View Full Version : Sex/City and The Happening...

6.14.08, 9:48 PM
I'm a HUUGE fan of SATC and imo this was exactly what a true fan wants from this movie. It was so enjoyable, I could see it over and over again.

The Happening is more complex. I found it really truly creepy, and loved Mark Wahlberg in it. It's a little humorous, also, and the cinematography is very beautiful. Zooey D wasn't that hot in it, I'm sorry to say, she just kept bugging her eyes out and didn't seem to have any more tricks up her acting sleeve. I'm a huge Shyamalayan fan, and for me this was really good creepy fun that kept me discussing the meanings and themes far into the night with my friends, some of which thought it a stupid movie. But, I also loved Lady in the Water and think M. Night is a very good filmmaker, and think this is also a very interesting, fun film. Go see it.