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6.27.08, 4:24 PM
Austin..our oldest grandson is sick. Jill and I took him to the emergency room last night. Was there from 9 PM till 5:30 AM...too long!! He has a stomach virus..and got on some IV's to hydrate him once again. He had blood work done..etc. Poor guy..he's still not feeling up to par..but not throwing up anymore. I have gotten him to eat some chicken soup and drinking fluids and pediatlyte. I didn't get but about 2 hours of sleep...so called in sick to work..plus helping take care of Austin anyway. Jill had to try and go to work because 4 had quit recenly at their 4 branches (bank) and two on vacation. David had to be at work by noon...so I got Austin about 11:00. Jill came by on lunch and had picked up his prescriptions and I just gave him some. He's on antibiotics..because he was complaining of his throat too...dr. suspected might be developing into strep throat. I hope this is one of those 24 hour bugs. I am still so tired. I have managed to doze off on the couch while Austin watches TV..but I'm still wiped out. His brother Davy is at the other grandmother's house (David's mom).

6.27.08, 6:05 PM
Hi Dragonmom,
Poor Austin ,I hope he feels better soon. You know kids get sick so fast sometimes and then get over it real quick. I hope this is the case here. Make sure you get some rest to.
It's nice that you were there to take care of him so your daughter can go to work. Grandma saved the day ! What would they do without us grandmas? Lol
Well I hope Austin is feeling better already and that everybody gets a good restful weekend.
Big hug for you dragsy!

6.27.08, 10:38 PM
Thanks hon.....he was able to eat some chicken soup and crackers for lunch. And an ice cream sandwich. And drank plenty of fluids throughout the day. But he had no appetite for supper. His throat still hurts. No throwing up today. I feel like he'll be a lot better by tomorrow.

6.28.08, 12:58 PM
Good Morning Dragonmom,
Looks like Austin is on his way up already.As long as he is getting enough fluids he'll be fine. I am sure he'll be up and back to being a little boy again.
Christopher is coming over today. I just got his playroom cleaned up from last time he was here Lol.That boy can make a mess,but I am sure you know that from your grandsons too.Lol
Have a great day Dragonmom and I hope Austin is feeling much better today.

6.28.08, 11:36 PM
Thanks...he is better today. I had to work..but Austin came down here for a while...Terry was home. They live on the same street as us..nice huh? Anyway...he told Terry he was hungry..didn't eat for breakfast...he didn't have an appetite. So he had a peanut butter sandwich and an ice cream sandwich for lunch with Terry. He is doing better! Have a nice time with Christopher today? I am sure you did!

6.29.08, 1:32 PM
I am glad Austin is doing better and eating again. How nice that they live so close to you. I think if Christopher lived that close he would just move right in with us Lol . He lives only about 10 minutes away from us so thats not too bad either.
We had lots of fun. We played school. We found an old school chalk board for him that we hung in the playroom and he just loves to write on it. Lets see, we drew on the windows with window markers and painted pictures with finger paint.And I sat in the sandbox with him and we made a bucket of mud and made balls out of it and threw mud balls. Yes I actually sat in the sandbox with him.Lol Ad on the way home last night we stopped at the ice cream shop and got a ice cream cone. Yeah we had lots of fun.

7.2.08, 11:26 AM
you are a good grandma Claudia! Austin is doing well now..thank goodness.

7.6.08, 3:33 AM
Im so glad it passed - dehydration is dangerous and Im glad you guys got him help and he's over the stomach virus!!

7.8.08, 11:02 PM
Thanks Paxie..thanks all.

7.9.08, 1:32 PM
Oh wow so sorry Austin has been sick! I'm sure he is better by now though! I have been so out of touch working so much! Take care! :winkq:

7.14.08, 10:47 PM
Well..Terry came home sick today. He was throwing up at work..but didn't throw up anymore..thank God. Just slept a lot..having chills one minute..hot the next..etc. Hoping it's just a 24 hr. bug..but he's taking off tomorrow just in case.