “Well, I didn't mean it. Next thing i know, you're going to be asking her to join us in the boudoir.” Julian smiles at the thought, “Hmm.” Rebecca hits him on the arm! The maid brings Julian a large evelope, “Yes. My divorce papers. Once I fly down to the islands, I'll be rid of Ivy for good. I'll head down there once i figure out how to kill Sheridan.”

Sheridan looks up at Luis and asks, “Well, looks like we're homeless for the next week. What should we do?” Pilar stands next to her, “Sheridan, if I may, I think I have a solution. We already know Theresa's all right, so why don't you go ahead and go on your trip to Bermuda?” Luis says again, “I don't know, Mama. It just doesn't seem right to go on a honeymoon before the wedding.” Pilar says, “Well, think of it as a pre-wedding trip.” Sheridan replies, “You know, she might be on to something.” Pilar continues, “You both have been through so much already. I think you deserve to get away. And, besides, every thing's already paid for. If you don't go, you'll lose your money and the trip.” Sheridan smiles as she looks hopefully at Luis, “Well, she has a good point. A tropical getaway sounds like exactly what we need. And don't forget, you already took vacation time for this week.” Luis laughs, “Ok! All right. I am not going to stand here and argue with my two favorite ladies. Looks like we're going to Bermuda.” Luis pulls Sheridan to him in a hug. Sheridan cries, “It's going to be an amazing time!” Pilar smiles, “First you have to get there. And if you don't hurry, you'll miss your flight.” Luis grins, “Luckily our bags are already packed. Just have to go to my room and grab them.” Luis takes Sheridan's hand and pulls her to the bedroom, “Oh, this trip is going to be perfect. I can hardly wait!” Pilar watches them leave the room, “Well, at least Sheridan and Luis are happy. I only wish Theresa could be as happy with her relationship with Ethan. Oh, Teresita. Where are you, mija?”

Whitney finds Theresa in her bedroom when she arrives home. Ethan thinks he hears Whitney call out Theresa's name but Theresa doesn't want to face him yet so Whitney gets rid of the guys. Whitney tells Theresa that she misunderstood what she heard Ethan telling Chad. Ethan still loves her and wants to work things out. Theresa feels responsible for Ethan having lost everything so she wants to make it right. She doesn't want to see Ethan until she fixes things. When Whitney says that she can't get his life back or make him a Crane again, Theresa gets the idea of convincing Julian to make Ethan a Crane again.

Dressed in their island clothes, Sheridan and Luis enter the living room with all of their suitcases in tow. Sheridan exclaims, “Bermuda's definitely calling our names.” Luis says, “We're going to have to run, or we're going to miss our flight, Mama.” They each kiss Pilar on their way to the front door. Pilar says, “Have a good time and enjoy yourselves.” Luis assures her, “We will.” At the front door, Pilar says, “Luis ...” Luis replies, “What?” Pilar warns, “Be careful.” Luis says, “We will. But we're going to Bermuda. Nothing bad could possibly happen.”

The phone rings in the Crane library. Julian picks it up to hear that it is Sheridan calling from the airport, “Julian, it's Sheridan. I just wanted to let you know that I'm having work done on the cottage this week.” Julian replies, “It's yours. You can turn it into a homeless shelter if you like. Where will you be staying?” As Luis looks at their tickets, Sheridan informs him, “Well, even though the wedding didn't happen, Luis and I are still going to take our honeymoon vacation to Bermuda.”
http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b369/dolphin711/marta438.jpg (http://s23.photobucket.com/albums/b369/dolphin711/?action=view&current=marta438.jpg)
Julian perks up, “That sounds like a wonderful idea. You two kids have fun.” Looking skeptical, Sheridan hangs up, “Bye.” Luis looks at her, “Dare I ask what your dearest brother said?” Sheridan replies, “He said to have fun.” Luis grins, “Huh. That will not be a problem. I can't wait to get away from Harmony. There won't be Julian or Alistair or anyone else that'll hurt us.” Luis leans over and kisses Sheridan's cheek.

Seated at his desk, Julian informs Rebecca, “It seems that Luis and Sheridan are headed for Bermuda.” Rebecca asks, “Which means ...” Julian replies, “Which means with Luis and Sheridan there, everything will work out perfectly. I can divorce Ivy and kill Sheridan. My dear sister is as good as dead.”

To be continued...

7.16.08, 1:18 AM
As the teens are loading the boat for their trip to Warlock Island, Miguel asks, “Charity? What is it?” Jessica who stayed on the docks with Charity as the others loaded the boat answers him, “She had another premonition.” Charity stares off frightened, “It was horrible. They were all crying out in so much pain. Sam and Grace, Ethan and Theresa, and Sheridan and Luis. Even Tabitha and her doll. They're doomed, Miguel. They're all doomed.”

As Ethan and Chad shoot a few hoops trying to take Ethan's mind off Theresa, he stops, “Did you hear my cell phone ring? No messages.” Chad says, “You got to chill out, man. Look, when Theresa's ready to talk to you, she'll call you.” Ethan says, “Chad, look, I was way too hard on her. Yeah, I mean, I was upset she knew I wasn't a Crane and didn't tell me, but, you know, we can work that out. You know, the next time I see Theresa, I'm going to kiss her and hold her close and never let her go.” In Whitney's room, she tries to convince Theresa to forget trying to convince Julian Crane to make it so that Ethan can be a Crane again. Theresa replies, “I have to, Whitney. I have to undo all the horrible things I've done. Having information about Ethan on my computer that someone e-mailed to the tabloid ruined his life. It robbed him of everything that he held dear. No, I have to get it back for him, no matter what it takes.”

On the airplane en route to Bermuda, Luis leans over to Sheridan, “You know, I am so glad that we decided to take this honeymoon trip. Even if the double wedding was a bust.” Sheridan smiles, “I'm glad, too. I feel badly for Ethan and Theresa. I'm sure they'll work things out and then the four of us can finally get married. But until then, it is just you, me, and beautiful Bermuda.” Luis grins, “That's right. Don't have to worry about Alistair or Julian or Rebecca trying to break us up, do we? We're just going to enjoy ourselves.” Sheridan and Luis kiss and rub noses. (Too cute!)

In the Crane living room as Julian packs his briefcase, he says, “That Luis and Sheridan will be in Bermuda at the same time I'm there to file my divorce papers is a stunning coincidence, to say the least. I've even come up with a germ of a plan to kill my poor sister and perhaps Luis, given the distance he'll be from Harmony. Only two things matter at this moment -- divorcing Ivy and doing away with my poor sister. While I'm in sunny Bermuda, I will be able to kill two birds with one stone.”

Arriving at the Bermuda resort, Luis and Sheridan walk in hand in hand. Sheridan looks around and smiles, “This resort is amazing.” Luis says, “Glad you like it.” He rubs his hand up and down her arm. Sheridan exclaims, “Oh.” Luis turns her to face him, “Hey, what do you say, uh, we go check out one of those private hot tubs, relax for a while?” Sheridan, “Oh?” Luis grins, “Hmm?” Sheridan smiles, “That sounds perfect.” Luis kisses her.
http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b369/dolphin711/SHUIS10.jpg (http://s23.photobucket.com/albums/b369/dolphin711/?action=view&current=SHUIS10.jpg)
She says, “Then again, anywhere I'm with you is perfect.” The kiss again before heading to their room.
http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b369/dolphin711/file.jpg (http://s23.photobucket.com/albums/b369/dolphin711/?action=view&current=file.jpg)
Outside in the private hot tub area, dressed in their white terry robes (and nothing else), Luis holds Sheridan's hand, “I guess the bellhop was right. This place looks nice and private.” Sheridan looks into his eyes, “I don't think anyone will disturb us.” Luis unties Sheridan's robe, “Oh, yes.” Sheridan giggles and they drop their robes on the ground and ease into the hot tub. They oh and ah as they slip into the water. Sheridan smiles, “This is wonderful.”
http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b369/dolphin711/53e3eff9.jpg (http://s23.photobucket.com/albums/b369/dolphin711/?action=view&current=53e3eff9.jpg)
Luis grins, “I know how to make it even better.” Sheridan raises her eyebrow and grins, “Really? How?” Luis kisses her hand then kisses her.

Outside the mansion on the way to his car, Julian calls Alistair, “Hello, Father?” Alistair replies, “I'm busy, Julian. What is it?” Julian says, “I'll only take a moment of your time.” Alistair says, “What about the time you're wasting in Bermuda filing your divorce papers when you should be forming a plan to kill Sheridan?” Julian says, “That's why I'm calling -- to tell you that I've come up with a foolproof plan to kill Sheridan and maybe Luis.” Alistair perks up, “I'm listening.” Julian says, “What if I told you that Sheridan will die in what looks like an accident and Luis will blame himself if he lives?” Alistair says, “I'd say interesting. No, no, no, amazing that your brandy-soaked brain could possibly handle this.” Julian proposes, “If I can't pull this off, you can strip me of my trust fund, any possibility of ever being your heir. I won't make a peep.” Alistair replies, “Well, Julian, you sound completely delusional or surprisingly confident.” Julian informs Al, “I'm positive that my plan will result in Sheridan's death, and if Luis survives, he'll torture himself for the rest of his life thinking it was his fault.”
On the Crane jet in mid-flight to Bermuda, Julian says to himself, “It's time to concentrate on the business at hand -- finalizing my divorce, getting rid of Sheridan. I promised Father I'd do in my poor sister, perhaps her lawman lover. I must come through. My future as heir to the Crane empire depends on it.”

In their private hot tub, Luis says, “I don't think I realized how tense I was till I got out of Harmony.”
As Sheridan runs her hand over Luis' shirtless chest, “We both were.” Grabbing Sheridan's hand and kissing it, Luis confides, “I couldn't relax, couldn't let my guard down. I was constantly worrying about Julian and Alistair and their threats to try and break and us up. Now I don't have to worry about them or their threats.” As Luis holds her hand, he runs his finger down her chin. They kiss again. Behind some tropical foliage, Alistair stands watching Sheridan and Luis.

In the hot tub, Sheridan and Luis are kissing. As Luis releases Sheridan, she moans, “Um mm! This is so wonderful.” Looking around, Luis agrees, “This is definitely up there on my ways to spend time.” Luis swoops in and kisses Sheridan on her cheek. Looking lovingly at Luis, Sheridan exclaims, “I'm having such a good time. I feel like we're really on our honeymoon.” Looking serious, Luis says, “Yeah. I'm sorry we couldn't go through with the wedding, Honey.” Sheridan replies just as seriously, “It was our decision. And with everything Ethan and Theresa were going through -- I don't want us to have any regrets, though. (Sheridan smiles here.) I want us to have the most wonderful, romantic, perfect (Sheridan purrs that word.) time together.” Luis grins and imitates Sheridan's purr, “Perfect. It is perfect. Out here away from Harmony. So peaceful. I don't have to worry about Julian and Alistair and their threats to try and break us up. Heck, we don't have to worry about anything.” Sheridan and Luis go back to kissing as Alistair stands in the bushes watching them.

Still in the hot tub kissing, Luis runs his hand down Sheridan's arm while she caresses his bare chest, “I love you so much.” Luis responds, “I love you, too. You know, when we go back to Harmony, I want to go through with the wedding.” Sheridan smiles, “I can't wait to marry you.” Luis replies, “And I hope Ethan and Theresa can work out their problems, but if they don't, I still want to do it.” Sheridan agrees, “Me, too. You know, I still can't get over how eager Julian was to see us get married.” A thoughtful Luis says, “Yeah. That was quite a turnaround. I still can't figure out that guy's angle, you know? It's the same guy who was dead set against us getting married, would do anything in his power to break us up, even hiring a guy to wear a mask to impersonate me to make you think I was cheating you.” Sheridan says “I still can't believe he would go so far.” Luis agrees, “Yeah. Your father was in on it, too. But anyway, you know, all of a sudden Julian wants us to get married? Why? And why now?” He frowns. Sheridan frowns as well, “I don't know. All I know is that Julian seemed genuinely disappointed that we didn't get married.” Luis agrees, “Yeah.” Sheridan says emphatically, “I mean, he really wanted to see that wedding ring on my finger.”

Aboard the Crane jet, Julian musses, “If only Luis and Sheridan had gone through with the wedding, she'd have put that poisoned ring on her finger and all this would be done and over. She'd be dead, and I wouldn't have to kill her myself.” On the phone, Alistair says, “You're not trying to weasel out of doing what you have to do, are you, Julian?” Julian replies, “No, of course not. I know I have no choice. I just -- I hate the idea of killing my own sister.” Alistair, “I thought you said you had a plan, that you wouldn't actually be committing the murder yourself.” Julian cringes, “Please. Do we have to use the m word?” Alistair, “Call it whatever the hell you want, just make sure it happens.” Julian replies, “It will happen -- on the island, where I'll have no trouble bribing the police. My plan will make Sheridan's death look like an accident, and Luis will blame himself if he survives.” Alistair asks, “If he survives?” Julian shrugs, “Well, I can't be certain that he'll die, but if he survives, he'll blame himself for Sheridan's death. His life will be ruined. He'll spend the rest of his days in despair, and he'll forget all about snooping into his father's disappearance.” Alistair says, “Well, now is the perfect time. They're at the resort totally relaxed, and their guard is down.” Julian looks stunned, “Where exactly are you, Father?” Al says, “Don't ask.” Julian replies, “I don't think I have to ask. I think I know where you are.” Alistair replies, “I'm keeping an eye on Sheridan and Luis, and you should have a very easy time of it. They're completely off guard.” Julian says, “Good. That will make things easier. We should be landing shortly. I should be at the resort within the hour. How will I find you?” Al, “Don't worry, I'll find you.” Julian comments, “I'm killing two birds with one stone, so to speak. I'll be rid of Ivy, and the threat of having our secret about having Martin Fitzgerald exposed will be gone for good. And my poor sister will be dead.”

As they enjoy the hot tub, Luis looks at Sheridan “Let's not talk about Julian or Alistair for the rest of the trip, all right? Let's just enjoy our time together.” Sheridan grins, “I'm all for that.” Luis captures her hand and kisses it, “Good. Because I have an evening of romance planned for us.” Sheridan smiles and raises her eyebrows, “Really? What do you have planned?” Luis smiles, “A surprise. But it's starting right now.” He pulls her close to his chest for another one of those heart stopping kisses! Watching them from behind the bushes, Alistair says, “Enjoy your night together because it's going to be your last.”

In their room, dressed for dinner, Luis stands looking out the window at the view. Sheridan comes up behind him placing her arms around him. Luis says, “Sweetheart, this is paradise.” He puts his hand over hers on his chest as Sheridan agrees, “It is. But then again, anywhere I'm with you is paradise.” Luis turns around to face Sheridan, “Aw. You know, I never thought I could be this happy.” Sheridan smiles but walks away from Luis only to stop a few feet away. Concerned, Luis asks, “ Sheridan, you all right?” Sheridan sighs, “I was just thinking about Ethan and Theresa.” Luis sighs, “Oh.” Sheridan reminds him, “They should be on their honeymoon right now, enjoying each other the way we are.” Luis replies, “I know. It's hard not to think about them when we're so happy. I feel so bad for them.” Sheridan says, “I still can't believe the way everything fell apart.”
http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b369/dolphin711/9cc10a2b.jpg (http://s23.photobucket.com/albums/b369/dolphin711/?action=view&current=9cc10a2b.jpg)
Luis tries to be positive, “Yeah. Well, maybe they'll work things out by the time we get back and then we can have the double wedding after all.” Sheridan smiles, “I hope so because I know how much they love each other.” Luis smiles, “Yeah. Well, you know Theresa -- big dreamer, romantic, and, well, she is always saying that fate's on her side. So maybe fate will bring Ethan and Theresa back together.” Sheridan says so sweetly, “I hope it does. I hope that what's happened doesn't tear them apart.”

To be continued...

7.16.08, 11:38 PM
Thanks, Ann. It's still hard to believe what they've done to this couple; I'm glad this show's going off of the air!

7.17.08, 12:16 AM
Julian arrives at the Bermuda resort and is led to Alistair by a pretty young lady. LOL! Julian says, “You could have just left a note at the desk.” Alistair replies, “I don't want to risk being seen by Sheridan or Luis. Now, forget about the girl. I want you to stay focused on your mission.” Julian replies, “Don't worry, father. I know exactly why I'm here. My plan to kill Sheridan will work perfectly.”

Music is playing as Sheridan and Luis enter the restaurant. Luis kisses Sheridan's hand as she is seated at their table by the maitre d' who asks, “Is everything satisfactory, sir?” Luis replies, “Well, I think everything looks just wonderful. Thank you.” Sheridan smiles, “This is perfect.” Luis proposes a toast, “To us. To our life and our love.”
http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b369/dolphin711/cf463434.jpg (http://s23.photobucket.com/albums/b369/dolphin711/?action=view&current=cf463434.jpg)
A couple dancing near their table watches them, as the woman says, “Look, darling. They must be on their honeymoon.” Her husband says, “Oh, looks that way to me.” As the couple pass Shuis' table, they congratulate them. Luis and Sheridan thank them. Luis shrugs, “I didn't want to disappoint them. Besides, this is supposed to be our honeymoon, and, well, I'm going to make it more romantic than any honeymoon ever was.” Sheridan beams, “It already is.” Luis smiles, “Nothing's going to stop me from marrying you.” Julian walks into the restaurant and sees Shuis so he hides behind a bush so as not to be seen.

On the dance floor, Sheridan smiles brightly, “Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight ...” Luis grins, “What did you wish for? Tell me. I'll make it happen.”
http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b369/dolphin711/624a767d.jpg (http://s23.photobucket.com/albums/b369/dolphin711/?action=view&current=624a767d.jpg)
http://i207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/ggmw-shuis-cap0096.jpg (http://s207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/?action=view&current=ggmw-shuis-cap0096.jpg)
Sheridan smiles sweetly, “Oh, it wasn't for myself. I have everything I could ever want. I just wish Ethan and Theresa could be happy again.” Luis says, “Well, that's up to them – (he looks up) and fate.” Sheridan dreamily says, “I just wish everyone could be as happy as I am. I love you so much.” Luis looks into her eyes, “I've waited my whole life for you.”

Hiding behind the bush watching Sheridan and Luis, Julian says, “Oh, look at them, Father. They're so in love.” Alistair grumbles, “Good. They'll die happy. And I want no mistakes this time. Take care of it.” Julian says, “I promise you it'll be taken care of. Luis and Sheridan won't leave this island together. She'll be dead. With any luck, so will he.”

Dancing in Luis' arms, Sheridan looks up and asks, “You think I could have one more wish?” Luis grins, “Oh, why not. I'm feeling generous tonight.” Sheridan and Luis both smile and say, “Ok.” Sheridan smiles, “I wish I could capture the way I feel right this second and keep it alive for the rest of my life.” Luis grins, “Sweetheart, you just wasted a wish. It's going to be like this forever.” Sheridan looks so lovingly into his eyes, “Is it true, Luis? I mean, do we really get to stay this happy?”
http://i207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/ggmw-shuis-cap0095.jpg (http://s207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/?action=view&current=ggmw-shuis-cap0095.jpg)
Luis turns her around in his arms and dances with his arms around her from behind, “Sheridan, you can and you will. Our lives are going to be like this forever.”
http://i207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/ggmw-shuis-cap0011.jpg (http://s207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/?action=view&current=ggmw-shuis-cap0011.jpg)
Luis kisses her on the cheek. Both of their smiles are huge and so radiant!
http://i207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/ggmw-shuis-cap0010.jpg (http://s207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/?action=view&current=ggmw-shuis-cap0010.jpg)
(This is one of the sweetest scenes. I loved it! One of my favorite pictures of Shuis comes from this scene, too.)

Alistair makes a stock deal as Julian paces the floor in Julian's room. Al hangs up and turns to Julian, “How did I ever get such a sissy for a son? Be a man, Julian.” Julian looks up, “Beg your pardon, Father.” Alistair sneers, “Well, you're pacing so much you'll wear a hole in that carpet. If you're not up to the task at hand, tell me now.” Julian says, “I said I'd take care of it, and I will. Sheridan will die in a boating explosion. If Luis survives -- and I doubt he will -- he'll blame himself for her death and wither away from a broken heart. I have it all worked out.” Alistair grunts, “You'd better. Because if your sister doesn't end up dead, you will.”

As she dances in Luis' arms, Sheridan sighs, “Oh, I could dance in your arms like this all night.” Luis counters, “Well, that's impossible because we've got to eat dinner and then get ready for bed and get ready for our big day tomorrow.” Sheridan questions, “Big day? Well, I thought we'd have breakfast, lunch, and dinner in bed and put the "do not disturb" sign on the door.” Luis raises his eyebrows, “Well, how about we do that the day after? No, seriously, I do have plans for us tomorrow morning.” Sheridan smiles, “Really? What?” Luis grins but turns his head away, “My lips are sealed.” Sheridan smiles and coaxes, “Oh, come on. You cannot hold out on me.” Luis stands his ground, “No.” Sheridan coaxes with that brilliant smile, “I can't stand the suspense. What are we going to do?” Luis looks at her and gives in, “You know, I can't keep anything from you. All right. I chartered a private boat for us tomorrow.” Sheridan smiles, “Really?” Luis replies, “Yeah, yeah, I thought it'd be fun to pack a picnic and do some island-hopping and -- or we can swim and fish and maybe find a little secluded cove where we can do some other activities.” He raises his eyebrows and grins. Sheridan says, “Sounds heavenly. But a private boat for the whole day -- that must be so expensive.” Luis replies, “Oh, so what if it is? You're my bride-to-be. We're on our pre-honeymoon honeymoon, and I want everything to be as magical as possible. Heck, you only live once, right?” Sheridan looks dreamily up into his face, “If life is this wonderful, then I don't mind at all.” Luis says, “Neither do I.” They kiss as they dance.
http://i207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/ggmw-shuis-cap0105.jpg (http://s207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/?action=view&current=ggmw-shuis-cap0105.jpg)

Back in Julian's room he assures his father that he has everything under control. Alistair is skeptical so Julian says, “I've worked everything out to the smallest detail. See, a while back, Sheridan mentioned that Luis fancied himself quite the rod-and-reel man.” Alistair says, “Oh, a fisherman, eh? He must have inherited that from his father.” Julian adds, “Apparently, he's dreamed of owning his own sea craft for years, which is why I took the liberty of placing a private boat charter brochure in his and Sheridan's honeymoon suite. Luis took the bait, so to speak, exactly as I knew he would. He's reserved a small boat for tomorrow. He and Sheridan will be out at sea all day by themselves.” Alistair grumps, “You just make sure the job is done this time. You've already wasted enough time lolly gagging about.” Julian asks, “Doesn't it bother you at all, Father, ordering the death of your own daughter?” Alistair sneers, “Oh, grow up, Julian. How many times do I have to tell you that as a Crane male this is just one of life's unpleasant but necessary duties. I've more important things to concern myself with than Sheridan's longevity. Which reminds me -- I told my broker I'd call him back. I'll check in with you later, Julian.” As Alistair leaves the room Julian says, “That's right. Distance yourself so I'm the only one who gets his hands dirty.” Alistair replies, “If you'd done the job correctly the first time, you wouldn't be in this boat. Get it? Boat.” Alistair chuckles, “I made a joke, son.” Julian meekly says, “Yes, Father.” Alistair stops in the doorway, “And one more thing. I'm well aware of your penchant for drinking too much and grabbing at nubile young girls whenever the opportunity presents itself. But not on this trip, Julian. I don't care if the entire cheerleading squad from the local high school invites you to be their mascot. You need to concentrate on the task at hand and keep little Julian in his pants until you get home to Rebecca. Is that understood?” Julian replies, “Yes, Father.”

Theresa has arrived in Bermuda and is practicing in front of the mirror in her room at the resort, her speech for Julian about taking Ethan back into the Crane family. She calls the front desk, “Yes. I was wondering if Mr. Crane has gone downstairs. Reservations for dinner in the dining room? Thank you very much.” As she hangs up the phone, she decides this would be a good time to talk to Julian, “Ok. That's it. I will approach him in public. I mean, that way nothing can happen. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Dinner downstairs is fancy, and I don't have anything to wear.” She runs off to the shop to buy a dress for her dinner with Julian. Theresa finds a sundress to wear but it is more revealing than she would like but it was the only one in the shop in her size.

In the resort lobby, Julian asks, “Bellboy, tell me, is there nothing in this place but lovesick young honeymooners?” Bellhop answers, “Well, it is our clientèle, sir, along with those that come to the island to get a divorce.” Julian says in disgust, “Oh, for God's sake.” Bellhop replies, “Although I did see one pretty young woman check in by herself a little while ago. I had the feeling she wasn't here for either reason.” Julian replies, “Really? What's her room number?” Bellhop says, “Sorry, sir, I couldn't say.” Julian grins, “Yes. Ahem.” Julian hears Luis and hides behind a bush. At the front desk, Luis says, “I'd like to order a picnic basket for two for a boating trip tomorrow.” Clerk replies, “Well, of course, sir. Will the honeymooner champagne basket be satisfactory?” Luis replies, “That sounds great. And -- well, I'll be by and pick it up in the morning. Thanks.” Behind the bush, Julian thinks, “Oh, God. The last champagne that will cross my poor sister's lips.”

At their table in the restaurant, Sheridan asks, “Well, shall we order dessert?” Luis replies, “Well, we could have it in the room.” Sheridan looks up, “Or we could skip it entirely.” Luis grins and asks, “Then what are we going to do to entertain ourselves?” Sheridan replies seriously, “I don't know. Maybe we'll come up with something.” She raises her eyebrows. As Luis looks at her, she opens her eyes wide to indicate they should get out of there. Too cute! Luis gets her message, of course, “Yeah.” In total agreement, they both throw their napkins down, stand up, Sheridan picks up her little evening bag, Luis offers his arm, and they walk out of the restaurant.

To be continued...

7.17.08, 10:10 AM
Thanks, Ann!

7.18.08, 1:11 AM
Lying in bed in their room, Sheridan and Luis both let out a breath and purr. Content after making love, Sheridan lays in Luis' arms with her head on his chest, “You know, we may not be married, but this is everything I dreamed my honeymoon would be.” As Sheridan rests her head and hand on his chest, Luis caresses her arm, “Well, it's only going to get better. I mean, you just wait and see that boat I chartered. We are going to have the time of our lives.” Sheridan smiles, “ Hmm. Tell me about it. Or better yet, show me.” Sheridan looks up into Luis' face as he brings his head down to meet her lips in a kiss. She puts her arm around his neck and pulls his head even closer to her.
http://i207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/ggmw-shuis-cap0015.jpg (http://s207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/?action=view&current=ggmw-shuis-cap0015.jpg)

After assuring Alistair that his plan to kill Sheridan and maybe Luis is all set, Julian heads for the bar where he meets several of his friends who are all in Bermuda getting divorces and looking for women to bed. They make crude jokes and laugh as they drink.

In her room in Bermuda, Theresa looks at herself in the mirror, “This dress is so revealing. But it was the only one that the hotel boutique had in my size.” Her cell phone rings. Sitting in the Book Cafe, Whitney calls Theresa to check on her. Whitney asks where she is and if she has talked to Julian yet. Theresa tells her that she went to the mansion but he was on his way to Bermuda to finalize his divorce from Ivy. Whitney asks Theresa to tell her that she did not follow Julian Crane to Bermuda but that is just what happened. Whitney tells her to get on the next plane and come home.

Having traded sides of the bed with Luis and now propped up on her arm looking at Luis, Sheridan sighs, “I could stay like this all night. Maybe even the rest of our trip.” Luis smiles, “Yeah?” As her hand rests on his chest with his hand on top of hers, Sheridan adds, “The rest of our lives.” Luis laughs, “You're sure nothing could get you to leave this room?”
http://i207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/9011ad8a.jpg (http://s207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/?action=view&current=9011ad8a.jpg)
Sheridan thinks, “I don't know. What do you have in mind?” Luis says, “Well, it's a warm night. We could take a walk on the beach.” Caressing his chest Sheridan says, “Hmm – pass.” Luis gives another option, “Ok. How about a dip in the ocean?” Sheridan considers, “Hmm – uh-uh.” After some quick thinking, Luis asks, “Hmm. What do you say we build a fire by a sand dune?” Sheridan quickly says, “No.” Luis caresses her arm and looks hopeful, “Well, what if we do all the above and make love under the stars?” Sheridan gets the biggest smile, “Mmm, deal.” Luis leans down, she stretches up to meet his kiss as he pulls her close to him.

In their white terrycloth robes, Sheridan and Luis walk hand in hand through the lobby on their way out to the beach. Sheridan stops and exclaims, “Oh, well. It is so gorgeous out there.” Luis nods, “Mm-hmm.” Sheridan says, “I only wish Ethan and Theresa could share it with us.” Luis agrees, “Yeah. That would have been great.” They continue on their way out to the beach.

Theresa crosses the lobby in her search for Julian who is still at the bar with his cronies. She stops at the front desk to ask the clerk if he could let Julian know that she wished to speak with him. He agrees and goes to the bar to give Julian the message.

On the beach after a swim, Sheridan is drying herself off with her towel, “The water was so warm.” Luis already has a fire going and say, “It's unreal.” Sheridan says, “I keep thinking how much Ethan and Theresa would have loved this.” Luis agrees, “Yeah. I'm worried about Theresa. The girl can be her own worst enemy. You know, if only she'd told Ethan the truth about scanning that letter into her computer.”
http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b369/dolphin711/f89b0917.jpg (http://s23.photobucket.com/albums/b369/dolphin711/?action=view&current=f89b0917.jpg)
Sheridan understandingly agrees, “Yeah.” Luis sighs, “I just hope she's learned her lesson.” Sheridan places her hand on his arm.

The clerk tells Julian that a young woman would like to speak with him in the lobby. Julian wonders who that could be. Julian walks out to the lobby and sees the girl who is facing the other way, “You wish to speak to me?” Theresa turns around, “Yes, I do.” Julian is shocked, “Oh, my.” Julian misunderstands why she has come to Bermuda, thinking that she wants her first time to be with him. LOL! He asks Theresa to have dinner with him and they walk into the restaurant to be seated. While Julian goes off to find a waiter and get champagne, Theresa daydreams about telling Ethan that she has convinced Julian to reinstate him as a Crane. Everything will be wonderful again. As her daydream ends Theresa says to herself, “It's going to happen. I just have to convince Mr.. Crane to take Ethan back into the family.”

Sitting on the beach close to each other, Sheridan puts her hand on Luis' arm, “Hmm, so perfect. Can we come back here when we get married for our official honeymoon?” Luis says, “I'll make sure we do.” They kiss. Sheridan sighs, “Hmm. Maybe next time, Ethan and Theresa can join us if they work things out.” Staring into the fire, Luis says, “Yeah, well, that's a big "if" when it comes to my sister. She usually makes things worse. You know, she doesn't mean to. It's just that once she gets an idea in her head, no matter how crazy, she sticks to it, and, well, usually means disaster.”

Standing on the beach holding hands, Luis suggests, “What do you say? Let's try and forget about Ethan and Theresa, at least till we get back to Harmony?” Sheridan smiles, “You're right. Whatever happens is going to happen whether we know about it or not.” Luis smiles down at her, “Good. Now, let's see, I promised you a -- a moonlight swim in the ocean and we swam.” Sheridan nods, “Mm-hmm.” Luis continues, “And I promised you a fire on the beach and, voila, there's fire. And I promised you a walk and we walked. So what else do we have left?” Luis grins as Sheridan's smile is wide, “I think I remember.” Luis says, “Yeah? I think we're supposed to make love under the stars.” Sheridan stands on her toes to reach Luis lips for a very sensual kiss!

On Warlock Island, Miguel asks, “Charity, what is it? Why do you keep staring into the fire?” Staring into the fire, Charity whispers, “I see a terrible fire. I see death.”

On the Bermuda beach, the flames in the fire that Luis has built suddenly shoot up causing a crackling noise. Lying in Luis' arms on their blankets, Sheridan suddenly sits up, “What was that?”
http://i207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/ac3160cc.jpg (http://s207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/?action=view&current=ac3160cc.jpg)
Luis asks, “What was what?” Not taking her eyes off the dancing flames, Sheridan asks, “Didn't you hear it?” Luis replies, “No. I heard the fire crackling.” Sheridan says, “No, no, it sounded -- why did the fire just suddenly get so high?” Luis says, “I don't know. Tropical trade winds or maybe the driftwood was extra dry. What's wrong, Sheridan? Why you suddenly so afraid?” Sheridan replies, “I don't know, but that sound -- it just sent a chill through me. It was almost like a warning that something terrible was going to happen.” Sounding frightened and still looking at the fire, Sheridan asks, “Luis, why did I have this feeling? Why did I have this feeling that something terrible was going to happen?” Luis replies, “Well, I don't know. But I want you to put it out of your head, ok? Look, we're in this beautiful place. (Sheridan looks all around.) We're hundreds of miles away from your father or brother and miles away from anyone who wants to tear us apart.” Sheridan agrees, “You're right. I guess I'm just not used to feeling this safe and protected and happy.” Luis puts his finger under her chin to turn her face to him, “I am here to protect you, ok, Sweetheart?” Sheridan takes Luis' hand, “I'm just so afraid that it won't last. I'm so afraid that something will happen to take it away.” Luis reassures her, “All right, that is not going to happen, ok? Now, what can I do to convince you of that? Everything is going to be great.” Looking up at Luis, Sheridan asks, “You really, honestly don't think anything will happen to tear us apart?” Luis confidently replies, “Not anymore. Your father and brother, they gave it their best shot. They blew it, hiring some guy to impersonate me. It didn't work.” Luis smiles into her eyes, “Hey, you're stuck with me for life whether you like it or not, till death do us part.” Sheridan repeats, “Till death do us part.” Luis lowers his head to kiss Sheridan. As the kiss ends, they put their foreheads together, then Luis kisses her temple. Too sweet!

After a bit of going round and round regarding the reason Theresa came looking for Julian, Theresa finally states the real reason she is there in Bermuda, “Well, the whole reason that I'm here -- to ask you to take Ethan back into the family.” Julian asks, “You came all the way down here to ask me to take Ethan back into the family?” Theresa says, “Well, yes. I mean, I thought that you understood that I wanted to talk about Ethan. I thought that if you could take Ethan back into the family, I can make up for the mess that I made. It's all my fault that that tabloid printed Ivy's letter telling Sam Bennett that Ethan was his son. I mean, it was scanned into my computer, something that I never should have done, and then someone else saw it and they e-mailed it to the tabloid.” Julian says, “You knew Ethan wasn't my son and you didn't say anything.” Theresa admits, “That's another thing that I have to make up for. Mr. Crane, Julian, I love Ethan so much, and all I want is for him to get back what he lost. I know that you loved Ethan as a son for all those years. You must still feel something for him.”

Sitting in front of the campfire on Warlock Island, Charity says, “Danger. Theresa. No. No.” Miguel comes to sit with her, “Charity, what are you doing out here? You said you were going to go to bed?” Kay wants to know what is going on so Miguel tells her, “She keeps saying Theresa's in danger.” Reese asks, “Charity, what are you seeing?” Miguel, “Look, Reese, she's upset, all right? She doesn't need you to ask her what she's seeing.” Reese looks at Miguel, “Miguel, most of the time Charity's premonitions come true. We should try to get her to tell us what this one was about.” Jessica sits next to her cousin, “Yeah.” Charity replies, “Ok. I see Miguel's sister, Theresa, and she's on an island with palm trees and flowers.” Miguel says, “No, Charity, it can't be Theresa. All right, she's back in Harmony worrying about Ethan. She wouldn't just run off to some island. It must be someone else.” Charity is adamant, “No, Miguel. It's Theresa. It's Theresa, and she's on an island, and something bad is happening to her there. She's in trouble. She's in terrible trouble.” Miguel asks, “Charity? Can you tell us what you see in the fire?” Charity whispers, “I see different things now. I see a boat exploding and people dying. There's so much pain. It's awful!” Miguel, “A boat explodes. Is Theresa on the boat? I mean, is that why you said you saw her in danger?” Charity, “No, no. Theresa's not on the boat. But she's in some kind of trouble.” Miguel asks, “What kind of trouble? Who is she with?” Charity cries, “I don't know, I don't know! But she's going to regret what she's doing. She's going to regret it, and it's going to be too late, too late!” Jessica, “She just sounds so convinced.” Miguel, “I'm going to call my mother. She'll know where Theresa is. Damn it. There's no signal. Must be all the trees.” Simone, “Maybe we should try to go back to Harmony.” Miguel, “I wish we could, but the boat captain said he wasn't going to be back till daybreak. So we're stuck here for the night. Charity, I want to know about Theresa. What's happening to her?” A very upset Charity says, “No, Theresa. Don't take that drink. No.” Miguel asks, “What drink? And who is she with?” Charity replies, “I don't know. But if she takes that drink, Miguel, she's going to regret it for the rest of her life.”

Returning to their table, Julian asks, “Ah. Theresa, where were we?” Theresa replies, “I was asking you if you could possibly take Ethan back into your family.” Julian grins, “Well, you have to admit it's a tall order inasmuch as Ethan isn't a biological Crane, but I'm willing to be convinced.” Theresa, “Oh, Mr.. Crane, Julian, thank you. Thank you.” Julian, “Bit of champagne?” Theresa, “Oh, I -- I shouldn't, i shouldn't.” Julian, “Oh, nonsense. We should have a toast to your success in convincing me to adopt Ethan as my son. Besides, I hate to drink alone.” Theresa asks, “Are you sure it's bad luck to make a toast with water?” Julian says, “Oh, I'm positive. Is there a problem?” Theresa says, “Well, I'm not really old enough to drink champagne.” Julian, “In Bermuda you're old enough. And besides, you don't want to risk having bad luck, do you?” Julian says that he must go. Theresa begs, “No, please, don't go. Of course I will make a toast to Ethan's future. I would do anything for him.” They toast as Theresa has one sip of the champagne. She laughs because the bubbles tickle her nose. Julian says, “That's what's so fun about champagne.” Theresa says, “Thank you for listening to me. It would mean the world to Ethan if you would just take him back. And then I could go through with the wedding knowing that I made up for causing Ethan so much pain.” Julian grins, “Well, I can certainly see your logic, but you must admit it's a tall order. But I'm willing to be convinced.” Theresa says, “Well, I am willing to spend the whole night convincing you.” Julian laughs, “Well, it may just take the whole night. Perhaps we should have another toast -- to Ethan's possibly bright future.” Theresa says, “Um -- I really shouldn't have any more.” Julian pours more champagne and they toast to Ethan's future.

Lying on the beach in Bermuda, Luis asks, “You feel any better?” Sheridan smiles, “I feel silly getting upset over an eerie sound the fire made.” Luis says, “Yeah. Hey, you know, when I was a kid, we used to sit around the fire and we would tell stories about what we saw.” Sheridan says, “That sounds like fun.” Luis looks at Sheridan, “Yeah, it was. And you know what I see?” Sheridan asks, “What?” Luis smiles, “I see a boat. I see a boat sailing on the sparkling sea, and you know what I see in that boat? I see two people. I see two people who love each other so much that nothing can ever tear them apart.” They look so deeply into each other's eyes before their lips meet in a slow, sensual kiss...
http://i207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/fc67e19e.jpg (http://s207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/?action=view&current=fc67e19e.jpg)
To be continued...

7.18.08, 11:54 PM
Sitting in front of the campfire on Warlock Island, Charity cries, “Poor Theresa. She took one sip and now she's going to regret it for the rest of her life.” Sitting next to her in the sand, Miguel asks, “Charity, I don't know what you're talking about, but you need to stop. You're scaring me.” Charity responds, “I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said anything about your sister.” Miguel understandingly says, “You can't help what you see.” Reese comments, “Let's look on the bright side. I mean, at least with your premonitions, now we're way ahead of the game. We can be up at first light, take the boat back to Harmony, and make sure everyone's ok.” Charity whispers, “There it is again -- the fire. It's a horrible fire. It's coming, and there's nothing we can do about it.”

Sitting on the beach in Bermuda and once again dressed in her swimsuit, Sheridan sighs, “It all seems like a dream. Promise me we can come here when we have our real honeymoon.”
http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b369/dolphin711/40231f2f.jpg (http://s23.photobucket.com/albums/b369/dolphin711/?action=view&current=40231f2f.jpg)
Luis leans over to her, “I promise.” They kiss. After the kiss ends, Sheridan sits up straight and looks around. Luis asks, “What is it?” Sheridan replies, “I don't know. I just got this feeling like I was in danger.”

As Julian and Theresa sit drinking their second bottle of champagne, a waiter tells Julian that he has a phone call in the lobby. Julian goes to answer the phone, “What is it, Father?” Alistair wants to make sure all the plans are set. Julian tells him that everything is taken care of and Sheridan will die tomorrow. Alistair replies, “You know, I've always felt that Sheridan was the weaker link of my two children. I'd hate to come to realize that it was you all along. Then I'd have to say (imitating the voice of the hostess of the Weakest Link) “good-bye” to you as well. Alistair laughs and waves at the picture of Sheridan on his desk. Julian is not amused, “There's nothing to be concerned about, Father. In a few hours, Sheridan will be dead.” He hangs up and goes back to the table where Theresa is waiting to convince him that Ethan deserves to be reinstated as a Crane. Julian says, “Well, I'm open to anything you might want to say, dear. Or for that matter, might want to do to a mutually satisfying conclusion to this evening, hmm?” They both drink their champagne.

Still sitting in front of the fire on Warlock Island, Miguel asks, “Charity? Are you still having visions about Theresa?” Charity shakes her head, “I see Sheridan now, and Theresa's in the same place. We have to warn Sheridan. She's in terrible danger!”

Sitting on the beach in Bermuda, Sheridan looks over at Luis, “Sorry. I don't know what came over me.” Luis wraps his arms around his legs as he sits, “I'm afraid whatever it was, it's getting to me now, too.” Sheridan looks surprised, “What, do you think we really could be in danger?” Luis says, “I don't know what it was. I guess I was just worried about Theresa. I'd feel a hell of a lot better if I knew where she was.” Sheridan places her hand on his arm, “I'm sure she and Ethan are back together. You know how much they love each other.” Luis says, “Yeah. I just wish that was all it took.” Sheridan asks, “Why, are you worried someone's trying to keep them apart?” Luis is thoughtful, “You saw how furious Ivy was when she thought that Theresa betrayed Ethan to that tabloid, and, well, who's to say that she or someone else won't work overtime to try and keep them from being together?” Sheridan sympathizes, “ I don't blame you for being worried, but it's not as if Ethan and Theresa are up against the negative forces we were.” Luis nods, “Yeah, you're right. At least now Ethan's not a Crane, he doesn't have to contend with Julian.” Sheridan caresses his arm again, “Yeah.”

Deep in thought, Luis says, “I still don't believe your brother's sudden turnaround.” Sheridan nods, “You mean showing up at our wedding when we're about to get married?” Luis says, “Yeah. And how are we supposed to suddenly believe that he's in our corner after everything that he and your father did to try and break us up?” Sheridan says, “I don't know. But, you know, Julian really did seem sincere with his apology. (She looks over at Luis.) You must think I'm so terribly naive when it comes to my family.” Luis reaches over to caress her arm, “No, I just think that you're terribly decent. And you're too good to think that anyone could do something so treacherous. Hey, no more talk about Julian on our practice honeymoon, ok?” Sheridan looks thoughtful, “Hey, you know, speaking of practice, I want to make sure we get everything right for when we do this for real, don't we?” Luis agrees, “Yeah. Absolutely. Well, that could take a lot of rehearsal.” Sheridan agrees, “Yeah.” Luis nods, “Land, water, water, land. Sand, sea.” Sheridan adds, “Even our bed.” She looks pointedly at him. Luis grins, “I am suddenly getting very sleepy.” Sheridan suggests, “Well, last one to the room has to give the other a full body massage.” Luis smiles, “Hmm. Now, that's a contest I like. What do you say we stop by the bar and get a little champagne?” Sheridan smiles, “Mmm.” They kiss and kiss again.

Back in the restaurant, Theresa continues, “There's another reason I think it would be smart of you to take Ethan back into the family.” Julian asks, “And what's that?” Theresa says, “Ethan's a wonderful lawyer. I mean, I am sure he was an enormous help to you at Crane Industries once he graduated from law school and joined you at the firm.” Julian agrees, “Oh, yes, indeed.” Theresa adds, “He loved working there. And, well, he already knows the corporation's ins and outs like the back of his own hand. You must miss having him there.” Julian says honestly, “Yes, Ethan was a natural. I always thought of him as a chip off the old block, his conscience notwithstanding. He had that killer instinct for negotiation. Oh.” Theresa says, “He could be negotiating deals tomorrow if you took him back as your son. I knew if I could just speak to you alone, I might be able to get through to you.” Julian says, “You are a very astute young woman.” Theresa smiles, “Thank you. Like I said, I will do whatever it takes to convince you that I'm not wasting your time.” Julian replies, “I may just hold you to that, Theresa.”

Sheridan and Luis walk up to the bar and stand a few chairs away from Julian's friends and overhear them talking about an older man trying to have his way with a much younger woman. Sheridan looks disgusted as she looks in the direction of the men, “They sound like charming people.” Luis adds, “Yeah, that's just what I want to hear when my kid sister's on my mind. Hate to think of my sister as alone in the world when there are leeches like that running around.” While waiting at the bar to be served Sheridan and Luis can't help but hear the crude jokes and off color remarks the men are making. Luis looks over at the guys, “Talk about sleazy.” Sheridan agrees, “Yeah.” The bartender arrives and asks how he can help them. Luis orders, “Yes. We would like a bottle of your best champagne, please, and we're going to take it to our room.” Bartender says, “Of course, sir. I'll have that for you in a moment.” Luis informs him, “We'll be sitting right over there.”

At a table not far from where Sheridan and Luis sit waiting for their bottle of champagne, Theresa and Julian are served more champagne by the waiter. Theresa says, “Oh. I really shouldn't have another drop.” The waiter thinks that they want to get back to their room. Theresa says, “I -- I never thought about what people might assume if they saw us together drinking champagne and everything. I would hate for anyone to get the wrong idea. I mean, you're so rich and famous, the gossip could get all the way back home.”

As Luis signs the ticket, the bartender hands him a bottle of champagne, “Enjoy the rest of your evening, sir.” Luis says, “Thank you. We will. Ah.” Luis and Sheridan stand and Luis picks up the champagne. Luis offers Sheridan his arm as she laughs, “Thank you.” They start to walk out but Luis comes to a stop when he hears Theresa say, “Oh, that's a relief.” Wondering why he stopped Sheridan asks, “What? Did you forget something?” Looking around, Luis answers, “No. I just thought I heard my sister's voice.” Sheridan looks questioningly up at Luis, “Theresa? What would she be doing here?” Sheridan puts her hands on Luis' arm, then hugs him, “Oh, Honey, this is all my fault. My paranoia's rubbing off on you and making you hear things.” Luis says, “Well, I could have sworn I heard my sister's voice. But you're right. That's crazy, right? What would she be doing here?” Sheridan agrees, “Yeah. I mean, if she and Ethan had reconciled and flown down, we would have heard.” Luis nods, “Right. Let's go back to the room.” He puts his arm around her and they walk off to their room.

At their table, Theresa continues on her mission, “I wouldn't be asking you to take Ethan back if I didn't believe that it was something you wanted to do yourself deep down. Maybe I shouldn't be saying this, but I saw the pain in your face the night that you found out Ethan wasn't your son.” Julian replies, “It was the worst night of my life.” Theresa says, “That's why I am begging you to take Ethan back as your son, to let him use the Crane name again, you know, to be the man he always thought he was. I mean, you still love him, don't you?” Julian looks sad, “He was my first-born. Yes, that's how I always thought of him. You really love him, don't you?” Theresa says, “With all of my heart.” Julian says, “Yes. I can see it in your eyes every time you say his name. It's too bad I never married someone who loved me the same way. Still, I hooked up with Ivy. (They hear the clock chime and Julian looks at his watch.) Well, what do you know? It's midnight. I'm a free man. My divorce from Ivy is final.” Julian laughs and the guys at the bar raise their glasses in a toast to Julian's and their divorces. Julian takes his wedding ring off and tosses it over his shoulder. He asks Theresa to join him in a toast to his freedom from Ivy. Theresa says that she has had enough but she does toast to that. Theresa giggles. Julian moves closer to Theresa at the table. He tells her that it is too noisy there. She suggests they go somewhere where there isn't so much noise. He suggests his room. Theresa says there are so many quite places they could go to talk, but Julian says that it wouldn't be a place where they wouldn't be interrupted. She still has to convince him to take Ethan back into the family. Julian stands and holds out his hand to Theresa. Theresa says, “I told myself when I flew down here that I wasn't going to give up until I persuaded you to take Ethan back.” Theresa stands and they walk towards the lobby.

On Warlock Island, Miguel asks, “Did you send the e-mails to Sheridan and Theresa?” Reese looks at his PDA or cell phone, “They didn't go through. The server must be down.” Charity takes the PDA or cell phone from Reese and is clearly upset, “But Sheridan could die, and Theresa's about to make a decision that's going to affect her whole life! We have to warn them!” Reese comforts her, “Shh, shh, it's ok.” Miguel says, “It's late, and there's nothing else we can do tonight. And chances are that Theresa and Sheridan are safe and sound asleep by now. We'll take the boat back to Harmony at daybreak, and we'll get a hold of them.”

On the balcony of their room dressed in their white terrycloth robes, Luis stands behind Sheridan with his arms around her waist, “If only this was the real deal.” Sheridan smiles, “Oh, we'll be on our real honeymoon soon enough. And when we get back, we are going to plan another double wedding with Ethan and Theresa.” Luis says “Yeah? You're that sure they're going to work things out?” Sheridan smiles and looks over her shoulder at Luis, “Don't you know by now? True love conquers anything that anyone throws in its path.”
http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b369/dolphin711/3d322f86.jpg (http://s23.photobucket.com/albums/b369/dolphin711/?action=view&current=3d322f86.jpg)
Luis grins, “Oh.” Sheridan says again, “Anything.” Luis plants a kiss on her cheek, then rests his forehead on hers. They are just so adorable together!

As a young man enters Alistair's room, he asks, “Were you able to double-check my son's plan for tomorrow?” The young man replies, “Down to the last detail, sir. You'll be glad to know that everything is in order, just as he said it was.” Alistair sounds surprised, “Well, well. Perhaps for once my son won't let me down. You're excused.” Looking at a picture of Sheridan on his desk, Alistair says, “Sheridan. You were always so pretty. Darling, it's unfortunate you had such terrible taste in men. Enjoy your last night on earth, my daughter.” He lays the picture face down on the desk.

To be continued...

7.19.08, 11:42 PM
Sitting on Luis' lap on the balcony, Sheridan sips her champagne, “This has been such a gloriously romantic day.” Luis looks up at her, “Hmm. And tomorrow is going to be wonderful, too, going down to the cove on that boat I chartered -- it's going to be a blast.” Sheridan runs her hands through his hair, “I can't wait.” Luis smiles, “Me, either. But, you know, right now, I was thinking we could take a nice, long shower together, hmm?” Sheridan grins, “I love the way you think.” Luis moans, “Hmm.” Sheridan smiles, “I love you.” Luis looking up, “I love you, too.”
http://i207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/ggmw-shuis-cap0016.jpg (http://s207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/?action=view&current=ggmw-shuis-cap0016.jpg)
Sheridan leans down and captures his lips in a sensual kiss.
http://i207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/ggmw-shuis-cap0017.jpg (http://s207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/?action=view&current=ggmw-shuis-cap0017.jpg)

At the Book Cafe, Whitney eventually tells Ethan that she heard from Theresa but she promised that she would not tell that Theresa went to Bermuda to convince Julian to take Ethan back into the Crane family. Ethan worries about what happened with Julian being in Theresa's room the last time they were in Bermuda. Ethan says several times that he believes that Theresa didn't send the email to the tabloid. Ethan calls the hotel but the desk clerk refuses to put him through to Theresa's room because he must obey the rule about not disturbing their guest so late at night. Ethan wonders where she could be. Ethan tries to get a flight to Bermuda immediately, but he can't get one until the morning. He says that is one thing that he misses from when he was a Crane...having the jet at his disposal. Whitney tells Chad that she hopes Theresa isn't getting herself into a situation she can't get out of.

In Bermuda Julian and Theresa walk across the lobby to the elevators to go to his room. Theresa stumbles and says she has had too much champagne. He tells her that they can have more champagne when they get to his room. Theresa reminds him that she is going to his room to talk about Ethan. She says that she “is not leaving your room until I've convinced you that adopting Ethan is the only fair and right thing to do.” Julian happily replies, “Well, we can stay in my room together all night long if that's what you want.” A very tipsy Theresa says, “Oh! That's exactly what I want!”

In their candlelit bathroom, Sheridan and Luis are in that hot shower. The scenes are definitely HOTT.
http://i207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/8753.jpg (http://s207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/?action=view&current=8753.jpg)
Their song, “Imagine”, plays as Sheridan looks seductively at Luis while she scrubs his chest, shoulders and back.
http://i207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/8754.jpg (http://s207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/?action=view&current=8754.jpg)
He returns the favor and scrubs her all over with those nice big sponges.
http://i207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/8755.jpg (http://s207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/?action=view&current=8755.jpg)
http://i207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/8756.jpg (http://s207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/?action=view&current=8756.jpg)
Luis lowers his head to Sheridan's upturned face.
http://i207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/8757.jpg (http://s207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/?action=view&current=8757.jpg)
http://i207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/8758.jpg (http://s207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/?action=view&current=8758.jpg)
They share some really heart stopping kisses before they are lowered out of our view. HOTT!!!
http://i207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/8759.jpg (http://s207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/?action=view&current=8759.jpg)

The bartender stops Julian to tell him that he has a phone call. Alistair congratulates Julian on his plan to kill Sheridan. Julian tells Al, “I take no pleasure in what I've done, Father, but the bottom line is this -- in a matter of hours my sister, your daughter, will be dead. And any problems caused by a Crane co-mingling with a Lopez Fitzgerald will cease as well.” Julian looks over at Theresa and waves to her.

Reaching the door to Julian's suite, he imitates Ricky Ricardo, “Lucy, I'm home! Open the door! You got a lot of splaining to do!” Julian and Theresa laugh. Theresa laughs, “Mr. Crane, I didn't know you could be so funny.” Inside the room, Theresa goes straight to the door to the balcony and admires the view. Julian's cronies arrive with champagne. He shoos them off and gives Theresa more champagne.

Now dressed in their night clothes, Sheridan in a beautiful white nightgown and Luis in sexy Navy blue boxers, they walk into their bedroom after their hot shower. Sheridan sits at the foot of the bed, “Well, that was the hottest shower I've ever taken.” Luis grins, “I'll say. Well, maybe we can find some music to cool us down, huh?” He walks over to the radio on the side table, “Let's see here.” As the music begins to play, Luis looks over at Sheridan, “Tango. Sounds like divine intervention to me.” Sheridan smiles, “I highly doubt a tango will help us cool down.” Walking back to stand in front of Sheridan, Luis says, “I guess we'll just have to see.” He holds out his hand, “May I have this dance?”
http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b369/dolphin711/CanIHaveThisDance.jpg (http://s23.photobucket.com/albums/b369/dolphin711/?action=view&current=CanIHaveThisDance.jpg)
Placing her hand in his, Sheridan replies, “You may have anything you want.” He pulls her to her feet and they begin their wonderfully sensual tango.
http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b369/dolphin711/ShuisBermudaTango.jpg (http://s23.photobucket.com/albums/b369/dolphin711/?action=view&current=ShuisBermudaTango.jpg)
As the tango music plays, Sheridan and Luis continue their sexy tango. As they dance, Luis whispers in her ear, “We should always dance like this.” Sheridan replies with a smile, “And we will, every day for the rest of our lives.”
http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b369/dolphin711/5053ecb9.jpg (http://s23.photobucket.com/albums/b369/dolphin711/?action=view&current=5053ecb9.jpg)
They continue their dance until the final dip when the music ends.
http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b369/dolphin711/ahha.jpg (http://s23.photobucket.com/albums/b369/dolphin711/?action=view&current=ahha.jpg)
http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b369/dolphin711/BermudaTangoDip.jpg (http://s23.photobucket.com/albums/b369/dolphin711/?action=view&current=BermudaTangoDip.jpg)
Luis stands and pulls Sheridan to him and they kiss several times. Sheridan sighs, “That was wonderful.” Luis cups Sheridan's face, “That was great.” Smiling Sheridan says, “This whole night has been wonderful.” Luis grins, “Tomorrow's going to be even better -- just you and me. We're going to be sailing the ocean blue and making love in some little cove. It's going to be fantastic.” Sheridan sighs, “Mm-hmm.” Luis pulls her into another kiss.

To be continued...

7.20.08, 11:55 PM
Walking out onto their balcony, Luis breaths in the island scents, “Aha.” Sheridan dreamily says, “Oh. Oh, I still can't believe we're here, together, having such a wonderful time.” As he puts his robe on, Luis smiles, “Neither can I. But you know what? We are. And it's not going to end, and tomorrow is going to be even more wonderful.” Sheridan turns to face Luis, “Oh, our own private boat exploring all the secret coves.” Luis says, “Yeah.” Sheridan enthusiastically says, “I can't wait!” Luis grins, “You know, this is everything I ever dreamed of -- being out on the water with the woman I love, a boat. Even the boat's name is perfect.” Sheridan asks, “What's she called?” Luis replies, “The Island Dream.” They kiss.

In a room overlooking the harbor/ boat docks, a woman looks at the boats with binoculars and asks, “Basil, what's the name of that boat again?” Basil replies, “Uh -- Mr. Crane said it was called the Island Dream.” June continues looking, “Ok. There sure are a lot of boats out there.” Basil assures her, “Oh, we'll find it, all right? And once we find the boat that Luis rented, we'll know what size bomb to plant. And then, June baby, we're on our way to a very healthy paycheck.” June says, “We have to find the right place to plant the bomb.” Basil scolds, “Oh, stop worrying, June. We'll find the right place. And by tomorrow afternoon, when the happy couple is in the middle of their fishing trip -- boom! Off it goes. Our bomb will be so powerful, it won't matter where we put it. Sheridan and Luis will be blown to smithereens.”

At the Book Cafe, Ethan can't find a way to get an earlier flight to Bermuda and realizes that the Crane jet was one of the perks that he misses about being a Crane. Whitney says that is why Theresa went to convince Julian, to get all of that back for him. Ethan doesn't believe that Theresa sent the mail and wishes that she didn't think that she had to do that to make amends to him. Whitney worries that if Julian tries to seduce her, she won't know how to react. Whitney says Theresa always thinks she's doing the right thing, but her schemes end up blowing up in her face. Ethan continues to try and find ways to go to Bermuda tonight. He can't help but worry about Theresa being there all by herself with Julian.

In Julian's room, he offers Theresa more champagne. She says she really shouldn't but finally does to continue their talks about Julian adopting Ethan. Theresa says that would make Ethan so happy. A drunken Theresa says, “You should know, Julian, that I'm used to getting what I want, and I want you to adopt Ethan.” Julian replies, “Hmm. Ahem -- so you have been saying. And I'm almost convinced it would be the right thing to do.” Theresa agrees, “It is. It's absolutely the right thing to do. It wasn't Ethan's fault that his mother lied to him. And you raised him as your son. Look, he misses being your son, Julian.” Julian says he is sure that Ethan does miss being a Crane. Theresa and Julian both say that the other doesn't know how persuasive the other can be when they want something.

Out on the balcony as the kiss ends, Sheridan looks up to the heavens, “Hmm. Have you ever seen such beautiful stars?” Luis kisses her check. A smiling Luis looks up, too, “No. Never seen them this bright, either.” Sheridan sighs, “Uh-uh.”

Basil and June find the right boat from their window. Basil says, “Wow. Well, all right. Let's get to work and check it out.” June thinks it is a shame to blow it up because it is a pretty boat but Basil says, “If Julian Crane wants it blown to bits, that's what he gets. When Luis and Sheridan take it out tomorrow, they're never coming back.” Basil pulls out dynamite and the makings of a bomb and lays them on the table.

In Julian's room, Theresa spills some of her drink. As she tries to wipe it up, she sees the brochure for the 24-hour wedding chapel and thinks that it is a sign that she and Ethan could get married there in Bermuda if Julian will agree to adopt Ethan. As Theresa talks, she joyfully twirls around and knocks over a lamp. Julian tells Theresa that the maid will clean up the broken lamp. He suggests that they go out on the balcony with their drinks.

Out on their balcony, Luis hears the crash, “Sounds like they're having a big party next door.” Sheridan replies, “Well, that's what resorts like this are for.” Luis looks at her, “Yeah, I guess you're right.” He takes a sip of his champagne. Sheridan asks, “Hey. Something wrong?” Luis shakes her head, “No, it's just that -- well, ever since I thought I heard Theresa's voice downstairs in the bar, I've been thinking about her.” Sheridan sympathizes, “It's only natural for you to worry about your little sister.” Luis replies, “Yeah. And after I heard those clowns talking about sugar daddies and how some old geezer was trying to get some innocent girl up in his room, well, I couldn't help but worry about Theresa.” Sheridan says, “I understand how you feel.” Luis says, “Yeah. And, you know, if I'd have known that Theresa had been working for Ivy Crane all this time and seeing Ethan, I would've gone crazy. I know Julian's reputation, and, well, I just can't believe that he never even tried to make a move on Theresa.” Sheridan looks thoughtful, “Well, I wouldn't put anything past Julian, but even he knows how young she really is.” Luis looks so serious, “Yeah? Well, if he did ever try and hit on her, I'd kill him.”

Standing behind Luis, Sheridan caresses his chest, “Oh, Luis. You're tense. Why don't you come back inside and I'll give you a massage?” Holding her hand on his chest, Luis perks up, “A massage?” Sheridan nods, “Mm-hmm.” Luis grins, “Hmm. Never turn a massage from you down.” They walk back into their room and Luis closes the door.

As Theresa makes it out on the balcony, there is a knock on the door. Julian answers and finds Basil and June, the bombers, wanting to collect for their work tomorrow. Julian doesn't want Theresa to overhear their conversation so he turns the music even louder which causes Luis, who is being given a massage by Sheridan, to look up and ask, “What the hell's going on over there?” Julian retrieves their payment and sends them on their way. He makes his way back to Theresa on the balcony. As they try to discuss Ethan and what Theresa can do to convince Julian to adopt him, Theresa knocks over a big potted plant causing a loud noise.

In their room, Luis hops off the bed where Sheridan is giving him a massage and exclaims, “All right, that's it. I'm going over there ...” Sheridan follows him, “Wait.” As he puts his robe back on, Luis continues, “And tell them to keep it down.” Sheridan warns, “It's awfully late.” Luis turns to her and continues, “Which is exactly why they should keep a lid on it. Look, I heard voices on the balcony, so I'm just going to go and warn them. (Luis touches her arm to assure her.) Don't worry. I'll be polite.” Theresa falls down trying to clean up the dirt, then takes Julian down with her. They both laugh making more noise.

Luis walks out the double doors and steps onto the balcony. Walking out onto the balcony to stop Luis, Sheridan says, “Luis, look, I don't think you should confront them like this.” Luis stops, “Like what?” Sheridan reasons, “You're in a horrible mood. I think we should go out into the hallway and knock on their door. It would seem a lot less hostile. Besides, you'll have to talk through all the plants out here.” Luis laughs, “You're right. I'm not on duty in Bermuda, am I?” Sheridan smiles and rests her hands on his chest, “No, you're not, Mr. Policeman. You're on vacation like everyone else.” Luis says, “Right. I'm going to go put some clothes on.” Sheridan agrees, “Good idea.” They walk back into their room.

After crawling back into Julian's room, Theresa begins to cry because she misses Ethan and wants him to come to Bermuda so they can be married as soon as she convinces Julian to adopt him. Julian tells her that she has almost convinced him so she pulls herself up on the bed and stands. She is going to freshen up in the bathroom. No sooner is Theresa in the bathroom than Julian hears another knock on the door. Julian rushes to open the door. He is surprised to see Luis and Sheridan standing there. Luis turns to look at Sheridan. All three of them are shocked.

To be continued...

No screen caps for this episode so I am posting one of srhrobin's beautiful banners. This one is of the Bermuda "honeymoon" tango.
http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b369/dolphin711/lsfiy.jpg (http://s23.photobucket.com/albums/b369/dolphin711/?action=view&current=lsfiy.jpg)

7.22.08, 1:25 AM
Standing in the hall, a very surprised Luis and Sheridan look in on an also surprised Julian who asks, “Well -- what are you two doing here?” Sheridan recovers and replies, “You know exactly what we're doing here. I called you before we left. I told you we were going to take our honeymoon trip even though the wedding didn't happen.” Luis adds, “And I was with Sheridan when she made the phone call. So the real question is, what the hell are you doing here?” Sheridan asks, “Well, Julian? What are you doing here?” Luis insists, “Huh? And what's with all the damn noise? Who you in here with?” Julian says, “Luis, there's no reason to get upset. Just calm down.” Luis angrily continues, “Julian, just quit stalling. Quit stalling and tell us what you're doing here. You're real quiet all of a sudden. You were making a hell of a lot of noise earlier. And who's in there making all that noise with you, huh?” In the bathroom, Theresa comments, “I look like a mess. Hmm. Oh, shoot. How can I fix myself when I left my purse in the other room? I better go get it.” Luis pushes, “Start talking, Crane. What the hell is going on in there?”

In a room overlooking the harbor, June says, “Everything has to go off perfectly -- so to speak. We promised Julian Crane we'd kill his sister and her boyfriend.” Basil says, “There's nothing to worry about. Once I build this bomb, we'll plant it on the boat that Luis rented for a romantic trip with his beloved Sheridan.” June says, “Ok, let's hurry up. I want to get this bomb planted as quickly as possible. The sooner we get this over with, the better.” Basil replies, “Building a bomb is an art. It can't be rushed. Besides, we've got plenty of time to put this baby on the boat before Luis and Sheridan set out tomorrow.” June picks up a bundle of dynamite and says, “Little do the lovebirds know we hold their fate in our hands.” Basil replies, “You got that right. Once Luis and Sheridan say bon voyage, they'll be as good as dead.”

Still standing in the hallway in front of Julian's room, Luis folds his arms across his chest, “Well, start talking, Crane, or I'm going to come in there and take a look for myself.” In the bathroom, Theresa discovers some toiletries, “Oh. This place really does have everything. I don't need my purse.” Sheridan warns, “You know you can make this a lot easier if you just answer our questions. What are you doing here in Bermuda? And who is in your room?” Julian replies, “Well, if you must know, I came down here to finalize my divorce from Ivy.” Sheridan looks concerned, “Wow. Does Ivy know about this?” Julian angrily replies, “Well, as a matter of fact, she does -- not that I owe her any explanations, since my tramp of an ex-wife passed Sam Bennett's bastard off as my son.” Luis asks, “So you came here to finalize your divorce. So what? That still doesn't tell us who's in the room with you.” Sheridan asks, “Yeah, what, are you here with Rebecca?” Luis explains, “Well, Julian, look, it's obvious there's someone in there with you. There's a woman's purse right there. Is that Rebecca's purse? Is that who's in there with you?”

Luis says again, “Well, we're waiting, Julian. Is Rebecca in there with you?” Sheridan looks shocked as she asks, “Yeah, what, did you come here to celebrate your divorce? Are you two going to get married in Bermuda?” Julian laughs, “My, this is like the Spanish inquisition.” Luis demands, “Start talking, Crane!” Julian spits out, “Actually, Rebecca is not with me. I came down to Bermuda all by my lonesome.” Luis mocks, “Oh. Well, you obviously didn't stay on your lonesome very long.” Sheridan says, “You know what? You may be my brother, but you are such a pig. You were never faithful to Ivy when you were married to her, and now you can't even stay faithful to your new fiancée.” Luis continues, “ And let me clear something up for you, Julian. I don't care that you were suddenly supportive of me and Sheridan getting married. You and I are not friends.” Julian says, “Your point is well taken. Now, if you don't mind, I would like to turn in.” Luis says, “No, as a matter of fact, I do mind. I have heard so many horror stories about young women in Harmony -- young women that you have got your disgusting little hands on.” Julian indignantly says, “I have no idea what you're talking about.” Sheridan puts her hand on Luis' shoulder in a show of support and to gently restrain him as Luis says, “Well, then let me make myself perfectly clear to you. See, I've been thinking about how it would feel if someone took advantage of my sister, and just thinking about it -- thinking about you conning her makes my blood boil. You seducing her to get what you want. And you want to know why it got under my skin when I found out that Theresa had been secretly working for Ivy?” Julian smugly says, “I'm sure you'll tell me.” Luis replies, “Because your face popped into my head. To think that my sister had to spend so many hours under the same roof as you. Now, let me tell you something, Julian. If I ever found out that you ever made a move for my sister, I would kill you without even a second thought.” Sheridan says, “Come on, Sweetheart. Julian isn't worth any more of our time.” Luis reaches up and puts his hand over hers and looks at her, “Well, you're certainly right about that. But I'm putting you on notice, Julian. Now, I can't control whatever it is that you were doing here in Bermuda, but I can back in Harmony. Harmony is my town. And if I find out that you were using any more young women, I'm going to come after you. You get it, Julian? If I find out that you were going after any more young women, you are a dead man.” Julian nervously loosens his collar.

As June plays with the dynamite, Basil shouts, “Hey! Watch it, June. Do I need to remind you I'm dealing with explosive materials?” She asks is he is finished with the bomb. He replies, “I am. And when I'm done, I'll go plant it on the fishing boat.” June thinks that Julian is going to be pleased with their work. Basil agrees and says, “Tomorrow Luis and Sheridan will be blown to smithereens, just like he wanted. And the best part of it is there won't be any trace of evidence. Boom!”

Luis asks, “Do we understand each other, Julian?” Julian replies, “Indeed. You've made yourself perfectly clear, yes.” Luis holds Sheridan's hand, “You were right before. We have wasted way too much time on Julian. Let's get out of here.” Julian smiles, “Enjoy the rest of your trip.” Sheridan replies, “Don't worry, Julian, we will.” Luis adds, “Oh, yeah, and one more thing. Make sure you keep it down in here tonight with your friend. See, we're right next door and plan to get a good night's sleep before our boat trip tomorrow.” Julian says, “I'm sure you'll have the time of your lives. Don't worry. You won't hear another peep out of this suite.” Julian closes the door and Luis walks off. Sheridan says, “That was quite a surprise. I never expected to see my brother down here.” Luis takes Sheridan's hand, “Right. What do you say we forget about Julian, go down in the dining room and have a little dessert?” Sheridan smiles radiantly, “Hmm, sounds wonderful, seeing as I worked up quite an appetite after our earlier activities.”

Julian crosses his room, “Who does Lopez Fitzgerald think he is? Well, after tomorrow, I'll never have to worry about that would-be superhero again.” Coming out of the bathroom, Theresa comments, “Oh, I thought i heard voices. Was somebody here?” Julian tells her it was no concern of hers and that they should continue talking about Ethan.

Sitting in the restaurant having dessert with Luis, Sheridan says “It's so nice to be able to sit and relax after our run-in with Julian.” Luis, “Yeah. Let's have a little dessert. We'll get lots of rest for our big boat trip tomorrow.” Sheridan grins, “Maybe even have a nightcap in between, if you know what I mean.” Luis grins, “Hmm. I know exactly what you mean.” They hear laughter from the bar from Julian's cronies. Luis comments, “The sleaze balls are back. Want to change tables?” Sheridan replies, “No, no, we'll just ignore them. Besides, I can think of much better things to concentrate on.” She looks lovingly at Luis. Julian's buddies at the bar make comments to indicate that Julian has a young girl in his room having his way with her. Sheridan looks around disgusted. Throwing his napkin down on the table, Luis says, “Damn Julian has got some poor, innocent girl up in his room.” Sheridan says “He always manages to stoop to new lows.” Luis says, “I'm not going to let him get away with it. No, I'll bet that that girl doesn't have a brother like Theresa has to look out for her. I'm going to stop him.” Sheridan asks, “How?” Luis stands, “I'm going to go up to Julian's room right now, that's how.” He leaves the restaurant. Sheridan follows and as she passes the bar, the sleezeballs look her up and down and like what they see.
Sheridan stops Luis in the hallway to Julian's room, “You know, you are like every woman's dream -- a true hero.” Luis looks serious as he takes Sheridan's hand, “Believe me, I am no hero. I'm just protective of young women. I guess because I've looked after Theresa for all these years.” Sheridan smiles, “Well, I think it's wonderful that you're going to confront Julian.” Luis releases Sheridan's hand, “Well, I'm not going to let him ruin another innocent girl's life. Julian! Julian, open up!” Luis bangs on Julian's door. Inside the room, Theresa hears Luis, “That's Luis. I wonder what he's doing here.” She walks toward the door to let Luis in. Julian yells, “Wait! No -- you can't let him know you're in here.” Theresa says, “Oh, don't be silly. Luis is my brother.” She heads off toward the door and Julian runs after her.

To be continued...

I don't have screen caps for this eppy so I am posting a collage of the Shuis tango that was made by someone at the Superhunks site.
http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b369/dolphin711/gering23.jpg (http://s23.photobucket.com/albums/b369/dolphin711/?action=view&current=gering23.jpg)

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Thanks, Ann for all of the recaps and pictures you put up!

7.23.08, 12:56 AM
As Luis bangs on the door to Julian's room, Theresa hears her brother's voice and wants to let him in. Julian has to cover her mouth to keep her from talking loud enough to be heard by Luis. Luis continues banging on the door. Julian tells Theresa that they can't let Luis find them together because he would get the wrong idea and kill Julian. Theresa is sure that she can explain everything to Luis and he will under. Julian then reminds Theresa that if Luis kills him, there won't be anyone to adopt Ethan. Luis calls out from the other side of the door that he is going to call security up there is he Julian doesn't open the door.

In their room near the marina, June and Basil finish the bomb. Basil puts a “special personal touch” by writing their names (Sheridan + Luis) in the clay on the bomb. Basil packs up the bomb. June paces the floor worried that things might not go as planned.

Luis bangs on the door again, pulls and twists on the knob, and threatens to break the door down if Julian doesn't open it. Julian asks Theresa to hide in the bathroom before he opens the door for Luis. As soon as Julian opens the door, Luis rushes in asking where he has the young girl. He looks all over the room and ends up in front of the bathroom door. He knocks and asks the girl if she is all right. Theresa doesn't answer. Luis keeps knocking on the bathroom door and asking the girl if she is all right and to answer him. Julian threatens to call security and have Luis removed if he doesn't leave now. Sheridan walks over to Luis, “Oh, you're not going to call anyone, Julian. And you're not going to do anything until we find out if this girl is all right.” Luis tells the girl about his sister and how he wouldn't judge her any more than he would judge his own sister. Theresa, listening in the bathroom, thinks that she was right all along and that Luis would understand so she takes a step toward the door. Sheridan walks across the room to stand behind Julian, “Lucky for you that's not Theresa in there because if it was, Luis would tear you apart.” Julian looks frightened.

On Warlock Island, Charity still feels like Sheridan and Theresa are in danger. Miguel realizes that now that their boat has burned up, there is no way for them to warn Sheridan and Theresa.

Julian tells Luis that he has the wrong idea. This is a business meeting with someone who wanted a favor, which he is still considering, but only if his business partner's identity is not revealed. Theresa gets his meaning and moves away from the door knob. Luis says that he will leave if the girl tells him that she is all right. Julian says that she is fine but Luis insists that he hear it from the girl herself. Luis asks again whether the girl is all right and if she wants to be there. Theresa picks up a towel to cover her mouth with to disguise her voice. She mumbles that she is fine and wants to be there. Julian is relieved. Luis tells her that if she needs help, he and Sheridan are right next door. Julian demands that Luis leave his room. Luis warns Julian once again but Julian reminds him that he is out of his jurisdiction. Luis takes Sheridan's hand and they leave. Julian closes and locks the door.

Basil comes back from planting the bomb. June wonders why Julian wants to blow up his own sister. Basil doesn't care as long as they are paid.

Out in the hall, a frustrated Luis turns to Sheridan and joints his finger toward Julian's room, “You know, I really despise that man!” Sheridan stands in front of Luis, “Well, I'm proud of you. You did everything you could.” Luis looks grim, “Not enough.” Sheridan gives Luis a small smile, “At least that girl knows there are wonderful men in the world, men who really are about the way women are treated. (Luis smiles.) You'll feel better tomorrow...on the boat out on the beautiful blue-green waters. Luis smiles, “I can't argue with that...out on the blue-green waters with the most gorgeous woman in the world. What more could a man ask for?” Sheridan's smile is huge, “It's going to be a perfect day.” Luis puts his arm around Sheridan and they walk off.

In Julian's room, Theresa is getting sleepy. She goes to the bed, tosses the pillows on the floor, pulls down the bedspread, and climbs into Julian's bed. Theresa has taken the wedding chapel brochure to bed with her and she imagines that she sees Ethan when she looks up at Julian on the other side of the bed.

Now June comes back from checking on the bomb. She hopes they can remain on the Crane payroll so she doesn't want anything to go wrong with this job.

In their room, Luis sits on the edge of the bed while Sheridan kneels on the bed in back of him. Music begins to play as Sheridan massages Luis' neck and back. Luis says, “Aye.” Sheridan says, “Just relax. If you don't get a good night sleep, you won't be able to enjoy our boat trip tomorrow.” Luis assures her, “Nothing's going to keep me from that!” He turns around to face Sheridan and takes her hand in his after touching her leg intimately first, “Just you and me alone.” Sheridan smiles back at him, “Gliding over the most beautiful waters in the world.” Luis smiles, “You know how long I've dreamed of a day like that, spending it with the woman I love?” Sheridan says, “Tomorrow your dream will come true.” Luis brings her hand to his lips and kisses it, “Then I'm going to spend the rest of my life making your dreams come true, one day at a time.” Sheridan smiles, “I love you so much.” Luis whispers, “I love you.” As they kiss, Sheridan falls back on the pillows as Luis crawls further up on the bed to cover her. (That was so HOTT, so sensual...short scene but such a special one.)

To be continued...

No screen caps for this eppy but here is a picture from an article from one of the soap mags...
http://i207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/sod7.jpg (http://s207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/?action=view&current=sod7.jpg)

Here is a clip of the last scene when Sheridan gives Luis a massage...


7.24.08, 12:17 AM
In Sheridan and Luis' resort room, the phone rings, and Luis gropes in the dark to answer it. Luis answers, “Hello? Ok, thanks.” Turning the light on, Sheridan asks, “Who was that? Oh, my goodness. Look at the time. It's so early.” Luis rubs his eyes and moves in the bed to snuggle with Sheridan, “That was our wake-up call.” With her eyes closed, Sheridan asks, “Why would we wake up in the middle of the night?” Luis uses a little boy voice, “Because that's when the fishes get hungry.” He places several kisses on her back. Still not opening her eyes, Sheridan says, “Huh?” Luis rubs her arm, “Today's our big fishing trip, remember?” Sheridan opens her eyes but quickly closes them again, “Yeah, today, as in "day," meaning when the sun is up.” Luis coaxes, “Yes, but real fishermen -- they get up at the crack of dawn.” Before Sheridan snuggles back into her pillow, she says, “Oh, then I am a faux fisherman.” Luis shakes Sheridan's shoulder slightly, “Come on, sleepyhead. Now, come on, rise and shine.” Luis puts his hand on her back, caressing it and her arm. As he talks, Sheridan's eyes begin to open and close, she raises her eyebrows, and eventually smiles. “We're going to have a wonderful time -- just the two of us out on the blue-green water, alone, no one else around for miles. We'll be out on the boat. Smell of sweet, tropical air. We can -- we'll have a picnic on a secluded beach, and then there will be no one else around, and we can go swim with no bathing suits. And we can make love.” Turning onto her side, Sheridan asks, “Hmm. In that order?” Luis grins, “Well, not necessarily. We can always juggle things.” Turning onto her back, Sheridan smiles, “I like the sound of that.” Luis says, “You're going to like the whole thing. I promise you it's going to be a trip you'll never forget.” Luis picks up her hand and kisses it as Sheridan laughs. (This scene was so cute. Galen and McKenzie did so many little things to make this scene so adorable and to make it seem like we were watching a real couple and not two actors acting out a scene.)

In their room, Basil stands behind June at the window, “Well, they should be arriving soon.” Looking toward the boat that Luis rented with binoculars, June comments, “Sheridan and Luis, all set for a day of fun in the sun.” Basil agrees, “It's a good day for fishing. Too bad they won't be around to catch anything.” Looking at her watch, June asks, “You want to run another check?” Basil informs her, “I just did, Juney moon. The bomb's sitting pretty, ready to blow. Soon as they get far enough out to sea, it'll be like the fourth of July -- boom! They'll never even know what hit them. Probably never even hear it.” Still looking through the binoculars, June says, “There's no way anyone on board survives a blast like that.” Basil agrees, “Sheridan and Luis will be fish bait.”

Still in their bed and still kissing, Luis kisses Sheridan's lips, then her nose several times before he says, “Ok. We better get ready and get to the boat.” Caressing his bare chest, Sheridan pouts, “Can't we be just a little late?” Luis says, “Come on, now. You said you were really looking forward to a day of fishing. We're going to catch a ton of fish.” Propping herself up on her arm, Sheridan asks, “A ton? What'd you rent, a whaler?” She laughs as he laughs and replies, “No, I rented a sweet boat for the sweetest woman in the world. You better kick it into gear so we can get out of here.” He moves to get out of bed but she doesn't move at all. Looking at Luis, she smiles, “I'm still sleepy. Maybe you can think of a good way to wake me up.” Luis smiles and kisses her, “How's that, huh? Feeling more awake?” Sheridan smiles, “I'm still a little groggy. Maybe you should try a little harder.” They giggle before he moves on top of her to give her even more of those sensual kisses and more...

In Julian's room, he is still pouring Theresa champagne. She is so sleepy and is lying down. She tries to stay awake and even sits up but she just can't stay awake on the bed that she says is so soft and comfortable. However, she realizes she shouldn't go to sleep, not until they finish talking about Ethan. Theresa tells Julian if he adopts Ethan, then he can fly down her and they can get married. Julian says they'll talk about Ethan later, she should lay back and close her eyes. Theresa says that does feel good. Theresa has a dream that Ethan has arrived in Bermuda. Theresa runs into Ethan's arms and tells him that she is so sorry about everything. She tells Ethan she came down here to talk Julian into taking him back. Julian tells Ethan that Theresa has convinced him to take him back into the family. Ethan and Julian hug, and Ethan calls Julian father again. Ethan wants to marry Theresa and sees the wedding chapel brochure. Ethan wants to get married right away.

In their bed, Luis kisses his way up Sheridan's body under the sheets. They both laugh when he emerges from under the sheets. He kisses her shoulder before he asks, “So, you feeling any better?” Laying on her side with Luis snuggled up behind her, Sheridan replies, “Yes, I am wide awake now.” He kisses her shoulder again, “Good. So then we can enjoy our fishing trip.” Sheridan smiles, “Well, if some of what just happened is involved, then it will be heavenly.” Luis runs his finger from her hand up her arm, “Good. So, then, you're feeling better, right?” Sheridan says, “I'm not sure I know what you mean.” As Luis talks, he randomly kisses her shoulder, arm or back, “Well, you were a little upset last night that something was going to go wrong and destroy our happiness. And then I cleared that up and soothed your fears and told you how much I love you and that nothing would ever come between us.” Sheridan begins, “Julian and Alistair tried ...” Luis reminds her, “And they failed. And you know why? Because our love is strong. (Luis uses an accent when he says the word strong and holds up his arm like a muscle man.) And nothing can come between us.” Sheridan sighs, “I know that.” Luis replies, “You should.” Sheridan says, “I do. I do feel much better.” Luis asks, “Yeah?” Sheridan smiles, “Yeah. Because from now on, I'm thinking positive. Everything is great.” Luis agrees. Sheridan smiles, “You and I have a wonderful life ahead of us.” Luis leans down and kisses her cheek then her lips.

Ethan and Theresa head to the chapel, and Julian goes with them as their witness. The JP pronounces them man and wife, and Julian congratulates them. Ethan suggests they go back to her room, but Theresa says her room is so small, and it only has a single bed. Julian offers them the use of his suite for their wedding night. Ethan and Theresa return to Julian's suite. Ethan thanks Theresa for giving his family back to him. Theresa tells Ethan that his happiness is all that matters to her. Ethan and Theresa then make love. The next morning, Theresa wakes up calling out for Ethan. She says last night was incredible, and he is the love of her life. As she leans over to tell him that she wants to make love again, it is Julian who replies that he would like nothing better. Theresa is horrified as she sees it is a smiling Julian next to her in bed. Theresa thinks that it must have all been a dream but she looks down and realizes she is naked.

On the boat that Luis has rented, June says, “I still don't understand why the man would go to such lengths to kill his own sister and her fiancé.” Basil says, “None of our business.” June asks, “Well, aren't you curious?” Basil says, “No.” June asks again, “Oh, even a little?” Basil finishes adjusting the bomb, “Julian Crane hired us to do a job. The only thing we should be concerned with is making sure that when Sheridan and her beau head out on this boat, they never come back alive. Let's go.”

On their balcony, Sheridan sighs, “Mmm, this is magic. I am so completely happy right now -- even though it is a tad early.” A grinning Luis joins her, standing behind her, “This is the best time of day, hands down.” He kisses her temple. Sheridan turns to Luis, “Promise me we'll always be this happy.” Luis whispers in that husky voice that is so sexy, “Our lives will always be like this. I swear to you.”

Walking down the pier to the boat, Luis and Sheridan exclaim, “ Oh!” and “Wow!” Luis says, “Now, that's a great-looking boat.” Sheridan agrees, “It is.”
http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b369/dolphin711/shuis70.jpg (http://s23.photobucket.com/albums/b369/dolphin711/?action=view&current=shuis70.jpg)
Luis enfolds Sheridan in his arms from behind, “Oh, I can't wait to get out on the water with you. Alone at sea -- that's a feeling like no other.” He kisses her hair.
http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b369/dolphin711/985bb03c.jpg (http://s23.photobucket.com/albums/b369/dolphin711/?action=view&current=985bb03c.jpg)
Sheridan sighs, “Sounds glorious.” Luis says enthusiastically, “I'm going to teach you to fish. You're going to love it.” Sheridan turns around to face Luis, “I am going to love anything so long as it's with you.” Looking around, Luis says, “Hmm. You know, someday we're going to be taking a trip like this as a family, teach the kids to fish. All 10 of them.” Sheridan asks, “Whoa, whoa, whoa. We're back to 10 again? I thought we settled on six.” Luis continues, “Yeah, I'm back to thinking two teams, full court, five-on-five.” Sheridan smiles up at Luis, “Whatever you want, my love. I love you so much. May every day for the rest of our lives be as perfect as this one.” Luis growls, “Hmm!” Sheridan laughs before his lips capture her in one kiss after the other. Watching them from a few feet away, Basil mutters, “Better enjoy the perfect day while you can because it's going to be a real short one. Mm-hmm.” As their kiss ends Luis says, “Shall we?” Sheridan grins, “Let's do it.” Luis orders, “All hands on deck.” He holds Sheridan's hand for balance as he helps her step on board the boat while Luis follows.

To be continued...

Thanks to Jeanne for a video clip of scenes from this episode and more...


7.25.08, 1:50 AM
In the boat's cabin, Sheridan says, “This is a first for me.” Luis asks, “What, you mean going fishing?” Sheridan smiles and puts her hands on his waist, “No, I've been fishing before. Just not with the man I love.” Luis puts his fishing hat on, “Yeah. (Sheridan laughs.) What? What, do I look that funny?” Sheridan laughs, “No, no, no. I was just thinking about this game that I used to play when i was in boarding school in Europe. You know, all the girls would sit around, and we would fantasize about the most romantic adventure we could imagine having with the man of our dreams.” Interested, Luis asks, “Oh, yeah? What was yours?” Sheridan smiles, “It wasn't just mine. It was everyone's. It involved setting off to sea with a tall, dark, handsome man, just the two of us, doing whatever we wanted whenever we wanted.” Luis grins, “Hmm.” Leaning toward Luis, Sheridan continues, “Swimming, sunbathing, making love.” Luis grins, “Well, then, today must be your lucky day because we're going to do all those things.” Sheridan sighs, “Hmm.” Luis adds, “Although not necessarily in that order.” Listening in on SHUIS outside the boat, Basil says, “She can do whatever she wants in whatever order she chooses because it's all going to end the same way -- with a big bang.” He laughs.

As their latest kiss ends, Sheridan asks, “Are you ready to set sail, captain?” Luis replies, “Actually, you know what? I just thought of something I got to take care of back at the hotel.” Sheridan looks concerned, “Are you going to go back and talk to Julian? Are you still upset about that young girl that was in his room last night?” Luis replies, “Well, I can't stop thinking about her. I don't care what she said from behind the bathroom door. There had to be some coercion involved.” Sheridan says, “I don't know about that, but Julian is a creep when it comes to women.” Luis, “Yeah.” He smiles, “Anyway, that's not why I'm going back to the hotel. I forgot the sunscreen.” Sheridan says, “Oh. Well, don't worry about that. I can just wear a hat to cover my face.” Luis replies, “I don't know. Then the rest of you is unprotected. And there's nothing worse than making love with a sunburn.” Sheridan smiles up into his face, “And how would my devoted husband-to-be know about that?” Luis grins, “I'm not speaking from personal experience, now. It's just something I read.” Sheridan laughs, “I see.” Luis, “Yeah.” Sheridan asks, “Well, do you want me to come with you?” Luis replies, “No. I won't be a minute, and then we'll be out at sea in no time, all right?” Luis walks toward the doorway, as Sheridan agrees, “Ok.” She turns and Luis stops as she says, “Hey, look, if you do run into my brother, just don't get involved. Just walk away.” Luis agrees, “Trust me, Julian is the last person that I want to talk to today. And if I do hear some weird noises coming from the room with that young lady, I'm not going to promise you I'm not going to check it out.” Sheridan smiles from across the cabin, “Even when you're off duty you're on duty.” Luis says, “It's more than that.” Sheridan replies, “You keep thinking what if that young girl were your sister.” Luis says, “Yeah, not that she would even give Julian the time of day, much less spend the night in his room. But it's just that young girls are so vulnerable with leeches like that running around.” Sheridan agrees, “Right. We think we know so much, but we don't till we get hurt.” Luis says, “That's why I'm glad Theresa's home in Harmony miles away from Julian. Look, I'm telling you, Sheridan, brother of yours or not, if Julian ever laid a hand on my sister, I'd kill him.”

Walking away from Luis Sheridan stands with her back toward Luis, “I'm sorry my brother's the way he is. I'd give anything to have a brother that I could be proud of.” Luis stands behind her, “Sheridan, I'm not going to let you apologize for him. The way he acts has nothing to do with you.” Sheridan says, “Still, it would just be so wonderful if I could have a brother that, you know, you could like and respect, maybe even hang out with, someone that would make a terrific uncle to our children.” Luis turns her around to face him, “Will you stop it? Look, you can't be responsible for the way other people act, even if they're your family. Your brother's got all your father's genes. (Luis smiles.) You got all the good ones. You sure you weren't adopted?” Sheridan smiles, “I'm sure. People say I'm just like my mother.” Luis smiles again, “I would have loved to have met her.” Sheridan replies, “I'd have loved that, too. You know, even though I didn't get to know her because she died when I was so young, I do know that she would've loved you. She would've admired you so much for your concern and respect for others.” Luis. “Nah...” Sheridan continues, “The way you protect those that aren't strong enough to protect themselves. I hope Theresa realizes how lucky she is to have a brother like you.” Luis says, “No, we're both lucky. She's the best kid sister in the world. And, well, since papa disappeared when she was just a kid, and then my oldest brother, Antonio, disappeared after that -- well, someone had to look out for her. And it was me. I guess that's why when I see Julian in a crumpled bed and a bottle of champagne and hear some young woman's voice behind a bathroom door, I think of Theresa. Even though it's not Theresa, I think of her and that girl in the same way, and I just couldn't imagine someone like Julian taking advantage of her.” As they hold hands, Sheridan smiles, “That's why I love you so much.” Luis asks, “Did I mention how happy I am that Theresa's a thousand miles away? All right. I'll be right back.” Luis heads to the door again but this time he throws his fishing hat to Sheridan and says, “Hey. Keep an eye on my lucky fishing hat for me, will you?” As she catches it, she laughs, “You bet.”

Sitting on the bow of the boat with Luis' fishing hat, Sheridan smiles, “Hmm. Well, if Tom Hanks can talk to a volleyball, then I can certainly talk to Luis' fishing cap. So, tell me, hat, when did it all happen? When did my bad luck turn good, my fantasy become a reality? I have everything I could ever dream of. Who knew it was possible to feel this way -- so safe, so secure, so much hope for the future.” Sheridan has a flashback of some wonderful Shuis memories in a beautiful montage. The montage included the sleigh ride, several clips of them making love, in front of the fireplace the first time they made love, the kiss when the door opened after they were trapped in the vault, the wedding in the park, the romantic gazebo proposal, helping to deliver Pat's baby and the most romantic night! Sheridan looks up to Heaven, “Thank you, God. I'm going to spend every day for the rest of my life thanking you.”
http://i207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/pas_2001_08.jpg (http://s207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/?action=view&current=pas_2001_08.jpg)
Watching Sheridan from a table on the docks, June comments, “I don't care what you say. I hate this.” Basil says, “Oh, shut up and help me think. This guy Luis screwed us up big time by going back to the hotel. I got to reset the timer on that bomb so it doesn't go off before they're out at sea.” June asks, “But it's already on the boat. How are you going to get past the girl?” Basil angrily says, “How did I ever hook up with someone so negative? Stop bellyaching long enough for me to tell you.” Basil pulls June toward him and whispers his plan.

Back at the hotel in the hall in front of his room, Luis says, “Morning.” Maid replies, “Good morning. I hope you and your friend are having a better time than that young woman in the room next door.” Luis asks, “Why is that? Did something happen?” Maid, “Between you and me, I could've sworn I heard her crying in there a few minutes ago.” Luis says, “That creep. I warned him. (He bangs on the door to Julian's room.) Julian! Julian, open up! It's Luis!

Sitting on the bow of the boat Sheridan is practicing writing her name. As she writes Sheridan Crane Lopez-Fitgerald, she says, “Too long. I don't think that'll fit on my checks.” June walks up to the boat, “Hello.” Sheridan is startled, “Oh.” June apologizes, “I'm sorry. I didn't mean to startle you.” Sheridan smiles, “Oh. It's ok. I thought you were my husband -- husband-to-be. Can I help you with something?” June says, “Maybe. My boyfriend and I were just admiring your boat. We're thinking of buying one ourselves.” Sheridan tells her, “Oh, oh, it's not my boat. We're just renting it for the day. You know what? If you'd like, I could give you a tour.” June asks, “Would you? I don't mean to pry, but is your husband-to-be that adorable man I just passed on the dock a few minutes ago?” Sheridan grins, “Well, I do tend to be a little biased, but, yeah, that was probably Luis.” June smiles, “Good for you.” Sheridan proudly and lovingly says, “He is adorable inside and out. I'm a lucky woman.” When she hears a noise, Sheridan says, “That's odd.” Sheridan stands and June pulls out a knife.

Banging on Julian's door, Luis asks, “What's going on in there, Julian? You better not be taking advantage of that young girl.” Julian exclaims, “Oh, my God. Please, don't let him know you're in here. Whatever you think of what we did last night, you'd be signing my death warrant.” Theresa silently cries. Luis yells, “For the last time, Julian, open the door so I can see that she is all right.” Julian shouts, “Come back later! I'm sleeping!” Maid says, “I know I heard a girl crying in there before.” Luis asks, “Miss, are you all right? You need help? Maybe she left.” From inside the room Julian shouts, “I'm quite alone in here, not that it's any of your business! Can't a man sleep in in the morning after he celebrated his divorce?” Luis tells the maid, “I don't like it, but I don't feel justified breaking the door down.” Julian lets out a breath, “Oh. Thank God you came to your senses and didn't blow the whistle on me.” Theresa cries, “I should've said something. I need to talk to someone.” Julian says, “But you can talk to me. You did exactly the right thing, not only for me but for your brother. Because if Luis had killed me -- and we both know that he would've -- he'd spend the rest of his life in prison on a murder charge. Is that what you want?” Theresa sniffs, “No, of course not.” Julian starts, “Well...” Theresa tells him that she can't think straight. Julian says that they are two mutually consenting adults who did what they wanted of our free will. She asks how he can say that because she didn't know it was him. He will remember their night together fondly for the rest of his life. Theresa shouts, “It's not the same for me! I was -- I was drunk, I was tired, and all I wanted to do was lie down!” Julian adds, “Oh, but you did so much more.” Theresa gets tired of hearing his nonsense so she picks up a vase and throws it on the floor. Hearing the noise, Luis immediately begins banging on the door, “That's it, Julian! You better open the door this second or I'm breaking it down!”

On the boat talking with June who is standing on the pier, Sheridan looks around, “Sounded like it came from the galley.” Just as Sheridan takes a step to investigate, June points upward, stopping Sheridan, “That's what it was.” Looking up, Sheridan asks, “What?” June says, “That sea gull. It just flew up from the deck. Must've been on board scrounging for food.” Sheridan says, “Well, better a hungry bird than an intruder.” June distracts Sheridan by asking, “So, tell me more about this fiancé of yours. Was it love at first sight?” Sheridan replies, “No. No, not quite. We actually couldn't even stand the sight of each other at first. You know, looking back on it now, I realize how ridiculous it was. One of our problems was that we just came from two different worlds. When I was falling in love with Luis, I couldn't believe it at first. But now I'm -- I'm the happiest woman in the world.” Seeing that Basil has finished resetting the bomb, June says, “Don't tell me any more. I'm already green with envy. I don't think I'll ever have feelings that strong about my guy.” Sheridan smiles, “Well, I'm not one to give advice on relationships, but you know what I think? I think it's better to be alone until you find the man of your dreams. Otherwise you just end up selling yourself short.” June says, “You may be right. I'll think about that.” Sheridan remembers, “Well, I never gave you your tour.” June smiles, “No, that's ok. It was more fun talking to you, anyway. Bye.” Sheridan says, “Bye.” June walks off to join Basil, “Did you do it?” Basil replies, “All set -- or should I say "reset." That bomb won't go off until Blondie and her boyfriend are miles out to sea. Now what?” June replies, “I feel even worse about this job than I did before. She's so happy and in love. Maybe the bomb will detonate but they'll survive.” Basil tells her, “Oh, forget about it. Nobody's walking or swimming away from this explosion.”

Luis is still trying to get Julian to open the door, “Julian, you better open this door right now or it's coming down and so are you.” Julian says, “Whoa, whoa, whoa. If you let him in, it will be the end of life as we know it for all of us. You just think about what Ethan will say when he finds out what we did last night, hmm?” Luis shouts again, “Julian, I'm going to give you to the count of five! Five, four, three, two ...” Julian opens the door, “What the devil...” Luis walks in, “Where is she?” Julian asks, “Where's who, for God's sake?” Luis replies, “The young girl you were with last night, that's who. I just want to talk to her and make sure that she's ok.” Luis walks all around the room looking for the girl as Julian tells him, “I told you -- she's gone.” Luis points to the broken vase, “What happened here?” Julian replies, “Your pounding startled me out of bed. When I got up, I knocked it over. You satisfied, officer? Not that you have any jurisdiction down here.” Luis asks, “So you say this young lady left early this morning?” Julian replies, “Well, this "young lady," as you put it, was actually a working girl, if you know what I mean. We had a little argument over money. She seemed to think that's what I was made of.” Luis says, “You're a pig. Listen, miss, if you're still here, please come out. I promise nothing's going to happen to you. I just want to see for myself that you're ok. One more thing. Look, I don't care what your job is, but I'd get away from this loser as fast as you can. I'm sure you can do much better.” Julian disdainfully asks, “Don't you have someplace to go? Isn't my sister waiting for you somewhere?” Luis replies, “Actually, she is. And thank God she and I will be far away from you today.” Luis walks out and slams the door. Julian mutters, “Today and forever.” A door closes as Theresa comes out of hiding, “This is a nightmare.” Julian says, “Oh. Not anymore. We're out of the woods. It's over. No one is the wiser.” Theresa cries, “Why do I get the feeling it's only going to get worse?” Theresa says that she still doesn't understand how all of this happened. She looks down at her hand and sees a wedding band there. She says, “It can't be.” With realization dawning, Theresa exclaims, “Oh, my God!” Julian holds up his hand and also sees a wedding band. He says, “It can't be.” Theresa begs, “Tell me that we are not married.”

Boarding the boat again, Luis tells Sheridan, “I'll tell you, your brother's still the biggest lowlife I've ever come across.” He takes Sheridan's hands in his. Sheridan says, “You're not telling me anything I don't already know.” Luis shakes it off, “It doesn't concern us. I just -- I feel bad for the girl who got herself involved with him, you know?” Sheridan says, “Hey, you tried to warn her. What else could you do?” Luis smiles, “Yeah, you're right. Instead of thinking about a downer like that, why don't we focus on what a positive day it's going to be for us, right?” They kiss. Sheridan sighs, “Mm-hmm.” Luis walks toward the “ship's” wheel, “Yes. Man the ship.” Sheridan giggles. Watching Shuis from the docks, Basil says, “As soon as they hit the open seas -- boom. End of the perfect life. They'll never know what hit them.” He chuckles.

To be continued...

7.26.08, 2:09 AM
Looking through his binoculars, Basil says, “Ah, there's the boat. Want to take a look?” June replies, “No, thanks. I'm still not sure we did the right thing, Basil.” Basil says, “We're working for Julian Crane, who paid us a pile of money. It was the right thing, believe me.” June sounding unsure, “I thought so, too, but now that I've met Sheridan Crane, I'm having second thoughts about having planted that bomb.” Basil chides, “Oh, come on, June. It's too late for that now.” Looking rather sad, June says, “I can't help the way I feel. Sheridan Crane is too young. She's too happy to die.” Basil replies, “At least she'll have company. When that boat blows, her boyfriend, Luis, will go with her.”

Sitting next to Luis, Sheridan exclaims, “This is so beautiful!” Seated in front of the controls, Luis grins, “Ha-ha! You happy?” He holds the hand that she has draped on his shoulder. Sheridan rubs her other hand up and down his arm, “Yes! I've never been happier in my life. I'm with the man I love, far away from everything and everyone. I hope this day never ends.” Luis grins, “Good, because I hope it'll last forever, too.” He holds her hand up to his lips and gives it a quick kiss. Sheridan smiles, “I could stay beside you like this for the rest of my life.”
http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b369/dolphin711/fb600b18.jpg (http://s23.photobucket.com/albums/b369/dolphin711/?action=view&current=fb600b18.jpg)
She kisses his shoulder. Luis contentedly replies, “Hmm.”

Ethan, Whitney, and Chad arrive in Bermuda and immediately begin to search for Theresa. They can't find her anywhere. Ethan finds the brochure for the wedding chapel, and he thinks once he finds Theresa, they can all get married, a double wedding just as planned since Sheridan and Luis are there, too. Ethan continues searching for Theresa and finally makes it to Julian's room to see if he has seen Theresa.

In their room near the marina, June mopes, “It's not as if we're putting Sheridan out of her misery. She's so totally happy. She seems to have so much to live for.” She gets up and goes to look out the window. Growing annoyed with her, Basil grumps, “Will you cut it out? If I'd have known you were going all sappy on me, I would have used someone else for the job.” June says, “I wish you had. I'm sorry I got all mixed up in this.” She sits down at the desk and pouts. Basil replies, “Well, it's too late now. In just a little while, Luis and Sheridan will be heading out to do some deep-sea fishing. When that bomb blows, it'll be the end of them.”
Looking at Sheridan over his shoulder, Luis asks, “Would you mind taking over for a minute? I'm going to get our fishing gear ready.” Sheridan stands and says, “Aye-aye, captain.” They both laugh. Luis stands and salutes, “Aye-aye!” He walks to the back of the boat.

At the hotel, both Julian and Theresa refuse to believe they are married. Theresa goes over what she remembers and asks if it is possible that they are married. Theresa remembers her dream. Theresa asks Julian what he did to her last night? Julian tells her not to think about pinning a rape charge on him, he never would have done anything if she didn't ask her to. Julian then remembers his dream of Theresa wanting him. Theresa tells Julian that she would never make love to him...unless it was their wedding night! Julian says he wouldn't marry her and he, too, tries to remember what happened but all he remembers is his dreams. Julian says they couldn't have gotten married in the middle of the night. They can't be married so they both agree to keep this night a secret from everyone. Theresa finds the wedding chapel brochure. They both panic. They wonder if they actually went there in the middle of the night. Theresa remembers her dream of marrying Ethan and wonders if it is possible that it wasn't a dream. Julian says that is impossible, one of them would remember. Suddenly, Bruce knocks on the door and Julian lets him in. Bruce has a bottle of champagne and says he has a little present for the bride and groom. Theresa faints then comes to just as Bruce tells Julian that he was the witness at their wedding last night. Bruce says they did get married last night and he shows them the marriage license for proof. Both Julian and Theresa have to lie down on the bed. Julian asks Bruce not to say anything about this, so he says he'll keep it a secret. Bruce leaves. Theresa says this is the worse day of her life, she has destroyed Ethan's life and hers. Theresa says Luis will end up killing him so it is a disaster. Theresa says marriage is forever, and she loves Ethan and wants to be married to him. Theresa and Julian both panic when Ethan knocks on Julian's door looking for Theresa.

Coming back to the deck and standing right behind Sheridan, Luis says, “Hey.” At the controls, Sheridan looks back at Luis, “Hey, I thought you were getting the fishing gear.” Luis replies, “Oh, we can fish later.” Sheridan says, “Ok.”
http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b369/dolphin711/c7bc764f.jpg (http://s23.photobucket.com/albums/b369/dolphin711/?action=view&current=c7bc764f.jpg)
After looking at her back, Luis exclaims, “Sweetheart, you're getting burned. You need some protection.” He pulls out the suntan lotion. Sheridan laughs, “Well, thank you.” Sheridan grins, “Oh, I love it out here. Don't you?” Rubbing suntan lotion on her back and arms, Luis replies, “It is perfect.” Sheridan sighs, “Oh.” Luis sighs, “Mmm.” Sheridan suggests, “We should buy a boat. Wouldn't that be wonderful?” Luis enthusiastically replies, “Hey, I always wanted to get a secondhand boat.” Sheridan asks, “Yeah?” Luis smiles, “We could teach the kids to sail, sail up and down the Harmony coast.” Sheridan laughs, “We're going to have a wonderful life together.” Luis grins, “Yeah.”

Standing at the window with the binoculars again, Basil shouts “Finally.” June asks, “What?” Basil replies, “They're back on the boat and heading out to sea.” Taking the binoculars, June demands, “Let me see.” She lowers the binoculars, “I don't want to stay and watch.” She turns and walks away but Basil grabs her arm stopping her from leaving, “Sorry, Junie, but you're staying. This is the moment we've been waiting for. Soon as they get out past the reef, the timer will detonate the bomb, and then no one will be able to rescue them.”

On the deck of the boat, Luis says, “You know, the desk clerk said there was some good fish on the other side of the reef. We might even see some dolphins.” Sheridan excitedly says, “Oh, I'd love to see some dolphins!”

To be continued...

7.27.08, 12:31 AM
Saturday's Swimming SHUIS Summary and Pics of the Day.......

Watching Sheridan and Luis on their boat through the binoculars, Basil says, “This is it. They're clear of the harbor.” June asks, “What time did you say you set that timer for?” Basil replies, “As soon as they get out past the reef, it'll blow. Kaboom!” June looks sad, “Oh. At least it'll be quick. Once that bomb blows, they'll never know what hit them.”

Out on the boat with Luis at the controls, Sheridan sits next to him, “What an incredible day.” Luis agrees, “Honey, it's only just begun. As soon as we get out there beyond the reef in the deep water, I'm going to break out the poles. We'll be out there away from everyone. Especially Julian.”
June sadly says, “This is one payout I'm not looking forward to spending.” Basil asks, “Are you kidding me? This is as easy a buck as we've made.” June disagrees, “But that Sheridan lady is crazy in love with Luis, and he seems to feel the Same way about her.” Basil shrugs, “So what?” June replies, “So they deserve a long life together.” Basil chides her, “How many times do I have to tell you? Don't get involved with your subjects.” June says, “I know, I know.” Basil goes back to the window to watch Shuis, “And speaking of subjects, let's get up close and personal with our two lovebirds. Damn. He cut the engine.”

Sheridan asks, “You stopped the engine. Why?” Luis points to an area in the water, “That, Hun.” Sheridan again asks, “What?” Luis puts his hand on her leg before he replies, “The reef. I heard people at the hotel talking about the snorkeling and, well, it's early, so I figured we'll snorkel for a while and then head out, see if the fishes is biting.” Sheridan smiles, “Mm-hmm. We have enough time -- all day.” She puts her hands on his arm. Looking at Sheridan, Luis agrees, “We have the rest of our lives.” Luis already has one hand on her leg and now he holds her hand with his other hand. He then leans over and kisses her.
http://i207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/ggmw-shuis-cap0103.jpg (http://s207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/?action=view&current=ggmw-shuis-cap0103.jpg)
He releases her hand and places his hand on her neck to pull her closer to him.

Basil panics, “They stopped the boat.” Coming up behind him, June asks, “Any idea why?” Basil replies, “Snorkeling, from the looks of it. Oh, they've got to get back on that boat. If they're not on board when the bomb's set to go off, they could survive the blast. Not only that, someone onshore could see it and come to their rescue. Oh, Julian Crane's going to have our head. Get back on that boat, damn you!” Standing behind him, June smiles at the thought!

Basil shouts, “Ooh-wee. They're back on the boat, heading out to the big blue. Oh. Soon, soon, soon, Junie-moon, our lovely couple will be history in five, four, three, two -- once the bomb goes into its final phase, it's impossible to shut down.” June looks disappointed as she turns away from Basil.

Climbing back on board the boat, Luis yells, “Yeah!” He takes off his goggles. Sheridan smiles, “Oh. This is beautiful!” As Sheridan hands him a towel, Luis smiles, “I told you you'd love it.” Sheridan grins, “Oh! Oh. I love you.” They kiss before Sheridan asks, “Can we do this again next year?”
http://i207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/ggmw-shuis-cap0169.jpg (http://s207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/?action=view&current=ggmw-shuis-cap0169.jpg)
Luis grins, “Every year.” Grabbing her towel to dry off, Sheridan exclaims, “Oh, goodness. Oh.” She sits and Luis takes his place beside her, “Well.” He opens the bottle of suntan lotion and pours some in his hand. Sheridan sighs, “Ooh. Oh. This is like heaven.” Rubbing the suntan lotion on Sheridan's back and arms, Luis kisses Sheridan on the cheek, “Uh-huh.”
http://i207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/ggmw-shuis-cap0170.jpg (http://s207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/?action=view&current=ggmw-shuis-cap0170.jpg)
Sheridan sighs, “Maybe it is heaven. Oh. You know, if you're intent on this deep-sea fishing stuff, you better cut that out immediately.” Luis grins, “You think? I want you to hold that thought.” He kisses her cheek before he stands.
http://i207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/ggmw-shuis-cap0171.jpg (http://s207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/?action=view&current=ggmw-shuis-cap0171.jpg)
Sheridan smiles, “Ok.” Standing behind Luis in the captain's chair, Sheridan asks, “What's our position, captain?” Luis turns to her and says, “Well, I'd say we'll be in deep water in a few minutes.”

To be continued...

PS... video clip #1...
Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cVrv9YwpB0o

Video clip #2...

Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SP93ShDAX6w

7.28.08, 1:33 AM
Sorry but I didn't have time to write up a summary for tonight. My sister is visiting us for the next 3 weeks from California so the summaries will probably be shorter or cover a shorter period of time or I may only post a picture of the day some days. I will do what I can in the amount of time I have.

This is a beautiful banner of Sheridan and Luis' boat trip made by srhrobin.
http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b369/dolphin711/lsngl.jpg (http://s23.photobucket.com/albums/b369/dolphin711/?action=view&current=lsngl.jpg)

7.29.08, 12:57 AM
This is a picture I recently found of the Shuis/ET double wedding when Luis told Sheridan that she was the most beautiful woman that she had ever seen.
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/shuiswedding.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=shuiswedding.jpg)

7.30.08, 1:44 AM
Here is another beautiful banner made by srhrobin. This one is of Shuis in the hot tub while they celebrate their love on their "honeymoon" in Bermuda! I love seeing how blissfully happy and in love they are! The chemistry between Sheridan and Luis is off the charts!
http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b369/dolphin711/lsair.jpg (http://s23.photobucket.com/albums/b369/dolphin711/?action=view&current=lsair.jpg)

What a beautiful couple they make!

7.31.08, 3:02 AM
Another beautiful Shuis wedding picture that I recently found. This is one of the beautiful couple with the lasso at their first wedding ceremony.
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/shuisweddinglasso.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=shuisweddinglasso.jpg)

7.31.08, 7:57 PM
Thanks, Ann. Beautiful couple!

8.1.08, 1:54 AM
I found a few more SHUIS Bermuda hot tub pictures that show Shuis blissfully happy and in love. They are indeed a beautiful couple.

http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/Bermudahottub.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=Bermudahottub.jpg)
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/Bermuda0.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=Bermuda0.jpg)
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/morekissin.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=morekissin.jpg)

8.5.08, 1:25 AM
Lying on the bow of the boat with her hair wet, Sheridan exclaims, “It is such a beautiful day.” Luis agrees, “It's been incredible, hasn't it?” Sheridan smiles, “It's been the most romantic day of my life.” Luis grins and says in a German accent, “Ah, so my plan is working.”
http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b369/dolphin711/198482e2.jpg (http://s23.photobucket.com/albums/b369/dolphin711/?action=view&current=198482e2.jpg)
Sheridan asks, “What plan?” Luis smiles, “My plan to make every day I spend with you even more romantic than the last.” Sheridan bends down and kisses Luis.
Watching Sheridan and Luis’ boat, Basil tells June, “The bomb has gone into its final phase. Soon it'll explode, blowing Sheridan and Luis to smithereens.” Basil laughs as June sadly looks away.

As Sheridan is lying on her side on the deck of the boat Luis lies snuggled up to her with his head on her back and his arm around her. Suddenly Sheridan sits up and looks around causing Luis to ask, “What's wrong?” Sheridan looks around in fear, “I don't know. I just -- just had this horrible feeling.” Luis rubs her back to reassure her but she is still looking around with fear in her eyes.

Walking up behind Basil at the window, June asks, “Are you sure the bomb's in its final phase?” Basil says, “Nothing can stop it from detonating now. Sheridan and Luis are as good as dead.”

On Warlock Island, the teens are stranded and trying to build a fire to be seen by a passing boat. Miguel assures her, “Charity, look, we've got to stay positive that we're going to be rescued if we're going to warn Sheridan and Theresa about your premonitions.” Charity yells, “Miguel, I want to get off this island, too, but I have a feeling that it's not going to be tonight!” Reese asks, “Morning then?” A very upset Charity cries, “No! No, Reese, you don't understand. I have a feeling when we do get off this island it's going to be too late! I think it's already too late for Theresa! And you know what? Time's running out for Luis and Sheridan!” Charity has a premonition and sees Luis and Sheridan on the boat and the countdown on the bomb. She says, “There's a countdown to their death, Miguel! Luis and Sheridan are doomed!”

Sitting behind her, Luis assures, “Sheridan, nothing bad's going to happen to you.” Sheridan looks so upset, “The feeling was so strong.” Luis smiles, “Well, we didn't get much sleep last night. You've been in the sun all day. You're probably just tired, honey.” Sheridan smiles, “Maybe you're right.” Luis grins, “Look, I swear on our love I'll never let anything happen to you or me, all right? We're going to have a long and happy life together.” Throwing her arms around his neck, Sheridan says, “I believe you, Luis. Nothing bad is going to happen.” Luis agrees, “No.”

Sitting on the bow of the boat, Sheridan practically purrs, “What a perfect day.” Luis smiles, “Almost as perfect as you.” He kisses her shoulder, “Think we should probably start heading back.” He kisses her shoulder again, “I'll pull up the anchor.”
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/onboatinbermuda.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=onboatinbermuda.jpg)
Luis gets up and stands on the edge of the boat where he tries to pull up the anchor with the motorized hoist. He tells Sheridan, “It's not working. Must be stuck on a rock or something. Guess I've got to dive in to get it unhooked.” Watching him from her seat on the deck, Sheridan asks, “What can I do to help?” Luis looks at her and replies, “Some coffee would be nice. Think everything should be in the galley.” Sheridan smiles, “Aye, aye, sir. I could use a cup myself.” Sheridan stands and Luis dives into the water. As she descends the steps to the galley she shrugs into Luis' white shirt. Sheridan looks at her ring lovingly then puts it into Luis' shirt. Sheridan muses, “My life is so perfect now, I almost feel guilty. Luis is right. Nothing can destroy our happiness.”

On Warlock Island, Reese declares, “Ship should be coming by the island anytime now. We'd better get down to the beach and light that fire.” Charity says, “You can try, but ...” Miguel says, “Look, Charity, the fire will start. You'll see.” Reese says, “Looks like it's almost in range. We'd better get it lit.” Reese and Miguel walk off leaving Charity standing alone, “It's too late for Theresa. And Luis and Sheridan -- they're running out of time. Even if Miguel and Reese get that fire lit, which they won't, we're doomed. We're all doomed.”

To be continued...

I am sorry that I didn't get a chance to post any Shuis pics of the day the past few days but my sister is here visting from California and we were gone for the last few days to New Orleans to visit a brother and my oldest son. I didn't have my computer with me and didn't have the time to post any way.

8.6.08, 1:28 AM
Walking out onto the edge of the boat, Sheridan calls to Luis in the water, “You get the anchor unstuck?” Luis smiles up at her, “No, not yet. One more try should do the trick, though.” Sheridan smiles, “Ok. Coffee's almost ready.” Luis grins, “Sounds good.” In their room, watching Shuis' boat through the binoculars, June asks, “Sheridan's in the galley where the bomb is. What if she finds it?” Rubbing June's shoulders, Basil says, “So what if she does? There's nothing she or Luis can do to stop the bomb from going off as planned. If they try, the bomb will detonate instantly. Thank you.” June cringes and closes her eyes at the description of the bomb exploding. Back in the galley, Sheridan thinks, “Wonder if there's any sugar on board.” She kneels next to a cabinet as she looks for the sugar when she sees the bomb, “Oh. That's a strange-looking piece of equipment. Why's it down here in the galley? Wonder what it's for.” She stretches her hand out toward the bomb.

Luis comes to the surface but dives again to try to release the anchor. A stunned Sheridan says, “It's dynamite. It's on some sort of timer.” She looks up with fear on her face. In their room, June continues to stand in front of the window, “Sheridan's still in the galley where the bomb is.” Basil says, “She should be dead in a matter of seconds.”

As Luis climbs back onto the boat he hears Sheridan shouting for him, “Luis!”
http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b369/dolphin711/marta492.jpg (http://s23.photobucket.com/albums/b369/dolphin711/?action=view&current=marta492.jpg)
He calls, “Sheridan? Sheridan!”, before he begins to run toward the sound of her voice. Sheridan again screams, “Luis! Luis!” She looks back at the bomb and covers her mouth in fear. The boat explodes!

Standing at the window with binoculars, June exclaims, “Oh, I can't stand it! Why isn't the bomb exploding?” Sitting at the table, Basil says, “Oh, patience, Junie moon. It's going to blow any second. Bye-bye, Sheridan. Bye-bye, Luis. Julian Crane's about to owe us for a job well done.”

As she witnesses the explosion, June backs away from the window as she gasps, “Oh, my God. Oh, my God, I've never seen such a huge explosion.” Looking at some sort of radar or heat sensing device, Basil is thrilled, “Ho-ho, what'd I tell you, babe? Nobody's swimming away from this one. When Julian Crane foots the bill, you got to make sure the job gets done. Come here, come here, let me show you something. See how the dot on the screen gets brighter? It's reading the heat from the bomb going off. Pow! No more Sheridan Crane and Latino lover boy. That's all she wrote, folks.” Basil chuckles. Debris from Sheridan and Luis’ boat floats in the water.

On Warlock Island, as Reese and Miguel try to get the signal fire started, Charity has another premonition. This time she sees Sheridan and Luis. Charity moans. Miguel turns to her and asks, “What is it? Charity?” She gasps, “Sheridan and Luis have been in an explosion. They're gone, Miguel. Didn't you see the fire?”

Pouring himself a drink, Basil says, “The weather channel says there's a big storm coming this way. Good thing we exploded the Island Dream when we did. You know, they misnamed the lovers' charter boat. They should have called it Island Nightmare.” He laughs.

While packing his bag, Basil asks, “The storm's going to be on us in no time. You see anything moving out there in the water?” Back at the window with the binoculars, June replies, “Nothing. No sign of life.” Basil grins, “Excellent. Julian Crane will be pleased. He may even throw a few more jobs our way.” June says, “I don't know who's sicker, you for enjoying our work or him for killing his own sister.” Basil just looks at her, “It's a living, baby cakes.” Debris from the boat floats by in the water again.

On the beach on Warlock Island, Charity says sadly, “All of the pain and suffering, Miguel, it's horrible.” Miguel asks, “Who are you seeing?” Charity cries and is hysterical, “Your sister, Theresa, Sheridan and Luis, even Tabitha and her doll -- all of us! No one of us is going to make it!” Miguel comforts her, “Charity, Charity, you have to try to calm down, ok? Come on. Just put your head on my shoulder, close your eyes.”

Debris from the boat again floats in the ocean. Luis appears floating face down in the water among the debris. Luis lifts his head and immediately looks around for Sheridan. When he doesn’t see her, he shouts, “Sheridan! Sheridan!” Now treading water, Luis calls out for her again, “Sheridan! Sheridan!” Trying to remember what happened, Luis has a flashback to climbing aboard the boat and hearing Sheridan calling his name, then the explosion. He calls for her again, “Sheridan! Sheridan!” Luis has a flashback of their morning on the boat and of how happy they were. He calls for her again! Luis swims over to a floating piece of debris and holds onto it as he looks around, “Please God, let me find her. Sheridan!” A light shines on him in the water as he signals the arriving boat for help, “Oh, thank God. Over here! Please! Hurry! Over here!”

Two men pull Luis into the boat as he tells them, “My fiancée's in the water. We've got to get her out of there.” One man says, “It's ok, buddy. We've got you.” As they sit Luis on a bench on the deck, the second man asks, “What the hell happened here? We saw the explosion from way out.” They see that Luis has a cut on his head and is bleeding. Luis tells them, “Sheridan's in the water. We've got to get her out of there!” One man says, “All right, take it easy, pal. You're lucky to be alive.” Second Man adds, “You've got a bad cut on your head. Ron, get the first-aid kit.” Luis says again, “Sheridan's hurt. We've got to get her out of there.” The man says, “We'll find her. We've got to take care of you first.” Luis looks up at them, “Look, forget about me! Sheridan and I are getting married. So you get on the radio and call for help. Get a search party.” Ron tries to calm him, “All right, we'll get you fixed up in no time.” Luis asks, “Where's your radio?” The man replies, “Sorry, it's down. Look, we're going to head back to shore, try and beat that storm. We can send a search party out from there.” Luis panics, “It's going to be too late! Sheridan's hurt! We've got to get her out of there!” Luis stands at the railing and calls her name, “Sheridan! Sheridan!”

First Man says, “Going to have to tell him I don't think anybody could've survived that explosion.” Ron replies, “I'm surprised he did.” The Man says to Luis, “Look, you'd better sit down.” Both men pull Luis back to the seat. Ron says, “You've lost a lot of blood. Sit down and let us put something on it, all right? What's your name, buddy?” Luis tells them, “It's Luis.” The first man says, “Look, we're going to head back to shore. The wind's blowing up.” Luis yells, “No, I am not leaving her out here! Sheridan is my life.” The man tries to calm Luis down, “We'll find her, but we have to get back to shore.” Luis says, “I'll find her, all right?” Ron tells him, ‘Look, you're in no shape to help anyone, buddy.” Luis mumbles, “Can't lose her again.” The man tells him again, “Look, we're going to get you back to the harbor, let somebody look at you. When you feel strong enough, you can come back out with the search party.” Luis yells “No!” As Luis jumps over the side of the boat, the man yells, “No!” The men shine the light into the water again searching for Luis. Ron says, “Hey! Hey! He's too weak. He'll never survive in this.” The man asks, “Where'd he go? You see him?” Ron replies, “No.” The man asks, “See him anywhere?” Ron replies again, “No. Not a sign.” The man solemnly says, “I think he's gone.” Ron replies, “Yeah. I think you're right.” The man then says, “Whoever this Luis was, may he rest in peace.”

To be continued...

8.6.08, 9:22 PM
Thanks, Ann. Appreciate you putting all of these pictures up!

8.7.08, 1:45 AM
Out at sea, the rescue boat continues to search for a sign of Luis. The captain tells Ron that Luis is gone and they have to go back to the dock and report this accident. Ron believes that Luis is alive. He is sure that his love for Sheridan will keep him alive. The captain says there is no way he can survive in his state. Finally the captain and Ron spot Luis in the water still searching for Sheridan. They pull him into the boat and cover a delirious Luis with a blanket. Luis still wants them to save Sheridan. They tell him that their radio is broken so they have to go back to the docks to call for rescue help. Luis wants to keep searching himself but they refuse to let him go anywhere in his condition. They tell Luis they searched everywhere and if Sheridan had survived they would have found her. They tell him that he has to face the fact that Sheridan is dead and if he goes back in that water he will be dead, too. They have to knock Luis out in order to keep him from going after Sheridan. While he is out they head back to port. Luis remembers the times he spent with Sheridan and refuses to let it end this way.
http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b369/dolphin711/fb600b18.jpg (http://s23.photobucket.com/albums/b369/dolphin711/?action=view&current=fb600b18.jpg)
Luis jumps back into the water and disappears! The captain and Ron find Luis again with the spotlight and save him before he goes under again. They manage to pull Luis back into the boat before he passes out. They head back to shore again. Luis has a gash on his head and is bleeding pretty heavily. As the boat nears shore the men worry that Luis might not make it. Ron tells the captain that he doesn't know if Luis will give up his will to live when he learns that Sheridan is dead. The men comment several times on what a special and incredible love Luis shared with his Sheridan.

To be continued...

8.8.08, 1:02 AM
In Bermuda, Ethan wants to marry Theresa in the 24 hour wedding chapel but Theresa stalls trying to figure out how to tell him that she can't marry him right then because she and Julian “got married” in a drunken stupor during the night. Just as Theresa begins to explain to Ethan, the captain and Ron scream for help outside of the chapel. When Theresa, Ethan and friends go to investigate they learn that a boat blew up at sea and a man who was rescued from the boat needs medical help. Julian has almost forgot about the boat due to his problems with Theresa. Theresa fears it is Luis and Sheridan, but Ethan says there is no way it could be them. When Luis is brought by on a stretcher, everyone realizes that it is indeed Sheridan and Luis' boat. Ethan asks what happened to the woman. The captain says that she is gone. There is no way she could have survived that explosion.

Theresa is worried about Luis and asks if he will be okay. The captain tells her that he is in bad shape. He kept searching for Sheridan even after he should have given up. Ethan asks if there is any chance Sheridan could be alive. The captain says that even if the explosion didn't kill her, she would not have been able to survive the rough seas. Ethan refuses to believe Sheridan is dead until a body is found. Ron tells them that they never found Sheridan. They only knew that she had been on the boat was because of Luis telling them about her. He says they searched but the couldn't find Sheridan. A doctor finally arrives to check Luis. Ethan calls for a rescue boat just as Luis regains consciousness. Luis asks where Sheridan is. Theresa tells him to save his strength but Luis refuses to go to the hospital when Sheridan is still out there. When Ethan asks what happened, Luis recalls the details of the explosion. Ethan goes off to help with a search for Sheridan. Luis wants to go, too, but Chad tells Luis that he needs to go to the hospital. Luis says his life is not worth living without Sheridan. He might as well be dead, too.

Basil and June find Julian to tell him that Sheridan is dead. He thanks them for a job well done. They have come to collect their money. Julian says they will get it. When Ethan spots Julian in the shadows, he wants to know why Julian is not organizing a search party? Julian replies that a hurricane is coming and he cannot put lives in danger when Sheridan is probably dead.

Ethan, Chad, and Luis are going out to search for Sheridan. When Ethan asks Julian if he is coming to help, Julian refuses to go but Basil, the head of hotel “security" to take them out. Basil tells Julian this wasn't part of the deal but Julian says he'll pay him double to make sure they don't find Sheridan. Luis, Ethan, Chad, and Basil head out in the boat to search for Sheridan. Luis continues to scream Sheridan's name as he asks God not to let him lose her.
http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b369/dolphin711/gering19.jpg (http://s23.photobucket.com/albums/b369/dolphin711/?action=view&current=gering19.jpg)
To be continued...

8.10.08, 4:54 PM
At the hotel in Bermuda, everyone is watching the weather as a TV weatherman announces that the hurricane has been upgraded to a category 5, the worst category. The hotel manger tells all the guests to remain in the lobby where they will be the safest. Whitney and Theresa fear they will never see Chad and Ethan again, as well as Luis.

Julian calls Alistair to tell him that he has accomplished his him and Sheridan is dead. Luis survived but they believe that Luis will be so grief-stricken that he will just drop finding out the truth about his father. Julian tells Al that he is grief-stricken as well when Al tells him that he feels bad, too, but Sheridan brought this on herself. She just wouldn't listen to them and stay away from Luis.

A state of emergency is called for Bermuda so everyone is forced to remain in the hotel. One of the men in the hotel tells them all that any boat still out in the ocean is doomed because none could ride this hurricane out. Theresa and Whitney pray for Luis, Ethan, and Chad's safety.

As the men out at sea continue their search for Sheridan, the Coast Guard calls the boat to tell them that they must return to port. Luis refuses to go anywhere until he finds Sheridan.
http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b369/dolphin711/gering20.jpg (http://s23.photobucket.com/albums/b369/dolphin711/?action=view&current=gering20.jpg)
Suddenly, a huge wave hits the boat and Ethan is swept overboard. Chad jumps in after Ethan. Once Chad has Ethan, Luis pulls them both into the boat. Luis takes control of the boat. Basil pulls a gun on him and says they are going back now. As Luis fights with Basil over the gun, Chad grabs it when the gun is dropped. Luis ties Basil up and announces to all that they aren't leaving until they find Sheridan. Ethan is excited when he sees something in the water and it it white. Luis has a flashback to Sheridan standing on the edge of the bow wearing his white shirt as she asked if he had gotten the anchor unstuck. Coming out of the flashback he tells the guys that he is Sheridan and that he is going in. They try to stop him but Luis jumps in.

After much searching and the others calling out to him, Luis reappears and they pull him back aboard the boat. Instead of Sheridan, Luis has pulled in with him his own white shirt, the one that Sheridan borrowed from him just before the boat exploded. Luis tells the guys that Sheridan is alive. He can feel her. He refuses to turn back till they find her. The guys finally notice that a gigantic wave is about to sweep over the boat. The men are all washed overboard. Ethan calls out to Luis and Chad. When neither of them answer, he begins shouting for help. Chad eventually answers and the two of them cling to a piece of wood. They turn their attention to searching for Luis. Eventually they spot him floating face down in the water but another gigantic wave sweeps over them before they can help Luis. Ethan and Chad are fine and Ethan makes it over to the body floating face down. Chad asks if Luis is okay, but Ethan says that he thinks that he is dead! Fortunately, the body turns out to be Basil. Luis is finally spotted in the distance so Ethan and Chad swim to him. Luis is still mumbling about Sheridan. Suddenly, another big wave hits the men, separating them again. Chad looks for Ethan and Luis when yet another huge wave hits. No one is seen floating in the water.

The camera pans in again and the bodies of the Harmony men float on the surface of the water. As we now see, Chad and Ethan raise their heads and we find that they are all right. They swim to Luis who is barely clinging to life. They must find something to help them keep afloat. Driftwood is found and they all cling to it. Luis somehow gets tangled up in some boat wreckage and is dragged down to the ocean floor where Ethan and Chad comes to the rescue again. Luis still insists they find Sheridan but Ethan tells Luis that she is gone and they have to let her go. Luis mercifully passes out. Ethan and Chad manage to make it to shore with Luis and get him to a doctor.

To be continued...

Once again I have not had the time to write up a summary as my daughter got married this weekend and we have had guests from out of town. So I have been rather busy as you might imagine. LOL! Hopefully, things will settle down by the end of this week when my sister will be going back to California.

8.13.08, 12:51 AM
Sheridan and Luis happily post on the docks before their boat trip........
http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b369/dolphin711/25f23741.jpg (http://s23.photobucket.com/albums/b369/dolphin711/?action=view&current=25f23741.jpg)

Sorry, but I will probably not have time for summaries for the next few days but will try to get back on track this week end.

8.15.08, 12:10 AM
In Bermuda after Luis is checked out by the resort doctor, everyone begins looking for Theresa. Luis thinks about Sheridan again. He asks the captain of the guard to send out another search party because he knows that Sheridan is not dead. The captain tells him that as soon as he can, they will send out a boat and a helicopter to search for Sheridan. Luis goes to the front desk to ask about Julian and learns that he is in his room with a pretty young woman with long, dark hair. Rebecca is sure that it is Theresa and accuses her of being a gold digger. Ethan and Luis don't believe that she would be with Julian and they defend Theresa.
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/091001-03.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=091001-03.jpg)
Theresa is in Julian's room but she is sleeping after the resort doctor gave her a sedative when she became hysterical believing that Ethan, Luis and Chad had died at sea.

The group from Harmony arrive at Julian's door. When he doesn't answer, Ethan and Luis shout that they will break the door down. Luis grabs an ax from the emergency fire kit on the wall outside Julian's room and he begins to chop down the door. Julian is terrified! Luis breaks the door down and everyone enters the room. Neither Julian nor Theresa are there. They search again. Back in Julian's room, they find a maid and ask her about Theresa. She doesn't know anything. Going to the phone, Luis calls the search and rescue team to see if they have any news on Sheridan. They tell him that there is no news yet. The group finally finds Theresa's room, knocks down that door when no one answers, and they find Theresa in bed sleeping. When they can't wake her, they decide that Julian drugged her. As Julian hides under the bed, the doctor comes in to check on Theresa and informs them that Theresa is sedated, not drugged by Julian. Theresa comes around and is so happy to see that the men are not dead. When she asks about Sheridan, Luis says that the search party is still out there searching. Luis checks in with the search party. He happily announces that a woman matching Sheridan's description has been found at sea. Everyone is excited at this news except Julian who is worried about what Alistair will say or do when he finds out that Sheridan is not dead. On the phone with the captain's assistant, Luis asks for more details but she doesn't have any more information. When Luis asks to speak with the captain, the dispatcher informs him that the captain is on his way to the resort to speak with him. Luis runs off to the lobby to wait for news that Sheridan is alive.

To be continued...

Thanks to PassionsCentral for the screen cap of Luis and company...

8.19.08, 1:01 AM
This is a picture of Galen, McKenzie, and her husband Seven, at the Passions "Wrap" party at the end of March as seen in SOW.
http://i207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/04-29-2008100636pm2-1-1.jpg (http://s207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/?action=view&current=04-29-2008100636pm2-1-1.jpg)

8.19.08, 8:37 PM
show's cancellation by NBC and before DTV picked it up. The soap magazines covered and recognized SHUIS right until the end of the show. Thank you Lori, Rob, and Naomi from SOD for all the Shuis coverage and photos over the last 9 years. http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b369/dolphin711/1-1.jpg (http://s23.photobucket.com/albums/b369/dolphin711/?action=view&current=1-1.jpg)
http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b369/dolphin711/2.jpg (http://s23.photobucket.com/albums/b369/dolphin711/?action=view&current=2.jpg)

8.20.08, 1:45 AM
Luis meets the Captain's assistant in the lobby of the resort and again asks if there is any more news on Sheridan. Nora, the assistant, has no more information but Luis is sure that it is Sheridan. He smiles because he is so happy that Sheridan will be home soon.

As he paces the lobby while he waits for the Captain to arrive, Luis sighs and says that he knows it is Sheridan. The assistant returns and Luis asks if there is news. Nora replies that she is having difficulty reaching the boat by radio but she did have the coastal authority check its radar, and it appears the boat carrying the woman is further out to sea than she thought. It will be a while before it makes it back to shore. Luis tells her that he is not good at waiting. Nora tells Luis that there is nothing he can do right now so she suggests he go to his room and try to relax. Luis says he can't relax so she suggests that he have a bath, shave, and change clothes. Luis grins, “Yeah, you're right. It's been a while since I've had any of those things. I should get cleaned up for Sheridan. She's coming soon.” Nora says, “Let's hope.” Luis replies confidently, “No, I know. I know it's her. I know Sheridan wasn't lost and they would find her if they just kept looking.” Watching Luis, Nora says, “You love her very much.” Luis smiles, “She means everything to me.” Nora replies, “Then I'll pray that this woman really is your Sheridan.” Luis replies, “No, it's her. So, I'm going to go up to my room now, get cleaned up. I'm going to get her some dry clothes, some fresh flowers. Everything's going to be perfect. I know it is.”

Clad in a towel, Luis walks into their bedroom after his shower. Luis wants everything to be perfect for Sheridan's arrival. As he listens to the music playing he picks up Sheridan's black dress, the one she wore to dinner and dancing the night before, and begins to think about their life together. The song “Time After Time” plays as the montage includes the romantic gazebo proposal, making love for the first time, carrying her to bed after the vault, kissing when they escape from the vault, ET engagement party, the Christmas miracle “I love you”, the tea party at the ET engagement party, the romantic bubble bath, helping to deliver Pat's baby, kissing before Luis had to leave with Agent Freeman and Sheridan was shot, and the sleigh ride. Beautiful montage! Back to the present, Luis sighs, “I know it's you, Sheridan. I know you're the woman they found at sea, that you're safe, and that you're coming back to me. I know it.”

Now dressed and on the phone, Luis says, “Roses -- they're her favorite. So I want the room filled with them. Birds of paradise? All right, yeah. Load us up, because I want everything to be perfect when my fiancée returns. Ok, thanks.” Luis smiles and hangs up. He picks up a list and quickly glances at it, “I've got, let's see, what else? My clothes. My clothes, my clothes.” As he picks up his shirt from a chair, he finds Sheridan's engagement ring on the floor where it had fallen when it fell out of his shirt pocket. Holding the ring, Luis has a flashback to the day he proposed to Sheridan. As the flashback ends, Luis looks at the ring and says, “Sheridan must have put it in her pocket before the ...” His thought is interrupted by the phone ringing. Luis answers. It is the Captain's assistant Nora. Luis asked, “Well, has something happened?” She informs him that she just got word that the boat has docked and the captain should be on his way to the hotel to see Luis. Luis replies that he will be waiting in the lobby, hangs up, and heads out the door.

Sitting in the lobby Luis repeats to himself, “It's you, Sheridan. I know it is. It has to be. It has to be you.” He jumps to his feet as he sees the Captain enter the room, “Captain, I heard you found a woman at sea. It's Sheridan, isn't it? Where is she?” The Captain turns to Luis, “I'm sorry. There's been a terrible miscommunication here.” A confused Luis asks, “Well, what are you talking about? I heard you found a woman at sea.” Captain replies, “We did find a woman, yes.” Luis prompts, “All right.” Captain adds, “But she wasn't alive.”
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/092001-09.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=092001-09.jpg)
Shocked Luis asks, “What?” Captain says, “I'm so very sorry. The woman we found was dead.” Luis is devastated, of course.

To be continued...

8.21.08, 1:12 AM
In the lobby of the resort, the Captain sadly says, “I know this comes as a terrible shock to you.” Luis replies, “No. No, you're wrong.” Captain contradicts him, “I'm afraid not.” Luis insists, “I'm telling you there has been a mistake.” Captain says, “The woman found at sea, Sheridan Crane, is dead. I'm terribly sorry.” Luis states emphatically, “Sheridan is not dead. Sheridan is out ... (he points out to sea)...she's alive. I know it.” Captain offers, “I know that you were hoping for a miracle.” Luis sighs, “She's alive.” Captain sympathies, “I'm sorry. They'll be bringing her body in soon. We'll need you to identify her.” Luis just looks at the man.

Luis says, “You don't know what you're talking about.” Captain tries again, “Look, I know how difficult this is for you...” A frustrated Luis shouts, “Look, Sheridan isn't dead! I mean, she can't be...” Captain insists, “I'm only telling you what's been reported. Her body was found at sea.” Luis asks, “Well, then, where is she now?” Captain replies, “Aboard a coastal vessel, in a body bag.” As he shakes his head, Luis says, “No.” Captain tells him, “She was dead when they found her. No one could have survived the storm. She'd been dead for quite some time. There was no chance of reviving her. I'm sorry.”

Approaching him in the lobby, Ethan asks, “Luis. Has Sheridan arrived yet?” Luis answers, “They're bringing in a dead woman.” Surprised, Chad exclaims, “What?” Luis sadly adds, “In a body bag. They say it's Sheridan. They say she drowned.” It is Ethan's turn to utter, “No.” Luis sadly replies, “She's dead. Can't be true.” Theresa rushes over to hug a stunned Luis. Luis informs the group, “Look, it's not possible, ok? She's not dead. She's not gone.” Theresa sympathetically says, “This is awful. This is just awful.” Luis says, “No ...” Ethan sees the Captain approaching them and asks, “Sir, the woman you found -- what did she look like?” Reaching the group, the Captain replies, “The description of the woman they pulled from the water fits the description we have of Sheridan Crane. I -- I'm sorry.” Ethan utters, “Sheridan?” Standing next to Ethan, Whitney quickly expresses her sympathy. Ethan in thought says, “You know, I thought I convinced myself that there's no way she could have survived the hurricane. In my head, I tried to accept that she was gone. But in my heart, I guess I believed in a miracle.” Luis replies, “Yeah, and I still believe in miracles, and I'm not going to believe she's dead till I see her body.” The Captain says, “I came to tell you all they're bringing her body in for identification.” Walking into the lobby and observing the scene before him, Julian stops short and asks, “Well, what's going on?” Everyone looks devastated but Luis looks like he is going to cry so Whitney replies, “They're bringing Sheridan in a body bag.” Julian exclaims, “Oh, dear God. I don't think I can look.” Rebecca quips, “Well, it's a little late to be squeamish, isn't it?” As the body bag is wheeled in on a gurney, Chad says to Ethan, “Hey. Steady, man, all right?” As Theresa sits on the arm of his chair rubbing his shoulders, Luis looks up with tears in his eyes and simply says, “No.”
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/092101-08.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=092101-08.jpg)

To be continued...

Thanks to Passions Central for the screen cap.

8.21.08, 2:00 PM
Aww! Luis looks so sad in that screen cap.

8.22.08, 2:08 AM
As Luis stands staunchly in front of the body bag on the gurney, the others standing behind him, Theresa goes to get her brother a glass of water. Ethan reminds Luis that there is no way Sheridan could have survived the blast and the hurricane. Chad then reminds him that they barely survived the storm. Luis asks to see the body. He wants to prove that it is NOT Sheridan. The Captain wants someone other than Luis to view the body because he feels that Luis is too emotional. Luis thinks that the other man is trying to hide something from him (Luis). The Captain looks truly sorry and tells Luis and the others that deep personal grief can alter one's perception. Luis tells the Captain that he is not grieving because Sheridan is not in there. Then, “I want to get this over with so I can get back out on the water and find Sheridan.” He moves to see the body but the Captain blocks his way.

Luis seethes, “If you don't unzip this bag, I will.” The Captain says, “I wish you would let someone else make the identification.” Luis asks, “Why? What are you trying to hide?” The Captain replies, “Nothing. I must warn you, if this is your fiancée, she isn't in very good shape. Not only was her body decomposed from the ocean but she was found in a coral reef where her body was badly thrashed from the storm.” Luis reaches out to the zipper but Theresa stops him from opening the bag. She doesn't want this to be Luis' last memory of Sheridan. Luis unzips the body bag and looks. The Captain asks if this is his fiancée. Luis just stares and looks distressed. As Luis looks into the bag again, he announces that the body is not Sheridan. He zips the bag up again. The Captain asks if he is sure. He is sure that this is not Sheridan. Rebecca thinks that he must be in denial. The Captain again states that the description matches Sheridan Crane. He asks that the others take a look at the body to make sure.

The bag is unzipped again and everyone looks at the body. Rebecca immediately says that it looks like Sheridan. Julian says that the body is too decomposed to tell. When the Captain looks toward Whitney, she says that she couldn't say for sure. Chad agrees with her. Standing on the other side, Theresa says that the woman has blond hair but that is not enough to go on. Rebecca infuriates everyone there by suggesting that Julian should start making funeral arrangements. The others don't agree because they are not sure that this is Sheridan. Luis is sure that the body is not Sheridan and he knows how to prove it. Everyone turns to look at him.
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/092401-09.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=092401-09.jpg)
Luis tells everyone, “I will just call Harmony PD and have them fax her fingerprints and dental records.” Rebecca thinks that they should just accept Julian's word that this is Sheridan. Luis is upset and tells her that he doesn't want that to happen because the authorities will call off the search for Sheridan. He walks off to make that call.

As the body bag is wheeled out of the lobby, Luis stops and confidently informs them, “Hey. Look, I'm going to clear this whole thing up. I'm going to call Harmony P.D. I'm going to have them fax Sheridan's fingerprints. They'll track down her dental records. It's going to prove that that woman they found in the ocean is not Sheridan.” Ethan begins, “Look, Luis, I know what you're trying to do...” Luis cuts him off, “Look, Ethan, Sheridan is alive. I know it. She's alive and she's out there somewhere, all right?” Luis walks off to make that phone call. Moving closer to Theresa, Whitney says, “I still can't believe any of this.” Theresa says, “You know, maybe Luis is right and that wasn't Sheridan's body.” Whitney suggests, “Well, no one could positively I.D. It.” Theresa says again, “The body -- it could have been someone else's, Whitney.” Ethan comments, “And I want to believe that for anything in the world, but, I mean, the odds of her surviving the boat explosion and the hurricane?” Theresa pleads, “Then what we need to do is pray for a miracle. Ok? True love overcomes all obstacles, Ethan.” Whitney says, “I hope you're right, Theresa.”

To be continued...

8.23.08, 1:14 AM
As Luis hangs up the phone, the Captain enters the lobby, “Captain? Captain, excuse me. I just got off the phone with Harmony P.D., And we're going to have that information on Sheridan any minute now.” Captain says, “Good. I called in a doctor and he's taking fingerprints and he's going to do a dental analysis on the body, so as soon as we get the fax from your police department, when that comes in ...” Luis replies, “Right, as soon as that comes in, we're going to be able to compare the two bodies and we're going to realize that it couldn't possibly be Sheridan. She's not dead. She's not dead, believe me.” Luis walks away as the Captain says, “I sincerely hope so for your sake.” Turning back to face the Captain, Luis asks, “Listen, captain, have you ever been in love?” Captain replies, “With my wife, yes, and we're very much in love.” Luis says softly, “So you can understand why I have to still believe that Sheridan's alive. Now, if Sheridan -- if the woman that I love were dead, then -- then I would feel it inside me, and it would feel like a knife turning inside my gut.”

Theresa and Ethan find Luis when Ethan suddenly remembers, “Wait, that's it. I just remembered the name of Sheridan's dentist. It's Dr. Malloy on Founder's Place.” Captain says, “I'll put the call through immediately.” He leaves the room. Luis happily says, “Ethan, that's great. Now that we don't have to waste time tracking people down, Sheridan's records can be faxed to us in a matter of minutes. We're going to have proof she's alive.” Luis is excited but Ethan tries to bring him back to reality, “Look, Luis, I want to believe that more than anything, I really do, but we still have to face the possibility ...” A now upset Luis, “Ethan, listen to me, the only thing that we have to face is that Sheridan's coming back to us.” Theresa agrees, “Luis is right, Ethan.” Still upset Luis says, “Look, it's bad enough that I got to listen to Rebecca Hotchkiss saying that man we found is Sheridan and we got to get her in the ground. Now, listen, are you saying that?” Ethan says, “No, I didn't say that!” Luis angrily states, “Well, I don't even want you thinking it, all right? Don't even think it.” Luis turns and walks away from them. Ethan follows, “Look, I would never even suggest that we bury the body before we have proof. You know, I just think we should prepare for the worst.” Theresa agrees, “I -- I hate to say it, but I agree, Luis. I love you. And I don't want you to be hurt when the fax comes if there's a match.”
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/092501-11.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=092501-11.jpg)
Luis turns back to them, “You really believe that?” Theresa says, “I don't want to. I've always believed that love conquers all, but -- but this? Luis, I mean, the odds of Sheridan surviving, it...” Ethan finishes, “It'd have to be a miracle. You must know that.” Looking at them, Luis asks, “Why are you two being so negative?” Theresa assures, “We're not, Luis.” Ethan tries again, “Look, all we're saying is ...” Luis interrupts, “I know what you're saying, and I don't accept it.” Theresa begins, “Luis...” Luis angrily states, “Telling me to prepare for the worst? To hell with that. There is no worst. Sheridan is not dead.” Whitney and Chad enter the lobby, “Hey, everything ok in here?” Whitney asks, “Theresa?” Looking at Chad and Whitney, Luis asks, “I suppose you two agree with them?” Having just entered the conversation, Chad asks, “About what?” Luis replies, “That was Sheridan's body.” Chad answers, “Well, like we said before, man, it was pretty hard to tell. I mean, the body was in pretty bad shape. Considering the odds ...” Luis testily replies, “You know, I'm sick of hearing about the odds, all right?” Chad tries to make Luis understand, “Look, I only meant that...” Luis replies confidently, “You know, when it comes to love, the odds are in Sheridan's and my favor. There's nothing that can separate us.” Walking up to Luis, Gwen tells Luis, “Listen, I know what you're going through, and I feel the same way. I don't want that to be Sheridan's body either. Maybe this is all just a big mistake, you know, like when she was buried alive.” Ethan quickly corrects her, “Yeah, only that was staged by the F.B.I. This is real. The hurricane, the explosion -- it all happened.” Luis replies, “Right. Only the F.B.I.'s plan backfired. Ethan, Sheridan could have died. But she didn't. What I'm saying is that she didn't give up. (Luis smiles.) She was strong. She is strong. She came back to me then. She's going to come back to me now.”

Luis turns to Theresa, “Theresa, you tell me, if something happened to separate you and Ethan, now, wouldn't you fight like hell to get back with him?” Holding her hand, he says, “I know you. And I know that you would never let anything stand between you and the man you love.” Theresa looks into Luis' eyes, “Nothing could ever keep me from being with Ethan, no matter what. You know, if I had been on that boat when it exploded, if I had to battle the hurricane, I would have found a way to stay alive to get back to Ethan.” Ethan says, “You don't have to worry about that. Nothing will ever separate us. (Looking at Luis he says.) Your sister's got it right. Sheridan loves you so much. She would have kept herself alive so she could see you again.” Luis agrees, “That's right. I never thought otherwise.” Ethan agrees, “Right, you know, and maybe some day soon we'll all be standing at the altar once again, the four of us, getting married.” Luis grins, “I would like that.” Julian returns to the lobby, “Um -- did the fax come in yet?” Ethan answers, “No, not yet.” Julian replies, “Oh, dear. I suppose we'll have to start making funeral arrangements.” He turns to walk off but Luis grabs his arm turning him around, “There is going to be no funeral. You hear me? Now, we're going to start searching for Sheridan and we are going to find her.” Ethan pulls Luis away from Julian, “Hey, Luis, come on. Let it go.”

As Theresa steps to one side to talk to Julian, he drops his glass. Theresa gasps and looks up to see what caused Julian to have that reaction. Julian exclaims, “Dear God.” Rebecca walks into the lobby in a wedding dress and veil. Gwen exclaims, “Mother, what are you doing?” Luis exclaims disgustedly, “What kind of monster are you?” Rebecca ignores everyone but Julian, “Pookie, let's get married right away. I mean, why waste any time?” Julian questions, “Rebecca.” Rebecca explains, “You know, I was so certain that that was Sheridan's body, but I think I've changed my mind. So why not let our wedding be a reaffirmation that Sheridan is still alive? I mean, there's no reason to actually think she isn't alive, is there, Julian?” She looks pointedly at a shocked Julian.

Returning to the lobby, the Captain stops next to Luis, “Mr. Lopez Fitzgerald, I just received a fax from Harmony P.D.” Happily, Luis holds up the papers and announces, “This is it! This is going to prove that Sheridan's still alive.”

To be continued...

8.23.08, 10:57 PM
I didn't have time to write up a Shuis Summary today but I thought I would post some really sensual Shuis kisses that I recently found. Such sexy, sensual kisses that nobody does like Galen and McKenzie, certainly not that other couple that we don't like that includes Galen. These Shuis kisses look so real and not just reel. WOW!
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/romantic15.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=romantic15.jpg)
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/romantic17.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=romantic17.jpg)
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/romantic18.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=romantic18.jpg)
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/romantic16.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=romantic16.jpg)

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8.26.08, 12:28 AM
Captain tells Luis that the resort's doctor is waiting to compare Sheridan's fingerprints and dental records with the body they've recovered, so once he's made his examination, they should know for certain if it is Sheridan. Luis replies confidently, “Well, I'm telling you it's not Sheridan. It can't be. The doctor can take as long as he wants. There's -- there's no way that Sheridan's dental records and fingerprints are going to match the body that they found at sea. Sheridan's still alive. I would feel it if she weren't.” Everyone tries to stay positive for Luis and each other.

Before long the Captain returns with the doctor to tell them that the doctor has finished examining the body. The doctor says that the results are conclusive. Ethan asks what the results are while Luis is sure that, “It is not Sheridan, right? It can't be.” The doctor replies, “I'm sorry, but the fingerprints and dental records matched.” Luis is stunned, “That can't be.” The doctor assures him, “The woman pulled from the sea is Sheridan Crane.” The Captain says, “I'm so very sorry. I know how difficult this must be.” Luis says again, “No. You see, the doctor made a mistake. Because the woman's body They found, that can't be Sheridan. Sheridan's not dead.” Ethan tells Luis that he has to face the fact that she is dead. Luis yells, “No, damn it, Sheridan is not dead! You felt rushed. You were under pressure and you didn't have as much time to be as thorough as you wanted to be, yes?” The doctor replies, “The opposite. I knew what was at stake for you and the others, so I was extremely careful.” A very upset Luis raises his voice again, “Well, you weren't careful enough! That woman is not Sheridan.” The doctor sympathetically says, “I'm sorry, but the results were conclusive.” Luis states, “Well, I'm a trained police officer. And I'm going to take the reports that came from Harmony and I'm going to compare them to the reports you made. Sheridan's not dead. No, she can't be.” He goes off to check the doctor's results. After he leaves, the others talk about how much Luis loves Sheridan and it will kill him to see for himself that she's really gone.

Julian calls Alistair to tell him that Sheridan has been confirmed dead by matching her fingerprints and dental records to the woman found at sea. Al orders Julian to have her body cremated but Julian hesitates, then gives in.

Luis returns to the lobby where Theresa asks, “Did you compare the doctor's findings with the information about Sheridan that came from Harmony?” A devastated Luis replies, “Luis: Yeah. Yeah, I did. I compared the doctor's report to Sheridan's report from Harmony. And, uh -- no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't find a mistake. Sheridan -- I lost her. It's really her. Damn. I lost her.” Poor Luis! Luis walks away dejectedly. Theresa tries to follow to comfort him but Ethan tells her that Luis needs to be alone right now. Theresa sympathizes, “I don't know how he's going to live now that we know Sheridan's gone.”

Elsewhere in the hotel, Julian is surprised when Alistair tells him that he has already made arrangements for Sheridan's funeral and he wants Julian to implement them. Alistair orders Julian, “Stop wasting time on the phone with me and go tell the others about the arrangements and try not to screw it up, Julian.”

The funeral attendant arrives to take the body to be prepared for the funeral. The attendant informs the group that Sheridan's funeral is scheduled to begin shortly and that the body will be cremated after the service. Luis hears that to which he is adamant, “The hell she will.” He continues, “Well, I don't know who the hell told you there was going to be a funeral for Sheridan tonight, but that is not...” The attendant answers by pointing to Julian. Looking at Julian, Luis growls, “Well, why am I not surprised? Tell them you made a mistake, Julian, and tell them to get lost.” Julian replies, “I'm afraid that's not possible. My father made the funeral arrangements and -- ahem -- asked that I see that they're carried out, so ...” Luis shouts, “Well, I don't give a damn what you or Alistair want. Neither of you ever cared about Sheridan when she was alive. So I'm going to decide when and where to have this service.” Julian states, “You weren't married yet, Luis. We are her legal family.” Luis angrily says, “Julian, did you hear what I just said? I'm not letting you do this yet.” Ethan steps in, “Luis, wait.” Luis pleads, “Ethan, tell him. You were as close to Sheridan as anyone. Now, tell Julian to get his men in black and get the hell out of here.” Ethan replies, “I can't do that. For once -- for once, I agree with him.” Luis is shocked, “Are you kidding me?” Ethan explains, “Look, we've seen her remains. You know, it just doesn't make sense to transport her body back home. You know, and besides, she loved being here on the island with you. Now, why not bury her where she was happy?” A confused and hurt Luis relents somewhat, “I don't know, man. It's all happening so fast.” Ethan agrees, “Yeah, for all of us, Luis. But, you know, why drag this out, you know? Why not just take care of this now so she can be remembered the way she wanted to be remembered? You know, and I have a feeling she wouldn't want this dragged out.” Luis gives in, “All right. Just for the record, Julian, I hate that you have anything to do with this funeral. I never met a brother who cared so little about his sister.” Ethan suggests, “Luis, look, forget about him. You know, who cares who makes the arrangements as long as the people who love her are there to say good-bye?” Theresa agrees, “Now whatever you want to do, Luis, I am right there behind you.” Luis faces him again, “Ok. All right, Julian. You do what you have to do. I'm warning you -- you treat Sheridan with respect. She deserves that.” Julian states, “I'm going to change. I'll meet you at the crematorium.” Ethan says sadly, “I miss her. We're all going to miss Sheridan. . .”

At the funeral home, the priest approaches Julian, “Mr. Crane, I'm Father Huntington from the local parish. I'll be performing your sister's service.” Julian says, “Fine. And I'd appreciate it if it was short and sweet -- simple. My sister would've wanted that.” Father Huntington replies, “Yes, well, as you like. I'm ready to begin whenever you are.” Julian says that the others should be there any moment. Luis is pleasantly surprised that Julian has planned a nice funeral that he thinks is just what Sheridan would want. Gwen approaches Luis, “Despite our differences in the past, I know you loved her.”
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/092701-05.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=092701-05.jpg)
Luis agrees, “Yeah. With all of my heart.” Gwen smiles, “That's how Sheridan loved you. You showed her a happiness she never knew existed. Do you mind if I put something on her casket?” Luis nods, “You were her best friend, Gwen. You don't need to ask.” Gwen places a picture of Sheridan on the casket.
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/092701-06.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=092701-06.jpg)
Ethan and Chad suggest that Luis sit down but he wants to stay with Sheridan as long as he can. The priest is ready to begin the service. He says, “I'd like to start out by doing something a little out of the ordinary. As I did not know Sheridan, I thought it might be fitting to have one or more of you step forward to talk about her a bit, to tell us what she was like, what she meant to you. I understand Sheridan's fiancé is here. Would you mind?” Theresa puts her hand on Luis' arm, “Do it for her, Luis. Do it for both of you.” Luis gets up to speak, “I...I loved Sheridan very...very much.” That is all Luis is able to say before he breaks down. With tears in her eyes for her brother, Theresa hugs Luis' arm, “It's all right, Luis. It's all right.”
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/092701-08.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=092701-08.jpg)
Ethan says, “Luis, why don't -- why don't you let me go first? It'll give you a chance to collect yourself.” With tears in his eyes, Luis nods, “Ok. Yeah.” Ethan continues, “I know how Luis feels. I've never met anyone so instinctively generous and loving. I guess the irony is that it took her longer than most people to find the one person that would love her as much as she deserved to be loved. That's the one thing I can hang on to, that I am so grateful for -- that she found that joy with Luis before she died. You know, she was the happiest she has ever been this last year. And not many people get a chance to experience that kind of completeness with another person, no matter how old they get to be. Only a few of the lucky ones. And I miss Sheridan already. You know, my fiancée is a great believer in miracles. I just wish we could pull one more out of the hat and bring back Sheridan. But I guess that's -- I guess it doesn't work that way. Now Sheridan's gone -- gone before she ever had a chance to live the loving life she deserved. You know, I always thought Sheridan had the heart of an angel. And it -- it makes me feel good to know that she's now with all the other angels in heaven. I love you, Sheridan. I'll miss you. Good-bye.”
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/092701-09.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=092701-09.jpg)
Father Huntington again speaks, “Thank you, Ethan. Is there anybody else who would like to say something before we get on with the service?” Looking at Luis, Theresa assures him, “You don't have to, Luis. Everyone will understand.” Luis replies, “No, it's ok. Ahem. I can do this. Something Ethan said really struck me. It's something that I believe beyond a shadow of a doubt. It's not Sheridan in there.” Everyone looks toward Luis and tells him that he has to accept that Sheridan is really gone. Luis regains his composure and continues with his feelings for Sheridan. This is such an unthinkable loss for him and everyone who loves her. He loves Sheridan so very much. Luis says that what he will miss most about Sheridan is her beautiful heart. He says that even though Sheridan grew up feeling unloved and unwanted, she wasn't hardened or bitter, she welcomed those who felt less than whole. Even though Sheridan came from money and privilege, that is not how her worth was measured. He just can't understand why Sheridan was taken from him so soon. Luis tells everyone that one day he'll join her in Heaven. In Heaven they will finally be married. The priest finishes the funeral service, then the coffin is loaded into the crematorium and burned. Julian says a sad goodbye to his sister, while Luis holds her picture and says he'll always love her. Father Huntington says her ashes will be released shortly. Julian tells him to give them to Luis. Luis hopes everyone has learned not to take the person they love for granted.

To be continued...

8.27.08, 9:45 PM

8.28.08, 12:46 AM
Chad and Ethan watch Luis sitting by himself with Sheridan's ashes in the urn. They know that he is hurting but they also realize that he needs to be alone for now. They talk about he will ever get over losing Sheridan. Sitting on a big rock, with tears in his eyes, Luis says in such a sad voice, “I can't believe you're gone. I miss you so much. We were close to having the perfect life, to having it all. Then to have you taken away. Then that damn hurricane came along. I kept looking for you. I thought for sure we'd find you, but you're gone. You're really gone. (Luis looks up to the Heavens.) Sheridan.”
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/100101-10.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=100101-10.jpg) At the hospital in Harmony, Grace and Charity are talking about Charity's premonitions. Charity wishes that she didn't have them.
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/092801-04.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=092801-04.jpg)
Grace suggests they ask God to help them use their powers for good and not show them horrible visions that happen to those around them. Grace and Charity pray together. As they do, a spark appears between them and flies off. Far away on a fishing boat, the same spark appears above a fisherman named Brian and his boat captain. Brian and the captain are pulling up a net, and realize a body of a woman is caught in it. They pull the body in. The woman is Sheridan! As Grace and Charity finish praying, they agree that their prayers helped someone that they know and love. The strange light appears over the boat near Bermuda again as Brian performs CPR on Sheridan's lifeless body.

On the beach mourning Sheridan, Luis says, “You're gone and never coming back. I have to accept that. How?”. As Luis mourns Sheridan and wishes she were with him, on the boat, Brian finally announces that Sheridan has a weak pulse.
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/092801-11.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=092801-11.jpg)
He says that the woman will die if she doesn't get medical attention. The ship's mate goes to get blankets.

As Ethan and Theresa discuss getting married there in Bermuda, Luis walks up behind them and tells Theresa that she should marry Ethan. If Sheridan were there, she would tell her the same thing. Luis tells them they should get married as soon as possible. If he had a second chance to marry Sheridan, he would. He will regret not marrying Sheridan every day of his life and urges Ethan not to make the same mistake.

Brian carries a lifeless Sheridan down to lay her on a cot as the other man brings the blankets to wrap her in.
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/100101-05.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=100101-05.jpg)
Brian asks the boat captain to go back to shore to get the woman medical help. The captain refuses. He is drunk and pulls a knife on Brian who fights back and wins. The captain turns around and heads for shore.

Luis again takes Sheridan's ashes to the beach where he can be alone with his memories of Sheridan. He has a flashback of them happily enjoying the day out on the boat. He sadly wishes, “If only I could have you back. If only I could have saved you.” Luis closes his eyes against the memories. As he sits on the big rock and looks out to sea, “I remember Papa telling me to respect the sea, to respect its great power. The sea gives people many things but it also has the power to take those things away. Now, I have experienced that power first hand...the sea, the storm that took my Sheridan away, took away the love of my life. (Luis sniffles.) I remember Papa telling me that the sea gives and take equally. One winter it might wash away part of the beach, but next spring it might bring that sand back to the beach. I just wish there was some way the sea could give me back the woman I love.”

On the boat, Brian returns to Sheridan's bedside and tells her that they are going to get her the help she needs.
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/100101-11.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=100101-11.jpg)
He calls her Pretty Lady. While, back on the beach, Luis sadly muses, “If only the sea could give me back Sheridan, but how?”

To be continued...

Thanks to Passions Central for the screen caps...........

8.29.08, 12:08 AM
As Luis sits on a boulder on the beach in Bermuda, he cries, “You had the most beautiful smile. It lit up a room. It lit up my life. So many boats out there. If only one of those boats could bring Sheridan back to me.” On one of those boats, Brian watches an unconscious Sheridan, “It's going to be ok, pretty lady. We'll be docking soon. We're going to get you all the care you need, I promise. I'll bet that there's some one's out there looking for you. Of course. Pretty woman like you, they'll probably be waiting on the dock when we arrive.”
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/100201-03.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=100201-03.jpg)

As tears continue to make tracks down his cheeks, Luis so sadly says, “If only Sheridan was on one of those boats -- why do I keep doing this? Letting my imagination get the best of me? Sheridan's gone. She's gone forever. This is all I have. (He looks at the urn that contains Sheridan's ashes.) This and the memories.” Luis thinks back to Sheridan opening the door when they went on their first date and she wore the red dress. Luis whispers, “I can't accept it. Sheridan can't be gone. She can't be. She can't be.”

On the boat, Brian watches over Sheridan, getting her into dry clothing. He and the other fisherman talk about whether she is married. Brian decides that she must have a husband or boyfriend who must be worried sick about her.

Holding onto the urn, Luis sadly proclaims, “I'll never forgive myself for not marrying Sheridan. Never. I just hope Ethan listens to my advice and marries Theresa as soon as possible.” In the wedding chapel, Ethan is trying to do just that. As the JP begins the ceremony once again, Theresa cries out, “Wait! What about Luis? Oh, Ethan, he's the only family I have down here with me. He should be here. I can't get married without my brother.” Chad goes off to find Luis on the beach. Luis arrives and says, “Hey. Glad to see you took my advice. Marry her now, Ethan, or you'll always regret it.” Theresa gives Luis a hug as he says, “I'm just glad to be here to share in this special moment.” Rebecca is ready to go and the JP says with exasperation, “Very well. For the umpteenth time -- dearly beloved, we are gathered here to join these men and these women ...” The ceremony is interrupted again by a hotel employee looking for Julian. He has news that Ivy has been hurt, struck by lightening and may not live. Ethan is upset by the news.

On the boat, Brian decided to get Sheridan some warm soup and hot water bottles to help warm her up. As he leaves, the drunken boat captain come in and wants to have some fun with Sheridan. He strokes her cheek as she sleeps. Brian returns and demands that the captain leave her alone. When the captain pulls his knife out again, Brian tells him to put it down. He throws the knife on the floor near Brian and leaves. Brian returns to standing over Sheridan and whispers to her, “It'll be all right. I'm sorry. I should never have left you. I'll never leave you alone again.” (Wow! That was certainly foreshadowing because Antonio would do anything that he had to in order to “keep” Sheridan even though he knew that she loved another...his brother.)
Since Ethan is upset about Ivy, Julian has secured a jet to take them all back to Harmony immediately. Theresa tells Luis, “Come back with us, Luis. Julian offered us a free trip.”
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/100201-11.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=100201-11.jpg)
Luis says, “I'm not ready to leave Bermuda. It's the last place that I was with Sheridan. I'd give anything right now for just one more moment with her. There's so many boats out there. (Luis smiles at Theresa.) And I -- I keep thinking, what if Sheridan's on one of them? What if she's on one of them, just -- she's on her way to come back to me? I know it's just wishful thinking.” On the boat, Brian sits on the edge of Sheridan's bed, “You know, you've got to have a boyfriend even though you're not wearing a ring. Guys like me, we never even get to talk to a girl like you. Whoever your man is, I hope he knows how lucky he is to have such a beautiful woman in his life.

Back on the beach with Sheridan's ashes, Luis looks out to sea, “If only a boat could bring Sheridan back to me.” Looking out the window on the boat, Brian says, “Land. We're almost there. I told you I'd take care of you. Now whoever's been looking for you since the hurricane is about to get the surprise of his life.”

To be continued...

Thanks to Passions Central for the Shuis screen caps.

8.30.08, 1:23 AM
Standing on the beach with Luis, Chad says, “I wish -- I wish there was something I could say or do.” Luis turns with tears in his eyes, “Well, thanks, but there isn't.” Chad says, “Ethan said you weren't flying home with us, but it's not too late to change your mind.” Looking out to sea, Luis cries, “No, I just -- I just want to stay at the last place that I was with Sheridan. If I go, I'll be -- I'll be admitting that she's really gone, and -- hey, don't worry, man. My head knows that she is, you know? It's just having a hard time getting the message through to my heart. You know, it's -- it's like in spite of everything I still look out to sea, and I still think that maybe she's out there. Maybe she's on one of those boats coming back to me.”

Brian sits next to Sheridan's bed and hovers over her, “She looks like an angel when she sleeps -- an angel who's fighting for her life. Don't you worry, angel. We're going to get you to land soon. I'm going to get you to a doctor straightaway. He's going to make you feel all better. Then I'm going to look for your people because I know that there are folks out there looking for you. They may even think that they've lost you. I can imagine the surprise on their face when they find out that you're going to be all right.”

A concerned Chad asks, “You're not -- you're not saying that you think Sheridan's on one of those boats out there, are you?” Luis replies, “I'm not that far gone. It's just wishful thinking. Her identity was confirmed through her fingerprints and dental records. There's no arguing with that.” Chad sadly says, “I really am sorry.” Luis smiles and softly says, “I know. You were one of the lucky ones. You knew her.” Chad replies, “Yeah. Not as well as I would have liked to, though. But, Luis, anyone could have seen that she was special, man. I mean, she had a kind of light to her.” Luis smiles at the thought of Sheridan, “I know. She would walk into a room and it would brighten. People would just start smiling because she was there. You know, it's like before I met her, I was -- I was living my life in black and white. She came along and bam, you know, it was in Technicolor.” Chad smiles, “Yeah, that's love.” Luis replies, “Yeah. You know, it's -- it's one thing to get along without it when you don't know it exists, but once you've tasted it -- I don't know how you go on.” Luis turns to look out to sea again as Chad puts his hand on Luis' shoulder in support, “Hey, you know -- I used to think that I was carrying this heavy load because I didn't know who my parents were. And now I see that it's a hell of a lot worse to lose something that you had than something that you never had any idea of. But I know that you hearing that right now is not going to take the pain away.” Luis whispers, “Yeah.” Looking out to sea again, Luis softly says, “You know, it's weird, isn't it? The bottom dropped out of my world today. All those fishermen out there on those boats, coming home like they do every night without a clue. (Luis' voice breaks here.) It's just another day. Just another day.” Out on one of those boats, Brian says to an unconscious Sheridan, “Hang on, angel, we're about to dock. I've got to go help get us in, but as soon as we get tied up, I'm going to come back down and I'll get you, ok?” On the beach, a teary-eyed Luis turns back to Chad, “Well, there's nothing for me out here. I'm going to head back to the hotel, man.” He hugs Chad and slowly walks back to the hotel with Sheridan's ashes.

On the beach, Brian and another man carry Sheridan across the sand on a stretcher. The man asks how Brian found the lady. He tells him how he pulled her up in his net thinking that she was dead. It is a miracle that she survived the storm. She now needs professional help so they need to get the doctor. The men pick up the stretcher and head toward the hotel.
Luis enters the hotel and sees the group gathered in the lobby. When Theresa sees him, she asks, “Luis. You've changed your mind. You're coming back home with us?” Luis softly says, “No, I'm going to stay here for a while.” Theresa tries to convince him, “But you should be home, Luis, where we can take care of you.” Luis says, “Yeah, I just want to stay here. It's the last place I saw Sheridan.” Ethan agrees with Luis, “Let him do what he needs to do.” Theresa reaches up to hug and kiss him, “I love you, Luis.” Luis sighs, “Yeah, I know. I love you, too.” Chad and Ethan shake Luis' hand and they all walk off leaving Luis alone. As Luis turns and looks toward the lobby entrance, there is a commotion. Luis stops a bellman and asks, “Hey, what's going on?” The man replies, “One of the fishing boats picked up someone out at sea.” Luis says, “Yeah, well...” The man says, “Look, look, I need to get a doctor.” Luis looks again and quietly asks, “Sheridan?” Luis rushes toward the gurney and says, “Let me through. I got to see if this is my fiancée.” A man tries to stop him, “All right, watch it, fella. We got to get our patient to the hospital.” Luis :replies as he pushes by the man, “You don't understand. This could be my fiancée.” Luis looks down to see that the patient is a man. The man standing next to Luis says, “I could have told you it wasn't your fiancée if you'd have given me a chance.”

In another hotel, a woman enters the lobby as Brian arrives with Sheridan and asks, “ Brian, what happened?” Brian replies, “We caught her in our nets a couple of miles out. She's in bad shape.” The woman asks if she is she still breathing. Brian says that she is but she needs a doctor. Brian places Sheridan on the couch.
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/100301-03.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=100301-03.jpg)
The woman asks why Brian didn't take her to Bermuda. It's not that much further and there's a hospital there. He didn't think they had enough time to get her there. She goes to call Doc. Liz, the woman, asks if he knows who she is but he doesn't.

On the jet that Julian secured for their trip back to Harmony, Theresa sees Luis board the plane and calls his name, happy to see him. Luis stops in front of her and replies, “Hey. I -- I realized there was no reason for me to stay here anymore. Sheridan's gone, and hanging out on the beach looking out to sea isn't going to bring her back, as much as I wish it would.” Ethan greets him, “Well, we're glad that you decided to come home with us.” Luis replies, “Well, thanks. I think that's what she would have wanted, even though there's no way I'll ever call that place my home without her.” Luis turns and takes a seat behind Chad and Whitney. He looks so lost and alone as he looks around. Luis looks out the window, “It's harder than I thought to leave the last place we were together. I thought saying good-bye at your funeral was tough. This is worse.” Poor Luis is just so despondent.

In the hotel lobby, Brian sits watching Sheridan. As Liz enters the lobby, she tells him, “Doc is on his way. He shouldn't be more than a few minutes.” Brian says, “I just hope it's not too late for her.” He looks up at the sound of the jet carrying the group from Harmony flies over and says, “Another one of those charter jets heading home from a nice vacation in Bermuda. Must be nice having that kind of money. Never have a thing to worry about.” On the jet flying away from Sheridan, Luis quietly says, “Good-bye, Sheridan. I'll always love you.”

To be continued...

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8.31.08, 2:13 AM
Luis, Ethan, Theresa, Whitney, and Chad arrive home in Harmony and go straight to the hospital. Luis looks sad as Theresa asks him if he is thinking about Sheridan. He replies, “Yeah. It's like that preacher said at Sheridan's funeral -- "loved ones may die, but love always lives on." I'll always love Sheridan, dream about the life we could've had till the day I die.” As Ethan and Theresa head off to find Ivy's room, Luis finds Pilar. She is so happy to see that he is all
right. She asks about Theresa. Luis tells her that Theresa is fine so Pilar asks about Sheridan. Luis is silent, which only worries Pilar. Luis tells his mom that Sheridan is dead.
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/100401-02.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=100401-02.jpg)
Pilar and Eve are shocked. Hank walks up to the group and hears that Sheridan is dead, too. Luis tells them the whole story about the explosion and how Sheridan's body was discovered. Pilar tells Luis that she is very sorry and that Sheridan was like a daughter to her. Luis confides to his mother, “You know, I'm going to tell you something I haven't told anyone.” She asks, “What?” Luis says, “I know it sounds crazy, but I still think Sheridan's out there somewhere. She's alive. In my head, I know it's impossible, but my heart keeps telling me -- you know, my heart keeps telling me not to give up hope.” Pilar says she can understand him not wanting to believe she is gone but even if she did survive the explosion, she couldn't have survived the hurricane. That would be a true miracle. Pilar believes that as good as God is, he doesn't dispense miracles every day.
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/100501-05.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=100501-05.jpg)
Hank later asks Luis if he's sure the right woman was cremated. Hank says they know Julian and Alistair can't be trusted. Luis says the body was too decomposed to make a positive ID so he had Sheridan's dental records and fingerprints faxed to Bermuda and they were used to verify that the body was Sheridan. Luis tells Hank that double checked everything himself because he couldn't believe it could be right. He didn't feel that Sheridan was dead. Luis sadly tells him that Sheridan is really dead. After Hank leaves, Luis heads to the chapel to be by himself and to pray for Sheridan.

On the island Brian has taken Sheridan to his friend Liz's hotel. Liz says that the lady is a knockout and lucky that he was able to save her. Doc arrives and looks over Sheridan and tells Brian that she is barely alive. Doc thinks it would help if they knew what happened to her. Brian tells him how he found her in a sarong so she probably wasn't out swimming. After his exam of Sheridan, Doc tells them that the girl should be just fine. He says that she has no serious injuries but he can't believe that she survived the sea. Liz says now they just have to find out who she is. Brian says a beautiful woman like that couldn't have been alone so someone must be looking for her. As he leaves Doc tells them to call him if she wakes up. Brian sits next to Sheridan and talks to her. As he is talking, Liz shows up looks into the room to tell him that Doc's boat just pulled in. Doc rushes in with news. He them that the lady Brian saved from the sea is Sheridan Crane. He is sure of it. Brian doesn't like that news. The three friends argue over the possibility that Brian's mermaid could be Sheridan Crane. Brian doesn't believe it could be her but Doc heard that her fiancée was looking for and that she was missing off the coast of Bermuda. After a debate, they decide that she must be Sheridan Crane. Brian decides that he better call the Crane family and let them know that she is alive. Her finance will be happy to know that she is alive.
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/100501-07.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=100501-07.jpg)
To be continued...

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9.1.08, 12:49 AM
As Liz and Doc look on, Brian picks up the phone to call the Cranes to let them know that Sheridan is alive.
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/100801-03.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=100801-03.jpg)
He quickly hangs up the phone. He is sure that Julian will not believe his story. Doc asks why Brian thinks the Cranes wouldn't believe him. Liz thinks what is really going on is that Brian has fallen in love with his pretty lady. She says that he needs to forget that because she belongs with her family and her fiancee if she is Sheridan Crane. Brian knows that he has to make the call because someone like Sheridan Crane wouldn't want to spend her life with him. Brian wishes that Sheridan was someone else so she could stay with him on the island and spend the rest of her life with him. He has a daydream that he and the pretty lady marry and live happily ever after. He smiles but again picks up the phone to call Julian. Julian doesn't answer because he is busy being beaten up by Pilar, then Eve. Eventually, Julian answers the phone. Brian tells Julian that he has news about his sister, Sheridan.

In the hospital chapel, Luis asks God to please bring Sheridan back to him. Ethan finds him in the chapel. Luis talks to Ethan about how he was asking God to bring Sheridan back to him. Ethan tells Luis that won't happen. God is not going to bring someone back from the dead. Luis says his head knows Sheridan is dead and isn't coming back, but his heart just won't accept it. Ethan says he would die if he ever lost Theresa, and if anyone ever hurt her, he would kill them!

Tabitha and Timmy are summoned down into the basement where the dark forces tell Tabitha that she has failed them repeatedly. The bottle Hecuba is trapped in shows up, and it seems that Hecuba is still attempting to get out of the bottle. The dark forces tell Tabitha that it is time for her to be judged. They want a report on her incompetence. Tabitha tells them that she's been unable to separate Miguel and Charity because she's been working on other projects. For example, she has finally broken up Luis and Sheridan and they are both going to experience much pain and suffering. The dark forces ask if that is all she has done. Tabitha says that she has destroyed more true love in Harmony than any other witch she knows of. Not enough because Charity and Miguel's love is all that matter, so until she can tell him how she will stop them, she will not leave this basement alive. Tabitha says that she is going to use Kay to break up Miguel and Charity. Tabitha begs them for one more chance to destroy Miguel and Charity's relationship.

At the hospital, Ethan and Luis find Pilar and Theresa as they are crying. Luis demands to know what is going on here. Luis looks over his mother and realizes she has blood under her fingernails. Luis demands Theresa and Whitney tell him what is going on here. Pilar tells Luis not to badger his sister, she will tell him everything. Theresa begs her not to tell Luis the truth. She says it will ruin their lives! Pilar says that Julian Crane is a pig and he must be punished. Theresa says if she tells them the truth, they will spend the rest of their lives in prison. Pilar feels that Julian must be punished, he is evil. Luis and Ethan hear this, and Luis asks what Julian has done. Luis and Ethan ask Theresa if Julian did something to her. When they see Julian trying to sneak away, Luis and Ethan grab him. They notice the scratches on his face and again demand to know what he has done. Pilar shouts that Julian ruined Theresa. Luis and Ethan say they have heard enough, and he is dead.

On the island, Liz stops Brian from telling Julian that Sheridan is alive because she just saw the headline in the latest paper. The headline claimed that Sheridan died, her fiance identified her by dental records, and has been put to rest.
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/100901-01.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=100901-01.jpg)
Brian is relieved. Liz says they'll have to wait until this woman wakes up and tells them who she is to find out her identity. They go back into Sheridan's room to check on her and she begins to stir. When she finally comes to, Liz and Brain explain what happened or as much as they know of what happened. Sheridan is obviously afraid.
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/100901-06.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=100901-06.jpg)
Brian asks Sheridan who she is. Sheridan tries to talk but can't. Doc looks at her neck and says that she has a bruise on her neck which may have shocked her vocal cords. Liz goes to get her some soup to sooth her vocal cords. Sheridan quickly eats the hot soup. Doc notices that Brian is in thought. Brian says he really thought this girl was sent to him but it's obvious that she has more class in her little finger than he does in his whole body. He says girls like her don't fall for guys like him.

To be continued...

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9.2.08, 11:26 PM
In her room on the island, Sheridan quickly eats her hot soup while Brian, Liz, and Doc look on. Doc says that the soup has done the trick because it got the pretty lady to smile. He says it looks like her throat must feel better so they will get to hear her voice. Sheridan clears her throat just as Brian asks her name. Sheridan begins to cough so Liz offers her some water. Brian again asks her to tell them who she is. They will notify the authorities so they can notify her friends and family that she is safe.

At the hospital in Harmony, Pilar shouts that Julian needs to be punished and scratched his face for what he did to Theresa. That is all that Luis and Ethan need to hear to try to teach Julian a lesson. They believe that Julian did something to Theresa but they don't know what it is. Luis shoves Julian into a chair. After asking him a few questions, Luis pulls Julian up by his lapels and shoves him right into Ethan who now grabs Julian and turns him around to face him. Luis gets right up in Julian's face and tells him that it is high time he pay for everything that he has done to Luis' family ...demeaning Pilar, using that damn impostor mask to try to break up him and Sheridan, his father's disappearance, and other things. Whitney asks her mother to stop Luis and Ethan so they won't go to jail, but Eve refuses, so Whitney turns to Chad who isn't willing to stop them either. Everyone wants to see Julian get what's coming to him. Ethan shoves Julian into a bank of chairs, while Julian says he didn't do anything. Luis has his turn, “Why should we believe a word out of your lying mouth? If you hadn’t used that impostor to keep Sheridan and me apart, we would have gotten married sooner and she might still be alive. But you cheated me out of that. Now it’s payback time.” Luis punches Julian in the gut, “That’s for Sheridan.” Julian groans.

In her room in the hotel on the island, Sheridan smiles but that quickly fades when she realizes that she can't remember her name. She becomes more frightened so Doc tells her to relax and take a deep breath and see if her name will come to her. Getting even more agitated, Sheridan says, “It’s not working! I can’t remember my name!” Brian asks if she can remember any other details but she says, “No, my mind is blank. I don’t remember anything before I woke up!” Liz says, “Don’t worry. Now, somebody out there must be looking for you, which means they've filed a missing persons report. I will call the police, get a list of all the people who had been lost in the storm, and we'll see if any of the names rings a bell.” Sheridan smiles her gratitude for Liz's help. Sheridan worries that she may never remember who she is.

When Liz returns to Sheridan’s room, Sheridan asks if she has the list. Liz says that she called the police but everyone who was reported lost in the hurricane has been accounted for. Sheridan is devastated that no one is looking for her and she wonders if that means that she doesn't have any friends or family. Is she all alone? Doc suddenly says that he knows who the pretty lady really is. Sheridan looks shocked but hopeful, “You know who I am?” He says that he certainly does. Doc tells her that he believes she is an alien who was thrown overboard from a spaceship. Sheridan looks at him with her mouth open and in shock.
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/101001-12.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=101001-12.jpg)
Doc continues, “Once every hundred-earth years on the planet Corlan, the fairest female of the species is exiled to appease the Gods. There’s an elaborate send-off ceremony, and then the female is put on a spaceship where she’s sent to earth and dropped in the ocean. Then ...” Brian asks him to stop because he is scaring her. Doc thinks she can take it because Corlanian women are strong. He begins speaking to Sheridan in the Corlan language.

Police officers arrive to see what all the noise is in the hospital lobby. When they find out that Luis is one of the participants and that he is defending his sister's honor, and that Julian is the “victim”, they tells Luis and Ethan to have a good time but take it outside. Luis and Ethan each grab one of Julian's arms and drag him to the door to go outside before Whitney convinces Eve to stop them from killing Julian. Eve yells, “Luis! Ethan! Let Julian go!” Ethan asks, “Why should we?” Luis adds, “He hurt Theresa somehow. He deserves whatever he gets.” Eve informs them that they don't have all the facts. When Luis says they can beat the facts out of him, Eve says that she can save them the trouble. She can give them the whole story.

In Sheridan's room, Liz asks Doc to stop with the alien hooey. This woman is not an extraterrestrial. Doc says that is what the Corlanian want them to think and they are right in the middle of the Bermuda triangle. He wants to take a sample of her skin tissue to prove that she is an alien. Brian won't let him and Liz sidetracks him with talk of crop circles in the fields and takes him out of the room. Brian apologizes. Doc is a great doctor but he is a bit nutty when it comes to his belief in alien space travel. Once again Sheridan is worried about what she is going to do and where she will live. Brian tells her she can live at Liz's hotel as long as she wants to. Liz overhears this and wonders who is going to pay the bills for her.

Eve tells Luis and Ethan that Pilar was upset about Julian because of Ivy, not Theresa. Neither of them understand what she is talking about. Eve tells them that Julian had upset Ivy after she was recovering from surgery and she didn't need to be upset, especially since she just regained consciousness. Luis asks Pilar if that is true. Pilar tells him that is why she was so angry with Julian. A nurse stops in front of Julian and tells him to stay away from Ivy's room. She tells the group that Julian tampered with Ivy's IV and he could have killed her and that he called her nasty names. Ethan grabs Julian again and tells him never to touch his mother again. Luis pulls Ethan off this time, then Luis issues a warning of his own, to stay away from his family. He walks off, too, to follow Ethan and Chad.

To be continued...

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9.3.08, 11:56 PM
In her room on the island and still in bed, Sheridan thanks Brian for all of them being so kind to her. Brian lets her know that she can stay there as long as she wants, much to the displeasure of Liz. Since Brian, Liz and Doc keep calling her Miss or Pretty Lady, Brian asks Sheridan to think of the first name that pops into her head. She immediately says, “Diana”. She wonders why that name came to her and thinks that perhaps she knew someone named Diana.

As Luis looks at a bench outside the Book Cafe, he has a flashback of he and Sheridan sitting there kissing with their coffee cups in hand.
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/101101-01.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=101101-01.jpg)
Walking up to Luis, Hank asks if he is all right. Luis replies, “Yeah. Hank, it's just that everywhere I go reminds me of Sheridan. I don't know how I'm going to go on without her.” Hank knows that it's rough. Luis sadly replies, “It's just impossible for me to imagine my life without her.”
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/101101-02.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=101101-02.jpg)
Beth approaches Hank and Luis outside the Book Cafe and greets the guys, then says, “I was so sorry to hear about Sheridan. I know how heartbroken you must be. Listen, if there's anything that I can do, please ask. Ok?” She hugs him as Luis thanks and says that he will. Beth heads into the Book Cafe to work. Hank looks at him, “I know you're hurting, Buddy, but Sheridan wouldn't want you to stop living.” Luis sighs, “I know. I should get on with my life.” Hank says, “You could try.” Luis sighs, “I will. It's -- it's just that I miss her so much. You know, I just remembered we had that conversation about you know when you find the right girl. Remember that?” Hank says that he does. Luis quietly and sadly says, “And we both said that we would know when we found our soul mate. I found my soul mate. It was Sheridan. Hank, Sheridan meant everything to me. And she's gone now. She's gone forever. So what am I supposed to do? I mean, how do I get over that? How do I just go on with my life?” Luis stares off and looks so sad.
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/101101-11.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=101101-11.jpg)
Hank and Luis enter the Book Cafe where Luis sees Charity and Miguel. They both greet Luis and offer their condolences. Both give Luis a hug as Miguel says, “You know, it's almost unbelievable what could have happened to you.” Luis says, “Yeah. I still can't believe it.” Charity holds out a gift for Luis, “Hey, we have something to give to you. It might help.” Miguel adds, “We put it together on the computer. It's all the pictures we could find of you and Sheridan. Kind of a history of your relationship.” Charity says, “We were going to give it to you as part of your wedding present.” Luis is so touched, he smiles, and hugs Miguel and Charity, “It's really sweet of you two. Thank you.” Charity comments, “I know how horrible the explosion must have been. It was horrible when I saw it.” A confused Luis asks, “What are you talking about?” Charity looks toward Miguel who tells her it is okay to tell Luis. Charity explains, “I had a premonition of you and Sheridan on a boat, and I saw the boat explode.” Luis exclaims, “My God.” Charity continues, “We wanted to warn you, but we were on the island. We couldn't find a phone.” Miguel adds, “And because of the hurricane, you know...” Luis stops them, “No, no, no. I don't think it would have mattered. I wouldn't have believed that something like that could have happened. The sun was shining, and the boat was perfect. Sheridan was beautiful. I don't think we would have given your premonition a second thought.” Luis looks at the book with the pictures of him and Sheridan.

On the island, Doc arrives to check on Diana. Brian wants to make sure that he is not going to talk about his Bermuda triangle theories again. He assures them that he is just there to examine the patient. While Doc examines “Diana”, Liz takes Brian out to the lobby to ask him who is going to pay the bills for Diana since Brian can hardly pay his own tab. Brian promises Liz that he will pay for her expenses. Liz asks Brian why he bothers with those fishing boats when he could be making real money on those exclusive charter boats. She doesn't understand why he stays on the island. She reveals that she is stuck there because she bought this Godforsaken hotel and she knows that she will never be able to sell it. Doc is stuck there because he lost his license to practice in the United States after people found out about his theories on space travel. She doesn't think Brian is stuck there at all. He could leave if he wanted to. Brian says he wouldn't say that. Liz wants to know what he is hiding from and who he really is. Brian doesn't give her an answer. Liz thinks it is time he was honest with her.

In Sheridan's room, Doc continues his examination of “Diana”. She says, “Earlier you thought that I had been dropped into the ocean by an alien spacecraft. You weren't serious, though, were you?” Doc replies, “Well, all of us on this island are from somewhere. We're all running from something, hiding from something, trying to get away from something. Why should you be any different?” Sheridan asks, “You're all running or hiding?” He replies that they all are. She skeptically asks, “And, you think that I'm from another planet?” Doc instructs, “Could you take a deep breath for me, please?” Sheridan replies, “It's so strange. I mean, you seem like a good doctor.” Doc says, “I am. Another deep breath, please.” She continues, “And yet, you believe in aliens and strange happenings in the Bermuda triangle.” Doc replies, “Well, I'm not alone in thinking there are many unexplained things in the universe.” Sheridan asks, “You really think that I'm from the planet Corlan and that I was the most beautiful female on the planet, so they exiled me to earth?” Doc stands and gets something from his bag. Diana asks what it is. Doc sits on the edge of her bed and shows her a map, “Here. Look at these constellations and tell me if you recognize any of them because here is the planet from which you came.” Her eyes get as big as saucers!

At his table in the Book Cafe, Luis shows Hank one of the pictures in the memory book, “Look at this one, Hank. We had such a good time that day.” Hank says, “I don't want to sound like a monster or anything, Luis, but you can't mourn Sheridan forever.” Luis looks up and says, “Forever?” Hank explains, “I just don't want to see you walking around like -- like those people dressed in black the rest of their lives, never giving up their grief.” Luis replies, “I understand your concern, but I can't just suddenly flip a switch and be ok, all right?” Hank says, “Yeah. Yeah, you're right. I'm sorry. I'll stop bugging you.” He walks off. Watching Luis, Hank says, “I hope you don't waste away the rest of your life, my friend. Sheridan is never coming back.” Beth looks at Luis as she passes him as he looks at the book of his relationship with Sheridan. Hank sees the way she is looking at Luis and asks if she is still in love with him. Beth says that she is just worried about Luis and is praying that God will give him the strength to get over Sheridan.

At their table, Charity and Miguel have finished their sodas and are ready to leave the Book Cafe when Charity tells Miguel that she has the strongest feeling that Sheridan is not dead. She says that she feels Sheridan's presence. Miguel asks her not to tell Luis because it would just make him feel bad and get his hopes up. He is having a hard enough time dealing with Sheridan's death.

On the island, in Sheridan's room, Doc asks, “Are you sure you don't recognize any of the stars?” Sheridan says, “I'm sorry, but none -- I don't know anything about the stars.” Doc sighs, “Well, it was worth a shot. The Corlanian leadership obviously erased your memory before they dropped you into the sea.” He asks her to lift her blanket so he can examine her legs. He says that there is no swelling, no broken bones, just a few bruises. He would like to see if she can stand. Doc helps her to stand, and she smiles and walks to the window to look outside, “Feels good to stand. I'd love to see what it looks like outside. Oh. The moon is so bright. I can really see how beautiful this island is.”
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/101101-12.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=101101-12.jpg)
In the hotel lobby, Brian asks Liz what she is running from. Neither of them is willing to give the answer or tell who they really are. Liz says that Diana can stay and help out when she is better. Brian assures her that he will pay for Diana's upkeep. Liz hopes that she has a rich family so she can get a nice reward like them buying that hotel from her. Brian says that no one is looking for Diana. Liz knows that Brian doesn't want her to leave. Liz reminds him that Diana is the only one here who really doesn't know who she is and she hopes that when she finds out, it doesn't hurt her or Brian. Liz walks off and Brian enters Diana's room to see that she is standing. She says, “I’m much better. Felt like walking around. You were gone for quite a while. Is there a problem with me staying here?” Brian replies, “No. No problem at all. You're welcome to stay here as long as you like.” Sheridan smiles, “Great. I wonder how long that will be. I mean, if I wasn’t reported missing, then that means that no one’s looking for me. I mean, who am I? Where did I come from? Why isn’t anyone looking for me? Don’t I have any friends or family or ...” Brian tells her to calm down because they are like a family here on the island. She is just like them so she can be a part of that family. Diana is surprised that they think of her as part of their family. As Liz walks to the window and looks out, Doc comments that Brian has already become attached to this girl. Liz knows and wonders how he will take it when she finds out who she is and leaves this island.

Watching Luis from across the room, Beth sighs, “Poor Luis. I’ve never seen him so miserable.” Hank says, “Neither have I. You know, I always thought things would turn out differently for us.” Beth did, too. Hank says, “I never thought that Luis would fall in love with Sheridan. I always thought that you two would end up together.” Beth admits that is what she wanted but Luis' family came first after his father disappeared. Then by the time Sheridan came along, Miguel and Theresa were almost grown, so Luis was free to start a relationship with Sheridan.

At his table in the Book Cafe, Luis continues to look at the pictures in the book of he and Sheridan. He runs his finger lovingly over the picture and says, “Good-bye, Sheridan. I’ll love you forever.”

To be continued...

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9.4.08, 11:41 PM
As Luis sits at a table in the Book Cafe, Beth tells Hank as they watch him from across the room, “He's been doing that for over an hour, looking at that photo album Miguel and Charity gave him.” Hank responds, “Well, with all those pictures of him and Sheridan...” Beth frowns, “He finishes it and then he starts at the beginning again, over and over.” Hank says, “God, I wish he'd just stop torturing himself. Sheridan's dead and she's never coming back.” Beth looks at Hank, “That's a little bit harsh, Hank. I mean, Luis does need to mourn. He needs to say good-bye to Sheridan in his heart.” Hank answers, “Yes, but she'd want him to get on with his life.”

On the island, “Diana” tells Brian that she feels better and would like to go for a walk and see more of the island. Doc thinks that is a fine idea. Walking around will get Diana’s blood flowing. It might even jog her memory. She hopes she might even remember her real name. Brian agrees to go for a walk for as long as she wants to stay out. Liz takes Brian out into the lobby and expresses her concern for him being able to get to work tomorrow to make money to pay the bills. Brian says he is going to take the day off. Liz is angry and sees this as not one day off but many because she thinks Brian will be wanting to stay around with Diana all the time.

At the Book Cafe, Beth takes Luis another cup of coffee. Looking so lost and alone, Luis says, “Oh. Thanks, Beth.” Beth adds, “If there's anything else I can do, just holler, ok?” Luis shakes his head then returns to looking at the memory book. Sitting down at Luis' table, Hank asks, “How long are you going to keep doing this, Buddy?” Luis looks up, “What?” Hank says, “Sit here staring at these photos.” Luis quietly says, “I don't know. I just miss her so much.” Hank replies, “Of course you do. But there's a fine line between mourning for somebody else and mourning for yourself.” Luis asks, “Is that what you think I’m doing?” Hank continues, “I know I sound like I’m a jerk, like I’m being hard on you, but I see this as tough love. You know, you're going to have to let Sheridan go. You're not going to be able to do that by sitting here staring pictures.” Luis looks away from Hank.
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/101201-03.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=101201-03.jpg)
As Diana sees them enter her room, she asks, “Is everything all right?” Brian smiles, “Fine. Everything is fine. Actually, Liz here was just offering for the kitchen to make us some sandwiches. There's a little beach not far from here, actually, in walking distance. We can have a nice little moonlight picnic.” Diana smiles, “That sounds wonderful.” Liz quietly asks Brian, “And who's going to pay for those sandwiches?” Brian tells her to put them on his tab. Diana looks down at her feet and says that she doesn't have any shoes and the clothes she is wearing are the ones he got for her on the boat. Brian asks Liz if she would mind letting Diana borrow something to wear. Liz doesn't look pleased as she says that she is sure that her clothes wouldn't fit Diana. She says there may be something in this closet full of suitcases. She opens a closet door and announces that these were confiscated from guests who didn't pay their bills. Brian tells Diana to find something in that to wear and he will meet her in the lobby. He and Liz leave the room as Diana looks through the suitcases.

At the Book Cafe, Hank says, “I hate to see you in pain. Is that so wrong, wanting my best friend to feel better?” Luis replies, “And you think all I have to do is just try?” Hank replies, “Like I said before, I see this as tough love. I'm not giving up on it. So this is what I think you should do -- start small, have dinner with friends, with me.” Luis replies, “Yeah, that's small, all right.” Hank asks, “Meet me at the Lobster Shack in an hour. So it's a date?” Luis sighs, “Yeah. Yeah, I guess.” Luis leaves still looking at the memory book in his hand. Outside, Luis looks over at the bench where he remembered seeing him and Sheridan kissing as they held their coffee cups.
As Diana enters the lobby wearing a long white sun dress, she sees the picnic basket and asks, “Is that ours?” Brian says, “Yeah. I thought we might get hungry, so...” Diana smiles, “I am getting my appetite back.” Brian picks up the basket and they head to the door. A woman enters the hotel and says they make a handsome couple and wants to take their picture. She does and hands it to Brian who hands it to Doc to keep for him. Diana turns to Doc and Liz and says, “You know, I just wanted to thank both of you from the bottom of my heart for everything that you've done.” Doc says, “It was our pleasure.” Diana smiled, “We'll be seeing you when we get back, I hope.” Liz replied, “Oh, we're not going anywhere.” Brian and Diana leave.

Luis arrives home and enters the kitchen, “What happened?” Theresa explains that Mama just dropped a pot. Ethan informs Luis that they decided to take his advice. They are planning their wedding. Luis says that Sheridan would have wanted it that way. Ethan smells something burning and Pilar realizes that it is the food. She is upset that she has burned the dinner. Luis says that he cannot remember Mama ever burning dinner before and if anything is burning in the kitchen it would be Theresa's cooking. Luis said that Theresa is a good cook but she is easily distracted. Luis tells them that he is going to the Lobster Shack for dinner with Hank and he invites all of them to go with him but they each have a reason not to go. Luis leaves to meet Hank.

Looking out over the island, Diana sighs, “This Island is so beautiful.” Sitting on a blanket on the ground, Brian asks, “Yes, it is. Are you hungry because that walk made me famished?” Diana walks toward the blanket, “I could eat the whole basket.” As she sits on the blanket, Brian says, “Go for it. You'll have to forgive the crude packaging.” Their sandwiches are wrapped in the newspaper. “Diana's” shows the headline about her (Sheridan) missing. At the hotel, Liz and Doc discuss Diana leaving the island when she regains her memory. Liz asks what might make her remember her past. Doc replies, “All kinds of ways. Who knows what could trigger her memory. It could be anything. Something as simple as a sign or a television program, a newspaper article -- anything. Anything could set her memory off.” Diana holds the sandwich in the newspaper up and says, “I'm so hungry; I could eat this paper and all.” She sees the headline and begins to read it. She reads, "Sheridan Crane put to rest." She repeats, “Sheridan Crane” and looks perplexed by the name.
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/101201-12.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=101201-12.jpg)

Luis arrives at the Lobster Shack. As he sees Luis, Hank welcomes him, “Hey. You made it.” Luis sees that Hank has a date with him and Beth, “Yeah. Hank, I thought it was just going to be you and me for dinner.” Hank smiles, “Little change of plan. Figured it'd be better for you to be around more people than just your boring old bud.” Beth returns from the restroom and walks up next to Luis who is still standing beside the table, “Hey, Luis. I'm glad you're here. We were waiting on you to order, and I am starving.” Luis gives a small smile but he is not at all happy about this turn of events.

To be continued...

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9.6.08, 1:13 AM
Luis stands next to Hank's table at the Lobster Shack as Beth reaches his side, “Why don’t you sit down, have a glass of wine? I ordered your favorite. Wait a minute. You didn’t know, did you, that we were joining you?” Luis says, “No, actually I thought it was just going to be me and Hank for dinner, but...” Beth looks apologetic, “Listen -- I hope it’s ok.” Luis just looks at the floor. Looking rather sheepish Beth says, “It’s ok that I’m here, right? If it isn’t, I can go.” Luis kindly says, “No, no, no, it’s -- I’m just surprised, that’s all. This is great.” Luis holds the chair for Beth as she smiles, “Ok. Good. Then we can all have a nice evening together.” Luis unenthusiastically says, “Yeah.” Hank's date asks Beth to point her towards the power room so Beth offers to take her to it. As soon as they walk away Luis turns to Hank, “What’s going on, Hank?” Hank replies, “Nothing. I just thought it would be good for you to be out with friends, kick back. I was going out to dinner with Lisa tonight, and I thought it would be nice if Beth came along. You guys could talk, catch up on old times.” Luis rather testily asks, “A date? Is that what this is supposed to be? Is that what you told Beth?” Hank says, “Whoa. Would you just slow down? It’s nothing like that. I just invited Beth as a friend. You two go way back. I -- I thought it would be better for you to be out with friend than to sit alone someplace mourning.” Luis replies, “Oh, you figured that, huh?” Hank begins, “Remember when we talked...” Luis interrupts and angrily replies, “Yeah, and you -- you said that I needed to move on with my life because that’s what Sheridan would've wanted.” Hank says, “She would.” Luis quickly supplies, “Well, I am not ready to do that. And I am certainly not interested in any other woman. It’s only Sheridan. Sheridan’s the only one.”

On the island, Diana sits with Brian on a blanket on the sand at their picnic, “I’m so hungry; I could eat this paper and all.” As she looks at the paper that is wrapped around her sandwich she reads the head line out loud, “Sheridan Crane put to rest." Sheridan Crane.” The name sounds familiar to her. Trying to make small talk, Brian comments, “Oh, the wind shifted. Looks like we're going to have fair weather tomorrow. Not that we don’t have good weather most of the time around here anyway.” Deep in thought as she holds up the newspaper, Diana says, “It’s so sad.” Brian asks what is sad. Diana replies, “When the boat she and her fiancé were on exploded. She’s been missing since the hurricane and they sent out rescue crews, but there’s been no sign of her. I’m sorry. What were you talking about ...the weather? You were talking about the weather.” She puts down the paper as Brian says they are going to have good weather and more hurricanes over the next decades. Diana thinks that is too bad. She would hate to see the island damaged. She thinks it is almost like paradise. Brian says that it is paradise. Diana can't stop thinking about what she read in the paper. She picks up the newspaper again and says, “This poor woman lost at sea. This woman. Wait -- wait a minute. Could she be me? Could -- could I be Sheridan Crane? Could the missing woman be me?”
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/101501-07.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=101501-07.jpg)
Putting his hand on hers, Brian says, “Diana, look – I brought you to this island and I took you to Liz’s, we thought for a moment that you might be Sheridan Crane. And we tried to contact the Crane family and let them know that we'd found her. But then we heard that a body had been recovered and, well, that she had died. And they identified the body through dental records and fingerprints. We knew that you must be somebody else after we heard that news, so ...” Looking so disappointed, Diana says, “You're right. There’s no way I could be Sheridan Crane. I guess it was too much to hope for.” Trying to distract her, Brian suggests, “Why don’t we see what other goodies Liz put in this basket?” Looking off in the distance, Diana sighs, “I just wish I could remember who I am, what my real name is, where I come from, if I have any family or loved ones. Brian, what if no one is looking for me?” Brian says, “Diana, I find it hard to believe that there’s not anyone out there looking for you.” Diana says, “But you said that all the people lost in the hurricane have already been found or at least accounted for.” Brian replies, “I know, and that doesn’t mean a thing. Someone can still be looking for you. I can’t imagine that you don’t have someone out there in your life, someone -- your family, a boyfriend.” She sighs, “I hope so. I feel such emptiness inside of me. I want so much to believe that there’s someone out there looking for me, that at least one person cares about me.”

At the Lobster Shack, Luis looks at Hank, “I’m not ready to move on yet, Hank.” Hank says, “I know...” Luis adds, “And I’m not interested in being with another woman.” Hank replies, “That’s not what I had in mind tonight. I just thought that being out with people you like...” Luis says again, “Well, it’s -- it’s not what I need right now, ok?” Hank says, “I’m worried about you, Buddy.” Luis tells him not to be. Hank continues, “I think you're still holding out hope that Sheridan will come back.” Luis sighs, “Hank, I’m not kidding myself. I know that Sheridan is gone. I mean, hell, I had enough evidence. All the reports that came in confirmed that it was Sheridan’s body that they found out at sea. Yeah, I would like to have hope and I would like to believe that she is coming back, but I know she’s not. And as far as moving on goes -- I can’t even think about that right now. It’s not right, and it’s not loyal to Sheridan’s memory. I just can’t do it.” Hank begins, “Ok, ok, I just think that...” Standing up, Luis replies, “You know what? Look, I’m just going to go get some air, all right? Now, you tell Beth that something came up and I had to go. I don’t want to hurt her. I just can’t do this right now.” He turns and walks out the door.

Standing on the wharf outside the Lobster Shack, Luis imagines that he sees Sheridan. He crosses the wharf to embrace her but there is no one there. Walking up to him, Beth asks if he is all right. Luis quietly replies, “Yeah. This is the hardest thing that I’ve ever had to go through, and I’m just -- I can’t do this tonight. I’m not ready.” Beth tells him, “It’s ok, Luis. I only want what’s best for you.” He thanks her. She says, “But I do want you to know that my being here tonight is only about friendship, and I made that clear to Hank when he invited me.” Luis says, “Well, you're a good friend.” Beth replies, “That’s all that hank had in mind, too. He just -- he wanted to get you out -- not for you to forget about Sheridan or me to take her place. That’s not what this is about. And if it was, I wouldn’t have come.” Luis gives her a small smile.

As they stand looking out over the ocean, Brian asks Diana what is on her mind. Diana can't stop thinking about Sheridan Crane. Her death was a tragedy, but at least ... She feels it is so wonderful how loved she was. Diana wishes that were her. Brian lets her know that somebody out there is looking for her. She just wishes that she could remember who she was so she could find whoever might be looking for her. Brian asks if not knowing who she is is starting to get to her. Diana replies, “Yeah. Memory is something you take for granted until you lose it. Without it, I don’t know how I’ll ever find my family. I mean, I don’t even know where I would start. Brian, will you help me? Will you help me find out who I am, where I belong?” Brian replies, “Sure. I’ll do whatever you want.” Diana thanks Brian. He has been so kind. He tells her there are no thanks needed. He just wishes that he knew how he could help ... where to begin. Diana says, “Well, one thing’s for sure -- I’m not Sheridan Crane.” Brian smiles, “Well, that’s a start. But I think that we've talked enough about dead people tonight, don’t you? I mean, Sheridan Crane may be dead, but Diana’s very much alive.” She says, “And I owe you for that. You saved my life.” Brian picks up the picnic basket to head back to the hotel as Diana turns and throws the newspaper into the fire.
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/101501-10.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=101501-10.jpg)

Still standing on the wharf with Luis, Beth says, “I’ll be honest with you. I've never gotten over you. But you already know that.” Luis replies, “Well, that’s why I didn’t want you to get the wrong idea.” Beth tells him, “No, I won’t. I know you love Sheridan. From the moment she came along, I saw the way you were around her. It was pretty clear how you felt. And it hurt, I’ll admit. I wanted to hate her. But then I saw how happy you two were together, how genuine your love for each other was. So I accepted it because I wanted you to be happy. And then I saw what a wonderful person Sheridan was and I really grew to like her. We became friends. You know, we've had some long talks together, most of which you don’t even know about.” Luis looks surprised, “You did?” Beth smiles, “Yeah. We talked a lot about you, life, all kinds of things.” Looking hopeful Luis says, “Well, tell me everything. I just want to know more about her, what she thought and what she felt. I just want to hear it all. Tell me about your talks with Sheridan. I just need to fill in the gaps, know everything I can about her.” Beth nods, “Of course. I’ll share it all. We'll talk as friends, mourn the loss of Sheridan together.” Luis smiles, “I'd like that.” Beth reminds him, “I’m here for you, Luis.” Luis looks up, “Yeah. Well, I guess we should go back in, see how Hank and Lisa are doing.

To be continued...

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9.6.08, 11:26 PM
As they leave the Lobster Shack, Hank teases Luis that it wasn't so bad. Luis walks off by himself. As she stands with Hank and Lisa by the door, Beth warns Hank to leave Luis alone. It was too soon for him to go out with other people, just too close to Sheridan’s death. Luis sees a girl who looks like Sheridan from behind and he calls out to her. When she turns around, Luis sees that it is not Sheridan and he apologizes to the girl. Beth, Hank and Lisa all comment on how much Luis loved Sheridan.
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/101601-05.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=101601-05.jpg)

On the island, Brian walks into the hotel lobby by himself, so Liz says, “Don’t tell me you lost your sea angel already.” Diana enters behind him. Liz asks if she enjoyed her tour of the island. She did and thinks it is a beautiful island. She wasn't paying as much attention to what she was seeing so she wants to walk around again in the morning. Doc suggests that she relax and not strain her mind too much to regain her memory. Diana says, “I’ll try. When Brian and I were down on the beach, I had a moment where I thought I might be Sheridan Crane.” Liz is surprised, “You did?” Diana replies, “Yeah. I read a story about her in the newspaper being lost at sea. But then Brian told me that her body had been found and identified. I can’t get her out of my mind, though. I -- I don’t know why.” Doc says, “I think I know why you can’t get Sheridan Crane out of your mind.” Diana stands in front of Doc, “Why? Tell me.” Doc replies, “Well, it’s simple, really. Diana here read about what happened to Sheridan Crane at sea. And her experiences were so similar, she’s just identifying with her. It’s no wonder you're upset, realizing how close you came to losing your own life out in the hurricane. I think all Diana needs is to be left alone so she can get a good night’s sleep. It'll help you forget all about this Sheridan Crane.”

Diana stands on the balcony in her nightgown looking at the stars when Brian knocks on the door and walks in saying, “I don’t mean to intrude. I just wanted to make sure you had everything you needed.” Pulling a shirt over her gown, she answers, “Yeah. I’m fine.” Brian says, “Good. You had kind of a faraway look in your eye when you were looking out the window. Anything come back to you?” She replies, “No. Nothing that makes any sense.” He comments, “Must be awful frustrating. Look, if there’s anything I can do for you, anything at all, just ask, ok?” She says, “You've been so kind. I -- I wouldn’t even know what to ask for. Except -- no. Forget it. It’s too silly.” Brian encourages her, “No, no, go ahead. Ask away.” She smiles, “You're going to think I’m crazier than you probably already do. I mean, it’s hotter than July here, and for some reason I have this terrible craving for a hot cocoa. Liz probably wouldn’t even have any.” He smiles, “Actually, I just happen to know where a secret stash is. Coming right up.” He leaves to get the cocoa. Diana says to herself, “Hot cocoa? I wonder where that came from.”

Walking along the wharf next to Luis, Beth asks, “Can’t stop thinking about her, can you?” Luis says ever so softly, “I try. Everything I see, everything I do, reminds me of her. The woman we saw just now -- I mean, I could've sworn it was Sheridan -- even though I know logically that it couldn’t be her. Her body was positively I.D.'D before she was cremated. But, honestly, I could've sworn that that woman was Sheridan.” Beth says, “Don’t feel bad. Anybody who lost the love of their life would feel the same way.” Luis speaks in a low voice, “Yeah. Even this place reminds me of her. We used to take long walks, and I’d take my jacket, put it around her to keep her warm, get hot cocoa. I can almost smell it now. You know, you're a real good sport, listening to me go on about Sheridan. Why don’t you go join Hank and Lisa? I’m sure they're much better company.” Beth replies, “No. Not to me, Luis. And just for the record, I don’t mind listening to you talk about Sheridan. I meant it when I said I really liked her.” Luis looks at her, “She liked you, too.” Beth adds, “And, besides, I owe you one. When my father died, you listened to me go on and on for I don’t know how long until I finally accepted his passing. And I want to be here for you until you get over Sheridan.” Luis takes a deep breath and looks out over the water.

Later as it is time to leave the wharf, Luis asks, “Are you going to be ok getting home by yourself?” Beth says she does it every night. She asks if he wants to come by for some hot cocoa, but he replies, “Oh, thanks. Not tonight. Maybe another time.” Luis thanks her for putting up with him even though he wasn't great company. Beth says that he doesn't have to be with her. Luis says, “No. I’m glad Hank got me to come out. It wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it was -- that -- that’s -- that’s not what I meant.” Beth says, “Don’t worry about it. I really do understand. Take care of yourself, you hear?” Luis replies, “I’ll do my best.” Beth leaves and Luis looks up at the moon.

Sitting on her bed with the shirt over her nightgown, Diana takes a sip of her cocoa, “Thank you. Mmm. This is good.” Brian says, “Well, people do tell me I make a mean cup of hot cocoa. So, does it remind you of anything?” She thinks that it should, but she isn't sure. He wishes he could help as does she, but he leaves to let her get some rest. Brian leaves and she looks over the balcony, “What is it? What am I feeling?” Sheridan (“Diana”) looks up at the moon, just as Luis is doing in Harmony, “Hello, moon. Are you looking over my friends and family, too? Where are they? Doesn’t anyone miss me?” She goes back inside her room and lays down on her bed as Luis whispers, “Good night, Sheridan.”
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/101601-12.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=101601-12.jpg)

To be continued...

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9.8.08, 12:42 AM
Asleep in his bedroom, Luis is restless. Sheridan’s voice calls, “Luis? Luis?” Luis groggily opens his eyes, and hears Sheridan’s voice again calling him. Lifting his head off the pillow, Luis asks, “Who’s here? I don’t see anyone.” Sheridan's silhouette can be seen in the open doorway calling to him, “Luis, I’m here. It’s me.” Luis unbelievingly asks, “Sheridan?” The reply is, “Yes, Luis, it’s me.” Sitting up, Luis asks, “Sheridan, is that really you?” Sheridan replies, “Yes, Luis, it’s me. I’m here.” Luis smiles, “You're alive?” She replies, “Yes, I’m alive.” Luis smiles, “Thank God. I thought I'd lost you.” Sheridan softly affirms, “I would never leave you.” Luis pulls the blankets back, “And I would never leave you. I love you so much. Sheridan – Sheridan.” Luis gets out of bed and quickly reaches the door but it won't open. (The camera pans to Luis asleep in his bed.) At the door, Luis calls out again, “Sheridan! Sheridan, don’t go! Don’t leave me! Sheridan? Sheridan, where are you?” Luis gets the door open and runs out into the fog and through the house to the front door. He opens the front door to see Sheridan standing there looking like an angel in her white sun dress holding out a red rose. Luis asks, “Sheridan? Sheridan? Why'd you run away?” Sheridan smiles, “I went to the cottage. I wanted to cut a rose -- last one of the year. You know, I always loved the roses that your father planted for your mother all those years ago. Those roses are a symbol of our love, too. And as long as those roses are in bloom, I will love you, always.”
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/101701-04.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=101701-04.jpg)
Luis smiles, “And I'll always love you.” He moves to hold her but she disappears as he reaches out to touch her. Waking up and looking so disappointed, Luis sighs, “Sheridan.”

In the living room, Luis talks with Ethan and Theresa about him using the living room for his law office. Luis approves and thinks that Sheridan would approve, too. He tells Theresa that he must have had some sleep because he dreamed a lot. When she asks what he dreamed about, he says, “Sheridan. She was at the front door. She was holding a rose. It was from the bush that papa had planted for mama. And those roses always meant a lot to me and Sheridan. Those roses are special, you know.” Then Luis has a flashback of he and Sheridan at the rosebushes when Sheridan tells him, “So whenever we're apart, just look at this rose and you'll know that I’m thinking of you and I haven’t forgotten about you. I haven’t forgotten our love.” While he was talking with ET, Luis was buttoning his shirt and getting dressed for work. He is now ready and heads off to the police station to get his mind off Sheridan.

On the island, Diana is also having restless dreams. Brian and Liz walk into her room and figure that she is having a bad dream. Sheridan/Diana is dreaming about crashing into Luis' police cruiser for the first time. As she turns over in her bed, Brian wants to wake her but Liz thinks it’s best to let her sleep. Doc said her subconscious might still be working in her dreams and she may be reliving something in her past while she sleeps. Liz tells Brian that Diana may know who she is when she wakes up. Liz comments that Brian wouldn't like Diana to remember her past. He responds, “I admit I wouldn’t mind if she didn’t remember her past at all. But I can see how much that it troubles her, not knowing anything about it. I want to help her find out about her past. I just hope it all doesn’t come back at once.” Liz says, “You're hoping she'll spend enough time here so that she'll fall for you and that when she remembers she won’t want to leave.”

Walking into the police station for the first time since returning from Bermuda, Luis is greeted by several of his fellow officers. They all offer him their deepest sympathies over the loss of Sheridan. Luis replies, “Thanks a lot. I think that work’s the only place that’s going to help, you know? It'll just help me take my mind off everything that’s happened.” Luis sits down at his desk and looks over at the picture of Sheridan smiling back at him on his desk.

Walking into the hotel lobby, Diana greets Liz and Brian, who asks if she would like coffee. Liz asks how she slept because they could hear how restless she was. She accepts her coffee and sits at the table with the others. She said that she had a very bad dream but she can't remember what it was about. She wonders what would make her have such a nightmare and wishes she could remember one thing so everything would come back to her. She looks so confused.

At the police station, Luis keeps looking up to see Sheridan's smiling face from the picture on his desk. One of the other officers tells Luis that he saved his mail for him, a lot of sympathy cards. Luis thanks him and begins to look through the mail but he can't keep from looking at Sheridan's picture. He eventually gives up looking through the mail and asks the other officer for a box to take the mail home. As Luis puts the mail in the box, he finds a red rose on his desk.
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/101701-11.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=101701-11.jpg)
He thinks back to what he heard Sheridan say as he hears her voice, “Whenever you and I are apart, just look at this rose and you'll know I’m thinking of you. You'll know I haven’t forgotten you. I haven’t forgotten our love.” Looking at the rose in his hand, Luis exclaims, “My God. Sheridan’s alive.” Sam walks through the door of the station and greets the guys. Luis stands and excitedly says, “Sam, she's alive. Sheridan's alive.” Sam looks stunned, “What are you talking about?” Luis smiles and holds up the rose, “This rose. Sam, this is her way of telling me. I know it. Sheridan sent me this rose! Sheridan's alive.” Luis is so excited but Sam looks so sad for Luis.

On the island, Diana is so frustrated that she had not remembered anything yet, not even her dream. She is so afraid that she won’t get her memory back. Brian tells her to relax and something will pop into her head when she least expects it. Diana decides that he might be right. She decides to take a walk to clear her head. Brian wants to go with her but Liz wants a word with him. Diana tells him she will wait by the door. When they are alone, Liz says, “I saw your face a minute ago when Diana was trying to remember her dream. You're afraid that she’s going to remember someone she’s in love with, aren’t you?” Brian answers, “I won’t deny it. I mean, it would be foolish to think that a woman as beautiful as Diana didn’t have someone special in her life. But maybe by the time she remembers, I will have replaced that special someone.” (FAT CHANCE of that happening, Tonto!) Outside the hotel, Diana has stopped in front of some rosebushes and is deep in thought.
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/101701-12.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=101701-12.jpg)
Inside, Liz warns Brian to be careful and asks what happens when her memory comes back. She may be in love with someone else. Brian looks out the window at Diana and replies, “Well, I’m hoping by the time she remembers her past, whoever it was she was in love with won't matter to her anymore because she'll be so in love with me, she won't want to leave.” (As I said already, FAT CHANCE! Luis is her soul mate, true love, the love of her life, and she is not going to forget him for you!)

The phone rings at Harmony PD, Luis answers, “Harmony P.D., Officer Lopez Fitzgerald.” On the other end of the line, Julian hangs up saying, “Will no one save me from these damn Lopez Fitzgerald’s?” (Pilar had attacked him again for what he did to Theresa in Bermuda so he was calling the police to have her arrested but he gave up when he reached Luis. LOL!) Luis puts the receiver down and turns back to Sam, “I’m telling you, Sam, Sheridan is alive.” Sam says that he is sorry that he hasn't had a chance to sit down and talk with Luis about the accident. He has had a lot going on with his family but he wants to be there for Luis. Sam continues, “You love Sheridan as much as any man could love a woman. As much as I love Grace. And if I lost her, I don't know what I’d do, how I’d react. Luis, you have to accept the fact that Sheridan is gone.” Luis says NO. Sam tells him that people don't come back from the dead. Luis replies, “Sam, I know there's a death certificate, but that means nothing. Sam, this (the rose) means everything. Sam, look. My father planted a rosebush for my mother next to Sheridan's cottage. Now, one day I picked a rose for Sheridan, and Sheridan told me that whenever I looked at a rose she would be thinking of me. Now, this rose just didn't happen to end up on my desk by accident.” Sam sighs, “I know how hard you want to believe...” Luis shows frustration, “No, Sam, you don't understand. Sheridan is alive. She's alive, and she's coming back to me. Look.” Luis reaches in one of his desk drawers and gets the memory book that Charity and Miguel made for him. He shows Sam one of the pictures of Sheridan. Sam takes the book and says, “She was beautiful.” Taking the book back, Luis corrects, “She is beautiful. Sheridan is beautiful. See that smile? I’m going to see that smile again just the way she's smiling right there.”

As Brian watches Diana from the door, Liz asks him if he has told Diana how he feels about her. He says not yet. It is too soon. Liz wants to know why he thinks Diana will fall for a guy like him. Sitting on the couch in the lobby, he says that no woman can escape his charms. He is hoping anyway. Outside by the rosebushes, Diana has a memory of crashing into Luis' police cruiser. She thinks, “What was I remembering? Was it a dream or was it real?” Walking up behind her, Brian asks, “Is everything all right, Diana?” Not turning around, Diana replies, “I think I just had a memory about the past, but I’m not sure. It could've been another nightmare.” He asks what the memory was about. She replies, “Something to do with this rosebush.” Brian says, “Well, I don't know much about flowers, but I would think that these rosebushes grow everywhere. Maybe you just remember it from another time, another place.” She shakes her head, “No. It's more than that. I can feel it.” She doesn't seem able to take her eyes off the roses.

At the police station, Luis says again, “I’m telling you, Sheridan is alive. Sam, I don't know how she survived the explosion or the hurricane, but she did. (Luis smiles here.) Mama said to pray for a miracle, and I did, and God gave it to me.” Standing across the desk from Luis, Sam says, “Ok. Let's say for the sake of argument she is still alive. Why hasn't she contacted you?” Luis thinks, “Maybe -- well, maybe she got hurt. She can't call, she can't e-mail or anything.” Sam continues, “If she's in the hospital, wouldn't a doctor call?” Luis says, “Well, what if she lost her voice and she can't get out of bed?” Sam sighs, “Oh, come on, Luis. You're really reaching.” Luis replies, “Come on, Sam. You know as a cop, we're not supposed to rule out anything.” Sam asks, “If she can't talk or move about, then who sent you the rose?” Luis says, “Well, I haven't figured that out yet, but I know there's an explanation.” Sam sighs, “Luis, look, I’m not trying to give you a hard time. I just want you to face reality. In the long run, dreaming and hoping for things that just can't be will only make it harder on you...” Luis replies, “Yeah, well, miracles change reality and they make things happen.” Sam asks, “Who sent you the rose, anyway?” Luis replies, “It was with a bunch of sympathy cards that Ryan gave me.” Sam asks the other officer if he saw where the rose came from but he never saw the rose before then. Luis adamantly says, “Look, would everyone stop being so damn logical? Just throw logic out the window. Sam, I’m telling you this rose is a sign. Sheridan is coming back to me. She's thinking about me. She's thinking about me right now.” (She certainly was!)

As Luis pours himself some coffee, Sam says, “Luis, I know you're going through a hard time, but I have to remind you what you told me. Sheridan's dental records as well as her fingerprints were compared with the ones from the body found at sea. They were a match. It was conclusive. That was Sheridan's body. That's why you had her cremated. Dead people don't send flowers.” Luis sips his coffee, “All right, Sam. If you want to talk logic, let's talk logic. Maybe they sent the wrong dental records and the wrong fingerprints.” Sam begins, “Luis, you don't really believe...” Luis interrupts, “Sam, crazier things have happened. Maybe they cremated the wrong body. Look, all I know is that Sheridan is alive. She's out there somewhere, and I’m going to find her.”

Still looking at the rosebushes, Diana says, “I can only remember a piece of the dream.” Brian asks if the rosebush was in her dream. She says, “No, that's just it. There was no flower, no bush, nothing like that at all. But for some reason, seeing this rosebush brought it back.” He wants to know what it brought back. She replies, “A car crash. I remember crashing into a police car, seeing an officer.” Brian asks, “So, who was the officer?” She doesn't know. Brian asks if he arrested her. She says that she can't remember any of the details and doesn't even know who the officer was. She couldn't see his face. Diana says she knows it sounds crazy but the rosebushes brought back the memory of the car crash. A frustrated Diana says, “I feel like I am so close to remembering, yet so far. What if I never remember who I am?” Brian says, “Then that would be rough, but it wouldn't be the end of the world. You'll build a new life. I’ll help you. We'll all help you. And who knows? Maybe it'll be better than the last one.” She walks away from Brian, “But I want to remember my life. I want to remember who I am.” Brian says, “Why don't you come inside? I’ll make you some tea. It'll relax you.” Diana turns to look at him for the first time since she saw the roses, “Why are you being so nice to me? You know, what if this memory or dream or whatever it is is real? I mean, what if I really did something horrible and crashed into a police car? What if the officer comes looking for me?” Brian replies, “Will I give you up? Is that what you're asking? I don't think that you did anything horrible, Diana. There's no way. Uh-uh. So if some cop comes looking for you, I’m not going to give you up. You're safe with me. Now, come on. It's tea time.” He takes her hand and they walk into the lobby.

To be continued...

Thanks to Passions Central for the Shuis screen caps.

9.9.08, 12:59 AM
At Harmony PD, Luis sits at his desk, “You think I’m crazy, don't you?” Standing in front of Luis' desk, Sam replies, “Let's just say you're not acting like yourself. The Luis I know is very logical, doesn't let his emotions interfere with his judgment.” Luis nods, “And you're right. If I was in your shoes, I would say, "hey, you know what? This guy is losing it." But I’m not. I’m going to prove to you that Sheridan's alive. I’m going to find her.” Luis picks up the phone and calls the reserve Army captain who handled the case in Bermuda. He asks the man if he remembers him. The captain says that he does and asks how Luis is doing. Luis replies, “I’m fine. Look, I’ll get right to the point. I need you to reopen the search for Sheridan Crane.” Captain showing surprise, “What on earth are you talking about? You identified her body, had her cremated. How could she possibly be alive?” Luis takes a stand, “Well, we made a mistake. We identified the wrong body. We cremated the wrong woman. Listen, I need you to reopen the search. I need you to check all the outlying islands -- the hospitals, the doctors...” Captain asks, “I assume you have some hard evidence that Sheridan Crane is still alive?” Luis says quietly, “Yes, a flower.” Captain, “A flower?” Luis sighs, “You wouldn't understand.” Captain says, “You're right. I wouldn't. Look, on the basis of what you just told me, reopening the search is pretty much out of the question.” Luis pleads, “You listen to me. I need your help.” Taking the phone from Luis, Sam speaks, “Captain, this is Sam Bennett, chief of police here in Harmony. I know what you must be thinking, and I have to admit I find his request a little strange myself. But as a personal favor to Harmony P.D., Could you do it anyway? I mean, chances are slim to none you'll come up with anything, but Luis is a great cop and an even better man, and I think we owe him that slim chance.” Captain sighs, “Fax me the picture. I’ll send it out.” Sam thanks the captain and tells Luis to FAX the picture. Luis thanks Sam.

In the lobby of the island hotel, Liz and Brian discuss the memory that Diana had about crashing into a police car. They are trying to figure out what that has to do with the rose. Diana says, “I don't know. But whatever the connection, the crash itself seems to have been important, as if it were a major event in my life.” Liz asks, “But you have no idea who the policeman was?” Diana doesn't know. Liz and Brian step out into the hallway to discuss Diana getting her memory back. Liz feels this could be the key to her memory returning. Brian says as long as it makes Diana happy. Then Liz asks, “And if the policeman she crashed into is a man that she's in love with?” He doesn't like to hear about that.

At the FAX machine, Luis turns to Sam, “You really went out on a limb for me, Sam, and I appreciate that.” Sam says, “You have to accept that the odds of finding her may be one in a million.” Luis smiles, “Look, I don't care what the odds are. This flower is going to bring her back to me.” He holds the rose again.

As Diana walks to the door, Brian says “Whoa, wait a minute. Where are you going? You haven't had your tea yet.” Diana replies, “I’m going to go take another look at the roses. Would you mind if I snipped one off the bush?” Liz smiles, “Snip them all. Roses grow wild around here.” Diana is happy as she goes out to the rosebush again, “Thank you. Maybe if I carry one with me, it'll help trigger my memory.” As she leaves, the phone rings. Liz answers to find it is someone from the island police calling to tell her to expect a fax that is being sent to all the islands. Liz thinks it sounds important. Brian is at the window watching Diana as she stares at the rosebush.

At Harmony PD, Luis calls the Captain in Bermuda to make sure he received the fax. He has and is holding the missing persons flyer in his hand at the moment. He will send it out to the other islands but he tells Luis not to hold out much hope. Luis replies, “I’ll hold out hope. You just distribute Sheridan’s picture.” Captain says, “Sure. Sure thing.” Luis replies, “Thanks a lot. I really appreciate you doing this, captain.” Walking ove4r to stand in front of Luis' desk again, Sam asks if they got the fax and Luis replies, “Yeah. Now I just got to wait for the captain to distribute Sheridan’s picture, and hopefully someone will recognize her. Sam, I know you think I’ve lost it, but I can’t shake the feeling that somehow Sheridan survived the explosion and the hurricane. She’s just out there. She’s out there. She’s waiting for me to find her.” Sam asks, “Because of some rose that mysteriously appeared on your desk?” Luis sighs, “Sam, it’s a sign. This rose is a sign from Sheridan, letting me know she’s still alive.” Luis defiantly looks up at Sam.

In the lobby of her hotel, Liz tells Brian that was the Bermuda police on the phone and they want her to be on the look for some urgent fax they're sending around to all the islands. She also tells Brian that his eyes are going to fall out of their sockets if he keeps staring at Diana. Doc arrives just then. Liz tells Brian that she knows that he is hoping that he can get Diana to fall for him but what if she’s involved with someone in her old life. Brian hopes that Diana will like or love him more. Doc adds, “Even if she doesn’t get her memory back, the people who miss her will come looking for her. The second they get wind she’s here, they'll snatch her home so fast, your head'll spin.”

Outside Diana is at the rosebush, “What is it about these roses?” She has a flashback of Luis at the rosebush in front of her cottage and Luis handing her one of the roses. “Where was this rosebush? Why is it so important to me? Who gave me the rose? Was it a boyfriend? Am I married? Is it someone that I love?”

Sitting at his desk, Luis admits, “I know it’s far-fetched, Sam.” Sam shrugs, “Try next to impossible. You're an experienced cop, Luis.” A determined Luis keeps his voice calm and even, “Yeah, and I’ve been trained to look at the hard evidence, not let emotions get in the way. But I keep thinking of something that you taught me when I was a rookie. Now, Sam, you said that there were going to be times when the facts didn’t add up and it felt like my back was up against a brick wall. During those times, you said that you've got to go with your instinct -- and I quote -- "because your gut never lies." This is one of those times, Sam. I mean, this rose and my instinct -- I’ve got the feeling that Sheridan’s still alive. Now, that’s why I can’t give up hope. I’m going to find her.”

Diana stands outside with the rose smiling at the memory as all three of the misfits watch her from the window. Brian comments, “She thinks that rosebush could be the key to her past somehow.” Doc says, “If she’s right and it triggers even one memory, my guess is her whole life will come back to her in a rush.” Outside Diana has a flashback of Luis kissing her on the wharf and other Shuis kisses. Smiling she says, “It feels like I was happy, but who was I with? Is there someone out there who loves me?” She has more flashbacks. This time it is the shower in Bermuda, and
http://i207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/8756.jpg (http://s207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/?action=view&current=8756.jpg)
http://i207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/8755.jpg (http://s207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/?action=view&current=8755.jpg)
http://i207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/8757.jpg (http://s207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/?action=view&current=8757.jpg)
http://i207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/8759.jpg (http://s207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/?action=view&current=8759.jpg)
kissing in the romantic bubble bath before the first time they made love, Diana smiles, “I saw his face. Who is he?” She is so excited when Brian comes up behind her and asks if she is all right. Diana replies excitedly, “I’m more than ok. I just remembered something -- actually I should say someone.” Brian asks who it is. Diana excitedly answers, “A man. He must have been a boyfriend or husband. But someone loves me, and I can now remember what he looks like.” She has the most beautiful smile on her face.

At his desk, Luis continues his talk with Sam, “Now, if you were in the same situation with Grace, would you stop looking for her?” Sam says, “This is not a missing persons case, Luis. The body was formally identified as Sheridan’s.” Luis asks, “But what if your gut told you that she was still alive? Huh? What would you do then?” Sam gives in, “Probably the same thing you are.” Luis nods, “I knew it. Sam, you don’t give up on the love of your life, not once you've finally found them. I mean, you can’t. They're a part of you. They're the other half of your heart and soul. (Luis sits back and gives Sam a smile.) I should probably stop there, or you're never going to make me detective.” Sam prompts him, “Go ahead. You might as well get it all out.” Luis leans in and confides in Sam, “I’ve been having these dreams about me and Sheridan -- vivid dreams that take place during different times in history. Last night I dreamt that we were alive during the revolutionary war. My name was Luke and hers was Sara, but it was definitely me and Sheridan. You know, it’s like proof that we were always together. Maybe we were always together. And I figured if we could survive the course of time, then we could survive this, too. That’s why I’m not giving up hope. I’m going to find her.”

On the island, Brian and Diana make their way inside the lobby and are greeted by Liz who wants to know what happened that Diana is smiling. Diana smiles, “I’ve started to remember my life. I’m almost positive that I have a boyfriend or a husband somewhere. I can even picture his face!” She is so excited! Liz congratulates her and Doc says, “This is a good sign, a very good sign. At least we know you don’t have full-blown amnesia.” An excited Diana replies, “Well, if I keep this up, then I might get my memory back and be home by tomorrow! Wouldn’t that be wonderful?” Brian doesn't look at all happy but Diana asks, “You two looked like you were waiting for something important when we came in.” Liz replies, “Oh, I am. The Bermuda police called me to be on the lookout for an urgent fax that they're sending around to all the islands. They didn’t say what it was about, but I got the feeling it was kind of important.” Diana says excitedly, “Maybe it’s about me. Maybe the man I love is trying to find me.” (He certainly is!!!)

At the police station Sam tells Luis how resilient the human spirit can be and he uses his finding Grace when he thought he would never get over Ivy as an example. Luis tells Sam that he can’t imagine being with anyone but Sheridan.

On the island an excited Diana, “Someone loves me. Maybe he’s looking for me and that’s what the fax you're waiting for is about!” Liz reminds her that the fax could be about anything. Diana is not deterred, “How long ago did they call?” Liz tells her that it was just a few minutes ago. An anxious Diana asks, “And you're sure that the machine is working?” Doc says, “We all want you to find out who you are so you can get back to your people, but it’s no good getting your hopes up without good cause.” As Brian walks off, Liz tells him that he looks like he's been punched in the gut. He is upset that Diana wants to leave him so quickly. Liz reminds him that Diana is in love with someone from her past life. The conceited Brian says, “Well, the problem is, is that she doesn’t want to be here. I -- I know if I’d have met her -- I know if I’d have met her before, Liz, I could've made her love me more than anybody she’s ever met.” (My comment to Briantonio is once again...FAT CHANCE! No way, No how! Luis is her one true love!)

After discussing Sam and Grace's situation with her “husband” David, Luis tells Sam that he and Sheridan always wanted to be like Sam and Grace and have a wonderful stable marriage. Luis quietly says, “Sam, I know it’s like a needle in a haystack, but I got the feeling she’s still out there. I don’t believe that she is gone. If only -- no. All I can do now is wait.”

The captain in Bermuda mumbles, “One more hotel on the list. I don’t even know why I’m bothering, but I promised that cop on the mainland. Here goes nothing.” At Liz' hotel the Fax machine rings. Everyone thinks it must be the Fax that the police called about. Diana can't contain her excitement, “What if I’m right? What if this fax is about me and I can finally find out who I am and go home?” Doc warns her not to get her hopes up but Diana can't help thinking that this could be the piece of the puzzle that she needs to figure out who she is. Diana smiles and waits in front of the machine for the FAX to appear.

To be continued...

9.11.08, 1:30 AM
At the fax machine Luis tells Sam that he hopes to God this works. The captain in Bermuda said he would send Sheridan’s picture to all the islands in the area. Luis walks back to his desk and Sam follows, “I know you want to believe that Sheridan’s still alive.” Luis looks at Sam, “I do believe it. But we cremated some other woman. Now, somebody somewhere, maybe on one of those islands, has seen Sheridan.” Sam says, “Look, I just hope you're not setting yourself up to get hurt again.” Picking up the rose, Luis replies, “Sam, this rose didn't just magically appear on my desk. This is our flower, Sheridan’s and mine. It's a sign that she's still alive. Somehow she sent it to me. It's a miracle. I can't give up hope. I've got to keep looking for her. She's out there somewhere. I know it.”

Sitting at his desk at Harmony PD, Luis taps his fingers as he waits impatiently, “I mean, come on. How long does it take to send a fax?” Sam reminds him, “It might take a while to get to all those islands, Luis.” Luis knows that so Sam also reminds him that he might not be happy after he gets the results. Luis says with confidence, “I'm not worried. I'm not giving up hope that somebody somewhere has seen Sheridan.” He walks over to stand in front of Sam who says, “I understand. I guess I'd feel the same way if it were Grace.” Luis says, “Yeah, you would. I know that you have a deep love for her and you have a solid marriage.” Sam replies, “Yes, we do. The strength of our love has helped us overcome a lot of adversity. I mean, if anything, it's only strengthened the bond between us.” Holding the rose, Luis nods, “Hmm. I believe that. The love that you and Grace have is like the love that Sheridan and I share. Sheridan told me that whenever I saw a rose like this that I should know that she was thinking of me and our love. That's why this rose is a sign. It's a sign that I’m not going to lose Sheridan.” Sam says, “I hope so. Ahem -- Luis, don't take this the wrong way, but I think you should take a leave of absence.” Luis is surprised, “Leave? Why?” Sam replies, “You've been through a lot lately. You need a break.” Luis starts to protest but Sam continues, “Look, Luis, being a cop is a high-pressure job. I don't want you making mistakes and maybe getting yourself killed.” Luis just looks at Sam, “Come on. Is that what you think I’m going to do? I'm going to crack up?” Sam quickly says, “I think that, as your friend, not just as your boss, you need to rest. Luis -- think about what I said, and we'll talk later.” As Sam walks off, Luis says, “Yeah, ok.” Then he whispers, “I know you're out there somewhere, Sheridan. And I'm going to find you. I promise.”

Watching Diana retrieve the paper from the machine, Brian asks, “What is it, Diana?” Liz asks, “Is it about you?” Diana holds the faxed sheet, “No. It's just a cover sheet saying that a photograph is to follow and requesting some information.” Doc asks, “A photograph?” Diana smiles, “Maybe it's a picture of me.” The fax machine beeps and Diana asks Liz what is wrong with it. Liz has a look at the machine and figures that it is out of paper and goes to get more. An anxious Diana, “This is so frustrating, having to wait.” Brian reminds her that the fax could be about anyone. She replies, “Yeah, I just -- I'm hoping that it's about me. I want to remember who I am. I keep having these flashes. I see a man.” She smiles as she has a flashback of kissing Luis. Diana is so excited and happy, “I can tell that this man loves me and that I love him. That's why I’m hoping that whatever this fax is about; it'll help me to remember his name -- my name. I ju -st- I want to remember my life. I want to go back to my life.”
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/102201-04.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=102201-04.jpg)
Brian very unhappily looks away.

Diana is so happy as she sits on the couch in the lobby with Brian, “I feel as if I’m so close to remembering. You've helped me so much. I'm so grateful to you.” Brian says that he hasn't done anything. She smiles, “Yes, you have. You've shown me support and encouragement. You've made me believe that there are still people out there who love me that still might be trying to find me.” Brian says, “I can't imagine anyone not loving you. I mean, if there is a guy in your life, I'm sure he's still looking for you.” (Yes, Luis is looking for her.) She smiles, “After these glimpses into my memory, I think you're right. I wonder if he was my husband. Well, I'm not wearing a wedding ring.” Brian says that she could have lost it at sea. Diana grins, “I guess. Anyway, I can tell by the way I felt in these memories, this man and I loved each other very much.” She looks over at Brian and asks, “Brian, you've been really quiet. Is something wrong?” He tells her that nothing is wrong. He just hopes things work out for her. An excited Diana says, “I just have to keep on trying to remember. I want to know everything about this man in my memories. If I could just piece it all together. Hmm.”

Walking into the police station, Beth sits across from Luis at his desk, “Hey. How you doing?” Luis grins, “Right now, I’m on top of the world.” Beth is surprised. Luis is so excited as he continues, “Something amazing has happened. Look at this flower. It was Sheridan”s and my special flower. She sent it to me.” Beth is shocked by that. Luis says, “Sheridan sent it to me to let me know that she's alive. She's out there somewhere, and I’m going to find her. I swear-to-God -- it's a miracle. Sheridan's out there. She's alive. Beth says, “Luis, no. It's a mistake. I've made a terrible mistake. I am so sorry.” Luis asks, “Sorry for what? What are you talking about?” Beth tells him, “Luis, I sent the rose.” Luis' face falls, “You?” Beth explains, “Yes. I once saw you buying roses like this for Sheridan, and I knew that they were special to your relationship. I thought that I was doing something nice for you, just to give you a special memory of Sheridan.” Looking like he is close to tears, Luis asks again, “You left me this flower?” Beth replies, “Yes. I never thought for a minute that you would think it was from Sheridan.” Luis sadly asks for verification one more time, “Sheridan didn't give me the rose?” Beth replies, “No. I'm so sorry. I never meant to give you false hope. Please forgive me.”

In Bermuda, the Captain is at the fax machine, “Hmm. Picture of Sheridan didn't go through. I wonder why. I'll just have to resend it.” A disillusioned, Luis says, “No, of course Sheridan didn't send me the rose. I saw her cremated. Miracles don't happen, do they?” Beth tells him how sorry she is again. Luis sighs and picks up the phone, “I guess I better call the captain, tell him forget about distributing the flyer what's the point, right?” When the Captain answers, Luis says, “Hi, this is Officer Lopez Fitzgerald. You can just forget about distributing Sheridan’s flyer.” Capt. James asks, “Forget about it?” Luis sadly says, “Yeah. You were right. She's gone. And I'm sorry if I put you to any trouble, but there's really no point in sending it out.” Capt. James tells him that he has already sent the fliers out. He is on the last one. A defeated Luis says, “Well, you might as well just go ahead and cancel it because there's really no point.”

On the island, Liz has loaded the paper in the fax machine while Diana wonders if they will try to send the photo again. The fax machine rings and everyone looks at it. Diana jumps off the couch and heads for the machine. Across the room, Liz tells Brian that she knows that he is hoping that this fax won't be about Diana. He doesn't deny that so Doc says, “You can't expect that she'd stay here forever.” Liz adds, “She has another life somewhere with people who love her.” Brian says, “Look, I said I know. I was just hoping.” Diana says, “Here it is. Oh, my God.” The others want to know what it is and if it is about her. Diana frowns, “Nothing. The page is blank.” Liz looks at the paper tells the group that it says the transmission was canceled. They wonder why it was canceled. Liz says, “I don't know, but I'll call the island P.D. And find out what's going on.” Brian states, “You're disappointed.” Trying now to cry, Diana replies, “I just had this feeling that whatever that fax was about had something to do with me. I -- I don't know why, but I just do.” Liz returns to the lobby, “I just spoke with the captain, and he said the fax was a mistake and that's why he canceled the transmission. I'm sorry, Diana, but there is nothing to see.” Diana looks away, deflated.

Standing outside the police station, Luis is upset with himself, “I don't know what I was thinking, sending that out. I saw the proof that Sheridan was dead. I just didn't want to accept it.” Beth apologizes again, “I could kick myself for being such an idiot. I'm so sorry that I put you through this.” Luis says, “It's not your fault. You had no idea I would react the way I did. I've just got to stop looking for signs and clinging to false hope. I got to accept the fact that Sheridan’s dead.”

Brian says, “I'm sorry, Diana. I know how disappointed you must be.” Liz tries to cheer her up, “Don't worry. Things will work out. They always do when the time is right.” Diana softly says, “I hope so.” Brian raises his drink to her, “Well, cheers.” As Diana mopes around, “Cheers. I wish it could cheer me up.” Brian says, “Look on the bright side, Diana. You've had some memories. Maybe the rest will come back to you very soon.” Diana says, “It's just so frustrating to not remember who I am.” Brian reminds her to be patient and keep trying to remember. Diana says, “You're right. I can't give up. I have to continue to believe that there are people out there who love me, that are still trying to find me.” I have to keep picturing that man's face. I just hope that it'll trigger something.” Diana has a flashback of Luis lying in her arms “dead” in the vault. She cries out, “No.” Brian asks, “What is it? What did you remember?” Sheridan says, “I just had another flash about the man that I love. He was so close, I could feel our love. He was the great love of my life.” Brian asks her if she remembers his name. She replies, “No, I wish I could. All I remember is this pain, this terrible pain.” He asks, “Pain? Pain from what, Diana?” She sadly says, “I saw myself holding him. I was crying. I was grieving over him because he's dead. The man that I love is dead.”

In front of the police station, Beth says, “I wish there was something I could do, Luis.” Luis' voice cracks as he replies, “Thanks, anyway. It's just that nothing can take away this kind of suffering. I miss her every minute of every day, wishing she was here.” Beth says, “I understand how you feel. I really do.” Luis sadly says, “You know, this might sound strange. If one of us had to die, to be left alone, I'm glad it wasn't her. I saw her suffer like this once before. We were trapped in this vault, running out of air. I was trying to get the oxygen pump to bring in more air when something went wrong.” Luis has a flashback of him “dead” in Sheridan's arms and how he came back to her. Luis tells Beth, “I got a bad electric shot. I thought I'd died. The grief was overwhelming, and I knew I couldn't leave Sheridan alone with that kind of pain. Somehow I fought to bring myself back. Thank God I was able to come back. I couldn't bear the thought of Sheridan living through the pain that I'm living through now.” Luis turns back to Beth, “I'm sorry. I didn't mean to get all emotional.” Beth says, “No, I know how you feel. I understand what it is to lose someone that you love.” Luis asks, “You do? Oh, hey, I’m sorry. I'm sorry. I never realized what you went through when we broke up. You never let on.” Beth says, “I didn't want to make you feel bad. I know that you didn't intentionally try to hurt me. Your reason for breaking it off was noble. I mean, you felt like you had a responsibility to your family. I didn't want to make you feel bad about that.” Luis says that he is sorry. Beth replies, “Don't be. I don't hold a grudge. I just -- I want us to be able to be honest with each other, you know, and just talk about it.” Luis looks at her, “Can I ask you something?” She says, “Of course.” Luis asks, “You think you ever get over losing the person you love?” Beth shakes her head, “No. I don't think so.” Luis agrees, “That's what I told Sam, too. I don't think you do. Never.”

Diana cries, “The man in my life -- the man that I love is dead. He's gone.” Brian asks if she is sure. She replies while crying, “I was crying. I was grieving as though my heart would break. I've lost him. He's gone. That's why he hasn't found me. That's why no one will ever find me because there isn't anyone. I have no one.” Brian holds her as she cries, “Yes, you do, Diana. You have me. You have me.”

To be continued...

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9.11.08, 5:27 PM
Thanks, Ann!

9.11.08, 11:34 PM
As Diana walks around the hotel lobby by herself, Brian comes up to her and asks if she is feeling any better. She tells him that she is trying. She knows that the last thing anyone around there needs is her feeling sorry for herself. Liz enters and says, “It must be rough not remembering anything.” Diana says, “I'm so grateful to you and Brian. I mean, I couldn't have asked to have been rescued by nicer, more generous people.” Liz says, “Oh. Well, don't look at me. Brian's the one that fished you out of the sea.” Diana smiles, “You've been great, too, Liz. I mean, if ever I get home, wherever that is, I won't ever forget what you've done for me.” She looks sad again as she says, “I just wish that I hadn't remembered the man I was in love with.” Liz asks her why. She replies, “Because it makes it harder to realize that he's never going to come looking for me.” Liz asks, “Are you sure he's dead?” Diana nods, “It's the one clear memory that I have. I can picture him, dying in my arms. Whoever he was, I've lost him.” She has a flashback of her crying over Luis' body in the vault and she begins to cry again.

Standing in Sam's back yard watching the work being done on Sam and Grace's house, Hank asks, “What kind of weirdo strolls in town claiming to be Grace's real husband, then hangs out by volunteering to work on Sam and Grace's new house?” Luis says, “Hank, forget about it. All right? It's between them. Besides, from what Sam says, this guy's story checks out.” Hank looks at Luis, “I don't care what checks out. It doesn't set right with me. Sam and Grace have been through enough. I wish to Hell this guy had never shown up.”

In the hotel lobby, Brian says, “Don't cry. Everything's going to work out.” Diana cries, “You've got no idea how much I want to believe you, Brian. I just don't see there being any chance of that happening. I mean, every time I see the face of the man I loved, I just feel sadder and -- you know, I didn't just lose him when he died. I lost any chance that I had of finding out who I was before you found me at sea.”

In Sam's backyard, Luis says, “In some ways, I don't mind that this guy David came to town.” Hank looks strangely at him, “I thought you were on my brother's side.” Luis replies, “You know I am. Sam means the world to me. It's just that this guy finding the woman he loved and lost after all these years is proof that miracles can happen.” Hank says, “Your story's a little different, Buddy.” Luis asks, “Why, because Sheridan's body was identified?” Disbelieving Hank says, “She was cremated, Luis.” Luis looks up at him, “Yeah. I'm not so sure it was Sheridan anymore.” Hank asks, “Where's all this coming from? I thought you said yourself how futile it was to hope that Sheridan survived. You even told the Bermuda police to stop distributing that flier with her picture on it.” Luis smiles, “I know. I was watching this guy David, and I’m realizing he had faith for over 20 years that Grace was out there somewhere. And why can't it happen to me, too?” Hank is skeptical, “Clinging to a mighty thin thread if you're basing your hopes on Hastings. Personally, I wouldn't bet my lunch money on anything that had to do with him. I mean, what kind of guy, you know, spends his free time volunteering to help build a house that his wife plans to live in with another man? Nobody's that noble. I'm not getting anywhere with this. Let's go get a cup of coffee.” Hank and Luis walk off.

Walking toward one of the tables in the lobby with her cold drink in hand, Diana says, “Maybe that's the reason I can't remember any more than I have. I don't want to remember because I have nothing to go back to, and maybe I was so devastated over losing this man that I tried to take my own life.” Brian doesn't think so. She asks why not. Brian replies, “Because you have too much spirit. Look, if you would have wanted to die, you had ample opportunity to do so before and after I fished you out of the sea. So, no. I think you loved your life, even if you did suffer a great loss.” She says sadly, “I guess I'll never know.” Brian responds, “You know, maybe you don't realize it, Diana, but you're not much different than the people you've met here on this island.” Diana looks up at him then sadly down at the floor, “You all know who you are, where you've been.” Brian says, “Yeah. But all of us -- me, Liz, Doc -- even though we all come from different places, we all kind of ended up here the same way -- leaving our past far behind us. See, you -- you didn't have that choice. Take my word for it -- it's not a bad place to start over. We take care of each other here, Diana. And we'll take care of you, too. At times you may feel lost, but you're never going to feel alone again, not ever.”

Arriving at the Book Cafe, Luis and Hank are greeted by Beth. Hank tells her that they want two cups of strong coffee. She asks Luis how he is doing and to remember that she is there for him.
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/102401-01.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=102401-01.jpg)
As the guys find a table, Hank sees David arrive for coffee and says that he has a way of getting on the Bennett brothers' nerves. Luis warns Hank about letting that go. While he waits for his coffee, David walks over to Luis' table. He says, “We don’t really know each other, but I heard about what happened to your fiancée, and I wanted to say how sorry I am.” Luis thanks him. David adds, “I just want to say that I’ve been in a similar circumstance. I was sure I’d lost someone I loved, but I never gave up hope. And I ended up finding her.” As soon as David walks off, Luis turns to Hank, “That's what I'm telling you, Hank -- miracles do happen.” As their coffee arrives, the guys hear Beth talking with someone on the phone and sounding upset. Looking toward Beth, Luis says, “I hope Beth’s ok.” Hank says he has to run so Luis walks toward Beth to see if she is all right. He hears her say, “No. Please tell me that this is a mistake.” Luis asks softly, “Beth, what is it? Is there anything I can do?” Still on the phone she replies, “No, Luis. There isn't anything anybody can do.”

On the island, Diana asks, “So you think I fit in around here, huh?” Brian replies, “Fit in? But you've only been here a short time, and I can already tell that you're one of us.” She laughs, “Why, because I'm stuck here, because I have no place to go?” Brian says again, “Like I said, this is not a bad place to be stranded. In fact, I have been officially appointed by the travel council to offer you a permanent position here on the island with us, the island of people who have no one else and nowhere else to go.” She replies, “Well, then it is my pleasure to accept your invitation.” Brian says, “Well, then it's official. You are one of us.” He kisses her hand. Diana smiles, “Thank you -- I think.” He says, “You're welcome -- I think.” Watching from across the room, Liz thinks, “Careful, Brian. You're playing with fire.”

At the Book Cafe Beth cries into the phone, “Are you sure? No, I just can't believe it. It's horrible. All right. Yeah, I understand.”
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/102401-12.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=102401-12.jpg)
She hangs up the phone. Luis asks, “Beth, what is it? What happened?” Beth replies, “My worst nightmare, Luis.” Luis asks again, “Well, what's wrong? Is there anything I can do?” Beth shakes her head, “No. There isn't anything anyone can do. My dreams have just been destroyed. So has my life.”

On the island in her hotel, Liz sees Brian and Diana hugging, “So, what are you two so happy about?” Diana smiles, “Well, Brian and I just figured something out, Liz.” Liz asks, “What's that?” Diana replies, “That maybe I have amnesia and can't remember my life before I came here because I have nothing to go back to.” Brian adds, “So that makes her just like everyone else on the island -- no one and nothing to go back to.” Diana adds, “And that's why you all stay here and take care of each other.” Liz smiles, “Oh. I guess that's one way of explaining what we're all doing here.” Brian says, “So she's one of us now. Well, at least for as long as you want to be.” Diana thanks Brian. She guesses that will be for a long time. She decides to go make some sandwiches. Brian thinks that will be great. Diana asks Liz if that is all right with her. Liz tells Diana to make whatever she wants. Then she turns to Brian and asks, “So if Diana is one of us, when are you going to start paying her bills? You did say you'd take care of her, didn't you?” Brian says, “Yes, I did, and I will.” Liz wants to know, “When? I'm still waiting for you to take care of your own bills. So, how do you plan to take care of Diana when you can't even take care of yourself?” As Liz and Brian discuss how Brian will pay his bills and Diana's, Liz remembers a way for Brian to get the money to pay off some of his debts.

At the Book Cafe Luis holds Beth's hand and asks, “Beth, what do you mean your life's been destroyed? What happened?” Beth replies, “I just got such bad news. About my father's boat. You know the one he used to sail down in the tropics? Well, when he died, he left it to me.” Luis nods, “I remember you telling me about the boat.” Beth continues, “Yeah, well, since he died, I’ve been renting it out to make extra money, you know, for my mom and me, and it's what's been keeping my mother going. I've been trying to save every extra penny that I could.” Luis asks, “Beth, so what went wrong?” Beth says, “Well, the agency that I hired to rent it out -- they called and they said that some crooks had rented it out and they just never brought it back. They just sailed it off, Luis.” Luis is shocked and asks, “They stole your boat? Did you report the theft to the police?” Beth says, “The agency did. But they're down there in tropics where the police have to be bribed to do anything. I used up a lot of my savings just bribing the police.” Luis says, “That kind of corruption makes me sick. There's got to be some other way around it.” Beth says, “No, the agency said that there was no other way. Now I've not only lost the income from the boat, I've lost the chance to buy back this cafe from the Cranes. That's why I’ve been working so hard to save money.” Luis replies, “I know it's always been a dream of yours.” Beth says, “Yeah. And I've just put everything into building up this -- this business after, well...” She looks away and cries. Looking rather guilty Luis asks, “After you and I broke up?” Beth replies, “Yeah. Look, Luis, I'm not trying to make you feel sorry for me, ok? I love this cafe and I’ve loved working hard here. Now it just seems like another dream just died.”

On the island Brian, Liz and Diana walk down a pier and stop in front of a boat where Brian asks, “So what's this all about, Liz?” Liz replies, “Well, I thought you could do this as a favor for me. As you can see, this tub needs a little work, but you're handy. I know you'll have her shipshape in no time.” Brian looks at her, “So you want me to fix this boat up as a favor?” Liz pointedly says, “If you get my drift.” Brian replies, “Yeah. Yeah, I think I do.” Looking over at Diana looking at the boat, Liz says, “And I'm sure you'll have a good time, too.” Brian turns to Diana, “So did you hear that, Diana? Liz wants me to get this vessel back into sailing shape.” Looking at the boat, Diana asks, “Really? Can I help?” Brian shrugs, “Yeah, sure, if you want to.” Diana says, “I do. I think it'll be fun.” Liz cheerfully says, “Great idea. Ok, I'll leave you two.” Brian says, “Well, no time like the present. Let's get to work.” He puts his hand out to help Diana to step on the boat. As she puts her hand into his, she has a flashback of Luis holding her hand and helping her onto the boat they rented in Bermuda.

Sitting at a table in the Book Cafe with Beth, Luis says, “I don't understand. You said this happened about three months ago.” Beth nods, “That's when the crooks stole my boat.” Luis asks, “Well, then what was the phone call about that got you so upset?” Beth says, “It was about another call I got about three weeks ago that my boat had been found.” Luis smiles, “Well, found. That's great news, isn't it?” Beth replies, “Not really. I couldn't take off work to go and get it. So the agency said if I sent them some money that they could hire someone to sail it back to Harmony for me. So I sent the rest of my savings down there. The call that I just got was the agency telling me that the man they hired to sail it back just disappeared with all my money. I don't have anything left, Luis. I mean, I just -- I don't know what I’m going to do.” She starts to cry again. Luis goes to get coffee and as he returns he asks, “So, Beth, this guy they paid to sail your boat back -- did he take off with it?” Beth replies, “No. It's still sitting down there waiting for someone to come and get it.” Luis smiles, “Well, then it's not all bad news. You still got your boat.” Beth cries, “And what good does it do me? I can't afford to take off work and go get it.” Luis says, “No, but I can. I just got a great idea. You know, Sam’s been trying to get me to take time off of work, so why don't I go down and get your boat?” Beth quickly says, “No, Luis, I can't ask you to do that. I mean, I don't even have any money to pay you.” Luis asks, “Well, who said anything about money? Look, this might be just what I need to get over losing Sheridan. You know, time to clear my head, out there by myself, alone on the sea.” Beth puts her hand on Luis' hand, “Luis, I can't let you do it. It won't help. It's only going to hurt you.” Luis asks, “Hurt me? Why?” Beth says, “Because the boat is in the worst possible place for you to go. It's on an island near Bermuda, where you lost Sheridan.” Luis has a flashback of him and Sheridan happy on the boat in Bermuda.
http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b369/dolphin711/fb600b18.jpg (http://s23.photobucket.com/albums/b369/dolphin711/?action=view&current=fb600b18.jpg)
On the island, Sheridan has the same flashback at the same time. Brian asks her if she is all right. She says, “Yeah, I'm fine. Doc said I would have memory flashes from time to time.” Brian asks if she just had one and she replies that she did. Brian tells her, “Well, I'm going to go down into the galley and see if we should start down there or start on deck, so come on.” He leaves her on deck. Diana wonders, “Why did I have a memory flash just now? Must have something to do with seeing this boat.” She immediately has a flashback of Luis rubbing suntan lotion on her back on the boat in Bermuda.
http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b369/dolphin711/2bbed759.jpg (http://s23.photobucket.com/albums/b369/dolphin711/?action=view&current=2bbed759.jpg)
She thinks, “Oh. Whoever he was, he did love me very much. So, so much.”

At the Book Cafe Luis disagrees, “No, you're wrong. I can do it, Beth. I can go down there and get your boat.” Beth looks at him, “Luis, I saw the look on your face when I said it was in Bermuda. It'll just bring back all the memories of your time there with Sheridan. I can't let you go through that kind of pain.” Luis has another flashback of being happy on the boat with Sheridan and talking about how they had the rest of their lives to be together.

On the boat in the islands, Diana has the same flashback and she cries, “Hmm. Will I ever feel love like that again? Maybe I can't remember his name because of his death. It -- it would be too painful.” As the tears run down her cheeks, Diana thinks, “I'll never remember who he is or my life. I will never feel love like that again.”

At the Book Cafe Beth says, “You see, I’m right, Luis. It would be too painful for you to go there again. I just mentioned Bermuda and you take a nosedive.” Luis sadly replies, “Well, maybe I need to feel that kind of pain. You know, maybe it would be a good opportunity to finally say good-bye to Sheridan, you know, stop hoping, to -- to stop imagining that I’m ever going to see her again. Maybe the peace of mind that I’m looking for is somewhere down there in those tropical islands.”

Coming back on deck, Brian asks, “Diana, I -- Diana, what is it? Are you having more memories?” Diana cries, “He loved me. He loved me so much.” Brian, “Who? Who loved you?” She cries even harder, “The man I keep seeing in my memories. I remember him and I remember how much I loved him. And I'll never see him again.”

To be continued...

Thanks to Passions Central for the screen caps.

9.13.08, 12:01 AM
On the island over breakfast Liz and Brian discuss him paying his tab with Liz as well as Diana's. He is going to make that extra money by getting Beth's boat ready to sail home. Liz thinks that Brian is hanging around this morning so that he can see Diana before he goes to work. He says that he is waiting on her because she is going to help him work on the boat. Liz comments that Diana will be more in the way than a help. She says, “What does a woman like that know about fixing a boat? I bet before the accident she never went a day without a manicure.” She tells Brian that he is going to get hurt and, “You can play all imaginary games you want to, but she is never going to be one of us. As tattered and as banged up as she was when you found her, you can just tell by the way she carries herself she was born to money and class. Even if her lover's dead, the way she seems to think, are her people missing her and wondering where she is. And, Brian, she is missing them, too. So as soon as she gets her act together enough, she's going to sashay out of here so fast you won't know what hit you. You're going to be left with nothing but a big empty hole where your heart used to be.” Brian looks worried.

Still in her bed sleeping Diana dreams that she is with Luis, “Thank God you're here. (She runs into Luis' arms in her dream.) I thought I'd never see you again. I don't know what happened. I got lost. It doesn't matter. You're here and we're together, and I -- I love you so much. Wait a minute. This isn't right. You're dead. I -- I remember you dying.” Sheridan gasps and is immediately awakened, sitting up in her bed, “It was only a dream. If only I could remember who he was, I know I’d be able to remember everything else.”

As they order coffee at the Book Cafe, Luis asks, “Check in on Beth for me while I'm gone, will you?” Hank wants to know where he is going. Luis replies that Sam told him that he could take a short leave of absence. Hank still wants to know where he will be going. Luis replies, “Uh – Bermuda.” Hank looks surprised, “For God's sake, man. I thought we talked about this.” As they take a seat at a nearby table, Luis replies, “Hank, this has nothing to do with Sheridan. You remember that phone call that Beth got yesterday before you took off?” Hank asks what it was about. Luis says, “Oh, it's a long story. A boat that Beth owns, used to belong to her father, was ripped off. It's docked at an island down near Bermuda. Beth needs someone to bring it back so she can sell it so she can try and buy this place back from the Cranes.” Luis adds that he volunteered because he and Beth are still friends. Hank shakes his head, “Don't you know by now that you can't scam a scam artist? You volunteered to make the trip because of Sheridan. You can't get it out of your head that somehow she survived the unsurvivable. And you think by going back down there, you're going to find her. Am I right or am I right?” Luis just looks at Hank.

On the island, Liz comments, “Look, Brian, I am not telling you anything you don't already know. Diana has another life somewhere. And when she remembers it, she's going to want to go back to it -- and to the people who are in it.” Brian counters, “Yeah, but the most important person -- this guy who loved her -- she's sure that he's dead, Liz.” Liz replies, “Well, she thinks that because she's having these spotty memory flashes here and there. But we don't know what really happened.” Brian disagrees, “Ah, come on, he's got to be dead. If he weren't, he'd be out here combing the area looking for her. I know that if she were my girlfriend or my wife, I wouldn't have given up that easily.” Liz responds, “Well, maybe he thinks that she drowned in that hurricane. I don't know, Brian. I don't have all the answers. I'm just warning you.” Brian sighs. Diana walks into the lobby, Brian sees her, and stands to greet her. He asks if she slept well. She replies, “I – actually, I had a dream about the man I had the memory of.” Liz asks, “The one that you think died.” Diana nods in the affirmative, “Only in my dream he was alive. He was holding me in his arms, and I felt so safe. Only it's just a dream. He's gone, along with any chance that I had of finding out who I am.” She looks so sad.

In the Book Cafe, Hank demands, “Admit it, the real reason you're going back down to Bermuda is to look for Sheridan.” Luis looks up, “Hank, I'm not going to deny that I was hoping for a miracle. You know, it all started when I found that rose on my desk. I thought for sure that it was a sign from Sheridan that she was still alive. And then David Hastings returning, finding Grace after all these years. Just because a miracle is handed out to him, it doesn't mean that the Man upstairs is handing them out to everyone. And now I know that Beth is the one who gave me the rose. So, no, I'm not expecting to see Sheridan again. I know that she's gone.” Hank asks, “So -- so why go anywhere near Bermuda so soon? You're going to only dredge up painful memories.” Luis quietly replies, “Well, maybe that's not such a bad thing. Maybe I need to work through that pain before I move on. Maybe I need to -- to put those ghosts to rest before I get on with my life. Maybe that's what she would have wanted. Hank, I just want to put Sheridan’s death behind me once and for all. And if I can help out Beth at the same time, why not?” Beth stops in front of their table with refills for their coffee. She asks Hank if Luis told him what he offered to do. Hank tells her that Luis is filling him in on it. Beth turns to Luis and tells him that she will understand if he has had second thoughts and does not want to go down to the area where he lost Sheridan. Luis assures her, “Beth, it's all right. I already booked a flight. I'm leaving later this morning.” Beth thanks him and moves on to another table. Luis comments, “You know, I never realized how much I hurt Beth after we broke up.” Hank replies, “Well, that's how she wanted it. She didn't want to make you feel guilty for choosing to support your family instead of marrying her.” Luis says, “And I probably would have. And that's why I want to help her now. If retrieving this boat for her can help her buy this place back from the cranes, then -- well, who knows? Maybe it will help make up in some small way for what I did to her back then.” Hank says, “There's another way you can make it up to her she might even appreciate more. You could give going out with her another shot.” Luis gives him another “look”.

On the island, Brian and Diana are at work getting Beth's boat back in shape to sail back to the US. Brian asks, “Now, are you feeling any better?” Diana says, “Yeah. It helps to work out in the fresh air. Keeps my mind off of things.” Brian says that is why he enjoys what he does, being out on the water for a few days at a time. Diana replies, “Can't imagine what it would be like to be out on the ocean, especially alone.”
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/102601-08.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=102601-08.jpg)
Brian replies, “Oh, it's not so bad. You get used to it. Actually, it gives you some space to think about things that you just otherwise wouldn't have time to think about.” Diana wants to know what kinds of things. Brian says things like hopes, dreams, whatever. Diana asks about his. Diana says, “Your dreams. All I seem to do is talk about myself. I -- I hardly know anything about you well, what do you think about when you're out at sea?” Brian says, “Stuff, you know, like what it would be like to settle down one day.” She then asks, “Why haven't you already?” Brian says it just hasn't come up. Diana thinks that he is such an amazing person so he should give a woman half a chance and she would fall madly in love with him. She adds, “You'll see. The right girl will come along for you one of these days. I'd bet on it.” Brian turns away and says to himself, “She already has.”

Sounding frustrated Luis says, “Hank, we've been through this.” Hank replies, “I know, I know. It's too soon for you to jump in another relationship. All I'm saying is that when the time is right, you could do a whole lot worse than Beth. You know? She never stopped loving you. She's always been in your corner.” Luis stops him, “Hank, let it go. You know, it's way too soon for me to think about going out with anyone right now.” Hank insists, “But you won't rule out the possibility that things may click for you two in the future.” Luis replies, “How can I even answer that? I can't think that far ahead, all right?” Beth hands Luis a large envelope and tells him that it is information on her father's boat. Luis says, “: Excellent. I'm going to keep you posted as soon as I get down there.” Beth thanks him and walks off. Luis stands to leave as he bids them good bye.

As Diana is in thought as she looks out over the water, Brian asks about her thoughts. She replies, “I was thinking about the ocean, the sheer vastness of it. A keeper of so many secrets.” Brian asks, “Like where you're from?” She replies, “And what we were talking about earlier. You know, hopes and dreams. I know I must have had some before. I just can't remember what they are. Maybe they were a lot like yours. You know? Getting married, settling down, having kids with the man I love. I must have really loved him or I wouldn't be able to picture his face so clearly.” Brian says, “Maybe you guys were married. Maybe you even had kids together.” She has a flashback of Luis proposing to her in the gazebo, “I remember now. He gave me an engagement ring. We were supposed to get married, but -- I don't have a ring. It must have never happened. He must have -- he must have died before we ever had a chance.”

On the phone talking to Liz, Beth says, “That's right. My friend's flying down to pick up my father's boat and he's going to sail it back for me, so I want to make sure that it would be ready when he gets there.” On the island, Liz replies, “No problem, honey. I got someone working on the boat right now. As soon as he's done, it'll be as good as new.” Beth says, “I appreciate it. My friend should be there some time today.” Liz asks, “He knows how to get to this little out-of-the-way island?” Beth replies, “Yeah. I gave him directions.” Liz says, “Ok. Then I’ll be on the lookout for him. Soon as he gets here, I'll take him down to the boat straightaway.”

On the airline to Bermuda, the Flight attendant asks Luis if he would like a magazine. He does not. She asks him, “First trip to Bermuda?” Luis replies, “No, I was here a while ago.” Flight attendant asks, “Oh. Going back to see your girlfriend?” He replies, “No. I don't have a girlfriend anymore. She's gone.”

Diana is visibly upset, “I was supposed to marry the man I love. I was supposed to have children with him. Why was it all taken away from me before we had a chance? Why?”
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/102601-09.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=102601-09.jpg)
Brian tells her how sorry he is. Crying even harder now, “I mean, I've lost him. I will never see him again.” Brian hugs her.

To be continued...

Thanks to Passions Central for screen caps.

9.14.08, 2:19 AM
On the plane on the way to St. Lisa's island, Luis looks at the contents of the manila envelope that Beth had given him. When he looks at the picture of the boat, he has flashbacks of him and Sheridan on the boat in Bermuda. He sees her at the wheel of the boat, them kissing while he is at the wheel of the boat, kissing on the deck of the boat, and him putting lotion on Sheridan’s back, then kissing her. After the flashbacks Luis whispers, “Oh, God. Sheridan.”

On the island Diana cries, “The man I loved was taken from me. I'll never see him again. Why, Brian? Why?” She has a flashback of Luis being electrocuted in the vault which causes Brian to ask, “Diana, what is it?” She replies, “I just had a sudden memory flash. I'm not sure what it was, but I know that the man I loved is dead. He's gone. He's gone forever.”
On the plane Luis looks at the picture of the boat and sighs, “I thought we had forever. The rest of our lives.” He lowers his head into his hands. The flight attendant asks, “Are you all right, sir?” Luis looks up, “Yeah, I'm fine. Why?” She says, “You seem upset. Can I help?” Luis replies in a husky emotion-filled voice, “No. No, thanks. There's nothing anyone can do. I lost the woman I love. The only woman I’ll ever love.”

On the island, Brian asks Diana how she knows that the man she loves is dead. She replies, “I told you -- I had a memory of holding him in my arms. His body was just lifeless.” Brian asks if she can remember anything about him or his name. Visibly upset she replies, “No. That's what's so upsetting. I mean, I can see his face, but I never hear his voice. I can see the face of the man I love, but I just don't remember his name. I'm sorry. You must be so sick of hearing me go on about my amnesia.” Brian says, “No. Not at all. But I just think that it's time you stop dwelling in the past. If you say that the man that you loved is dead, then maybe it's time you started focusing on the future.” Diana turns away from him, “What future? I don't have one. I have no one.” He reminds her again that she has him.

On the plane, Luis has another flashback of him and Sheridan on the boat in Bermuda. Walking past his seat, the flight attendant asks, “You feeling any better?” Luis looks up, “Yeah, I'm fine.” She says, “You know what they say? Time heals everything.” Luis gives a small smile, “Yeah. That's what they say. But ever since Sheridan died, I've been fantasizing that she's still alive. I've been hoping that some miracle will happen and that somehow I'll see her again.” She asks if that is why he is going to Bermuda. Luis replies, “No. No, Sheridan died down there. I'm just hoping that going back down will help me finally accept that she's gone.” Looking out the window, Luis asks, “What's that island down there?” The attendant replies, “St. Lisa's island. It's one of the many small islands surrounding Bermuda.” Luis replies, “It's actually where I'm headed. At least there won't be any memories of Sheridan down there.”

Looking up as they hear the plane overhead, Brian asks, “What is it?” Looking at the plane Diana replies, “I don't know. Something about that plane. I just -- I had a funny feeling. It's nothing.” Brian says, “Come on, let's go inside.” They walk down the steps. Arriving at the hotel Diana stops and smells the roses which makes Brian ask, “What is it about roses that stops you, Diana?” She has a flashback of Luis handing her a red rose at the rosebush outside her cottage, so she responds, “I don't know. The scent. Brings back memories of the man I loved.” He suggests that maybe he used to bring her roses. She has a flashback of kissing Luis after the misunderstanding they had over doing without the Crane money. She shrugs, “What's the point? He's gone. And you're right. I have to get on with my life.” Brian says, “You know, Diana, if that rosebush makes you unhappy, I can convince Liz to dig it up. I'll plant something else.” She looks up, “No, that would be silly. I mean, you're right. I've got to get past these memories and move on with my life.” Brian says, “Well, I just want you to know that I meant what I said. I'm here for you, and I'm not going anywhere.” She smiles, “I appreciate your friendship so much.” Brian says, “I don't really think you understand what I was saying.” Diana questions, “What do you mean?” Brian asks, “Do you believe in love at first sight?” Diana looks away in shock and walks inside. As she walks inside the lobby, Luis arrives in the courtyard and stands by the rosebush.

Inside Brian is insistent, “Diana, I have to know. Do you believe in love at first sight?” She is flustered and doesn't know what to say, “I don't know. I'm -- I’m not sure it ever really happens.” Brian says, “Well, it does happen because it happened to me. Look, I know this sounds crazy and I probably should wait to tell you this, but, Diana, I love you. I love you.” (Well, we know from later on in the Titanic story that he didn't really love her but he had a spell placed on him to love her instantly. What a curse on Sheridan that turned out to be!) She looks shocked but Brian pulls her into a kiss anyway. As Brian is kissing her, Sheridan has several flashbacks of Luis kissing her.

Outside in the courtyard of Liz's hotel, Luis stops in front of the rosebush and picks one. He then has the flashback of Sheridan telling him, “Whenever we're apart, just look at this rose and you'll know that I’m thinking of you, that I haven't forgotten about you, I haven't forgotten our love.” Coming out of the flashback Luis looks so sad as he whispers to himself, “You got to let it go, man. She's gone.” He picks up his bag and walks to the door.

Inside, Diana pushes Brian away, “I'm sorry. I shouldn't have let you kiss me. I thought I was with the man that I love, the man that I lost.” Brian says, “That man, the one you once loved -- you said he was dead.” She says, “I know. I had a memory of holding his lifeless body in my arms.” She has the vault flashback again. “It would take a miracle to bring him back. But the love that I have for him will never die. It is so deep inside of me. And that will last forever.” She cries and runs off into the back yard and Luis enters the lobby from the front side. He calls out, “Hello?” He hears Brian calling Diana's name and calls out, “Hello, is there anyone here? Diana?”

Now outside, Brian calls for Diana to wait. Diana is crying so Brian says, “I just want you to understand that I know why you kissed me back. Because you thought I was the man that you loved.” She nods yes. Brian continues, “Well, I kissed you because I love you.” She says, “Oh, you can't say that.” Brian insists that it is true but she insists that it can't be. They just met. (This is day three since he fished her out of the sea.) Brian insists, “Diana, look, I have been close to other women before and I have never felt anything like this. I was in love with you from the moment that I pulled you out of the water.” (Yes, and we all know exactly why that is!) Diana is clearly upset now and raises her voice, “No, I was half-dead when you pulled me out of the water. You felt sorry for me and you still do.” Brian still insists, “You're wrong, Diana.” She replies, “You know, remembering the man that I love and that no one would come looking for me really hurt me. You saw how torn up I was. And you kissed me because you're a nice guy.” Brian says that isn't true. She says, “You saved me from drowning. You saved me physically. And now you're just trying to save me emotionally by saying that you love me.” Brian says, “Look, you can invent all the excuses that you want to, but the fact of the matter is...” She holds up her hand to stop him, “No, please, just don't. Don't say "love." I know what true love is. And I will never feel that again.” She begins crying even harder than before. Brian tells her not to cry as he holds her.

Walking into the lobby, Liz sees Luis and guesses, “The boat owner's friend.” Luis smiles, “Yeah. Yeah, I came down here to sail it back.” Liz introduces herself and tells Luis that it is a pleasure to meet him. She says that she has talked to Beth a few times on the phone but they have never met. Luis asks, “Oh, you run this place?” Liz replies, “Yep. Joint's mine. All mine.” Luis thinks it is nice. She says that things have been slow. Luis comments, “Well, I know you've got at least a couple guests. I came in and I heard some guy call a woman named Diana. I didn't see them. They were already going out when I came through the door.” Liz didn't know they were back and she walks over to look out the door. She doesn't see them so she figures they left already. Luis asks, “Well, are they guests or they just work here?” Liz replies, “Well, one's a friend -- Brian. He's a local fisherman, does odd jobs for me. But Diana -- I don't know much about her. She's a newcomer.” Luis smiles, “Well, this sure is a beautiful island. I mean, at least it looks that way from the plane. Well, I think I'm going to go stretch my legs out and check some of it out from sea level, and then I’m going to head down to the dock, check out the boat, you know, make sure it can make that trip back to the states.” Liz replies, “Oh, I think it's pretty seaworthy. Had Brian work on it for me.” Luis says, “Oh. Well, that's good.” Liz smiles, “Yeah, it was really a one-person job. Diana volunteered to give him a hand, though I don't figure she was much of a help.” Luis says, “He just likes her company, huh?” Liz tells him, “For now. We'll see. You know what -- if you want a good look around the island, why don't you climb that hill behind the hotel. It's called lovers' leap.” Luis says, “Thanks. I'll take you up on that.” He leaves for his walk.

As they reach the look out at lovers leap, Brian says, “You know, I thought you could've used some exercise, but you're not even huffing and puffing. That was a pretty steep climb back there.” She asks, “Was it? Didn't really notice.” Brian comments, “That's because you are in a-one shape. Oh, I love this place.” She adds, “You can see almost the entire island.” Brian informs her, “Yeah, it’s called lovers' leap. Legend has it that a young woman threw herself from this cliff when she found out that the man she loved was lost at sea.” She looks sad, “Lost at sea?” Brian apologizes, “I’m so sorry. I didn't mean to bring up that memory that you had.” She says, “No, it's all right. I just can't help but wonder if the man that I loved died at sea while I survived.” While she looks around a gust of wind blows her scarf from around her neck, then she loses her footing and falls over the cliff. As she screams, Brian catches her hand and pulls her back up to safety. When she is back on the ground, she says, “You're becoming like my guardian angel. That's the second time you've saved my life.”
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/103001-01.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=103001-01.jpg)
Brian replies that he would do anything for her. She sighs, “Oh, Brian.” He says, “Look, I know I said I wouldn't talk about love, but if you'd fallen off that cliff just now, I don't know what I would have done.” She says, “The altitude's getting to both of us. Let's get out of here.” They stand up and walk off in one direction as Luis arrives at lovers leap from the opposite direction. Luis looks up to the sky, “How am I supposed to do it, Sheridan? How am I supposed to go on without you?” Luis looks around and spots the scarf.
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/103001-02.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=103001-02.jpg)
Back at the hotel, Diana says, “I'd love to go back up there again, maybe even take a picnic.” Brian says that he will arrange everything but she tells him that he doesn't have to. Brian replies, “Hey, I want to. I want to make your stay here as special as possible. I know you're getting closer to remembering your past, and if and when you do, I hope that you're ready to forget the life that you left behind you and you'll be willing to stay on here with me.” Diana responds, “Look; I don't know what the future holds, Brian, but I can tell you it's good to have you in my life. When I needed a friend the most, you were there.” He tells her that he always will be. Looking down, she says that she must have dropped her scarf on lovers leap. Brian offers to go get it but she says that she will get it and be right back.

At lovers leap, Luis whispers, “I would have searched forever for you, Sheridan. I would have gone to the ends of the earth. But now I have to accept that you're gone, that you're gone forever. Good-bye.” He throws the rose that he has been carrying over the cliff. Luis looks over at the scarf and tries to reach out for it.
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/103001-06.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=103001-06.jpg)

Seeing Brian arrive, Liz tells him, “The guy that's going to sail the boat back just got here. He's out taking a walk and he's going to go check on the boat later.” Brian notes, “Well, it's all set to go. Diana and I got her in shipshape. You know, we really worked well together. I'm beginning to think that Diana and I may just have a future together.” Liz says, “Well, I just hope you don't wind up getting hurt, Brian. Diana has a past, and one day it's going to catch up to her.”

To be continued...

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9.16.08, 12:11 AM
(***Sorry that there was no Shuis Summary and Picture of the day last night, but we were without electricity for about about 4 hours last night just when I was typing up my summary. I was too tired to finish it when the electricity came back on a little before 1am.)

On her way back to Lovers Leap to look for her scarf, Sheridan thinks, “I wonder where I dropped it?” Luis hangs precariously out on a limb trying to “rescue” the scarf, “This is crazy. I'm risking my life for a scarf.”
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/103101-01.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=103101-01.jpg)
Still searching Sheridan asks herself, “Where could I have -- oh. What's that?” She looks down. Having retrieved the scarf, Luis says in amazement, “I can't believe I just risked my life for a scarf. What the hell does that mean? Wonder who it belongs to. ...” As Sheridan walks she is scratched by some branches and cries out. Hearing her cry Luis turns and asks, “What was that?”
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/103101-06.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=103101-06.jpg)

At the hotel Liz talks with Brian, “Well, it won't be long before Diana’s whole past comes back to her.” Brian replies, “Well, Doc said it might take a year, maybe more. I'm just hoping that by the time she remembers who she is and where she's from, she will be so hooked on this place ...” Liz adds, “And you.” Brian finishes, “That she won't ever want to leave. All I need to do is figure out how to make her forget about the man she loved.” Liz advises, “You are chasing a ghost, my friend. No woman ever forgets about the love of her life.” Brian whines, “He's dead, Liz. Diana really has no reason to leave the island. So I have nothing to worry about. Unless, of course, the guy comes back from the dead.”

At Lovers Leap with the scarf in his hand Luis thinks, “Must have been the wind.”
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/103101-07.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=103101-07.jpg)
He holds the scarf close, “Smells like Sheridan.” He has a flashback to a time when he told Sheridan that she smelled, “like sunshine. I love the way you smell.” Sheridan smiles back, “I'm not wearing any perfume.” Luis says, “You don't need any. It's the sun in your hair. It's like nothing else I ever smelled.” Coming out of the flashback, Luis says to himself, “Can't be Sheridan. She's gone. We'll never be together again. Well, I bet whoever lost this is going to look for it again.” From a distance he spots a boat, “Looks like Beth’s boat.” He walks off toward the boat.

At the hotel Liz sees Brian coming from the kitchen, “Hey. You're really worried about her, aren't you?” Brian says, “She's been gone a long time.” Liz replies, “Hey, you know, maybe she ran into the guy that came down to take the boat back up to the states.” Brian asks, “What?” Liz continues, “Yeah. He wanted to take a walk around the island, so I told him to hike up to Lovers Leap.” Looking worried he asks, “Well, what was this guy like? Was he a nice guy or...” Liz grins, “Yeah, nice enough. Sure as hell is hunky, though. Sexy as sin. Luckily for you, I don't think he's staying around for a while. Else wise, he would give you some heavy competition for the fair Diana.” Brian looks relieved, “Oh, well, then it's a good thing I got that boat done when I did, huh? But Diana may still be upset.” Liz asks, “About what?” Brian replies, “Well, she might have wanted to go back on board. The boat seemed to have triggered some memories for her. Something about it seemed very familiar to her.”

At the boat Luis looks around and feels Sheridan, “It's like I can feel Sheridan’s presence. Forget it, man. It's not like she's going to pop up out of the cabin.” He tries to convince himself that she is not nearby.

Seeing Sheridan enter the hotel Brian immediately says, “Oh, Diana. Hey, what happened to your arm? Are you all right?” She looks down at her arm, “Oh, yeah, I'm fine. It's just a scratch. I'm starved.” Brian smiles, “Well, then you came to the right place. I was hoping you'd like to have dinner with me tonight. I've been whipping something up in the kitchen and thought you might like to join me. What do you say?” Diana smiles, “That's really sweet of you. I'd love to.” Brian says, “Well, good. It's not going to be anything fancy, but I hope you like it.” Diana moves to the door, “Ok, well, I'll just go shower and change. I'll be right back.” Brian goes to the kitchen to check on their dinner as Luis enters the hotel returning from his walk. Luis tells Liz, “So I went and checked out the boat. Thing's in first-class shape. It's definitely ready to make the trip back.” Liz asks, “Say, did you make it up to Lovers Leap?” Luis replies, “Yeah. Yeah, I did. It's beautiful up there. It reminded me of someone that -- nothing. Is my room ready?” Liz smiles, “Oh, it sure is. And you are in room 9.” Luis takes his key as Liz points him in the right direction. Liz says, “Hey, dinner's going to be on soon. You're going to stick around, right?” Luis smiles, “Yeah, yeah. That sounds great. I'm just going to shower and change first.”

Brian returns to the dining room wearing a suit causing Liz to exclaim, “Wow. You're really going all out for this dinner with Diana, aren't you?” Brian says, “Well, I do want it to be special, Liz.” Liz says, “I can see that. Brian, I know I've said it before, but I...” Brian stops her, “Look, I know, I know. You think I'm setting myself to get my heart broken.” Liz says, “You know, you have done everything in your power to get Diana to fall in love with you. But what if she suddenly gets her memory back? She's going to leave this island, and then what are you going to do?”

In her room Diana says to herself, “Hmm. What to wear to my dinner with Brian? That's strange. I suddenly just got the feeling that very soon something in my life is going to change. Maybe I'll remember who I really am. I just can't shake this feeling that everything I'm looking for, all the answers I need, are behind some door nearby.” Diana goes into the bathroom as Luis walks down the hall to find his room. He spots it, “Number 9. That's me.” He goes in to get ready for that dinner.

In the restaurant, Brian holds our his hands, “What do you think? Huh? Huh?” Liz smiles, “You look very elegant. Hmm. And just think -- you'll wear a suit for Diana, but I couldn't even get you to change into a clean t-shirt for one of my parties.” Brian grins, “Yeah, I know. I -- Diana, she seems like the suit type. There's something about her. She's not like us, you know. Kind of regal. Don't you think?” Liz agrees, “Yeah, I remember we said that when you first brought her here -- not stuck-up, just ...” Brian completes her thought, “Confident, like me. Right? I think we're a perfect match.”

Looking around the room, Luis thinks, “That's weird. There's a strange feeling of Sheridan, like she was in the room. Yeah. I knew coming down here was going to stir memories of her. I'm just going to have to learn how to accept the reality that she's gone. I have to learn how to handle that, that Sheridan’s gone. I got to get on with my life.” In the bathroom Sheridan hears Luis in the other room, “What was that? Nothing, I guess.” In the bedroom looking at a picture of Sheridan and himself, Luis says, “Just wish I didn't miss you so much.”
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/110101-07.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=110101-07.jpg)
Liz knocks on Diana's door and sees Luis inside, “What are you doing in here?” Luis is surprised, “This is room 9, the room you gave me, isn't it?” Liz smiles, “No. I am so sorry. This is room 6. I have got to put a nail in this thing.” Luis says, “Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't walk in on anyone.” Liz says, “Yeah. This is Diana’s room. I guess she's in the bathroom.” Luis grins, “It's a good thing I didn't catch her changing.” In the bathroom, Diana things, “I'm not hearing things. Someone's in my room.” She puts her hand on the knob to see who is there.

Picking up his bag but forgetting his picture of Sheridan and him, Luis says, “Ok. Lead the way.” Liz leads him out the door just as Diana opens the bathroom door, “Hello? Is anyone there? I guess I'm imagining things. I could have sworn I heard people talking.”

Down the hall in Number 9, Liz asks, “Is it all right?” Luis looks around and replies, “Yeah, it's nice. It's great. I'm telling you, I’m just glad I didn't walk in on that woman.” Liz laughs, “Me, too. All right, this room has a balcony with a really lovely view.” Luis looks at the balcony and has a flashback to the view in their room in Bermuda. Liz asks if he is all right. Luis says, “Yeah, I'm fine. I was -- I was just thinking about my fiancée.” Liz tells him, “Oh, you should have her come down, join you.” Luis sadly says, “I wish I could. It's not possible.” Liz says, “Oh, what a shame. It is a very romantic island. Ok. I'll leave you to unpack.” She heads to Diana's room next door, “Hey. I just wanted to tell you that Brian is waiting.” Diana replies, “Thanks. Tell him I’ll be there in just a minute.”

Unpacking his bag Luis asks himself, “Where's the picture of me and Sheridan? I must have left it in that woman's room.” He goes next door to retrieve the picture. Knocking on the door Luis calls out, “Excuse me, miss! You in there? I think I left something in your room by accident.” When no one answers, he calls again, “Hello? Is anyone there? She must have gone out.” Luis picks up his picture and remembers Sheridan telling him that she loves him. Luis sighs, “Sheridan, I miss you so much.”

At the restaurant Diana exclaims, “The table looks beautiful, Brian.” He returns the compliment, “No, you -- you look beautiful. Absolutely stunning.”
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/110101-08.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=110101-08.jpg)
She smiles, “Thank you. And you look very handsome in your suit.” Brian grins, “Oh, what, this old thing? Thanks. That dress -- it looks like it was made for you.” Diana says, “Really? I just pulled it out of the suitcase that Liz gave me.” Brian smiles, “It's amazing how all those clothes fit. Here. Please sit down.” He pulls out the chair for her at the table and hopes that she is hungry. She is famished. Brian serves her a steak. She immediately has a flashback to Luis giving her some of his steak when he was her bodyguard. Brian asks, “Diana, is something wrong?” She replies, “It was strange. I just had another memory. I keep getting this feeling that the key to my past is somewhere close by.”
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/110101-09.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=110101-09.jpg)
She smiles. Suddenly, she remembers something, “My room! The key to my past is in my room!” In the room, Luis looks at the picture of Sheridan and asks, “When am I ever going to accept the fact that I'll never see you again?” Brian asks, “Diana, how can the key to your past be in your room?” She says, “I'm not sure, but I just remembered something. I was in such a hurry to get down here that I didn't pay any attention to it. I just glanced at it quickly. There was a framed photo on my nightstand, and I didn't put it there, but it was a picture of me and a man.” Brian is shocked, “Wait a minute, you're kidding. Who was the man?” Diana replies, “I don't know. It didn't really register, but I got to go back to my room to see if I'm crazy or not.”

To be continued...

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9.17.08, 1:20 AM
As Luis stands in his room looking at his picture of Sheridan, “It's not working. Everyone told me that time was going to make it hurt less. But it's not true. Everywhere I go, it's a constant reminder of you. And the fact that I'll never see you again.”

In the restaurant Brian tries to stop Diana from leaving. She calls back, “I can’t. I've got to go back to my room and see.” Diana stops as she nears the door as Liz exclaims, “Oh! Where's the fire?” Brian says, “Diana thinks there was a photograph in her room that wasn't there before.” Diana confirms, “I think I saw a photo of me with the man that I love; the one I keep having memories of. I've got to go back to my room and take a look. I saw it out of the corner of my eye.” Liz skeptically asks, “Ok, I hate to be a stickler for reality here, but how would a photograph like that get inside your room?” Diana seems confused, “I don't know. All I know is that I saw it and I've got to see it again.” Diana heads to her room with Brian and Liz following. Diana stops in front of her nightstand. Brian asks why she stopped. Diana says in surprise, “I don't understand. I -- i was so sure that...” Luis' picture of Sheridan and himself is obviously no longer there.
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/110201-02.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=110201-02.jpg)
Liz attempts to make her feel better, “It's ok, honey. I've been known to see a few things myself that weren't there.” Diana is upset, “No, I swear, there was a framed photo on this nightstand. I can see it in my mind's eye. I wasn't paying much attention, but I think it was a picture of me and the man that loved me.” Brian tells her, “Look, it's no wonder. I mean, you want to remember your old life so badly that your mind is playing tricks on you. That's all.” Then he adds, “You ready for dinner now? A good meal will do you wonders. Come on. Maybe even help you remember more about your past.” She quietly says, “Maybe.” Brian urges, “Come on, it's getting cold.”

Liz watches Brian lead Diana away and thinks, “Poor thing. Not her fault Brian is crazy about her. She certainly didn't ask to have her past erased, either. Hey there, number nine,” as she sees Luis come out of his room. He says, “Actually, it's...” Liz stops him, “Oh, please, you're wasting your time if you expect for me to remember your name. I'll only forget if you tell me again.” Luis smiles, “Ok. I thought I heard a voice.” Liz says, “Well, yeah, you did. A friend of mine and a woman from number six. Why?” Luis admits, “Well, the woman's voice -- I only heard a word or two, but there was something about it, and I could have sworn that -- that it was my fiancé's voice. I mean, I know that's impossible, but...” Liz asks, “Is that a picture of her? Can I see it? I bet she's beautiful.” Luis looks sad, pained so Liz asks if she said something wrong.
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/110201-04.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=110201-04.jpg)
Luis replies “It's not you. It's my fiancée. She died.” Liz apologizes, “Oh, me and my big mouth. I am so sorry.” Luis nicely says, “No, no, no. It's ok. You didn't know.” Liz says, “No, but -- you know, from the moment you walked into my place, I could sense that there was more going on than just your sailing a boat back to the states. You know, they tell me I’m a pretty good listener if you feel like talking about it. And if not, nobody understands a person needing their privacy more than I do.” Luis replies, “Well, thanks. I appreciate that.” Liz gives him fresh towels.

Feeling comfortable with her, Luis tells Liz some of what happened, “It was an accident. One minute we -- we were laughing and making plans for the future, and -- and then she was gone. I wanted to protect her, and I couldn't. I never even got the chance to say good-bye.” Liz knowingly asks, “And you took this job so you could try and get her off your mind?” Luis gives a small smile, “Yeah, well, only it hasn't worked. You know, everything I see and every voice I hear reminds me of her.” Liz adds, “And every time you realize that it's not her, it's like your heart breaking all over again.” Luis says, “Yeah. How did you know? Did you lose someone, too?” Liz says, “Oh, well, I've lost so many people I care about, I've lost count. Children, husbands, lovers.” Luis apologizes this time, “Oh, I'm sorry. You must think I’m a real jerk for feeling sorry for myself.” Liz quickly says, “Oh, no, no, no. Not at all. Please, I have cried so many tears, i could fill an ocean. But I don't do that much anymore.” Luis asks, “So, how do you make the hurt stop?” Liz replies, “Who says it ever does? But time -- time will dull the pain. And you know what? You'll meet new friends. And they'll help you forget.” Luis shakes his head, “I'll never forget about her.” Liz wisely says, “Of course not. But that doesn't mean that you can just curl up and die. You're still young. You know, in time you'll meet somebody new. You'll settle down, raise a family, find some sort of contentment.” Luis sighs, “Well, I can't see that. Right now it feels like my whole life's over.” Luis then asks, “How do you learn to put one foot in front of the other when you don't even care where you're going?” Liz replies, “I guess what I meant is that one day you may be going through the motions, and then suddenly you'll realize that you're starting to feel things again. Number nine, I don't know. I mean, everybody's different. We all grieve in our own separate ways. What worked for me might not work for you. I can tell you this -- never say never about falling in love again. See, we're all born with this instinct to survive, and none of us is meant to go through this life alone. So, all right, maybe the woman that you meet, she's nothing like your fiancée. But she'll be other things that you care about and need. Am i talking too much?” She smiles. Luis smiles, too, “No. No, no, it's ok. What was your name, again?” She replies, “Elizabeth. Everybody calls me Liz, though.” Luis says, “Liz. No, talking to you is making me feel better.” Liz smiles, “Good. So you'll come to dinner?” Luis asks, “Tonight? I don't think so.” Liz says, “Ok.” She leaves Luis alone with his thoughts, “Sheridan. How am I ever going to go on without you?”

In the restaurant, Diana asks, “Why does my mind keep doing this to me, Brian? Why do I keep thinking about the man who once loved me? I remember him dying in my arms, yet I...” She stops so Brian asks, “Yet what?” She continues, “Yet I feel as if he's somewhere close by.” Brian sees Liz, “Oh, just in time, Liz. Why don't you tell Diana what a good cook I am when I put my mind to it.” Diana says, “It's not that, Brian. I just don't have much of an appetite tonight.” Liz comments, “Oh, well, you're not the only person in this place that doesn't feel like eating tonight.” Diana looks confused, “What do you mean?” Liz replies, “The guy that checked in earlier to pick up the boat that you and Brian were working on.” Diana exclaims, “Oh, right, the one next door to me.” Liz confirms, “Yeah. Seems he's nursing a broken heart. His fiancée died recently, and -- well, he's having a rough time dealing with it.” Diana says, “Poor thing, to lose someone that you love so much.” Brian mentions, “Sounds a lot like what happened to you.” Diana agrees, “And I don't know the details of what happened to me. Guess I'm lucky that way. Must be even worse to know how you lost the person you love. I mean, you would replay it in your mind over and over every day.” Liz says, “I have a feeling that's exactly what he's doing in there.” Diana asks, “Is he going to come out here for dinner?” Liz replies. “Well, I asked him, but I wouldn't count on it. I think he wants to be alone with his thoughts tonight.” Diana has an idea, “He should be around other people. Why don't we invite him to join us?” Brian replies, “Well, Liz just said that he wants to be alone. Maybe we should just let him be.” (Remember that Liz told Brian earlier how sexy Luis is and that he could give Brian a run for his money for Diana if he were staying longer! Brian does not want the new guy to meet Diana!) Diana uses a persuasive tone, “That's because he doesn't know anybody here. I know you went to a lot of trouble to make this dinner, so wouldn't it be nice to share it with someone who's feeling good besides, I have a feeling you probably made way too much food.” Brian gives in, “Sure. Whatever you want.” Diana then adds, “You'll join us, too, won't you, Liz?” Liz looks toward Brian, “Um -- that's up to Brian.” Brian shrugs, “Yeah, that's fine with me. The more the merrier.” Liz says, “Ok. I'll go ask him.” Brian turns to Diana, “You owe me. Now that we're going to be having guests joining us, make sure you eat all that food now.” Diana smiles, “I will. I promise. For some reason, I’m starting to get my appetite back.”

Liz knocks on Luis' door. When he opens his door, Liz says, “Hi. I know you thought you got rid of me for the night, but I have an invitation for you. Dinner with me and a couple of friends.” Luis says, “Well, thanks, but I thought that I told you I'm just not up for meeting anyone ...” Liz stops him, “Don't be so quick to say no. You know, being with other folks might help you take your mind off of things. Besides, didn't anybody ever tell you that it's not healthy to isolate?” Luis gives her a small smile, “Besides you? Yeah, my buddy Hank back home said something like that.” Liz replies, “See? Come on, listen to him. Both of us can't be wrong. Come on. What are you afraid of? Nobody is going to bite you. And you might surprise yourself and have a good time.” Luis looks at her, “Look, it's not that I don't appreciate the invitation, Liz, it's just that, well, I'm not up for it, you know?” Liz tries chiding him asking, “Didn't your mother ever tell you that you can't stay in your room and not eat.” Luis says, “Yes. But I...” Liz tries another method, “All right, all right, fine. If you're not going to do it for yourself, do it for me. I mean, what kind of a reputation am I going to get if I let my guests stay in their room all miserable and depressed?” Luis sighs, “Now you're playing dirty.” Liz smiles, “You ain't seen nothing yet. Liz is pretty good at getting what she wants -- at least some of the time... come on.” Luis gives in, “All right, you win. Just give me a minute to change my shirt, will you?” Liz says, “Ok. I promise you, you're making the right decision.”

Diana sees Liz return to the restaurant, “What did he say?” Liz replies, “He accepted your invitation, and he'll be in in a minute. Maybe we can cheer him up a bit.” Brian says, “I don't know. The guy may not feel like talking.” Diana replies, “Well, then we'll do all the talking. The important thing is to get him past this tragedy, to get his mind off of it. I can't even imagine what it would be like if I remembered every detail of losing the man I loved. It would be devastating.” Brian says, “Well, I thought the point was to cheer him up, not make you feel worse.” Diana sighs, “You're right. I have to be upbeat if we're going to get past any of this sadness with him. And who knows -- maybe someday this man will look back on this dinner and see it as a turning point, see it as the night he began to get over his terrible loss.”

In his room Luis looks at his picture of Sheridan and him, “All I can think about is Sheridan. There's only one thing in the world that I want. No amount of well-meaning people is going to be able to bring it back to me. All I want is you. That's not going to happen.”

To be continued...

Thanks to Passions Central for the Shuis screen caps.

9.18.08, 10:40 AM
Once again, I didn't post last night because of circumstances beyond my control but I thought I would post this morning a couple of pictures that ran in promos for Passions around the time of the summaries that gave us hope at the time that Shuis would be back together soon...we were wrong and it tool almost a year for this wonderful couple to reunite. I will hopefully be able to post a summary and pictures tonight. Thanks to Passions Central for the caps of the promo...
http://i207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/091801-07.jpg (http://s207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/?action=view&current=091801-07.jpg)
This is such a beautiful picture of McKenzie...
http://i207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/091801-02.jpg (http://s207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/?action=view&current=091801-02.jpg)
See you tonight...

9.19.08, 12:56 AM
After having changed his shirt Luis sits on the bed in his room at the hotel looking at his picture of Sheridan and himself, “It was nice of Liz to invite me to dinner with her friends. Just not so sure it's a good idea. Sometimes I think I'll never get over losing you. "Sometimes." (He looks around.) All the time. Well, I know Liz thinks this dinner will help me take my mind off of things. Just don't see that happening.” Luis stands up and walks toward the door.

At the restaurant Liz walks over to Brian and Diana's table holding a bottle of wine, “I have been saving this baby for a very special occasion, and this is it.” Brian says, “Dinner with that guy from the states? He must've really gotten to you, Liz.” Liz says, “His story about losing his fiancée got to me.” Diana agrees, “I really feel bad for this guy. That's why I wanted you to invite him to dinner.” Liz adds, “Because you can relate to him.” Diana sadly says, “Very much so. He lost a love, just like I did.” Brian says, “Now unfortunately, you can't remember yours.” Diana sadly replies, “No. I just have flashes of things, none of them specific. I know that he's gone and that I’ll never see him again.” Liz adds, “This poor guy down the hall remembers everything -- her face, the way they were together.” Diana looks pensive, “Can't imagine how awful that must be for him.” Brian says, “He'll get over it. You both will in time.” Diana purses her lips and raises her brows, “Maybe this dinner will be therapeutic for us both. You know, once we can meet and talk, maybe we can help each other heal our pain.”
As Diana stands looking out over the sand beach just at the steps of the restaurant, Liz comments, “You know, our guest is really taking his time. I'm going to go check on him.” Liz crosses the room to the door and heads off to find Luis. Brian walks up behind Diana as she says, “I hope that man joins us for dinner.” Brian says, “You know, you really are something, you know that? I mean, you're caring and generous and just all-round wonderful.” Diana smiles, “Just because I want us all to have dinner?” Brian smiles, “Oh, I mean, come on. You care so much about a guy you never even met.” She shrugs, “It's not like I'm worried or anything. It's just...” Brian smiles, “Well, you're an angel, Diana. An angel sent from heaven. When I first pulled you out of the sea, that was the first thing that shot through my mind. And I was right. Only an angel would care about a stranger's feelings like that.” (Oh how icky can he get! Can that man be for real!) Diana says, “You're the generous one, Brian, letting this man share such a splendid dinner you prepared for us.” Brian grins that lop-sided grin, “Like I could ever say no to you.” Diana walks back to the table. As she looks at the candles on the table she has a flashback of Luis and her having dinner the night that Luis planned the “most romantic night.” Seeing that she isn't paying any attention to him, Brian asks, “Diana? Is something wrong?” Diana still doesn't turn to face him as she says, “Another memory flash. I hope he gets here soon. I really feel bad for the poor guy. I don't remember all the details of my lost love, but this poor man -- he remembers every detail of his. How can he possibly get through such an enormous loss?”

In the hallway Liz sees Luis coming out of his room, “I was just coming to get you. Everyone's waiting. Come on.” Luis stops, “Liz, you know what? Actually, I was just coming to talk to you about dinner.” Facing him again, Liz smiles, “Oh, it'll be delicious. That I guarantee.” Luis shakes his head, “No, I was thinking -- it's just the mood I’m in right now. I just want to be alone.” Liz tries persuasion, “Hey, you got to eat.” Luis says, “Well, I'll get something later.” Liz smiles, “No, you won’t. You'll just hang out in your room feeling all blue, and I ain't having it. Guests at Liz’s place get five-star treatment, and that includes a little T.L.C.” Luis also smiles, “Well, this guest appreciates that. Liz, I just don't -- I don't want to be around anyone right now.” Liz tries again, “You got to start sometime.” Luis adds, “And I'm also tired from my trip. Look, I just want to be by myself and think, ok?” Liz scolds, “About the past?” Luis replies, “About the time that I spent with my fiancée. Maybe I need to think a little bit more about that before I’m ready to move on without her.” Liz says, “Listen, I know you're hurting, but the sooner you start to heal, the quicker you will. And this dinner -- well, it'll be the perfect time to start.” Luis gives her a small smile, “No, Liz...” Liz pleads, “Oh, come on, number nine. That word is not allowed here. Now, you come to dinner. You'll thank me for it later. I promise.” She pulls his arm to get him to go with her.

In the restaurant Diana tells Brian, “You know, I'm going to go find Liz, see what's keeping her and our guest.” Brian says, “Ok. I'll keep dinner warm till you guys get back.” Diana says, “Ok.” She walks down the hall toward Luis' room while in the hallway Luis stops walking and tells Liz, “Look, thanks, but no thanks.” Liz pleads again, “Oh, come on. Why can't I make you see that this is exactly what you need?” Luis is determined, “Liz, I know what I need.” Liz asks, “What about Brian and Diana? They set aside a very romantic dinner for two just so they can be with you.” Luis then asks, “What?” Liz informs him, “Brian cooked dinner for Diana. They're just starting their relationship. But when I told them about you and everything that you were going through, they really wanted to help you, to, you know, try and cheer you up. I think it's nice of them.” Luis agrees, “Yeah, yeah. It's very nice of them.” Liz asks, “So you'll come -- come have dinner with us? Good food, a few laughs. Couldn't hurt, right?” Luis shakes his head, “No thanks. I wouldn't want to intrude on your friends' dinner.” Liz smiles, “You wouldn't be intruding. I just told you, it's going to...” Luis stands firm, “Look, Liz, I remember what it was like when my fiancée and I first started dating. The last thing that I would want was someone else tagging along. You know, a third wheel? I just wanted to be with her all by myself.” Liz says, “But it's not going to be like that. First of all, there's going to be four of us.” Luis backs away, “Listen, you have a great heart, but I know what I need. I just want to be alone right now, ok? I'm just going to take a long walk on the beach. Thanks again.” As soon as Luis walks out of sight, Diana arrives and asks, “Liz? Where is he?”
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/110501-07.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=110501-07.jpg)
Liz sighs, “Gone. He was grateful for the invitation, but he really wanted to be alone.” Diana says, “That's too bad. I was really looking forward to talking to him. I had a feeling that it was important we meet.” Liz shrugs, “Oh, it's my fault. I blurted out that you and Brian were having dinner together, and he didn't want to spoil your evening.” Diana smiles, “But he wouldn’t.” Liz says, “I know. I just should have kept my big mouth shut.” Diana says with determination, “Oh, that's ok, Liz. Hey, look; I’ll go look for him. You know, I'll tell him that we want to have dinner, the four of us.” Liz replies, “Ok. He said he was going to take a walk on the beach. He's wearing a rust-colored shirt.” Diana begins to quickly walk to the door, “I'll go find him.” Liz says to herself, “I don't know if she's going to be able to help him. Poor guy. I don't think anyone can.”

Walking along the beach Luis has a flashback of Sheridan and him on the beach in Bermuda with the fire. He looks to the heavens and asks, “Am I ever gonna get over losing you, Sheridan?” As Luis walks further down the beach, Sheridan appears in the clearing having walked the same path he did. She stops and puts her hand into one of his footprints in the sand. She then has the same flashback of them on the beach in Bermuda. She says, “I have to find this man. I don't know why but something inside is telling me that it's important that we meet and talk.” She walks off to catch up with Luis. As Sheridan walks along the beach trailing Luis, she has another flashback of them lying on the beach in front of the fire in Bermuda and she thinks, “You've got to stop thinking about your own pain, Diana. You’ve got to find this man and help him through his. We have so much in common -- lost love. Perhaps if we can talk, we can help each other.” Sitting on a rock on the beach Luis sighs, “Feels like she's still here. I can sense her like I sensed her in that room.” Looking toward a movement in the distance, Luis stands, “That even looks like her. Oh, man.” He laughs at himself but keeps looking, “You're going crazy here.” Then he really takes notice as he sees Sheridan in the distance, “Oh. The resemblance. Could that be her?” Sheridan turns in his direction then has a flashback of Luis kissing her before he left with the FBI Agent. Sheridan looks in Luis' direction and asks, “Could it be?” Both Sheridan and Luis keep looking at each other in the distance (they cannot see each other's faces clearly being night time, grasses and distance between them) each having the same memory flashes of being on the beach in Bermuda. They each begin to move forward to see if it is possible that the other really is alive and there.

As Sheridan/Diana reaches the man, it is Brian looking for her. He says that she looks disappointed that it was him. Trying not to sound disappointed she tells him, “I just had the craziest feeling that the man I loved was somewhere nearby on this beach.” Brian says, “But you said you had a memory flash and he was dead.” Diana explains, “Yes, I did but for a second I thought maybe I was wrong...that maybe he wasn't dead. I had the strongest feeling that he was alive.” Brian hugs her and says her mind is playing tricks on her because she wants so badly to remember her past. Diana says that he may be right. Brian then suggests they go back to the hotel and tear up the dance floor. Diana says, “I don't really feel like dancing.” Brian insists, “Oh come on, it'll cheer you up.” Diana smiles, “All right.” The walk off just before Luis reaches the spot. Liz calls out to Luis and asks if he is looking for someone. Luis looks rather sheepish, “Yeah, I know it's crazy but I thought I saw my fiancée walking on the beach.” Liz looks surprised, “Your fiancée? You told me she was dead.” Luis replies, “Yeah, I told you it was crazy but I just had this feeling...Well, anyway I came around the dune and she's gone.” Luis keeps looking around for Sheridan while he talks with Liz, “It's silly, I tell you.” Liz softens, “No, not silly at all. You miss the woman you love. I really wish you'd come with me and my friends to dinner.” Luis shakes his head, “I would have been lousy company anyway.” A determined Liz says, “You're coming with me! We're going to listen to a little music and have a drink and I don't mind lousy company.” Luis says, “Not tonight. I mean thanks...” Liz insists, “Just one drink and I'll let you go. Come on! You just might have a little fun and never want to leave.” She smiles and takes him by the arm and they head back to the hotel.

Brian and Diana arrive at the hotel from the beach side. There are a whole bunch of couples dancing. Diana smiles, “I like the music.” Brian replies, “Good because we're gonna dance the night away.” Diana giggles. Across the floor Liz and Luis enter from the hotel hall door. Luis looks astonished and asks, “Liz, where did all these people come from?” Liz replies, “Oh, the hippies and the hermits always come out when they hear we have a DJ. And some people from from the yachts who want to be on Terra firma for a little while.” She reaches out, puts her hand on his arm, and enthusiastically asks, “What'll you have to drink?” Luis replies, “Liz, I don't feel like staying now.” Putting her hand on his arm again, “Oh, come on. One drink. It'll do you good to talk to people.” Luis sits at the bar as Liz pours him a drink. She places the drink in front of him and looks up, “There are my friends, the ones I wanted you to have dinner with.” Luis asks, “The ones just starting a relationship? Where?” He turns around on the bar stool and looks across the room but doesn't even know who he is looking for. Liz says, “There...behind the woman in the gold dress.” Luis looks but can't see them with all the people in between them.
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/110601-08.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=110601-08.jpg)
Luis tells Liz that he can't see them. Liz tells him that she is sure they will come over in a few minutes. Luis and Liz both take sips of their drinks when Luis has a flashback of him toasting Sheridan in the gazebo after she accepted his proposal. Liz asks if he is okay. Luis sadly says, “Yeah. I'm sorry. It's all these couples. It brings back a lot of memories.” Liz says sympathetically, “Of course it would.” Luis says, “You know, I'm just gonna head back to my room and get a good night's sleep for tomorrow. I want to get my friend's boat back before the weather turns.” Liz responds, “Well, I wish you would stay, but I understand.” Luis smiles, “Thanks for trying. Good night.” He stands and walks toward the door. The music changes to a tango. Across the floor Brian asks Diana if she knows how to tango. She smiles and says, “If I do I don't remember. Show me.” Brian grins, “My pleasure.” They begin to dance and she knows all the moves prompting Brian to comment, “Wow! You must have done this before. You're really good.” As they continue the dance, Diana has a flashback of her tango with Luis in Bermuda. She stops dancing and Brian asks, “What's wrong?” At the door, Luis sees a reflection in a mirror and turns to call out, “Sheridan?” When Luis is completely turned around he sees that it is not Sheridan but a blond dancing the tango. Luis says to himself, “Will you stop being such an idiot? Sheridan's gone. She's not coming back.” He walks out the door into the hall.

Across the dance floor, Diana walks off onto the sand and Brian follows. Behind her Brian asks, “Diana, what is it? You look upset.” With her back to him she says, “It's nothing. Just another memory flash. It's nothing. I'm fine. I just don't feel like dancing right now. OK?” She turns to face Brian who says, “That's fine.” Diana continues, “To be honest, I just want to go back to my room. I'm sorry.” Brian says, “No, no, no, don't be. I'll walk you back. Just let me say good bye to Liz. Be right back.” He walks away as she turns around again, “What's wrong with you? Why do I keep getting these feelings that my past is so close to me tonight?”

On the balcony of his room, Luis looks up at the sky, “Sheridan, I miss you so much. Why do I keep seeing you? Why do I get the feeling you are so near? Maybe it's because I never got the chance to say good bye.”

Diana walks into her room followed by Brian. She says, “Sorry. I just didn't feel like dancing.” Brian replies, “That's okay. I just hope you feel better.” Diana smiles, “Yeah. I'm fine. I just can't shake this feeling that my past is so close to me right now. All the answers I am looking for ... Well, thanks for trying to make me feel better. (She smiles.) I really did enjoy all the dancing and the dinner you made for us.” Brian says, “Good. See you tomorrow.” She gives him a kiss on the cheek before he leaves. Diana heads straight out onto her balcony. She and Luis are both on their own balconies a few feet apart but don't see each other, but they do feel the other's presence. They just don't believe it. On his balcony, Luis closes his eyes and whispers, “I feel so close to you, Sheridan.” They both look so sad as they look up at the stars.
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/110601-12.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=110601-12.jpg)

To be continued...

Thanks to Passions Central for the screen caps.

9.20.08, 1:50 AM
Only a few feet away from Luis on the balcony of his room, Sheridan stands on the balcony of her room. She smiles, “Why can't I remember more about him?” She has a flashback of Luis smiling at her. On his balcony Luis whispers, “Why do I feel so close to you?” Looking out over the sea and sky Sheridan says, “I know he's dead, but it's as if I can still feel his presence, as if we were breathing the same air.” With his eyes closed Luis says in a husky voice, “I need you, Sheridan. Come back to me.” Luis looks to his right towards Sheridan's balcony but she has gone inside, of course! Luis thinks, “For a moment, I almost thought she was there. I must be losing my mind. Sheridan is gone.” Luis looks around once again and walks into his room. Pacing inside her room Sheridan says, “I can't go on like this. I've got to stop obsessing about a man that I once loved when I don't even remember his name.”
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/110901-06.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=110901-06.jpg)
She stands in front of the mirror to brush her hair and has a flashback of brushing her hair in front of the mirror in her bedroom at the cottage as Luis comes up behind her and stops her from brushing her hair for a kiss.
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/110901-07.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=110901-07.jpg)
Coming out of her flashback Sheridan wonders, “How long ago was that? Where was I?” In Luis' room he has the same flashback. He flops down on his bed and hugs his pillow. In her room Sheridan thinks, “I'm not the least bit tired. Maybe a swim will help.” In his room Luis decides the same thing, “There's no way I’m going to sleep now. I'll go down to the water.”
Walking on the sand to the ocean, Sheridan drops her towel and sarong on a big rock. She says to herself, “Maybe the warm water will relax me; help me fit the bits and pieces of my memory together.” She has a flashback of being on the boat with Luis in Bermuda. Sheridan smiles, “I was so happy. Why did it have to end?” She swims off. Luis arrives at the same spot that Sheridan had just vacated and sees her sarong on the rock. Picking it up he asks, “I wonder who this belongs to.” Putting the sarong down, Luis wonders, “What am I doing? Everything I look at, everything I touch -- it reminds me of her. I can't go on like this.” He takes his shirt off and swims off following Sheridan. As he swims, he has a flashback of them on the boat in Bermuda. He is in the water trying to get the anchor up when Sheridan looks down at him in the water and asks, “You get the anchor unstuck?” Luis smiles up at her, “No, not yet. One more try should do the trick, though.” Sheridan smiles, “Ok. Coffee's almost ready.” Coming out of his flashback Luis comes to a stop and says to himself, “That's the last time I saw her smile.”

Swimming further out Sheridan declares, “Oh, this is exactly what I needed. Oh! Where'd that come from? I'm not going to let a little cramp stop me. Ow! Oh. Help!” She goes under. Luis stops swimming and looks around, “Was that someone crying out for help? Must be hearing things.” He hears her call again and he looks around. Sheridan cries out, “Help me.” She goes under water again. Luis stops and looks around, “I swore I heard someone call for help.” She goes under again then calls out, “Somebod-- somebody help me!” Luis says, “I knew I wasn't imagining things. Where are you? Answer me!” He looks around and listens but nothing so he calls out again, “Where are you? Nothing. I was thinking about Sheridan. I imagined she was calling out for help, only that's not possible. Sheridan's dead. I'll never hear her voice again.” Luis swims away. Coming up again she yells, “Ah! Help!”

Knocking on Liz's door, Brian calls out, “Liz? It's Brian.” A sleepy Liz opens her door and steps out into the hall, “This had better be good. I was sound asleep.” Brian tells her, “I can't stop thinking about Diana.” Liz gives him a dirty look, “What else is new, Brian?” Brian explains, “Liz, come on. I'm worried about her. Earlier tonight she said she thought she remembered more about her past. She said she felt a connection to that new guest of yours -- you know, the guy from the states that lost the woman he loved?” Liz looks like she would like to strangle him, “Yeah. And I was connected to my pillow before you came knocking.” Brian says, “Liz, I’m serious. Look, she was upset when I left her in her room. She said that things weren't going right with her trying to remember everything about her old life, and I was just wondering if you could go check on her.” Liz asks, “Why can't you do it yourself?” Brian explains, “Because I might startle her, you know? A guy being in her room in the middle of the night. And besides, with the state that she's in, she might think that I’m the guy that she loved and lost.”

In the ocean Luis asks, “Sheridan, why do I have the feeling that you're so close by? That if I reached out far enough, I could touch you, take you in my arms again? Get over it, Luis. She's gone.” He swims off. Sheridan surfaces again and yells, “Help! Somebody help me! Help!” Luis stops swimming and listens, “It's not my imagination this time. Someone's out there calling for help. Hang on! I'm coming!” He swims off in the direction of the calls for help.

Meeting Liz in the hall, Brian, “Hey, how is she?” Liz replies, “I don't know. Diana is not in her room.” Brian says, “I should have known that she was too upset to sleep. Where could she be?” Liz : suggests, “You saw her at the beach earlier. Maybe she went back -- take a late-night swim, clear her head.” Brian says, “Well, I hope not because it's a little late for her to be out swimming by herself. And besides, the undertow out there is just -- it's crazy, you know?” Liz says, “You're right. If she got caught, she might not be able to fight it.” Brian looks worried, “Diana could drown. Come on.” They both rush off.

In the ocean Sheridan call out again, “My stomach! The cramps are getting worse! Oh, somebody help me!” She slips under the water again. Still swimming, Luis yells, “Hang on! I'm coming!” He sees the woman as she goes under the water, “There she is. No!” He is too far to reach her so he swims again.

Arriving at the spot where Sheridan left her sarong, Brian calls out, “Diana, are you out there?” Liz says, “It's so dark, I can't see a thing.” As they enter the clearing, Brian says, “Come on, let's try further down. Wait a second. This is her sarong, isn't it?” He picks it up. Liz agrees, “Yeah.” Brian surmises, “She must have gone swimming.” Liz nods, “Where the water's the most dangerous.” Brian says, “She could drown, Liz.” He begins to unbutton his shirt as he runs toward the water.

Swimming under water looking for Sheridan, Luis' voice is heard, “I have to find the woman who called for help.” As Sheridan is falling further to the ocean floor when hands grab her and begin to pull her upward to the surface. As she breaks the surface she says, “It's you!” She smiles at Luis as he smiles at her. An ecstatic Sheridan exclaims, “It's you! I finally found you.” She kisses Luis there in the middle of the water.
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/111301-06.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=111301-06.jpg)
As the kiss ends, Sheridan says, “Oh, I thought you were dead. Where have you been? How did you find me?” Suddenly, she is being pulled away and Luis is receding into the distance and she calls out, “No! Where are you going? Don't leave me! Please, don't leave me! Don't go. Don't leave me.” Sheridan is being pulled through the water and Brian says, “I'm not going anywhere, Diana. I'm taking you back to shore. I'm not going to let you die.” Sheridan was just hallucinating. On shore Liz calls Doc, “Doc, it's Liz. Listen, Diana went swimming and apparently got caught in an undertow. Brian's bringing her to shore now, but I don't know what kind of shape either one of them is going to be in.” At the hotel, Doc instructs her, “Have Brian get Diana to her room if he's able. I'll be set up and ready.” Liz replies, hangs up and says, “Please, God, let them be all right.” In the ocean Luis comes up for air and see Brian in the distance, “He must have seen her, too. I'd better help him. This current is strong.” He swims off toward Brian and Sheridan.

Brian carries Sheridan across the sand toward Liz. Liz covers her with a towel and tells him that she called Doc and he's waiting at the hotel for them. They turn to walk back to the hotel as Luis comes out of the water and runs to catch up with Liz. Luis yells, “Liz, wait! Liz.” Liz turns and goes back to Luis, “My goodness, I didn't know you were out there, too.” Luis tells her, “I went swimming. I heard a woman calling for help.” Liz nods, “It's Diana. Brian rescued her, but she didn't look good. Are you ok?” Luis says, “Yeah. It just reminded me of what happened to my fiancée. I heard her calling out my name. I just couldn't get to her in time. She was too far away.” Liz says, “I'm sorry.” Luis sadly says, “I'm just glad this Brian guy saved Diana. Well, how is she? How are they doing?” Looking concerned Liz tells him, “Well, he's taking her to a local doctor, but when he carried her to the hotel, she was barely breathing. I'm not sure anybody can save Diana now.”

Brian carries Sheridan into her room and lays her on her bed. Brian asks, “What's wrong with her?” Doc checks the pulse in her neck and declares that he can't find a pulse which prompts Brian to say, “No, Doc, you have to do something. She has to live.” Doc yells, “Help me give her C.P.R.” Brian begins mouth to mouth as Doc does the chest compressions. (Now, I am not a doctor but since she was breathing and talking about Luis when Brian pulled her out of the water, it seems a bit of a stretch that she isn't breathing at all now...such is Passions!)

Still on the beach a concerned Luis asks, “This woman, Diana -- you say she's barely breathing?” Luis picks up his shirt but doesn't cover up that gorgeous chest yet. Liz says, “I'm not sure she's going to make it.” Luis says, “Well, maybe I can help her. Why don't you take me to her.” Liz points the way, “All right. She's in the room right next to yours. Number 6.” Luis repeats, “Number 6, ok.” They both quickly move down the path to the hotel.

To be continued...

Thanks to Passions Central for the beautiful screen caps.

9.21.08, 1:25 AM
In Tabitha's attic dressed in his pajamas, Timmy sees the scroll pop out of a trunk, “The scroll!” Tabitha exclaims, “Oh, the scroll. It must be here to tell us that something evil's about to happen.” Timmy agrees, “Timmy remembers when he found the scroll up here, Tabby was arguing with the dark forces in the basement. And about Luis and Sheridan -- Timmy couldn't believe it was about their past lives.” Tabitha nods, “Hmm. It's a good read, if you like misery.” Timmy frowns, “Timmy feels bad for all the pain and suffering Luis and Sheridan had. But Tabby's right -- it does make for a great story.” Grabbing the scroll from where it dangles in mid-air, Tabitha says, “Ah. The scroll has come back because of Luis and Sheridan. They're headed for more pain, Timmy -- pain, pain, pain, much more pain.”

In Diana's room performing CPR with Doc, Brian declares, “I won't let her die, Doc.” Standing next to her bed doing the chest compressions, Doc says, “She'd be a goner without you. That's for sure. You're making a career out of fishing her from the sea. Five – breathe.” Brian says, “I thought she was a goner for sure this time, the current was so strong. Come on! We got to save her.” Doc commands, “Breathe.” Brian commands her, too, “Breathe, Diana. Come on.”

Luis and Liz arrive at the hotel through the restaurant. Luis is still shirtless because his chest is still wet from his swim. He carries his shirt in his hand. Luis looks worried as he says, “Another woman almost drowning? See, it was after I lost my fiancée, I had nightmares about her. I -- I heard her voice calling me, but there was nothing I could do. I was knocked unconscious. Then later, I couldn't get to her because of the storm.” Getting bottles of water from behind the counter, Liz replies, “Well, the last thing you need to do is feel guilty about what happened. You did everything you could to save her -- almost too much from what you've told me. You almost drowned yourself.” Luis replies, “I'm not feeling guilty. I just don't want the same thing to happen to this Diana woman that happened to my fiancée.” They head for the door to check on Diana.

In Tabby's attic as Tabby and he drink Martimmys, Timmy asks, “More pain for Luis and Sheridan? Isn't what's going on with them on that island enough?” Tabitha replies, “According to my bosses, there's no such thing as enough pain. Maybe it's the Martimmys, but I sometimes wonder. Anyway, what's done is done and done well.” Timmy says sadly, “Timmy remembers when he read the scroll in January, the story that Luis and Sheridan -- Luis thinking Sheridan was dead... But she's alive.” Tabitha laughs, “Yes. But now she's got amnesia, so she doesn't even remember Luis. Oh! The thought of those two on the same tropical island clueless that they're so close. Oh, it's heart-wrenching with a capital h. Hmm.” Timmy asks, “Timmy doesn't get it. Tabby, how can Luis and Sheridan experience more pain if they don't even know they're on the same island?” Tabitha answers, “Oh, Timmy. The events that are going on there now were set in motion eons ago. Hey, give me a refill and I'll tell you a bedtime story epochs in the making.” Timmy refills Tabby's glass, then says, “Timmy wishes Luis and Sheridan hadn't had so much pain. But the story's so incredible; Timmy could hear it again and again.” Timmy smiles. Tabitha unfurls the scroll and begins to read, “Hmm, hmm! Well, in that case -- "this is an epic saga of two people who've loved each other throughout the ages, a bittersweet story of a couple who want nothing more than to be together."...” Timmy sighs, “So sweet.” Tabitha looks at him, “Yes, well, bittersweet, Timmy -- hmm -- terribly, terribly bitter. "In their attempt to find happiness together, they are destined to experience only agony and anguish." Timmy says sadly, “Poor Luis and Sheridan.” Tabitha nods, “Indeed, indeed. Now listen to this, Timmy. Listen to this terrible tale of pain and woe.” She laughs as Timmy takes a sip of his drink.

In Diana's room, Brian and Doc continue giving her CPR, “Stay with me, Diana. Hang on.” She begins to cough. Doc exclaims, “There. That's better!” Brian agrees, “Yes.” Doc decides, “I think she may be out of danger.” Brian says, “Good. For a moment there, I thought...” Doc looks toward Brian, “Whew. Didn't take you long to develop feelings for this girl -- strong feelings.” Brian agrees, “Yeah. She's a very special woman, Doc. I don't know what I would have done if something -- something had happened to her.”

Standing in the hall outside Diana's room, Luis shows his concern, “I just have to make sure that this Diana woman's ok.” Liz says, “No, Doc is good. He knows his stuff.” Luis replies, “Yeah, well, still, the thought of another woman drowning? No, this isn't going to be like what happened to my fiancée. I'm not going to let it.” Luis seems determined to help Diana as he tries to open the door but Doc stops him and walks out in the hall to talk, “I'm sorry. We have a sick woman in here.” Luis replies, “I know. I came to see if she was ok, if I could help.” Doc informs him, “Well, Diana’s resting comfortably. Her breathing's normal again, her pulse is strong, but she can't have any visitors for at least several hours. I'm sorry.” Luis asks concerned, “So she's going to be ok, though?” Doc says, “With rest, I think she'll be just fine.” Luis smiles and throws his shirt over his shoulder, “Well, that's good. I'm glad.” Doc apologizes, “Yeah, and I'm sorry about shoving you out the door, but...” Luis insists, “No, no, no. I understand.” Doc explains, “Just the last thing Diana needs right now is a stranger in her room.” Luis grins, “Right.” Liz hands the bottles of water in her hand to Doc and turns to Luis, “Ok. Now that we know that Diana’s going to be all right, let's get you fixed up.” Luis asks surprised, “Me?” Placing her hand on his arm, Liz says, “Yeah. You never did eat. Come on. I'll fix you my special B.L.T. Plus.” Luis asks, “"Plus"?” Liz smiles, “Plus whatever's in the kitchen.” Luis says, “Well, maybe later. I'm -- I’m ...” Liz says emphatically, “Now”, as she pulls Luis down the hall. Luis looks back at Diana's room just as Doc goes back into her room.

In the restaurant sitting at one of the tables with Liz, Luis takes a sip of his coffee, “It's good coffee.” Liz smiles, “He said, trying to avoid a conversation.”
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/111401-04.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=111401-04.jpg)
Now wearing his shirt, Luis asks, “About what?” Liz says, “Look, I know you've been through hell, losing the love of your life. But it was the way you talked about your fiancée. I was very touched.” Luis tells her, “Oh, well. She said that we had been star-crossed lovers throughout recorded history.” Liz shakes her head, “I don't understand.” Luis smiles, “Well, when she was a kid, she had this birthday party. And I'm not sure how old she was, but there was a fortune-teller who was hired to give readings to all the kids and to her.” Liz smiles, “That sounds like fun.” Luis shakes his head, “No, it wasn’t. You see, this fortune-teller, well, said some pretty strange things, you know, things that a normal birthday fortune-teller wouldn't say to a kid.” Liz asks, “Like what?” Luis takes another sip of his coffee, “That she had been seeking happiness with a man throughout the ages and that she would never find it.” Liz is taken aback, “Wow. That must have been pretty tough to hear.” Luis agrees, “Yeah. You know, I can't even imagine how she must have felt, you know -- she was only a little girl -- and having to hear such a horrible thing about the rest of her life.”
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/111401-05.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=111401-05.jpg)

In Tabby's attic, Timmy is shocked, “You told that to a little kid? Timmy can't believe it.” Putting the scroll down, Tabitha replies, “Hmm. I was just doing my job, and I did it exceedingly well. The poor girl was terrified. You should have seen the look on her face.” Tabitha chuckles. Timmy says, “Timmy's ashamed to admit it, but he wishes he had. It's like the "Larry winger show." Timmy knows he isn't supposed to watch it, but he can't help it.” Tabitha says, “Yes. Sheridan and Luis -- star-crossed lovers that have sought each other out through all their many lifetimes. Sheridan and Luis fell passionately in love the first moment they laid eyes on each other. Yet time after time over the eons, their budding relationship was crushed. Take, for example, when their love bloomed again in ancient Rome.” There is a very short of Shuis in Ancient Rome and Sheridan drinking poison and dying.
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/111401-06.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=111401-06.jpg)
Tabitha continues, “Luis and Sheridan did indeed experience great pain in all those lives. But it was nothing compared to what was in store for them.” Timmy asks, “What?” Tabitha replies, “They were so close to happiness, so very, very close. But then my bosses saw what was happening and they made me step in and ruin their chance of bliss for all eternity.” Tabby shrugs.

Liz states, “You and your love had so many lives.” Taking a bite of his sandwich, Luis replies, “That's what the fortune-teller said.” Liz asks, “But you don't buy it?” Luis says, “Me? Well, it sounded pretty crazy. Well, my fiancée bought it. And that's why she believed in love at first sight. You see, she figured that if people had known each other in previous lives, then when they met again, then subconsciously they would still have those feelings.” Liz says, “Pretty romantic.” Luis rests his chin on his hands as talks lovingly about Sheridan, “Yeah. Yeah, she was. She was everything.” Liz asks, “So, what else did the fortune-teller say?” Luis replies, “Hmm. Said that one time we -- we actually had the chance to be happy and that in that life if we'd been able to stay together then -- then we would have been happy for all eternity. But something came between us.” Liz asks, “When did that happen?” Luis replies, “Hmm. It was in the early 20th century. We were passengers on the Titanic.” Luis and Liz both smile.

In the attic, Timmy happily says, “The Titanic? Timmy loves this part.” Tabitha nods, “Mm-hmm. Yes, it was terribly painful.” Timmy asks, “Sheridan was an aristocrat?” Tabitha confirms, “Booked in first class. And Luis was an Irishman off to seek his fortune in America.” Timmy adds, “And he was in steerage.” Tabitha adds some more information, “Actually, Sheridan’s name was Susan in that lifetime, and Luis was named Liam.” Timmy thinks, “That reminds Timmy of a movie.” Tabitha nods, “Which they stole from yours truly. As Liam looked through the rails that divided steerage from the first-class passenger deck, it was love at first sight. Liam wasn't only handsome. He was resourceful, too. He invited Susan down to steerage for a party. Perfect love is evil's greatest enemy, Timmy. My orders were to stop it, and stop it I would.” On the Titanic Luis and Sheridan are dancing to the music that Doc turns on to play in Sheridan's room, “Music should help soothe her.” Brian says, “She's feeling a little warm. I'm going to go get a cool cloth for her.” He leaves the room just before Sheridan calls out in her sleep, “Liam.”

In the restaurant, Liz asks incredulously, “You and your fiancée were passengers on the Titanic?” Luis takes another bite of his sandwich before he answers, “It sounds crazy, I know. That's what she believed. She believed we'd been in love several times.” Liz says excitedly, “Crazy? Try utterly and totally romantic. You should write a book. I mean it, it's perfect. Star-crossed lovers hoping to find each other lifetime after lifetime.” Luis agrees, “Yeah. It's an incredible story. I just wish it had a happy ending.” Liz seems to feel sorry for him, “Right, considering you've already lost your love in this lifetime.” Luis looks sad, “Yeah, you're right. I've already lost her.” He shakes his head.

Tabitha continues the story, “"Ever after" isn't in the cards for Luis and Sheridan, just as it wasn't for Liam and Susan. The electricity between them positively crackled.
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/111401-12.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=111401-12.jpg)
I could tell how much in love they were; how this would be the time they'd stay together their whole lives. And you know what that would have meant -- they'd be together for the rest of the millennium and beyond, every life more happy than the last. Well, Timmy, the dark side couldn't have that. It just couldn't. I was ordered to give Liam and Susan another obstacle to overcome. For a while I was stuck, till I suddenly saw him right in front of me, wearing a white officer's uniform. All I had to do was come up with a way to give my bosses what they wanted.”

Sitting on her bed and wiping her face with a cloth, Brian asks, “Diana, can you hear me?” Doc tells him, “Just let her rest. It's the best thing for her now.” Diana mumbles, “Titanic. Liam.” Brian asks, “What did she just say?”
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/111401-09.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=111401-09.jpg)
Doc looks at Brian and says, “She said "titanic"? Then "Liam," I think.” Brian looks stumped, “Well, what do you make of that?” Doc shakes his head, “No idea.” Diana calls out in her sleep again, “Liam. Liam.”

Liz apologizes, “I'm sorry. I really didn't mean to hurt your feelings.” Luis replies, “It's all right. Anyway, I wasn't talking about this lifetime. I was talking about the lifetime that the fortune-teller had told my fiancée about, the last one we shared, the lifetime that we were supposed to be together forever. I shouldn't be doing this.” Liz encourages him, “No, no, no. The best thing you can do is talk it out, you know, don't keep it bottled up. What else did the fortune-teller say?” Liz smiles but Luis sadly says, “She said that something was going to come between us and that we would never find happiness.” Liz reminds him, “But in this lifetime, nothing has come between you.” Luis says, “No. I mean, there was no one. Nothing could tear us apart. We were perfect together. I guess the fortune-teller was right. She's gone, my one true love. We'll never have happiness together.” Luis' voice breaks as he finishes what he was saying.

In the attic, Tabby yawns and pours herself another Martimmy as she asks, “Where was I, Lad?” Timmy replies, “The plan.” Tabitha remembers, “Oh, yes. Yes, the plan. Well, my bosses insisted that it affect Liam and Susan from that lifetime into the next and the next and so on and so on forever. Oh, Timmy, those were the days. Frankly, it was one of the easiest spells I ever had to perform as nature had done most of my work for me. She was so sweet, so lovely. Any man would fall in love with her in an instant. Naturally, I never traveled without a goodly supply of my best enchanted dust. In the end, it was quite simple, really. All I did was cast a little spell on the smashing-looking officer I saw standing before me, and, voila! He took one long look at her dancing and he was hooked for life. He will come between Sheridan and Luis for the rest of eternity.” Tabby stops to take in her work. She continues, “Hmm. Amazing, isn't it, Timmy? The spell I cast so many years ago is still paying dividends for the boys downstairs. Oh, yes, Sheridan and Luis are still alive, but they've got nothing to look forward to but pain and suffering.” She laughs as Timmy looks so sad.

To be continued...

Thanks to Passions Central for the Shuis screen caps.

9.21.08, 10:40 PM
At their table in the restaurant Liz seems excited and very interested, “To think that you and your fiancée loved each other through so many different lifetimes...” Luis says, “Well, I'm not sure about all the past lives stuff but that's what the fortuneteller told my fiancée. Liz is fascinated, “Yes, but she specifically said that the two of you were reincarnated in the early Twentieth century and that you both wound up together on the Titanic.” Luis sighs, “Yeah, we were supposed to find happiness in that lifetime but we never did. Someone, another man, came between us and took away our happiness forever.” Luis looks sadly away.

In her room, Diana dreams about Liam and Susan on the Titanic. She mumbles in her sleep, “Liam. Titanic. No, no!” As he wipes her face with a cloth, Brian asks, “She's mumbling about Titanic and a man named Liam. What does that mean?” Kneeling beside Diana's bed, Doc shakes his head, “Maybe Liam is the name of the man she loved.” Brian shrugs, “Why would she keep saying Titanic? Do you think that was the name of the boat she was on before the hurricane?” Doc replies, “Why would anyone in their right mind name their boat Titanic? Maybe she'll be able to tell us when she comes to.” Diana again mumbles, “Liam, Liam.”

In Tabby's attic, Timmy says, “Timmy is amazed that Luis and Sheridan have loved each other through so many lifetimes.” Tabby laughs, “It's not as if I haven't told you this story before, Timmy.” As they sit drinking their Martimmys, Timmy says, “But Timmy never gets tired of hearing it. So, when Luis and Sheridan were on Titanic...” Tabby interrupts to correct him, “Susan and Liam. They had different names then.” Timmy nods and continues his question, “And as they were about to find true happiness Princess stopped them?” Tabby replies, “Yes, yes, I did. Don't forget, I'm a pawn of evil, Timmy. We couldn't let a perfect love like theirs exist. If they'd found happiness then, they'd have been happy for all eternity. My bosses would never have allowed that! In the end, it was quite simple really. All I had to do was cast a little spell on the smashing-looking officer I saw standing before me. (As Tabby tells the story, the clips of Sheridan and Luis on the Titanic is playing. Here Tabby throws her magic dust over Brian, the ship's officer.) And voila, he'd come between Luis and Sheridan for the rest of the big shebang. I'm talking eternity, Timmy...eternity!” Tabby takes a sip of her drink and continues the Titanic story, “Susan and Liam were dancing together when she suddenly “felt” the young officer's gaze. She turned to him and saw that he was in love with her even though he was a stranger. His gaze unsettled Susan as if deep in her soul she could sense that this man was a threat to her happiness with Liam. But Liam, blinded by his love for Susan, didn't notice her uneasiness or the man who caused it. Liam pulled Susan back into the merriment and after one last look at the officer, she focused all her love on Liam. It was then that the young officer asked me who Susan was.” In the attic with Timmy looking on, Tabby tells him, “I knew then that my spell had worked. I knew that Luis and Sheridan would never find happiness then in that lifetime; therefore, not in this one either. My spell ensured that the handsome young stranger would forever come between them, thwarting their chance of perfect happiness. The spell continues in their current lives, Timmy. It's playing out even as we speak.” Timmy looks sad for Sheridan and Luis.

Still in the attic drinking their Martimmys, Timmy looks at the pitcher full of his drink and comments, “Tabby's story is like a pitcher of Martimmys...incredible till the end.” Tabby agrees, “It is riveting, Lad.” She continues the story, “Susan's family had first class accommodations. It was a scandal for a woman of her position to associate with a person in steerage but Susan was in love with Liam so she didn't care. Her family, however, did. It was they who sent the young officer down to find her.” On the Titanic, the dancing ends and both Susan and Liam laugh as they hold hands as Liam says, “I bet you've never been to a party like this before.” Susan enthusiastically replies, “No, never! This is wonderful. I'm having so much fun. Promise we'll do this every day of the crossing.” As he holds both of her hands in his, Liam grins, “Promise! This is only the beginning. I'm going to show you parts of the Titanic you never dreamed.” The officer who has been watching them for a while steps up, Excuse me. The lady's family is looking for her. They sent me down to bring her back to first class.” Susan looks over at him but doesn't let go of Liam's hands as she informs him, “Tell them I'll be up later. I'm having too much fun down here.” Liam looks from the officer to Susan and laughs with pure joy. The officer reminds Susan, “You are supposed to have tea with your mother and the Astors and Mrs. Molly Brown. You wouldn't want to disappoint her, would you?” As the officer looks on, Susan says to Liam, “I'm sorry. I can't break a promise to my mother.” Liam smiles, “It's okay. We'll catch up later.” The young officer just stares unwavering at them with an evil glint in his eye as Susan leans forward and kisses Liam as they still hold each other's hands. After the kiss, she steps back and takes the officer's offered arm. She picks up her purse and turns back to Liam and says, “I'll see you soon.” Liam says, “Yeah, Susan, soon.” He smiles brightly at her but the smile fades as he sees the evil look the young officer gives him. In the attic, Tabby says, “From that moment on being aboard the Titanic spelled tragedy for Susan, Liam, the young officer and everyone else aboard.”

At their table in the restaurant, Liz asks in amazement, “So, the officer lead Susan away and you, Liam, were left behind?” Luis says, “Well, that's what the fortuneteller told my fiancée.” Liz smiles, “That is an incredible story!” Luis agrees, “Yeah, but like I said, it doesn't have a happy ending. Susan and Liam have nothing in store for them but grief.”

In Diana's room, she is agitated and mumbling, “Liam. NO! Liam.” As Brian dabs her face with the cloth, she has what looks like a seizure. Brian calls Doc back to her bed. Doc checks her pulse, breathing and eyes. Brian wants to know if she is all right. Doc tells him that it was probably an involuntary muscle spasm but she's all right. She needs rest. He says he is going to go now but Brian tells him that he is going to stay in case something else happens. As Brian sits on the edge of Diana's bed, he tells her, “Don't scare me like that again. I can't lose you, Diana. I love you. I've loved you since the day I first laid eyes on you. I don't know what I'll do if you get your memory back and decide to leave the island. I just pray that that never happens.”
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/111501-07.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=111501-07.jpg)
In the restaurant as he sits with Liz drinking coffee, Luis says, “The fortuneteller said that dancing together was the last happy moment that Liam and Susan would have. Soon after that the Titanic hit an iceberg.”

In the attic, Timmy asks, “So, the officer that came to pick up Susan was the man in Tabby's scheme?” Tabby replies, “Yes, once I got him involved, everything fell right into place. Everything went exactly as my bosses wanted it to. First, the ship slammed into that iceberg. On board the Titanic Liam and the others in steerage are knocked to the floor as the the boat hits the iceberg. Susan is the first thing he thinks about and he gets up to find her. Upstairs in first class, Susan and her mother are shaken and head for the deck. Susan's first thought is of finding Liam. They just wanted to be together so they each look for the other. Tabby takes up the story again, “The ship was sinking fast. People were running hither and dither trying to save themselves.” She thinks back to her and Timmy sitting in lounge chairs on the deck and drinking martimmys as they watch the tragedy unfold. On deck, the young officer reaches Susan and her mother. He insists she go with him to the lifeboat. Susan hears Liam calling her name across the deck as he tries to reach her. Susan tells her mother and the officer that she won't leave without Liam, then she and Liam make their way through the crowd to each other. They rush into each other's arms and kiss, so happy to be together.
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/111501-04.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=111501-04.jpg)
In the attic, Timmy has tears running down his cheeks, “That was so beautiful. Liam and Susan finally found true love in each other's arms.” Timmy wipes the tears from his cheeks as Tabby says, “Hmmm. Well, not for long, Timmy. The end of their lives was at hand and we were there to see it all.” Timmy begins crying again. Tabby pats him on the head.
In Diana's room, she is still restless as she calls out, “No, Liam, Liam.” Sitting with her, Brian wonders what has her so upset. While in the restaurant of the hotel, an interested Liz asks, “What happened after you and Susan found yourselves on deck?” Luis replies, “The ship was sinking fast. It was tilting higher and higher. People were screaming and holding onto the railings and sliding towards the bow of the ship.”

In Tabby's attic, Timmy sadly says, “At least Liam and Susan were happy a moment or two.” Tabby says, “Yes, Timmy. Then the Titanic began to break apart. On the Titanic, Susan and Liam were kissing and holding onto each other. Liam breaks the kiss and says, “We have to get to a lifeboat.” They begin to move but are thrown overboard into the freezing water. Liam surfaces first and sputters as he looks for Susan, calling her name over and over until he spots her trying to stay afloat a few feet away. He spots a board, a door I think, and gets Susan safely on top of it and out of the icy water. Susan tells him to climb on the door, too, but Liam know that it will not hold both of them. He knows that he has to save Susan.

In the restaurant, Liz stands to pour Luis some more coffee and asks, “What did the fortuneteller say happened next? Oh, I'm sorry. That's right, you did say that the story didn't end well.” Luis replies, “No, my fiancée and I were kept apart. Supposedly, because of the ship's officer. If I remember correctly, he kept us apart in this lifetime, too.” Luis stops to brush his hair off his forehead. Liz asks, “How did he keep you apart...I mean on the Titanic?” Luis shakes his head, “I'm not sure. According to the fortuneteller, Liam and Susan went into the water together.” Liz says, “I'm sorry. I shouldn't have asked you to tell me that story. I can see it's upsetting you.” Luis gives her a small smile, “No, I...I'm just tired.” He gets up from the table saying, “I better go to my room...get some sleep. I'll see you in the morning.” Liz stands, too, “Are you going to be getting ready to take your friend's boat back to the states in the morning?” Putting his hands in his pockets, Luis replies, “We'll go over it in the morning.” He walks to the door, turns back toward Liz, and says, “Liz, good night.” Liz smiles, “Good night, Number 9.” Cleaning off the table, Liz says to herself, “Sure wish I knew the end of that story. I wonder if both Susan and Liam drowned or one of them survived.”

In Tabby's attic, Timmy blows his nose and cries, “Timmy hates how the story ends. It's too sad.” Tabby laughs, “You're such a softie, Timmy. I grant you, it is tragic, especially for Luis and Sheridan.” In the icy water as they wait for a rescue boat, Susan and Liam drift on the plank until Susan spots the young officer on a lifeboat.
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/111501-08.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=111501-08.jpg)
He pulls her into the boat. She reaches out for Liam and asks the officer to help Liam. Liam slips into the water. Susan begs the officer to help Liam but it is too late, Liam is gone. She cries on the officer's shoulder and yells, “NO!” In the attic, Tabby holds up her glass, and tells Timmy, “It was my job and I did it well. (Tabby finishes her drink and stands.) Not only was the sinking of the Titanic one for the history books, but happiness eludes Sheridan and Luis to this very day. Come on, Timmy. Let's get some sleep.” She picks up the martimmy glasses and walks to the door. Timmy yells, “Wait, will the other man come between Sheridan and Luis in this life, too?” Tabby replies, “Oh, yes, Timmy.” Timmy asks, “But how? The scroll doesn't say.” Tabby raises her brows, “Well, perhaps because the next chapter hasn't been written yet. But when it is, you can be sure that Luis and Sheridan will suffer more misery than any other couple in history.” The scroll opens and the quill pen begins writing. Tabby stoops down next to Timmy and says, “Look, Timmy, look! It's beginning...another sad chapter in the lives of Sheridan and Luis.”
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/111501-09.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=111501-09.jpg)
On the balcony of his room, Luis is again shirtless as he looks at his picture of Sheridan and himself. Talking to Sheridan, he says, “I wonder if what that fortuneteller told you is true. Did we know each other in past lives? What about that guy on the Titanic? Is he the one who kept us from being together in our last life, condemned us to lose each other in this life?” Luis lowers the picture in his hand and looks up, “No, can't blame boat explosions and hurricanes on ...That's no one's fault.” Walking to the other side of the balcony, he says, “I just have to learn to live without you. That officer on the Titanic had nothing to do with it. He's not the one who tore us apart.”

In Diana's room, Brian is still hovering when Liz arrives, “Hey, how's she doing?” Brian explains, “Doc says she's gonna be fine. She just needs some rest.” Still dreaming of being with Liam on the Titanic, Diana clearly says, “Titanic. Iceberg.” A surprised Liz asks, “What did she say?” Brian replies, “Something about the Titanic and iceberg. She must be having a nightmare.” With eyes open wide, Liz murmurs, “Could it be?”

To be continued...

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On the island Luis stands on his balcony looking at his picture of Sheridan. He smiles as he looks to the heavens, “Maybe the fortune-teller was right. Maybe someday in the future we will get another chance together. But you know what I wish? You know what I wish more than anything in this world? I wish that I could hold you in my arms again in this lifetime. I swear I'd be there for you. I'd protect our love and never give up on you.”

In her room next door, a restless Diana shouts out, “Titanic. Iceberg!” Liz looks shocked, “Could it be?” Brian turns to look at Liz as he sits on the edge of Diana's bed, “What? Why are you looking at her like that?” Liz replies, “I know it's going to sound rather strange, but I think I know who our Diana really is.” Brian stands and moves next to Liz, “Are you serious? You think you know who Diana really is?” An excited Liz says, “Before I say anything more, promise me you won't think I’ve lost my mind.” Brian angrily demands, “Just tell me.” Liz says, “All right. I've been talking to the guy who's staying in the room next door.” Brian says, “Right, the guy you nicknamed Number nine, the one who didn't come down to have dinner with us.” Liz continues, “Yeah, and I told you that he came down to sail his friend's boat back to the states. Well, he's been telling me some more about his fiancée.” Brian asks, “The one who died suddenly?” Liz continues, “Well, not long after they fell in love, she told him about something that happened to her when she was a young girl. (Liz smiles as if she knows something that he doesn't.) A fortune-teller came to her birthday party. Only the fortune-teller did much more than predict the child's future.” Brian asks, “What did she say?” Liz replies, “Specifically? That the young girl would someday meet and fall in love with a man that she'd fallen in love with many times before in previous lives.” Brian laughs at her, “Liz, come on. You don't believe that John Edwards stuff.” Liz is exasperated, “Just hear me out, ok?” Brian lets out an exasperated breath, “All right, fine.” Liz continues, “The fortune-teller said that the girl would meet this man and fall in love with him again in this life, but tragically, and that, just as so many times before, they would be torn apart.” Brian asks, “By what?” An excited Liz tells him, “The fortune-teller described their earlier lives, going way back. But she went into a lot more detail when she got to the most recent past.” Brian asks, “Liz, how much wine did you have to drink tonight?” Liz chides, “Brian!” Brian releases another breath in exasperation, “Go ahead. I'm listening. You know, this...” Liz goes on, “Ok, listen. The fortune-teller swore that this woman and this man sailed together on the Titanic, and they were young and carefree and they thought that they would finally defy the odds and that they would live happily ever after together.” Brian says in a sarcastic voice, “Oh, and then they hit an iceberg, right?” Liz continues, “Oh -- but there was another obstacle in their path before that. See, there was another man on board who was in love with the woman. And according to the fortune-teller, that man came between them.” Brian says again in his sarcastic voice, “Wow. That is a great story. Now, tell me what in the hell that has to do with Diana here.” Liz states the obvious, “You heard her. Come on. She keeps murmuring things about the titanic in her sleep.” Brian looks at her, “So? Maybe she has a crush on Leonardo DiCaprio.” Liz walks closer to Diana's bed and watches her sleep, “I don't think that's it. But I can't help but wonder if she's remembering something that happened to her.” Brian sighs, “Liz, come on. There's not -- wait a second. Are you suggesting that Diana and this guy in the next room -- are you suggesting they have a connection?” Liz turns to him and smiles like he finally got it!

Standing next to Diana's bed but facing Brian, Liz smiles, “It's a stretch, I know, but...” Brian skeptically says, “A stretch"? It's the craziest thing that I’ve ever heard come out of your mouth, Liz. For starters, the guy that Diana loved -- he's dead. And out of all the things that she remembers about her past, that is the one thing that she is for sure about.” Liz replies, “She's confused, Brian. Who knows what she remembers?” Brian tries another approach, “Ok. Ok, saying that she is confused does the guys next door -- does he have amnesia, too? Because he told you that his fiancée -- he told you she died in a tragic accident. Now, it can't be Diana, then, can it? She's very much alive.” Liz looks away, “I guess not. Just can't help but think that there's some connection there.” Making fun of her, Brian says, “Yeah, in your dreams, Liz. You know, I never pegged you for being the gullible type, especially to think all that woo-woo stuff about fortune-tellers and stuff like that. I'm afraid on this one, you're all wet.” Liz looks straight at him, “Well, I believe you're afraid, Brian -- afraid I’m right.”

Diana dreams of her being on the Titanic with Liam. On the deck of the Titanic, Susan is given a glass of wine by a waiter. She says, “Oh, thank you.” As she looks up she sees that it is the man she loves dressed as a waiter so she exclaims, “Liam.” Liam tells her, “Shh. If they find me up here with all you fancy folk, they'll toss me overboard.” Liam smiles and hands her a red rose, “Meet me inside.” He walks off. After a minute she follows telling him, “You shouldn't have come. It's dangerous for you to be on this deck.” They kiss. Liam smiles, “I couldn't stand being without you for another minute.” Susan beams with happiness, “I want to be with you, too. That's all I want.” Liam says, “We'll find a way to make it happen. We'll find a way.” They happily kiss again. In her bed, Diana turns in her sleep and says, “Titanic.”

Brian angrily states, “There is no way that Diana was on the Titanic in a past life with the guy next door.” (LOL! Oh, yes, she certainly was!) With her arms folded across her chest, Liz asks, “So why is she talking about the same thing the man told me about just tonight?” Brian says, “I have no idea. Actually, I've got it.” He walks over to the dresser and Liz asks, “Since when does Diana have a boom box in her room?” Brian replies, “Since I lent her mine. Doc said it would help her sleep. Oh, and guess which C.D. She listened to last.” Liz says, “I am not in the mood for guessing games, Brian.” Brian holds up the CD, “It's a CD of movie scores. And guess which tracks are on it. The ones from the movie about the Titanic.” Liz murmurs, “Hmm.” Liz looks skeptical as Brian adds, “So there's your answer right there. It was probably the last tune that she listened to and now she's got it stuck in her mind. She's having a dream about the movie. Case closed. Come on, Liz. You know that's it. She listened to the music about the movie, and now she's dreaming about it. There's nothing else. That's all.”

Across the room, Diana continues to dream of the Titanic. On the deck of the Titanic, Liam says, “I need to ask you a question. Do you believe in love at first sight?” Susan smiles, “I do now.” Liam smiles, then gets serious, “I knew I loved you from the moment I laid eyes on you. Somehow, I know I always will.” Susan's eyes sparkle as she looks into Liam's eyes, “I will always love you, no matter what.” Liam asks, “Forever?” Susan nods, “Forever.” They kiss.

Liz replies, “Part of me was hoping that she would turn out to be that guy's fiancée.” Brian asks, “Even after he told you that she died?” Liz replies, “Yeah. Because if what he said was true, then it wouldn't have to be the end for them. You know, according to the fortune-teller, they had lived and died over and over throughout ages. Guess I kind of liked the idea that there could be a love so strong that it would survive throughout all time.” In her bed, Diana continues to dream about Susan and Liam as they dance happily on the Titanic.
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/Sheridan20Luis20Brian20on20titanic.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=Sheridan20Luis20Brian20on20titanic.jpg)

In his room Luis sits on his bed looking at the picture of Sheridan, “If only that fortune-teller you told me about was right all those years ago. She said that we'd fall in love over and over again throughout history. If that was true, then I’d have another shot with you. What I wouldn't give for another shot. I would never let you go. Never.”

Next door in Diana's room, she dreams of Liam and Titanic, “Titanic. Liam. I love you.” She suddenly opens her eyes and sits up, “You're here. I can feel it. I know you're near.” She then pulls back the blanket, gets out of bed, puts on her robe, and walks onto the balcony.

Sitting at a table in the cafe drinking coffee, Brian insists, “You know I’m right, Liz. The man's fiancée is dead and Diana is very much alive, so there's no way that these two are connected.” Liz still seems confident, “We'll find out for sure soon enough, won't we?” Brian asks, “Oh, yeah? How's that?” Liz replies, “St. Lisa's a very small island. This is a tiny hotel. Diana and Number nine are bound to run into each other sometime before this man sets sail for the mainland. What are you worried about, Brian? If they don't know each other like you say, then what difference is it that they meet?” Brian looks worried but says, “None, I guess.” Liz says, “Then get over it. They'll probably bump into each other in the hall or here at the cafe, will exchange a few pleasantries, and that'll be it. He'll go on his way and Diana will still be here on the island with you.” Brian doesn't look so sure of himself now.

Standing in the doorway to the balcony of Luis' room, Sheridan watches Luis sleep. She walks over to him, calls out to him, “Liam.” She then bends down and kisses him on the lips.
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/SleepwalkinginBermuda.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=SleepwalkinginBermuda.jpg)
**sigh** (This was so beautiful and so romantic!)

To be continued...

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On the island in his bed, still holding his picture of Sheridan, Luis has the same dream that Sheridan had earlier. Luis dreams of being on the Titanic with Susan. On the deck of the Titanic, Susan is given a glass of wine by a waiter. She says, “Oh, thank you.” As she looks up she sees that it is the man she loves dressed as a waiter so she exclaims, “Liam.” Liam warns her, “Shh. If they find me up here with all you fancy folk, they'll toss me overboard.” Liam smiles and hands her a red rose, “Meet me inside.” He walks away. After a minute she follows telling him, “You shouldn't have come. It's dangerous for you to be on this deck.” They kiss. Liam smiles, “I couldn't stand being without you for another minute.” Susan beams with happiness, “I want to be with you, too. That's all I want.” Liam says, “We'll find a way to make it happen. We'll find a way.” They happily kiss again. As Luis dreams, Sheridan walks into his room through the open balcony door. She kisses him on the cheek, then on the lips. Sheridan sits on Luis' bed and smooths his hair back with her hand. In his sleep Luis reaches up and touches her face. Sheridan then leans over and kisses Luis again.
http://i207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/111901-06.jpg (http://s207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/?action=view&current=111901-06.jpg)
Sheridan and Luis continue dreaming of Susan and Liam on the Titanic. As they dance on the deck, Susan asks, “Do I know you?” Liam replies, “We've never met. But I feel like I do know you.” Susan smiles, “So do I. How is that possible?” Liam looks into her eyes, “I don't know. Maybe we met in another life.” Susan smiles up into his face, “That must be it. I feel as if I’ve always known you and you've known me.”

Sheridan stands and moves away from Luis' bed. She walks to the open balcony door, turns and blows Luis a kiss. At the door, Sheridan watches Luis as he dreams. On the Titanic, with Susan in his arms as they dance, Liam smiles and declares, “I'm never going to let go of you, you know.” Susan's smile is radiant as she says, “I hope not. I want to be with you forever, for all eternity.” They kiss. At the door to Luis' balcony, Sheridan turns and walks out the door and closes it behind her. Luis awakens. He sits up in his bed and and calls out, “Sheridan?” Luis looks at his picture of Sheridan, “It was just a dream. It seemed so real. We were in another time. We were dancing, and we kissed. It seemed like she was really here, really kissing me. (Luis touches his lips.) I told you I’d never let you go. But I did. I let you down. I failed you.” Luis puts the picture on the night stand, gets out of bed, and walks out onto the balcony. He calls her name again, “Sheridan?”

Having left Luis' room, Sheridan continues to sleepwalk down to the beach and stops at the spot where she went swimming earlier. As she stands staring out at the ocean, she is dreaming. In the water near the sinking Titanic, Susan floats on the plank that Lian helped her to reach. She is so relieved to see a lifeboat approaching and calls out to them, “Help! Over here!” Then she tells Liam, “Hold on. There's a boat coming. We're saved.”
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/111501-08.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=111501-08.jpg)
The ship's officer pulls Susan into the lifeboat, “Susan. Thank God you're alive.” Susan reaches out for Liam, “Liam. Get him into the boat. He's freezing.” Of course, it is too late as Liam has slipped under the water. Susan cries on the officer's shoulder for her lost true love Liam. As Sheridan stands on the beach staring in the distance, Brian walks up behind her and says, “Diana. There you are. I was worried about you. I thought something might have happened to you. You know, you really should be in bed. You need as much rest as you can get. Are you all right? (He tries waving his hand in front of her face and buys a clue!) Oh, man. She must be sleepwalking. Come on, come on. I'm going to get you back to the hotel, ok? I'll take you back, get you back in bed. I'm going to take care of you. I'll take care of you forever.” He puts his arm around her waist and leads her back to the hotel.

Now dressed, Luis walks into the cafe and sits at the bar in front of Liz. Liz greets him, “Hey, number nine. You look like you saw a ghost.” Luis looks shaken, “I think I did. I dreamed I was on board the Titanic dancing with the woman I love. The story was straight out of the one that my fiancée had told me.” Liz asks, “The one the fortune-teller told her about when she was a child?” Luis nods, “Yeah. We were the same people, but we had different names. I guess the story got stuck in my subconscious and now I’m reliving it.” Liz says sympathetically, “Dreams can seen so real sometimes.” Looking confused, Luis agrees, “Yeah. Um -- I dreamed that she came into my room and kissed me. I -- I woke up, and I could still feel her kiss on my lips, my fiancée’s.” Liz softly says, “But yet, you know she's dead.” Luis agrees, “Yeah. She was cremated. Yet every day I feel like she is more and more alive and I keep expecting the door to open and for her to walk through.” The door creaks and both Luis and Liz look toward it expectantly.

Safely back in her bed in her room, Diana sleeps as Brian tells her, “I know you're troubled. You've been through a lot. That's probably why you were sleepwalking. You were probably thinking about the man you loved. Diana, you're going to have to let him go. He's dead, and he's not coming back. I'm here for you. And if you'll let me, I'll take care of you for the rest of your life. I'll love you as much as any man has ever loved you. (Note...We all know that is just NOT possible. As we have been told in the last few summaries, Brian "loved" Sheridan because Tabby placed a spell on him to do so to keep Shuis apart. Ha!) Just give me that chance.” He kisses her on the forehead then says, “I'll wait, Diana. I'll wait forever.”

In the cafe, Liz closes the door as she explains, “It was just the wind.” Luis says, “Yeah. But I thought she was going to walk in.” Liz is sympathetic, “It's hard letting go. I know, I've been there. When you lose someone you love, you start imagining all sorts of things. Actually, I wouldn't mind believing in past lives. But where's the proof?” Luis turns on his barstool to face her and grins, “Yeah. There isn't any. I know it's just my mind playing tricks on me. But why is it that I feel her so close to me down here? Why is that everywhere I turn, I sense her there with me? And I swear, if it wasn't her in my room tonight, well, then some other woman came in my room and kissed me. Oh was that you?” Liz raises her brows, “Not unless I was sleepwalking. Well, look, if somebody really kissed you, wouldn't you wake up?” Luis grins, “Yeah. I guess so.” Liz says, “The only other woman around her is Diana. I think I'll go check up on her, see what she's been up to.” Luis says, “All right.” Luis sits on the barstool and waits.

Suddenly waking up, Diana says to herself, “When will I ever stop dreaming about Liam?” Liz knocks on her door, then opens it, “Oh, you're awake. May I come in?” Diana replies, “Oh, yeah, of course. Come on in, Liz.” Liz enters and asks, “Well, how are you feeling? You've had a very rough time, you know? Almost drowned again.” Diana sits up in her bed, “I feel all right. I just keep having these dreams.” Liz asks, “You want to talk about them?” Diana shakes her head, “I'm sorry. I'm just hoping the less I talk about them; the less they'll come back.” Liz says, “Makes sense to me. Diana, have you been in your room all night?” Diana replies, “Yeah. I've been sleeping. Why?” Liz says, “I was just wondering if you were up wandering the halls, kissing strange men.” Diana smiles, “I don't think so. No, I've been in here dreaming up a storm.” Liz says, “Ok. You go back to sleep. I'll see you in the morning.” Diana shrugs, “Ok. Good night.” Turning off the light Liz says, “Good night,” as she closes the door. Sheridan lays down and turns on her side resting her head on her hands on top of her pillow. She says to herself, “I wish Liam were here so I could tell him about my dreams.”

Liz makes it back to the cafe as Luis smells the roses in the vase on the bar. Liz says, “They have a great fragrance, don't they?” Luis agrees, “Yeah. They remind me of ...” Luis' words fade away as he has a flashback of Sheridan smiling as he hands her a beautiful red rose. Luis looks up and quickly says, “They remind me of my father. He once planted a rosebush for my mother.” Liz says, “That's very sweet. Well, I'm here to report that if someone kissed you in your sleep, it wasn't Diana.” Luis laughs, “Well, no, of course it wasn't. I mean, why would she kiss a perfect stranger?” He looks back at Liz who says, “I thought I'd check. But she's been sleeping all night.” Luis says, “Yeah. I'm sure I was just dreaming. I'll tell you, that kiss felt so real. I can still feel it on my lips.” He looks back at Liz.

Diana sits up and pulls her blankets off as she says to herself, “Why do my dreams seem so real? I can almost feel Liam’s lips touching mine. But that's ridiculous. He's not real. And even if he were, I’ve been in here all night. There's no way I could have kissed anyone.” Getting out of bed, she reaches down and picks up her shoes. She is really shocked, “There's sand on my shoes. How did I get sand on them? I'm sure I never left this room. Did I?”

To be continued...

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On the island Diana walks into the cafe while Brian is already there having breakfast. Liz pours him another cup of coffee before Diana says, “Good morning.” Liz greets her with a friendly, “Hi.” Brian looks toward Diana and says, “Diana, what are you doing out of bed?” He stands as she approaches his table. Diana answers, “I'm not sure. I woke up from a dream and ...” Brian cuts in, “You should be resting after what you went through last night.” Diana looks confused, “I'm not sure what happened.” Liz advises, “You went swimming and almost drowned but Brian saved you...again.” Diana frowns, “I don't remember any of it.” She puts her hand on his arm and says, “Brian, thank you.” Brian replies, “You don't ever have to thank me.” Diana says, “Maybe almost drowning had something to do with the dream I had.” Liz asks, “Did your dream have something to do with the Titanic?” Diana opens her eyes wide in surprise and asks, “Yes, how did you know?” Brian quickly explains, “Because you were talking in your sleep. You were mumbling Titanic and iceberg a bunch.” Diana smiles, “It was the most romantic dream...well, at first. I was with him...dancing with the man I loved and lost. When we kissed it seemed so real.”

On the balcony of Luis' room, he looks at his picture of Sheridan. He has another flashback of Susan and Liam kissing on the Titanic. He looks up at the sky and smiles, “That kiss felt so real. It didn't feel like a dream. Sheridan felt closer to me than ever before, as if she were in this room. Impossible! She's gone. I've gotta get out of here. I'll go to the cafe and get some coffee.” At the door Luis stops, “I can't go to the cafe. I don't want to see anyone right now.” He walks back to his bed and sits on the foot of the bed. “That dream really got to me. It's almost exactly the way Sheridan said the fortuneteller said it would be. Sheridan and her one true love had many past lives. The last one was on the Titanic.” Here Luis remembers his dream of Susan and Liam dancing on the Titanic. Luis stands, “No, there is no such thing as past lives. I must have dreamed about the Titanic because I told Liz the story about the fortuneteller. That's gotta be it. That's the only explanation.”

At the cafe, Diana says, “I lost him...the man I loved in my dreams. He was with me and then...” She thinks back to being in the water near the Titanic with Liam as he slips into the water and the rescue boat. She suddenly turns back to Brian and Liz, “Oh my goodness, Brian, you were in my dream, too. You were a Naval officer and you pulled me out of the freezing water.” In the background Liz sarcastically comments, “Now he's saving her in her dreams?” Diana places her hand on his arm, “You saved my life.” Brian deadpans, “I wish I could take credit for being your hero again but I'm afraid it was just a dream.” He looks over at Liz, “And one that has an explanation.” Diana asks, “What do you mean?” Brian replies, “Last night I was playing the theme music from “Titanic” so you must have heard it when you were sleeping and connected it with me pulling you out of the water earlier.” Diana frowns, “I guess it makes sense but it was all so vivid.” Brian asks, “Did you ever see the movie Titanic?” Diana shakes her head, “I'm not sure.” As she walks past them, Liz says, “She does have amnesia, Brian!” Brian explains, “She probably saw it. Almost everyone saw it. Even with amnesia it could have got stuck in your subconscious.” Diana looks disappointed as she says, “I guess you're right.” She walks over to the coffee pot on the counter top and sees that it is almost empty, “I'll go make a fresh pot. I may as well start earning my keep around here seeing as it looks like I'll be around here for quite a while.” She walks off rather dejectedly to the kitchen. Liz smiles as she approaches Brian, “Don't you think it's odd, Brian? The guest in room number nine tells me about a fortuneteller saying that he and his fiancée were passengers on the Titanic and that same night, both he and Diana dream about the Titanic.” Brian looks rather annoyed, “It doesn't mean a damn thing, Liz.” Liz says, “Oh, I think it does, especially now that we know that you were also in her dream. See, according to the fortuneteller, the two lovers were separated by another man.” Brian laughs, “Would you listen to yourself...going on like this actually happened. Oh, and that I was on the Titanic? Right!” Even as Brian looks like he believes Liz has lost her mind, she responds, “I know it sounds crazy but I can't help thinking there really is a connection between Diana and the man down the hall. I'm not going to wait for them to meet by chance. Those two are going to meet right now!” Liz turns and walks away from Brian.

Liz takes her apron off and throws it on the counter, “Why should I wait for the two of them to meet by chance? I'm going to go get them and have Number 9 and Diana say HI.” Brian asks, “Why bother?” Liz looks at him, “Because I told you I think there really is a connection between them.” Brian shakes his head, “Liz, people do not come back from the dead, trust me. That this guy and Diana had the same dream about the Titanic is coincidence. There is no way that Diana is this guy's lost love. That's crazy! Besides, you're the one that told me this guy had to ID his fiancee's body, right?” Liz says, “Yeah.” Brian continues, “You also said she was cremated.” Liz says, “Brian, I've been on this island long enough to know that the sea holds many mysteries.” Brian replies, “Well, this isn't one of them. This guy is lost. You said it's got him heartbroken. If you say something to him, it'll just get his hopes up. And don't say anything to Diana either. She'll just start grieving again. She doesn't need that right now.” Liz says rather sarcastically, “You don't need this right now! You're probably right.” Brian replies, “Of course, I'm right. The only romance I believe in is a nice carriage ride and picnic up to Lovers Leap.” Diana returns with the pot of coffee, “Fresh and hot! Come and get it.” She puts the pot on the counter top as Brian approaches, “Say, Diana, what would you say about a carriage ride up to Lovers Leap?” She pours coffee and smiles, “I'd say it sounds wonderful. I'll go get my jacket.”

Luis walks out into the hall on his way to the cafe to have some coffee at the same time that Brian and Diana step out of the cafe into the courtyard. Catching up with Diana, Brian says, “Hey, you don't really need a jacket cuz it's warm here year round.” She says, “Ok, so what are we waiting for then? Let's go.” Brian agrees, “We'll stop and get a picnic on the way.” Diana says, “That's great. See you later, Liz.” They leave and Liz walks back into the cafe.

As Liz stands behind the counter, Luis enters the cafe, “Good morning, Liz.” She tuns to him, “Hey, Number 9.” Luis sits at the counter, “Is that fresh coffee I smell?”
http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b369/dolphin711/rare_p10.jpg (http://s23.photobucket.com/albums/b369/dolphin711/?action=view&current=rare_p10.jpg)
Liz smiles, “Isn't my coffee always fresh?” She holds up her hand, “Don't answer that!” She pours him a cup of coffee and asks, “Did you get any sleep at all last night?” Luis sighs, “Well, I tried. I kept thinking about that weird dream I had about the woman I loved and lost and being on the Titanic. I know that I probably had that dream because I told you the story about the fortuneteller but it seemed so real. It was like the woman I loved was really kissing me.” Liz tries to get more verification that she is right about Diana and Number 9 having a connection, “The woman you loved...what does she look like?” Luis smiles, “The most beautiful woman that I've ever seen.” Liz asks, “What color was her hair?” Luis replies, “Blond.” Liz asks, “Her eyes?” Luis says with a smile, “Blue as you can imagine.” He looks up at Liz and asks, “Why? Why do you ask?” Liz smiles, “I guess I just wanted to picture this woman.” Luis shakes his head, “Yeah, I mean, she wasn't just beautiful on the outside. She had this inner beauty that just lit up the world.” Liz cocks her head to look at him, “You all right?” Luis replies, “Yeah. You know, Liz, I think we could really be great friends.” Liz smiles and thanks him. Luis continues, “But there is just something about this place, and I don't know what it is but it keeps bringing back so many memories of the woman I loved. I just think if I don't get out of here, I'm gonna go crazy.” Liz asks, “You sure I can't talk you into staying a little bit longer?” Luis says, “No, I came down here to sail my friend's boat back to the states and that's what I'm gonna do.”

At Lovers Leap, Brian and Diana sit on a blanket with a picnic lunch, the horse-drawn carriage waits on the pathway. Brian has a bottle of wine and pours some for Diana. She thanks him and says, “Love carriage rides! There is something so romantic about them. I can't help but feel...” She trails off as she has a flashback of Luis and her on their romantic horse-drawn sleigh ride. Brian asks, “Diana, what is it?” Diana replies sadly, “Another memory. I can't stop thinking about the man that I loved and lost. He just seems to be so close to me.”

At the cafe Liz asks, “Are you sure I can't change your mind about leaving today?” Luis smiles and shakes his head, “I don't think so.” Liz tries again, “Oh, come on! A little more tropical hospitality might do you some good.” Luis sighs, “Thanks anyway, Liz.” She says persuasively, “I understand how you've been wracked by memories of your lost fiancée but maybe if you stay a little while longer it'll help you put the past to rest.” Luis sadly replies, “I don't think I'll ever be able to put the past to rest.” Liz says, “Listen. How about this? One more hike up to Lovers Leap? You know, a farewell tour.” Luis laughs, “I can't do it.” Liz replies, “Sure you can. Everybody goes up there one last time to say good bye to the island. Hey, it's supposed to give you good luck. What do you think?” Luis says, “I certainly could use a change of luck.” Liz says, “All right. So go on. It'll be fun.” Luis looks at Liz and says, “If I have time after I arrange for the supplies.” Liz assures him, “You'll be glad you did. I can guarantee that.” Luis finishes his coffee and leaves the cafe. Liz smiles to herself, “If I can get him to get up to Lovers Leap, then maybe he and Diana can finally come face to face.” She smiles.

Doc arrives at the cafe. As he is having coffee with Liz, she asks what he thinks of her story of Diana and Number 9. He goes on for a bit about his alien theory before Liz laughs and tells him that she wants Diana and Number 9 to meet so she can satisfy her own curiosity. Doc points out that if Number 9 and Diana are each other's lost loves, it will leave Brian free. Liz says that what she and Brian had was over a long time ago. Liz gets up and goes to the counter for milk when Luis walks in. Luis calls to her. Liz greets him, “Hey, you didn't up to the Leap, did you?” Luis replies, “Well, I thought about it but it just made more sense for me to take off. I've already arranged to have the supplies put on the boat. I just came back to pack. So if you could add up my tab, I'd really appreciate it if it's ready when I come back, ok?” Liz says, “Sure.” Luis smiles his thanks before he turns to leave. Liz turns her back to him, “I have to figure out a way to get him and Diana together.”

In his hotel room, Luis grabs his duffel bag, throws it on the bed, looks at the picture of Sheridan sitting on the nightstand, and says, “Fine. I've never felt so close to Sheridan. Now, I'll never see her again. I've got to get out of here.” Luis looks so sad.

To be continued...

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I just got home and don't have time to put together a summary tonight but I wanted to post a Shuis picture. This is one of the NBC publicity shots of Susan and Liam on the Titanic. McKenzie looked absolutely gorgeous and Galen very handsome.

http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b369/dolphin711/shuistitanic.jpg (http://s23.photobucket.com/albums/b369/dolphin711/?action=view&current=shuistitanic.jpg)

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On the island in the cafe, Liz and Doc are having coffee and talking about Diana and the man in room Number 9 and their connection through the Titanic story. Liz says, “They are both grieving so much. Wouldn't it be fantastic if they could find each other again?” Eating his breakfast, Doc looks over at her and says, “I'm seeing a side of you I haven't seen in years, Liz.” Liz admits, “I haven't felt this way in years and no, I'm not the romantic type but I can't help it. God knows I've been burned enough in the past.” Doc agrees, “Haven't we all?” Liz smiles, “So, you don't think it's crazy of me to want the guy and Diana to see each other, just on the off chance they were past loves?” Doc shrugs, “I'm an old softie myself. Call Brian's cell phone and tell Diana to hurry back. Maybe she'll get here before this fella leaves.” Liz laughs and hurries to the phone to call Diana. Brian answers and Liz asks to speak to Diana. When Diana answers, Liz asks her to hurry back to the hotel. Diana asks, “Why? Is something wrong?” Liz replies, “Oh, just something important that I want to show you...something that might change your whole life. Hurry, please!”
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/112101-01.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=112101-01.jpg)
Diana is wide-eyed as she hears this which makes Brian wonder what Liz wants to show her. Diana says, “I don't know but ...(she smiles!), she said it could change my life. Come on! Let's go back.” She moves to the picnic blanket but Brian doesn't move.

In his hotel room, Luis sits on the bed and picks up the picture of Sheridan. He has a flashback of them on the beach in Bermuda. As the flashback ends, Luis stuffs the picture into his bag and says, “I've got to get out of here. Everything I see, everything I touch reminds me of Sheridan. I feel her presence, her touch on everything. It's like I breathe the same air she breathes.”

In Harmony on the walkway outside of Tabby's house, Charity tells Miguel that she has had another premonition. He asks if it is something else bad. She smiles and takes his arm telling him that it is a good premonition this time...Sheridan Crane is alive!

At Lovers Leap, Diana is ready to leave but Brian says, “There is no hurry. It's a shame to waste such a beautiful day and all this food.” Diana looks up at him and says, “I told you what Liz said. I have to admit, I'm a little curious myself, to see if it is something that could change my life.” She is excited but Brian shrugs, “That's just Liz. She exaggerates.” Diana replies, “Well, I'd still like to see what it is.” Brian says, “Well, whatever it is, can't it wait till after the picnic?” Diana sighs, “But if it could change my life?” She looks so disappointed as she says, “It sure could use some changing.” She turns her head away from him in disappointment.
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/112101-08.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=112101-08.jpg)
Brian asks, “Are you really unhappy here, Diana?” Diana turns back to look at him, “The island is beautiful and you've been great and so have Liz and Doc, but to not know who I am or where I come from or who this person is, this love of my life that I lost, it just takes the edge off of whatever little bit of happiness I do feel.” Brian says, “Maybe I could make you happy again.” Diana turns away again, “I just don't think happiness is in the cards for me right now.” Brian says, “It could be.” Diana turns to look him in the eye as she asks, “Brian, are you reluctant to go back to the hotel because we would miss out on a lovely picnic or is it something else?”

In his hotel room, Luis is still sitting on the bed with his picture of Sheridan, “Ever since I came to this island, this hotel, I've had the feeling that you are still alive. It wasn't you who died, whose body we cremated.” He stands and walks to the door, “I just keep expecting you to walk through the door. It could be part of the weird stuff that the fortuneteller told you as a kid or...maybe I'm losing it. No, that's it!” He puts the picture in his bag and zips it up, “The sooner I get out of here, the better.” He rubs the back of his neck, “Maybe I'm gonna start believing in fairy tales. Face it, Luis! Face the facts. She's gone! The love of your life is gone and you're never gonna see her again. Never!” (This was such a sad scene for Luis and certainly makes it impossible to believe that Luis would ever love anyone other than Sheridan.)

At Lovers Leap, Diana asks Brian again, “Is there any other reason why you don't want me to go back to the hotel?” Brian thinks back to Liz saying that she can't help but feel there is some connection between Diana and the man down the hall. He then shakes his head, “No, let's go.” Diana smiles, “Thank you. You still haven't told me if there's another reason why you don't want us to go back.” As they pack up the picnic Brian says, “Hey, around here we can have picnics pretty much every day of the year. This is paradise. So, if you want to go back and it makes you happy, then I'm all for it.” Kneeling on the blanket, Diana says, “You're a fine man, Brian. You've been so wonderful to me ever since you fished me out of the ocean.” Brian smiles, “Well, I like to take care of you. I'd like to take care of you forever.” Diana gives a small smile.

In Harmony in front of Tabby's house, Charity is so happy and enthusiastic, “My vision is so clear, Miguel!” Miguel questions her, “Sheridan is alive?” Charity smiles, “Yes! She's on a tropical island and she and Luis are just about to be reunited!” Miguel shakes his head, “No, Charity, they can't be reunited...ever!” Charity smiles, “But I see it, Miguel!” Miguel states, “Sheridan is dead.” Charity shakes her head and grabs his arm, “No!” Miguel says, “Luis identified her body. They had her medical and dental records.” Charity begins, “Look, I know...” Miguel interrupts her, “She was cremated, Charity. Luis and Ethan were there. So was Theresa, Rebecca and Gwen Hotchkiss, and Julian Crane. They were all there. Why would they say Sheridan was dead if she was still alive?” Charity tries to convince him, “I don't know why they'd say it but I'm telling you that I ...” Again Miguel cuts her off and forcefully tells her, “There is no possible way that this is premonition is true.” Charity looks confused, then gives in to Miguel saying, “Right. I'm sorry. This is just wishful thinking. I want so much for her to be alive.” Miguel agrees, “I know. We all wish that.” Charity says, “She was such a wonderful, wonderful person and now she's gone and it's just too awful.” Miguel nods, “Luis is really hurting.” Charity shakes her head sympathetically, “He lost the woman he loved and now Theresa is afraid she's going to lose the man she loves.” Miguel says, “My sister is definitely in trouble with Ethan. That's for sure.” Charity looks worried, “Miguel, you know they say bad things happen in threes. What if we're next?” Miguel assures her, “No, Charity, that's never going to happen.” Charity is still unsettled, “I still feel evil so close. Evil is out to destroy us, Miguel.”
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/112701-01.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=112701-01.jpg)

On the island at the cafe, Liz and Doc sit drinking coffee as Luis walks in with his packed bag ready to leave. He asks Liz if she has his tab ready. Liz asks, “Your tab?” Luis says, “Yeah, I'm all packed and ready to cast off...set sail for the states.” Liz and Doc exchange looks and panic. Seeing that Luis asks, “Something wrong?” Liz stands, “No, nothing. I knew you were leaving but I didn't think it would be so soon.” Luis smiles, “Well, I told you.” Liz again says, “Yes, I know, but I thought you meant like a couple hours.” Luis says, “Right. There's no real reason for me to stay, is there?” Liz looks like she's trying to think of a reason. Luis adds, “Boat's ready to set sail and there's really no reason to stay.” Liz smiles, “Then I'll get your bill.” She walks back to the counter and Luis turns to follow. He smiles. She offers him more coffee but he says, “I'm going to have to take a rain check. It's time to say 'adios'.” Liz tries again, “If you stick around a little longer, you'll get to meet Diana. She should be here any minute. I just think you guys might hit if off.” Luis turns to look at Doc, “I don't see how that matters. I'm practically on the boat already.” Liz says, “I think it matters a lot.” Luis asks, “Why? What's so important about this woman and why should I meet her?” Liz replies, “I don't know, I guess I just had this crazy feeling that you might have met her before.” Luis nods, “I doubt that.” Liz finally just blurts out, “Stay...for me.” Luis puts his bag down, “Liz, look, to be honest with you, I am just not good company right now. All right? I thank you for everything you've done. You've been wonderful. I have to go now.” Liz hands him the bill, he pays and tells Liz to take care, picks up his bag, turns to Doc and waves. Liz says disappointedly to herself, “I guess it was just not meant to be.”

As Liz and Doc sit having coffee, Brian and Diana arrive. Liz turns to Doc and says, “Maybe they're not too late for Diana to meet him.” Liz stands. Diana asks, “Well, what did you want to show me?” Liz replies, “The guy who was staying here. He just left for the dock. He's getting set to sail but if you hurry, you can catch him.” Diana looks confused, “I don't understand.” Brian says, “Liz, I don't buy it for a second. You know there's no truth to this at all.” Liz replies, “There's an easy way to find out if there is or isn't.” Diana waves her hand, “Could someone clue me in here?” Walking by the group, Doc says, “I think you'll find out soon enough.” Diana asks, “Why do you want me to meet this man?” Liz says, “Just go...meet him.” She puts her hand on Diana's waist and pushes her toward the door, “Do this one thing for me. I'll explain it later, but hurry.” Diana laughs, “OK.” She rushes out the door. Brian turns to Liz, “You know, Liz, all you're doing is getting her pumped and she's just gonna be let down when she finds out there's no connection between this guy and her past.” Undeterred, Liz says, “Maybe this guy IS her past! What if she comes face to face with the man she loves!”

To be continued...

Thanks to PassionsCentral for the wonderful SHUIS screen caps.

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As Liz sits at the counter in her cafe on the island drying glasses, Brian walks up behind her, “So, where is Doc?” Liz replies, “He had to go check on a patient. Hopefully not on another planet.” Brian laughs as he sits on a stool next to Liz, who asks, “So, did you see Diana?” Brian says, “Yeah, she's on her way down to the docks to meet that guy you keep badgering her about.” Liz frowns, “I'm not badgering her, Brian.” Brian says, “Oh, well, what would you call it? Ever since the guy checked in, you've been dying for her to meet him ever since he told you his sob story.” Liz says, “That's because I have a feeling that they belong together.” Brian mocks, “Right, ever since he told you that cockamamie story about how his dead fiancée had a past life on the Titanic and Diana happened to be mentioning it last night. Obviously they are ill fated lovers from another lifetime and well, they are just waiting for YOU to put them back together in this life time. I got an idea. Maybe you should go find Doc and the two of you could trade your little loony stories.” Liz stands and walks behind the counter, “You don't have to bite my head off.” Brian says, “I'm not biting your head off. It's nuts, Liz! I mean, we know this guy's fiancée is dead. You told me they identified her through the medical and dental records.” Liz nods, “Yes.” Brian continues, “We also know that Diana's love of her life is dead, too. So how in the hell can they be each other's missing loves? Liz says, “I know it's a stretch...” Brian says, “It's more than a stretch. It's insane, not to mention cruel. Now you've got both of their hopes up.” Liz says, “Be honest, Brian, who are you more worried about, them or you? If I'm right and they belong together, then you lose Diana forever.” Brian looks like he has to think about it.

At the dock on the island, Luis is loading supplies on the boat. As he puts down a box, he says, “Well, one more load and I'm out of here!” After Luis stoops to pick up another box on the dock, a pair of hands cover his eyes.
http://i207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/Fantasy.jpg (http://s207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/?action=view&current=Fantasy.jpg)
He senses that it is Sheridan as she softly calls his name, “Luis.” He breaks out in a glorious smile and says, “Sheridan! You're alive.” He stands, she throws her arms around his neck, he hugs her to him and says again, “You're alive. I knew it. You're alive!”
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/112101-11.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=112101-11.jpg)
He kisses her bare shoulder, “I knew you were alive.”
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/112101-12.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=112101-12.jpg)

At the cafe, Brian says, “You can think what you want, Liz, but all I want is for Diana to be happy no matter what. The man that she loved is dead and so is the woman that the guy in Number 9 was gonna marry.” Liz states, “Unless I'm right.” Brian says getting angry, “There is no way that these guys are each other's missing loves.” He stands from the bar stool and follows Liz, “All you've done is get Diana's hopes up and now you put them both in a situation to where all you're gonna do is rip open those emotional wounds again. I don't know this guy from Adam, but I am not gonna let you hurt Diana. I'm gonna go down there right now and stop her from meeting this guy.” Liz grabs his arm to stop him but he pulls it away as he says, “Forget it, Liz, you're not gonna stop me. I just hope I'm not too late.” He rushes off and Liz looks upset and worried.

On the docks at the boat Luis calls out Sheridan's name
http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b369/dolphin711/LuisSheridan2001L.jpg (http://s23.photobucket.com/albums/b369/dolphin711/?action=view&current=LuisSheridan2001L.jpg)
but he comes out of his daydream when Beth says, “No, Luis, it's not Sheridan. It's only me.” Luis turns and stands, giving her a small smile, “Beth!” Beth says, “Sorry. Why did you think I was Sheridan? Did something happen? Is she...?” Luis shakes his head, “No, nothing's changed. I just thought for a minute... that's all. Not that I'm not glad to see you. It's just that ... ever since I've been here, she's been on my mind and...well, it seems like she could be somewhere nearby.” Luis picks up the next box of supplies and steps onto the boat with it. Beth follows him onto the boat, “We're not that far from where she died.” As Luis puts the box down, he looks at Beth, “Beth, do you remember I told you the story about Sheridan getting her fortune read when she was just a little girl?” Beth shakes her head, “I think so, the fortuneteller told Sheridan that she'd lived some past lives or something?” Luis smiles, “Right. In one of those past lives, she was on the Titanic with the love of her life.” Beth asks, “You?” Luis continues, “Beth, look, I've been thinking a lot about that and in my dreams...every night I dream that I'm with Sheridan, sometimes we are on the Titanic, sometimes we are in the present. Beth, I'm telling you, sometimes I even thought I saw her a couple of times on the island. And last night I could have sworn that she came into my room and kissed me. It was so real.” Beth exclaims, “Luis!” Luis says, “I know, Beth. I know her body was identified and she was cremated but I've just got his feeling that she is still alive. She could be somewhere nearby.”

At that very moment Sheridan/Diana is walking barefooted through the sand on her way to the docks and seems to be going so slowly and not at all in a hurry as Liz asked of her. She stops and thinks, “I wonder why Liz was so insistent on me meeting the man who was staying in Number 9? Could he know something about my past?” She walks on...

On the docks Luis picks up another box of supplies and steps back onto the boat placing the box down in front of Beth who says, “I'm sorry, Luis. This is all my fault.” Luis stops her, “Beth, will you stop saying that.” Beth replies, “No, I never should have let you come down here on this boat errand for me. It's just too close to Bermuda where you lost Sheridan.” Luis agrees, “Yeah, well, it is close.” Beth says, “Being so near to where you were last together, it's no wonder you keep thinking about her, even imagining that you see her. I really am sorry, Luis.” Luis replies, “Beth, that's not your fault. I'm the one that offered to come down here and bring your boat back. All you did was accept.” He smiles and asks, “What are you doing down here anyway? Not that it's not good to see you.” Beth smiles, “It's really great to see you, too. Although I didn't expect you to be feeling so low. Um...I came because I have something to tell you.” Luis waits, “Well, great. If you have the time, you can sail back with me and we can talk all we want at sea.” Beth looks worried, “No, I don't think you're gonna want to take the boat back at all after you hear what I have to say.” Looking very concerned Luis asks, “What happened? Is it my mother? Please tell me that my mother is okay.” Beth smiles, “No, she's fine. Your family is fine...health wise. This is about your sister.” Luis exclaims, “Oh my God! What happened to Theresa? What could be so important that you flew all the way down here to tell me?” Beth looks at the newspaper in her bag. The headline is about Julian marrying the housekeeper's daughter.

As Diana is walking toward the dock, Brian catches up with her. He calls out to her and she stops and turns to face him. He says, “I'm glad I caught up with you. Why don't you come back to the hotel?” Diana asks, “Why? What's wrong?” Brian replies, “Well, I just don't think it's a good idea to go down to the docks.” She says, “But Liz wanted me to meet the man who stayed at the hotel.” Brian says rather harshly, “I know what Liz wanted but it's a lousy idea.” Diana asks, “Why?” He continues, “Liz knows that you've been having dreams about the Titanic.” Diana asks, “So?” Brian says, “So this guy down at the dock has been telling Liz all kinds of wild stories about his fiancée and the Titanic, too.” With her eyes open wide, Diana says, “You're kidding!” Brian says, “No, look, he's been telling her that when his fiancée was a little girl, a fortuneteller told her that she lived many past lives. Supposedly, one of them was as a passenger on the Titanic. Liz has it in her head that you and him could be each other's missing loves. Now, how crazy is that!” Diana enthusiastically replies, “Maybe it's true! Maybe that's why he's here. He's looking for me! I've gotta go find him.” She turns and hurries off down the path leaving Brian looking shocked.

Brian collects his wits and chases after Diana, “Diana, wait!” Diana looks around, “Brian, I've gotta get down to the docks before this man sets sail.” Brian says, “Hold on a second. Diana, you haven't heard everything I have to say.” Diana is anxious to be on her way, “Yes, but if this man and I are having the same memories, then maybe Liz is right! Maybe he's here looking for me. I've got to get down to the docks.” Holding his head and trying to think of a way to stop her, “He's not looking for you, Diana. Look, this is just some big, far-fetched fairy tale notion that Liz has conjured up in her head.” Diana shakes her head, “No, for he and I to both have the same thoughts and memories about being on the Titanic together. What if he's the man I loved?” She smiles and looks so hopeful before Brian brings her hopes crashing to a halt, “He's not. How could he be? The one thing about your past that you remember is that he is dead. And the one thing that we know about this other guy is that the woman that he was going to marry, she's dead, too. There's no way that you two can be each other's lost loves.” Diana says so quietly and sadly, “Liz seemed so sure.” Brian replies, “Liz loved the idea of you two finding each other here on her little island. Even she knows it is a stretch. Sorry she got your hopes up.” Diana sadly replies, “It's not Liz's fault. It's my own for hoping for the impossible. I'm never going to remember who I am. I'm never going to remember my past and I'm certainly not going to bring the man I loved back from the dead. Some how it seemed so possible though...all the answers to my life were right here on this island if only I could just turn the right corner, then everything would be all right again.” She looks so dejected, so hopeless. (Darn that Brian!!!)

On the boat Luis asks Beth, “Don't keep me in suspense, Beth. What do you have to tell me about Theresa?” Beth thinks about what she will say, “Your sister got married and I didn't want you to hear it from a stranger or newspaper or TV.” Luis smiles, “So, she finally went and did it, huh? Wow, she married the Prince Charming of her dreams. You know for a long time I tried talking her out of loving Ethan. She was too stubborn and too much in love. Good for them, they fought the odds and won. It didn't work out for Sheridan and me but I'm glad my sister's happy.”

On the beach Diana walks sadly off toward the hotel before Brian says, “I wish Liz had never said anything to you.” Diana says, “It's not Liz's fault. She was only trying to help. If it's anyone's fault, it's my own. I know the man I loved died. It just hurts so much to realize that he is gone forever and that no one is looking for me and that I really am alone.” Her voice breaks because she is so close to tears.

On the boat Luis picks up a rope and says, “I only wish that Sheridan and I had gone ahead with our marriage when we had the chance. At least we could have spent a few days together as husband and wife. Who knows, maybe she'd still be alive!”
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/112201-12.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=112201-12.jpg)
Beth scolds, “Luis, don't do this to yourself.” Luis lowers his head, “Yeah, you're right. Sheridan would want me to focus on the good times and not the if onlys. Well, at least Theresa learned from our tragedy and went ahead and married Ethan.” Beth turns her head away from Luis and looks down because she can't agree with what he is saying. Luis looks at her strange behavior and asks, “What?” Beth looks at him, “I don't know how to say this. Um...I'll just say it. Theresa didn't marry Ethan.” Luis looks skeptical, “I don't understand. If she didn't marry Ethan, then who did she marry?” Beth looks at the newspaper again. She says, “There's no easy way to say this.” She pulls the newspaper out of her straw handbag and holds it out toward Luis, “Here, why don't you just look at it.” Luis takes the paper, sees the headline, looks up and asks, “What? Is this some kind of sick joke? It's not funny.” Beth assures him, “It's not a joke, Luis. Your sister married Julian Crane in Bermuda.” As he looks at the newspaper, Luis utters, “No!” Beth continues, “Apparently he got her so drunk that she didn't know what she was doing but now everyone has seen the evidence and Theresa even admitted to it.” Luis is beside himself when he says softly almost to himself, “No”, then he yells an anguished, “NO!” His scream is heard by Brian and Diana who are walking back to the hotel, Brian having his arm around her shoulder. Diana turns and asks, “What was that?”
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/112201-13.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=112201-13.jpg)
Brian says, “I don't know.” She says, “It sounds like someone's hurt. Let's go see if we can help!” She hurries off, leaving Brian to follow.

To be continued...

Thanks to Passions Central for the Shuis screen caps.

10.1.08, 1:08 AM
Due to a busy couple of days at both work and home, I have not been able to put together a Shuis summary but will hopefully be able to get back to just that in a day or two.

These pictures of Sheridan and Luis as Susan and Liam on the Titanic were for sale on ebay not long ago. They look to be some pictures that were taken perhaps for promos, wardrobe or hair and make-up, continuity or something like that. They are just adorable pictures of Galen and McKenzie.
http://i207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/8d0e_3.jpg (http://s207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/?action=view&current=8d0e_3.jpg)
http://i207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/8845_3.jpg (http://s207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/?action=view&current=8845_3.jpg)
http://i207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/8a96_3.jpg (http://s207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/?action=view&current=8a96_3.jpg)
Isn't this a beautiful picture of McKenzie! I think she is absolutely gorgeous...
http://i207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/960f_3.jpg (http://s207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/?action=view&current=960f_3.jpg)

10.1.08, 10:46 PM
On the beach as Diana runs toward the docks, Brian yells, “Diana, wait. Look, let's not go down to the dock. Look, whoever cried out sounded like they were really hurting emotionally. Maybe -- maybe we shouldn't intrude.” Stopping and pointing toward the docks, Diana says, “Brian, I know what you're thinking -- that the guest from the states is still down at the dock and that somehow he and I are connected because Liz said we were both having memories or dreams about being on the Titanic together. I know Liz meant well by wanting us to meet but I'm sure that there is no chance that this man and I are connected. Like you said, his fiancée is dead. And one of the few things that I remember is that my fiance is dead, too.” She turns her head as she has another flashback of holding Luis' lifeless body in her arms in the vault. She looks sad, “I know it's crazy to think that my dead fiance is down by the water waiting for me.”
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/112601-05.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=112601-05.jpg)

On the boat at the docks, Luis looks at the newspaper, “My little sister, married to the biggest letch in Harmony.” Beth says, “Well, it's not for long, ok? I heard Theresa is having the marriage annulled.” Luis angrily says, “Still, how could she do such a thing?” Beth tries to calm him a little, “Well, I don't think it was her fault. I mean, Julian got her drunk.” Luis looks up angrily and yells, “So then he took advantage of her? I'm going to kill the bastard. I swear to God I'm going to kill that bastard!” Luis' loud voice is heard on the beach by Diana who turns back to Brian, “Do you hear that? That man sounds like he's in emotional distress. Maybe there's something we can do to help. Let's go see.” She runs toward the docks again and Brian shakes his head but follows her.

Walking into Liz' cafe, Beth tells Luis, “I hate the way i upset you, Luis. Please, just try and calm down, ok?” Luis is upset and yells, “Calm down? Beth, how am I supposed to be calm when Julian Crane is my brother-in-law? I'm going to kill that pig for what he did to my sister.” Walking into the room from the opposite direction, Liz greets them, “Hey, what's going on? Did you see Diana? I sent her to look for you.” Luis says rather impatiently, “No, I didn't see Diana. I don't have time to see her now, anyway.” Liz asks, “Why? What's gotten you worked up like this?” Luis apologizes, “I'm sorry. It's a long story. I got to get out of here ASAP. I'm not going to have time to sail the boat back.” Liz is shocked, “But your friend, she's counting on you.” Beth says, “No, it's ok. I'm the friend. Beth.” Liz smiles and they shake hands, “Liz. Nice to meet you.” Beth replies, “You, too.” Liz asks, “So, what do you want to do about your boat?” Luis says rather shortly, “I'm sure you'll be able to arrange something. I'm going to call for a car to take us to the airport.” Luis leaves the cafe to make his call and Beth turns to Liz, “About my boat -- I need huge favor.”

Arriving at the docks in front of Beth's boat, as she looks around Diana says, “I could have sworn I heard someone cry out from here.” Brian says, “Yeah, I know. Whoever it was, he must be ok now.” Diana sadly says, “I can't get the pain in that man's voice out of my head.” Brian replies, “Yeah, whatever caused him to cry out, it must have cut him to the quick, that's for sure.” Diana says, “I just hope whoever it was is all right now.” Brian places his hand on her arm, “You know, Diana, you are such a good person.” Diana smiles, “So are you, Brian. You know, we better get back to the cafe, make sure everybody's all right.” She turns and they head back to the hotel.

Looking at the newspaper again, Luis states, “Crane's a dead man when I get back to Harmony.” He walks into the cafe to get Beth, “Beth? I got a car waiting. If we hurry, we can catch the next flight out.” Getting up from the table with Liz, Beth says, “Ok. It was so nice meeting you. Thank you for everything.” Liz says, “You're welcome.” Luis impatiently calls, “Beth, come on. We have to go.” Beth hurries toward him at the door, “Ok.” Liz yells, “Wait! There's Diana. Can you just wait, just a minute? She's dying to meet you.” As Brian and Diana enter the courtyard, Luis turns but looks at Liz like she is nuts, “Liz, look, I'm sorry, but if we don't leave now, we're not going to have time to catch our flight. I just can't meet Diana, all right? Come on.” Luis and Beth leave the cafe just as Diana and Brian enter from the other side. Diana looks around and states, “I guess they're not here, either.” Liz asks, “Who?” Diana explains, “Brian and I heard this man cry out in deep emotional pain down at the docks. We went to go see if we could help, but there was no one there.” Brian adds, “Yeah, we thought he might have come up here.” Liz nods, “I guess that was our guest from the states. He got some bad news from home and hightailed it out of here to the airport.” Diana says, “I hope everything will be ok.” Liz replies, “I don't know if it will or not. I didn't hear the whole story. But I'm just sorry that the two of you didn't get to meet. I think it could have change your whole life.” Brian steps toward her and says, “Liz, drop it. You've already got Diana's hopes up for nothing.” Liz looks at Diana, “Look, I'm sorry. I -- I really didn't mean to hurt you. I just thought if there was a chance that there could be some kind of connection, I owed it to you to try.” Diana replies, “I appreciate your trying to help. But if this man were someone from my past and we were meant to be together, then we would have met.” Liz smiles, “Sounds like you believe in fate.” Brian chimes in, “I do.” Diana smiles, “I just think that when two people share true love, nothing can keep them apart. They'll find each other eventually.” She walks out of the room. Brian steps closer to Liz to fuss at her, “Thanks, Liz. You had Diana in tears earlier because you had her believing this guy from the states could have been her lost love from the Titanic.” Liz frowns, “Well, I was just -- - now wait a minute. I think I have a way to make it up to you for upsetting Diana.” Brian asks, “Oh, yeah? What?” Liz replies, “The chance to make your dream come true.” Liz now walks off.

Arriving at the docks in front of Beth's boat, Brian asks, “Ok, Liz. So, what's your great idea?” Looking toward the boat Liz indicates, “It starts with this.” Diana asks, “The boat we fixed?” Liz replies, “Yeah. The new guest from the states was supposed to sail it back, but now he's out of here, so the owner of the boat asked if I knew anyone who was interested. How about it, Brian?” Brian replies, “Sure, if you'll be my crew,” he asks Diana who excitedly says, “Aye, aye, captain, sir. Oh, just think of it, Brian -- the two of us out on the open sea. What a great adventure this is going to be.” Diana steps on the boat. Brian agrees, “It'll be incredible.” Liz watches him, “But you wanted more than an adventure. Right, Brian?” Brian puts his arm around Liz and walks her away from the boat and out of Diana's hearing, “Liz, this is the turning point of mine and Diana's relationship. By the time we get this baby into home port, she is going to be head over heels in love with me. And she won't even turn her head to look at another guy.” (Well, he was so sure of himself, wasn't he!) Liz asks, “You want her that bad?” Brian looks at Diana as he replies to Liz, “Oh, yeah. She's the one. I've known it since the first time I laid eyes on her.” Liz says, “Well, the owner left instructions on sailing it back. I'll go get them.” Brian replies, “Ok. Thanks, Liz.” Liz calls out, “See you later, Diana.” As she stands on the steps of the boat, Diana shouts, “Bye, Liz.” Stepping onto the boat, Brian says, “Oh, this is going to be great.”

As they take their seats on the plane, Luis asks, “Wait a minute, Beth. What about your boat?” Beth smiles, “Oh. Um -- don't worry. Liz said that she had someone from the island that would sail it back to Harmony for me.” Luis nods, “Oh. Well, that's good.” Beth agrees, “Yeah.” Looking at the newspaper article again Luis angrily says, “I can't wait to get back to Harmony and get my hands on Julian Crane. Damn Cranes. All they do is cause people pain.” Beth tries again to calm him, “Easy, Luis. God, I'm afraid you're going to give yourself a heart attack before we even get back to Harmony.” Luis growls, “Can't help it. No one uses my little sister, especially a scum like Julian Crane.” Beth sits back and asks, “You know, I was just wondering, why do you think that Diana woman on the island wanted to talk to you, anyway?”
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/112601-09.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=112601-09.jpg)
Luis replies, “I don't know. I mean, Liz thought we had some kind of connection. Diana lost the man she loved, and I lost Sheridan.” Beth says, “Maybe you could have helped each other.” Luis looks at Beth, “Talking about Sheridan isn't going to bring her back. All right? Nothing will. She's gone. I'm never going to see her face again.” He sits back and doesn't welcome any other comments.

Standing on the boat, Diana says, “Wonder where we're sailing to.” Brian says, “I don't know, somewhere in the states. Liz went to get the name of the town and how we're supposed to get there.” Sheridan smiles, “Can't wait to find out.” Brian agrees, “Yeah. Diana, you know, I was thinking about something that you said earlier.” She asks, “Really? What?” Brian explains, “Well, you said that if you and the guy from the states were supposed to meet, that you would have met.” She replies, “Yeah, I believe that if two people are meant to be together, then they'll be together.” Brian continues, “I was hoping you'd say that because I'm starting to think that we're meant to be together.” She smiles, “Really?” Brian says, “Yeah. I mean, think about it. I rescued you out of the sea.” She adds, “Twice.” Brian continues, “You have these dreams or memories about you and I being on the Titanic. I know that I can convince you that we were meant to be together, if you'll just give me that chance. I could show you that I'm the only man for you -- just me and only me.” (I can't believe he even said that and so soon! Well, thank goodness he is NOT her one and only! What a disgusting thought!!!!)

At the hotel Liz pulls out the instructions, “Let's see. Beth wants her boat sailed back to -- Harmony? Harmony. I wonder if...” She seems very surprised.
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/112601-10.jpg (http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e7/Mirabella711/?action=view&current=112601-10.jpg)

To be continued...

Thanks to Passions Central for Shuis screen caps,

10.3.08, 12:42 AM
This is an article that appeared in SOD at the time that Charity and Miguel presented Luis with the Memory Book that they had put together for him.

http://i207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/You-Cant-Hurry-LoveSOD116.jpg (http://s207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/?action=view&current=You-Cant-Hurry-LoveSOD116.jpg)

This is a picture of the cover of the memory book...
http://i207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/index.jpg (http://s207.photobucket.com/albums/bb281/shuismagic/?action=view&current=index.jpg)