View Full Version : Lynjay....wondering how you are doing

6.5.08, 10:50 PM
Post when you can..we'd like to know how things are going with you and your family.

6.13.08, 4:42 AM
Hi there, I doing fine, just busy at moment. Will send you email with all the updates. Missing my husband like crazy and, unfortunately, now he's on the farm he has no internet coverage and cell phone signals very iffy, so the coms are difficult which doesn't help when you just really want to talk. Anyway, he get's a landline next week, so hopefully that will help out.
Will be in touch, take care.

6.13.08, 11:31 PM
Thanks for the nice email Lynne. I know you are going through a lot right now and missing your husband. But things will look better and brighter soon..remember that! Hang in there..and when you can get on here to chat..we are here to listen and comfort when we can.