View Full Version : I am laughing my butt off AT Chelsea! *Spoilerish*

7.3.08, 9:45 AM
OMG! What a LOSER!!! The best she can end up with is either mommy or granny's leftovers!!

I have absolutely NO sympathy for this pathetic character whatsoever. Such horrible karma couldn't have happened to a more deserving conceited B$%CH!!!


7.8.08, 11:04 AM
This character needs to be gone now. I have never liked her. She adds nothing to the lives of Bo and Hope. "Georgia" should have stayed buried in the Bayou.

7.9.08, 7:51 AM
I agree, I never liked Chelsea.

7.12.08, 4:06 AM
Okay, I missed a couple of weeks. What happened between Daniel and Kate and when?

Chelsea is a waste of airtime if you ask me.

7.17.08, 1:18 AM
I will venture out and be the first to disagree.

I like Chelsea. There are a few others on the show I wish would disappear but she isn't one of them.

As far as the "getting her grandmother's cast offs" statement is concerned . . .

First, this is a plot contrivance. There has NEVER been any allusion to the Kate/Daniel combo. This is what happens when writers are plot driven writers rather than character driven writers.

Second, one of the "great" loves of all time on Days, Doug and Julie, was formed from a woman and her mother's lover. Let's be honest, there is so much intertwining on this show that this type of situation is inevitable especially when SORASing occurs so frequently.

For right now, the Chelsea and Daniel storyline is one I am interested in. I couldn't care less about some of the others. Good thing I record the show. :)

So, long story short, I do like Chelsea and am interested to see what happens next.

12.28.08, 1:21 PM
I'm glad Hope is forgiving.
She's the better person.