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6.13.08, 5:16 PM
Tim Russert has died of a heart attack (http://thecaucus.blogs.nytimes.com/2008/06/13/russert-dies-of-apparent-heart-attack/index.html?hp)

He was 58, died at work, was not able to be revived after a heart attack.

6.15.08, 5:00 AM
Just sick I was about hearing this news the other day.

In an era where populist pundits have taken over a good deal of the television programming spewing skewed political agendas...

Tim Russert was one of the few remaining class act TRUE journalists. He was tough, but fair in his tenure. I never saw him raise his voice, swagger, roll his eyes, wave arms or shove fingers in guests faces as we see often now with so many wanna-be's who will never be an equal. Those who have no idea what it means to be a real journalist.

I'm going to miss him so much. I have made it a point to watch Meet the Press each Sunday for years. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends.

6.15.08, 1:39 PM
I was driving home on Friday and heard the news on the radio. How horribly sad. He was a wonderful journalist, as Cats said, a true professional.

RIP Tim, you will be sorely missed!

6.16.08, 11:58 AM
It was shocking to hear the news...I watch "Meet the Press" every Sunday and Tim was always a fair and interesting interviewer. It was very moving seeing Tom Brokaw anchor "Meet the Press" yesterday, Tim's friends were all very emotional...he was an all around Good Guy..a true and loyal friend, outgoing, full of life and zest...he always had that twinkle in his eye...he never seemed angry or soured about what was happening in the world. It will be interesting to see who takes over Tim's postion at "Meet the Press".