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6.29.08, 9:47 PM
Loved loved it. From the first note of the song in Hello Dolly, it was so inventive, sweet, funny, warm, and smart. Visually beautiful and Wall E and Eve speak volumes and win you over with such warmth without speaking a word. One of Pixar's very best. Don't miss the short at the beginning! I am so tired of suffering through supposed 'family' movies, but this was truly a family movie, with good values, kindness, and loyalty. Wonderful film.

6.30.08, 2:51 PM
thankyou for your review....we've heard mixed things from our friends here. My son is so excited about it but Im not. lol but your review gives me some hope.

6.30.08, 7:21 PM
Elana, I heard from a friend that I mostly agree with, that it was a dark movie.
Could you elaborate on why someone might see it that way?

6.30.08, 9:17 PM
Not really dark. I guess the concept is cynical, though. What happens is the earth gets so filled with garbage, that a company says that if we all go into space on a giant space ship, for five years, the company will clean up the earth. BUT, 700 years later the cleanup still has not been finished, and in reality, only Wall-E is the only cleanup robot left on earth! Meanwhile, the people in space have been there for so long they don't even know much about what earth was like, and being in space their bones have atrophied and they have all gotten fat and lazy. That's the cynical basic story. BUT, the movie starts out with Wall E happily doing his job, with a little friend (Cockroach) along - Wall E loves to watch Hello Dolly, do his job, is extremely adorable and sweet, and yet is a little lonely. When the spaceship full of earthlings sends a probe down to see if life has begun to grow again on earth (plants, etc), Wall E falls in love with her, follows her back, and together they save the planet. It really is not dark at all - it's hopeful and sweet as can be. I have seen every godforsaken kids movie that came out this past year, and mostly I fall asleep. The best ones this far have been Wall E and Nim's Island.

I'm interested to hear what you think.

7.3.08, 12:34 PM
OMG, I loved this movie. I had been looking forward to it all year long and it really exceeded my expectations! The visuals and sounds were amazing! The characters had so much heart and I just loved the robot concept. I found the movie entertaining from beginning to end and this just shows that Pixar did it again!

7.6.08, 2:28 AM
I liked the movie more than I thought I would. I got a little weary of the deeper message with the fat lazy humans & trash, but overall an enjoyable movie.