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6.24.08, 8:58 PM
Well...my mom had a dr. appt today. I guess it went ok. Went over all her tests she had once again. Her bloodwork came back ok..other than her cholestrol being a bit high...but he wasn't too worried about that. I was worried because she lost another 2 lbs. I don't think she's eating right. She goes back in two months and has an EKG done. Her blood pressure is ok. Her memory is still ok at times..and other times it's not. I just pray it doesn't get worse. The doctor thinks it's from the stroke..which the CAT scan of the brain shows she had a big one...the base of the skull..back of head. He had fancy terminology for it..but he pointed out on where it showed up. Base..back of head...right side. I just wanted you all to know how it went.

6.25.08, 5:34 PM
I glad your mom is doing ok. It's pretty scary that she had a big stroke without noticing it. I hope she improves soon and that she eats right.
You are being a wonderful daughter to your mom ! I am sure she appreciates you taking such good care of her.

6.27.08, 3:25 PM
Thank you Claudia..now I have to worry about our grandson..I just posted a thread on that. So many things happening right now...and he'll get better. I just worry about my family.

6.28.08, 12:01 PM
Hi Dragonmom,
I know you are worried about your family. You have had a lot to deal with. I hope everyone gets to feel better soon. It seems like there is always someting to worry about doesn't it. And th older the kids get the more worried we get.Lol

6.28.08, 10:36 PM
Yeah...I always worry over my family, as I know you do.

7.9.08, 12:36 PM
Dragsy glad your mom is OK and I hope Austin is better!:winkq:

7.10.08, 12:38 AM
Thanks Julie..austin is better, and my mom is having good days right now. I sure miss you on here.Got your nice informative email..and I will answer it soon. How's your friend Susan's daughter doing? I see you are working a lot now...I know you must be pooped. I will send you an email soon.

7.14.08, 11:57 AM
Your welcome! I've been busy for sure! Today I don't go in tell later. So I have time to get on here and post a bit. I have got my time in for sure, but this week they are cutting my hours back. So I will be able to take a break and catch up on a few things like posting etc. Which is nice! Can't wait to hear from you! Susan's daughter is doing better every day. They hope in a year she will be back to mostly normal. So that is good news!:)

7.14.08, 9:45 PM
Glad to hear Susan's daughter has improved. Is she home now? It's so good to see you here. I know two jobs keeping you very very busy. Seems my days off are so busy. I'll be grateful for a quiet three days off and hopefully I'll get that soon. Seems right now...the dr and dentist appts are just one after the other! Went to see Wall E with the grandsons today. It was cute!