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6.10.08, 1:01 PM
Hi Dragonmom,
I haven't been around much but saw that you are taking your mom for tests. How is she doing? I hope all is well. I know getting to all these appointments and waiting for results can be very trying.I don't think the doctors know how, hard it is to wait for the results. My experience has been that usually if it takes along time to get the results everything is fine.Of course if it takes too long I keep calling and usually get an answer pretty quick.
I hope everything turns out fine!
Hugs claudia

6.10.08, 3:52 PM
Hey there..good to see you here coffenut. Well..my mom's carotid scan came back..ok. No blockage..thank God! The echo..had to wait longer for that..with a few phone calls to them!! Came back so so. No blood blots..good news!! The doctor proceeded to read the results to me..which meant nothing. I said..just what does it mean? Is she ok? He said basically keep an eye on her blood pressure..which she's on meds for it anyway. And she goes back to the dr. June 24. I'll have a long list of questions again. Her CAT scan on the brain did show signs of a stroke sometime. It's weird...cause we aren't really sure when she had one. It's affected her memory...more than anything. And she's gonna start taking meds for that soon..and hope it helps. I worry about her taking her medicines right. I might have to go down and make sure they are sorted right and that she's taken them. Follow behind her..you know?

6.13.08, 4:37 AM
Hi there Dragonmom. This is really good news as far as your Mom's tests go. I am really happy for you all, your prayers were answered. Give her best wishes from Me, although she has no idea who I am, at least there someone else out there who is thinking of her.....
I see that you were told she had had a stroke at some time but you never knew about it. My sister works for a heart specialist and she was saying, at one point, that some patients have small strokes and don't know it's happened. Strange things happen hey? Anyway, really chuffed to hear she okay and you must feel like a weight been lifted from you.
Take care and love to all

6.13.08, 5:04 PM
I am glad the tests came out alright. The stroke is scary but I have heard that can happen. She must have had a small stroke than. Get her one of those pill containers where there is a compartment for everyday and mine even have compartments for morning ,noon,night. Make sure you sort the meds out and then check everyday if she took them. That way it is easy to keep track for her herself too. I am on so many meds that I sometimes wasn't sure if I took it or not. Now I just check my container and see if I missed any.
As you know I am dealing wih a severe blood pressure problem,but i am keeping it under control with meds and being very strict with my diet. Make sure your mom eats low sodium and has very little caffeine. Bananas are also a good way to keep her potassium levels steady which is very important with high blood pressure.If you need any tips let me know I can help you a bit with that. I hope your mom gets to feeling better real soon. And don't forget to take care of yourself either!.
Hugs coffenut

6.13.08, 11:29 PM
Thanks ladies!! She had a pill sorter..for every day of the week..but not a A.M. and P.M. one. But for now..most her meds are taken in the A.M..except for this new one. Aricept for memory..but it comes in a weekly packet...where you punch out the pill..and she takes that one at night. And so far not hard for her to get it open. I'm gonna go down and sort her pills tomorrow to make sure she has them right and taking them. I hope!! I'll keep you all informed and coffenut I'll keep that in mind when I have questions..I know who to ask! Thanks also Lynnjay. I appreciate the prayers and kind words.