View Full Version : NuGreenlee...do we like her???

6.10.07, 11:09 PM
So what do we think of the new actress playing Greenlee?

At first I really thought the actress playing Annie would make a better NuGreenlee, but now I'm not sure if she could pull of the spunkiness innate to Greenlee's character. NuGreenlee (forgive me for repeatedly referring to her as such...I haven't caught the actress' name yet) seems to have the look and demeanor similar to what I think of as Greenlee. Really good job on the hair and wardrobe! hRmmmm...still not so sure of the acting as of yet. The self-entitled, it's all about me...check! But there's a little bit of a over the top whining quality that I'm not loving. So I am going to just wait and see, personally...but she has started to grow on me just a little! =)

6.11.07, 7:13 PM
I would like this Greenlee better if I wasn't so familiar with the original Greenlee, but I think she is doing a good job with what she is given. I like the way she is able to show such raw emotion as the pain in her eyes when she look at how happy Ryan and Kendall is without her.

6.12.07, 2:02 PM
Even though I don't like the character of Greenlee and wasn't looking forward to her return, I think the new actress is actually doing a good job. She really has captured the bitchiness that is Greenlee. So, even though I don't like the character, I give the actress stepping into the role a thumbs up.

6.17.07, 1:14 AM
her voice is grating...like finga'nails on a chalkboard.