View Full Version : Where's everyone at?

6.23.08, 5:26 PM
I've been doing laundry today and some house work..but mostly taking little cat naps in between..ha ha. I had to take my cousin today to the dentist...but hubby is bringing him home...he just left a little while ago. Long story..but he doesn't have a license..and lives a ways out. I sure miss you all here. We haven't been posting a lot...so gonna try to get in here more often. Hope everyone's having a good Monday.:)

6.24.08, 12:34 PM
Hi Dragonmom.
Thanks for the vaccation pics. Looks so beautiful there and you all look so tan and happy.The boys are so cute and they are getting big.
I am working on getting things ready for our trip. i can't wait we really need a vacation this year.
have a great day dragsy!

6.24.08, 10:00 PM
When do you leave again coffenut? I do hope you have a wonderful time. You deserve it! Glad you enjoyed the pix!! I still need to send pix to others..I haven't forgotten!!

6.25.08, 6:29 PM
Thanks Dragonmom! We are leaving July 7th. We'll be gone for 10 days. Time sems to have slowed down.Lol