View Full Version : Some upgrades are happening

5.21.08, 6:09 PM
Just a warning... I'm getting ready to do some upgrades to the board software. There shouldnt be any down time, but you are apt to see some weirdnessess. With any luch, all will be over by the time anyone reads this. But, if you see anything sort of off over the next few days and it doesn't go away, please let me know, either a post here or an email. I will be shocked if I haven't missed a gillion details.

Thanks, and hold on to your hat.

5.22.08, 9:48 AM
What version of vBulletin are you running Annie? I don't see it listed at the bottom of the board.

5.22.08, 12:32 PM
Just upped to 3.7. And by just, I mean I've been going through code for it for about a month or so. So far, no disasters. Though the quick reply type is giving me BIG BOLD letters in the editor...