View Full Version : AVA and Nicole YES YES YES!!!

5.31.08, 7:11 PM
So much fun there! I can see it and feel it! These two WONDERFUL Characters with AMAZINGLY great women playing their parts need more screen time!! BRING IT ON without having them in a love triangle together. Mischief together is better than at each others throats..dont make them like Sami and Nicole!!

6.10.08, 10:08 AM
I like them together too. I think Ava is such an interesting character and the actress is really good at her part. This could be fun.

6.27.08, 2:52 PM
It has been quite awhile since they have given us some fun female girlfriends. I too am really enjoying these two together. I only hope they do more together.

6.29.08, 7:30 PM
I do love these two together; I think they play off each other well. Unfortunately, I don't like either of the men they have paired them with so far. I do watch their scenes together but have to ff through the scenes with John and EJ. Too bad.

I don't want them to fight over the same man because it would ruin their relationship. I would love to see them team up to get the men they want (provided that the men aren't John and EJ). I want to see a really close girlfriend relationship between two traditionally "bad" women who may decide they don't want to be so bad afterall.

I think the woman who plays Ava is brilliant. She has gone from psycho to really enjoyable to watch. I hope that the writers see how much people like her and let her stay. I think she really adds variety to the otherwise terribly incestuous relationships everyone else has.