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6.8.08, 2:44 PM
Belle and shawn were dating one day when the police called
B: Hello
P: Is this Belle Black
P: Um i have some bad news yur boyfreind Shawn Brady was in a bad accident
B: What is he alright
P:Um no he died on impact
B: What no yur lying
P: No i am sorry Ms. Black
The officer hung up
B: No its not true
She called her mom
B: Mom its Belle
M: Honey whats wrong
B: Mom a police officer just called me and told me Shawn is dead
M: What
B: Yes I need to go to Hopes can u drive me i don't feel i am abe too
M: Yea no problem
marlena arrived and picked up Belle and they went to Hopes and they were there
B: Hope is it true
H: Yes Belle they called u way after they called me i had to go down and identify Shawn
B: No Hope please tell me its isn't true
H: Belle i am so sorry
B: NO Belle sank to the floor
H: I am sorry Belle
B: No not Shawn NO she was crying hysterically
M: Belle breathe
Hope backed away and started crying and so did Bo
M: Belle listen to me u need to breathe. Belle yur not listening i know its hard but u need to breathe. I am going to have to sedate u
She was a doctor.She pulled out her syringe and sudated her.Belle finally fell asleep Bo lied her on the couch and covered her up.
M: How are u two doing
B: About as good as can be expected
H: I am devastated My little boy
She started crying and Marlena hugged her
M: Honey its going to be ok
A tear rolled down marlenas cheek
B: Come on ladies i miss him too but hes in heaven
H: Bo's right i am trying to be strong too its very difficult though.
M: We will get through it i am worried about Belle though
H: me too
They all drank tea and Belle woke up an hour later a little dioriented.
M: belle lets go home
B: Where am i
M: Were at Bo and Hopes lets go home
B: Ok
They said good bye and they went home. When they got home belle sat on the couch
B: Mom
M: What honey
B: What am i going to do
M: About what
B: What do u mean what Shawn i love him so much what do i do without him
M: U will deal with it thats all. Bo and Hope miss him too. We will deal with it together.
B: mom i don't know if i can I just want to die
M: Don't say that I will be here with you every step of the way. We will get through this Belle trust me.
B: I do trust u mom but i don't know i just don't

6.8.08, 3:11 PM
Ch. 2
The day of the funeral arrived.
M: Belle are u sure yur strong enough to go. Its only been two days
B: Mom i need to go. Shawn would go for me i need to say good bye
belle had lied around crying for the last two days. Marlena and her left for the funeral.
B: Hope how are u
H: About as good as you. Hi Marlena
M: Hello hope
B: Gosh what do i say i don't know what to say
H: Don't say anything honey. Just hug me
Belle and Hope hugged for a while until BO came and took her to a seat. Belle and Marlena sat with them. The service began and near the end Hope got up to say a few words
H: I want to thank everyoen for coming today to support us. Shawn had a lot of friends. I am really glad they everyoen cam eto day good-bye to him. I want everyone to say good bye to him the first row and so on and so on. But i wanted to say a few things first. I am so glad when i fianlly agev birth to him. He was so special to Bo and i. He was the only child we had and even though he was all grown up i always babied him and he always told me he was grown up and not to embrass him and...
Bo jumped to the stage.
B: Well i think thats it
H: Wait belle do u want to say anything
She stood up
m: Are u sure
She shook her head
B: Hi everyone wow what can i say about him. We had been together for almost 2 yrs. I have known his family my whole life. i love Shawn with all my heart. He means everything to me and so does his family. I will always miss him and love him. I am so upset... She starts crying
M: Come on Belle lets go
B: Ok
The first row went up to say good-bye to him. Belle was in that row
B: Bye my love. I will miss u so much. I will wait for u until the day i die. I love you. She took of the ring he gave her and put it on his stomache. Shawn oh my god. Mom
M: Belle
She fainted
M: Call an ambulance now
Bo picked her up and lied her on the church couch while Hope called 911.
The ambulance got there and took Belle. marlena drove to the hospital. When she got to Belles room she was awake
B: mom
M: Honey how are u feeling
B: Fine my hearts a little broken thats all
M: I know but like I told u. I am here with u every step of the way
Hope and Bo came to see her
B: I am sorry
H: Its ok honey its alright
B: I ruined the funeral
H: No its ok i understand
B: I hope so
belle got out of the hospital that night. the next week all belle did was cry. The end of that week Hope called her
H: Belle how are u doing
B: Alright still heartbroken
H: Yea me too listen i have a question how would u like to work at the pub. Caroline could use some help how do u feel about that
B: I don't know
H: Belle u need this u don't need to stick around yur house and cry it won't help.
B: Alright hope i will
H: good come by tomorrow it will help
B: Alright Hope thanks.
They hung up and she told her mom she was thrilled for her to get out of the house she might feel better. belle wasn't so sure.

6.8.08, 11:35 PM
Ch. 3
Belle enjoyed working there the money was great and it was great being busy, She had gotten to work and noticed an unfamilar face but it was her table and she took it
B: What can I get for you
Philip: Um whats good here
B: Well do u like soup
P: Yea
B: Caroline makes a mean clam chowder
P: Whats the special today
B: The veil
P: Is that any good
B: yea its good
P: Alright i will have that and a beer
B: Ok i will put that in and be right back with yur beer
She got back to his table and set down his beer
B: Here u are sir
P: Do u know of any good places around here
B: Like what kind of places u talking about
P: Well I just moved here i am Philp Kirakis and my dad is Victor..
B: Victor i know who he is he comes in here once in awhile
P: Well he is out of town and wants me to run the family business so i said i would
B: Then yur leaving
P: No i am staying here for good but is there anything to do in this town
B: We have movie theaters, resturants, grocery stores,and malls. We have everything.
P: Sounds good what do u do for fun
B: Work
P: That doesn't sound like fun
B: I love the resturant its great. I will bring yur food when its done and she left to go serve another table
B: Here is yur food enjoy
P: Thanks whats yur name
B: Belle Black
P: Belle thats a nice name
B: Thanks
She left and took care of tables and noticed Philp was done
B: U done
P: Yes ma'am that was great
B: Good tell yur dad hi
P: I will. What do i owe you
B: um that will be 34.00 even
P: Alright he set 100.00 on the table and said i will be back
B: Don't u want the change
P: No keep it
B: Ok thanks
Caroline: Who was that
B: Philp kirakis Victors son
C: Wow i haven't seen him since he was a baby
Belle went home showered went to bed and got up early and went to work. Philp came in again at 2 with a girl. They sat in her section
B: Hi Philp
P: Belle this is chloe
B: Hello Chloe
They ordered and ate and Philp left another huge tip. The next day he came in again and sat in Belle's section
B: Geez u must like this place
P: Its a good place
B: Ok what do u want today
P: can i have a beer and order when u come back
B: Yep
Belle got him a beer and came back
B: What will it be
P: Join me for lunch
B: I am working
P: U have a break coming up right take it now
She poured the beer in his face and left the table.
B Caroline i am on a break
She went over to Philp and brought a towel
C: Philp i am so sorry
P: Hey what did i do
C: My grandson just died and she was dating him and she was hurt i don't think she was ready for that
P: Oh i didn't know
C: its ok do u want something to eat
P: No its ok he put 100.00 dollars down and said i like her
C: Well she won't go out with anybody
P: She may or may not i gotta go
he left. caroline went to the break room to see Belle
C: Belle
B: I am sorry ok i just can't date him
C: Belle he just asked u to have lunch u don't want a friend
B: he wants to be more than that
C: Maybe he does and maybe he doesn't but he is a very good customer just be friends u could always use mpre
B: I should go apoligize
C: Hes gone
B: Oh well i will clean up the table
Belle was cleaning up when she found the 100.00. She was surprised he left her a tip after she threw the drink at him. She cleaned up the mess. The next morning Philp didnt' come in. He didnt' come in the whole week. he finally came in that following Monday and sat in Caroline's section.
C: Hello Philp
P: Hey i didn't want to sit in Belle's section can i have a glass of yur orange juice and yur famous clam chowder
C: Coming up
P: Thanks
he was reading the paper and Belle had gotten the juice she wanted to say she was sorry
B: Here you are
P: What you aren't going to pour it on me this time
B: philp i am sorry about that
P: Hey its fine caroline told me about yur boyfriend i am so sorry
B: Its ok
P: Well thanks
B: Philp to make it up to you i think i will take my break and eat lunch with you.
She ordered her lunch and Philp and her talked. Caroline smiled maybe Belle was finally moving forward

6.9.08, 12:14 AM
P: thanks for joing me Belle
B: No problem it was the least i could do
P: So how much longer u gotta work
B: I am done for the night
P: Belle listen i know what happened with you and Shawn but would u be willing go on a boat ride with me
B: Um
P: belle i am not going to try anything just having some fun u don't get to do that much. He smiled at her
He was being so polite. He was great looking and he usually gave her quite a tip
B: Alright hold on. Caroline i am leaving
C: ok have fun
P: Come on
They rode in his limo to his boat
B: Wow yur limo is huge
P: Thanks
They got in his boat and he told the driver where to go. He handed Belle a glass of champange
B: Thanks
P: Yur welcome
B: So do u come out here often
P: With friends sometimes thats about it
B: Gosh i haven't been on this big of a boat ever. So where are we going
P: just cruising. He doesn't have to pay for gas plus he loves driving the boat. Do u mind if i ask about Shawn
B: What about him
P: Well u know how close u two wer
B: I am complety in love with him. My feeling were never deeper for anyone then they were for him. (She looked into her glass) I loved him with all my heart. We were high school sweethearts. I never dated anyone else. We lived together and we were going to get married one day it just wasn't the right time u know. I sold the apartment and live with my mom shes been great
P: How longs it been
B: A couple of months
P: I am so sorry Belle losing someone hurts
B: yes it does
Philp then took her glass from her
P: U want to dance
B: Theres no music
P Hold on a minute
He grabbed a remote and pushed a button and there was soft music playing
P: So u want to
B: Sure
they danced and Belle put her heard on Philps shoulder. they fianlly docked and the limo was there and they got in and he drove her home
P: That was a nice night
B: Yes thanks
P: No thank u Belle for coming with me. I wouldn't of had fun if it wasn't for you
B: Well i had fun thanks
she was about to go inside when he said
P: Wait
B: Yea
P: belle would a week from now be rushing it i want to hang out again
B: no not at all i would love too
P: Alright see ya soon i may stop by the resturant
B: Alrigth night
P: Night Belle
She went inside
M: Who was that
B: Oh that was Philp he is a regular at the resturant Victors son and he asked me to take a boat ride
M: Did u have fune
B: Yes mom i did we are going to get together in a week
M: Well I am glad
B: Well i need to go off to bed
M: Good night honey
B: Night mom
M: Hey Belled do u like him
B: No i still love shawn and only him
M: Belle I know but do u like Philp shawn won't be mad he would be happy
B: I am going to bed
She went upstairs and closed the door to her room. She didn't want to admit it but she did like Philp. He was handsome and when he held her when they danced she felt safe in his arms. She closed her eyes and to admit she was excited to see him again.

6.9.08, 10:57 PM

Belle worked at the resturant and philip came in and she joined him. One day while there were dining Philip looked at her and smiled
B: what are u smiling about?
P: I have an idea
B: ok whats that
P: how would like to go to the beach with me this weekend
B: um i don't know
P: Come on it would be fun just u and me i could rent it for just us
B: u can do that
P: Philip Kirakis can
B: Oh well sure what the heck why not
The week flew by and Philp came to pick Belle up. She was ready
P: yo ready to go
belle was in a cover up and bathing suit and brought extra clothes with her.
B: Um yea
Philp looked at her and thought she looked amazing.
P: Come on in sit down
They drove to the beach and listened to some soft rock. They got to the beach and she got out.
P: Hey i packed a lunch and brought a small radio for some music.
B: Cool
Philp put some music on and and lied the beach towels down and they lied down under the sun. About 20 minutes later
P: Its hot
B: i know i think i am burnt
They went into the water together and Philp splashed Belle
B: Hey
P: I am sorry did i hurt you
B: No
She splashed him back and he splashed her back. They were splashing each other and laughing. Then he started running after her
B: Philp
P: I am going to get you
He grabbed her around the waist and spun her around. They stayed in the water for about a half and hour. Then they got out and philp put an umbrealla up and they dried in the sun. Then Philp got the lunch out that he packed.
B: What do we have here
P: i don't know
B: Very funny
P: No really i didn't pack it. Lets see two sandwiches, apples, cookies, and some cupcakes. Who would pack this
B: Come on what is it really
P: Ok ok we do have sandwiches, drinks, cookies, and grapes.
B: that sounds good
They ate lunch
B: U wanna go back in the water
P: Can't we just ate
B: u know that was never actually true
P: yea pry not
They went back into the water. They stayed in the water for about another hour and got out.
P: I think its time to leave
B: We're all wet
P: Yea it will dry come on
They packed up and left and they went to the habor where they rode on the boat the last time.
P: Ok were here
B: What are we doing
P: We are riding on my boat again
They got on the boat and he drove off
P: So Belle how am i doing
B: Sure whats up
P: How am i doing
B: How are u doing what
P: how am i doing with you
B: Philp i like hanging out with you and yur really sweet
P: Good come with me
On the second floor Philp had two massage tables and people to do it
B: Wow this is great
P: Yea i thought so
They lied on the table and they had a great massage. After that they went on the top deck and danced. She closed her eyes it felt wonderful to be in his arms. She couldn't help it. She let herself take in everything. It was wonderful. Philp pulled away.
B: Whats wrong
P:Nothing but Belle i need to ask u something.
B: Anything
P: ok next weekend will u go out on a date with me
B: Yes Philp i want to go on a date with you
P: U didn't even hesitate this time.
B: Yea i know
They ended the night an hour later and she went home.
P: So Belle i will talk to you at the resturant and a little more details about next weekend
B: I can't waie
P: me either
He walked her to the door and kissed her on the cheek.
B: Bye
P: Have a good night
B: U to
She went inside
M: Did u have a good night
B: yea i did were going out on a date next weekend
M: Good i am glad
B: me too i really like Philip
M: Well i am glad u r not feeling so low
B: I think i am ready to move on
M: Its been awhile i think yur ready
B: thanks mom for being there for me
M: Yur welcome
B: well i am going to bed night
M: Night
Belle went to bed and dremt of Philp that night. She was happy.

6.14.08, 5:00 PM
CH. 7

Belle and Philp had already discussed where they were meeting. Philp was going to pick her up at her house at 6 and she didn't know anything after that. Philp arrived at her house at 5:55 and had two roses. He knocked on the door.
B: hey yur early
P: Yea here where is yur mom
B: Awww thanks she is in the dining room. Mom come here
M: Hello i am marlena Belle's mom
P: Its nice to meet you
he handed her a rose
M: How sweet
She took belles flower and said
M: I am going to put these in a vase
P: We gotta get going
M: Alright belle
B: Yea mom
M: have fun
B: mom i will
They left and philp grabbed her hand
P: Am i out of line
B: No yur not
He drove them to the most beautiful resturant she had ever seen
B: What is this place
P: One of my favorite places to go
B: Its so pretty
They got out and Philp grabbed belles hand and they went in and got their table. They ordered and talked over drinks
P: So Belle u having a good time
B: Yea its great thanks so much
They ate and philp payed and they left. They walked down the habor and it was breathtaking.
P: This is my favorite place
B: Mine to what do u do here
P: I think
B: Yea it would be a great place to think
P: Belle
B: Yea
P: Um (he stepped toward her)
She closed her eyes to let him know it was ok to kiss her. He grabbed her waist and pulled her closer to him. He put his lips to hers and kissed her. It was a soft sweet kiss and it was great. he pulled away
P: Wow that was wonderful
B: yea it was
He kissed her again and pulled away
P: I was hoping u would let me do that
she smiled and he grabbed her hand they got in the car.
P: I got another surprise for you
She just smiled at him. Philp took her to a jewlery store.
B: Why are we here
P: Come on and i'll show you
They got out of the car
P: ok listen belle did u have a good time tonight
B: Of course
P: Well i wanted to make us more offical
B: As in u want to date
P: Yea i do
B: Well then i do too
P: Really
B: Yea
P: Good come on in
They went inside and there were tons and tons of earrings, necklaces, and rings
B:What is all this
P: This is my way of treating u to something you are my girlfriend now and i want u to have something special
B: Philp i couldn't i mean how come u want me to have something like this
P: Belle you are very special i knew that when i first saw u. i fell in love with you. This is how i treat everyone. Get used to it
B: Even so i can't
P: Non sense
he held up a necklace to her bare neck
B: Goodness that is breath taking
P: Its yurs look around
She didn't want anything but she couldn't help and look around. Philp finally convinced her she was getting a necklace, 2 pairs of earrings, and a ring.
B: Philp really u shouldn't have
P: No i should have
Then they went dancing
P: Belle thank you for finally dating me
B: Philp i really like you and enjoy yur company
P: Good bc i am sticking around for as long as u like me too
B: Well we'll see
Philp's charm and gernorosity was a bit overwhelming but she liked it. When she got home Philp and her kissed at her doorstep. With his hand around her waist and his lips upon hers it was dizzy but a great feeling. Once released she walked inside and smiled to herself. She was falling for Philp.

6.15.08, 5:18 PM
One morning belle came over to surprise philp. she knocked on the door.
P: hold on a minuted
he opened the door
P: belle hey
he told her to come in and kissed her.
P: u have never come over before
B: I know i wanted to see u
P: oh ok.
B: Philp yur house is beautiful
P: Thanks lets sit
They sat down
P: Do u want to watch a movie
B: Sure why not
They picked a movie. Halfway through the movie Philp looked at belle
B: What
P: yur beautiful
B: Stop
P: You are
he kissed her and started putting his hands on her shoulders and moving down. She pulled away
B: Philp stop
P: belle i am sorry its too fast
B: yea it is
P: I am so sorry
B: its ok lets just watch the movie
After the movie was over belle got up
B: well i am going to get going alright
P Already Belle please don;t go
B: Look i should
P: I am sorry i went too fast u make the calls from now on
B: ok thanks Philp
belle and Philp spent almost everyday together. One morning belle came over. She knocked on the door. Philp answered the door in jeans and he didn't have a shirt on
P:Belle what are u doing here so early
B: I wanted to see u
She kissed him. He picked her up and set her on the couch. he pulled away.
P: Belle are u giving me a hint
B: Kiss me Philp
They made out for an hour. When they saw each other they always made out. One afternoon when they had been dating 6 months belle came over. As soon as she walked in she told Philp what was on her mind.
B: philp i want to make love to you
P: You do
B: yea i do but yur going to have to talk me through this its been awhile
he picked her up and carried her upstairs and lied her on the bed.
P: Are u sure belle i don't want to rush you
B: Philp i want to do this
he kissed her and they made out for about 2 hours and then Philp was ready to move on
P: belle are u ready
B: yea but get a condom
he grabbed one beside his bedside and got a condom and put it on. Then they made love. They lie in each others arms afterwards.
P: That was so amazing
B: yea it was
P: Are u tired
B: not quite
P: me either
They made love again.
B: Philp
P: What
B: I am glad that I made the descion to move forward
P: Me too belle do u want to spend the night tonight
B: I would like to but I don't have my things
P: Don't worry about that i want u in my arms
B: i like being in yur arms too
P: Good then u'll stay
B: yea i think so
They ate dinner and had a fun time being in each others arms. The next morning she went home to get a shower and get changed. She walked in the door
M: well theres my daughter
B: Sorry mom i spent the night at Philp's
M: its ok
Just then Hope came out of the kitchen
B: hope hi
H: hello Belle
B: When did u get here
H: Well a few hours ago so u were with Philp
B: Yea and look i don't want u to be mad Philp is my boyfriend now it took me a long time to move on and..
H: Belle i am not mad shawn is gone as painful as it is u have a right to move on
B: i am so glad yur not upset with me
she hugged her.
B: Well Philp and i are going out again today so i need to get ready. She went upstairs
H: i am glad Belle is better
M: me too i haven't seen her this happy in awhile Philp is a great guy.
H:I hope so bc Belle is special to me and no one can replace that

6.18.08, 8:55 PM
Ch. 9
Belle and Philp spent everday together. They were mostly making love the whole time. Belle began spending the night over there. They had been dating 2 yrs and Philp had a special night planned for Belle. he picked her up at 7.
B: Hi Philp
P: Beautiful please come in
She got into the limo and the were kissing all the way to the resturant.
P: Belle if u don't stop this i am going to make love to you right here
B: ok ok sorry
They got to the fancy restruant
P: Ok close yur eyes
B: what
P: Come on
B: Alright alright
Belle closed her eyes. Philp grabbed her hand and made sure she made it through without hitting anything.
P: Ok Belle open yur eyes
B: Oh my gosh
Belle had never seen anything so beautiful. The resturant was just them and it had lights strung up and it was decorated. It was so beautiful.
B: Philp what is this
P: I wanted to be alone with you
B: Who decorated this?
P: I put in a favor and I had people decorate this
B: But why
P: Belle (he got on one knee)
B: Oh my gosh
P: Will u be my wife marry me please I love you
B: I love you too Philp but marry you
P: U don't want too
B: Philp i do but are u sure
P: Yea i am sure thats why i asked you
B: Yes philp i will I love you sooo much
P: Thank you god (he slipped the beautiful diamond ring on her finger)
B: Philp this is so beautiful where did u get it
P: At a jelwery store
B: Its gorgeous i love you
P: I love you too u r going to be my wife
B: I know i can't wait she kissed him
Philp and Belle kissed
B: What about dinner Belle said when she could breathe
P: Ok lets eat
There were platters made with food in the back. They got what they wanted
B: Philp do u think after this we could go tell my mom
P: Yea if thats what u want
B: Thanks
After they ate the limo took them to her mothers
B: Mom are u here
M: In the kitchen
B: Come on honey
She walked in the kitchen
B: Mom Philp just asked me to marry him
M: Belle i am so happy for you and Philp
P: I am glad she said yes
They were talking when Hope walked in
B: Hope Philp and I are getting married (she flashed the ring to her)
H: Congrats Belle Philp
B: mom i wanted to tell you that i am moving in with Philp i will get someone to come get my stuff tomorrow see ya later.
They went home and made love. Philp was anxious about it.
M: Hope u don't seem to excited about Philp and Belle getting married
H: I don't know it just brought memories of her and Shawn wanting to get married and having to wait. I don't know i thought they would get married
M: They would have but Shawn is dead its time Belle moved on
H: Yea i know i am happy for her. I am glad she is happy.
Philp and Belle had a great evening they made love and lied in each others arms
B: So Philp what are we going to do about the wedding
P: Have as many bridesmaids as u want and just tell me so i can get my groomsmen ready.
B: Well what about all the other stuff
P: Don't worry Belle i want u to enjoy it so just relax get yur bridesmaids thats all
B: How will they know what i want
P: Trust me Belle it will be perfect
B: ok Philp i trust you
In the morning she got up and got the people Philp called to get her things. She called her mom and told her what was going on. The people arrived about an hour. They put her things where Philp told them too. Everything was neat
B: Philp do you always get this treatment
P: Since I was a little boy
B: I am not used to it
P: Well get used to it wife bc this is the way u will be treated for the rest of yur life. U will get used to it.
belle got in the shower and she went to see her mom and Philp went to the office
B: Hi mother
M: belle i thought u would be with Philp
B: Yea he went to the office and we moved into our new house its huge. I am not used to this treatment though
M: So yur not enjoying it
B: well i wanted to plan my wedding and Philp has got it all planned all i need is to get my bridesmaids around
M: Well that might be a good thing a wedding is a lot of stress.
B: Its ok i guess
M: Belle are u sure u want to marry Philp if you are this unhappy
B: i am not unhappy i am just not use to this
M: Belle as long as u know how u feel
B: Yea alright i am going back home
M: Alright then see ya later
She went home right away and looked at the house. It was so beautiful. Then her cell rang
B: Hello
P: Hi sweetheart
B: Philp i thought u were working
P: I am u want to come down to the office
B: yes sure
P: Good i will send a limo
B: Philp thats o..
He had already hung up. The limo arrived 10 minutes later. The limo took her to the office. Philp was waiting outside
P: Hello sweetheart
B: Hi now why did u invite me to work
P: Bc i missed you step into my office
belle went into his office. They had a little lunch and she went home. Philp promised that he would be home early. She went home and relaxed a little. All this was exhausting. Plus she had to call her bridesmaids but she knew who she wanted so it wasn't a problem she wanted to relax. Maybe she would have someone else call them. Then she took that thought back.
B: Gosh i don't need to be like that. I will never act rich and snobby.

6.21.08, 5:08 PM
Ch. 10
Belle had been getting used to being waited on
B: Henderson will u make me some lunch
H: right away miss
Then she got up and went to the phone. She still did some things for herself. She wanted to call and make sure the carter had everything planned the wedding was a week away. She had her dress and her bridesmaids were going to be there the night before
B: Hello this is Belle Black is Melissa there
M: Hi Belle
B: Hey i wanted to make sure everything was going ok
M: Its going great everything is fine don't worry
B: Alright thanks bye
She sat down and Henderson gave her her plate
B: Thanks
H: if u need anything i will be upstairs
B: Alright
She looked down at her plate and realized she wasn't hungry. She put her plate aside and got up. Henderson came down and saw the plate
H: is it not any good
B: oh Henderson u frightened me. No its fine i am just not that hungry thats all.
H: oh ok well u want me to leave it
B: yes please u can go now
H: Alright ma'ma
B: call me belle
he let without saying anything. The week flew by and it was the day before her wedding. Philp and her had been busy and she felt more irritable then ever. She was so stressed. They went to the hospital his aunt was there. They visited her and left her room.
B: Philp
P: Belle whats wrong
B: I don't feel so well.
P: Lets sit down
Instead she ran to the bathroom and got sick
P: Belle is everything ok
B: I am so stressed
P: Is there a nurse around
B: Philp please
P: Belle let me do this
N: I am
P: Can u do some test my fiance she is not feeling well
N: Come with me
An hour later belle found out she was having a baby
P: Belle do u know whats wrong
B: i am having yur baby
P: U are
B: yes
He picked her up and kissed her
P: I am so excited
B: you are
P: Yes of course
Belle couldn't wait to marry Philp Tomorrow was the big day.
Its lightning here i need to get off. More later

6.22.08, 6:45 PM
Today was the big day. Her and Philp decided not to tell anyone about the baby yet. Her bridesmaids and her spent the night at her mom's. They were at the church getting ready.
P: Belle are y ready
B: Yes we we are right girls
G; Yes
They all went and lined up and Belle's dad stood with her waiting to walk her down
J: Belle I am so happy yur marrying Philp
B: Me too dad I love him
J: oh my little girl
B: i love you to dad.
J: oh its time to go
They walked down and John gave her a kiss and gve her away.
They were waiting for their vows
P: If there is anyone to object speak now or forever hold yur peace
No one said anything. She smiled at Philp.
P;Well then belle do u take Philp do be yur husband to have and to hold from this day forward all the days of yur life
B: I do
P: Do u Philp take Belle to be yur wife o have and to hold from this day forward as long as u both shall live
P: I do
P: By the power vested in me i know pronounce you man and wife u may kiss the bride
Philp lifted her veil and kissed her
The church doors swung open
S: Belle i am alive
H: Shawn my baby boy
B: Shawn son yur alive
P: Shawn
B: Shawn its you yur alive
She dropped and fainted. Philp caught her and picked her up and went where the church chair was and lied her down
P: Some call a doctor she's pregnant
M: She is
P: Yes
They called an ambulace
S: She is having yur baby
P: Yes she is
S: belle come on wake up
P: Belle wake up sweetheart
S: Belle come on wake up please
Belles eyes fluttered open
B: Shawn its you your alive
She threw her arms around his neck and started crying.
B: i missed you what happened
S: i was held prisoner by Jan my crazy ex and they killed a guy and made him look like me. She wanted me for herself
B: I can't believe this why did she do this
S: I don't know ali i know is I couldn't wait to see u again.
B: oh shawn
Then Hope and Bo came out
H: Shawn
S: mom i missed you
She was crying and she threw her arms around him
B: hey buddy can i get a hug.
S: Of course dad
The ambulance pulled up
P: Belle the ambulance is here
B: I don't need to go
P: I want u to go and get the baby checked out
B: Philp no i don't want to go
S: belle listen to him go and i will come see you in a little while
B: Alright
They went to the hospital and got her into a room. Her mom, dad and Philp were there. Lexi was examing her
P: Hows the baby
L: The baby seems to be doing fine ok
B: good thats great
L: I want to keep her here for overnight to make sure things are ok
P: alright
Lexi left.
P: Do u want anything
B: Can u get me some clothes from home
P: yea i will go get them
B: Alright
he kissed her and she kissed him back then he left
B: mom, dad what am i going to do
J: About shawn
B: it wasn't his fault
M: yur married now there is nothing u can do about it
B: I love him
Just then the curtain was pulled back it was shawn
S: Marlena John
M Good bye shawn we were leaving its nice to see u again. She hugged him
J: Nice to see you
They left.
S: So hows the baby
B: Fine they are keeping me overnight to make sure the baby is ok
S: well i am glad that you are ok
B: me too
He sat beside her.
S: Belle what happened while i was gone
B: Well I was working at the resturant and i met Philp we dated for awhile and then he asked me to marry him. i was so devastated when u left. It hurt me so bad
S: U don't think it hurt me when i was away from u for all that time.
B: I do believe that i do its just
S: What belle
B: I am pregnant with Philp's baby
S: Belle i love you, you and Philp wouldn't be together if i would of been here
B: I know but we couldn't help that and bc of jan our future is ruined i hate her
he leaned down and kissed her. She kissed him back she had never felt that great in a long time. All there sweet memories came flooding back to her. Then reality hit her
B: No shawn
S: yes right
B: no i am married to Philp
Just then he walked in
P: I heard my name whats going on
B: i was just talking to Shawn about how happy we are
P: Oh ok hey man
S: Hey
P: I have heard a lot about u Belle is a great girl
S: yes she is
P: well i think i can take it from here i think its a good idea if u go home with your mom
S: Yea me too see ya Belle
B: Yes see ya
P: Are we going to have a problem
B: What do u mean
P: Are u ok with him
B: Yes Philp I love you
P: I love u too
He kissed her. That night she had a wonderful dream about her and shawn. They were making love and she had a wedding dress on. She knew she had a big grin on her face

6.23.08, 10:29 PM
Ch. 12
belle got to go home the next morning. Philp signed her out while she got dressed and Lexi came in.
L: belle i am going to send u home ok
B: Alright
L: I don't want to see u back here unless yur giving birth u got that
B: yes i promise no stress
P: i will make sure she is calm
L: Thank you bye now
They left and got in the car. Philp drove home
P: So u had a big smile on yur face last night
B: Yea um i was dreaming about us
P: Well thats good
They got home. belle was going to get out when Philp said
P: Don't let me help you
Philp helped her out and made her sit on the couch
P: Ok I need to go to work will u be ok
B: Of course
P: here look through this magazine for baby stuff circle what u want and we will talk about it
B: Ok see ya later
She was looking through the magazine when Philp called about lunch time
H: belle its yur husband
B: thanks Henderson hello
P: Hey i am glad u let henderson answer. Did u eat yet?
B: I had a morning snack and i am going to have henderson make me something to eat
P: Good i wanted to say hi and i love you. I will talk to ya tonight
B: alright love you to bye. hey henderson can u make me lunch
H: Yes sure
belle ate lunch and when she was done the doorbell rang and she got up
H: i insist let me
Belle sat down.
H: A mrs. Hope Brady is here to see you
B: Let her in. hello Hope
H: Belle how are you
B: I am alright
H: Good I am glad but how are u feeling about Shawn
B: Well i am heartbroken about it. I really want to be with him
H: I am so glad he is alive though. Ever since i found out he was alive life has been great
B: yea I am glad he is alive though
H: yea i know its hard
B: its tearing me apart i love Philp and i don;t want to divorce him its not right. I don;t know how to live without shawn forever.
H: Just follow yur heart. I wanted to tell u that he got into the police academy too
B: Well thats great
H: Yea i am going to the police station to eat lunch with Bo and Shawn u want to go
B: um no i'll stay here. it could add to stress and i don't need that for the baby
H: yea i want u to have a healthy baby
B: Thanks
H: i gotta go i love you honey
B: i love you too
She left and belle looked through some magazines and about 3 hrs later the doorbell rang
H: belle and Mr. Brady is here to see you
B: Let him in. hello Shawn
S: hi Belle
B: Come in sit down
S: yur living the high life
B: Yea its a big house so whats up
S: i needed to see you
B: Why
S: i needed to tell u how i feel
B: i know how u feel
S: I love u so much and it kills me to know yur pregnant with Philps baby it makes me sick to my stomach
B: I know i wish i was pregnant with yur baby but this is what life dealt us
S: Divorce him we can raise the baby together and we can let him see it
B: oh you got it all figured out don't you. Do u really think that he would want to see his baby if i would divorce him he would be furious
S: I don;t care i love you
B: u can't do this to me. I love you but its not fair
S: NOT fair being with me is not fair
B: Why are u yeling
S: WELL i am upset
B: Get out this isn't good for the baby
S: No i am not leaving
B: Go or i will call security
S: Fine
he left and belle started crying. The phone rand 20 minutes later
H: A Mr. Brady for you
B: Thanks hello
S: belle i am so sorry
B: Its ok
S: Did i hurt the baby
B: No the baby is fine
S: Alright let me make it up to you
B: no its really fine
S: I feel so bad
B: its ok i understand
S: Are we cool
B: yes we are
S: Ok well right now i need to go call ya later
B: Yea bye
she looked through the magazine and Philp came home. She showed him what she had found and then they ate dinner and went to bed early. They both had, had a long day

6.29.08, 11:26 PM
Ch. 13
Belle was sitting at home bored when she decided to go for a walk. Henderson had gone home for the day and Philp was at work. She grabbed her keys and walked to the park. She was walking around for 10 minutes when she saw Shawn.
B: Shawn what are u doing here?
S: Looks like the same thing you are
They were both walking in the park they went to when they were dating
B: Getting some air
S: Yea me too. U want to go for a stroll
B: Sure
They came up to the places that had swings, tetter totters, jungle gym, and slides
B: remeber this place
S: yea thats why I came here u want to swing
B: Aren't we too big for that
S: Weren't we too big in high school
B: Yes (she laughed)
Then she sat down
S: U want a push
B: Maybe a little one not too high though
he pushed her for awhile and then she stopped swinging and he sat down next to her on the other swing. They talked for a little while about old times.
B: Well i think its time to go
S: U want me to walk u home
B: yea geez this is like old times
S: yea it is
She looked at him and kissed her. She kissed him back and she put her arms around his neck. He deepened the kiss and pulled away.
S: Come on Belle time to go
B: ok she said.
He grabbed her hand and they walked home hand in hand. Belle was so happy and lost in old memories it was like she was dating him. They got to her house
B: Well here i am
S: Belle look at me
B: Yes look at me and tell me u don't love me
B: I don't
S: Belle yes u do i can see it
B: Yes shawn i do
She pulled him into a kiss. He was kissingh her back. She was agaist the door and kissing him back. She turned the doorknob and they went inside. he lied her down on the floor. An 20 second they were both half naked. Shawn had his shirt off and Belle had her shirt off.
S: Belle
B: What
S: I love you
B Shawn i love you too
S: this won't hurt the baby
B: no
S: Good
They started kissing. Then he went down to her neck.
B: That feels good
S: U always loved yur neck being kissed
Shawn took a breast in his mouth. Her nipple hardened
B: God shawn
he kissed her. then he grasped at her jeans. The doorbell rang but they didnt' stop kissing. Then there was a knock
H: Belle are u home
They stopped
B: oh my god what are we doing. I shouldn't be doing this yur mom's here
S: She'll go away
B: No get off of me I am married
S: U didn't mind before
B: Well i don't know what was wrong
H: Belle are u here
B: Hold on hope. Shawn hand me my shirt
He did and put his back on. She ran fingers through her hair and he did too and he sat on the couch. Belle opned the door
B: Hey Hope
H: Hey have u seen. Shawn there you are what are u doing here
S: Belle and i ran into each other at the park and we walked she said she didn't feel good so i walked her home and made sure she was ok whats up
H: Yur dad needs someone to work can u do it
S: yea sure
H: Good i got yur uniform in the car
S: Ok i will talk to ya later ok
B: Ok bye
They left. Belle felt disgusting so she took a shower and scrubbed herself and then she went to take a nap. The phone ringing woke her up
B: Hello
S: Belle
B: Shawn i thought u were at work
S: I am
B: ok whats up
S: Listen about what happened
B: It was a mistake right
S: No i was going to say it was perfect
B: We shouldn't have i am married
S; yes but thats not what yur heart wants
B: Yes i know but we can't help that at all you disappered and i know thats not yur fault.
S: i know u need to decide what u want to do bc i want to be with you so much
B: Me too but i can't break my vows
S: U bascially did u were kissing me
B: i just got caught up in old times
S: Well Belle think about the future we will have one. Talk to Philp.
he hung up. she got up and went downstairs and wiated for Philp to come home.

7.6.08, 11:46 AM
Ch. 14
Philp and her made love that night and Philp didn't have to go in until later that night. So that morning the lied around and talked about the baby. Then philp wanted to take her to an early dinner. He took her to Carolines where she used to waitress.
C: Belle and Philp what a surprise
B: We are here to eat
C: Pick a spot i will be with u in a minute
B: Alright
They sat down and Caroline took their order
B: Wow this feels so weird to me
P: Yea i bet it does u want to serve me
B: Yea right i couldn't i am pregnant anyways u won't let me work
P: I don;t want u to work al the time
B: Do u think like 2 mornings a week for a couple of hours just to get out of the house something to keep me busy while yur gone.
P: Let me talk to Caroline and set a couple of rules and then yes
Caroline came back with their food
P: Hey Caroline Belle wants to work with u two days out of the week is that ok with you
C: That would be great
P: Well her being pregnant and all i don't want her on her feet a lot and no stress
C: I will make sure Belle take a half an hour break every 2 hours is that alright
P: Couldn't be a better idea
B: Thanks Caroline
C: When can u start
B: When do u need me
C: How about tomorrow
B: Sounds good
Philp and her ate lunch and they were about to leave
B: Do u careif i stay here a little while i can call the limo when i get ready to leave
P: Ok see ya later
he kissed her and left
C: Belle yur not going with him
B: Naw i get so bored at home
C: Hey could u run this to shawn at the station. He came in this morning and he forgot it. I Know he would come and get it but if u wouldn't mind
B: No not at all
She called the limo and it picked her up and she told the limo driver she would call him later she knew people here and it might be awhile. she went where Shawn's office was and knocked
S: Come in
He was on the phone and he smiled
S: Ok ok let me call u back. Whats all this
B: Philp and i went to eat at yur grandparents diner and she said u didn't grab this and she wanted me to give this to you
S: Yea i was going to have someone go and get it soon. Thanks Belle
B: Yur welcome
S: u want some of my apple stuff its good
B: Its ok i had some when we went
S: God i love this stuff
He put it in the fridge beside him. Shawn put his arms around her and hugged her and kissed her. She kissed him back and gave into her passion for him. He cleared his desk off and locked the door. he lied her down on his desk kissed her. Then he got ontop of her and took off one layer at a time and kissed her skin as he did it. She loved that best abot him. Things were getting more intense by the moment. at last they lied in each others arms
B: that was great and passionate
S: Well u know how long I have wanted to do that
B: For awhile i assume
S: Yea it was great
Belle and him got dressed and she left. She was happy that it had happened. She was completly at ease. The next morning Philp dropped her off at Caroline's and Shawn came in
S: Belle yur working here
B: Yea just a couple mornings a week i get bored
He said hello to his grandmother and had Belle serve him. His grandma smiled she loved seeing her and Shawn together it was a perfect idea. Shawn and her woule meet at his place after he got off of work to make love. Every afternoon they would. The limo would drop her off and they would make love for all hours and then she would go home and Philp would make love. She was getting more confused. She was falling more in love with Philp but her feeling were coming back strong and fast for Shawn but she couldn't stay away from him. One morning she got up and Philp went to work. She wasn't feeling to well. Shawn lived right across the hall from her now to be closer to her. Philp knew and helped him get it since they were all good friends.
B:Shawn she screamed
He came running over
S: Belle whats wrong
B I got cramps
S: Its too soon
B: I know
he helped her to the couch and she sat down they started to lessen
S: I will call the hospital
B: No there going away
S: U need to go to the hospital
B: No i am fine alright
S: Are u sure
B: Yea i have an appoitment tomorrow morning i will tell him
Shawn stayed a couple more hours and she was fine. Shawn had to leave for work. So he left and Bell stayed home. She didn't know why she got cramps but since they were gone she wasn't going to worry.

7.10.08, 1:04 AM
Ch. 15
Belle knew she shouldn't be making love to Philp and Shawn but she couldn't help herself. She went to the doctors and they told her the baby was fine and then she went to shawn. He answered the door
S: Hey
B: Hey i just went to the doctors
S: oh good come in
They went into the kitchen and made her and him some tea.
S: So what did they say
B: They said the baby was fine i just need to take it easy and if i hav any more problems to go see him
S: Good
After tea they went for a little walk. Then Belle walked home. Philp had called but she forgot her cell. She called him back.
P: Where were u
B: I had an appointment and went to visit hope and i forgot my cell
P: Oh alright
They talked for a few more and then Philp had to get back to work. then the doorbell rang again. She got up and snswered it
B: Shawn what are u doing here
S: I missed u
B: Me too Come on in lets talk
S: Yea i think we need to too
B: U go first
S: well u need to choose between Philp and I. I love you so much i can't go on like this
B: I married Philp and i love him i am sorry
S: Fine Belle but don't say i didn't ask
He left Belle had no idea what that meant. Philp came home and he took Belle to a really nice resturant and while they were eating Shawn walked in with a really pretty girl. He walked by the table
P: Hey Shawn i am so glad to see u moved on
S: Yea me too this is willow. Willow this is Philp an Belle
P: Hi Willow
V: Hi
S: Well we are going to get our seat
They walked away
P: Its nice to see Shawn with somone he needed to move on
B: Yea i guess
Belle spoke so softly Philp hardly heard her. She kept glancing back at the table watching Shawn and Willow talk and laugh
P: Belle what are u looking at
B: nothing sorry
Shawn and Willow got up and danced. Willow was giggling and flirting.
P: Belle do u want to dance
B: Yea i do
They danced a litle ways from Shawn and Willow. Willow was dancing close to Shawn and she looked like she was in heaven. She remembered how it felt when her and Shawn made love
P: Belle is everything ok
B: Philp can we leave
P: Sure whats wrong
B: nothing i am just tired
P: Alright come on sweetheart lets go
They went home when they got inside she sat down
P: Belle are u mad bc Shawn is with someone else
B: Why would u say that
P: Because u kept staring at them does it bother u
B: no Philp i guess i was just checking her out thats all
P: Well being friends and all that makes sense
B: yea thats it
P: Alright well now what
B: I am tired i wanna go to bed
P: Alright
They both went to bed but Belle wasn't tired. She lied there and thought of shawn and Willow

7.18.08, 1:05 AM
Ch. 16
Belle woke up the next morning later then usual. She was up half the night thinking about Shawn and Willow. She rolled out of bed and threw her robe on and went to the mirror. She gave herself a look and sighed she was starting to show. Well she was about 5 months. She went downstairs
P: Hey beautiful i was wondering when u were getting up
B: i must have been more tired than i thought.
P: Well i knew u were tossing and turning
B: Why are u making breakfast where is Ralph
P: Oh he is here i wanted to make u breakfast
B: I didn't know u could cook
P: Oh well u need to get dressed
B: Why
P: Well the real surprise is, is i invited Shawn and Willow over
B: Why did u do that
P: Were all friends and i thought we could use some company. Is that ok
P: Yea let me go grab a shower and change
She went upstairs. Shawn and Willow came in about 20 minutes later. Belle came down dressed in some maternity clothes and sat down
P: Well i know this was supposed to be breakfast but its going to be a brunch
S: hey man thats alright
B: Thanks baby but i am not that hungry
P: Belle u need to eat something for the baby. I made a lot of food there is toast, eggs, bacon, sausage.
B: I guess if i have to eat something. i will have some toast and half a piece of bacon
The sight of Shawn and Willow was making her sick. She choked down the toast and the bacon and after that she got up and ran to the bathroom and got sick. When she got out of the bathroom Willow was standing there
B: Sorry u needed the bathroom there was one upstairs
W: No the boys are outside we are going to the mall
B: Ok well u didn't need to wait I would of figured it out
W: U know Shawn is a great guy and I know why u got sick
B: Yea i am pregnant
W: No u know what a great guy u had and seeing him with me made u sick
B: Oh shut up i am married to a great guy shawn and i are friends
W: I mean it would make me sick
B: U just need to leave me alone u don't know me or Shawn and I's relationship.
W: he told me all about yur two's relationship
B: Oh he did
W: he told me u still want him and i can see it. I am surprised yur husband doesn't. is he stupid or something
W: u shut up about my husband u don't know a damn thing about him. Shawn doesn't know how to pick dates. You are rude and a bitch
She pushed past Willow and went to the car.
P: Geez what took so long
B: nothing nothing
P: Ok
S: Where the heck is willow
B: She's coming
S: Ok
They all got in the car and Willow came out
S: Where were you
W: I went to the bathroom
S: Oh ok
Shawn drove them to the mall. belle walked in front of everyone and Philp caught up to her
P: Belle why are u walking so fast
B: Sorry i didn't realize i was
P: Yea
Belle slowed down a little bit and they all went into a clothing store. Belle was looking at some maternity clothes
P: U want any?
B: Why i mean i don't know when i will need them besides now
P: Well u can give them away and then save them for when u have yur next baby
B: We are having more
P: Yea if u want too
B: Yea
She got a couple shirts and pair of pants. She would have to shop for more clothes when she lost her baby fat. She was upset Willow was buying some sexy shirts and some nice jeans. She was thin
P: Honey don't worry u will be able to fit into those one day again
B: I know its bc of this beautiful baby i am having
P: U want a smoothie or somthing
B: Yea that sounds good
P: Hey shawn Willow we are going to go get a smoothie u want to come with
W: yum that sounds great let me pay and shawn and i will meet you
They left. They waited in line
S: So did u and Belle get along
W: She is so mean and cruel to me and i don't know why
S: belle isn't usually like that unless she is provoked
W: Are u saying i provoked her
S: No its not like her
W: Well its pry pregnancy hormones
S: Yea u should pry shop with her or help her pick out clothes maybe she will be a little more friendly
W: I tried to talk to her in the bathroom and she bit my head off
S: Its alright go pay its yur turn
Willow payed and they went to get meet Philp and Belle and got a smoothie. They sat at a table and drank a smoothie. They were done and started walking
S: hey belle remember this store
B: Oh my gosh i cannot believe its still here i thought they would have went out of business
S: Yea i know
P: Why this looks like a pretty good store that could do a lot of business
B: No not with the people that worked here people stole shawn and i outed someone and they let us get something for free
S: I remmeber what u got
B: So do i
She was lost in a memory. It was kinda like a gag store her and shawn witnessed a person stealing something it was an employee. They saw the manager and told him and she got arrested. Then he told them that they could buy something both of them
S: What are u going to get
B: I don't know honey what about u
S: I don;t know
They searched for about 2 hours and Belle got a sex nighty and Shawn got some dice to use for foreplay. They went home and had some fun. She came back to reality
P: Well then i think maybe we should leave the memories where they are and make some new ones lets go inside. They looked around for about an hour and left with nothing.
They went into some other stores. They were there for about four hours and Philp decided dinner would be fun.
They went to a nice resturant and ordered and talked belle was quiet. Shawn looked at her and Belle raised her eyebrows. They had their communication downpacke without saying anything from being together and knowing each other inside and out
B: I gotta go to the bathroom
P: Are u alright
B: Yea i am alright
She left.
S: Let me go talk to her
P: why
S: I know somethings wrong i will be right back
He caught up to her
S: Belle stop what wrong
B: Why are u following me
S: I can tell something is wrong
B: no nothing is
S: ok so why do u hate Willow
B: Bc she is mean
S: She told me u bit her head off
B: Yea well she was acting like she knew me and saying she could tell i love you and that u did too
S: So whats wrong with that
B: She knows nothing about me how dare she pass judgement. She told me that my husband was stupid not to see it. She had no right not right at all.
S: ok maybe she didn;t but she didn't lie
B: Why are u defending her.Ow
S: Belle whats wrong are u cramping. belle
she fainted. Before that
P: So willow how did u and Shawn meet
W: Um we met at his grandmothers resturant he was helping out one night
P: Oh so u like him
W: So much he is such a great guy
P: well I believe Belle thinks so too
W: Yea maybe more
P: What the heck does that mean
W: Philp come that have a history together
P: Correction had
W: Yea maybe i am being silly
P: Yea u don't know him or belle too well. She is my wife i love her and she loves me thats it
S: I need help
P: Thats shawn oh my god Belle
Philp raced to where he was
P: What happened
S: I don't know we were talking and she complained of cramps and she fainted
P: The dr told her no stress
W: What did u say to her
S: Nothing willow god
W: Just asking
Philp got his cell and called an ambulance. They lied her on the floor
S: belle come on wake up
P: Belle can u hear me
S: Come on Belle wake up please
P: Belle honey open yur eyes let me know yur alright. The paramedics came in
Pa: What happened
S: We were talking she said ow and fainted
Pa: we need to get her to the hospital
P: I am her husband can i ride wit you
Pa: yea hurry
S: We'll meet u there
W: Shawn lets go Philp has her
S: She is my friend Willow i am going to see her. U can come with or stay here i am going. She went with him and they went to the hospital

7.18.08, 6:09 PM

Philp rushed into the hospital with the paramedics
Pa: We need to get her into a room. hey buddy how far along is she
P: 5 months
N: ok take her over there. Dr carver we have a patient
Philp went to go toward belle's room
N: No u stay here the paramedics are in there
S: Philp how is she
P: I don't know yet
Then Lexi appeared
L: Philp what is it
P: Its Belle her and Shawn were talking and she fainted
Lexi rushed to the room. Philp and Shawn followed
L: No u two outide
About 10 minutes later Lexi came out
L: Philp if she doesn't come to we will have to take the baby it would kill both of them.
P: can we wait and see if she comes to
L: Yea but i am just telling u what may happen
Lexi went back in and 20 minutes later Belle came too
L: Shes awake
P: Can i see her
L: For a few minutes but i need to get in there
P: Ok. He walked in the room Sweetheart
B: Philp
P: I was so worried are u ok
B: Yea i feel alright
P: Everyone was so worried
Philp kissed her.
S: Hey Philp can i talk to Belle
P: Sure
he left
S: hey how are u
B: ok i guess just a little confused
S: So what had u so upset
B: Willow I don't want her anywhere near me
S: Bc u still love me
B: No shawn bc she is making accusations
S: Ok i will keep her away from you
B: Thanks
S: Thats a shame we won't get to hang out all that much
B: Yur going to continue to see her
S: yea i am i like her
B: Yur crazy
S: ok its ok for you to be married and have someone but not me
B: No not here
S: Look i really can argue with you alright i don't want to hurt the baby
he left the room and Lexi came in
L: I told u i didn't want to see u until u delivered
B: I know
L: So whats going on Belle
B: What do u mean
L: Why were u so upest
B: How should i know
L: Well u fainted were u fighting with someone
B: Yea Willow was fighting with me earlier and it pissed me off but i didn't faint until later
L: Hmm well yur vitals seem fine and the baby is not under any stress.
B: Well thats good
L: Yea but i am keeping u here for a couple of days
B: Why
L: Just to monitor the baby and make sure yur ok and just see how its coming along
B: ok whatever I don't think its nesscary
L: Well i do i will go tell Philp
Lexi went outside to find Philp
P: So lexi whats going on
L: I am going to keep her for a little while for observation but the baby is not under any stress and Belle's vitals are fine. Then her pager went off.
L: I gotta run but yur more then welcome to stay the night Philp
P: Thanks
S: Can i talk to belle before I leave to go home with Willow
P: Yea i am going to go see a friend here. I'll be back
Shawn knocked and entered Belle's room.
B: Shawn where is Philp
S: He went to see an old friend i wanted to see yo before i went home
B: Why i am sure yur eager to get home with Willow
S: belle come on i do not want to argue
belle pulled Shawn closer to her and kissed him. Shawn kissed her back and belle didn't let him go. then she pushed him away
B: I am so sorry i don't know what came oevr me i had to do that
S: Its yur love for me thats what it is
B: i know it is
S: Excuse me
B: I do love you so much and i am so torn between u and Philp. I am married to him but yur the one in my heart. I don't want to break my vows or hurt him. i am carrying his child and i do love to some extent.
S: I know belle but is it fair to him
B: I know i know
S: What i want u to do is concentrate on getting better
Then Belle pulled him closer and kissed him again. Willow looked at the two kissing. She was furious. She wanted to bust them but she didn't want to bust Shawn and end things with her. She couldn't threaten Belle becuase of the baby. Too bad Philp wasn't around. Where was a camera when u need one. Belled pulled away
B: U better get going
Not before one more kiss. She kissed him again and they kissed a long time. Shawn pulled away
S: God if u weren;t in this hospital bed
B: I know i know
shawn cut her off with another kiss. Things started to get out of control.
B: U need to go
S: Ok i wll come and see u tomrrow
B: Alright cool
He left and belle thought about that wonderful kiss until Philp came in
P: Sorry Belle i got to talking with someone
B: Its alright i was just relaxing
he kissed Belle
P: So should i order dinner
B: I don't know u would have to ask Lexi
P: Ok ok
He paged Lexi and she said it was alright with her. Philp ordered a healthy dinner and they ate and went to sleep. Philp got up early and went to get a change of clothes and a shower. Shawn came in 5 minutes later
S: Hey belle
B: hey
She kissed him. She couldn't help it.
S: God i missed u all last night
B: I know me too
S: I think we need to tell Philp
B: I thought about that and i don't know what to do
S: I know belle now don't get upset
B: i know and u know what u being around makes me feel safe and calm
S: Thats how i always made me feel. damn it i wish u were carrying my child. That should be my baby
B: i know it should be but its not
Shawn kissed her again. She looked so beautful. Then Lexi walked in.
L: Excuse me
S: Sorry
B: Hi Lexi
L: can i examine Belle please
S: yea i will be outside
When he was out of earshot
L: So belle do u get pleasure of cheating on yur husband
B: Look its not like that i love shawn
L: Then u need to end things with Philp u can't do this. doesn't this take yur stress level through the roof
P: What would make yur stress level go through the roof
L: Belle would u care to explain
B: no because i have nothing to explain
lexi left the room
P: What was that all about
B: I don't know
P: I saw Shawn he said to be calm and he would see u later. He looked flustered i hope he is ok
B: I am sure
When Belle took a nap. Philp went to the cafe to get a drink.
L: Philp can i talk to you
P: Yea sure whats up
L: I think u need to know something. When i walked in to check on belle her and shawn were kissing
P: Yea there friends
L: It wasn't a friendly kiss
P: Oh
L: I am sorry but were friends and i couldn't let her keep doing this to you
P: Lexi thank you. Thanks for looking out for me. I figured this would happen.
L: Then divorce her let her be with shawn
P: No i can't i love Belle. Until she tells me that she wants a divorce i won't
L: Why put you put yurself through that. U deserve someone to love you fully
P: Belle does she just loves someone else too but i will have her anyway i can
he turned to leave and went to Belles room. Belle woke up
B: hey how long was i out
P: Not too long. I have a question
B: Whats that
P: Did u kiss Shawn
She tensed
B: So Lexi told you
P: Yes. Why did u do it
B: I don't know it just happened
P: Belle do u want a divorce so u can be with Shawn
B: no i don't
P: Alrigth Belle i just want to make sure
B: i love you and i am sorry. I still want to be friends with him
P: As long as u can control yurself
B: I can
She didn't hear from Shawn for the next two days. She got to go home tomorrow.

7.27.08, 11:28 AM

Lexi came in to tell Belle if she was ready to go home or not. Philp left to go outside and wait.
L: Well Belle it seems like yur fine
B: Well in that case i know u told Philp you need to stay oput of my personal life. When i deliver i want a new doctor.
L: Oh Belle i am sorry about that but i couldn't let it go on
B: You could of u just need to stay out of my business and i don't think its really none of your business. If i want to tell Philp I will
L: He's my friend
B: Lexi i don't care
L: Belle please
L: Alright i am going calm down
Lexi closed the door behind her. Philp met up with Lexi
P: What was all that
L: Belle doesn't want me to be her doctor because i told you about the kiss nothing i can do
P: I can see if i can talk sense into her
L: Its ok
Philp signed Belle out. Philp really was shooken up about the kiss. He went to go get Belle and they went home. He had her coming to work with him and she was staying home. He made Henderson keep an eye on her. He didn't tell Belle but Henderson told her and said he would be in earshot but he would give her, her privacy. She didn't get any phone calls or vistors besides her mother and Hope. henderson checked the caller id and it wasn't Shawn. One day Shawn went into Philp's office to talk to him. He went up the the secertary Melainie
S: I need to talk to Philp
M: Alright let me buzz him. Mr. Kiraikis you have a vistor
P: Send him in
M: Go ahead
Shawn opened the door. Philp was doing some paperwork and looked busy he didn't care
S: Hello Philp
P: What do u want
S: I wanted to talk to u
P: About what
S: I am moving back in with my parents soon so I am not right down the hall. I moved out today but won't be there until tomorrow
P: Good thats good
S: I still want to be friends with Belle
P: Why so u can kiss her
S: No Belle and i have known each othe rour whole life and i know she wants to be friends too
P: Fine go over there and see her. See if i care
S: Really
P: Yea
S: Why all of a sudden are u just letting me go
Philp set his pen down
P: Just remmeber i am watching u and i will know if u do anything
S: What does that mean
P: Its for me to know and no one else
Shawn left without a word. He went to Belle's. She answered. She helped sometimes
S: Hey Belle
B: U shouldn't be here
P: I just talked tp Philp
B: Ok come on. Want something to drink
S: No I am good
B: oh ok
S: Wow this is awkward
B: (she spoke in a low voice) Philp is having Henderson watch everyone one i talk to or if someone calls or I call someone. Henderson told me but he stays away and stays hidden and in and out earshot bc Philp pays him more. he says he doesn't think its right
S: He shouldn't be punishing you
B: I know its not fair but i deserve it.
S: you don't deserve it
B: I shouldn't have been kissing u or anything
S: Its bc we love each other
B: Shh
S: I don't care Belle
B: Well i do
S: I love you
B: Stop saying that i think u need to leave
S: Belle wait
He left
H: Miss Belle whats all the commotion
B: Call the car around i need to go see my husband
Belle waited 10 minutes and the car came and drove her to his work. She went up to Melanie
B: Hi Melanie
M: hi Belle how are u feeling today
B: Alright
M: Good thats good
B: Can i see Philp
M: Let me check. Philp yur wife is here to see u
P: Let her in
He opened his door
P: U don't have to check with me she is always welcome unless i have a meeting. She walked into Philps office
B: Hello
P: Well this is a surprise
B: I missed u
P: Well me too
He sat Belle on his lap and kissed her when the door opened
M: I am sorry Philp she barged in
P: Thats fine.
melanie left A beautiful dark hair girl walked in. She looked familiar. Then she remmebered that was the girl that was with Philp when she was waitressind at Carolines.
C: Philp
P: Hello Chloe. Belle this is chloe. Chloe this is my wife
C: oh so you two did get married and yur having a baby
B: Yep i got 4 more months to go
C: Wow
B: Well i am going to the bathroom and i am going to talk to Melanie
P: Don't leave
B: I will be right back
She left
C: So Philp
P: Chloe what happened to you. It was like u fell off the face of the earth
C: U never called me
P: Chloe i haven't called anyone. The only person i have seen was Shawn and his new gf and he called me
C: Philp i am surprised u and Belle are still together
P: What is that supposed to mean
C: You threw away ours and our friendship
P: That was in high school i am different now. You didn't call me i still consider u as a friend. I am sorry u got hurt
C: Well i did very badly. Does belle know what kind of a man she married
P: Chloe yur still in love with me arent u this is revenge
C: I do still love you but i wouldn't want to be with you. Look how u treat people
P: That is about enough now
C: No its now you are mean and vile
B: Stop it
C:Belle you don't know what kind of man u married
B: Chloe he is sweet and kind u have no idea what yur talking about i think u should leave
C: Fine whatever
She left
B: What was that all about
P: She is still in love with me. So u want to order dinner
B: No i will cook something for you. I want to go see Hope though so I will see you tonight alright
She kissed him and called the limo and it took her to Hopes. She knocked on the door. Shawn answered
B: What are u doing here
S: I moved back so i wouldn't be so close to you and Philp
B: oh
S: I tried to tell u earlier
B: I am sorry about that
S: Its alright. Come in
She went in although she didn't know why
B: So when is Hope coming back.
S: Her and my dad won't be back until tomorrow they went away
B: Oh well then i should go
S: No here we are not being watched
B: yea thats nice
They sat on the couch and Shawn lied a hand on her swollen stomach
S: I can feel him or her moving
B: Yea i know
S: It likes me
B: Maybe maybe not so how are u and Willow
S: We see each other every other day or more
B: Thats not much
S: I know but oh well
Then he kissed her.
S: I am not thinking about Willow right now. I love you
B: I love you too
She kissed him and they made love on the couch. The doorbell rang after they got done
S: Who is it
W: Its Willow
S: Hold on. Thank god the blinds are drawn (he whispered to Belle)
W: Its not like i haven't seen u naked
Belle gave a dirty look to Shawn. they threw on their clothes.
W: Let me in
He opened the door
S: Sorry
Then she saw Belle sitting on the couch.
W: Well i know what u two were doing
S: Nothing talking
W: Not by the look on Belles face
B: We did nothing wrong. I need to go anyways and cook Philp supper.
W: Tell him u had dessert first
Belle went out the door to call and wait for the limo
S: Nothing happened she wanted to see my mother and we just talked u need to believe me
W: Ok Shawn I will let this one slide. I do trust u.
She kissed him.

7.30.08, 11:31 PM
Ch. 19

After Willow left Shawn was thinking about Belle. He couldn't see her this was too much stress going back and forth he knew Belle loved him. He decided to write he a note. Belle was in the kitchen getting some milk when Henderson came for her.
H: Miss Belle you have a letter
B: For me thanks
She opened the envolpe it read:
To the love of my life,
This is so hard writing this to you. I need to tell you something. I have done a lot of thinking and i can't keep going back and forth between u and Willow. Even though Willow is nothing compared to you I can't keep doing this. I love you so much. Please don't come and find me or try and talk to me. if u want to talk to me write me a letter. Right now we can't talk face to face once i get control over my feeling i can call u and we can be friends. I love you Belle and always will but i know i can't have you. I love you
Belle put the note on the counter. She didn't know what to say. She was shocked. Shawn was right though she couldn't do this and wrote him a letter as well.
I know that you are right. This has gone on for awhile. I love you so much but i can't hurt Philp. What happened to us was wrong and unfair. I am leaving this up to fate. I don't think we should see each other until we both know we can contol our feelings. Thanks for being so smart. Lets keep in touch by phone calls, letters, or e-mails.
She had Henderson send the letter out. She couldn't do it herself. She thought she would feel better but she felt even worse. She need to lie down for awhile. She went to take a nap
At Philps office Melanie told him she had a vistor on intercom.
M: you have a vistor
P: Who is it
M: Chloe Black
P: Send her in
Chloe opened the door
P: Chloe if this is another scream fest u can leave
C: No i thought about it and it was wrong of me. i wanted to invite u to have lunch with me
P: Ok do u want to order in or go out
C: Lets go out
P: Alright give me a few
Chloe went outside and five minutes later Philp appeared
P: Melanie Chloe and i are going out to lunch take messages be back in an hour.
They walked away
P: Where are we going chloe
C: I have a place in mind
P: So u pick the place but i have to pay
C: No one said that i am paying my treat
P: Cool
Chloe drove them to their favorite resturant they used to eat at when they were dating
P: Oh my gosh i forgot about this place
C: I have been here a few times
P: This is great. I love this place. I can't wait to see the place
they walked in together. They sat at the same booth and the waitress who seated them Marcy remembered Philp.
M: Oh my gosh Philp its you. You look great i haven't seen u in years
Philp got up and gave her a hug.
m: Chloe told me ya'll broke up
P: Yea i am married now and have a baby on the way
M: u should bring her here sometime its really nice to see you what can i get ya
P: Um i will have the grilled chicken and a beer
C: I will have the salad and white wine
M: Philp you and Chloe order so different now. I remmeber u used to get the grilled cheese Chloe and Philp you used to have the pancakes no matter what time of day
P: Well the pancakes were always the best
M: Thanks well I will be right back
C: Geez she was happy to see you
P: Well i haven't been here in years
Marcy brought him and her the drinks and Philp showed marcy a picture of Belle and him
M: Well isn't she mighty pretty you sure lucked out. No offense to you Chloe because you are pretty as well. You know I always thought Chloe and you would end up together
P: Its funny how things work out sometimes.
Marcy and him chatted for a few more minutes and then she left to get their food and got back to work
C: Hey Philp remmeber we used to come here every Saturday and eat breakfast and then after school you took me here and we would eat a snack. My mom used to get so mad at me for runing my appetite.
P: Yea i couldn't eat dinner but i had better things to do
C: Yea like dump me
P: Chloe come on were friends now
C: I never though you and i would end. I always thought that you were best for me and that i was best for you
P: Chloe i meant Belle and something just sparked between us and i couldn't leave her alone. I thought maybe you and i would get back together but then i saw Belle and couldn't get her off my mind and i had to have her
C: What Philp wants Philp gets
P: Chloe i don't want to talk about this
C: Alright yur right i am sorry
They chatted about the old times and paid and before Philp left marcy hugged him again and told him to bring Belle with him next time and he agreed. When he got back to the office he had a million calls to return.
At the house. Belle woke up and she went downstairs and there was a note lying on an end table. She picked it up and opened it
I am glad u agree with me we can keep in touch. Thank you for understanding. Talk to ya later.
Belle set the letter down and she called her mom
B: Hi mom
M: Belle honey is it the baby
B: No not yet its too early
M: Ok whats up
B: Shawn sent me a letter
M: ok do u want to tell me more
B: He doesn't think we should see each other until we can control our feeling and i wrote him back and told him i agreed
M: ok so whats wrong
B: Well i thought i would feel better but instead i felt sad
M: belle u need to figure out what u really want
B: I love Philp and i love shawn
M: I know u better than anyone. You have loved Shawn yur whole life. Even though u made vows to Philp its not fair to him to have lingering feeling for Shawn. You can't give yur whole heart to him. You gave yur heart to Shawn and thats where yur heart is right now.
B: Philp knows that though and he is willing to be with me
M: Well Belle u need to take action yurself bc Philp isn't going to let go. Can you live without Shawn forever and be with Philp. You need to do some thinking and figure out whats the best thing for you to do
B: Thanks mom you always have the best advice
M: Yur welcome
B: I am going to get going.
M: Alright i love you
B: Love you too mom
belle needed to do some serious thinking about her future

8.17.08, 10:43 PM
Ch. 20
Belle hadn't seen or spoken to Shawn in a month. She had a doctors appointment and Philp was going to go with her. They got to th dcotors and got a new doctor like belle requested.
Dr: hello I am dr. Jonas
B: Hello I am Belle and this is my husband Philp.
Dr: Well let me examine you.
Dr. Jonas examined her.
Dr: Well Belle everything looks fine just one thing i am concerned about
B: Whats that
Dr: Your ankles are swelling more than i would like them too
P: S what does that mean
Dr. It means that i would like her to stay off her feet. She can get up to go to the bathroom but make sure somone os there when she goes and be up for no more than 5 minutes but the rest of the time i want her with her feet propped up and no stress. I am not saying u need to be off yur feet all the time either. With all the stress u have had the next time could kill the baby.
P: Ok I will make sure of that and she will have her feet up
Dr. Good if u have any questions call me
They both left the hospital and went home. Philp had to go back to work. he helped her to the couch and had her feet propped up and told Henderson what was going on and to not let Belle answer the door and to get things for her if she needed them.
B: Philp he said i could get up and walk around
P: I will let u walk around once i am home.
B: Alright alright
P: Do not get up even if the doorbell rings. Thats what Henderson is for
B: Ok I promise
He handed her the phone, a book, and the remote. he kissed her on the forehead and left. Belle was so bored. She didn't have anyone to talk too. She flipped the tv on and started to watch a talk show. The doorbell rang and she swung her legs off the pillow and was going to get up. She remembered that she couldn't and put her feet back on the pillow
H: Miss Belle i will get the door
B: i know
H: Hope is here to see u
B: Let her in
H: Belle
B: Hope hi
H: Well don't u look comfy
B: the doctor told me that my ankles are swelling more than he would like it
H: I had those with.. (she hesitated) am i allowed to say Shawn (she whispered)
B: (laughing) of course
H: ok. So how are u coping
B: Its only been a few days and i am so bored
H: Wheres Philp
B: Work
H: Hey i have an idea why don't u come over to my house and Philp can come and pick u up on his way home
B: I don't think Philp would like that
H: Give me the phone I'll ask
Hope dialed the number and got conncted to Philp
P: Hello
H: Philp its Hope can Belle come over to my house
P: I don't think its a good idea the doctor wants her to stay off her feet
H: I have had swollen ankles I will watch her and u can get her on the way home
P: Ok i guess put her on
Hope handed her the phone
H: He wants to talk to u
B: hello
P: Honey whats Hope doing there
B: Visitng
P: Y didn't u call me
B: I figured u wouldn't let me go
P: Well I am. Bring yur cell and i will call u when i am on my way alright i love you
B: Love you
P: be careful
B: I will
She hung up the phone. She grabbed her purse and her cell. She gave henderson the afternoon off and walked slowly to Hope's car

8.19.08, 11:48 AM
Hope and Belle got to the house in 10 minutes. Then they walked slowly inside together. As soon as they got in Belle propped her feet up on a pillow and Hope sat beside her.
H: Are u comfortable
B: Yes
H: Hey u want some lemonade its a great drink in the summer especially when yur pregnant
B: Sure
Hope left. belle sat there alone. She hated sitting here alone. It always brought back so many memories. She remembered how her and Shawn used to run around the house chasing each other. He wanted to kiss her and she said no. (when they were about 10) Or how Hope would make cookies and they would eat them and drink milk and go play outside. In high school she would walk home with him and they would do homework together and when they started dating they got homework done but it took longer bc they were kissing. Hope was a like a second mother to her. She was grateful when Hope returned
H: Here we are
B: Lemonade is good when its hot outside but i thought it would be good right now too.
B: Thanks Hope
H: No problem
B: Philp is just so overprotective right now
H: He just wants to have a healthy baby enjoy it
B: I know i know
They chatted for another half when Bo walked through the kitchen door
Bo: Hope
H: I'm in here
Bo: Hey.. Oh hey belle
B: Hey
H: I invited her here
Bo: Thats fine its always a pleasure to see u
He gave her a hug and kissed his wife
B: U hurt yurself
H: She has swollen ankles
Bo: Oh ok
H: I made lucnh its in the fridge. U want something Belle
B: No I am fine maybe later
H: Ok. Hey baby did shawn come with you
Bo; Um no when i left he wasn't there so i don't really know where he went
H: Alright
Bo dissappeared into the kitchen
H: maybe its for the best
B: yea maybe
Bo came out a Shawn walked through the door with Willow.
S: Hey mom
H: Hey sweetheart
Shawn stopped when he saw Belle
S: Um (he cleard his throat) hey belle
B: Hey
S: I hope its ok i brought Willow
H: Its fine hey willow
W: Hey
H: Theres food in the fride
S: Thanks
He grabbed Willows hand and went to the kitchen. A few seconds later they sat down across from Belle and Hope.
B: I am going to the bathroom
H: U want me to come and make sure you get there
W: what u can't go to the bathroom by yurself
B: I have swollen ankles
Belle left and Shawn got up to sit beside his mother and Willow took the other spot. Which occupied the whole couch. Belle came out a minute later. Shawn got up to let Belle have a her spot back but willow didn't move
B: Can i have my spot back
W: What there isn't room over there
B: I want to sit by Hope and drink my lemonade
shawn grabbed Willow by the arm and made her stand up
B: Thanks Shawn
W: What the heck was that all about
S: She needs to sit down her ankles are swollen she could lose the baby done't be so mean
W: oh please she is pry faking
H: Willow please stop if u can't be nice i am going to have to ask u to leave
W: Fine whatever.
Bo got up to empty his plate and Shawn and his mom talked. When Bo came back Shawn got rid of this plate. He came back a minute later
W: I am going to get some lemonade
She left
H: She didn't even ask
S: What u would of said no
H: No but she could of asked
Bo; I need to get back to work alright
H: I want to say good bye to you i will walk u outside. Be right back Belle
S: I will be at work shortly dad after i drop off Willow
Bo: See you there
Shawn and belle were alone. He got up and sat beside her
S: Are u really ok
B: Yes just a lot of sitting down. I miss u so much
S: Me too but Belle you are not choosing and i can't deal with that. I want u but to not have u is driving me crazy
She kissed him for a minute and pulled away and he kissed her back and pulled away. There eyes met. Then the kitchen door opened.
W: What is going on here
S: Nothing come on lets go
They walked out the door together. Belle waited for Hope to come back in
H: God i can't stand Willow
B: I know me either
H: I don't know why he chose someone like her.
B: She is rude
H: Very rude
They talked and then Philp called her
B: Hello
P: I am coming home be there in twenty. Love you
B: Love you she clamped her cell phone shut. Philp
H: How long do u have
B: Twenty minutes
They talked and Philp rang the doorbell and Hope got it
H: Hello
P: Good to see Belle didn't answer the door good to see you Hope.
H: Good to see you would u like something to drink
P: No we need to get home but thanks for the offer
he helped Belle up and walked her to the car slowly. When they got home the had dinner and went to bed shortly after. It was a long day. Belle shifted uncomfortably in the bed
P: Belle are u ok
B: My back hurts i am going to get up and walk around
She got up and her water broke
B: Philp i am in labor.
Philp sprung out of bed and helped Belle get dressed. He changed grabbed her overnight bag and went to the hospital.

8.24.08, 6:09 PM
Philp got Belle to the hospital quickly. When he got in there he was carrying her
P: I ned a nurse
N: Whats going on
P: My wife is in labor
N: Ok I will get a dr
P: Don't worry Belle. The doctor will be here shortly
The doctor came running out
Dr J: Lets get her into a room
P: Thanks Dr. Jonas
Dr: come on
They got her into a room and a nurse helped Belle change in a nightgown and they lied her down on the bed and hooked her up to some machines. The nurse gave her an epideral. Philp came in
P: How are u feeling
B: Alright now the nurse gave me an epideral
P: Good
B: I am scared
P: Of what
B: Giving birth
P: Don't be i will be right here with you
her mom, dad, Kate , and Victor came in to see her
B: This is a surprise
They talked for a few minutes but knew they couldn't stay long and left Belle and Philp alone. Dr Jonas came in.
J: I want to see how far u r
he checked Belle
J: I would say yur ready. Philp and i will get scrubbed up and we will be back soon
B: Alright
She lied there and waited for them to come back. Philp came back a few minutes later.
P: Do i look good
B: hmm
P: Yur hesitating
B: Of course u do my handsome husband
P: I love you Belle
P: I love you Philp
Then Dr. Jonas came on
Dr: You ready
B: I guess
Dr: Don;t worry i will walk u through everything i am sure u will do fine
Dr. Jonas talked her through in and an hour later she delivered a beautiful baby girl. While the nurses cleaned her up Belle and Philp were alone
P: What should we call her?
B: I love the name Claire
P: Claire it is
The baby came back in and her parents came in and held the baby. They stayed for a half an hour and went home. Then Kate and victor came in and held the baby and left at the half hour mark also. 10 minutes after they left they heard fighting
B: Whos that (she asked looking at Claire)
P: Let me go see
It was Shawn
S: they said i could see the baby when it was born
L: no let Belle and Philp be alone
S: Let me go in they said i could
P: What is going on here
S: Lexi won't let me come on
P: Lexi i said it was ok for him to come and see the baby.
L: I didn't know if it was ok or not
P: Now i know why Belle didn;t want u as her doctor. Come on man
S: Thanks
They walked in to the room
B: Shawn
S: Hey how are u doing
B: Fine where is Willow
S: I dumped her last night i didn't like the way she treated people
B: Good for you
P: Here u want to hold Claire
S: Thats her name its beautiful
B: I picked it out Philp agreed
S: Oh
He was sitting next to Belle and as Philp looked at them it was like they were family they looked so happy together. Shawn finally left about 20 minutes later
P: U sure u can't stay longer
S: no u two need time to be together. She is beautiful Philp
P: Thanks see ya later
B: See ya
S: Bye
B: That was nice he stopped by
P: Yea it was
Philp brought her and the baby home the next day. Philp went to work as usual. Philp came home early that day
B: yur home early
P: Yea i wanted to see Claire
B: She is sleeping come on
She grabbed his hand and led him to Claire's crib and he looked at his daughter and they went to the living room
P: She is something isn;t she
B: Yea
P: Belle i want to talk to you
B: About what
P: This is not easy for me but when Shawn came to see you the other day and while he was in the room holding Claire you two looked so happy together. I just can't keep u two apart any longer
B: What are u talking about did Shawn say something to you
P: No but i have had all day to think about it. I love you and I love Claire but i think it would be best if u went back to him u love him.
B: Philp i took vows with you i love you. I don't our marriage to end
P: Belle please take our daughter we will still see each other becuase i want to see Claire but i want u to pack up yur things and go either be with Shawn or go to yur mothers and u just need to tell me where u are so I can have the rest of yur things sent to you
B: What has gotten into you. Are u out of yur mind?
P: No but when I look at Claire i wouldn't want my daughter to be unhappy
B: I am not unhappy I love you so much.
P: Belle I know u do but u love Shawn more. He was and still is yur true love don't deny yurself that
B: i am not leaving I love you
P: Either u will or I will its yur choice
B: Alright i guess i will leave then. Me and Claire will go to my mom's.
She packed a suitcase with clothes because Philp would send the rest of her things tomorrow. When she walked out Philp was telling Claire he would see her soon and to not forget he loved her. Tears streamed down her face.
P: I will get my limo to take u to yur mom's and i will send yur things there tomorrow
He kissed Claire and handed her to Belle
B: Philp please don't do this we can work it out whatever this is please don't make me leave
The limo pulled up
P: Go Belle. Don't wait forever to start yur life with Shawn. Call him. I will call yur mom and tell her u will be there shortly.
he called Marlena and told her Belle was coming. Then he sat down and cried. he had to let her go. She needed to be with Shawn.
When Belle arrived at her mom's she thanked the limo driver and her mom and dad were outside waiting. She got out with Claire and went up to them. her mom took Claire and she went to her fathers arms
B: Daddy its horriable
J: What happened
B: Philp is divorcing me bc he wants me to be with Shawn
M: Maybe he is right Belle u do love Shawn
B: Yes but i married Philp
J: Maybe he is right baby u never know
B: dad I feel horriable
J: Go lie down yur mother and i will take care of Claire
She lugged her suitcase upstairs and got into her old childhood bed and cried herself to sleep. She tried to sleep but everytime she did fall asleep she saw Philp's face and telling her he wanted a divorce. She woke up several times. She wanted Philp back.

12.9.08, 8:01 PM
ch. 23
Belle woke up and went downstairs.
M: hey sweetheart did u sleep well
B: Do I look like it? Is Claire still asleep
M: Yea she is in bed. There is no need to be nasty with me
B: I am sorry mom I am just tired
Belle had breakfast and ended up falling asleep on the couch. The doorbell woke her up. She got up and answered the door.
B: Philp. (she threw her arms around him) U changed yur mind and want me back
P: No Belle (he pushed her back) I want to take Claire out for a couple of hours
B: Can I come with you two
P: I don't think its a good idea
B: Please Philp
J: Here Philp she is dressed and fed and she has had a good nap
P: Thanks John I will be back in 2-3 hours
J: Its cool
B: Dad
J: Ok bye have fun
He pushed Belle out of the way and closed the door
B: Dad what the hell is yur problem i wanted to go with them
J: You need to get over him you might make him mad and push him away give him time. Why don't you call Shawn?
B: I want Philp. I want him back
She hugged her dad and cried while he held her. He led her to the couch and her mom sat beside her.
M: baby u know u love shawn
B: I used to but i want Philp back
M: U might think u do because of Claire but a lot of people seperate that have kids.
J: Listen to your mom she is right
B: I know ok but i want Philp I love him.
M: Well he thinks its good that you two seperate.
B: Its the worst i don't know whats wrong with him
She went upstairs and showered and got ready for Philp to bring her daughter back. She wanted to look beautiful. She came downstairs
M: Belle are u trying to impress Philp
B: yes mom i want him back
J: Baby he is going to notice
B: I hope so
The doorbell rang. Belle answered
P: Hey I brought Claire... Wow you look great
B: Good I was hoping you would think so
P: Here is our daughter bye
Belle took Claire
B: Philp would you like to stay?
P: Nope i gotta go
B: Where
P: Work I will pick up Claire later
B: Wait
He turned around and she kissed him. He kissed her back.
B: I love you i want to go home with you and make love to you
P: As much as i would like that its not a good idea i said i wanted a divorce
B: No I am not letting you go. Claire and me need u.
P: Claire will have me and you just at differnt times.
Belles mom took Claire from Belle and shut the door
B: She knows we need to talk
P: No its cold and she doesn't want the door open or Claire to get cold.
B: Philp please you are being insane please do not do this I love you
P: I do too Belle but i just don't think we are right for each other
B: Yes we are when we were kissing it proved we were right together. I know we belong together.
P: No you belong with Shawn
B: Shawn has nothing to do with this. What are u seeing someone else
P: No its nothing like that. I think u would be happier with him
B: Well I am not going to be happy unless i am with you. You are the only man i want to be with. I don't want Shawn
P: Well Belle then find someone else. I just can't do this anymore I am really sorry you are a beautiful woman but your not my soulmate
She pulled him into her and kissed him. he kissed her back. They kissed for about 20 minutes and he pulled away
P: No Belle stop i can't do this. I want to make love to you and that would be a bad idea. Please forget me.
he left Belle standing in the cold. She opened the door and went back inside. She was going to get Philp back one way or another. He loved her as much as she loved him and she was going to make him see that.

12.11.08, 3:16 PM
Belle was going to go see Philp today. It took her two hours to get ready. After she was ready she got Claire ready and took her to a friends house. Her friend had two little kids. She knew Claire would love that. Then she drove to Philps work. She walked past the secertary and went right to Philps office. She looked in his window he was working on paperwork. She walked in.
B: Hey Philp
P: Belle hey whats are u doing here? You look great.
B: thanks and i am here because i wanted to know if you wanted to go to lunch.
P: Thanks but I am busy
B: Well can we order in please
He looked at her. She looked so cute he couldn't resist
P: Alright I will call Maggie at Chez Rouse and have her bring us something
B: That sounds good
Philp put in an order
P: Well I guess I could use a break. Hows Claire
B: Good
P: Here let me take your coat
Belle took off her coat. She was wearing that dress he liked so much. She sat down and crossed her legs. He loved her legs. he cleared his throat and hung up her coat and sat down. Belle got up
P: What are u doing
B: She sat down on his lap. I knew you were attracted to me
Then she kissed him. Philp kissed her back. he couldn't help himself. She was beautiful. They ended up making love on the floor. Then there was a knock on the dorr.
P: Hold on
Philp answered it. it was maggie
M: hey Philp
P: Hey thanks for making us lunch
M: No problem. Hey Belle
B: hey maggie
Philp payed her and gave her a tip and shut the door. He put the lunch out on his desk and Belle and him ate lunch.
P: Oh well that was good
B: The lunch or us making love?
P: Belle I got work to do and we shouldn't have made love at all
B: Oh i don't think so we belong together
P: You belong with Shawn
B: Don't you want me to be happy
P: Of course thats why I want you to go find Shawn
B: No i want u
P: I got work to do and if you don't leave I will have you escorted out
B: Fine fine bye
She grabbed her coat and purse and went to pick up Claire. The next morning she got her and Claire ready and brought Claire with her to Philps work. She walked into his office again.
B: Hey Guess who I brought
P: Oh its Claire
C: Daddy
Belle gave Claire to Philp
P: hey honey
B: She missed her daddy and so did i
P: Oh did Claire miss me
C: Yea
P: How about daddy takes you out tonight
C: Mommy too
P: Yea sure
C: yea
Philp handed Claire back to Belle
P: Well I guess I will call you with the details later
B: Sounds good
P: Hey Belle why don't you give Shawn a call
B: How about u and I get back together
With that she turned and left. She got Claire dressed and she got ready. Philp called at 5.
B: hello
P: Hey um i made reservations
B: Where
P: You remember that place with the big Tvs Claire liked
B: oh yea they have great food
P: Yea I will be there in a half an hour
B: Cool see you then
Philp picked them up exactly a half an hour later in his limo. Then they got there table and Philp put Claire in her high chair. She was mesmorized by the Tv's. Belle knew this was the perfect time for her and Philp to talk.
B: So Philp how was work
P: Busy as usual
B: yea i bet it was
P: So what did you do today
B: Got Claire and i ready saw you today. You look so great
P: Belle I need to tell you something
B: Whats that
P: Well um
Then Chloe appeared behind them
C: Hi everyone
P: I asked Chloe to join us
B: Why
P: Well i asked Chloe if she wanted to date
C: I said yes
He kissed her.
C: Look Belle I know that you still have feelings for Philp but he told me you two weren't together anymore and that you weren't getting back together. I am really sorry and i don't want to rub anything in your face.
B: Well you are
Tears rolled down her cheeks. She grabbed Claire and left. She went home and cried. It was really over between Philp and her.

12.12.08, 2:01 PM
Ch. 25
Belle probably shouldn't have drove home but she didn't really want to call anyone. She just wanted to get home. When she got home her mom saw her face. She grabbed Claire from her and gave Claire to John and led Belle to the couch.
M: What happened? I thought you were going to dinner with Philp
B: Yea we did.. (sniff) but when we sat down and ate that stupid slut Chloe showed up and they are dating now
She started crying
M: He invited her
B: Thats what she said and he clairfired it.
M: I am sorry but maybe he wants you to know that he has moved on
B: Yea but it hurts
M: I Know it does
Then the doorbell rang. Marlena went to get it. It was Shawn
M: Shawn to what do we owe the pleasure too
S: Where is she
M: In the living room
S: Belle Philp called me and told me he asked for a divorce which you never told me. Then he told me that you were trying to get back together with him. Chloe and him are now dating and you were upset
B: Of course I am upset my husband wants a divorce and now he is dating another woman. I am very hurt.
Shawn sat down next to her. he tried to put his arms around her
B: Don't touch me
M: Belle be nice
B: I don't want him touching me
M: Shawn can I see you in the kitchen
S: Yea sure
Shawn and Marlena left and went to the kitchen.
M: I wouldn't try to touch her. She is bitter because Philp just dumped her. Her ego is bruised and she is feeling low. She just needs a friend
S: Thats what i was trying to do
M: Well don't touch her let her come to you. I would just listen
S: Ok i can do that
M: I will leave you two alone
Shawn walked back into the living room and Belle was sitting on the couch
S: Hey do you want to talk about it
B: I just don't understand why he doesn't want to be with me. So what did Philp say when he called
S: Well he told me that he was with Chloe and I was confused because I didn't even know you two divorced.
B: Well Shawn i didn't really think it was anyone's business. I didn't think he was serious. I just thought maybe he was going through something and he just needed some time.
S: Well now you know he is serious right
B: No i still think that he is not right in the head and that when he dates Chloe for awhile he will see what a slut she is
S: You don't even know Chloe. Your just mad because she is with Philp
B: Well she must be a slut. She stole my husband
S: I am sure Philp told her you two were having trouble and he asked her to date
Then the doorbell rang.
B: I can get that
Belle opened the door and Philp and Chloe stood there
B: How dare you bring her here
P: I wanted to talk to u. Thanks Shawn for coming by
S: No problem
C; Belle Listen i feel really bad
B: Shut up slut
C: Hey come on I know yur upset with me
B: So why did u come here
P: Like I said I wanted to tell you how sorry I am about all this I should of waited
B: You bastard (she slapped him) You were cheating on me with her weren't you? I figured it out
P: Belle you are beautiful of course i wouldn't cheat on you
C: he didn't he told me you getting divorced and he had feelings for me and that maybe we could try
S:Moved a little fast didn't you Philp
P: Well I knew Belle had feelings for you and Chloe and I dated and I still have some feelings left so i thought why not
B: You slut
C: Look i didn't mean..
Belle flew at Chloe and pushed her on the ground. She tried choking her and then Chloe started fighting back
C: Let go
B: No stay away from Philp
C: He is my boyfriend
B: He is still my husband
Shawn pulled Belle off of Chloe and Philp held Chloe back.
marlena and John both came running to see what all the noise was about
M: What is going on
She saw Shawn had ahold of Belle and Philp had ahold of Chloe.
M: Oh I see
J: There will be no fighting in this house
S: We got it Marlena its over.
M: Thanks boys.
John and her both left.
C: What is your problem
B: You stay away from Philp
Belle tried to run to Philp but Shawn held her back.
S: No stay here
P: You know I thought everyone could get along like adults but i guess not
S: Philp you know what i really think that you moved on a little too fast.
P: I asked Chloe to date me yesterday
S: Still thats too soon. If not for you maybe for Belle
P: I thought Belle would get the picture we were over now
B: No We are not
P: Belle stop hiding from the truth alright. Chloe and I are leaving I will pick up Claire tomorrow.
B: No i don't want that slut near my baby
P: Well we can go to court
S: You can talk about it later. you are upsetting her just leave.
They both left.
S: I can't believe he did this so soon its crazy. He led her to the couch so she could cry and she let him hold her.

12.15.08, 3:42 PM
Shawn held belle while she cried. After she stopped...
S: Belle will you please lay down and try to sleep
B: I can't
S: If you lie down I bet you would fall asleep.
B: Will you go upstairs with me and sit with me until I fall asleep.
S: Yes of course
B: Alright I will try
Shawn and Belle went upstairs. He pulled the covers back for her and she lied down. he sat on the edge of the bed and rubbed her face. She looked so beautiful. He couldn't think that way though. In ten minutes she was asleep. Shawn quietly got off of the bed and tiptoed out of the room and shut the door. He went to see Claire. She was downstairs playing with Marlena.
S: Hey Claire how are you
C: Good where's Mommy
S: mommy went to take a little nap
Then Shawn's phone rang.
S: Hello
P: Hey its Philp
S: Yea
P: How is Belle
S: Why do u care
P: I do care about her
S: Well she is torn apart by you dating chloe
P: Well at least you are there taking care of her
S: Well she doesn't want me. She wants you Philp
P: Well sorry we are done she should know that
S: Well it hurts and how can u move on so fast with Chloe
P: We have known each other for awhile
S: You were married doesn't that mean anything to you at all.
P: Of course it does. Just after Belle and I split Chloe and I were hanging out and i just started falling in love with her.
S: Well thats pretty crappy. You didn't take Belles feelings into consideration at all.
P: hey she was in love with you what was I supposed to do
S: Her and I hadn't talked for awhile when you two were together and after you split but yea she is not doing that well because she misses you so much
He slammed his phone shut
M: Philp
S: yep
M: I can't believe that he would call you and ask about Belle he doesn't care
S: I know I think thats rude
They played with Claire for a little while. Then Marlena, shawn, and Claire went into the kitchen and she made Claire a snack. Then she put a movie on for her and Shawn and Marlena sat in the same room and talked. Belle woke four hours later and came downstairs.
S: hey sleepyhead
B: hey
S: I thought you weren't tired
B: yea me either but I guess i was
She sat down on the couch.
S: Well I need to get going. I am sure Mom and dad are wondering where I am. I will come by tomorrow
B: If you have time. If not no big deal
S: I got time
The rest of the night Belle sat on the couch. She did get Claire in her pajams and play with Claire but nothing else. When it was time to go to bed she put Claire to bed and she lied on the couch and slept there. The next morning belle got Claire out of her crib got her breakfast and sat on the couch. When Shawn came at 2 she was still on the couch in her pajama's.
S: Belle how come you haven't changed.
B: I am too depressed to get dressed.
S: Come on lets get dressed
B: I don't want to
S: Belle you can't mope around forever
B: yes I can
Shawn left and the next three days he came to see her she hadn't gotten dressed, or showered. he went to talk to Marlena.
S: Has she eaten anything
M: Hardly
S: Has she moved
M: She has been taking care of her daughter but thats it
S: I am going to get her out of the house
He went into the living room
S: Go upstairs and shower and get dressed
B: Why
S: We are going out
B: No I don't want too
S: I don't care. Go upstairs and shower
Belle got up and grumbled about it but she did it. When she came down she looked one hundred percent better.
S: U look a lot better
B: I feel it too
S: Good
B: So where are we going
S: Its a surprise
She grabbed her coat and purse, kissed Claire and her parents goodbye and left. Shawn took her to a new resturant that had been open only for a few weeks but he had heard the food was excellent
B: I have never seen this place
S: Its a new place
B: It looks good
Waitor: What can i get u to drink
B: Long island iced tea
S: She'll have water
B: no
Shawn thought what could a couple hurt
S: ok
Belle showed the waitor her id and the waitor brought the drinks. Shawn ordered for them boths since Belle refused. the food finally came
B: That smells goood
S: Here take some
B: I guess I am hungry
Belle ate alot of food. She drank a lot of long island. After 5 he finally paid the check. She couldn't walk out on her own. Shawn called marlena and told her Belle was drunk and he was taking her to his house so Claire didn't see it. he took her to his house. His parents were gone and he led her to the couch and sat beside her.
S: Here lets get u undressed and get u into bed
B: No lets make love
S: No thats not a good idea
B: I Love you shawnie (she slurred)
S: No
Belle straddled Shawn and kissed him. he tried to pull away
S: No Belle
B: Don't push me away I want you and you want me I can tell
S: Yea I do but...
She kissed him. She started kissing his ear which drove him crazy. He was kissing her and making her feel good and made love to her on the floor and then took her upstairs and got in bed with her. He hoped she wouldn't remember this in the morning. she would be mad.

12.16.08, 1:59 PM
When Belle woke up she looked around and realized she wasn't at home. She realized she was at Shawn's and that she had a terriable headache. She sat up and realized she was on the couch. Shawn had put her their last night knowing when she woke up she would feel better if she was on the couch and not in bed with Shawn
B: Shawn
he ran downstairs
S: yes
B: What happened last night.
S: We went out to dinner and you got drunk. I told your mom I was bringing you here because it was late and so Claire didn't see it.
B: Wow I must of got pretty wasted
S: Yea you did.
Shawn went in the kitchen and got her a glass of water and some asprin
S: Here you go
B: thanks so much
She took that
B: Well maybe I should get back home
S: hey I can give you a ride home. I gotta get to work I could drop you off and you, Claire and I could do something
B: That would be nice
S: Great
B: This time I will be dressed I am going to stop feeling sorry for myself
S: Thats great Belle
he dropped her off and she walked inside
B: Mom I am home
M: Hey honey
B: Sorry about me not coming home last night
M: I knew you were with Shawn
C: Mommy
B: Hey sweetheart. Let mommy take a shower and when I come back down you and i will play together
C: ok mommy
Belle went upstairs and showered and got ready and then came downstairs
J: Hey baby
B: Hey daddy
J: you look like you feel better
B: I do
J: good
She went in the kitchen and her mom was making cookies and Claire was helping. So Belle jumped in on the fun. Then the doorbell rang but her dad got it. John came in the kitchen.
J: Belle Philp is here
C: Daddy
P: hey sweetheart (he picked her up)
C: grandma and me made cookies
P: I see that
C: Mommy was helping us
P: Go help your grandma I need to talk to your mother alone.
They went into the living room
B: What is it this time
P: Well I want to ger Claire tomorrow
B: Well she is your daughter
P: Well I am going to be bringing Chloe with me
B: Why? Why can't you just come alone or leave her in the car when you come and get Claire
P: yea Chloe will be in the car
B: ok well then whatever I mean she is your daughter come and get her. I can't stop you.
P: Alright.
He went to the door and he hugged her and she pulled away
B: Philp please
P: Belle I still care for you and want to be your friend
B: Well right now thats not an option.
She led him to the door and shut it. she went back to the kitchen
M: Belle are you alright
B: Yea i will be fine. I am not going to let it get me down. I have done enough moping.
M: Alright good
B: Claire sweetheart your daddy is going to pick you up tomorrow. So you will probably be spending a week with him and Chloe
C: ok mommy
B: Now lets bake some cookies
Shawn called later that evening.
S: So you ready go out
B: yea Claire and I are ready
S: Alright see ya soon
They hung up
B: Claire honey Shawn is taking us out
C: What about daddy
B: Claire I have told you before. Daddy and I are not together but we both love you alot and we both want to see you a lot.
C: But I want daddy to go with us.
B: Shawn is just as nice
C: Daddy should be going with us
B: I know he should be but we will still have fun and daddy will take you to do fun things with Chloe
C: ok fine
Shawn picked them up about 10 minutes later.
S: hey
B: hey were ready
Shawn took them out to dinner and then they went to a place Claire could crawl around and play with other kids that were there. Belle and Shawn talked and watched Claire. Then they went out for icecream. On the way home...
B: Shawn thanks for a good time
S: Its no problem. You two deserve to have a goodtime.
B: I know Claire did she is asleep. She is confused about her daddy and me though
S: Yea she proably will be
B: Well thanks I better get her inside before she wakes us
S: Alright well i will talk to you tomorrow
B: That sounds good.
She grabbed Claire and went inside. She went upstairs and put Claire in her bed. She didn't want her waking up. The she went downstairs.
M: Did you two have fun
B: yea we did
She told her mom and dad what they did and then she went up to bed. She got up the next morning and was getting Claire dressed when the doorbell rang.
B: Philp whats up
P: I came to get Claire
C: daddy
He picked her up
B: Its a little bit early don't u think
P: Yea maybe
B: I will pack her bags
Belle went upstairs and put some clothes in her bag and some other stuff and brought it downstairs.
B: Here you go. Is Chloe out there
P: No she is working. This way Claire and I can spend some time together. You want to go to breakfast with Claire and I
B: um..
P: Please
C: Please mommy
B: Alright
Philp them to a really nice place
B: Wow how come we never came here before
P: I don't know its really nice
B: yea it is
They got a table fast because the waitresses all knew Philp. Philp something for all of them
P: So how is life going for you
B: Good its getting better
P: Good the last time I talked to Shawn he said you were doing pretty bad
B: Did you bring me here because you felt sorry for me
P: No i did it because I think we all need to be friends
B: well it would of been better if we could of been a family besides i only went with you for Claires sake.
P: You wanted to go
B: maybe a little because I still love you but nothing else.
After the ate Philp dropped belle off and walked her to the door.
B: Thanks for breakfast
P: No problem
B: Call me when you are ready to bring her back so I know
Then before she went inside he kissed her. She kissed him back. Then he pulled away and went into the car before she could ask what that was all about. She walked inside and was very confused.

12.17.08, 2:59 PM
Ch. 28
Belle walked inside with a funny look on her face
M: Belle whats going on?
Her lips still tingled
B: Philp he just Philp just
M: Belle what did philp do
B: He kissed me
M: What are you talking about
B: Well Claire, him, and I went to breakfast. When he dropped me off and walked me to the door and when he walked me to the door before I went in he kissed me
M: What game is he trying to play?
B: I don't know but its confusing me. One day he is telling me we are over and with Chloe and the next day he is kissing me.
Then her cell phone rang.
B: Hello
S: hey
B: hey Shawn
S: You want to do something today
B: Like what
S: I don't know some lunch
B: Yea what time
S: About an hour
A half an hour later she looked out the window it was snowing.
B: Mom was it supposed to snow today
M: I didn't check the weather but its not uncommom for January
B: Oh I know
M: Well it should stop soon
By the time Shawn arrived there was an inch on the ground. She got out to his car
S: hey since its snowing you want to go back to my place. I could whip up something
B: Sure that sounds fun. I didn't know you could cook
S: Oh I can
They arrived at his house five minutes later
S: My parents are at work but they should be home a little bit later.
B: Thats fine
Shawn started making dinner and Belle sat and talked to him when his cell phone rang
S: hello
H: Honey its mom are u at home
S: Yea with Belle
H: Well you two better not be leaving at all.
S: Why
H: Look outside
Shawn opened up the window and belle came with him
S: Oh wow well I guess we won't be going anywhere. Where are you and dad going to stay
H: Julie and Doug live five minutes down the road. Your dad and I just pulled up. So you two have fun and do not leave the house
S: thanks mom
he hung up the phone.
S: You better call your mom
Belle picked up her phone
B: Mom
M: hey sweetie you know not to leave the house. Its bad outside.
B: Yea Hope just called us
M: Ok good me and your dad will spend the evening alone since Claire isn't here
B: Ok bye mom have fun
Belle talked to Shawn while he made dinner. She even helped him make dinner. Dinner was done about a half an hour later. They sat at the table and ate
B: That was good
S: Thanks. Hey I can make some hot coca lets go sit by the fireplace
B: Sounds good
Shawn got the fire going and brought the hot chocalote out a few minutes later.
S: So how was your day
B: Well this morning Philp got Claire and they were going out to breakfast and Philp asked me to go. I told him no. Well Claire of course begged me to go. So of course i went to make her happy. Well Philp walked me to the door and kissed me
S: He did what
B: I know I was surprised too
S: Do u think he still has feelings for you
B: I don't know. One minute he is telling me we are over and he wants to be with Chloe and then he is kissing me.
S: Geez he is confusing you
B: yea I know that
Belle shivered
S: Are you cold
B: A little bit
Shawn got up and got a blanket out of the closet and got a blanket. he covered Belle and himself up.
B: Are you cold too
S: maybe a little bit
They both took a sip out of their mugs at the same time. they both laughed. Then Shawn leaned over and kissed her and she kissed him back

12.29.08, 1:51 PM
Ch. 29
Belle pulled away. She got up and walked to the window
S: Belle come here
B: No
He got up and went to the window where she was
S: Belle I am sorry
B: no its ok. I am just confused
S: About what
B: Well I have feelings for you and I have feelings for Philp.
S: Belle you don't have to be scared alright. I am not going to pressure you into anything alright
B: ok
She kissed him then. then she pulled away
B: Thanks for not pressuring me
S: I love you enough to wait
they sat down on the couch and talked. Belle slept on the couch Shawn went upstairs. Belle left the next day once the snow cleared. Belle went home and after she got ready her phone rang.
B: Hello
P: Hey Belle its me
B: What are u dropping off Claire
P: Can u meet me at the cafe uptown'
B: yea sure
She drove up there and waited for Philp to show up. he showed up 5 minutes after she did. they got a table and a coffee
B: So whats up
he grabbed her hands
P: i want to talk about that kiss
B: I have wanted to for awhile.
P: I have feelings for you and Chloe. I broke up with her so I need to see what we have together
B: I have been waiting to here that
P: Come stay with me for a couple of days
B: Ok that sounds good
they left and Philp dropped her off so she could pack a few clothes. She told her parents andgot in Philps car. There was a nanny watching Claire and she was down for a nap. belle and Philp went upstairs and they made love for awhile
P: that was incredible.
B: god i have wanted to do that for awhile
P: me too. You are so wonderful
B: So are u
They stayed in bed for the rest of the day. She stayed for about a week and at the end of the week Philp made his descion
P: Belle I thought I felt something but I just don't feel that strongly about us
B: What? We made love and everything
P: I know I know I am sorry
B: Sorry thats all you can say. You jerk
She slapped him and grabbed Claire and went home and called Shawn she had been ignoring his calls
B: Hey
S: Where have u been? I have been missing you
B: Can u come over
S: Yea sure
He was there in 10 minutes. She let him and they sat down
B: hey
S: hey whats up
She told him the whole story
S: You don't need him
B: I am done with him. he can't keep doing this to myself. I want to move on with my life. Shawn I want to move on with you alright.
S: You want us to date? Isn't it too soon for you
B: It was but since I am done with Philp there is really nothing to wait for.
S: Yes! Belle I love you soo much.
B: Well I am not that far yet. She kissed him.
Belle and Shawn spent a lot of time together. Then one day she went to drop off Claire. She went to the manison.
B: Here is Claire
P: thanks. Listen Belle I am sorry
B: No its alright. oww
She doubled over in pain
P: Belle are u alright
B: No it hurts
Philp left Belle with the nanny and took Belle to the hospital. they took her to a room to examine her. They did some tests.
Dr: Have u had this before?
B: No it just happened. I have been feeling fine all week.
Just then the lab results came back
Dr: Belle your pregant
B: What? Oh my god
Dr: I will let you have a few minutes and get u some vitmans
B: oh my god what am I going to do?
Then Philp came in
P: Whats going on
B: i am pregnat with yur baby
P: U can't be Belle its only been a week
B: But your the only i have been with
P: Not with Shawn
B: nope
P: Did u ever get drunk one night
B: No.. wait a minute yes and I don't remember anything after dinner so we must of made love. he took advantage of me.
P: Well that is it
B: That jerk I can't believe he got me pregnant.
They stayed and got her vitmans and Philp took her home. She was so mad at Shawn. She didn't want to speak to him. Ever again

1.9.09, 3:41 PM
Ch. 30
When Belle walked in she slammed the door. Her mom came out.
M: Hey whats wrong
B: Hey sweetheart can you go upstairs for a little bit so grandma and I can talk
C: yea mommy sure
Claire went upstairs and Belle and Marlena sat down
M: Belle whats wrong
B: Here (she handed her mom the pre natal vitmans)
M: Preganancy pills are u pregnant?
B: yea
M: Who is the father. When did this happen?
B: Well I thought it was Philps when we got back together. He did make a point it would be too soon to figure out if I would be pregnant. Well remember that night I got drunk. I must of made a move on Shawn and took advantage of it. With all the stress I have been under it is what caused the pain. It was a month since that happened. I am so mad at him. I don't ever want to speak to him again
M: Belle I hate to tell u this but maybe the reason you got pregnant is a good thing. Maybe it was supposed to happen because you and him belong together. Don't fight it go to him and tell him
B: no
M: Why because u still love Philp
B: No I am passed that its just I dunno. I just don't think it would be right for me Shawn.
M: Why because he ruined your marriage with Philp. Belle let met tell you something I haven't told u before. When you married Philp I was happy you finally found someone because we all thought Shawn was dead. When We found out Shawn was alive I knew u didn't want to stay with Philp you wanted to be with Shawn but you couldn't break your wedding vows. I know you Belle and you and Shawn have belonged together your whole life. Don't throw it away now on soemthing stupid. You love Shawn you do and I don't know why your holding back. You guys have known each other and dated your whole life don't give that up
B: Mom I am mad because he took advantage of when he darn well knew I didn't want to make love to him. When we do, do it I want to be aware of it.
M: Belle you really need to think about this
B: i know and I am mad
The doorbell rang and it was Shawn
M: I will leave you two alone
S: hey
B: Hey what are u doing here
S: I wanted to see you. I missed you
He went into kiss her and she turned her cheek
S: Why won't u let me kiss you
B: I am a little bit upset
S: Whats wrong
B: Why didn't you tell me that we made love that night I got drunk
S: How did you find out about that
B: Well um Shawn I am pregnant
S: What when did u find this out?
B: Well I went to pick up Claire and got a bad pain in my stomache and Philp took me to the hospital and they did test and i am pregnant a month exactly and that was a month ago today what in the world were you thinking taking advantage of me
S: Belle I tried to fend you off. But kissing you and having you kiss me back it just felt so right
B: Oh so you thought it woule be alright to make love to me
S: No i knew it wasn't right but i wanted to so bad and it felt so right and so good
B: Well Shawn because of what you did now I am pregnant now what. What am I going to do. I can't possibly support and take care of another baby
S: I can help support you. Claire can help by the time the baby is born she will be four.
B: She can't help she is still a little girl herself.
S: Well I want to be around to help we are a couple.
B: Not anymore
S: belle
B: No we are not together anymore
S: Its my child I want to be a part of its life too
B: I don't know Shawn you are not responsible enough
S: Yes Belle I am. Claire loves me
B: you are not her father
S: I know but we would of had children eventually
B: Shawn we weren't even dating that long
S: We probably would of made it that far
B: We might of but you don't know
S: Please Belle don't be mad at me
B: Shawn right now I am a little bit mad at you so could yo leave and let me cool off and think about this clearly
S: yea I will let u do that but please don't be mad
He left and Belle was grateful she had to think about this. What was she going to do about Shawn and her unborn baby

1.10.09, 3:49 PM
Belle didn't call or talk to Shawn for a week when her mom finally had to say something.
M: When is this going to end
B: When I stop being mad
M: When is that going to be
B: I don't know mother. I am going upstairs to play with Claire
She tried to go upstairs when her dad stopped her
J: Belle talk to Shawn
She didn't say anything and just walked past her dad
M: We need to do something
J: Like what
M: I think the only person she will listen to is Philp I need to give him a call. She got her phone out and dialed her number.
P: Hello
M: philps its Marlena
P: Hey whats going on
M: I need help with Belle and I think she is the only one she will listen too.
P: Whats the matter
M: Well she told Shawn about the baby and she broke up with him and she is mad at him and she won't call him and they need to get back together and i don't know what her problem is she won't open up to me.
P: Well I can try I want her to be happy I will come over
M: alright but don't tell her we talked just tell her you were worried about you and the baby
P: Will do
Philp arrived about 20 minutes later. The doorbell rang
M: Well hello
P: hey can I talk to Belle
M: She is upstairs
Belle came downstairs holding Belles hand
B: Philp hey
C: Daddy
P: Hey pumpkin
he picked her up and gave her a hug and set her down then Belle hugged him.
M: Claire come with grandma I want to make cookies and I need your help
C: Ok
They went to the kitchen.
B: So whats going on
P: I wanted to see how you were. See how you felt being pregnant and all
B: I feel alright a little tired
P: So did u talk to shawn
B: yes
P: What did he say
B: He wanted to be part of the babies life
P: Thats good right?
B: Well I am still mad at him for taking advantage of me
P: Belle i have a question when we were together you were confused because you loved Shawn. You wouldn't date for awhile. We got married thinking he was dead. Well ever since he tried to stop the wedding you have been in love with him everyone can tell. Now that we are divorced why can't u just move on with him and be happy.
B: I love you
P: Is that why u can't move on with someone
B: No I am trying to get over u. Its just Shawn was thinking kids and marriage and I don't want that its too soon
P: When did he say that
B: When I broke up with him he said he was hoping to have kids it just happened a bit early
P: I don't think he meant soon just when you were really ready to move on. Belle Shawn us an understanding guy and u know that. he would wait for you for years if he had too. He loves you so much and so do you and everyone knows that
B: I don't know if Shawn can take care of the babies and me
P: Is that what this is about money?
B: I don't know I think so. I know it sounds selfish Philp but i was spoiled with you and I could have whatever I wanted to. What if Shawn doesn't have enough money. What if one of the kids get sick and we can't go to the doctors?
P: Shawn works with his dad. His mother and father do fine. You may not be able to get new clothes everyday but Shawn will be able to take care of you and his unborn baby. Even Claire. Claire will be all taken care of. She will have new clothes and if you need help all you gotta do is ask. Money isn't whats important anyway. Its the people in your life and love.
B: I know. You have chloe.
P: Just because Chloe and me are dating doesn't mean I want to be friends or keep seeing Claire. She is my daughter and i would hate to lose you and a friend. Just because were not married anymore doesn't mean I don't care. Can we be friends and not for the sake of Claire
B: I would like that after I get over you
P: Thats understood
B: I don't want any help if Shawn and I do get together he wouldn't accept any help. Your right though I am sure he could take care of me
P: Cool off for a couple of days alright. If you ever need to talk don't hesitate to call me. Shawn loves you and he would do anything for you think about that. I need to get back to work. I need to say goodbye to Claire
he kissed her on the cheek and went downstairs.
P: daddy's gotta go to work baby
C: bye daddy
P: bye baby
M: Let me walk u to the door. Claire don't touch anything
C: Ok grandma
M: How did it go
P: She opened up to me
M: So whats going on
P: If she wants to tell you she will. I think it would be better if its between her and I bye Marlena.
He closed the door. He wanted to talk to Shawn. He wanted to get Belle and him back together so she could get over him. He knew that Shawn would do the trick. He picked up his phone and dialed Shawns number.
S: Shawn Brady
P: Hey Shawn its Philp
S: hey
P: Um where are you
S: At work
P: Do you have a free minute coming up soon
S: I get a break in about 10 minutes
P: Good i will be there in 10 I want to talk
S: Alright i will meet you outside. You want to have lunch with me
P: Sure you want me to pick something up
S: Yea how about chez rouse
P: Sure call and place and order. Just get me the special
S: Alright
They hung up. Philp drove to chez rouse and picked up lunch and went to the police station.
S: Hey thanks
P: No problem
S: So what did we need to talk about
P: Belle
S: What about her
P: Well I just talked to her about you two
S: What did she say
P: Let me just say this I think thats between us but she may or may not tell u whats bothering her. She just told me though.
S: So what does that mean
P: I think you two have a pretty good chance unless she decides that she doesn't want that which I don't know why. Let me tell u this though she does love you. I can tell. She is just worried and i think and wants she stops and thinks clearly she will want to talk
S: How do u know all this
P: I was married to the woman and I got to know her pretty well.
S: yea me too
P: You haven't spent a lot of time with her. I want you two to be together and i think there is a pretty good chance of that happening.
They were done with lunch by then.
P: Well I need to get to the office. Give it a little bit of time buddy.
Philp left and went to the office. He hoped everything would work itself out.

1.20.09, 3:33 PM
Ch. 32
Belle put her coat on and grabbed her purse
M: Where are you going?
B: To see if Shawn and I can work things out
At the police station Shawn grabbed his jacket
Bo: Where are you going
S: To talk to Belle
Bo: Take your time
S: thanks dad
He left and went to belle's house. Belle was heading to the police station. Belle ran into the police station
B: Hey Bo
Bo: Belle what are you doing here
B: I need to talk to Shawn
Bo: He just left to head to your house thanks
Shawn reached Belles house
M: Shawn hey Belle went looking for you
S: Oh really
His cell phone rang
S: Hello
B: Shawn its Belle where are you
S: At your house
B: Well we need to talk
S: I agree lets meet at my house
B: Alright
They both headed to his house. Belle got their first and got out of the car. Shawn pulled in and she went to greet him and when he got out gave him a big hug.
B: Shawn I am so sorry
S: Don't apoligize its my fault i shouldn't of slept with you
B: No I am glad you did now we got a miracle baby
S: yea I am so glad we do
He kissed her and she kissed him back
S: Its cold lets go inside
B: Alright
They went inside and they sat down
S: You need anything
B: No not that i can think of
S: Good I want you to be comfortable
B: I.. Shawn I am having cramps
S: ok lets get to the hospital nice and easy
They drove to ther hospital. they got her in to see a doctor
S: Whats wrong with her
Dr: Belle your not pregnant
B: What do you mean I am not pregnant?
Dr: There is no baby inside
B: I never was
Dr: You were but you lost it any bleeding'
B: There was a little bit but I bled with my last baby so i wasn't too concerned.
Dr: Well you lost the baby when you bled I believe so becuase right now there is no baby just cramps from the miscarriage.
B: oh my god
Dr: I am sorry I will give you a minute
B: I feel really bad now Shawn for yelling at you
S: Hey its alright because now we can have kids later like we wanted too
B: I know but since we talked i really wanted this baby
S: Its ok.
Belle started crying and Shawn held her and they left together.
B: I really feel empty
S: We will have more kids Belle it will just be later
B: I know I know I just wanted this baby so bad
he dropped her off she wanted to talk to her mom
M: Hey so u and shawn alright
B: yea but I am not pregnant I lost the baby
M: oh Belle I am sorry
B: yea me too I really wanted this baby
M: I know u did
B: Oh well I guess I will have to wait
M: yea and this time it will be better
Philp called that night to ask if they worked things out
B: Yea but guess what I am not pregnant
P: Your not
B: Nope I lost the baby
P: I am sorry Belle
B: Me too
P: Oh well u will have another baby
B: I know
P: Well at least you and Shawn are alright
B: yea I know
They talked for a few more minutes and hung up. Belle still felt empty she missed the baby more than she wanted to admit

1.21.09, 5:44 PM
ch. 33
Belle and Shawn spent a lot of time together. They greived with each other for the baby they both lost. They were falling more and more in love with each other. One night he called her.
S: Hey Belle can you get away for a couple of hours
B: For you I think I can. Whats up you want me to meet at your parents house
S: No but can I pick you up
B: Sure I can get my mother to watch Claire for a little while.
S: Sounds good. i will be there in 20 minutes
B: Alright
They hung up
B: Mom can u watch Claire for a little while I am going out with Shawn
M: Ask your father I have some work I need to do
B: Daddy can u watch Claire for a little while. Shawn is coming to pick me up
J: Of course baby have fun
Belle flew upstairs changed and re did her makeup and it was time for Shawn to come. He came to the door and greeted her mother and father and said hi to Claire and they left
B: Where are we going
S; You'll see I have a big surprise for you
B: Ok cool
They rode in silence and pulled up to a strange house
B: Where are we at
S: Don't ask come on it though
She walked into the house. It was beautiful. There were candles lit and dinner on the table. The house was furnished and the house a decent size.
B: Where are we at
S: I bought this place today its my house
B: Its great
S: I thought we would have dinner together
B: How did you get dinner made
S: I have friends who owe me a favor
B: It looks great
They sat down to eat
S: Belle I bought this place for us. I thought Claire, you, me and the kids we are going to have together could live here. I want you and Claire to come and stay here. Move in with me. We could live together
B: Why did you move out of your parents house
S: Its about time i did don't you think
B: Yea but u had a lot going for you saving money and everything
S: I have enough money saved where i can afford to support you and Claire on my own.
B: Ok well I want to make sure
S: Belle just because I don't work in a place like Philp doesn't mean i can't support you. Police officers make a lot of money. If you wanted to work that fine but you don't have too. I can't give you everything Philp did. We don't live in a mansion but i don't need a mansion to make me happy. I need you and Claire. This place is decent and we have 2 bedrooms three including ours. Two bathroom I mean what more do we need?
B: Nothing its perfect. I am sorry Shawn I just got used to being spolied but your right all we need is each other
S: What do you say will you move in
B: Why do you even have to ask of course I will
S: Tonight you can stay the night and tomorrow you can bring Claire and move some things in
B: That sounds good i just have to call my parents and tell them. Its hectic living with a little baby are you sure its alright
S: I have to get used to it. That way when we have our own kids I will be more prepared
Belle called her parents and told them what was going on. They told her it was fun. Shawn and her ate dinner and then they had a drink together and watched a movie. Belle started falling asleep and Shawn woke her up
S: I want to show you something
they went up to the two bedroom and there was a little bed with some new toys and everything decorated in pink
S: I did this for Claire
B: Shawn this is amazing
S: I thought u would like it
B: I love it your the best
They went into their bedroom it was a decent size and nice
B: This is nice
S: Yea i thought u would like it
They had their own bathroom and it was a decent size too
S: If you want me to sleep on the couch i understand
B: No
they got into bed and lied in each others arm. She kissed him
B: Shawn i think its the right time to make love
S: Are you sure
B: Yes
They made love for hours it was the best and it was the right timing. They lied in each others arms and fell asleep together happily

1.22.09, 1:16 PM
Ch. 34
Belle and Shawn got up late the next morning. They both got up and ate breakfast.
S: So are you ready to go get Your and Claires things today
B: Yes but its Philp's day with her today he takes her for the weekend.
S: Ok well I will go with you and help you pack your things and we will tell him together.
B: No how about you drive me home and go to the office and work for a few hours. I will tell Philp what is going on and pack a few things and call u.
S: Are you sure
B: Yes its fine
Belle and Shawn got ready and he dropped her off at home. Belle walked in talked to her parents and then called Philp.
P: hello
B: Hey its me
P: Hey i was thinking about you
B: You were
P: Yea I am coming to get Claire alright
B: Ok see ya soon
They both hung up she got Claires stuff together and continued packing her and Claires things with her mom's help. Philp came over 10 minutes later
P: Hey
B: Hey come on in
Philp walked in closed the door grabbed Belle around the waist and kissed her. She pushed him away
B: Excuse me what are u doing
P: Belle I think I made a mistake I want you back
B: Philp I am not going to keep playing these stupid games with you. Messing wth my head so I got back with you and a week later you decide you want to be with Chloe. I am with Shawn right now. I am falling on love with him and packing Claire and my stuff up and moving in today.
P: Belle i don't think that will happen again. I think we can make it together.
B: Philp I don't want to take that risk I love Shawn. Just take your daughter and go please
P: Belle what can I do to make you changed your mind
B: Philp you went through a lot to make us realize we want to be together. Sure I still love you and we have a bond Claire. Shawn and I will have that bond one day. I may still have feelings for you but for Shawn they are stronger.
P: Claire come see daddy
C: Daddy
B: Honey do have your suitcase
C: Grandma is bringing it down
M: here honey
B: Thanks mom. Here is the address to Shawn's house drop her off there. Bye sweetie
C: Bye mommy
She closed the door
M: I heard you and Philp what was going on
B: He wanted me back
M: What
B: Yea I know crazy right
M: yea
B: Well I need to call Shawn
She called Shawn and he was coming over to help her pack up her things. He arrived 15 minutes later
S: You all your things packed
B: Almost everything
S: Well we have a lot of closet space so don't be afraid to bring everything
B: Well clothes wise almost everthing is in there
S: Well we can come back in a couple days and pick up more things if we need too
B: ok
They loaded everything in his truck and left. When they got to his house they unloaded everything it took about 3 hours to do all of it.
B: Wow i am tired and hungry
S: Me too
B: Lets make some dinner
Belle and Shawn cooked and they sat down
B: I talked to Philp and told him where to drop and pick up Claire
P: I bet he was happy
B: Actually he kissed me and tried to get me to come back to him
S: What
B: I pushed him away I didn't enjoy it
S: I am not worried about that I just can't believe he tried to do that again
B: I know i told him I had stronger feeling for you and that i was sick of him playing mind games.
S: You did
B: Yes Shawn because I realize we belong together
S: Oh my mom gave me something and i want to give it back to you
B: Whats that
Shawn pulled out two rings on a chain. It was the promise rings they gave each other in high school that they were
B: oh my gosh Shawn I can't believe she still had them
S: I know i want to wear them again what do you think
B: Yes I do
Belle put Shawn's ring around his neck and he put hers around her neck
B: I am never taking mine off
S: Mine either. Do you remember what we did once we put these around each others neck.
B: I think so
Belle kissed him and he kissed her back
S: Thats not all are u sure you remember
B: why don't you remind me
S: I'd love to remind you
He kissed her and they made love on the kitchen floor.
B: God that was amazing
S: I know we never did that
B: Yes we had to go upstairs last time
S: Yes we had to be quiet
B: yes you know we can't do things like this when Claire is around
S: oh i know that
B: Yes and its going to be a bit of an adjustment
S: I know but all couples do it
B: yes they do
Shawn and Belle got the rest of Claire and her things over the next few couple of days. They made love every single night.
S: I love you Belle
B: I love you too
S: Belle lets get married
B: When we just started dating
S: we have known each other a long time though
B: I want to date a little while and make sure we still feel the same
S: Alright
they went to sleep. Belle stayed awake though she didn't want Shawn to rush things. She didn't want another failed marriage. She just hoped he could adjust to Claire it was hard at times. Philp was dropping her off tomorrow.

2.25.09, 5:40 PM
Philp dropped Claire off that afternoon.
P: Here she is
B: Was she good
P: Of course she was she always is
B: Ok well thanks
She closed the door
S: Hey Claire
C: Hi Shawn
S: Do u want to see your room
C: Sure
He grabbed her hand and showed her, her bedroom
C: Wow
B: Do you like it
C: like it its the best
S: Good i hoped you would like it
They left Claire to play in her room
B: She likes it
S: I am glad she does
Night came they ate dinner and Claire took a bath and went to bed next year she would be going to kindergarten. Belle and Shawn sat on the couch to rest
S: She is not a hand full like you say she is
B: Not yet just wait
S: It will be fine
B:Oh just wait until she throws fits and when she talks back
S: It will be fine
For the first week it was fine. No fights dinner went well and everything was fine. The week ended though
B: Claire its about bedtime
C: No its not time yet
B: Claire don't speak to Shawn that way
C: Meanie
B: I am telling you get into bed or you'll be grounded no tv no toys
C: Not fair
B: Claire come on now please
C: no
S: Claire its late listen to your mom
C: not my boss
Shawn got up from his chair grabbed Claire and threw her over his shoulder and set her in her room and held the door shut while she screamed and finally gave up and went to bed
S: Ok that wasn't too hard
B: yea but now you will be getting the silent treatement from her
S: Well she needs to learn
Claire didnt' speak to Shawn for a day. One night Shawn came home from work
B: Claire eat your veggies
C: Ew
B: Come on eat them
C: ew
B: you are never this difficult whats wrong
C: I don't want to be here
B: Sure you do
C: Daddy told me that he asked u to get back together and you said no
B: Your daddy and me are friends i don;t love him anymore
C: I don;t want to be here i want you and daddy together
She left the room crying
B: I am sorry Shawn
S: No its alright just takes some getting used to she will be fine
Belle went to Claires room
B: Claire that wasn't nice
C: So
B: Come on baby. I love you and so does your daddy and Shawn
C: I don't care I want you and daddy together
B: Your going to have to learn to deal with it. Life is never fair
She left the room. Claire got worse. She started throwing things and being bad. One night Shawn came home and she was having a tantrum.
S: This is ridulous Belle I can't take it
He stormed out
B: Are you happy Claire are you?
Belle went to their room crying leaving Claire alone

2.26.09, 1:18 PM
Ch. 36
Belle was in her room for an hour when her cell phone ringing. She grabbed it quickly hoping it was Shawn
B: Shawn
P: Belle its me. Claire called me and said you were in your room crying and she is scared. You should be out there whats going on
B: Well Claire is being a baby because you were talking about us and that you missed me and now she is being rude toward Shawn and he left the house
P: Well obviously its a good thing you lost the baby he can't handle it
B: Claire has never acted like this before and i can't believe he just left. If she was like she usually is we wouldn't of a had a problem
P: Well what are you going to do.
B: I am going to wait and see if he comes home if not i guess I will be going back home
They talked for a few more minutes and then Belle went into the living room
C: mommy I am so sorry
B: You shouldn't be telling you that
C: Well where is Shawn
B: I don't know and I don't even know if he is coming back
C: I hope he does so I can apoligize
B: Me too
Shawn didn't come back and Belle made Claire dinner she couldn't eat. She put Claire to bed and waited up and fell asleep on the couch. When she woke up Shawn wasn't there again. She decided to get her and Claire ready and went to her parents house.
At the police Station
Bo: Why don't you go home to Belle
S: I can;t handle Claire
Bo; All kids cause trouble it won't be easy. Let me ask you something do u love Belle
S: U know the answer to that
Bo: Do u think your mom and I had it easy with you
S: no but thats differnt it was yours and hers. This is hers and Philps
Bo: You will have your own children someday this is just getting you ready you need to find her and work things out. Claire just needs to get used to it
S: Your right
Shawn left and went to his house and they weren't there.
He went straight to her parents house. he knocked on the door. Belle answered
S: Belle listen I am sorry
B: Mom I am stepping outside for a minute
She stepped out and shut the door
B: Shawn i don't know if you can handle this. I told you it may cause problems
S: I know but listen we can work this out
Just then the door opened and Claire came out
C: Shawn I am sorry
S: Hey its ok can we try again and be friends
C: Sure i don;t mind you and my mommy are in love
S: Thanks
B: ok hunny go inside
She went in there
S: So everything is good right you can move back in right
B: Shawn I don't know I am a little mad that u just got up and left and we couldn't talk about things let me cool off for a little while and then we can talk
S: But Belle
B: Shawn I will call u in a couple of day.
She shut the door and left him standing there. He went back to work. Thats all he had to do

3.16.09, 1:31 PM
Ch. 37
Shawn had not heard from Belle and it had been a week. he had tried to call but she didn't answer. he couldn't take it he went over to her house. Her mom answered the door.
M: Hello Shawn
S: Hey is belle here
M: No
S: Oh did she take Claire somewhere
M: No Claire is right here
S: Is she with Philp
M: No she took a walk with Sami
S: Oh do you think it would be ok if i took Claire with me for a couple of hours
M: I don't see why not
Marlena got Claire ready she only needed a light jacket since it wasn't cold out. Claire brought a stuffed animal with her and left with Shawn. They went to the park. He was pushing her on the swing
S: Are you excited about kindergarden
C: Yea i can't wait. Mommy said i will make a lot of friends
S: Yea i am sure you will
They went and got an icecream come near by and went back to the park. He was pushing Shawn when he saw Belle walking through the park.
C: Mommy
Shawn stopped the swing and she got off the swing to run and hug her mom
B: Oh sweetheart are u having fun
C: Shawn took me to the park
B: Yea so play
She ran off
B: How dare you
S: What
B: You should of waited for me to give you permission
S: Your mom said it would be fine
B: Well it wasn't
S: Well belle you won't return my phone calls
B: Oh so u you used my daughter
S: No i did want to spend time with her
B: Whatever
S: Belle I don't understand why you are so mad at me. I am lost for what to do anymore and you won't forgive me
B: I am mad at you because you walked out on us
S: Look I know i made a mistake were not married
B: Yea but if we would of been you would of walked out on us
S: Oh but Philp walked out and its ok
B: No he didn't walk out he told me why he was leaving not beacause he thought i loved you
S: yea well I am human i didn't know you were perfect
he left the park without saying goodbye to either of them.

3.17.09, 3:36 PM
Ch. 38
Belle took Claire home and Belle took Claire next door to play with one of her friends.
B: Mom i can't believe you gave Shawn permissions to take Claire
M: Its not like he would hurt her
B: No but she got to hard to handle he might just leave her
M: Belle I don't know why your acting this way. you know Shawn loves Claire and Claire was acting out at that time. I think he was trying to show you he could handle Claire.
B: i don't think so
M: Belle why are you so angry
B: I just am
She stomped upstairs and went to her room and got into her top desk drawer and took out a pregnancy test. She was a week late and she was really grumpy. She needed to know and it might make her feel better. She went into the restroom and took the test. She took it back to her room and waited for 10 minutes. It came back negative. She didn't understand. they were always false negatives so she called Lexi
B: Lexi its Belle
L: Belle how are you? How is Claire
B: Fine um I need to make an appointment
L: Whats wrong
B: Well I am a week late. I took a test it came back negative
L: Ok yea lets get you in here and i can do a blood test
B: Ok when can you get me in
L: I have tomorrow at 10 free
B: Sounds good
She hung up the phone. She lied down and ended up napping. She got up and went and got Claire and she took Claire and they got dinner. Then they went home she gave her a bath she let her play for a few hours and put her to bed. She told her mom she needed her to watch Claire in the morning she had an appointment to go too. Belle got up and left early and went to the doctors.
L: Hi Belle how are you feeling
B: Good
L: Any morning sickness
B: no
L: Are your brests tender
B: A little bit but that could be because I am late
L: Ok well we will do a blood test
B: How long will it take to come back
L: Well I can get you the results in about a half an hour
B: ok
lexi took her blood and sent it to the lab. Belle went down and got some fruit and water at the hospital cafe. She sat and read the paper and went up in a half an hour. Lexi had the results in her hands.
L: I haven't looked lets go in my office
They went in there and sat down and she opened the envolpe
L: Belle you are pregnant
B: I am
L: Yes you are
B: oh my gosh i can't believe it
L: Is it a good thing
B: Yea i think so
Belle left the office. Lexi gave her a prescription for prenatals vitams and she left to go find Shawn. She knew now why she was so grumpy. She had to tell Shawn it was his. She went to the police station. She saw Bo.
B: Bo wheres Shawn
Bo: he took a vacation
B: Why
Bo: Well he was so upset with what happened with you he took a week off
B: I am really sorry i was so mean i gotta find him do you know where he went
Bo: No you will have to wait i am sorry
B: Alright thanks
Belle stepped outside and took her cell out
B: Shawn i am really sorry i was so mean to you. Listen i need to talk to you. I have some good new to tell you. I love you.
She hung up the phone and went back home. She wanted to tell her parents and Claire.

3.22.09, 10:33 AM
Ch. 39
Belle got home and ran into her parents house.
B: mom come here now.
M: Belle what is it?
B: Mom I am going to have another baby
Her mom just stared at her and walked away
B: Mom I just told you i was having a baby and you walk away
M: Yes i do
B: Why why is it such a bad thing
M: Belle hmm let me think Shawn is mad at you the father right?
B: Yes
M: How is he going to take care of an innocent life?
B: So this is about money then
M: isnt that what it was with you
B: Yes it was but not now. I know Shawn can take care of us
M: Well I just don't like you doing this
B: Well Shawn is away for a week so i will have to wait until he gets back to tell him
M: Well I just think u should of at least used something so you didn't get pregnant and make sure you and a guy can make it
B: Well mother I am sorry Claire and i have been such an inconvience
M: Its not that but i want you to be happy and get married and live with Shawn so your dad and i can enjoy each other.
B: Fine mom
She went upstairs
C: hey mommy
B: Hey sweetie
Belle got out a suitcase
B: Were leaving
C: Where are we going
B: let me make a call
She got out her cell phone
B: Philp
P: Hey Belle whats up
B: Are you busy
P: Um i am heading back home for a few
B: Can I ask you a favor
P: Sure you know you can
B: Can Claire and I stay with you for a week
P: Sure but why
B: Well Shawn is getting back in a week and my parents don't want Claire and i here and Shawn and i will be getting back together he is mad at me right now
P: Sure Chloe is living here
B: It doesn't bother me Philp
P: Alright sure come on over
B: I am only bringing a week worth of things so sorry its so much
P: Don't worry I will have a room ready for you and Claire when you get here
B: Thanks
She hung up
C: Why are we going to stay with daddy
B: Well Shawn is on vacation so when he gets back we will stay with him
C: Why are we leaving grandmas
B: Baby we have been living here too long her and grandpa need some time along together
She packed Claire and her a suitcase and went downstairs.
M: Belle please you can stay
B: No mom your right
M: Where are you going to go
C: Daddys
M: Belle don't go there
B: I am not in love with him. He said its fine and Chloe will be there
M: Ok be careful
B: I will
Belle and Claire got into the car and they drove to Philps. Philp greeted them
P: Hey girls
C: Daddy
He gave his daughter a hug and Belle too
B: Thanks so much Philp
P: No problem come on Claire
Claire went to her room and Philp had his butler get the bags
P: This is where you will stay
B: Its a nice room
P: So what happened with Shawn
B: Well I got mad when he took Claire without asking and I didn't know why. Turned out i am pregnant.
P: you are
B: Yep and i can't wait to tell him but he is going to be gone for a week on vacation
P: Wow I hope he forgives you
B: He should
Ch: Hey philp why is there... Oh now i see why what in the...
B: Chloe don't worry ok. Claire and i are staying here until Shawn gets back from vacation. He was mad at me and my parents wanted me and Claire out once he gets back everything will be fine. Philp and I are over
Ch: Alright just stay out of my way
B: Fine fine
C: hey Chloe
Ch: Hey sweetie
P: Well I need to get back to the office. Chloe do you want to take Claire downstairs I think the cook made some cookies
Ch: Sure
P: If you need anything just buzz the cook
B: Thanks but i think I am going to unpack
P: Alright see you later
He closed the door and went downstairs with Chloe and Claire.
P: Ok go up to the cook and ask and see if she has a cookie i am sure she does. Chloe please be nice to Belle alright
Ch: Why
P: Because we are friends and she is not a threat i love you and you alone
He kissed her and he went to the office
Ch: Cook and can you get some milk to go along with that cookie
Cook: yep
He set down a cookie and a glass of milk. While Claire was eating Belle walked into the kitchen and then she walked right back out.
Ch: Belle its ok you can come in here
B: I don't want to get in your way
Ch: Its ok I am sorry for getting mad at you
B: Thanks Chloe i am so excited for Shawn to get back
Ch: I bet
The week dragged on. Chloe and her had a couple of talks and so did her and Philp. Finally it was Monday. She called his line and he didn't answer so she called Bo
Bo: Brady here
B: Sorry to bother you and i know i shouldn't call on this line but is Shawn back yet
Bo: yea he is talking to another cop he is away from his desk right now he will be back any minute do you want me to get him
B: No i will come down there. keep it a secret though
Bo: Ok I will
they hung up. Belle got her coat and told Chloe she was going to see Shawn. Chloe wished her good luck and told her she would watch Claire. She went to the police station. She couldn;t want to see Shawn

3.31.09, 3:36 PM
Ch. 40
Belle went into Shawn's office and walked in
S: Belle
B: Shawn hey why did you run off and go on vacation like that
S: i needed a break from everything
B: Everything like what
S: you
B: Me why
S: I am sick of all the mood swings and you being mad at me
B: Listen I am really sorry about that
S: Belle I can't deal with it anymore
B: So what are you telling me
S: go back to Philp
B: Wait a minute what the heck does he have to do with this
S: I know you still love him
B: Shawn not anymore. I thought i did too but i know i love you and always have.
S: Yea I don't want to do this anymore ok. I am not going to be on a rollercoaster ride for the rest of my life.
B: Fine Shawn you know what I will just tell your daughter or son that you wanted nothing to do with them.
She was hlafway out the door when Shawn grabbed her arm
S: What
B: I am pregnant
S: you are
B: yes
Shawn pulled her in his office and closed the door and kissed her.
S: I am going to be a father
B: yes, You don't want to be on this rollercoaster ride
S: Well now i understand. I love you Belle.
He got on one knee
S: Marry me
B: What when
S: As soon as you want we can go pick out a ring and set a date
B: Lets got tomorrow and get married before i get too big
S: Ok
He kissed her. he locked the door and they made love on his desk.
B: God Shawn that was great
S: yea i could get in trouble for this
B: Who cares.
They got up and got their clothes on.
B: So what now
S: Well how about you move in with me again and bring Claire now that she likes me it will be ok. I know there will be tough times but I can deal with it
B: ok we can do that
S: I have a spare bedroom for the baby
B: Thats good
S Once we have more we might have to have the kids share room
B: I agree
She left so Shawn could get some work done. She wanted to go to Bo's office
B: Bo
Bo: hey Belle
B: I wanted to tell you your going to be a grandpa and Shawn and I are getting married. We are going to look for rings tomorrow and we are going to get married before the baby.
Bo; Congrats.
B: I am going to go tell Hope myself. Right now I need to go get some things and move into Shawn's including Claire
Bo hugged Belle and then she went to her house told her mom. Then she went to Philps got Claire. Philp told her he would have someone bring her thing so they didn't have to do anything. her being pregnant and all. So they went to Shawn's house and waited for him to come home. She called Hope and told her why she waited

4.3.09, 1:20 PM
Ch. 41
Belle was making dinner when Shawn walked in.
B: hey honey
S: Hey
C: Hey shawn
S: Hey cutie whats your mom making for dinner
B: Don't tell him
C: Its a secret
S: Thats ok I can wait
Shawn took his shoes off and went upstairs and changed out of his uniform. He came downstairs and sat down at the kitchen table
B: its almost ready
S: Its ok I can wait
B: I told your mom today she is happy
S: I knew she would be
Dinner was ready ten minutes later and they all sat down and ate. Everyone loved it. Belle was a good cook. After they had put Claire to bed they sat down on the couch and talked
S: So when are we planning to do the wedding
B: Well I thought about going in a few weeks to go get a dress and maybe get a part time job
S: No you are not working
B: We need money for the wedding
S: We have enough
B: I need to go get clothes for Claire for school and some school supplies because school will start in a couple of months so i want to do it before then
S: Sounds good but don't go crazy.
B: oh i know me and her are going tom
S: ok that sounds good
They went to sleep an hour later. Shawn had to go to work and Belle was tired from being pregnant. Belle woke up when Shawn did and made him coffee and breakfast then she got Claire breakfast. Then Shawn left and she got Claire and herself ready and they left to go shopping. They went to the mall first. They picked out a few clothes.
C: Mommy i want these
M: Not this year maybe next year
C: Mom?
P: If she wants them i can buy them
B: Philp what are u doing here
C: Daddy
P: Hey honey. I was looking at suits over there and i saw you guys
B: oh
P: How about I pay for these clothes and she can get some more
B: no i have some money that i can use for that
P: Belle she is my daughter save money for the wedding and the baby
B:... Alright
Philp, Belle, and Claire shopped for a little while longer. They bought new clothes for Claire and belle. Philp went and got that jacket he liked. Then Philp went and bought Claire school supplies. Then Philp took them to lunch and he followed them home. Belle had him come inside
B: Thanks for everything
P: No problem
C: Thanks daddy
P: Your welcome. Why don't you put your clothes away
C: Alright
She went upstairs
B: Would you like anything
P: No i need to get back to the office. Are you sure this is what you want to do
B: Marry shawn of course i love him
P: Belle he can't take care of you like i could
B: I don't have to work. I can take care of Claire and this new baby we have money
P: you have to spend very little
B: To be with Shawn I can deal with that. You are with Chloe why should it matter
P: I don't know maybe i have feelings for you thats all
B: No Philp don't do this ok. I don't want you to have feelings for me please don't do this again alright. I am not confused anymore. I know who I love and want to be with
P: As long as he makes u happy and I am just going to have to deal with it.
B: Yes you are
P: Friends
B: Friends
Philp said good bye to his daughter and Belle and left. Belle went upstairs and hung her clothes up and the doorbell rang
B: Hope what a nice surprise
H: Hello Belle I want to talk to you
B: About what
H: Philp
B: What about him
C: Grandma
H: Hey Claire
She hugged Claire and then Claire went upstairs
B: ok what now
H: Are you sure you have no more feelings and you won't changed your mind
B: Of course i won't. As a matter of fact he was just here. Claire and i went to the mall we ran into him there. He bought Claire and I clothes and her school supplies. he told me i should save money for the baby and the wedding and told me he had feelings for me but i told him i loved Shawn and there is no going back
H: Ok well i don't want my son to be hurt
B: he won't
H: Thats good
She left after that went to the office. Belle and Claire shared lunch. After lunch Claire played while Belle looked through a bridal magazine.

4.6.09, 1:00 PM
Shawn came in and Belle was still looking at a magazine and Claire was watching a movie.
B: Hey honey
S: Hey
he kissed Belle and kissed Claire on the forehead.
C: Daddy got me and mommy new clothes
S: When
C: today
S: Belle
B: Shawn she beat me to it. We were out shopping and Philp saw us and said he could buy Claire clothes. He wanted me to save money for the wedding and the baby. I think it was nice. Claire got a lot of nice school clothes and i got some cute materinty tops. Claire got some school supplies and we went to lunch. It was all innocent I thought that it was really nice of him. Now i can buy clothes for the baby
Shawn didn't say a word and picked up the phone.
S: Philp is shawn. Can you come over? Thanks
he hung up the phone
B: Why are you inviting him over?
S: I am not going to get mad but we need to sort this out so we can finally move on and be happy
B: I am happy i don't want Philp i want u.
Shawn didn't say a word he just waited. After the longest twenty minutes of her life Philp knocked on the door
S: Philp come in
P: Whats going on
B: I haven't the slightest idea
S: Ok i invited you over Philp because i need peace of mind. Your daughter blurted out that you bought her and hjer mother clothes today. Belle told me that you went out to lunch. I need to know is there anything left for her because if u two want to be together then be together.
P: i told Belle that i love her
S: Thats what i needed to know
B: Philp did u tell Shawn what I told you. tell him
P: Belle told me that she only cared for me as a friend and she loved you
B: Yes Shawn. I am sorry that you can't trust me enough that I love you. I am sorry about that but i want you. I love you so much I am your fiance. Philp and I have a daughter together I am not going to not let Philp see his daughter and i will not stop being his friend. I thought it was very nice he was helping us save money. I know you have enough and we will be fine. I will go out to lunch with him and talk to him but nothing romantic. If you can't handle that i don't think we can be together.
S: Ok i believe that you love me thanks for telling me all this
P: Shawn she loves you you are lucky
S: You don't need to tell me that
Claire came out and seen her dad for a few minutes and she was going to go with him for a few days tomorrow.
S: I am sorry i didn't believe you
B: Its ok
Belle and Shawn started planning the wedding. Claire was of course going to be a flower girl and they picked best men and bridesmaids and Belle was going to go pick a dress soon.

4.15.09, 3:21 PM
Ch. 43
The next morning Belle went to pick out a dress. She wanted Hope to go with her. She dropped Claire off at a friends house and called Hope.
B: hey Hope
H: Hey whats up
B: Well I just dropped Claire off at a friends house I need to go dress shopping. I already got Claire and dress. Do you want to go and help me pick out mine. Then we could grab lunch
H: Sure
She picked up Hope and they made small talk and they got to the bridal store. They looked for an hour and Belle found the dress of her dreams
B: Hope I found it
H: Let me see. its gourgeous. (then she looked at the tag) of course its beautiful look at the price
She didn't even glance at it
B: Don't worry about it
H: Oh why is Philp paying for it
Belle looked at Hope
B: Excuse me. What you think that Shawn doesn't have the money he told me that i could get the dress I wanted. He told me not to look at the tag and buy it. Philp came over and talked to Shawn and me everything is fine. Philp and i are friends thats it.
belle went and tried her dress on and then got fitted for it and left. Hope and her said nothing. When she dropped her off
B: Hope if you think i am going to hurt your son and you don't trust me then don't plan on coming to the wedding. Belle leaned over and shut the door and drove off. She picked Claire up and went home. Belle played with Claire and it was about dinner time. She wondered where Shawn was she was getting worried. Then after Claire and belle had eaten and cleaned up he walked in
B: Where have you been
S: I am so sorry baby. you won't be mad once i tell you. remmeber how i told you that i wanted to get you a ring before we set a date well i got us rings
B: What
He got on one knee.
S: Belle I love you
He opened up a box and showed her a beautiful dimond ring
B: oh my gosh its beautiful
S: I got a matching set for us
B: you did oh the bands are so beautiful
He slipped the ring on her finger and she admired it
S: Claire come here I got something for you too
C: What is it
He pulled out another box and it had a small gold plain ring band in it that was small and would fit on her finger
S: This is so you feel part of the family
C: Thanks shawn
He hugged her
S: you are welcome
They sat together and planned the wedding. it was all done she just needed her dress in. The wedding was next week. She couldn't wait. They all went to bed content

4.23.09, 1:16 PM
ch. 44
Belle had everything done. She had her dress in and her wedding was tomorrow. Claire and her went home because it was bad luck to see the bride before the wedding and she had some friends over her and Claire got their early
B: Thanks mom for letting me have the party here.
M: no problem
J: Me and your mother will stay out of the way
B: Don't worry daddy its fine
M: Well i have been cooking up a storm and making some things for the party
B: Where all we all going to sleep
M: well some can sleep on the couch and on the floor in your room.
J: We have a cot i can set up too
B: Great
Belle went and got her dress out and hung it up and brought it in
M: its beautiful
B: it looks better on. I would of bnrought you but Hope went along she thinks i am still in love with Philp i got mad and told her not to come to the wedding but i left a message saying I was sorry and she could come but she never called me back. I hope she comes
M: Well you told her you weren't
B: yea but with my hormones and all i got upset
belle helped her mom with the party and the 4 girls arrived. Sami, mimi, Carrie, and chloe
B: hey girls. My mom will have dinner done in a few so we can eat
C: Good i am starving
They ate food and after they went upstairs. They were all painting there nails. belle was doing Claires
S: Belle you want me to paint yours
B: No I am getting my hair and nails done tomorrow
S: oh ok
Claire went to bed early. The girls did too they had to get up early. They all went to get their hair done early. There were bagels and juice at the hairdressers
CA: Belle you and Claire go first
B: No sis you guys go first
Ch: She wants her hair to last
B: Thats right. I am glad you and Philp can walk down together and that Shawn agreed
CH: me too
They ate breakfast and they all got their hair done. They did Belles nails and went to the chruch. her mom and dad were waiting for her. her mom helped claire get ready. belle already had her makeup done and she just put some jelwery on and lipstick and she was ready
Ch: Belle Shawn and me were talked today
B; About what
ch: Philp gave you this beautiful necklace and you didn't get to wear it and Philp and him talked he wants you to get use out of it
B: Ok this is a little weird i mean me wearing it and all it being Philps
Ch: i know but it was expensive
B: Thats true
They got ready and it was time to line up her dad came and got her
J: Come on sweetie time to go
B: ok lets go
Belle watched the bridesmaids walk down the aisle then it was her turn. her dad and her walked down the aisle with Belle and the preacher started
P: Who gives this woman
B: I do
He gave belle and kiss and led her to Shawn and took his seat. the preacher read a scripture and then her mom came and sang a song then they did vows
P: I guess belle and Shawn have not prepared their won but they would like to say a few words to each other
B: Shawn we know how we feel about each other that is why we decided not to do vows. I love you with all my heart and soul and will be faithful to you. We have went through a lot together but thats what love is about a lot of hard times
S: Belle I know you love me and that i love you and i cannot wait to see where our loves takes us
the preacher married them and he lifted Belles veil and kissed her. Everyone cheered and they went to the limo. They drank some champane and went to the reception and ate and then Belle and her dad danced together. Belle and Shawn danced. then shawn wanted to dance with Claire
P: Congrats
B: Thanks
P: Do you think Shawn would mind if i danced with you
B: Of course not
Philp took her hand and they danced
P: This is a beautful wedding
B: I am glad you came
P: me too i am happy for you
B: I am happy for you and Chloe
P: She is a great girl
B: yea she is
the song ended a few minutes later
P: I betterr go dance with my daughter
B: Yea you might want too
He went to his daughter
S: You having fun with Philp
B: Yea but its ok
S: yea i know it is
B: I love you
S: I love you too. I can't wait to see where our lives take us
The end
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