View Full Version : Victim mentality

6.8.07, 3:55 PM
I wonder if Amanda will ever be more than a weeping victim. I saw a spark of backbone in her when she told Jamie off, but now she has that deer in the headlight look again.

6.10.07, 6:27 PM
I agree. I'd like to see Amanda be more than a victim and/or sex kitten. I liked that she told Jonathan off for trying to renew their "friends with benefits" relationship, but then ruined it in mere seconds by hopping back in the sack with JR! It'd be nice to root for her if the writers would give us a chance!

Reminds me of how the writers previously portrayed Simone. Simpering and, excuse me for saying so, but horny and without any depth!!! A lot more can be done with Amanda's character.