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6.29.08, 6:48 PM
I watched every episode from the first until the show moved to Direct TV. I haven't seen an episode since and cannot get Direct TV in my area.

My question has a tiny prelude.

I was always a HUGE Luis and Sheridan fan. That is until the writers changed Sheridan. In the months before the switch to Direct TV, I became a HUGE Luis and Fancy fan. Pretty had entered the picture and was nuttier than a Christmas fruitcake. Can anyone catch me up on the current status of the Fancy/Luis relationship? Has Sheridan returned to the same character she was the first several years (I totally HATE plot driven storylines that sacrifice a character's true nature)?

Any info would be helpful and welcome. If you prefer to answer off list my address is hamlet98512@mypacs.net (hamlet98512@mypacks.net)

Thanks so much-

P.S. What is up with Theresa, Ethan and Gwen? Does Little Ethan know Ethan is his "real" dad yet?

7.6.08, 5:51 PM
You can find episodes from September and October and a few others over at http://voeh.com and you can also find episodes over at Youtube under the name NBCPassions101 (http://youtube.com/user/NBCPassions101). She also has a forum where episodes are posted.

7.6.08, 6:33 PM
Thank you so much!