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6.21.08, 12:15 AM
We got home from our vacation/trip today about 3:30 this afternoon. We had a blast and the boys are ready to go back. Had fun in the sun, and got some nice tans. I'll have pix to share soon I hope. I have some catching up to do in here..but tonight I'm too tired. Hope to do some catching up tomorrow and Sunday. Here's hoping everyone's had a great week. Love, Phyllis:)

6.21.08, 4:21 PM
Welcome back Dragonmom,
Sounds like you had lots of fun. Yes show us some pictures when you are ready. I can't wait to go on vacation. We are leaving July 7 to Nashville,TN. I'll get to see my sister for the first time in ten years again. I can't wait!
I hope you get a chance to rest before you have to go back to work.

6.21.08, 11:41 PM
Leaving July 7 huh? ENJOY!! It will be great that you are getting to visit with your sister after all of those years. I don't go back to work till Wed..so have a little time to rest. I will send you some pics..just remind me ok? I haven't downloaded them yet to the computer. I hope to do that tomorrow.

6.22.08, 12:36 PM
Hi Dragonmom,
I am glad you get to rest before you have to go back to work.I'll remind you about the pictures.
I hope you have a great Sunday!

6.22.08, 10:40 PM
Hey there..had a nice birthday today. Went to the movies and lunch with hubby. I got a lot of phone calls and birthday cards! Oh...I downloaded the vacation pics..now just deciding which ones to share..I took so many!! LOL Remind me..and I'll send you some.

6.22.08, 10:45 PM
Hello, This is Krystle. Where did you go? How old are your kids? I have a 2 year old son. We are going to the beach this weekend... I'm excited!!

6.23.08, 12:07 PM
Happy belated Birthday Dragonmom!
I am sorry I forgot! I was thinking on friday I have to remember your Birthday is Sunday and then duh I forget it. Lol Sounds like you had a great day!

6.23.08, 5:24 PM
Hey...don't you worry about forgetting coffenut. I had a nice day. I sent you some pix..seen them yet. Krystle, nice to meet you. You'll have to visit here more often..the more the merrier! We went to Gulf Shores Alabama. We live in Louisiana...it was about a 400 mile trip. Where do you live..and what beach are you going to?