View Full Version : Chelsea needs to be recast

5.21.08, 5:01 PM
So I was thinking about another thread in which people were discussing Chelsea and disliking her character and it finally hit me....they need a recast.

If they are determined to keep her character on the show and devote story time to her, the only way to do that is to recast the character with a different actress. Soaps do that alot..when a character changes in some way..grows more mature, becomes evil, or whatever, they sometimes change the actor to reflect that change. This is a perfect situation for that...cause it seems pretty clear that most people cant stand this Chelsea and all of the efforts of the writers to make her seem more sympathetic and noble are really failing quite miserably.

5.21.08, 6:30 PM
That might work. I can't stand that actress. I cringe every time I see her.

5.21.08, 8:08 PM
she is so hit and miss with me.... a lot more misses but I did like the new haircut at least.