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5.25.08, 11:50 PM
I know I haven't been around much..and neither has anyone else..LOL. We all just have very busy lives it seems...but just wanted you all to know I think of you all often, and just want to know how each of you are doing. Love, Phyllis:)

5.27.08, 1:37 PM
Hey Dragsy! Well been busy too! Working two jobs and 10 hour days! Yikes! Any ways I'm off today so catching up a bit. Well at least off one job. Blockbuster. So colored my hair and now posting some before lunch. Also trying to get laundry caught up and etc. So busy busy! I'm sure you are too!:p

Keep my friend in your prayers. Her daughter had a bad accident. A drunk driver hit her and now she is in ICU on life support and can't move! Awful! And she can only communicate with her eyes! They are running more tests. But don't know if she will be able to walk or what yet. Just taking one day at a time. So keep her in your prayers and my friend. She might end up having to take care of her and her little baby girl for the rest of her life! So sad! Thanks!:neutrals:

5.27.08, 11:03 PM
Oh Julie...we talked about this earlier today. So so tragic. I hope and pray that there's no brain damage or paralyzed. So so sad. I'll keep her in prayer.
I've had a lot on my mind too. My mom is having a C.A.T. scan done on her brain tomorrow morning..then after bringing her home..I will go to work. Just not sure how late I'm gonna be. Will call and talk to my bosses in the morning. I'll tell you all more later..but it's basically her forgetting things, falling..etc. Want to rule out a stroke or other problems. I can't stay on here long..and hope I make sense..as I took an ambien CR..and it's made me very groggy. I need to get on to bed. I'll let you all know more later.

5.28.08, 12:35 PM
Well...been home about 30 minutes. My mom had the C.A.T. scan done and she's fine. Just have to wait now for the results. Hope to know something by Friday. Leaving for work soon. Worked it all out at my job. I don't want to go to work..but keeping busy will keep my mind off of worrying so much. How's Susan's daughter Julie? I'm praying for her.

5.29.08, 2:45 AM
Hi there. So sorry to hear about all your bad news. Julie I am keeping your friend in my prayers .
Dragonmom, hope your Mom feeling okay, will pray for her also.
Take care

5.29.08, 10:09 PM
Thanks so much Lynjay. I owe you an email..sorry. So behind on things.

5.30.08, 1:53 PM
Thanks Dragsy and Lynjay for your prayers for my friend and her daughter. She had a trachiatomy done and is breathing now on her own. But still can't do much else. We are hoping it's just brain swelling causing this damage. But won't know for sure for awhile. Pray God's hand will touch her and heal her quickly and my friend and her family can remain strong for her daughters sake! Thanks! :yawner:

6.13.08, 3:52 AM
Hi Julie. Have been praying for your friend and her daughter. Hope all going better for them,keep us informed.

On a lighter note, you seem a lot more settled now in your jobs, etc. You definitely lead a very hectic life.......wow, way too much energy girl!
As you may have noticed, my hubby is now in New Zealand and working on a Dairy Farm. Unfortunately we have come to the realisation that, for the kids sakes, we really have to leave Africa. Anyway, he is loving it there and, although coms are pretty bleak at the moment, we keep in touch. Have actually got the kids into good ole fashioned letter writing now, I always find it nicer to receive a handwritten letter than a computer generated one. He should receive his first 'letters' from us soon and hope he will enjoy them. I, in the meantime, am busy trying to sell up things here and get organised to move on. Have also been standing in for teachers who are absent at the school here, earns a little bit of extra cash. It's quite fun actually, and gives me the chance to see what is happening in the school also.
Will try and stay more in touch with what's happening.
Take care and keep smiling

6.13.08, 10:34 PM
Lynne..you are one busy lady right now..trying to get ready for you and the girls to move too. I know your husband looks forward to the letters. They will mean so much to him..and I know you look forward to his too! Julie..how's the new job working out? Haven't heard from you lately on that. Hope all's going good. Well...I won't be around much this coming week..till late Friday or maybe next Sat. We leave Sunday for Gulf Shores Alabama with the grandsons..for five days! So ready to get away for a while!