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6.16.08, 9:38 PM
I can't quite figure out how to answer posts individually, so I'm putting it all here. Someday I will figure all this out, but until then, I'm sort of trying to do what I can. . . Nothing new going on in my life at all. I started a new knitting project this afternoon, a sort of lap afghan for lack of a better description, and it's going well so far.

CJ - No floods or tornadoes by me. I am about 25 miles away from where a big tornado touched down a few weeks ago, but there wasn't any damage of any type nearby. I'm feeling very lucky. I'm sure you will love your dsl once you get it. I know I enjoy it! Thanks for the congrats for my ds. No, this is not the son who lives in Texas. This is the one who still lives with me. And, the one who lived in TX has moved. After having sons in Texas for quite a few years, none of them live there now. Two of them are here in Illinois, and the oldest is in Louisiana.

Penny - Congrats on being a gramma once again! That's great news! I'm sure you will enjoy every minute with the little one. Just the thought of it gives me the biggest smile ever! Enjoy! And, it sounds like lots of fun riding around on that bike. Be safe out there!

Passion - Glad to know that everything in your home was spared during that nasty weather! Don't think we've ever met! I'm sort of your neighbor, being from Illinois. Good to know you!

I hope everyone is having a great week!

6.23.08, 6:24 PM
We got a little rain today, no thunder storm this time. Then about 3 hrs. later we got a little more rain. Still need more. Here's how we got the rain. My dh got the tractor out and was doing some scraping the bank near the creek. I told him he should do that more often. Anyway after the little shower he went back to scraping the creek in one area.

Yellow jackets everywhere outside today after the rain. Guess they were looking for some to drink, anyway I didn't stay out there too long after I saw them. I should be an indoor person for awhile.

I am getting squash in now. Some hot pepper that no one eats, lol. I wanted to grow some anyway. Tomatoes doing good too.
Something eating the leaves off my bell pepper. This happened last yeat and I thought it was moles(thats why I planted the hot pepper)
But now I'm thinking that its not moles but maybe some kind of worm.

Well guess I'll start supper/dinner now.

Whats for dinner at your house????

6.29.08, 7:51 PM
I am really impressed with all that is growing in your veggie garden, CJ. I have two flowers on my tomato plant, and that is all. The rest of my yard is flowers, no other vegetables. And, I am quite bothered that most of those flowers aren't doing what they should. :( I think the long, extremely cold, and snowy/icy midwest winter we had this year changed their habits.

Dinner tonight was sirloin tips over noodles, which sounds very classy but is made in a crock pot with campbells soup. Nothing too exciting about that except I do put wine in with the soup. And, tomorrow it's hamburgers. I've put forth my best effort today. It's all downhill in the kitchen from this point forward.What did you have today? Anything special going on for the 4th? I'm having my mom over, and she asked if we could grill hot dogs. I think I can handle that request.

No yellow jackets here, but the mosquitoes are horrific. It's the result of all the rain. They are vicious bugs. Not happy with them at all since it makes sitting on the deck at night more of a slap fest than a relaxing way to end the evening.

Hope you have a good week!

6.30.08, 11:30 AM
I am still watering the veggies, haven't to for lack of rain. The squash is coming in now. Its growing so fast that I have to check in the morning and the evening too. Sometimes I miss one that is hiding and then its too big. I am going to fry some for lunch today. So good. My flowers are not doing to good now. Its just too hot.

I need to do some quick and easy crock pot dinners since its too hot to be cooking and making the kitchen even hotter. For the fourth we are probably cooking out. Dh does that outside, but he did mention that we may buy the already cooked hamburgers at Costco. They are really good. They can be heated in the microwave.

Has anyone heard from TangoTia (Kay).......I emailed her but haven't heard back from her. Maybe she's traveling around somewhere. Speaking of traveling, I go to you.tube and see what other places in the country looks like. Some very interesting places. I still like Montana, lol.

Oh well, enough for now!!!

7.9.08, 3:45 PM
Sorry it has taken me so long to respond. DH was home from work last week, and we did a lot of at home things, nothing spectacular, but lots of work involved. I told him at least 15 times that I think our do it ourselves days are about over. . . :anon2d: So far this week, I've been cleaning up the messes that I didn't get to last week. My mom was sick last week, too, and nothing makes everything okay for her except me being there with her. Oh, yes, it's frustrating.

We finally got some rain last night. Everything seems pretty perky today. I have 4 tomatoes on my one plant. My day lilies are finally blooming, too. It's a good looking day in the yard today.

I haven't heard from Kay since maybe the end of May. Not sure what she's up to or what she is doing. And, I'm still not sure where everyone else is. I'll have to send out a serious SOS soon. :)

Hope you are having a good day! What's new in your world?