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6.4.08, 11:28 PM
A long time friend of mine, Daphne H, sent this message to our friends on a military wives board. Her husband was deployed for another tour and his convoy was hit by an IED. They have two sons, Johnathan is 9 the other, Sam is 1. One will remember his Dad the other will only know stories. Please pray for my friend Daphne and her boys.

Her message:

I always said I wouldn't worry until men in uniform showed up at my door. Turns out they have to call first to find out where you are... Luckily I was with my parents. It doesn't seem real, and yet I know I will wake up tomorrow, and there is will be- the now forever empty spot on the other side of the bed. Scott was travelling in a convoy, and his vehicle hit an IED. I am now truly an Army widow. I don't really quite believe it, and yet I know it to be true. With the other board down, I figured this and an e-mail to Abs would be the way to let you guys know. I'll likely be popping in amidst grief, lonliness, and confusion.

Thank you for praying for her and her little ones.

and please, please dont' post political views on the war in this thread....it's not the time or the thread place.

6.5.08, 12:21 AM
Prayers going out to Daphne and her family. God Bless all of our troops and their wives and husbands. It's so hard having them over there..then to lose them....way too hard.

6.5.08, 1:00 AM
Thank you.

The local news just put out an article.


Stillwater soldier killed in Afghanistan

By JEFF BILLINGTON, World Staff Writer (javascript:__doPostBack('ctl00$bodycontent$Articl eDisplay$lnkByLine',''))
6/4/2008 10:23 PM
Last Modified: 6/4/2008 10:24 PM

STILLWATER — A soldier from Stillwater was killed while serving in Afghanistan, a military official confirmed Wednesday.

Army Maj. Scott Hagerty, 41, was killed while in Afghanistan during an incident that occurred Tuesday, said Army Maj. Steve Wuensch, who was meeting with family members on Wednesday.

Wuensche could not confirm exactly how Hagerty was killed.

Hagerty is survived by his wife, Daphne, and two young sons, Jonathan and Samuel. Hagerty had lived in Stillwater since 1976 when his family moved to Oklahoma. He graduated from Stillwater High School in 1984, and joined the Army in 1986.

He spent 2006 and 2007 stationed in Africa, where he helped repair water wells in northern Uganda. His first deployment was to Iraq from October 2004 to August 2005.

Hagerty attended Oklahoma State University, where he received a bachelor’s degree in 1993 in political science, pre-law and international relations. He also received his commission as a second lieutenant in the Army Reserve at graduation.

According to the Department of Defense, as of May 31, 443 U.S. soldiers have died in Afghanistan, with 308 of those killed in action.

6.5.08, 3:51 PM
Oh this is awul news! My prayers go out to this woman who lost her husband and her family!:(

6.5.08, 3:57 PM
Oh, paxie, I'm so so sorry for your friend's loss. My heart goes out to her and her children. So very sad.

6.5.08, 4:22 PM
Thanks girls. Its very appreciated.

6.5.08, 10:45 PM
Thank you too for posted the local article in your paper. My heart goes out to you and to her family. God bless them

6.10.08, 1:04 PM
I am so sorry . You and your friend will be in my prayers.

6.12.08, 6:31 PM
Today she viewed his body and we havent heard from her yet. She's been incredibly strong through it all - but I cant imagine after seeing his condition she could keep up the strength. I think the reality of him being dead probably hit when she saw him. sigh.

Thanks for the prayers.