View Full Version : Is Allie a 3 month old or walking toddler???

6.8.08, 9:33 AM
Did anyone notice in Thursday's episode that Allie (being portrayed by a pink blanket) while being held and cradled by EJ and Sami was the size of a 3-4 month old? And, in the same scene, Lucas had the flashback from the day before when Allie, was a walking toddler double the size of the "pretend Allie in a blanket"? Since the child portraying Allie wasn't available apparently for that show, seems like they should have been smart enough to have a larger pink blanket with a toddler size doll to wrap the blanket around or not even have Allie shown at all.

6.10.08, 10:06 AM
I thought the same thing! What was up with wrapping her up in that blanket like some mutant pink burrito? I guess the kid's camera time was all used up for the week so they just put a doll in a pink blanket. How ridiculous. I'm sure by the fall Ali and Johnny will be hanging out at Java Cafe with Max & Stephanie.

6.27.08, 2:51 PM
they usually don't use the age-appropriate sounding cry, mostly way too young for the child supposedly crying. Do they think none of us can tell the difference?:confused: