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5.26.08, 5:29 AM
At the bottom of the front page, there are icons listed relating to read and unread posts. Simply put, a closed envelope means no new posts and an open envelope means new posts have been added. But the icon I see on the front page in front of The Pier is an arrow. What does that mean?

5.26.08, 8:27 AM
That's a weird one. vB lets you put a sub-forum in more than one forum. But instead of just listing the second iteration, it indicates that it's really somewhere else. That's my non-tech visual thinking version of what it does.

In this case, when we changed board systems, I thought the Pier had evolved to have nothing much to do with Days so it really was more a sub of gURLs. But a lot of people associate it with being a Days OT board. So, when I saw the feature in vB to have the same place be listed in 2 forums, I put it in Days, but then added it to gURLs as well.

I tend to thing physically with this stuff when it isn't at all. What is really going on is that the Pier is a sub forum of days and gURLs has a link to that sub forum. Same board, same link, 2 different places. Any place that it shows other than its 'real' slot gets that arrow to indicate that its in a different forum group.

I have a feeling I'll need to edit this for clarity. I just got up and am only part way through the first cup of coffee ;)

I guess I shoudl see if I can add that icon to the legend below.

5.27.08, 5:50 AM
And that would explain why there is nothing in the "last post" box, like there are for all the other forums on the front page. I know that The Pier started out as a sub-forum of Days, but it really has evolved into your General Discussion forum, and pretty much stands alone, the way I see it.

5.27.08, 7:04 PM
Hmmm... this is good. I'm really struggling with the navigation here. It feels clunky to me but I've not been able to see a solution. So... maybe what I need is a general header to put the Pier and gurls, et al, in to? Right up at the top of the forum home?

I really appreciate any input like this. I'm on my own here pretty much these days and having a hard time with the flow of it all.