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5.18.08, 6:55 PM
Ethan had been dating Theresa for about 3 years when one day she dissapeared and no one knew what had happened to her. He had asked everyone and did all he could. He feared she was dead. Him and gwen had been together for about a year now but it wasn't the same. This was his life now and it wasn't bad. He had a lot of friends. Gwen was beautiful too.
G: Ethan u looked a million miles away
E: I know sorry honey
G: It alright
E: Um aren't we supposed to meet up with Luis and Sheridan for lunch
G: Yea are u ready to go
E: Yea
They went to the Blue note Sheridan and Luis were there too they were getting married in a few months
G: hey sheridan
S: Gwen hello
G: Hi Luis
L: Hey Gwen nice to see u he kissed her cheek
E: Hey man
L: Hey how are u
E: Alright man thanks
S: Gwen come with me lets go to the restroom I want to talk to u privatley
G: Ok
S: We'll be right back boys
L: Hurry back
S: Don't worry lover I will
Sheridan and Luis have been together for almost 3 yrs>. They went in the restroon
S: I have got the best news
G: Whats that
S: I am pregnant
G: Oh my gosh i am so happy for you
S: I am estatic
G: Does luis know
S: not yet thank god i won't be showing until after the wedding. I want to tell him then
G: Good luck keeping that secret
S: Gwen whats bothering u
G: What do u mean
S: Gwen we have been friends forever tell me
G: Well i feel bad for saying this and all but Ethan is still not over Theresa. I mean i know she disappeared and i have nothing agaist her I know she is luis's sister but when he looks at me i can tell he is thinking about her. Half of the time i don't think he is even looking at me. I don't know if i want a man like that to be second best.
S: gwen look at me. Give him more space. I know its been awhile but still u might feel the same way if I were u. Suggest couseling if it doesn;t get better in awhile. He loves u Gwen. I know he does. If I lost Luis to somebody i would be devastated as well. U and Ethan are perfect
G: Thanks Sheridan
S: What are best friends for. Well lets go out there
G: i will be out there in a sec
S: U want me to wait
G: no go ahead i will be there
S: Ok see u in a few
Sherian closed the door
G: Sheridans right i just need to give it time.
At the table
L: I didn't want to say anything in front of Gwen but u don't look so hot
E: i know i still miss Theresa
L: So do i man but u need to move on. I mean here u got Gwen a beautiful woman just begging for some attention.
E: I know its hard though. Everytime I look at her i see Theresa
L: Ethan maybe u need some counseling
E: Maybe i don't know yur sister was just so important to me and its hard but i am trying.
Sheridan came back to the table
S: Hey lover
L: Hey beautiful (he kissed her)
it took a few minutes but Ethan finally realized gwen wasn't with her
E: Wheres gwen
S: shes still in the bathroom
E: oh ok
gwen came back 5 minutes later
G: I'm back
E: hey baby
he kissed her. gwen was surprised. They ordered and ate and had a good time but it came to an end.
S: So how about next month we do this same time same place
E: Sounds good to me gwen?
G: Sure sounds good
They said there good- byes and Ethan dropped gwen off at home
G: Thanks again for the wonderful night ok
E: Ok she kissed him on the cheek
G: Night
Gwen always invited Ethan up for a drink and he always declined she decided not to ask after her talk with Sherdian
E: What no invite tonight
G: no i figured u would tell me if u wanted too
E: How about coming home with me tonight
G: Really
E: yea what the heck
G: Alright let me go throw a bag together
He went inside with her. She threw some clothes in a bag, a brush, some makeup, and a toothbrush
G: ok ready
E: ok
Then Ethan took her in his arms and kissed her. He wanted to try a little harder
G: What was that for?
E: nothing i have more where that came from
When they got to his house they made love and went to bed. gwen was so happy with the way Ethan was acting. She knew when they made love he still saw Theresa. Ethan dremt of Theresa that night but gwen was still happy to be with him. She hoped he would see her one day

5.20.08, 5:26 PM
gwen woke up early the next morning she had to go to work.
G: Goodbye sleepy head
She kissed his forehead and she left. She worked with her mother for a friend of theirs. She was a secertary. her mother filed all day for Gwen but in the same room. She got to work and walked into her office with a smile
R: Good morning u look happy
G: Yea i am
R: Were u with Ethan i tired to call and u didn't answer
G: yea i was a bit preoccupied
R: I see
They worked and at noon her mother went and got them both some lunch and at her mother came back and they ate and the phone rang and 1 and gwen answered
G: hello Barbra's spa and club
E: Hello may i make an appointment do u massages
G: Yes we do
E: Do u do them
G: No Ethan
E: Oh well then nevermind how do u know my name
G: I know everything
E: Very funny i wanted to call and see if u wanted to eat dinner together tonight
G: Sure i always love to see you
E: ok well come over to my house about 7.
G: Sounds good
E: Alright bye beautiful
G: bye
R: oh are u going to see Ethan tonight
G: Yes i am
R: he still hasn't said he loved u yet
G: no he is still not over Theresa i don't want to push him
R: maybe he doesn't like you
G: oh mother he likes me alright
R: Well he better start moving somewhere with this u don't want to be like this forever
G: Mother i know that alright please let this drop it
R: ok ok i just thought u didn't think of that
G: I do a lot mother and it makes me sad thats why i mean Sheridan is already pregant and her and Luis are moving on and i know that Ethan loved Theresa and i have only met her a couple times but Luis is moving on Ethan needs to too.
R: Sheridan's pregant
G: Yes mother but don't go blabbing yur mouth Luis doesn't know and he is not going to until his wedding night. Sheridan wants to surprise him
R: I am not a blabber mouth
She looked at her mom and laughed. After work she called Ethan. Then she showered and changed and headed over there. She knocked on the door.
E: hello gwen its nice to see you
G: Its nice to see you too
E: u look great
G: Thanks and u do too
They walked into the kitchen and the kitchen was beautifully decorated.
G: Ethan oh my god this is great
E: yea and dinners almost ready
They sat down at the table and Ethan served her a plate if what he cooked and they drank wine and ate.
G: Ethan dinner was great and the kitchen is beautiful
E: The nights not over yet
G: its isn't is it
E: Come on
He took her hands and led her upstairs and on the bed. She lied down.
E: hold on let me get a condom
G: Alright I'll wait
Gwen undressed and then she undressed Ethan. He was kissing her neck when he whispered
E: i love you Gwen
She stopped.
G: What did i just say?
E: I said i love u is that a bad thing
G: no i just thought i would never hear that
E: What do u mean
G: Well with u missing Theresa so much i thought u would never be able to move on.
E: i think its time i did don't you
G: Yes i agree and i love you soo much Ethan
E: I love you too
Then they continued making love. She spent the night and had the day off. She woke Ethan up and had a quickie before they went to work. Then she called Sheridan
G: Sheridan you are never going to believe what happened to me
S: What
G: Ethan told me he loves me
S: oh my gosh are u serious
G: yes i am serious
S: Where are u
G: Over at Ethan's i have been spending the night here
S: I think he's moving on
G: Thats what he told me when we were you know
S: Gwen seriously
G: What
S: nothing u want to meet for lunch
G: Yea sure why not
S: Um where
G: Why don't we go to the blue note
S: Sure
They met at the blue note
G: Hello u look great how do u feel
S: I still have morning sickness thank god the wedding is in two weeks. I cannot wait to tell Luis he will be so happy.
G: i know he will be
S: So about u and Ethan
G: What he told me he loved me
S: Well did u tell him back
G: Duh
They ate lunch and she went to see Ethan at work
G: Hello handsome
E: Gwen what are u doing here
G: I wanted to see you are u busy
E: I am never to busy for you. I love you
G: i love you too Ethan
Gwen got up and locked his door and sat on his lap and kissed him
E: Gwen ot here
G: Yes Ethan u told me u have did it before
E: True I have
He kissed her passionately. Then he cleared the desk and lied her down and they made love and whispered that they did love each other.

5.22.08, 3:21 PM

I like reading your stories, but it would be a huge help if you could use proper punctuation and spelling. The slang words aren't as hard as the lack of punctuation.

But otherwise, I enjoy them!

5.22.08, 10:17 PM

It was the day of Luis and Sheridan's wedding. Gwen was the maid of honor and Ethan was the best man. Gwen and Sheridan were in the dressing room with the bridesmaids.

G: Are u excited
S: Yes i can't wait. I can't wait to tell Luis I am pregant
G: He will be happy
S: i hope so
The preacher came to the door
P: Sheridan are u adn the girls ready
S; yes we are
They walked down the aisle. Sheridan walked with her father. The wedding took about 45 minutes and they got pictures taken and got into the limo. Luis passed the beer around
L: Sheridan u get the first one
She glanced at gwen
S: No its ok i want to be sober for the wedding
L: Alright
Everyone else had one and they finally arrived at the reception. Sheridan and her dad danced first
S: Daddy i love u
A: I love u too baby
S: So how does it feel to be giving me away
A: U know somehow i knew u would marry luis
Then the song ended. her and Luis danced
L: Hey there beautiful
S: Oh luis i love you and now were finally married
L: Yep and now we can start a family
S: yea how soon do u want one
L: Well I thought we could get started tonight
S: Sounds good to me
The song ended and everyone got out and danced. Ethan and gwen were out there and Sheridan danced with Ethan and Luis danced with Gwen
S: So ethan how are u and gwen
E: Good at least i think so
S: u know Gwen is worried u will never move on form Theresa
E: Well gwen has no hard feelings she has never even met Theresa
S: i know but u need to move on with gwen and make a life with her she is beautiful and she loves you
E: i know Sheridan geez get off my case I told her i love her what more do u want?
S: I want gwen to feel loved she is a special girl shes my best friend also
Back to Luis and gwen
G: So are u happy u married Sheridan
L: of course hows ethan by the way
G: Alright i guess i am really sorry about yur sis thats got to suck
L: yea it pretty much does but i am over it theres not much anyone can do
G: I know i just don't want to be second best to Ethan
L: I know u don't give it time
G: Thats all i seem to be giving
Sheridan and luis danced and so did Gwen and Ethan. At 2 everyone decided to leave it was getting late. Gwen and Ethan went home together.
L: U ready to go to the hotel
G: Yea i am
L: Ok Mrs. Luis Lopez fitz gerald
S: Thats sounds nice
L: Doesn't it
They got to the the hotel and Luis carried Sheridan through the door.
L: So ma'am should we get some drinks or start making kids.
S: Luis sit down
L: Uh oh i hate when things start out like this
S: I don't know if this will make u happy or not
L: Ok keep going
S: I'm pregant
There was silence and Luis didn't say anything
S: Luis
L: Oh my gosh this is great a little unexpected but i could not be happier
he picked her up and twirled her around
L: How far along
S: A month
L: How did u keep it a secret
S: i wasn't that far and i wanted to wait for our wedding night
L: I know but i am going to be a father
S: I know
They made love as soon as she got the words i know out. He was estatic and so was she
At Ethans apartment
G: Well i am going to get changed and then we can go to bed
E: Ok
Gwen changed and came out in a sexy nighty
E: Gwen wow u look great
G: Thanks
She kissed Ethan. Ethan pulled away
E: u know i love u right
G: Yea otherwise u wouldn't have told me that
E: i know but do u really know
G: Yes Ethan i do and I Love you with all my heart
E: ok well i wanted to make sure
G: Ethan i just don't want to be second best with Theresa u move at whatever pace u need to
E: ok well i guess then that the pace we are moving is fine
G: We have our whole lives together
E: yes i know
G: ok so lets not waste it by being worried alright u love me and I love you thats all there is to it
E: I have a question
G: Whats that
E: Do u want to go to therapy with me so i can move on
G: Sure lets make an appointment tomorrow
They made love and gwen was happy Ethan was finally being able to move on and take some action instead of just saying it

5.22.08, 10:52 PM

Ethan got up early and made an appoitnment for the afternoon. Gwen woke up about 8 and saw Ethan wasn't in bed and found him in the kitchen eating

G: Hey why are u up so early
E: oh hey i made an appointment for this afternoon
G: oh i have to work but my mom might be able to cover for me
She called work and her mom told her to take the day off and they left for therapy at that day at about 12:30. It was scheduled for one. The counsler they met with was Whitney.
W: Come in you to
They introduced themselves and started the counseling
W: ok whats going on
E: Well i met this girl named Therea awhile ago. I loved her a lot. Well she dissapeared one day and no one knows what happened to her. Well then i met gwen and we are dating but i can't seem to move forward. We have been dating one year and i just told her i loved her a couple of weeks ago. I want to move on but i still think about this other woman
W: Ok Gwen anything u would like to add
G: I know Ethan's past with this woman. I do not want to be second best and sometimes when he looks at me i know he is thinking about her. I love him so much and i hate to see him hurthing
W: ok ok Ethan don't forget this other woman but she is gone its been awhile u can love her but u also need to go on with yur life. Do u think she would want u unhappy
E: no ma'am i don't
W: I know this woman if she loved u would want u to be happy. next time u come Ethan don't bring Gwen. Sorry hun we should talk privatley that way u can say things u don't want to say in front of her. So come back next week alone and then Gwen can come after that.
They all agreed and Ethan was to come alone next week. They all left feeling much better. Sorry so short

5.23.08, 8:41 PM

Ethan went the next week by himself.

E: So why did u want me to come alone
W: I want to know everything about this Theresa girl. How u two met about u and ms....
E: Hotchkiss
W: Alright so are u ready
E: Yea ok (he took a deep breath) Well Theresa's mother Pilar used to work for my mother. See my mother and father at least i thought he was my father. See my mom made love to my father on her wedding night. So i was his son. Juilan Crane is who i thought was my father. he treated me badly after he found out but Theresa found out and bc my mom told pilar and well she doesn't keep secrets from her daughter. I got a little upset but anyways how i met Theresa. Well her mother like i said worked for us. Theresa would come by and see her. My mom needed a secertary and Theresa was looking for a job. Pilar was a hard worker and Theresa was Pilar's daughter and she hired Theresa bc of Pilar. Well i was home a lot and Theresa worked close to me. We talked a lot and started to hang out. Well i just fell for her. Well we got engaged and we were going to get married. She was everything I wanted in a girl. She was beautiful and we were going to move in after we got married. Well one morning i was going to work. Theresa and I both worked at the same place. Well sometimes i took her to work and sometimes she took her mom places or her brother Luis took her to work. Luis is my best friend. So u know she never called and i waited and i got worried so i called Luis and he said she took her mom to the doctor. She never showed. I put out a search for her but no such luck. They stopped the search and prounounced her dead.
W: Wow thats quite a story.
E: yea and its hard from time to time
W: So ms. Hotchkiness do u see anything long term with her
E: Well i want things to progress but i can't get over Theresa i want to propose but i feel like i would be cheating
W: how did u meet Ms. Hotckiness
E: Well my mom wanted me to go to the country club. She was still allowed there after her and Julian divorced so her and my dad could be together. I didn't want to go but i went for my mom. Anyways Gwen and her mom are rich. They were new in town. So my mom introuduced us and i asked gwen how she liked the club. We got to talking and told me she was trying to find someone to show her around. I agreed to. We hung out every once in awhile and we just got to be friends. She told me she liked me and i told her about Theresa. She told me that we could take things slow. She is beautiful i thought that from the first time i saw her. But i finally asked her out and we have been taking things slow. We have been dating for almost 2 years and i just not told her i love her.
W: ok so why did u ask her out if u felt yur betraying Theresa
E: bc its just dating we are not engaged. Engagment is a big deal.
W: ok well i suggest u and gwen go place u and Theresa went and make new memories. U can love Theresa but u can let her go to and move on people do that. Like i said before do u think she would want u to be unhappy
E: no not at all
W: Well try to make new memories with Gwen it may take time and it may be painful but u can do it
E: Thanks
W: Well we need to end this session and i will see u next week. U can bring gwen this time too
Ethan left and called gwen
G: Hi ethan whats up
E: Nothing just got out of my session
G: So how did it go
E: Good would u like to go out tonight
G: Sure i would love too
E: Ok i want to take u someplace the counsler suggested
G: Where
E: Where Theresa and I went on our first date
G: Ethan i really don't want to go there u know i think u don't need those memories
E: The counsler said it was a good idea
G: Alright
She left and went home to get ready. She really didn't want to go. Ethan picked her up and they left. They got there and Ethan already had a seat reserved
Waiter: What can i get for you
E: Um i would like a beer
G: A martini please
The waiter left
G: So Ethan why are we here
E: Well i think I need to face my old ghosts and with you i can do that
G: Alright well this is nice
They ordered food
E: Do u want to dance
G: I guess so
They started dancing
E: Gwen are u mad
G: A little ethan I know while were here yur thinking about her
E: Well Gwen she said it would be a good idea
G: I don't know ethan it doesn't fel right
E: Do u want to leave
G: Yea actually
E: ok
The waited boxed up the food and they took it to his house
E: Gwen i don't understand
G: What
E: U want me to get over her but i can't if yur not willing to try
G: Ethan i don't want u to be thinking about her while were there
E: I can't help it
G: Well maybe counseling isn't helping
E: Gwen i think about her even if we wouldn't have been there. I think about her all the time
G: Ethan i can't do this i can't compete with her and its tearing me apart. Call me if u ever get over her but right now its not fair to me or you. So i gotta go. (She slammed the door and went home)
Sorry if my grammer isn't correct i am not good at that

5.23.08, 11:47 PM
Your stories are really cute though, incorporating some of the existing storylines and just rearranging them in this one. Especially how he meets Theresa first, and Gwen later.

5.23.08, 11:52 PM

Ethan sat down and looked at the door Gwen walked out of. gwen walked into her house
R: Gwen yur home early
G: Yes i broke up with Ethan
R: Why
G: His stupid counsler told him that she thought it would be a good idea to go to the places him and Theresa were and make new memories with me and he was thinking about her.I will not be second best mother i won't
R: oh gwen i am so sorry but u love Ethan give it time. Besides he is amazing looking and he will take care of u
G: I don't want to give it time either he wants me or he doesn't. Looks aren't everything
The doorbell rang
R: I will get the door
Rebecca opened the door
R: Ethan hello come in
E: Thanks is Gwen here
R: yes gwen
G: I don't want to talk to u ethan
R: Gwen come here don't be rude. Stay here let me get her
G: Mother no i have nothing to say
R: Its a silly fight
There was another knock
R: Ethan (rebecca yelled) Just open up the door
Ethan opened the door
E: Sheridan
S: hey i came to see Gwen
G: Sheridan i am back here
S: Gwen whys ethan waitng by the door
G: I broke up with him
S: What
R: Maybe u can talk some sense into her
S: Ok whats going on
G: Well his stupid counsler thought it would be a good idea for ethan to face his old ghosts and go places with me where him and Theresa went so we did and he was thinking about her and i will not be second best to her i can't
S: gwen at least he is trying to get help bc he wants to move on with you. Listen i think u need to go and see what he is dealing with give it another try please he wants to be with you thats why he did this. Let him tell u what happened
G: ok i will
S: good
G: Did u come here with something to tell me
S: Yes i told Luis and he was happy
G: oh Sheridan i am happy for u
S: Me too now please give Ethan a chance maybe if he opens up to you it might bring u two closer
G: Alright
She finds Ethan in the kitchen with her mom
G: Ethan if u want to try and work things out lets go abck to that resturant
E: really?
G: Yes let me change and we can go
She leaves
E: Sheridan what did u say to her
S: i just told her to give u another try and that she should of at least listened to what u had to say
E: Thank how can i repay u
S: just take care of her
E: No problem
Gwen came downstairs with an open mind and they left. They got there and Gwen ordered water and Ethan ordered a pop.
E: ok Gwen now i took Theresa here for our first date
G: Ok so what did u two do
E: Well we ordered food and talked and she asked me to dance
G: She sounds bold
E: Theresa was
They ordered and ate and talked about work and how he was sorry
E: gwen the counsler wants u to come back with me next time
G: Well i guess it couldn't hurt
E: Do you want to work things out with me or not
G: Yes i do but i can't be Theresa replacement i have my pride
E: i know u do we can go to the counsler and maybe she can help us
G: Ok
E: So were still not good
G: I don't know ethan if i can do this unless you are over her
E: ok i can deal with that. U want to dance
G: Yea i guess so
They went on the dance floor
E: U know this doesn't hurt so bad
G: Are u just saying that to make me feel better
E: no even though we are fighting i am having a good time
G: Really
E: Yes it feels like a huge weight being lifted off my shoulders.
They went to the counsler next week on Monday. Gwen was trying to get over how he treated her but she was still having a hard time
W: Hello u two its nice to see you
G: hello
E: Hey um ok i went and took Gwen to a resturant with me but we ended up fighting we are not alright
W: ok whats going on
G: Ok i didn't think it was a good idea to but we went adn he was thinking about u know
W: Well i was hoping u two would talk about her it might ease some of his pain
E: I felt a huge boulder lifting off my shoulders just being with gwen. Even though we were fighting i was happy. I think i am getting over her
W: Well not that fast but we are making progress
E: Gwen please fogive me
W: Gwen what is upsetting u the most
G: I will not be second best to her
W: Gwen she's gone and Ethan is trying do u love him
G: Of course more than i can say. I have never felt this way before. Ok ethan i fogive u
E: Thanks you god i love you
W: Well this session is over u two come back next week
They left and went home and had dinner and made love

5.25.08, 12:00 AM
Gwen and Ethan kept going to counseling together. Ethan seemed like he wasn't feeling as depressed as he used to be. It was a year and 2 months that gwen and Ethan were dating when the counsler finally released Ethan and said he was doing fine.
W. I wish u the best of luck. You and Gwen will be fine but if u need me don't hestitate to call me
E: Thanks Whitney
G: Yes thanks we have never been happier
They left together hand in hand
G: Honey i am so proud of you
E: Well i couldn't have done this without u gwen I love you so much
G: oh ethan i love you too
E: Hey u gotta work tomorrow
G: Yes i do
E: ok well I will drop u off later tonght
Ethan took Gwen out of town to his favorite resturant
G: How did u learn about this resturant
E: Juilian he used to take my mom and me here it was great
G: This is really nice
They ordered wine and talked about how they loved each other. Then they left and Ethan told her they were going some place special
G: Ethan i thought this was special
E: I thought we would take a ferry ride
They were by the water and a ferry apperead
G: Ethan how did u do this
E: I know the guy. Hey Paul thanks again
P: Anything for you Ethan. Don't mind me i am not even here
E: We are going to go up top
P: Ok have fun
Ethan helped gwen up the stairs and they sat on the beches at the top
G: oh its such a beautiful
E: Not as beautiful as you
G: oh please Ethan this is yur night you are finally out of counseling this is a great thing
E: i know i know gwen but u and i things just moved so slow we need to get back on track
G: Ethan don't rush yur self ok
E: ok
They both were quiet for awhile taking in the sites and just enjoying the beautiful night. The boat finally came to a stop
E: ok come on i have one more surprise for you
G: Another one yur spoiling me
E: U deserve it then i promise you we will go home
A horse and carriage was going to take them back to their car
G: Oh ethan when did u plan all this
E: i have my contacts. Thanks again Nate
N: no problem Ethan yur the man
E: So are u
Ethan held Gwen close and kissed her often and they arrived back at the car half and hour later.
G: Gosh i don't want the night to end
E: Me either well i am going to take u home
G: i would love to come home with you
E: Yea i know
Ethan drove her home.
E: Ok i will call u tomorrow
G: ok sweetheart (She kissed him)
He kissed her back passionately
G: if u keep kissing me like that i don't think i will make it home.
E: I'll see you tomorrow get some sleep
Gwen went home and slept really well and she got up at 8 to go into work. gwen and her mother walked in together. They got into her office and Rebecca closed the door.
R: Gwen what are u so happy about
G: Ethan he is great
R: oh really
G: Yea
Then the phone rang and gwen answered
G: Barbra's spa
L: Gwen its Luis
G: Luis hey whats going on
L: Sheridan needs u shes in labor
G: oh my god she's having the baby
L: yea i called Ethan hes on his way to pick u up
G: ok thanks (she hung up)
R: Sheridan is having the baby
G: yea
R: I'll cover for you ok
G: Ok see ya later
Ethan was there by the time Gwen got outside
G: Thanks ethan
E: Don't worry lets go
They got to the hospital in 20 minutes. Gwen rushed to find Luis.
G: How is she
L: She wants her best friend
Gwen rushed in the room
S: gwen yur here
G: Honey how are u
S: oh i'm in pain
G: i know but just think yur having the baby
S: yea oh here come another one
G: Sheridan breathe
They did their breathing gwen coached a couple of her friends where she used to live who didn't haev husbands. It passed. Most of the afternoon went like this. Until the doctor came in
Dr: Ok Sheridan yur ready
S: not without Luis
G: Luis
L: I'm here we'll see you in a little while
gwen went into the waiting room with Ethan
G: Oh wow she will have an easy birth
E: How do u know so much about babies
G: my friends where i was from before had babies and they didn't have husbands and i helped them
E: I didn't know that
G: Yea most people don't
An hour later Sheridan had her baby. Luis came out
L: Hes here little Marty
G: Thats his name
L: Yea u can come in and see him
they both went into the room. Gwen got to hold him first
G: Hes so tiny hey little guy
She handed him to Ethan
E: hey buddy
He handed him back to Sheridan
S: We want u two to be the god parents
G: really
S: Yea do u except
G: I know i do
E: Of course
They visited for another half and hour and let Sheridan get some sleep. gwen promised to call her in two days so they could get settled with the baby
G: ok so i guess we can go home now
E: I had other plans for tonight they are little bit later but we can still do it
G: Yea i don't work tomorrow anyways
E: ok come with me
G: alright
Ethan took her to another out of town place. It wasn't a resturant it looked like a place to have a graduation
G: Ethan why are we here for
E: Come on I have a surprise
He took her hand and flipped some switches and they went inside. The place was dimly lit with some candles and soft music and chamapane
G: Ethan this beautiful whats this for?
E: gwen i have waited a little too long to do this bc i was stupid. (he got on one knee) Will u marry me
G: Ethan i want to are u sure yur ok i don't want to be second best
E: yur not going to be
G: Yes ethan i will marry you
He slipped the ring on her finger and kissed her. gwen pulled away
G: Ethan this is beautiful
She threw her arms aroung him. She called her mom and Sheridan they were both happy for her. That night they made love
E: gwen lets not use a condom tonight i want to make babies with u
G: ok Ethan i think thats a good idea
They made love and it felt right and like it was meant to be

5.26.08, 9:28 PM

The next morning they got up and they both went to show her mom her ring. Her mom was estatic
R: oh Gwennie i am so happy for you. Ethan come here and give me a hug son in law
E: ok
G: Mom let him breathe
R: Sorry its just i am so excited
G: I know me too
She smiled at Ethan
G: Now mom we can't stay long we have to make two more stops but i will see u maybe tomorrow
R: ok u two have fun
They left and headed for Sheridan's house. They knocked and Luis answered and he looked exhausted
L: Hey u two
E: Gosh Luis u look tired
L: Yea the baby kept the two of us up last night
G: Is sheridan sleeping
S: no but shes in bed resting
G: Can i see her
L: Yea
She goes into her room
S: oh Gwen come on in but whisper the baby is sleeping
G: I can't stay too long i wanted to show u my ring
S: Gosh Gwen its gougeous
G: Listen i know u just had the baby the wedding date is a year from now and..
S: gwen of course i will be yur maid of honor I don't care if i just had the baby i want to be yur maid of honor.
G: oh thank you
S: no problem
Then the baby started crying
S: oh geez
G: no let me
Gwen grabbed the baby and Luis brought a bottle in and let gwen feed it. It drank all it could and went back to sleep
E: gwen yur good with kids. At least you know how to take care of kids and you'll be good with ours when we have one
G: yea I will be
She handed the baby to Ethan and then a few minutes later they were headed to Pilar's house. Ethan wanted to tell her considering she was Theresa's mother and she felt like a secong mom to him
G: honey are u sure u don't want to go in alone
E: no your coming with me
They knocked and Pilar answered
P: Ethan Gwen this is a nice surprise
E: Yea i know we can't stay too long though
Gwen looked at him and they went inside
P: Well what brings u two by
E: Pilar i have some news
P: Ok what is it
E: Gwen and i have decided to get married in a year
P: Well.. I think thats great
E: really
P: Why yes Theresa is gone and she isn't coming back and she would want u to be happy and gwen is a great girl
G: Thanks Pilar
P: Yur welcome
E: We just wanted to tell u that and that u will be getting an invite
P: Why thanks
E: Well me and Gwen have to go but i wanted to tell u that in person
P: Well i am glad u did and u two are always welcome here
They both kissed Pilar good bye and left
G: Ethan where are we going
E: You'll see
G: Another surprise
E: Hey baby i am full of surprises
They drove about 20 minutes and Ethan stopped at a gigantic house and he stopped the car
E: We're here
G: What is this place
E: Well i was looking online and i found this and i thought this was beautiful. It has a spacious yard for our kids,a pool, and a bunch of bedrooms.
Just then another car pulled up. It was the realotor.
R: Hi my name is Maggie
E: Hi Maggie I am Ethan and this is my fiance Gwen
G: Hello maggie
They went into the hose to look around. The first floor had a huge living room, a kitchen, a dining room, and two bathrooms. The upstairs had 3 bedrooms and another bedroom which was the master bedroom. It had a bathroom in there and a bathroom in the hallway.It had a jacuzi in the master bedroom.
M: Well what do u two think
Gwen looked at Ethan with wide eyes. He laughed
E: Well i can tell she likes it. I know I do. So Gwen
G: I love it
E: We'll take it. Just tell me who to make the check out to
Ethan wrote the check and handed it to her
M: ok u two will be very happy here
G: Oh Ethan this is great
E: Yea i know
They decided to move in tomorrow. The next morning Ethan got a truck and gwen got her stuff told her mom and Sheridan and they moved their stuff in. Luis, Miguel, and Noah helped mover their things in. They had their new house together at about 8 at night. There were still some things to unpack but they would do that later.That night they were lying in bed.
E: Gwen
G: Yes Ethan
E: Listen i know u like yur job but i was going to run this by u if u don't want to work u don't have to. I make enough money to support us.
G: Well i could quit and if i get bored i could always go back and help my mom or go in one day if i get bored
E: U could do that
G: That sounds good. She would call work tomorrow. She was too content with the house right now.

5.28.08, 9:28 PM

The next morning gwen got up early and called her office and her mom answered
R: Barbra's
G: Mom its me gwen
R: Sweetheart yur late
G: Mom Ethan gave me the option not to work and i took it. I may come in once in awhile but i don't want to right now. U can handle it. You can answer the phone and file
R: yea i guess let me transfer u to Barb yur telling her yurself
gwen waited a few minutes until she got on the line
B: This is Barb
G: hello Barb
B: Gwen hello sweetie what can i do for you
G: Well i talked it over with my mom i am not going to be working for you right now. Not that i didn't enjoy it but my husband gave me the option. My mom said she could do it. Is that alright. I may come in every once in awhile.
B: Well sure Gwen if thats what u really want
G: Yea it is
B: Alright sweetie well take it easy
G: ok barb thanks
She hung up smiling. She was up so she got in the shower and was looking in the phonebook for a good cater when Ethan came out
G: Well don't u look handsome
E: U look good did u call yur office
G: Yea they said that was fine
E: What are u doing
G: looking for a cater
E: Oh well i found one
G: When
E: I'm Ethan Winthrop a friend owes me
G: oh ok. Well is it ok if me and Sheridan plan the rest
E: yea just don't hire a photographer i found one too
G: Alright but nothing else
Ethan went to the office and gwen decided to call some of her friends. She wanted three bridesmaids and the maid of honor. She decided on Christy, samantha, and Grace. Three girls which were her closest friends in her sorority. They all excepted and decided they would fly down that night. The girls would stay at her mom's. The months flew by and the wedding was coming along great. Gwen had a beautiful wedding dress and plans were coming along perfectly. It was the night before the wedding and the girls came down and Sheridan came over early.
G: Hi girls
They all hugged gwen
C: Gwen u look great
S: Gwen we miss you
G: You look happy
G: Thanks girls this is my friend Sheridan
They all said hi to her. Sheridan pulled gwen aside
S: gwen i wanted to tell u first i'm pregnat
G: Again?
S: Luis and i can't get enough of each other. I am going to tell him tonight at the wedding
G: Guess what i am too
S: oh my god really
G: Yea i am like 6 weeks but i am going to wait until we get back to tell him
S: Congrats
She was going to tell eevryone else when they were at her moms. Ethan was having the guys over in about an hour. Luis was going to be his best man. Then he had miguel, noah, and one of his faternity brothers nate. The girls all left and Ethan went to Pilars
P: Ethan what are u doing here Luis and Miguel are getting a couple things and will be over there soon
E: Pilar are u really ok with this
P: Ethan i want u to be happy and i know Theresa would want u to be too
E: I know but tomorrow is going to be hard on me
P: Why Ethan
E: Just because its just going to seem like it would be Theresa and me
P: Well are u sure u should be marrying Gwen
E: Yes Pilar i love gwen and she is a great girl
P: Ethan let me tell u something no matter how much i love you and i wanted u and my daughter to be together i am going to support you and nothing will change that. gwen is beautful and she is so sweet and had a forgiving heart. gwen is the best thing i think that has happened to u since Theresa
E: I will always love Theresa
P: I know but u have enough love in yur heart to give away. I know gwen loves you be happy that yur marrying her
E: I am happy about that. I feel better since we talked
P: Good i am glad
E: Yur always so smart Pilar yur like a second mother to me
P: Ethan yur just like a son to me. Gwen's a good girl yur a lucky man
E: yea i belive that
Ethan left feeling better. he had a great time at his bachlor party and he was excited to be marrying Gwen.

5.30.08, 10:32 PM

The girls woke up early the next morning. they all went to get their hair done. After that they went and had lunch at her moms. Then they all went to the church in a limo. Her mom was going to bring the dresses. Her mom brought the dresses and they were getting dressed.
S: gwen do u want me to do yur makeup
G Um actually i hired someone so she can do it. She will be here in a few.
S: oh ok
G: She will do everyones.
Gwen got in her bag and put on the beautiful necklace Ethan had gotten her. Then there was a knock
G: Who is it?
M: Its me Misty (the girl she hired to do her makeup)
G: Come in
She opened the door and her mom was behind her
R: Hey sweetheart i will have Rusty walk u down the aisle
G: oh ok
R: Alright i need to go before they start seating everyone
She left
S: Who's rusty?
G: My mom's boyfriend
her dad left her and her mom a long time ago and they haven't heard from him. Gwen sent him a invitaion but she guessed he didn't show.
G: I sent him an invite but i guess he doesn't want part in my wedding.
S: Its alright gwen
G: Yea ok lets start on my makeup
Misty did her makeup and did the other womens makeup and there was a kncok. It was the preacher
P: Gwen are ru ready
G: Yea
They left the room and went to where they lined up. Then a man took her arm and it wasn't rusty it was her dad
G: Daddy yur here
J: Yes sweetie i am
She hugged him and her mom and Rusty were smiling
J: My baby is getting married I would not miss this for anything
Her father gave her away and gave her to Ethan. They said their vows. The cermony lasted about an hour and they then went to the reception and got into the limo to get their. At the reception she danced with her father and they talked
G: Dad am i ever going to see u again
J: Yes i will write down my number for you and u can come and see me whenever u want
G: Good
Then Ethan and gwen danced
E: Finally i get to see my wife
G: Gosh that feels great to hear u say
He kissed her
Gwen and Ethan mingled and danced. Gwen got her dad's number and then Ethan said i think we should go. They said good-bye went to get their clothes and Ethan went to call the jet and he had a voicemail. He listened to it and sat down on and chair and said
E: Oh my god
G: Honey who is it
E: Its.. its..
he handed Gwen his phone. It was Theresa. She told him that she was alive and needed him to pick her up and she would tell him what had happened to her.
E: Gwen
G: I know lets go get her
E: Get Luis i want him to come
They got Luis and Sheridan he listened to the message and they left. It was about an hour drive. They got in Luis's car and left.
E; Gwen i am sorry about the honeymoon we will go tomorrow night. Its ok Ethan i understand
She looked worrited i mean this was his girlfriend he couldn't get over before he married Gwen. Sheridan squeezed her hand. They fianlly arrived and Ethan got out and Theresa ran to him. gwen took a good look at her. She was beautiful. She had long beautiful brown hair and she was skinny.
T: God Ethan it is great to see you. Luis and Sheridan
She looked at Gwen and said
T: Who's this
E: This is my wife
T: What are u talking about
E: Today was my wedding day. I am in a tux
T: Ethan how could u do this to me. I was kidnapped by a crazy woman and u go and get married
E: What do u mean u were kidnappeed
T: Well after i dropped off mama at the doctors a lady came up and we were talking and she drugged me and kidnapped me. I couldn't get away nothing until a couple weeks ago they caught her but i had to find a way back and i did
E: Theresa why would she do that she doesn't know u
T: I don't know she's crazy.
T: I can't believe u though how stupid could u be getting married. So u gave up on us
E: Yea i moved on and its not my fault. I thought u were dead.
T: Thats not an excuse
E: Theresa its late i just want to get u home its an hour drive from here. Your mom will want to see you
They got into the car and Theresa gave Gwen an evil glare but got in. They drove back to Harmony. Theresa fell asleep. Gwen felt sick she wanted to go home
G: Ethan i am going home
E: Just wait I am going to carry Theresa in to Pilar
G: I'll just walk
E: in yur dress
G: Its not that far
She started walking
S: gwen u want me to come with you
G: No
Ethan carried Theresa inside. Luis went into his mom's room
L: Mama u awake
P: Now i am
L: I have a surprise for you
P: What is it
L: Sit up hold on
He went out to where Luis was holding Theresa
L: Sis wake up
They broght her in
P: Dias mio my baby
T: mama
She jumped out of Ethan's arms. The reunion was about as expected. Pilar and Theresa were crying and kissing each other and hugging. Luis and Sheridan decided to spend the night. He went to say good-bye to pilar
E: I gotta go gwen's waiting for me
T: Wait let me walk you out
They went outside
E: Gosh i can't believe yur alive this blows my mind
T: U know while i was gone all i thought about was you
E: Yea i had to go to a counsler bc i couldn't get over you
T: I am sorry that this happened maybe gwen will give u a divorce. So u and i can be together
E: I am not divorcing Gwen i married her i love her alright
T: Fine Ethan u just believe that
E: I do Theresa u need a reality check alright
T: No u do
Then she kissed him and he kissed her back
T: Ethan lets go to my room i want to make love to you
E: Theresa i can;t alright i just got married
T: Your body tells me otherwise. I felt that kiss and all that electricity u want me as much as i want you
She kissed him again. He kissed her and was kissing her neck.
T: Come on lets go
E: Theresa ok wait no i can't
T: Yes
She leaned into kiss him and he backed away
E: no i gotta go and gwen will know i kissed you
He left
When gwen got home she turned on the lights. She was so upset. She was pregnant but that didn't make her happy. She was not going to cry. She learned to be strong and she couldn't help but cry and she couldn't stop. All she could think was she had lost Ethan and that Theresa and him were pry making love. Not that she blamed him. The door opened
E: Gwen honey
G: She went in the bathroom to dry her face
she came out
G: Ethan do u want a divorce so u can be with Theresa.
E: Gwen I married you. Listen i did kiss her tonight but it will never happen again. I told her i married you and i am going to stay with you
G: Ethan don't just stay with me out of duty.
E: Gwen I love you
G: I love you too
He kissed her and they made love that night

5.31.08, 4:03 PM

Ethan got up early and went to work. Gwen woke up to the doorbell ringing. She got up and threw on her robe and went to the door and answered it.
G: Theresa what a nice surprise. Ethan is at work.
T: I am not here to see Ethan I am here to see you
G: Well what for i don't think we have anything to say to each other.
Gwen went up the stairs and Theresa followed
T: Ethan kissed me last night
G: I know Theresa he told me
T: What that doesn't bother you
G: Yes it does but we are married and he said it wouldn't happen again
T: Your a fool if u believed him
G: Theresa if u have come here to insult me just leave
gwen went toward her window
T: No i came here to tell u to give Ethan a divorce
G: I asked him if he wanted one he said no so i am not going to unless he wants one and he doesn't
T: U don't understand he is being nice
Theresa started moving toward Gwen and she backed up
T: U need to let Ethan go he doesn't love you
gwen couldn't go any farther. Theresa took her by the shoulders and pushed her and gwen fell out the window.
Theresa gasped and put her hands over her mouth.
T: Gwen. gwen can u hear me. Oh my god i think she's dead. Gwen landed in the grass but she wasn't moving
T: I gotta get out of here.
Before she left she called 911 and ran. Luis was the one to go and investgate with the ambulance. Gwen was rushed to the hospital and Luis called Ethan.
L: Hey Ethan its me gwen fell out of the window or she was pushed
E: Is she concious
L: Yes she asked what had happened when they took her away
E: Hey thanks buddy i am on the way
When he got there Luis was in the room with her questioning her
L: So if u know what happened why won't u tell me
G: Like i said i don't want to talk about it
E: Hey sweetheart
G: Ethan yur here
E: How are you
Eve: Well shes got a goose egg on her head where she was bleeding.
She had gauze over it
Eve: Please leave i need to examine her
Ethan and Luis left
L: Gwen won't tell me who did this to her she said she knows
E: Well maybe she is waiting for the person to confess by the way where is Theresa
L: I don't know but she wouldn't do this
E: Luis come on
L: My sister may be mean sometimes but she wouldn't resort to this
Just then Theresa came up behind them
E: Well well
L: Theresa tell Ethan u didn't have anything to do with this
T: I did i pushed her. I went over there to try and get her to give u a divorce and things got heated and she was at the window and in my rage i pushed her and then i called 911.
E: Theresa yur pry going to go to jail. gwen will press charges and i wouldn't stop her
T: Well geez Luis why don't u just cuff me
L: Lets wait to talk to her
Eve; Ok u can go in now
They al went in
E: Honey Theresa confessed
T: yea i told them
G: Ok
L: Well r u going to press charges
G: No
E: No why not
G: Bc i pry would have done the same thing so i understand. The only thing i am upset about is that well Ethan i was going to tell u on our wedding night. Then Theresa called and it just wasn't the right time but i was pregant
E: U were
G: Yes but not now of course the baby didn't survive
E: Honey i am so sorry
T: Gwen if i would of known i wouldn't have pushed u
G: yea well whatever
L: Ok well this case is closed. I better get going. gwen i am sorry.
G: Yea me too
E: Theresa maybe u should leave with him
T: No
E: Yes and i will walk u out. Be right back
They left.
E: Theresa just leave you have totured my wife enough and now u killed my child too
T: I didn't know she was pregnant and either did you
E: Oh and that makes it ok. U know i don't know why I am surprised u would do this
T: Oh Ethan geez
E: U know ever since u came back all u have done is cause problems. I want to be with gwen alright and no one is going to change my ming
T: Ethan u can't be serious
E: I am Theresa and as far as i can tell if u ever pull anything like this again I will get Luis to give us a restraing order bc i will not have u putting my wife at risk. U got it
T: Please Ethan u can't u...
E: Theresa do u got that
T: I got it alright
E: Good now i want to spend time with my wife in her time of need go home
Theresa turned and left. She looked back at Ethan with a tear streaked face but he wasn't there
E: Are u ok
G: I guess so
E: Well don't worry we will have more kids
G: I know Ethan
E: U seem upset
G: Well gee what do u think i can't believe the nerve of her
E: I know but don't worry i took care of it
G: I hope so
E: What did Eve say
G: I can go home tomorrow she wants to keep me to be on the safe side.
E: Ok well i will stay here
G: Well can u do one thing for me
E: Yes i can
G: can u go get u and me a change of clothes
E: Yea sure i'll be right back anything else
G: no not really
Once he left the phone rang in her room
G: Hello
S: Gwen how are u
G: I am ok
S: Luis called and told me i wanted to see if u were ok
G: yea i am ok
S: I can't believe Theresa pushed u
G: Yea i know unbelievable
S: Is Ethan there
G: No he went to get me and him a change of clothes he is going to stay here
S: I am sorry about the baby
G: Its ok Ethan said we will have more
S: yea u two can work on that when he comes home. Gwen u sound upset
G: Yes its just well with Theresa coming back and all i am scared
Ethan was outside listening he called someone to send for the clothes
S: Why
G:Wel Ethan i know he wants to be with her
S: Honey he's with you
G: I don't want him with me out of duty u know i want him with me bc he loves me
S: He is and he loves you. This is why he went to couseling
G: Well u know she is going to be hanging around he might give into her. I will grant him his freedom if he wants it.
S: Gwen pull yurself together
G: You know on my wedding night i cried myself to sleep. I don't cry i have learned to be brave. I cried once when my grandma died and thats it.
S: Honey do u want me to come by later. Luis and i. We're going out to dinner but we can stop by
G: Its up to you i am leaving tomorrow
S: I will come by
Just then Ethan came through
G: I gotta go Ethan's here
S: Ok see ya later
G: I thought u were getting clothes
E: I sent for them they should be here soon
Gwen's mom came in
R: Gwen are u ok
G: Mom i am fine
R: Who did this
G: Theresa
R: well she's in jail right
G: No
R: Gwen
G: Mom i know how she feels i might have done the same thing
R: Gwen gwen gwen
her mom stayed for about 2 hours and Sheridan and luis visited. They left when visitng hours ended. They went to sleep. The next morning after Eve checked gwen and said she could go home. Gwen was packing her bag and Ethan was checking her out when Theresa walked in
G: What do u want
T: look i am really sorry ok i wouldn't have pushed u if u were pregant
G: Well u did what u did and its over
T: Look i know yur upset but i wanted to apologize
G: Well u did now go
T: Please Gwen
G: Theresa look u already ruined my honeymoon. pushed me out a window, and killed my unborn baby. U sure know how to make a first impression. Once things get back to normal like Ethan and me having a honeymoon and me being pregnant then i will forgive you. Right now though i don't want to see your face. I know its not right to hold a grudge but this is far beyond that
T: Fair enough
G: get going
She turned to leave. Ethan walked in
E: Gwen I got.... what in the hell
T: Hello
E: gwen i thought i had gotten this taken care of. Did u threaten her again
G: Ethan calm down she didn't ok
E: Good now get going
She left
E: Ok i got u checked out and i got the crane jet fueled and i sent for some things and they are on the jet and we are out of here
G: Really
E: Yes really
G Thank you Ethan this means so much to me
E: We can make a baby when were there
G: I like the way u think Mr. Winthrop
E: Well then lets go Mrs. Winthop
Ethan put his arm around Gwen and she put her head on his shoulder and they walked out of the hospital and into the limo and that drove them to the Crane jet.

6.3.08, 1:28 PM
Ethan and her went to Paris for their honeymoon. They made love every chance they got and went site seeing. They finally had to go home and they were both tan and felt great
E:So do u think were pregnant
G: I don't know we were only gone a week i won't know for a little while yet.
E: ok yea right
When they got home Ethan wanted to go to the office
G: Ethan we just got home
E: Gwen i need to pick up some papers it won't take me that long
G: yea i guess so
E: ok I'll be back
Ethan brought in the suitcases and gwen unpacked. She decided to call Sheridan first
G: Hey i am back
S: Did u have fun
G: Yea i did
S: Thats good so how are u doing
G: Alright it was great not to be interrupted by Theresa all the time
S: I bet so r u
G: I don't know yet we were only gone for a week and we left just after i got pushed out a window
S: Yea
G: This way i can tell Ethan and i got the perfect idea
S: Hows that
G: A romantic dinner
S: Sounds good well Luis and I are going to see his mom I gotta go so talk to ya later
G: yea bye
When Ethan went to the office Luis had sent a request to see him. he called Luis and Luis told him where he was at Pilars
P: Hello Ethan luis is inside
E: Thanks.Hey Luis i got yur request
L: Thank god yur home whats going on
T: Luis yur.. Ethan yur back
E: Hello Theresa
Theresa sat on the couch
L: Well Beth is trying to sue me for child support
E: Crazy beth sue u for child support u two had a baby
L: No she is saying that bc she needs money
T: I can't believe she is doing this
S: She is way outta line she loves Luis and wants him back and she thinks this is the only way
P: Ethan can u help Sheridan and Luis don't need this
E: I agree i will do what i can
L: Good what can u do
E: I will draw up some papers and we can get this things around and clear everything up
L: What do i do about her making me pay
E: Keep paying u will get it back. I better go though
T: Oh Ethan can't u stay and visit
E: I really need to get home to gwen u know we just got back and all
T: PLease
P: Theresa stop alright
E: See ya all later I will call u Luis when I find more out
L: Ok thanks man
E: Yur welcome
Theresa ran up and hugged him and then he left. When he got home Gwen was making dinner and he helped her. A month later sure enough Gwen was pregnant. The night she found out Ethan was at work and she was making dinner. When he got home she said dinners ready Ethan. She couldn't wait
E: Ok let me change
Gwen was sitting at the table
E: Well well whats all this
G: well i have some good news
E: I love good news
he kissed her then the doorbell rang
E: Theresa what are u doing here
T: I Just dropped by to see how u were doing we never get to see each other am i interrupting
E: well Theresa..
G: Hello Theresa u want to join us for dinner since yur already here
T: Oh no i couldn't
G: No i insist
T: Alright
She walked in
E: Gwen are u sure
G: Yes
She dished a plate for Theresa. They were eating when Gwen put her fork down
G: Theresa i was just about to tell Ethan some good news since yur here u can hear it too
E: Oh yea thats right tell me
G: We're going to have a baby
E: we are
G: Yes finally
Ethan got out of his chair and picked Gwen up and kissed her
E: Oh my god this is great. Theresa isn't this great
T: Yea wonderful she said but didn't mean it
E: Its time to celebrate wine
G: None for me
T: Gwen a glass of wine doesn't hurt the bbay
G: no chances for me I will have water
E: Theresa wine
T: Yes please
G: Oh Theresa i have a friend i would like to set u up with
T: No thats ok i don't want to date anyone
G: Ok but if u change yur mind
T: I won;t
G: Geez geez alright
T: Well i need to get going thanks for the nice dinner it was great
G: Thanks for coming by
E: Yea see ya later
T: Bye then
She walked out the door and slammed it shut but stood at the door and listened.
G: Gosh there is soemthing about her. Everytime i get pregnant she is there
E: Well don't worry
G: I know i shouldn't but i do
E: Well don't we need to think of what to buy
G: I can make a lst
E: Yea we will clean up in a bit. I got an idea we will make a list and i can have someone go shopping for us
G: That sounds great
E: Good bc u need to read up on what to exept during pregnancy
G: Yea i know
E: I can pick a book up for u on the way home
G: Great i love u too
They talked and cleaned up. Ethan called a couple people and told them and so did gwen. They went to bed late and Ethan held gwen's stomach as they slept

6.4.08, 10:58 PM
Ethan went to work. He was mostly spending the day with Luis. He was trying to get his case under control as fast as he could. Gwen got up at about noon and went to the pool. She stuck her feet in and swung them back and forth. She sat there for about an hour thinking about the bay, Ethan, and Thersa when a voice from behind her said.
M: U need someone to push u in the pool
She looked behind her
G: Miguel right
M: Right
G: Yur Theresa's sister right
M: Good job whatcha doing. Why aren't u in the pool
G: I don't know if i want to swim or not
M: Oh wheres Ethan
G: Helping Luis with his case
M: Oh well then he must be at my mom's i went by his house and no one answered
G: Oh well Ethan will pry be stopping by here later if he can to eat lunch with me but i don't think thats going to happen
M: Why because of Theresa
G: no bc he has been working hard on this case. What about theresa should i be worried
M: No i am sorry calm down yur pregnant
G: I know
Gwen stood up
G: Um u want something to drink i am thirsty and i need my what to expect when yur expecting book its interesting
M: I would love something to drink
Gwen handed Miguel a water and gwen turned to go to the pool and slipped because she was wet. Miguel caught her
M: Are u ok
G: Yes i am alright
E: Whats going on here
G: Hey baby
M: I caught Gwen she slipped
E: oh ok
G: Hey yur home early
E: no its kinda late
M: Hey Ethan um Kay wanted me to invite u an gwen over for dinner
E: Who's all going to be there.
M: My family, and hers.
E: Um no thats alright
G: I want to go Ethan
E: Are u sure
G: Yea lets go
E: Alright what time
M: How about 7
E: Sounds good
M: Well i need to get going see ya later
E: Bye
G: Bye miguel
E: So u went swimming
G: no i just put my feet in
E: Oh ok
he kissed Gwen
E: Hows the baby
G: Ethan i feel fine
E: hey just asking
That night they got dressed and went to Miguel and Kays house. Ethans parents were there and Theresa and the rest of Miguel and kays family. They said hello to everyone. While they were all talking Ethan made an announcement.
E: Ok everybody some people know this and some people don't but my wife is pregnant
Ivy: You are
G: Yea Ethan tried to call u but u two weren't home
Ivy: This is great
S: Congrats son
E: Thanks dad
K: Ok dinner is ready everyone grab a plate
Ethan got in line and gwen was up in like talking to Sheridan. Theresa was right behind Ethan
T: Hi Ethan
E: Hi Theresa how are you
T: Alright what about you
E: Great i am going to be a dad what could be better
T: hmm i don't know
They got their plates and Ethan took his seat next to gwen. After dinner they were all talking when Theresa tried to get Ethan away from gwen
T: hey Ethan walk outside with me a minute
E: Why
T: Just do it
P: Theresa don't
T: mama there is nothing wrong with walking outside with me
E: I'll be right back gwen
They went outside.
E: Theresa what
She grabbed him and kissed him. Ethan kissed her back fell into her kiss adn then pulled away
E: Theresa what are u doing
T: Kissing you i love you and i want to be with you
E: This is wrong gwen and i are together i love her we are having a baby
T: Look at how yur body is responding to my kiss. lets go behind my shed and make love god it would be so great. God it would be so passionate after all this time. i want u Ethan
E: Keep dreaming Theresa
he walked away
T: Damn it. i will get u back
She walked inside
M: Gwen u don't look so hot
G: i don't feel so good. Is there somewhere i can lie down
E: Whats going on
P: Gwen doesn't feel good
Theresa rolled her eyes
E: honey what hurts
G: my stomach is cramping just let me lay down
Ethan sat beside her. gwen's stomach kept on cramping up
E: gwen do we need to go to the hospita
G: Yes
T: Shes faking it
G: Theresa i am not faking it
T: Yes you are because Ethan went outside with me
G: Theresa not right now
E: Yes not right now
T: Are u losing the baby gwen its too early for u to give birth
E: Come on honey
G: Please make it stop
E: Come on
They got to the hosptial
E: Eve Gwen is cramping
Eve: Come on gwen
G: Help me i don't want to lose my baby
Ev: I am going to try
Eve finally got the cramping under control
Ev: Gwe can u tell me whats bothering u any stress
G: Yes a lot of it
EV: Who or what is causing it
G: Yes Theresa
Ev: OK how
G: She is always around trying to get Ethan to be with her and its really pissing me off. I can't get rid of her.
EV; Tell Ethan that myabe u two should get away
G: Eve its not that simple I like Theresa she is sweet and i know how she feels but i can't deal with her when she is like this
EV: Well u need to find a way to stay calm
Ethan came in
E: How is she can she go home
EV: She is fine but she needs to stay stress free and i want to keep her overnight
E: Overnight
G: no Eve i am fine
Ev: I want to keep u for observation
G: Alright can Ethan stay
EV: Yes he can
Once Eve left Ethan had something to discuss
E: Gwen maybe we should move
G: Away from our friends
E: At least there would be no Theresa
G: Yea i know i just wish we could stay
E: maybe until the babies born like a last vacation and we could come back after
G: Let me think about it. I don't know
E: Gwen come on
G: Ethan let me think about it ok
E: Ok sweetheart
They watched tv and gwen fell asleep early. She wanted to go home. Ethan walked the halls for awhile and went to sleep on a cot beside gwen

6.8.08, 1:39 AM

Eve came in early the next morning and told gwen it was ok if she went home. She signed out of the hospital and they left. Once in the car
E: gwen did u think about what i said
G: Ethan no i haven't i have been thinking about my baby
E: Well gwen it would be nice
G: Ethan just please take me to my mothers i need to talk to her
Ethan pulled into her moms driveway
E: U want me to come with you
G: No i'll be right back
She knocked on the door
R: Gwen what a surprise why is Ethan sitting out in the car
G: I want to talk to you alone
R: Ok
G: Um i just got out of the hospital bc i was cramping. Ethan thinks we should go away until the baby is born do u think i should go along with it?
R: Well if it saves yur baby then yes i would say u should do it. U will be back
G: Ok mom i had to run it by you. I guess good-bye when i tell Ethan i am sure we will be leaving soon. He pry has a house already rented.
R: Call me when u get there and when u can
G: I will mom i love you
R: Me too
She kissed her mom and went outside. She got in the car
G: Ok Ethan we can go
E: Good i already rented a house and its perfect too. Its big and beautful
G: Good i can't wait to see it. I want to tell Sheridan good-bye before we leave
E: ok i want to say good-bye to Pilar and Luis too
She called Sheridan and she was at Pilars so they just heaed to her house
P: Ethan Gwen come on in
G: Thanks Pilar
Theresa was sitiing on the couch with marty and Sheridan. Luis was sitting in the love seat.
E: Hi everyone
They all said hi
E: gwen and i have some news we are going to go away for 8 months
G: The doctor told me i need to stay calm bc the baby is under some stress so i need to relax and Ethan thinks its the best and i agreed i wanted to say good-bye we will be back when we have the baby. I didn't want to leave at first but i decided I want to have a healthy baby.
P: Well thats a good idea
S: Yea Gwen we want you to have a healty baby
T: No u guys don't have to leave
G: Well Theresa yur the one thats stressing me out right now
T: No u stress yurself out Gwen
E: Well we wanted to say good-bye we are going to leave see u in about 8 month.
They headed for the door and Theresa lunged at ethan and wrapped herself around his leg
T: No don't leave me. Don't u dare leave me
E: Theresa let go
P: Theresa come on don't embarrass yurself
T: No u can't leave
G: We will be back in 8months
T: No Ethan u can't i love you I won't let u go
E: Theresa please
T: No Ethan i won't let u go
L: Theresa if I have to use force I will pull u off let go
T: No Luis i won't
G: Ethan maybe u should just stay here
E: No i want to go with you yur my wife i am going
L: Theresa i am going to count to 5 if u have not let go i will remove you
T: no luis
L: One, two, three, four
T: No Luis I am not letting go
L: Five
Luis came up and untangled Theresa and held her back
T: Ethan she screamed no don't please She started crying
E: Come on Gwen lets go
Ethan and gwen left quickly and went to their new house while Theresa screamed for him

6.9.08, 12:50 AM
Ch. 15
For that whole week Theresa moped around the house. Finally her mother got tired of it
P: Dios mio there u act like someone died
T: My heart did i will never be better
P: Theresa get over it. Ethans gone moved on with Gwen
T: He has kissed me he loves me i know it my heart and he does too. He made vows and he can't break them
P: Of course he can't it would be wrong
The next morning Theresa got up extra early. She had to find Ethan she just had too. She talked to a couple of people and finally found him. She went and knocked on his door. Gwen was out at the pool Ethan was working on his laptop. The doorbell rang and he answered
E: Theresa what are u doing here
T: I had to see u its been a long week without you
E: U have to go if Gwen's sees you she will flip
T: I am not leaving without you.
E:Your mother is pry worred sick. Call her
T: Ok ok she got her phone out.
E: I will be right back. Gwen
G: hey sweetheart
E: Hey i need to run into the office real quick
G: Ethan
E: I know i know but i promise just this once
G: ok ok but hurry back
E: it will pry take three days will u be ok by yurself
G: Yes as long as u call
E: I will
he kissed her good-bye
E: Come on lets go
They drove all night and stopped at a hotel
E: We need sepereate rooms
C: Sorry fellow but we only got one
E: Fine i'll take it
They went into their room it was alright
T: Ethan this reminds me of the room we spent in together
E: Hmm yea it does
T: Do u remember
E: Yes I do it was nice
T: Yea it was.
E: Did u call Pilar
T: yea i did boy that was a long trip
E: Yea thanks to you i had to leave my wife I hope she's ok
T: Ethan u just called her she's fine.
E: Yea i guess so
T: Ethan
E: yea
She moved closer to him and straddled him on the bed
T: What are u thinking about right now
E: That u need to get off of me
T: No seriously Ethan look at me i am right here what are u thinking truthfully
E: He swallowed Um how much i want you
T: yea
E: Yea but its wrong
T: Thats not what yur body is telling me
E: Theresa please
T: No Ethans its been too long for us and i am going to fight agaist u until u give in
She pushed him down on the bed and got ontop of him and kissed him. He kissed her back. This time he kissed her with passion.
T: Ethani haven't felt this passion in awhile
E: I know me either
Ethan and her had never felt a better climax either. Afterwards
T: Lets do that again
E: no it was wrong and i can't believe we just did that
T: It was wonderful
E: Yes but thats not the point
T: Lets just go to bed
E: Yea i'll be back
T: Where are u going
He slammed the door shut and called Luis
L: Hello
E: Hey man i know its late but can u do me a favor can u come pick up yur sister I can't take her back to harmony
L: Yea i understand where are u
E: I am at the pailor hotel its about a half and hour from Harmony
L: Yea i can come get her tomorrow about 8
E: Sounds good I am on the first floor room 100 see ya tomorrow
He went back inside
T: What did u do
E: Lets go to sleep we need to get up at 7 night
T Night
At 7 they got up and had breakfast and came back to the room. Luis showed up 20 minutes later
E: Hey man thanks
T: U called my brother
E: yea i did i need to get back to Gwen
L: Come on Theresa lets go mama was so worried i can't believe you
T: I can't believe you
L: Come on sis
T: Ethan i can;t believe you
E: Bye Theresa
L: Hey I will keep an eye on her next time lock her up if i have to
T: Very funny Luis
Ethan hopped in the car and drove the long drive back to where Gwen and him were staying. he thought he could make it back by tonight. If he sped.

6.9.08, 11:40 PM
Gwen and Ethan had no distractions for a month until one morning. Gwen was outside by the pool reading her pregnancy book when the phone rang.
E: Hello
T: Ethan its me
E: What
T: Listen don't get mad at me but right now i am standing here in the bathroom looking at a pregnany test and its postive
E; yea right yur lying
T: no ethan remember we made love and its about the right time. i wouldn't lie
E: oh my god i can't tell Gwen right now it would kill her and its going to but i don't want her to lose the baby. We will have to deal with this when we come back to harmony
T: Ethan i am going to be at least 8 months pregant
E: i know Theresa
T: Come see me
E: I can't Theresa
T: Why bc yur scared we might make love again
E: no i am staying here with gwen we will deal with this when we come back
gwen came in just as they hung up.
G: u coming swimming
E: yes honey
G: Hey i found some pretty interesting things in that book.
They talked about that. Back in harmony
T: Mama
P: Theresa whats going on
T: I have something to tell u
P: Ok whats that
T: I'm pregnant
P: yea right by who
T: Ethan
P: hes married
T: Mama remember when we spent the night together well i kinda seduced him and we ended up making love.
P: Theresa how could you
T: I am excied about this
P: I can't believe you who are u
she got up and walked away
T: mama
She didn't turn around. A couple of months went by and Theresa started to show and e-mailed Ethan a picture of herself so he didn't think she was lying. Ethan got the pciture and they were instant messaging each other
E: your showing now
T: yea now do u believe me
E: I never said i didn't
T: So how big is gwen
E: Bigger then you
T: So what are we going to do
E: Well i am going to have to come clean or u will tell her
T: Yes i will. U know she will pry end things with you
E: I hope not i love her
T: Whatever
E: I gotta go spend time with my wife bye
T: Bye i love you
he didn't respond back. Theresa had a day dream
T: Ethan tell gwen why i am really pregnant
E: Well remember that business call i had well Theresa needed a ride back to harmony and i made love to her at first i thought it was bc she seduced me but it was bc i wanted too.
G: Ethan u broke our vows how could you. I think we need to break up congrats Theresa
T: Now we can be together
E: Yea as soon as my divorce comes through
They made love
Theresa stops dreaming
T: U me and the baby one day
Back to Ethan and gwen
E: how are u feeling
G: Great why
E: just wondering
ethan handed her a slush
G: thanks u know this is great i have never been more relaxed in my life. a good husband and no stress what could be better besides having our baby
E: yes Gwen i can't wait either
Ethan kisses gwen and tocuhed her stoamch and felt the baby kicking. Having the baby would bond them forever but so would Theresa and his baby

6.14.08, 5:33 PM
Ch. 17
Gwen was getting bigger by the moment
G: Ethan i am huge look at me
E: U look sexy pregnant
G: Good god i am a cow
E: Gwen u'll lose the weight u want this baby right
G: Yea and u know what this is great i haven't had cramps in awhile.
E: I know that u want to have more kids right
G: Yea i do Ethan
E: Me too
The day finally arrived when Gwen began having contractions. Gwen woke up
G: Ethan i think i am having contarctions
E: are u sure its not false labor
G: Ethan i am sure
They got her out of the house and to the hospital. Her water broke in the car. They got her to the hospital and in a wheel chair.
N: Would the father like to come too
E: Yes i would
Gwen and ethan got into the delivery room and waited for her to dilate
G: Ethan it hurts
E: keep breathing
G: Ok
They did their breathing together. gwen was in alot of pain
E: Can we give her something for the pain
N: Yes hold on
They gave her some medication and she was fine. 3 hours later they had a baby girl
E: Gwen she is beautiful like her mommy
G: She is what about the name Sarah
E: i love it
They left the next morning and they traveled back to harmony. Ethan was nervous about seeing Theresa. This could end his marriage. He was going to tell Gwen but wanted to wait. If his marriage was going to end he wanted to spend time with her.
In harmony
T: mama i am having cramps
P: False labor dear everyone goes through it
T: I wish Ethan was here
P:Why so u can destroy a marriage
T: It shouldn't have happened
P: U were gone. U know as much as i love having i home it might have been better if u would hav stayed gone.
T: well geez thanks mama
she walked outside.
T: God Ethan where are you me and my baby need you.
Ethan and Gwen were traveling
G: Ethan were getting close i am kinda excited to see my mother, sheridan, and even Pilar she is sweet.
E: Yes she is can we home and unpack
G: of course sweetheart
They arrived home and pulled in the driveway. gwen got the baby out and Ethan grabbed the suitcases. They went in and unpacked and Gwen was ready to show the baby off
G: my mother needs to see the baby first come on
E: R u sure yur up to it
G: Yes
They went to her moms first
R: oh Gwen its so good for u to be back let me see my granddaughter.
G: here she is
R: Gosh she looks so cute she has yur nose Ethan
E: Thanks
They visited for about a half an hour and went to see Sheridan
S: Gwen i am glad yur back let me see the baby
Luis was eying ethan. He went over to him
E: Hey
L: Hey did u tell Gwen
E: Not yet and i didn't mean for this to happen
L: I know i hope gwen doesn't leave you
E: Me either
L: Theresa thinks u two will be together
E: No i love gwen
Then she came over
G: Luis see my daughter
L: She is beautiful
Luis held her
G: Were going to see yur mom next is she home
L: Um not right now
G: Oh well maybe tomorrow then
They visited for an hour and went home. Before they left Ethan thanked Luis.
L: She is going to see Theresa sooner or later
E: I know but thanks
They left and went home. They had to set up a crib and other things

6.16.08, 11:18 PM
gwen got out of bed early and showered. Then the baby started crying. That woke up ethan.
E: Gwen u got the baby
G: Yea i do
E: Oh what are u doing up early
G: We are going to yur parents
E: Oh we are
G: Yea I want to show them the baby
E: Ok
They got the baby ready and went to his parents
S: hey son yur back
E: Hey dad
G: Sam this is Sarah Winthop
S: She is beautiful, Ivy Gwen and Ethan are here. Come in guys
They walked inside
I: Oh let me see that baby
She hugged both gwen and Ethan
I: I want to hold her
G: here u go
S: U guys hungry we were going to go out to eat
G: oh we couldn't impose
S: Please join us
E: We can go
G: Alright i guess so
They rode with Sam and Ivy. They got to the resturant ate and ordered. Then 2 hrs later the rode back to sam and Ivy's
G: Well thanks for everything we will be back soon
I: Great
G: We gotta go to Pilars
I: Pilars
G: Yea i want to introduce her to Sarah
I: Oh r u ok with it
G: Yea
I: Its just with Theresa and all
G: I understand how she feels i would feel the same way
I: Oh ok
They left to go to Pilars
G: Pilar i want to introduce u to my daughter sarah
P: She is precious come on
G: thanks come on hoeny
P: Can i hold her
G: Well of course
She handed her to Pilar
E: Wheres theresa
P: Upstairs
He went to the stairs
E: Theresa come down i want u to meet gwen and Mines daughter
T: are u sure u want me to come down
E: Yea
T: Alright
Gwen was the first to see her swollen tummy when she came down
G: are u seeing someone
T: nope
G: Well then who got u pregnant
Theresa looked at Ethan and he looked at her
T: Do u want me to tell her or do u want to
G: Tell me what
E: Honey sit down please. I got Theresa pregnant. remmeber when i told u i had to go to the office well Theresa was there and she wouldn't leave. harmony was so far so i got a hotel and one thing led to another. I really never meant for this to happen. I didn;t want to tell u bc i didn't want u to lose the baby. It will never happen again
gwen sat on the couch and didn' say a thing
E: Gwen say soemthing
G: U broke our vows
E: Gwen i really am sorry
G: I guess I understand i mean u thought she was dead and she comes back
E: gwen i am so glad u r not mad about this
G: Wait I never said i wasn't mad i am but one thing are u sure u don't want a divorce
E: no i want to stay married to u
T: Come on Gwen he broke yur vows he loves me dump him
G: Listen Theresa i have been nice to u over and over let it go get off my back and leave my husband alone we are together me and him back off
T: Get real he doesn't love you ow
E: Theresa are u ok
T: The baby i think its coming
E: ok get in the car
T: Its too soon
E: Come on lets go Pilar can u and Gwen follow us
P: yea we can
G: i am going to drop the baby off at yur parents
E: Good idea
Pilar and her left and she dropped Sarah off
I: gwen hey whats going on wheres ethan
G: helping Theresa delivering her baby
I: what
G: ethan got Theresa pregnant
I: What are u ok
G: Well i am upset but i guess i understand
I: Gwen you are so forgiving
G: yea i guess so i gotta go
they left and went to the hospital. Pilar found the room and they went inside
T: Mama yur here
P: How are u
T: The first contraction passed
E: I am helping her
T: Thank you
gwen walked out of the room she didn't want to watch this crap. Pilar went outside to call Luis and looked for Gwen and didn't see her. the doctor came in
Dr: well Theresa i think you are ready to deliver
T: u can't stop it
Dr: I am afraid not
T: Please dr
Dr: i am sorry i am going to scrub up you should too in about 20 minutes
E: Alright
She left
E: Are u ready
T: no its too early
E: We have to have hope i need to go find gwen
he left the room
E: Pilrar u can go in and sit with her wheres gwen
P: I don't know when i came out here she wasn't here
E: She might be down in the cafeteria i will go down there and see if she is there
he went down and there was Gwen sitting there drinking something.
E: Hey beautiful
G: I am surprised u noticed i was gone
E: Gwen i am sorry about this whole thing
G: look i am still upset with you maybe i should go home
E: No i want u here i love you
G: me too
E: Com with me
G: Ok
They went to Theresa's room
E: I'm back
T: good
She didn't even say anything to gwen
E: i better go get ready
P: I need to call Luis
then another contraction came
T: Ow
G: Theresa breathe with me
They were breathing together. it passed
T: Thanks gwen
G: I have been here before
Ethan came in
E: how do i look
G: As handsome as u did when i gave birth
E: thanks
he kissed her. The doctor came in. I need to check you. Miss out please
G: Alright
Dr; Looks like yur ready
E: Ok Theresa its times
T: no its too soon
Dr: Ok Theresa push
T: no its too soon i won't
E: Thersa come on push
3 hours later Theresa gave birth to a baby boy.
E: Hes so beautiful
T: yea i know
N: Let me clean him up
T: Ok
E: Whats his name going to be
T: Little Ethan
E: Really
T: Yea
E: I am going to show Gwen the baby i'll be back
T: Ok send mama in
He went outside
E: Pilar Theresa wants to see u
P: Ok
She went in the room
E: I want u to see the baby
G: ok lets go
E: Theres my son
G: Hes beautiful
E: Theresa named him Little Ethan
G: She did
E: yea
They went into Theresa's room. They visited and went home. They left Sarah with his mom and dad bc they were getting up early to pick up Theresa tomorrow. Gwen was still upset with Ethan.

6.18.08, 9:26 PM
Ethan woke gwen up early
E: Come on I told Theresa we would be there
She didn;t say a word to him and got up and got dressed. They got in the car and gwen didn't say a word to him. When they got to her room Theresa was dressed and holding her son
E: Yur ready to go
T: Yea um i have a favor to ask you. I need a diaper bag could u take me to the place i registered for i have some money
E: Yea thats alright
gwen rolled her eyes. They went to the place Theresa registered for. Theresa was looking through diaper bags
T: Hey Gwen could u hold the carrier please
gwen took it and really looked at Little Ethan for the first time. Ethan really did look like Ethan and Theresa. gwen without thinking said and meant it.
G: Theresa yur baby is so beautiful
Theresa spun around and was stunned
T: Thanks gwen and and Sarah is beautiful too
G: Thank you
Theresa found a bag
T: here it is
E: Thats not the one on yur registry
T: Its close i don't have enough money for the other one
E: Put yur money away I will get it
T: No i can't let u do that
E: Theresa let me do this for the mother of my child u will need the money
T: Um alright but i feel guilty don't right Gwen
She shrugged her shoulders she wasn't speaking to him.
They paid for it and they left. They took her and little Ethan home
E: Ok yur here
T: Yea i know
E: Let me help u out
Gwen's cell rang
G: hello oh hi Ivy. We're fine. Hows Sarah. Thats good. No were with Theresa right now. Yea yea i don't know hold on. Ethan yur mom wants to know if we want to go to dinner tonight with them?
E: yea sure that sounds great
G: Yea sure ok ok see ya later bye
T: Ok lets go inside
E: Alright
They walked in the house
P: Theresa yur home
T: Yea mama meet Little Ethan
P: Little Ethan thats beautiful let me see him
T: Alright
Pilar took the baby
E: Well I guess we should be going
T: No stay and feed the baby i am sure he will be hungry soon
E: ok alright
T: Gwen will u show me how to make a bottle
G: Sure i would love too
Gwen showed Theresa how much to put in and how to make it. The baby started crying
T: Uh oh
G: theresa u will be fine i will bring over my what to expect i have already read it
T: Thanks
Theresa and Ethan sat on the couch and fed Little Ethan
Then ethan stood up after the baby was fed
E: we better go meet my parents
T: Ethan i am scared
E: Theresa i need to go
he thought for a minute
E: Why don't u come with us
G: What
T: oh i don't want to ruin yur dinner plans
E: Its the first night bring the baby
Ethan called his parents and told them. Ivy was not pleased but she did it for her son. When they got there Ivy decided to have it at her house. Gwen rushed to see Sarah
G: oh my baby girl so beautiful I missed you
I: Hi Theresa let me see my grandson. Wow he does look like Ethan and you
Ethan went to see Sarah
E: gwen can i hold her
She handed Sarah to him and went to talk to Ivy
I: U two having problems
G: I am upset he broke his vows
I: I know but u r giving Theresa hope
G: True but i am furious can we just get this dinner over with
They ate and after dinner Ethan said
E: We better drop Theresa off
I: Oh sam can he is going to the office
T: No sam thats alright
S: Hey I can do it its out of the way for Ethan
E: I think its a wonderful idea
T: oh ok
E: Goodnight Theresa goodnight baby
G: Bye thanks for the dinner
I: Yur welcome
S: No problem
gwen got sarah and they went to the car.
E: gwen please talk to me
G: About what
E: like what yur feeling
G: hmm let me thing angry and sad
E: I said i am sorry
G: I know u had to help Theresa today but i am still uspet u broke our vows
E: U said u understood
G: i do but that doesn't mean i feel its right
They got home and she got sarah out and put her in her crib.
E: Gwen what do i need to do to tell u how sorry i am. I would do anything recommit to u, renew vows
G: tell me that u always loved me and that it will never happen again. I know Theresa has yur son and u want to see him..
E: I will see him 3 times a week then it will be us. I don't regret marrying u and i do love you soo much.
He kissed her
G: I love u to thats what i wanted to hear
He kissed her and picked her up and carried her upstair and they made love until the baby started crying and went to bed.

6.21.08, 12:19 AM
CH. 20
For the next month they had no Theresa interruptions. Gwen was surprised she had not called but she was happy so they could spend more time with their daughter. well a month went by. Gwen was getting up bc Sarah was crying when Ethans cell phone rang. he reached over for it
E: hello
T: Ethan its me.
E: Theresa whats up
Gwen rolled her eyes
E: Whats wrong i can hear the baby crying
T: Can I please talk to gwen
E: yea hold on. Gwen she wants to talk to you
Gwen handed Sarah to Ethan and grabbed his cell phone
G: Yes
T: gwen its me. Listen doesn Sarah ever get high fevers
G: How high
T: I don't know i am scared Little Ethan feels hot and he feels hotter by the minute. I don't have enough money to go to the doctor and i don't know if i should let it run its course or not
G: Where is Pilar
T: She went to the cottage with my brothers and paloma
G: Well I'll tell u what i will get Sarah dressed drop her off at my mothers and come over to see Little Ethan and see what we can do
T: Thanks hurry please
G: Theresa i need u to remain calm what i want to do while yur waiting it take his temp and if he does have a fever get a luke warm washcloth and put it on his head and it might help bring down the fever. Do u have any baby tylenol.
T: No
G: Well if we need some we'll get it. Stay calm
they dropped Sarah off and got to Theresa's. ethan bascially ran to the door. Theresa opened the door and Gwen saw Little Ethan
G: Theresa that little boy needs the hospital
E: Yea what are u thinking
T: I don't know i have never done this before
G: Theresa That little boy looks near death what was his temp
T: 104
G: 104! a babys temp should never be past 102 come on
They all drove to the hospital. On the way there gwen and Theresa talked
G: U know Theresa u need to read a parenting book or something
T: Well Gwen u know most doctors say its nothing
G: Even a person of our age should be worried
T: I need to call my mother
She got her cell out
T: hey mama its me i am taking Little ethan to the hospital
P: Why
T: He has a temp of 104
P: dias mio that is too high for a little boy of his age
T: I guess so i am with Gwen and Ethan i made them come and check on him
P: Well good we will come to the hospital tomorrow morning alright
T: Alright
P: Be strong baby girl we will pray
T: me too i gotta go were here
They got out and Ethan grabbed his son
E: We need a nurse
N: Whats wrong
E: its my son his temp is 104
N: Thats high for a little boy his age let me take him to a room follow me
They all followed the nurse. She led them to a room and asked them some questions Theresa sat in a chair while gwen and Ethan stood
N: Ok besides the fever any other symptoms
T: Nope
N: How long has he had the fever
T: i don't know i just took his temp
N: how long has he felt warm
T: Since last night i thought it was nothing
N: I see. i will get the doctor.
She left.
T mommy promises she will be better from now on honey i love you
E: theresa he will be alright
Then the doctor walked in
Dr: Hello so the nurse says yur son has a high fever we are going to break the fever and run some tests alright
T: ok
Dr; Nurse
The nurse came in and took Little ethan
Dr; did u do anything different or unusual
T: no just took him to a resturant
Dr: he could just be sick. Lets go into the waiting room and i will come out when i have answers they went into the waiting room and they sat while Theresa paced
T: He has got to know something
E: Sit down
T: I can't Ethan i am going out of my mind
G: Theresa everything is going to be fine he will be alright
The doctor came out
T: Well
Dr: he is a sick little boy we got him stabalized he has a pnemionia.
T: What he does
Dr: Yea so we need to keep him and make sure things don't get worse
T: So he is going to be ok then right
Dr: I hope so there is a 50 50 chance. U brought him in a good time but not as good as we would like it to be
T: oh my god can i see him
E: me too
You two can go in and see him he is in an incubator. U can look at him but don't touch him
E: gwen i will be right back
G: Ok i will sit her call yur mom and check on the baby
E: ok see ya in a little bit
They followed the nurse
N: Your son is in there. Talk to him it might help
T: look at him he looks so helples
E: hey little guy mommy and daddy are here
T: Sweetie this is all my fault
She started crying
E: Hey yur new at this
T: This shouldn't have happened. I am so stupid for not bringing him in sooner
E: theresa listen to me baby's get sick u didn't know had bad it was
T: Ethan his temp was 104 i knew it was too high i am not a good mother
E: Hey u will get better don't say things like that come here
he held her in his arms and she stopped crying
T: being in yur arms always made me feel better. Right now i am feeling this feeling i get everytime i am with you and just enjoying it bc i know it will be awhile before i feel it again. Ethan i love you and i love yur son. I know u love me too.
he kissed her and she kissed him back. Then he pulled away
E: I am sorry that was unnesscarry i was just caught up in all of this.
he released her from his arms
T: Why are u fighting yur feelings for me. Why are u fighting me. U know u love me Ethan. Little ethan needs a father
E: What about Sarah she doesn't
T: of course she does but u have to true to yur heart. I'm the one u want not gwen
E: Theresa u disappereared on me. it took me years to move on and commit to gwen and I love her..
T: not the way u love me
E: please do not interupt me. i had to go to therapy and u come back and screw everything up for me
T: So u do have feelings for me
E: i am not going to answer that
T: Why bc u don't want to admit u love me bc of gwen
E: Yes ok Theresa i love you alright but that doesn't change anything.
N: Please do not shout we have sick babies including yur son
E: Sorry i am just leaving. Stay here with him i need to see gwen
T: No stay here with me and our beautiful baby
E: I can't
T: he needs his daddy
E: No
T: Ethan please stay
He walked away. he couldn't be around her.
T: Oh Little ethan your daddy and me and u will be very happy. he loves me so much. you'll see and so will he.
She smiled bc ethan confessed he loved her.

6.22.08, 9:41 PM
Ch. 21
Ethan went out to see Gwen
G: How's little ethan
E: The doctors aren't sure yet Theresa's in there right niw
They went down to the cafe to get something to drink and Ethan went back in to see his son. Gwen was sitting there flipping through a magizine when her cell rang. She ran outside to to answer it.
G: hello
R: Gwen where are u at right now
G: I am at the hospital
R: Well can u come to a business dinner with me
G: Why
R: I don't want to go alone
G: Well i am at the hospital right now
R: Like Ethan is going to miss you
G: Alright give me the address where you are
she got the address and asked the nurse to get Ethan since she was not allowed in there.
E: gwen is soemthing wrong
G: my mother wants me to go to a busniess dinner with her
E: Ok well go ahead are u coming here after
G: no I am going home to see Sarah i haven't spent time with her in awhile
E: Ok so we'll meet at home
G: Yes
E: i love you
G: me too
He kissed her and she went to find her mother. She called a cab and the cab driver took her to the address. Seh told the waitor who she was looking for and led her to the right table. Her mother and a rather handsome man was sitting there.
G: Hello mother
R: gwennie i am so glad u could make it. This is Ian. Ian crane
I: Nice to meet you gwen
G: So Ian yur one of the cranes
I: Yes i am but i am not like them
Ian got up and pulled a chair out for Gwen.
G: Thank you
I: yur welcome
Then her mother got up
R: Oh geez i need to leave now
G:Mother where are u going
R: Stay i need to go good bye Ian
I: What about business another time
She rushed out
G: looks like we have been set up sounds like my mother
I: Yea i guess we were set up
G: So i guess my mother told u my life story
I: Yea she told me u were married and that u two had a child together and that he had a crazy ex that was ruining yur life.
G: yea thats about right
Just then the waiter came by and they ordered.
I: gwen i hope u don't mind me asking but where is yur husband. If I were yur husband. I wouldn't let u out of my site you are beautiful.
G: he is with his ex at the hospital there little boy is sick
I: oh i see
G: yea i am not too thrilled but i understand.
They ate and after it was over
I: Gwen i would really like to stay in touch with you
G: I guess thats alright
She gave him her number and rushed to go get sarah
Earlier when gwen left to go to the dinner. Ethan went in with Theresa
E: how is he
T: About the same
N: We are going to do some exams can u two wait in this room
E: Sure
They went and sat down
T: Ethan
E: What
T: look at me
E: No
T: Why
E: Bc
he turned his head and she kissed him. He kissed her back. They were kissing heavily.
T: make love to me
E: here
T: Yes i want you
E:I want you too
He started removing her jacket. Then she started to straddle him and then there was a knock on the door she flew off him. It was the nurse.
N: Um ok were done u can go see yur baby
E: thanks we'll be there in a minute
She closed the door
E: no more Theresa i cannot take that
T: U know why i do this stuff
E: bc yur crazy
T: I know one day u will tell me u want to be with me
E: Thats riduculous i am going home to go see my wife and my daughter goodnight. when he got home he played with his daughter a little bit and put her to bed and made love to his wife

6.27.08, 7:06 PM
Ethan got up early and woke up gwen
E: Gwe sweetie wake up
G: Why
E: I want to go to the hospital
She rolled over toward him
G: Go yurself alright i want to spend time with Sarah and will come down later
E: Ok
He got dressed kissed gwen and his daughter and went to the hospital. Gwen went back to sleep
At the hospital before Ethan arrived. Theresa and her mother were with Little Ethan
T: mama Ethan told me that he loves me
P: No he didn't i swear you are hullcination. U need medication
T: Mama its true he was kissing me and i felt the love
P: As much as you love him he won't leave Gwen
T: I know he told me that
P: Well see
T: I know i know. Mama he loves me and he is coming here day in and day out to see his son
P: If he didn;t there would be something wrong
E: Hi u two
P: Hey Ethan I was just getting ready to leave
E: Please stay
P: No i need to get home. Call me when things change
T: ok mama good bye
P: Bye bye Ethan
E: Bye how is he
T: I think alright we need to wait for the doctor though
Gwen slept two more hours and Sarah started crying. So she got up and fed, changed, and bathed her and then she decided to get groceries. They were at the store when they bumped into ian
I: Gwen
G: Hey ian
I: Hey is this sarah
G: yes this is my baby
I: She is so cute
G: thanks
I: I was wondering do u, sarah, and yur husband want to come out to dinner with me
G: Um Ethan can't but Sarah and i would love too. Ethan is at the hospital with Theresa and his son
I: Well it would be good of u and Sarah to come
G: Good we will
I: So i will pick u up at 6:30
G: Sounds good see ya then
Gwen was looking at some bottles when her cell rang.
G: Hello
E: Beautiful hey what are u doing
G: I am grocery shopping
E: Are u two having fun
G: Sure i guess hows little Ethan doing?
E: He is doing great they are moving him out of critcal he is going to be fine
G: Great
E: So when are u coming down here
G: Um i got invited to dinner by a friend
E: So yur going with her
G: Its a him
E: Whos that
G: Ian Crane
E: No way in the world are u going with him he is scum how do u know him
G: my moms bussiness dinner and i got involved hes a nice guy
E: No yur not going
G: Yes i am Ethan I don't like u with Theresa but u go and see her
E: Thats differnt i am the childs father
G: So Ian is different
E: When are u going
G: 7 me and Sarah
E: Well since she is going its alright but i still don't like it
G: Yea well i don't like Theresa
E: Well i will pry be home at 9:30 so be home then
G: i will be home when i am home
She hung up the phone. She went home and changed her and Sarah, fed her, and got ready. It was finally 6:30. There was a knock. She opened the door.
G: Hello Ian
I: Gwen u look great tonight
G: Thanks so do u. Let me get the baby.
She put Sarah in the carrier and grabbed her purse and diaper bag.
G: Ok i am ready
I: Let me carry her for you
G: thanks
he grabbed the carrier and they went outside and saw the limo
G: you have a limo
I: Yea i do. I didn't feel like driving
G: Its alright.
They all get settled in the limo and it left. They arrived at the resturant 20 minutes later. Ian had already made reservations so they got their table right away.
G: Wow this place is nice
I: I love this place i thought u would too
G; I do its great
I: So what time does Sarah eat
G: I fed her before i left so she shouldn't be hungry for another hour why
I: I just want to see if u needed to go home or not
G: no i made up some bottles i can feed her here.
I: Ok
They ordered and then they sat and talked. Their dinner arrived and they ate. Then after they ate and 20 minutes later Sarah started crying
G: I told u
she went to get sarah out
I: Can i feed her
G: Sure why not
She handed him a bottle. He was great with her.
G: Wow you are excellent with her
I: Yea i have a lot of neices and newphews
G: Oh thats really cool
Then her cell rang
G: hold on its pry my husband
I: Go ahead
G: hello
E: gwen
G: yes
E: Are u having a nice time
G: yes i am
E: Ok well i am going to be home at 10:00
G: Why is there something wrong
E: No thee changed the time. I just wanted to let u know i miss you and i love you
G: Sometimes you are so difficult but i do love you
E: Good thats great. See ya later
G: yea see ya
She hung up
I: Checking up on you
G: yea i think so but thats alright at least i know he cares.
I: yes he seems like an ok guy
G: Yea he is
I: Anyways i think this little girl is going to fall asleep
G: Here i will put her in her carrier
Gwen put her down
G: So whats this thing with you wanting to be my friend all of a sudden
I: I don't know i just really like u as a person. Your nice, beautiful, and smart
G: Well i am married
I: Yes i know and trust me i am not coming between u and yur husband
G: Good
I: Well its getting late maybe we should head back
G: ok if thats what u think
They got up and paid the check and got into the limo and went home
Back at the hospital
E: Theresa he is all settled in his room now i need to go home
T: No stay here please what if something happens
E: Call me on my cell
T: Please stay
E: I haven't seen my daughter in ages. I will call u tomorrow and check up on him. I think maybe u should go home, shower, and change
T: I can't leave him
E: He is fine. Let me take u home and tomorrow u can go back.
T: ok
So he took her home and told her he would have a limo pick her up tomorrow. She got out and said goodbye and he went home to see gwen and her daughter

7.1.08, 12:18 AM
Ch. 23
Ethan got woken up early that morning by the phone
E: Hello
T: hey ethan its me are u coming here to see yur son
E: Yes later on
T: oh ok well then
E: Theresa what do u want
T: I would like u to come down here
E: There is nothing we can do he is not in any danger.
T: I know i just thought
E: I will be down there in an hour or so he hung up and slept a little bit longer
He and gwen woke up an hour later to Sarah crying. Gwen got up and got the baby and fed her. Ethan got up and made breakfast for him and gwen
E: Here honey
G: Thanks
She sat down at the table.
E: Gwen honey whats wrong
G: Nothing
E: Bull tell me
G: I don't see you and i know Little Ethan is in the hospital but what about me u married me not Theresa so act like it once in awhile
E: Gwen i need to be there
G: She would call u if something was wrong
E: Gwen u would act the same way
G: Yes but i wouldn't be calling Ian
E: yea but we aren't married u and i are she doesn't have anybody
G: I am sure her mother goes down there i wouldn't be bothering u if we weren't married
E: Well i am sorry i miss my son
Ethan left and Gwen just hung out with Ian. Two days went by and Little Ethan came home. Ethan helped Theresa bring him home. For two weeks she left them alone so Ethan and gwen finally had a chance to be together. They made love they took walks in the park. They played with sarah and it was great two weeks later Theresa was calling. Gwen and Ian started hanging out again. he called her one morning when Ethan was with Theresa
G: hello
I: hey gwen
G: Hi whats up
I: not much. Do u want to go to the park sarah, u, and me
G: Sure i would love to
She got her and Sarah ready and Ian rang the doorbell. he took sarah and gwen grabbed the car seat, diaper bag, stroller, and her purse. Ian took the stroller. gwen locked the door and she strapped the car seat in. Ian put sarah in the seat and buckled her. Ian got in the car. gwen gave Sarah a toy and got in the passenger side. Ian took off. They arrived at the park. Ian got sarah out and put sarah in the stroller and they walked.
I: So wheres yur husband
G: With Theresa in the last 4 days i have only seen him for like a half and hour at the most. Theresa has been making excuses that she needs to see him. Little Ethan needs to go to the doctor, Little ethan needs clothes, he needs food, and she needs money. I am so sick of it
I: He needs to spend time with you and his daughter
G: I know
They went and got ice cream. Gwen was feeding sarah some ice cream. She was 6 months old now.
G: u know I haven't even gotten the chance to tell him i am pregnant again
I: you are
G: yea i found out last night but i don't know how its going to work he doesn't even see his daughter
I: i don't mean to sound rude but do u ever think it was a mistake to marry him
G: Yes sometimes I do
They got up and walked to where the swings were Gwen put sarah in one and pushed her.
I: gwen do u love him still
G: Yes i do a lot but if he wants Theresa i can't help that but i can't keep fighting agaist her. I won't do it. I just won't
I: Shh its alright.
Then Ian looked at her. She was beautiful and he kissed her. She kissed him back. She liked the attention. It was Ethan's fault
At Theresa's house.
T: Ethan thanks for helping me pick out clothes
E: No problem
He was holding his son
T: He is handsome like his father. U know i never thought i would have children but i am glad i did. here he needs to go down for his nap. They left the room
E: u know i am missing precious time in my daughters life
T: Well sweetheart bring her here it would be fun for little ethan to have someone to play with
E: yea it might be but i need to see my wife too she is important too
Theresa rolled her eyes
E: Please Theresa don't roll yur eyes.
T: Well Ethan u broke tht vow when u made love to me
E: yea i know
T: So divorce gwen
E: no i love her
T: Yea but not like me and u can't resist me
she kissed him and he kissed her and they ended up making love and then the baby stopped them and the took care of him
E: That shouldn't have happened
T: Ethan u know as much as i do that u loved every second of it she smiled at him and he smiled back
at the park
Ian pulled away
I: Sorry
G: it felt so good to be appreciated
She kissed him and he kissed her back
I: Gwen i am falling in love with you
G: I think i am too but i can't do this i mean not to ethan
I: Hey take it easy and think about it. They pushed sarah for a little while and took her home bc she was getting tired. Ian had to go and he told her he would call her later. gwen put sarah down and smiled. She was falling for Ian its not like Ethan was faithful to her. She could gaurntee him and Theresa were making love. Thats how her son happened but she still wanted to stay married to him.She thought she was crazy and maybe she was. What was wrong with her. Probably her pregnacy hormones.She decided to call her best friend

7.6.08, 11:09 AM
CH. 24
The phone rang at the cottage and Luis answered
G: Hey is Sheridan there
L: yea she is putting the kids down for a nap let me go get her
A few minutes later she picked up the phone
G: hello sheridan
S: Hi Gwen whats up
G: U know Ian Crane right
S: yea he's my cousin
She told her how they meant and that they were hanging out a lot
S: He is a really sweet and good guy but we have only seen each other once in my life. He has always been too busy to go to family get togethers and he didn't like some of the family can't say i blame him. We have talked before but not so much now
G: he told me he was falling for me and that he loves me.
S: What
G: yea he even kissed me and i can't say i didn't do it back or like it. I know its cheating and everything but i can't help it. Its not like Ethan isn't doing the exact same thing.
S: Geez gwen i don't know what to tell u. U shouldn't be doing these things but if u do anything u and Ethan should pry get a divorce. I haven't see him and spent time together alone in a long time and i am pregnant.
S: Well see if u too can work it out for the kids sake
G: I do love him still Sheridan
S: i know
They talked for a little bit longer and hung up. Then the doorbell rang. She answered it
G: Ian hello
I: Hey Gwen how are u
G:Alright i guess
I: Still feeling guilty
G: Yea a little bit
I: I am not feeling guilty at all i loved every second kissing you
G: I didn't say i didn't like it but i love Ethan too and i can't do this to him
I: What about what he is doing to u when is the last time u have seen him
G: I seen him this week but for like a half of an hour
I: See he is with Theresa what makes u think things are going to change what kind of a marriage is this. U need someone to love you and i can do that Gwen
I: i know but we have two beautiful children and one on the way he does not know about
I: See u didn't even get to tell him about that one yet thats terrible
G: I know
I: Gwen i want to be with you so bad. U need to make a descion right now i am not joking around
G: Oh so now yur giving me an ultimatuim how can u even think about doing this
I: Because i want us to be together and i love you but u need to tell Ethan because we can't be together
G: This is not how life was supposed to go ok. If Theresa hadn't come back we would of been really happy alright. If he hadn't slept with her none of this would be happening but she knew if she got pregnant he wouldn't leave her hanging. I am not stupid.This is all her fault. We should of moved when he asked me to and i have been nothing but nice to her and him both because i would understand how she feels but i haven't done anything to get him back. He is always ddefending her and i am sick of it. We were supposed to live together happily forever
I: See u need something new and differnt
He stepped toward her to kiss her
G: No don't
I: Why
G: Because u kissing me wasn't right i am sorry but i need to be by myself. He didn't even say good-bye he just slammed the door. Gwen knew he was mad but she wanted to be by herself she needed to figure out what to do but nothing came to mind. Her and Sarah fell asleep on the couch together. Being pregnant made her tired. She was getting bigger and Ian still hadn't called her. It had been 3 months and she tried to call him but no one answered. She was showing and still hadn't told Ethan. Well Sarah and her were asleep on the couch one night and Ethan put Sarah in her crib and pulled the covers off gwen when he noticed the bump and woke her up
E: Gwen
G: Is it morning already
E: Gwen yur pregnant
G: Oh yea i guess so i wanted to tell u but i don't see you anymore
E: Oh my gosh how far
G: Four months
E: Gwen i am so sorry i haven't been around for you
She went up to her bedroom without a word to him
E: Gwen come back here
She kept on walking
G: What kind of marriage is this Ethan this is a joke
E: I know everything has been crazy and i am sorry. I am going to stay home and spend time with you and Sarah.
G: What about Theresa
Then his phone rang
G: Exactly
E: Hello. Not today i am staying home with my wife
He hung up and turned off his phone
E: There hows that
G: Oh ethan thank you
They went to the park and they dropped Sarah off at his mothers and went to dinner alone together. Then they went home and Sarah spent the night at his mothers. They made love that night. Gwen fell asleep early. He was going to start spending time with her. He went to his voicemail he had like 40 and couldn't resisit listening to them. He did and he felt bad but he couldn't negelct his wife anymore. After awhile he lied down beside her and went to bed.

7.10.08, 12:20 AM
Ch. 25

The next morning Gwen woke up
G: Ethan
She opened her eyes but the bed beside her was empty
G: Damn it she mumbled
She got out of bed and went downstairs she had to go get her daughter soon. When she went downstairs she saw Ethan downstairs
G: Oh yur here I thought u had left
E: Gwen u scared me u should be in bed off yur feet
G: I am fine i am not that far along
E: Your far along enough to show. I am going to make u breakfast
G: Ok well are we going to go get Sarah
E: Yes after u eat something
Gwen went upstairs to get a maternity top and some pants. The doorbell rang
G: i'll get it.
She opened the door
T: Gwen hi
G: Hello Theresa
T: Yur pregnant again
G: Yes i am
T: Is ethan here she looked in the house
G: Yes Theresa he is here but he is making me dinner
T: Oh well it will just take a second
G: Wheres Little Ethan
T: At home with mama
G: Well why don't u go home and see yur son alright
T: Let me talk to Ethan
E: Whats going on here
T: Ethan i just wanted to talk to you
E: Well right now i am a bit busy
T: Please Ethan
E: is Little ethan alright
T: Yes he is fine but
E: But nothing go home and see yur son
T: No ethan
Gwen grabbed the arm of the couch and grabbed her stomach
E: Gwen are u alright
G: Yea just some pain
E: Please leave
he shut the door in her face
G: Ethan I am alright
E: Lets go to the hospital alright
G: No ethan i feel fine alright
E: At least sit down
She sat down and ethan fed her breakfast. Then they went and picked up sarah and came home. They had been home about an hour when the phone rang
E: Helllo
P: Hey ethan sorry to bother you but is Theresa there
E: No i saw her about 2 to 3 hours ago what she didn't come home
P: No but i'm sure she is fine
E: Is Luis or Miguel looking for her
P: Yes they are
E: Well where are they
P: I think they are uptown looking for her
E: Well i will give it another hour and call and if they don't find her i will go and look for her
G: Is Theresa missing
E: Yea but Luis and Miguel are looking for her
Ethan tried to sit and play with Sarah but she could tell he was thinking about her
G: Go to find her ethan all u are going to do is sit here and pace go
E: Are u sure
G: Yes
E: I will make this up to you
He kissed her and left Gwen sat with her daughter and fed her a bottle and put her down for a nap. She was sleeping on the couch when the phone rang. It was Sheridan. She knew that Theresa was missing so they talked for another hour and she was pregnant with her third baby and Gwen talked about her pregnancy. Then sarah started crying and she told her to let her go and that they would have lunch soon. She went upstairs to go get her daughter and then the doorbell rang. She took her daughter and went downstairs it was Ian. She opened the door.
G: Hi how are u
I: I am ok
G: Come in i am sure sarah is hungry
She shut the door got Sarah a bottle and fed her
I: I know its been awhile since i have seen you i wanted to see how u were
G: i am alright
I: Wheres ethan
G: Theresa went missing so i told him to go find her
I: Oh well i guess u haven't thought about my offer
G: Ethan has been spending a lot of time with me
I: I know but will u go to dinner with me tomorrow
G: Yea let me call u and tell u that but i think i might be able too
I: Alright
he just about left when Ethan walked in
E: Hey whats going on
G: Nothing why Ian came to see me to see how i was he was leaving
E: Good bye
He pointed at the door and left
G: Someone jelous
E: No i just don't like him
G: Ok ethan so i assume u found Theresa
E: Yea and she was a mess she was crying bc i slammed the door in her face and we had to take her to the hospital to give her a sedative.
G: Geez is she still there
E: Yea but Luis and Miguel are there with her how are u feeling
G: Alright a little tired but otherwise fine
E: Good
Ethan made Gwen dinner and they ate dinner together. They had a nice romantic candle light dinner and cuddled in front of the fire place and then went to bed. Things seemed to be getting better

7.16.08, 11:28 PM
Ch. 26
For the first time in a long time Gwen started to relax. Ethan was attentive and she thought maybe that was bc she was pregnant but there was also another problem she couldn't stop thinking about Ian. She needed to see him again. Ethan went to work one morning so she got sarah ready and went to her mothers. The place where it all started. She knocked on the door
R: Gwennie what are u doing here
G: Mom i need to talk to you
R: Come on and let me take my granddaughter you know you should be resting
G: Mom i am so sick of hearing that i am not that far along
R: So why did u rush over here then
G: Mom u remember when u introduced me to Ian
R: Yea what about it
G: I can't get him off my mind and that not fair to Ethan you know my husband
R: Thats not my problem alright. You know Ethan doesn't care all he cares about is that brat Theresa
G: Mom he has been nice and loving me ever since he knew i was pregnant
R: That doesn't seem strange to you in any way that now he starts acting like that. baby i would be concerned
G: Do u know where he lives
R: Of course i do
G: Can i have the address
R: Yes but what are u going to do when u get there
G: I don't know i just need to see him thats all
R: Alright
her mom wrote down the address. She told her mom she would pick up Sarah later. She got to his house and knocked on the door. Ian answered.
I: Gwen what a nice surprise
G: Look Ian i really need to talk to you
I: look this isn't a really good time right now
G: Why whats going on
T: Who is it
Theresa appereared out of nowhere
G: Oh well this is a nice surprise i didn't know you two were involved
I: Gwen come on
G: No the person i truley dispise i should of known
T: gwen just one question why aren't u with yur husband and what are u two sleeping together
G: U little slut
She pushed past Ian and slapped Theresa across the face and began to choke her
G:This is all yur fault u stupid slut. I love Ethan and u came between us and now yur making assumptions so u think u can run to ethan and break us up
I: Gwen enough stop
he managed to get Gwen off of Theresa while she gasped for air
I: What the heck is wrong with you
She ran out the door and to her mothers
G: Mother he was with Theresa
R: Ian no
G: Yea i just had my hands around her neck and tried to kill her
R: Gwen u need to go home and rest alright just take it easy.
Gwen took her daughter went home and Rebecca went over there an hour later
I: Becky do we have another dinner date planned
R: No is that little tramp here
I: U mean Theresa
R: Don't play dumb with me
I: Yea why
R: U know Gwen really needed to see you and u blew her off
I: Why did she need to see me for she's got her husband thats who she wants
R: Ok one question why were u with Theresa
I: Well she wanted me to help her break Gwen and Ethan up so i could have gwen and she could have Ethan. She knew Gwen and i were spending a lot of time together and i was about to tell her that when she went after Theresa
R: Well u know what that little tramp deserved it she has caused Gwen nothing but pain since she has been back and it need to stop
I: I told her to leave Gwen aloene but she won't listen
R: Not totally unlike her stupid girl. I don;t know where Pilar went wrong. I need to go but i wanted to know what the heck was going on
I: What was Gwen going to tell me
R: I am not entirely sure but we will see i guess
Rebecca left. Gwen was sleeping when the doorbell rang. She got up to get it
G: Ian
I: Gwen i am really sorry
G: What the heck are u and Theresa doing together are u two dating well she can leave my husband alone now huh
I: Actually she came to ask me to help her break u two up
G: WHAT i am going to kill her
I: Gwen I told her to leave u two alone if she listens thats a differnt story
G: ha yea right she won't listen to you
I: so why did u come to see me
G: Ian i hate to admit this but i can't stop thinking about you and i know thats not right but i can't and i am so confused about my feelings right now
I: Its ok
he held her in his arms. At the office. Ethan was cleaning up for the day when the door opened
T: Can i come in
E: What do u want
T: i haven't seen u and u haven't seen yur son in awhile
E: I know but i need to be there for gwen too she is having another baby with me
T: Why don't u admit u want to be with me and quit fighting yur feeling for me mister
E: U need to leave u want me to call security
T: U wouldn't do that to me
Theresa kissed him and they made love on his desk he couldn't help himself. Back with Gwen
G: I am sorry i get so emotional when i am pregnant
I: No no its alright
Then Gwen kissed Ian. She had wanted to do that for awhile. He kissed her back and they ended up making love and giving into their passion for once.

7.18.08, 7:32 PM
Ch. 27

Ian and her got dressed and were on the couch kissing. Theresa and Ethan were talking and Ethan decided he needed to divorce gwen.
T: U finally decided to do it
E: I think its time its not fair to Gwen. I am going home to tell her.
T: Do u want me to go with you
E: I think I need to do this alone and plus we need to talk about the kids and our things we owned together and the house
T: Alright i will make dinner and keep it warm
E: Hon i don't know how long i will be
T: Ethan
E: Yea
T: I'm pregnant
E: you are
T: Yea i am i found out this morning
He kissed her. I gotta go. He went home and parked and Ian's car was there. he went inside and Ian and Gwen were kissing
E: Well this is a surprise
G: Ethan
I: I better go
E: Yea i think so
he left
G: Ethan i can explain ok. Its us u don't spend enough time together i just got a lot of attention from Ian i am really sorry. I am kinda glad u did maybe we could talk about us and trying to spend enough time together
E: Gwen we need to talk
G: Ok about what
E: i have decided its best if Theresa and i get married and we divorce
G: Ethan i told u that i was going to give u a divorce and u said no
E: Besides Gwen it looks like u found somebody yurself
G: I guess i wll give u a divorce but Ethan was i not good enough for you
E: Yes Gwen its just that well i love Theresa and i can't help but make love to her. Its like some spell she has on me. It would be better if we didn't cheat.
G: I know Ethan and i do love you a lot.
E: I do gwen but its not fair to u
G: I guess so i will grant u the divorce
E: we just need to decide on some things
G: Like what
E: The kids
G: Well we can trade every other weekend we can do that
E: Sounds good
G: Well i will have to find another house
E: No keep this one. I can buy another one for Theresa and I. Its not a problem
G: well thanks Ethan thats really thoughtful
E: So i guess i take whats mine and u have whats yurs. Of course besides the children
G: Yea i want them to know their father
E: I want to be a father figure to them too
G: yea thats fine
E: Are u going to be alright
G: i will have to be. You know it just kinda scares me. I love you so much. Even though i knew u wanted to be with Theresa i loved u so much i wanted u anyway i could have you. Then ian started paying attention to me and i just felt beautiful again you know
E: Gwen you are beautiful and i feel terriable that i didn't pay attention to you. gwen i do still love you a lot.
G: I know it just kinda hurts
E: Come here.
Ethan held her for awhile.
G: Ethan
E: What
gwen kissed him. She pulled away
G: Its been so long since I felt yur lips upon mine
E: I know it has been a long time
Gwen kissed him again. She wanted to make love to him one last time. She hoped he would let her. He wasn't stopping. They ended up making love on the floor.
E: That shouldn't have happened
G: Ethan yes it should of we were married and i love you so much after our marriage and everything i deserve that
E: ok ok u win
He kissed her on the mouth before he left
E: Are u sure yur alright
G: I will be i am not going to lie that i do love you and it hurts
E: Gwen yur beautiful and don't quit smiling bc whether u end up with Ian or someone else any man would be lucky to have you and i want to be in the delivery room when the baby is born
G: If u wish
E: We have a court date set so we can get legally divorced. i will call u with the details of signing the house over to you and the date at a later time
G: Alright
E: Bye
G: Bye
She watched him go. She knew she was going to break down and bawl. She sat down on the couch and Ian busted in 5 minutes later
I: Gwen what happened
G: he is divorcing me
I: Bc i kissed you
G: No bc he wants to be with Theresa
I: Are you ok
G: no i mean i am glad u know there will be no more sneaking around but i still loved him
Ian held her as she cried for an hour straight
I: Gwen i know this might not be the best time but now we can be together
G: Right now i don't want to date anyone
I: I know i will not pressure u into anything
G: good bc thats not what i need right now. Right now all i want to do is go to bed
I: Well lets get u into bed i can watch yur daughter for you.
gwen slept for an hour when the phone ringing woke her up
G: Hello
I: Gwen its Ivy
G: hey
I: Honey how are u?
G: Alright
I: I heard what happened i am really sorry but this doesn't change things between us
G: i hope not bc yur like a second mother to me
I: Your like a second daughter to me
G: Thanks
They got off the phone and Rebecca came in
R: Honey i just heard
G: What is it all over town
R: Ivy called me
G: Oh
R: Ian is here
G: he is watching Sarah for me
R: u need to be well rested for yur baby you know
G: i know i will be
R: Alright
G:Mother can u just leave
R: ok but i am taking Sarah so u can rest and not be disturbed
G: alright
Rebecca left and Ian did too he thought Gwen needed a break. gwen was a mess

7.20.08, 6:26 PM
Ch. 28
Gwen did not get out of bed except to use the bathroom over the 2 days he lied in bed. Her mom came over to see her but she wouldn't talk to her or eat. her mom called Ethan and told him what was going on. He went over to see if she could get her out of bed. he went upstairs into their old bedroom
E: Gwen
G: Ethan what are u doing here
E: I am worried about u now come on whats wrong
G: Losing u is a lot harder than i thought it would be.
E: Gwen u need to get out of bed and go on with yur life
G: I can't go on and live without you
E: Yes u can. U gave me the divorce
G: I know i know but i am in a lot of pain right now. I can't sleep, eat, and i am so weak
E: U have to eat for this little baby inside of you
G: I know i just can't
E: How about this take a shower and get dressed and I will make u some breakfast alright
G: Ok i guess so
E: Ok get a shower and come downstairs and eat
gwen got up and showered and changed and sat at the table. She realized that she was famished at that point
E: Ok here u go. I will have some breakfast with you.
gwen ate two plates full. Ethan was happy she ate that much
E: Well i think we need to go to the drs I know u had an appointment
G: Yea i did
E: Well lets go this way we will see if u did any damage those 2 days
Ethan took her to the drs
Dr: Well Gwen looks like the baby is fine
G: It does
Dr; yes the baby looks fine and do u want to know the sex of the baby now. I know i asked u last month but i want to ask u again to make sure
G: No i don't want to know
Dr; Alright i will write u up a prescritption for yur prenatals. Nurse would u write Mrs. Winthrop a ..
G: Dr dr its Miss Hiotckiness again. Ethan wants a divorce
Dr: ok well why is he here with you
G: Were friends
Dr: Ok well is this going to affect the baby at all
G: I don't know i am already upset about it
Dr: Well gwen if yur unsure u and Mr. Winthrop might need to stay together until the baby is born in order to have the baby unless u don't care if it survives. The baby needs u to be calm
G: Ok
Dr: Mr. Winthrop can I talk to u alone right now. Write up that prescription Joyce
J: Yes dr
Dr: Come into my office. So whats going on
E: Listen Gwen agreed to give me the divorce
Dr: Well if she gets upset the baby could die
E: So u think i should stay with her for the sake of the baby
Dr: Well is she upset
E: Yes we decided to split about 2 days ago and she got upset and she was in bed for 2 days before i got there and told her to get out of bed
Dr: This is not good. U need to be there for her so this baby lives
E: I guess i am going to have to do this for her and the baby. I do still care for her
Dr: maybe u two can save yur marriage at the same time
E: Maybe thank you dr
Dr: Yur welcome. gwen is a great girl
E: I know Dr
Gwen was up at the desk and the nurse was giving her the pills
E: How much
J: $20.99 the norm
Ethan reached for his wallet
G: I got it
E: No u don't
G: Ethan i have to u can;t keep paying for me
E: Yes let me
He payed the nurse and they left
G: Why did u pay for me we are not together anymore. I need to pay fro myself.
E: Gwen i think i need to stay with u until the baby is born
G: no u don't need to do that
E: Come on gwen please we can go to the nice peaceful place and be alone together
G: I think it would be alright but only if yur sure
E: I am sure. I will drop u off let me pack and then we can go
G: ok
He dropped her off and went home to tell Theresa
T: hey honey
E: Hey how are you
T: Great now that yur back
E: Um sit down
T: Ok whats up
E: Ok well when i got to gwen's she was a mess she hadn't eaten in two days
T: Ok and
E: The dr talked to me if i want the baby to live i got to take her someplace quiet it would only be for 4 months
T: No i have lived without u long enough
E: We can start our lives together once gwen has the baby. I care for her and don't forget that is my baby she is carrying
T: I have yur son here at home and this baby too
E: U would only be three months i will be home in plenty of time before u deliver
T: Don't go Ethan
E: I am not asking yur permission i am going
T: Ethan please don't go i love you
E: I love u too but i need to do this i want my baby to be healthy and we can talk everyday. U will be set and fine until i get back
T: No don't
He went upstairs to get a suitcase and pack. She came upstairs.
T: Ethan i am going to miss u
E: me too
T: I am going to miss yur touch and yur kiss
She pulled him into a kiss. He groaned
E: Not now
T: Yes a going away present to think about me
E: Theresa i will think about you
She kissed him again and puhsed herself closer to him. he couldn't help himself and he pushed the suitcase off the bed and lied her down on the bed
E: I should be leaving but i can't go with out doing this with you
T: Shhh kiss me
He claimed her mouth and then grabbed her breast as she moaned. Then they made love twice before he left. he tried to get out of the bed after the second time
E: Theresa i can't
T: Yes Ethan again
E: Theresa Gwen is pry wondering what happened to me
T: Let her wonder
She kissed him and he kissed her back. He tried to get out of bed and Theresa grabbed his shoulder and tried to pull him back into bed
E: No i gotta go
he threw his clothes on. Then he packed his suitcase quickly. he kissed his son and kissed Theresa passionletly and heavily and left to get gwen. He went up to the door
G: I was thinking u forgot about me
E: Sorry there was something i had to take care of
G: Oh ok
E: Do u feel alright
G: Yea i am ok
E: Good
These 3 months she was going to try and out her marriage back together.

7.31.08, 12:52 AM
Ch. 29
gwen and Ethan left to go to the cabin he rented.

G: This is so beautiful Ethan i love it
E: Good i am glad u do
G: This is like the cabin we had last time this one has more room too
E: Yea it costs a little more but i thought u might like it
G: like it I love it
She smiled at him and hugged him. He hugged her back. That night Ethan was on his computer working when Gwen came in
G: Hey i made some dinner
E: Oh Gwen i was so into my work that I didn't hear u come in what time is it
G: Its about 7 and i am straving
E: ok I will be there in a few minutes
Gwen went and set candles out on the table dimmed the lights and put their salad and she made grilled chicken with a light sauce, salad, potatoes, and for dessert she made strawberry shortcake. Ethan sat down 10 minutes later
E: This looks good
G: I hope u like it. It sounded so yummy.
They started eating
E: This is great Gwen just wonderful
G: Thanks i try
E: You were always a good cook
G: you never told me that
E: Well u were
G: well thanks. I miss Sarah i think after dinner i am going to call my mother
After they ate and had dessert Ethan and gwen both got on the phone and talked to her mother and Sarah was fine. Gwen and Ethan sat out by the pool and they went outside and Gwen read and Ethan worked on his laptop. When Ethan checked on Gwen she had fallen asleep. He carried her up to her room. he got on his phone and called Theresa
T: hello
E: Hey baby
T: Ethan i am so happy to hear from you
E: Gosh I miss u did i wake up Little Ethan
T: no he is sound asleep
E: Thats good
Gwen had woken up. The house they were in had an upstairs. She could hear Ethan talking on the phone. She sat on the staircase out of view to listen she had a pretty good idea who it was
T: So how is Gwen doing
E: Well she is doing a lot better now that she is here. She has color to her face. I am glad to do anything for her and the baby. Even though we are divorcing i still care a lot about her. We have known each other about as long as you and i have
T: Well thats good god i wish u were here
E: What are u doing to keep yurself busy
T: Well Little Ethan keeps me busy throughout the day. mama comes and sees me. The nights are the lonliest for me though.
E: I am so happy you are pregnant. I can't wait to be involved with you and the baby
T: yea i am excited i have been getting sick a lot lately but i know why
E: Well I hope Gwen and i can come to some agreement when I can and can't see the kids
T: They are welcome here anytime u know that right
E: yea i do
T: Well its getting late I am tired i am going to bed
E: Alright sleep good and dream of me.
T: That won't be a problem
E: Alright I love you Theresa
T: I love you Ethan night
E: Night
he shut his phone and turned it off. gwen went upstairs and lied down. She wasn't tired now. She hated Theresa she wanted Ethan. She can't believe that Theresa was pregnant again although she didn't know why that surprised her. Ethan came up an hour later. gwen was lying there. Then Ethan put his arm around Gwen and held her close. Gwen fell asleep finally content. Gwen woke up early the next morning before Ethan did. She went downstairs and called her mom
R: Hello
G: Mom its gwen
R: Gwen how are you
G: Alright hows my baby
R: She is great
G: mom Ethan called Theresa last night
R: Well what do u expect
G: I want him and i don't know how to get him
R: be sexy flirt do something that u first did
G: Thanks mom
R: Yur welcome
She heard Sarah cry
R: I gotta go
G: Ok give Sarah a kiss for me
R: I will bye
G: Bye
She hung up the phone got in the shower and got dressed. She was humming as she made breakfast. Ethan came down about 10 minutes later
E: gwen
G: Down here
E: What are u doing up so early
G: Making u breakfast its almost done
E: Well thanks gwen
2 minutes later she set down a plate for him and her. They ate and he claned up for her
G: Thanks for cleaning up for me.
She got up and went over to him and kissed him on the lips. he pulled away
E: What are u doing
G: Thanking you
E: Saying thank you is enough. I gotta go shower
He went upstairs
G: Damn it
She sat down and put her head down. When Ethan came down Gwen's head was down
E: Gwen are u feeling alright
She went outside and sat down at the edge of the pool and put her feet in
E: Gwen are u rethinking the divorce
G: I love you so much Ethan yes i am rethinking it
E: U agreed
G: i know that but i don't know now
E: Its alright don't worry things will be alright after the baby I am going back to Theresa I lover her Gwen and we can't be together when I love her like I do
G: Am i not good enough
E: You are its just i gave my heart to Theresa a long time ago
G: Stop right now while were here. Its about you, me , and our unborn baby. I don't want u even thinking about that tramp. Now i am going upstairs and chaning clothes. When I get back I hope u have an attidtude change.
Gwen ran upstairs and took her time so Ethan could think about what she said

8.3.08, 11:12 PM
Ch. 30

Gwen come downstairs to see where Ethan was.
G: Ethan where are u
Thats when she saw the note with his cell phone. She picked up the letter. It read:
I had to leave for a little while. I will be back in a couple of hours. I need to be alone to think. Thats why i left my cell phone. We will talk when i get home.
G: Damn it
She sat down at the table and got a glass of water. Then Ethan's cell phone rang. Gwen decided not to answer it and then she decided it might be Ivy or something so she looked at the caller Id and it was Theresa.
G: Damn it just leave Ethan alone.
She wanted to answer it anyways
G: Hello
T: Oh Gwen i didn't know you were going to answer look I just need to talk to Ethan for a second
G: Well he is not here
T: Gwen look i know that you don;t like me talking to him but it will just be a second
G: Theresa i am telling u he is not here
T: When we he be back
G: Well by his note he won't be back for a couple of hours
T: Oh well can u tell him to call me when he gets back.
G: What for
T: I just want him to send some money for Little Ethans doctor visit.
G: Oh ok
T: Look Gwen i am sorry for whateevr pain i caused you
G: Theresa i really don;t want to talk about this
She could feel the blood pumping through her veins
G: Well i should let u go
T: Why
G: I just need to let u go
She shut the cell phone and sat down at the table and put her head down. Ethan didn't come home for 2 hours. Finally gwen heard the car pull up and went outside to greet Ethan
G: Where have u been
E: Driving around thinking
G: You told me that much
E: I am sorry i had to but lets go inside and talk
They both sat down on the couch.
G: Ok Ethan go ahead
E: Ok look i had a lot of time to think and i think that we should put everything aside and and just think about our baby and then go back to our lives when the baby is born
G: No Ethan no i love you
E: You said we could go ahead with the divorce
G: I know and you saw how I was when i let yo go
E: Yes I know but Theresa and i are in love. You want her and i to keep sneaking behind yur back. I can't give you enough attention. I want you to be happy
G: If were together i will be happy
E: Gwen its not like you won't ever see me. We can share the kids.
G: I want us to raise the kids. The kids need a mother and a father
E: I am sorry Gwen but i can't take it. I am in love with her and its not fair to you
G: Ethan how come i was never good for you
E: Its not that its just u know the past Theresa and I have
G: Yea i know but Ethan how come i was never good enough. I thought i made you happy
E: you did when we were married you did
G: Obviously not. What is it going to take Ethan bc I loev you with all my heart it hurts
E: Shh its ok
Ethan then kissed her to calm her down. Gwen kissed him back. She pulled away
G: Ethan i love you. I don't want a divorce
E: Ok lets talk about it when u give birth
G: Good bc i want to talk about something else
She kissed him. Then they made love. Ethan couldn't deny it her bc he said they would talk about it. gwen woke up the next morning and cooked Ethan breakfast. Ethan came downstairs
E: Well u look happy
G: I am. I have never felt this way since we were married
E: Good
She gave him a good morning kiss.
G: i am so happy right now
She was making breakfast and humming
G: Ethan we could still be happy together
E: Gwen we still need to talk about it
G: I know but u just made me so happy last night
E: Gwen don't get yur hopes up too high
G: Don't don;t ruin this
E: Alright alright
The months flew by. She was two weeks overdue and Theresa wanted Ethan home. He didn;t know what to do

8.14.08, 10:55 PM

Gwen and Ethan were eating dinner when she got a cramp in her stomach. Ethan could tell by the look on her face
E: Got a cramp
G: yea i need to get up and move.
She got up slowly and felt water rush between her legs.
G: My water just broke
E: Oh my god well lets go
Ethan grabbed her bag and they left. He ushered her to the car and they drove to the hospital. As soon as they got there she was rushed into a room
N: Yur wife is dialating fast. I am going to go get the doctor
G: Ethan it hurts
E: I am right here. Can't u give her anything
N: no she is too far dilated
They got Gwen set up in a room and the nurse ran to get the doctor.
G: Ethan
E: Breathe
The doctor came in 5 minutes later and checked Gwen.
Dr: yur ready. I need to get scrubbed up. U going to be in here
E: Yea
DR: Scrub up
They both left but the nurse was there. The men came back 2 minutes later and Gwen was ready. She delivered a baby boy 15 minutes later.
Dr; Here is yur son
G: He is perfect
E: Yea he is
He kissed Gwen's forehead
E: U did great
G: U were here with me
The nurse took the baby and cleaned him up. They told Gwen they would bring her back later
E: What are we going to name him
G: I want to name him Jonathon after my father
E: Sounds good to me
They were both tired. Gwen fell asleep and Ethan dozed in a chair. When Ethan woke Gwen was still sleeping. He wanted to go to the nurery to see Jonathon. So he left quietly and went to see his son. he looked so peaceful. The dr came up behiind Ethan
Dr: Hello Ethan
E: Hello
Dr: Listen i need to tell u something about Gwen
E: What about her
DR: I am conerned the way Gwen delivered so fast i want to do some tests to make sure she is alright
E: Is she
Dr; I am sure its nothing but i want to make sure of it.
E: ok
Ethan went back to the room. Gwen was still asleep. Ethan read a magazine and waited for Gwen to wake up. Gwen woke up an hour later
G: Hey
E: Hey yur finally awake.
G: Yea hows our baby
E: He looked peaceful.
G: Well thats good
The Dr knocked at the door
G: hello dr
DR; Hello
G: whats up
Dr; Gwen i don't want to alarm u but i want to do some tests i am concerned on how fast u dilated. It shouldn't be anything serious
G: Ok
Dr: here let me help u into yur wheelchair
E: I'll wait here
G: ok
They wheeled her out and Ethan sat down. gwen came back half an hour later
G: I hate waiting
E: Get some rest u just gave birth
G: how can i sleep now
E: Gwen just try and close yur eyes at least
15 minutes later they were both out. They dr came in and woke them both up 3 hrs later.
G: Dr whats wrong with me
Dr; Nothing bad but i want u to come with me to my office. he helped her into her wheelchair and Ethan went with them. he got them in his office
G: What is is
Dr: When I was looking at the ex-rays it looks like u have a crack near yur hip. I think thats what caused yur fast delivery.
G: So is that bad
Dr: Well it would require surgery but without it. That would be bad
E: Money won't be a problem. whatever its costs we can afford
Dr; Thats good. I don't want u to be up and around and moving though. Not until u get surgery.
G: Ok doctor.
Dr; i want to keep u overnight and then tomorrow u get to go home if everything goes well
G: Ok
The doctor wheeled her back to her room and Ethan sat with her
E: I am glad nothing is serious
G: me too
E: We will be able to pay for this
G: I know and thank you
When Gwen went to sleep that night he called Theresa to tell her what was going on. She said she was glad Gwen was ok but missed her and she did also. Ethan then got a nurse and she got a cot for him and fell asleep quickly

8.18.08, 6:22 PM
The doctor came in early the next morning but Ethan and Gwen were both up. They were both reading magazines.
Dr: i am glad yur up i was hoping i wouldn't wake u
G: No i wasn't that tired wondering if i could go home
Dr: Well u did fine during the night. I am going to write u a priscription i want u to take. Also i wrote down the name of a doctor i want u to see too. Then u two can scedule a surgery too. The pills i am putting u on i want u to start taking tonight so get them filled as soon as possible. I am going to give a wheel chair that u need to use.
G: Alright thanks
E: i will make sure she does that
Dr: ok u can get dressed now
G: Thanks
the doctor left. Gwen didn't want to go home she was dreading this day. I am going to get that prescription while u get dressed.
G: ok
Ethan left. Gwen didn't know why bc it wasn't like he hadn't seen her naked before. Gwen got dressed and sat on the bed and waited for Ethan to retrun with her wheelchair
E: I'm back
He helped Gwen into her chair and they went to get the baby and go home and pack and head back to Harmony. Ethan couldn't wait to see Theresa. They got back and Gwen helped Ethan pack.
E: yur fine everything i almost packed
G: Ethan how can i afford surgery
E: I am paying for it and going to the hospital with u to make sure u r ok. I will have to go to the doctor with you so i can pay for that
G: Ethan were not together anymore
E: That doesn;t mean i can't help out. I still care for you
G: Thank you it helps me so much
E: Hey its ok even though i am with Theresa we will have to see each other bc of the kids. U can still have the house too I just want u to stay with yur mom until u get better. Thats where i am dropping u off after we fill yur prescription
G: Ok sounds good
Even though it didn't she loved Ethan.
G: Ethan
E: can u put me on the bed so i can fold my clothes and put them away
E: Sure
he picked her up and put her on the bed. When he put her down she kissed him. He tried to pull away and he brought her closer. Then he finally did tear away
E:(breathlessly) What are u doing
G: Ethan i love you i want to make love to you
E: Jonathon
G: He is in the kitchen the baby monitor is out there he is sleeping
She pulled him into another kiss
E: We shouldn't be doing this
G: My hip is fine (she knew he was talking about Theresa)
She pulled him closer and he finally sat on the bed. Then he got ontop of her and he pushed the suitcase off the bed. He started undressing her and she undressed him. They made love for an hour. Afterwards he got dressed and put her in the wheelchair
G: Are u mad
E: That shouldn't have happened
G: It was wonderful
E: I am not going to say it wasn't
She smiled. They packed got Jonathon and went to the pharmacy and filled out the prescription. It would take a half an hour to fill. They sat down and talked to Jonathon and about him
G: So Ethan about the surgery
E: I would like to wait and do the divorce after u recover and everything. I don't think they are going to wait to long to reschedule it.
G: That sounds good
E: I know that u love me but i think its best for us to split
G: It pry it
The prescription was finally filled and they went to her mothers.
R: Gwennie yur here let me see the baby
G: We named him jonathon
R: Thats fine sarah misses u why are u in a wheelchair
G: I will tell u later when Ethan leaves
ethan brought the luggage in. Then sarah came running out
G: Come give mommy and daddy a hug
She gave her mom and hug and Ethan picked her up
E: How is my princess.
he gave her a kiss and put her down. Ethan told Rebecca he was leaving gwen with her and she would tell her why. He said he would call her tomorrow and h kissed her cheek and left. Ethan called Theresa and sped home he could hardly wait. As soon as he opened the door Theresa ran to him.
T: I missed u
E: Where is my son
T: At his grandmothers
E: Good
He kissed her and swung her toward the wall. He kissed her hungryly and she moaned. They made love on the kitchen floor and then he carried her upstairs and they made love the rest of the day. They couldn't get enough of each other.

8.27.08, 11:05 PM
Gwen called the dr and made an appointment with him the next for Friday which was 2 days away. Then Ethan called her
E: Did u call the doctor
G: Yes
E: When is your appointment
G: Friday
E: I will pick u up and take you
G: Ethan this isn't neccesary
E: Yes i will pick u up and pay for it no arguments
He hung up the phone. Friday came and Ethan picked her up. Rebecca opened the door
R: Hello come in
E: Hey i came a few minutes early i wanted to see my daughter and son
He went upstairs and Gwen was changing Sarahs clothes
S: Daddy (She was 3 now)
G: Ethan i didn't know u were here early
E: I wanted to see Sarah and Jonathon
He helped Gwen get them ready and played with them a little bit and then they had to leave
G: I will be back later mother
R: Ok
They left. Gwen didn't say a word on the way there. They got to the doctors office. gwen went up to the receptionist and gave her, her name.
R; Do u have insurance
G: Yes
E: Here is my card
R: Thanks
The doctor came out almost instantly
Dr; I have been expecting u come on back
Ethan wheeled Gwen and followed him into his office.
Dr; make yurselves at home. The doctor u went and seen is so respected.
G: he did mention that. I really liked that
Dr: well thats good. So u need to have surgery what day can we do this. I want to do this asap.
G: me too
Dr: Well i can do it at the end of the week
G: Good for me
E: Good for me too
Dr: I want u to keep taking those pills yur doctor gave you, stay in yur wheelchair, and make sure after u get surgery to have someone take u home
G: I can do that
E: I will be with her and bring her
Dr; Sounds good be here at 8 and don't eat after midnight,
G: Thanks goodbye
Ethan wheeled her out to her car and picked her up and put her in the passanger seat. they rode in silence for about 5 minutes until Ethan said something.
E: Do u like being silent like this
G: Yes i do enjoy it
E: I know yur mad at me
G: Mad? What reason would i have to be mad
E: Because yur in love with me
G: that is so over
E: Gwen i can see it in yur eyes
G: Ok so what
E: I want to help you
G: I am fine
She looked out the window the rest of the way home. He put her in her wheelchair and pushed her inside. Kissed Jonathon and Sarah and left. Ian came to see her the next day
G: Ian its been awhile
I: It has. So how are u
G: I am alright
I: I heard u have to get surgery
G: Yea i do
She showed Jonathon to Ian and he picked and Sarah and talked to her.
I: Gwen i was thinking
G: if yur thinking of asking me out then no
I:Alright well have a good night then. He couldn't deal with it. he left. He was falling for Gwen and couldn't be around her with his feeling unless she returned them.
R: Why did Ian leave
G: I don't know
R: He is so nice
G: I am not ready
R: You are too hard to figure out
Her mom left the room. Gwen played with Sarah.
The day finally came for surgery. Ethan came early kissed the kids and left for the hospital. They said not a word to each other. The doctor greeted them
Dr: Right this way.
They led Gwen into a room. The nursd helped her dress and after she dressed Ethan came in picked her up and put her in the bed. The doctor told her he would be back in a minute.
E: Are u nervous
G: Yes but u can go home now
E: no i am here and so is Theresa
G: Why is that little tramp here
E: I didn't have anyone else to wait with me. My mom nor dad could come. Yur mom is home watching the kids and Theresa's mom has little Ethan.
G: U had to bring Theresa didn't you?
E: Look I am sorry.
G: No yur not that little slut better not come near me or i swaer
Dr: U ready
G: Yes u can go home
They wheeled her into a room and did the surgery while ethan paced.
T: Hon sit down
E: I can't I am so worried
T: She will be fine
E: I know she is not happy with you being here
T: Thats too damn bad.
Then the doctor came out
E: How is she
Dr: Well the surgery went well. Something went wrong and its in gods hands. The doctor left.
Ethan and Theresa went to the chapel and lit a candle and and said a prayer for Gwen.

12.9.08, 2:42 PM
ch. 34
After Theresa and Ethan had said a prayer they both went home. Ethan woke up early the next morning and got out of bed.
T: Hey where are u going
E: Back to the hospital
T: Why
E: I want to see if there is any change
T: Why don't you just call
E: No I want to see her that way if she wakes up I will be there.
T: well let me go with you
E: no stay here and take care of the kids.
T: Ethan
E: Theresa please don't fight with me
Ethan got dressed and kissed Theresa on the forehead and left. he got to the hospital an half an hour later. He went to Gwen's room and he was still asleep. He went to find a doctor. He found him.
E: Dr is there any change
Dr: no none at all
E: Ok well is she going to be alright
Dr: We gave her something and right now she is stable but she hasn't come to yet.
E: Alright well I am going to sit in her room with her
Dr: Alright i will be there to check on her in a little bit.
E: Ok
Ethan went to Gwen's room and sat down in the chair beside her.
E: Gwen its me. hey u need to wake up sweetheart. I miss you and yur son does too and i need you here to help take care of him. he misses you alot. Come on Gwen
Ethan sat beside her for two hours when his cell rang
E: hello
T: Ethan come home its been two hours
E: no I want to make sure Gwen is ok.
T: Ethan please i miss you and so do yur kids
E: theresa if you were in the same spot i would be here with you until you were well
T: Yes because you love me
E: I care about Gwen she was my wife once gosh do you have a heart
He hung the phone up and turned it off. How dare she treat Gwen like that. Gwen was a human being with her feeling hurt. The doctor came in about 20 minutes later to check on her again. Then Gwen finally opened her eyes 3 hours later
E: Gwen your awake
G: She looked around
E: Dr shes awake
The doctor rushed in.
Dr; Gwen how do u feel
She didn't say anything
Dr: Gwen if you can hear me squeeze my hand
She squeezed his hand
Dr: She can hear me i think she is just really weak. I will be right back.
E: Gwen i am so happy you are awake.
She just looked at him. She didn't say a word
E: Gwen what is it?
She turned her head.
E: gwen?
She opened her mouth and started coughing
E: Woah take it easy don't try to talk alright
Gwen shook her head
E: U scared me u know that. I thought i had lost u and that scared me. I still care for you so much and yur son needs u too.
He kissed her cheek and she squeezed his hand. he sat down and held her hand for awhile. The dr. came in awhile later.
Dr: Has she said a word
E: No she tried to talk but ended up having a coughing fit
Dr: gwen let me examine you. Ethan can u excuse us
E: yea i will be right outside ok gwen
She shook her head and left and shut the door. Ethan turned his phone on to check his messages. he was sure Theresa left him a lot of them. she left him messages telling him she was sorry and she didn't mean that. The doctor came back out he would call her back later.
Dr: She is talking now
E: Thanks
G: Ethan why are u here
E: I was worried
G: Go home to Theresa
E: gwen i still care about u. I wanted to make sure yur ok
G: well I am fine so leave
E: No (he pulled up a chair) I am not leaving
G: Ethan i still love you I need time to get over you
There was a knock at the door.
I: Hey Gwen
G: Ian hey come on in
I: Hey how are u
G: I am alright
I: How much longer do u gotta be here
G: A couple more days the dr said
I: Good
G: See I am fine so leave please
E: No
G: Ian is here with me
I: Buddy she said leave u don't want me to call security
E: Fine i will be back later
G: Don't bother
EThan closed the door and left Ian and her to talk

12.11.08, 11:50 AM
Ethan went home to see Theresa
T: Ethan your home. Look I am sorry about everything.
E: Do not worry about anything alright (He kissed her)
Ethan went and played with the kids and Theresa cooked him dinner. Ethan and theresa sat down and ate and talked. Back at the hospital.
I: gwen look you really gave me a scare
G: I am sorry its not my fault
I: I know but i thought i almost lost you
G: Look Ian i had a lot of time to think and i am done with Ethan.
I: Really well what about us. Can we be together
G: I am not ready for this
I: Well can we be friends and see where it goes
G: Of course but right now I am tired.
I: ok I will b eback later
Ian kissed her on the cheek and left. Ethan arrived about an hour later
G: What are u doing here
E: Seeing how you are doing?
G: Fine now go
He pulled up a chair beside her
G: What are you doing?
E: Wheres ian
G: I told him to leave and he respected that. What are u doing here
E: I am sitting here i care about you
G: Go back to Theresa
E: I came to see you
G: Well I don't want you here
E: We need to talk
G: About what
E: Where all this anger and bitterness is coming from
G: Hello you are divorcing me and I love you.
E: Gwen i am really sorry
G: Whatever you are not because you get to be with Theresa and i get nothing
E: move on with your life.
G: i don't want to do anything without you.
E: gwen I am going to be with Theresa that is all there is to it.
Dr; whats wrong
E: I don't know
Just then the heart monitor started going crazy and Gwen went limp. Nurses started rushing in.
N: Please leave
E: I want to stay
N: get out. You must of upset her.
She pushed Ethan out and shut the door. He paced in the waiting room. Ian arrived a half an hour later.
I: Why are u out here
E: The doctors are working on Gwen
I: What happened
E: We were talking and she got worked up
I: What she wasn't supposed to get upset
E: look it wasn't my fault
I: Of course it was you were there
E: Well look i had to see if she was alright
I: look why don't u just leave her alone. Don't u think u caused her enough pain?
The doctor came out
E: Dr how is she
Dr: Well we got her stabalized but she hasn't come to yet.
I: See what u did
Dr: Look i don't want anyone to go in there and upset her
I: can i go and see her
Dr: One at a time and if anyone upsets her then that person will not be able to see her until after she gets well got it
They both agreed. ian went in first
I: hey gwen. I am sorry I wasn't here but i will take care of you and your kids. You will have a wonderful life i will make sure of that. you are beautiful. i don't want to rush you. Take your time but i wanted to let you know that i love you.
He left the room so Ethan could go in
E: hey Gwen I am so sorry i upset you. I feel really bad. The doctor said we couldn't stay that long so i better go.
He left the room.
I: I think its best if you stay away from her
E: She might like that but i want to be near her.
I: I know but please leave her be. She is in enough pain now I am going home.
E: See ya later
Ian left.
Ethan peeked in gwen's room and saw she was moving. He slipped in the room without being noticed.
E: Gwen are u awake
G: Ethan u told me you loved me
E: when
G: I was out of it and you told me you loved me
Ethan knew that Ian probably told her that
G: you did say that didn't you

12.12.08, 10:53 AM
G: Ethan answer me you did say that didn't you.
He didn't want to upset her. It wasn't a complete lie. He did love her and care for her as a friend
E: when did you hear this?
G: When i was out a couple of minutes ago
E: Well then (he hesitaited) yes
G: I thought so but i already knew that. I need to call Ian he told me he was sorry for all the pain he caused me but I don't know what the heck he is talking about
Ethan knew she had confused what they both had said.
E: gwen I think you con..
G: Oh Ethan your silly I love you so much.
She kissed him. he had to kiss her so he didn't upset her.
G: Ok lets go home. I want to have more kids since we have just have sarah
E: Gwen we have another baby and thats Jonathon
G: How did you know that I wanted to name my next baby after my father. You are so thoughtful. When we get home I want to call Ian and tell him that he has no reason to say he is sorry. So when can we go home
E: Gwen I don't think you are feeling too well
G: I feel great
E: You don't remember your baby boy and that we are seperated
G: Thats silly we are married and we have a daughter named Sarah and we want to have more kids.
E: Listen Gwen. You and I have two kids and Theresa and I are together
G: When did this happen?
E: gwen I don't think you are feeling all that well
Gwen got out of bed walked over to Ethan and fainted. Ethan caught her.
E: help we need a Dr.
The doctor came in
Dr: What the heck why are u in here
E: I saw her moving and she woke up and then we were talking and she got up and fainted.
Dr: You shouldn't of been in here in the first place. Visiting hours were over
E: I know but she was moving and I wanted to see if she was going to be ok
Dr: well now she fainted again
E: She wasn't making sense she didn't know she had a son and she didn't know that her and I were seperated
Dr: oh really
E: yea
G: Ethan
E: Gwen its me are u alright
G: Why are u here? Where is Ian
Dr: Gwen who is this
G: My soon to be ex husband who i love why
Dr: how many children do you have and are there names
G: Why are u asking me all this
Dr: Just answer please
G: Two Sarah and Jonathon
Dr: Well he said that you woke up and claimed you two were still married and you only had one kid
G: I don't remmeber that
Dr: Hmmm she seems fine now
E: I don't understand it
Dr: Me either
G: Well I know that Ethan and I are seperated and that he loves Theresa do I really have to keep saying it. I really don't want to hear it over and over again.
Dr: Ok well Ethan visitng hours are over
E: gwen can i stay please
G: Yea if he wants to. I really don't want to be alone
E: Good I want to be here
Dr: Alright thats fine but no fighting
G: its ok I am fine
E: Thanks for letting me stay
G: I could of called Ian but i want as much time with you as possible before i lose you
E: Gwen you aren't going to lose me. We will still be friends and i will see you and the children
G: yes Ethan I know that but its not the same
E: I have dating Theresa for a couple of months now
G: yea and you know what they have been the worst couple of months in my life. It has took me awhile to get used to it but I think I am getting used to it a little bit more right now. I think i am finally starting to accept it even though it is still hard.
Gwen just fell asleep. Ethan didn't have a word to say to Gwen's comments. When she woke up Ian was sitting there
I: hey beautiful
G: Ian hey he came over and kissed her cheek
I: Do U need anything
G: Yea could u run home and get me some things
Gwen wrote down what she needed and Ian ran home for her. He brought the bag of stuff back and Ian gave her the bag and Ian had to run home but promised he would be back soon. gwen was putting on some lipstick and looked in her compact when Ethan walked in
E: Gwen what are u doing
G: Well while i was here i figured i would look good. I always like to look my best you know that,
E: yea i know that
Then his phone rang. I need to take this and I need to go down to my car i will be right back
he left. Then the doctor came in
Dr: hello gwen
G: Hi
Dr: well you look great um listen you can go home now. Ian signed you out and he said he would let you get dressed and come and get you.
G: Alright well thanks
Dr: your welcome and take care
G: I will
Gwen put her clothes on and as soon as she dressed there was a knock at the door
G: Come in
I: Are you ready
G: Yes
I: Ok good lets go. We can go to your house and spend some time together.
G: that sounds good
I: Sit in the wheelchair
G: No I can walk
I: The doctor wants you to recover
G: For how long
I: He gave me this
It was a piece of paper with instructions on what she needed to do
I: See this one said bed rest for at least a week and these are the pills. He got busy
G: Well lets go then
Then Ethan walked through the door
E: Whats going on
G: I get to leave the doctor said so
E: Well I can take you home
I: Hey i got it under control. Go home to your soon to be wife. Come on Gwen.
He wheeled gwen out. Ethan stood there open mouthed.

12.16.08, 3:18 PM
Ch. 37
Ian wheeled gwen home and took her inside and set her on her bed.
G: thanks Ian will you tell Sarah to come up here and bring Jonathon upstairs
I: Yep
Ian returned with Jonathon and Sarah
S: Mommy I missed you so much
G: Me too
Gwen was holding jonathon
G: Gosh he really grew up fast. Has grandma been taking good care of you
S: Yes she takes really good care of me and Johnny
G: Good I am glad to hear it.
I: Well i guess I can get out of here
G: no please stay. I want you too
I: Alright
They all sat on the bed and talked when the doorbell rang. Her mom came upstairs and brought Ethan with her.
G: What do u want
S: daddy wait. (he picked her up)
E: I want to see my kids.Where is Jonathon
G: Asleep like most babies
I: I am going to go downstairs
G: No stay
Ian sat on the bed
E: I would like to take Sarah and Jonthan for a couple of hours
G: Fine whatever just bring them back soon
Ethan took the kids and Ian and her were alone
G: So now what we can't go out and do anything
I: We could watch a movie or something
G: Gosh a movies it has been a long time since I have watcfhed a movie.
I: Well then there is all the reason more to watch one then
G: I guess so
Back to Theresa and Ethan
T: Sarah would you like another helping of noodles
S: Sure Theresa
E: You are a good little eater your mom never told me that
S: Well thats cuz yur never round
E: Well Sweetheart you know me and Theresa are dating
Jonathon started to cry. Ethan got up
T: Let me go and feed him
She left the room.
LE: Daddy can I be excused
E: Eat your dinner
E: you know I love you right
S: Yes but u don't love Mommy
E: I care about her as a friend. Theresa and I dated before your mommy and I did and she just dissapered and then night your mommy and I got married she called me and we found her again. I couldn't hide my feelings from your mother and we tried to make things work but it couldn't.
S: Well I wish you two were together.
E: I know u do sweetie
They all ate dinner in silence it wasn't going too well. Theresa came back in
T: He's alright just a little hungry
She handed Jonathon to Ethan
E: Hey buddy
Le: Mommy can I go to my room
T: go
E: I told him no
T: Just let him go
S: can Jonathon and I go home
E: In a little bit aren't you having fun
S: No she walked into the living room
T: Things a little tense
E: Yea
T: Let me talk to her
E: I don't know if thats a good idea
T: only one way to find out
Theresa walked into the living room and sat beside Sarah.
T: Hey sarah. Listen I know you don't understand a lot of this but you will ok. i am not trying to replace your mother anyway anyhow. I just want you to feel comfortable when you come here.
She got up and went into the kitchen. Back at Gwen's moms. Ian and gwen were watching a movie and eating popcorn.
G: I never did this before just relaxed and ate popcorn.
I: yea this is nice.
he put an arm around her. Then Ian kissed her. Gwen kissed him back. She liked Ian a lot she just wasn't ready to be involved with anyone. he ended it
I: Sorry
G: Its ok I liked it.
She kissed him. Then Ethan was at the door clearing his throat. ian pulled away
I: I need to go but don't get out of bed and I will call u in the morning. He kissed her and she kissed him back and he left.
G: What
E: So you and Ian
G: yea we like each other but we can't date because I am not ready.
E: Listen you shouldn't date him
G: Oh don't even start. you know what it kills you that I like someone else. You want me to be alone and pining away from you but you want Theresa. That isn't going to happen.
E: We are still going throught with the divorce
G: Oh I know but you still want me pining away for you
E: gwen I still do have feelings for you. You are beautiful and you are a nice woman. Any man would be lucky to have you. Ian doesn't know how to love.
G: Shut up shut up get out now
E: Gwen please
She grabbed the vase on her nightstand and threw it at him. He left and she was grateful for that.

1.6.09, 5:18 PM
ch. 38
Ethan left the room. The vase had hit him he went toward the kitchen.
R: Ethan where are you.. Oh my god your bleeding here let me help you
He touched his head and got blood on his hands
E: Thanks for noticing. Theresa would of had me press charges. Give these to gwen in a couple of weeks. i don't want to do it
R: So your going through with the divorce?
E: of course I love Theresa
R: What does Theresa have that gwen doesn't it. Here let me get the bleeding to stop
He put the washcloth to his head
E: Ow that hurts
R: Good I hope it did
E: Fine
Rebecca got the rest of the blood off his forehead
R: Hey u will give gwen the divorce papers. I am not doing your dirty work for you
E: Whatever

1.6.09, 5:41 PM
Ch. 39 (oops sorry pushed the wrong button)
R: I am serious Ethan how can u do this to my daughter
E: Look Gwen is an amazing woman and she is beautiful and she fathered my 2 children but what marriage would we have if I keep cheating on her I am sorry.
Ethan grabbed the papers and headed toward the door
E: gwen deserves someone to love her completly heart and soul. Thats not me. i will be back later to serve her with divorce papers
rebecca went to gwen's room. She was sitting up looking through a magazine
G: hey mom
R: What did u think u were doing going and hitting Ethan in the head with a vase he was bleeding
G: good
She reached for her cell phoner
G: Do u mind I want to call Ian
R: Do u even care he has the divorce papers drawn up and wants u to sign them
G: he does
R: Yes we have to get him back
G: mother he wants Theresa. I think I am ready to move on with Ian
R: you are crazy. What is wrong with you? U and Ethan belong together
G: no not anymore besides ian is really sweet if he wants to get divorced ok fine lets do it
R: there is no getting through to you
G: oh mother you will get over it trust me. U tried hooking us up once remember
R: Yes but I was hoping it would make Ethan realize that his marriage was in jeparody but it didn't it just pushed Theresa and him together faster
G: mother u will except Ian and I
R: Gwen you are stupid for letting Ethan go
G: No mother he let me go a long time ago. I want Ethan to be happy and I don't want to come in second to him alright
R: Well as long as your ok with this
She hugged her mom and called Ian
Ethan and Theresa were having dinner.
T: Ethan your quiet tonight
E: yea I know
T: u thinking about springing the divorce papers in gwen
E: yea she is going to be heartbroken
T: i know but I think she knows its for the best
E: I hope so I hope it doesn't hurt her like it did in the hospital
T: She is fine
E: I know but she is still a nice young woman
T: Well I have some news
E: Whats that
T: I am pregnant
E: What
T: We are going to have a baby
E: oh my gosh thats great
Ethan kissed Theresa and hugged her he was so happy
Gwen was about to call ian when her phone rang it was Sherdian. gwen and her talked about all that was going on and that she was going to see her tomorrow. She said she wanted to see her and called Ian
I: Gwen how are you
G: Alright i couldn't wait to talk to you though
I: yea me either I was sitting her just waiting for u to call.
G: Yea Sheridan called me and I wanted to talk to her its been months
I: Yea so whats going on
G: not too much lying in be
I: U want me to come over
G: no its late and I want to go to bed
I: Alright call me tomorrow
G: Sounds good bye
I: Night
Gwen turned out the light and her phone rang
G: hello
E: Hey Gwen
G: Ethan what do u want
E: Can I come over so we can talk
G: its late can we do it tomorrow
E: yea that sounds good
G: Ok call me because tomorrow is kinda booked
E: ok call me tomorrow night
G: night
She hung up the phone and wondered now what he wanted to talk about

1.8.09, 2:19 PM
Ch. 40
Gwen woke up early and her mom heard her moving around and helped Gwen get dressed and help her into her wheelchair. She wasn't going to call Ethan he could call her. Sheridan called first and came over. Sheridan arrived ten minutes later. She was feeding Jonathon and Sarah was eating breakfast. Her mom got the door.
R: Sheridan hello
S: hi
Gwen wheeled herself to the front door
G: Hey
S: Hey can I hold him
G: Of course
She passed Jonathon to Sheridan and then sarah came out.
Sa; Sheridan
S: Hey sweetie
Sarah had started the first grade. She was getting ready for school
G: Do u have everything for school
Sa; yes
G: Get your shoes and coat on and start to wait for the bus
Sa; alright
Sarah got ready in 5 minutes and kisses, Sheridan, Gwen, and baby jonathon and opened the door and Ethan stood there.
Sa; Daddy
E: hey honey
She threw her arms around him
Sa; Daddy when can i see you
E: I will pick u up later this week now go wait for the bus
Sa; Ok
Sarah went to the bus.
G: What are u doing here
E: I told u we needed to talk
G: Well why didn't u call
E: I was out
G: Ok well talk
E: Hey Sheridan um could we have a little bit
S: I can come back later
E: Ok
G: No thats fine stay
S: No I have a few things to do and i will be back
G: Alright
S: See ya both later
They both said bye and she handed Jonathon to Ethan and left.
G: ok so what is up
He sat down
E: Well I brought the divorce papers I want u to sign them
G: Whats the rush
E: Well we have been putting this off to long and I want to get this done and over with
G: Can't we wait
E: No i want to do this now
G: Well I don't want to
E: Gwen u said u agreed to divorce me
G: I know but its too early
E: Gwen its time just sign the papers
G: i am still hurt
E: Gwen please
G: You have never pushed me like this before
E: Well Theresa is pregnant and I want to get this done as soon as possible so I can concentrate on the baby
G: She is pregnant again
E: yes and I want to plan for our baby
G: Well we have two kids and u didn't help me plan for Jonathon
E: I took u away so you wouldn't be stressed. I helped pay when u gave birth. I also payed for when yur hip was out of place
G: Look I know u did so much for me and I am thankful for it can u just leave them with me today and come by tomorrow and get them and I will sign them
E: u will have to appear in court to u know that
G: yes Ethan I do
E: Alright I will leave them here
He gave Jonathon and kiss and left. With Jonathon on her lap she stared at the papers she couldn't believe it. Then Ian walked through the door
I: Hey gwen whats that
G: Look
Ian saw the divorce paperes
I: Gwen I am so sorry
G: its ok
She lied them down on the table.
I: Are u going to sign them
G: Sooner or later i will
I: Well u want to talk about it
G: Not really
I: Ok I am here for you
G: i know
He kissed her and she kissed him back.
G: Hey I want to lie down for a nap
I: ok
Jonathon was already asleep and ian put him in his crib. he helped gwen into bed.
G: Stay with me
he sat on the bed
G: Lie down with me
I: Ok
He lied down with her.
G: Thanks for being so kind
I: no problem
She started to cry
I: What is it
G: I just love Ethan but I want to move on too. I want him to be happy but I want him to be with me
I: Listen he is happy with Theresa
G: You don't have to rub it in
I: I know I am trying to make it real to you. So your not ready to move on
G: As long as we take it slow i don't see a problem
I: yes but you are going to be pining away for Ethan I don't want to be second
G: Thats true how about u and I go to couseling with me for this it worked for Ethan. Him and I were dating and I told him if he didn't get over Theresa that we couldn't be together and he agreed so it might work for me.
I: Lets do it make an appointment tomorrow
G: Good I will
ian kissed Gwen. She kissed him too. He started touching her. She let him and they started making out heavily and then he pulled away.
I: Gwen
G: What
I: We need to stop and slow down
G: It feels good
I: i know but..
She kissed him again. he kissed her back. he couldn't help it. he finally pulled away
I: gwen u don't want to do this. Lets do it when the time is right.
G: yur right
I: your upset with Ethan and u want to have sex with me to get revenge somehow don't worry it will be alright
She started crying and cried for about 15 minutes then doorbell rang and he helped her into her wheelchair. Sheridan was there
S: oh u still have company
I: I am leaving I have things to do
G: Ok see ya later
I: Bye Sheridan
S: Bye Ian
He shut the door
S: You and Ian
G: We are taking things slow I like him
S: He is a good guy I am happy for you so Ethan
G: He wanted me to sign divorce papers so I told them to leave them here and I will sign them
S: I think thats a good idea
Sheridan and Gwen visited and then she left after a couple of hours. After she was in bed she stared at the papers. She decided it was best to sign them and she did. She went to bed. She couldn't believe it was happening.

1.11.09, 1:42 PM
Ch. 41
Gwen woke up early. She couldn't sleep anymore. She figured that was because she had signed the divorce papers. She grabbed the wheelchair over to her and pulled herself into the chair. She wheeled herself out to the living room. Her mom was feeding Jonathon and Sarah was eating breakfast
R: Gwen your awake.
G: yep
S: Mommy
G: Hey sweetheart
Sarah came over and gave her a hug.
G: I cannot wait to get out of this wheelchair
R: How much longer
G: I have an appointment later this afternoon. ian is taking me. Here let me feed my son
rebecca handed him over to her. Then there was a knock on the door and Rebecca went to get the door.
R: Ethan hey what a nice surprise
E: Hey. Where's Gwen
G: Right here
S: Daddy
E: Hey sweetie
He picked up Sarah and gave her a hug and set her down. Then Ethan went up to gwen and asked to hold Jonathon and she handed the 6 month old baby to him.
S: Daddy can me and Jonathon come home with you after school since its Friday.
E: Um tomorrow if its ok with your mom
G: yea thats fine
S: Yea
G: Go get ready for school
Sarah dashed off to her room
E: Can I have the papers?
G: yea
Ethan handed Jonathon to Rebecca and he wheeled Gwen to her room so she could hand him the papers
E: Thanks gwen it means a lot to me
G: yea
E: So how much longer until your out of the wheelchair?
G: I have an appointment today so I will know then.
E: Well thats good
G: Ethan are u sure this is what you want to do
E: yea I love theresa
G: Well how about I stay your wife and i will be faithful to you but u and Theresa can make love and she can be your mistress. As long as you make love to me too.
E: Gwen I don't want to cheat on you like that. You need a man who will love you and only You. ian may be that man
G: He may not be either.
E: Well whatever happens I am sure it will work out of the best
G: I don't know Ethan
E: Well I do. i will call you with the details of the divorce hearing
G: Fine just leave
E: I will pick up Sarah and Jonathon tomorrow morning maybe you and ian should go out and enjoy not having any kids
Gwen said nothing. Ethan left and told Sarah he would see her tomorrow. gwen got dressed and went in the living room.
R: So whats going on?
G: What do yo mean
R: With Ethan and the divorce
G: I gave him the papers outside and he will call me with the hearing when I need to appear in court. alright i don't want to talk about it. SARAH!
S: What?
G: Get out her and get your lunch and backpack around. Ger your coat and shoes on the bus will be here soon.
Sarah got around and kissed her grandma, mother,. and brother and left.
R: Here is Jonathon
G: Thanks. You going to work
R: yea you better call Ian to come and help take care of you
G: yea i know.
She called ian and he rushed over and Rebecca left.
I: So how did it go with Ethan
G: I gave him the papers and he is happy.
I: That scumbag.
G: Don't call him that
I: Why would he leave a great girl like you for Theresa thats stupid.
G: I don't know but we need to drop Jonathon off at Sheridans house so we can go to the doctors
I: Alright
She called Sheridan and they went and dropped Jonathon off and went to the doctors
I: So you want to go for lunch afterwards
G: I guess so
I: Good when you get out of that wheelchair I want to take you dancing
G: yea I do have to go through physical therapy
I: I know
They got to the doctors office and waited in the waiting room
N: gwen
G: Right here
I: Can I come back too
N: Yes come on back
Ian wheeled her back to the room
N: The doctor should be with you shortly.
Ian lifted gwen on the table. They said nothing and the doctor came back in about 5 minutes
Dr: gwen hello
G: Hello doctor
Dr; How are u doing
G: I am alright i feel pretty good
Dr: Well thats what I like to hear. Another week and You can start physical therapy but you will still have to use the wheelchair until I think you are ready which i am thinking about two weeks.
G: Good the sooner the better.
Dr; Alright well thank you and I will see you in a week go and make an appointment with the nurse.
G: Alright
She went and made an appointment. She gave them Ethans card and payed
I: So u want to go to lunch
G: I am not hungry lets get Jonathon and go home. When i get hungry I will eat
So they left and went home

1.20.09, 8:41 PM
Ch. 42
Gwen and Ian arrived at her house
I: Are u sure u don't want anything to eat
G: I am fine really
I: Alright I am making sure
G: I am fine really
gwen grabbed Jonathon
G: I want to feed him. You can leave now
I: Gwen you can't take care of yourself your still in a wheelchair
G: Ian I am fine. My mother will be home in 20 minutes I am fine
I: Ok call me if you need me
G: I know if I do I will
I: Alright
The telephone rang as soon as he was out the door. gwen grabbed it
G: Hello
E: Its me
G: Yes i know
E: I wanted to let you know the court date is set a month from now
G: Thanks for letting me know
She hung up the phone. She played with Jonathon until her mom walked in.
R: Hey honey where is Ian
G: I told him to go home
R: Why you can't take care of yourself
G: I did a good job. I just feel so helpless when i have to have people taking care of me
R: Well don't we love doing it
G: I am going to go see ian alright
R: You want help getting in your car
G: Nope I can do it
She kissed Ian goodbye and her mother. Then she got in her car and left. She wasn't going to see Ian though. 20 minutes later ian went to Gwen's house and knocked on the door.
R: Hey Ian wheres gwen
I: She isn't here
R: No she said she was going to see u
I: What the heck? I am going to go and find her
he knew she must have gotten the court date. He went to her favorite place to see if she was there and her car was parked there. Ian saw her sitting near the edge where there was a waterfall. She looked like she was inching her way in the waterfall. He realized she was going to kill herself. He ran up to the waterfall
I: Gwen (he pulled her away from the edge) What is the matter with you
G: If Ethan doesn't want me I don't want to me alive
I: Gwen listen there are better men than Ethan. I am here for you and I love you. I am making an appointment with the cousler right now.
he grabbed his cell phone and called the lady agreed to see her in 10 minutes.
I: Did Ethan call you with a court date
G: Yes
I: So this is why. Come on we need to get to that appointment.
He picked her up and drove her there. They waited and the doctor wanted to see her alone
C: Gwen i heard you tried to kill yourself
G: Yes
C: Why
C: my husband is divorcing me. I love him
C: I understand a divorce is never fun but you know what you need to do somthing to take your mind off things. Ian seems like a nice guy
G: He isn't Ethan
C: I know that gwen alright but you need to spend some time with him and get to know him. Obviously your husband isn't worth it. I don't have a lot of time. I want to see you back here in two days when we can talk longer and do not be alone ever.
Gwen left and Ian took her home and told her mother what was going on. her mother hugged her and agreed to not leave her along. Gwen went to bed. She did not want to be bothered.

1.31.09, 9:03 PM
Ch. 43
Ian came over to Gwen's house to visit her the next morning. Gwen was not ready to be bothered.
I: Is she still in her room
R: Yea i am afraid to bother her
I: I want to go in there
R: No don't do that let her be until she is ready help me get the kids ready
So Ian and her got the kids ready and played with the kids gwen came out in her robe 2 hours later
G: oh Ian i didn't know you were here
I: Yea i came to see how you are
G: Well u could of called
I: Gwen I am sorry to bother you and i know you don;t want to be bothered but i had to see if for myself
G: I know Ian and i have made a descion. I want to move on with my life and stop feeling sorry for myself. I am tired of it
I: Gwen I am so glad to hear that
R: Me too
G: I still want to go to couseling but with a different attitude.
The next day Gwen went to her counseler
C: Hello Gwen
G: Hello. I just wanted to tell u i have come here with a new attitude and a new outlook on life
C: Well what made u do that
G: I was sick of the way i was feeling and i knew it was bc i was bringing it on myself
C: I am proud of you
G: Thank you
C: So does this have to do with Ian
G: He is a friend but i don;t want to be involved with him yet
C: Don't rush anything dear.
G: Oh i know
The cousler and Gwen talked for an hour and left.
I: So how did it go
G: Good I think
I: You want to go out to lunch
She thought for a minute
G: Sure why not
Ian took her to a nice place and they ate a nice quiet lunch as well
I: well you ready to head back
G: No not really
I: Alright what do u want to do
G: I don;t know u choose
I: Alright
Ian drove them to a beach close by
I: I thought we could walk across here
G: Sure it doesn't bother me
They got out and he grabbed her hand and they walked
I: So gwen are u ready with everything u r going to have to go through
G: No but I can do it I am stronger than i have ever been
They walked for a little while longer and they went to her house.

2.16.09, 12:30 PM
Ian drove gwen and him back to her house.
G: Well do you want to come iniside for a little while
I: I would love to but right now I need to get back to the office its important
I: How about dinner tonight
G: Sure I would like that
Gwen leaned over and kissed Ian on the lips. Before he could say anything she opened the door and got out. Ian sat in the driveway for a few minutes and then left. gwen smiled and walked inside.
R: What are u so happy about
G: i just think my life is changing. I think ian and i could reallyt be something
R: Really
G: Yea i do
Then the doorbell rang and gwen answered it
E: Hey is it ok if i see my kids for a couple of hours
G: Yes sure
S: Daddy yur here can i come with you
E: yea
S: mommy can jonathon and i spend the night
G: If your dad said its ok
E: Yea thats fine
G: Let me go pack your bags
gwen packed a bag for Sarah and Jonathon
E: Thanks
G: Here just call before you bring them back
E: I will
G: Hows theresa feeling with the new baby
E: A couple more months
G:Ok well thats cool I hope everything goes well
E: Thanks
He patted her on the back grabbed Jonathon and left. gwen got ready for when ian picked her up and slept a little bit she was content. Ian called her at 7 and they went to a nice resturant and ate.
I: Thanks for coming with me
G: Thanks for inviting me
I: Your welcome
They stayed there until about 10 and had shared some dessert as well.
I: Well you ready
G: To go home no of course not
I: Ok well what do you want to do
G: Can I come back to our place
I: yes
They went back to his place and watched a movie. gwen ended up falling asleep over there. She woke up on the couch alone. Ian came in with a coffee cup
I: Sorry i didn't want to wake you last night
G: Its alright
I: good
they had coffee and breakfast together.
I: About that kiss
G: ian look i really like you and i wanted that kiss but i want to take things slow on my terms
I: I think thats a good idea
She kissed him and they made out on his couch for a little while. Then she left. Court was in a couple of days. She had to get an outfit and go to her counslers

2.27.09, 1:15 PM
Ch. 42
Gwen went to the store by herself. Ethan was still giving her child support money so it worked out good. She bought herself a nice black pants suit. This wasn't a joyous occasion. She didn't want the divorce. So she went home and ironed it. The court date was tomorrow anyways. Gwen spent the rest of the day alone with her children and her mother and the court date was early Ian was picking her up. Ian called at 7 that morning court started at 8:30.
G: Hey
I: Are you ready?
G: yea
I: I will come and pick you up
G: Ok thanks
Ian arrived 10 minutes later
I: U want to go for breakfast
G: No I am not hungry
I: I thought so but i wanted to make sure
G: Thanks
They drove in silence to the court date. When they got there gwen made sure she looked good and they went inside. ian grabbed gwens hand and squeezed it. he dropped her hand but she grabbed it and they walked in together. Theresa and Ethan were already sitting there. Theresa was big. Ethan got up to greet them.
E: hey gwen
he kissed her on the cheek and and gave her a hug.
E: ian
I: Ethan
Then the judge walked in.
J: Ok lets get this done with I am booked. Can i please have Ethan and Gwen Winthrop come up here please. Do you two have a lawyer
E: No we both agreed to a couple things. i will be paying child support and coming to get the kids every other weekend as long as i call and Theresa and Gwen stay away from each other.
J: Mrs. Winthrop do u agree?
She hesitated..
J: Mrs. Winthrop
No Answer
E: gwen
Still no answer
I: Gwen come on you agree right
G: Ummm yes
J: Alright then i just need a signature and you will be divorced.
he got the paper out Ethan signed right away. gwen hesitated again and signed the paper slowly.
J: one more thing Mrs. Winthop would you like your maiden name back
G: No its ok.
J: Alright if you decide to at a later date thats fine.
Ethan and gwen shook hands and he hugged her. After the court date
I: Do u want to eat anything.
G: No i just want to leave
I: Well I have a surprise for you
G: Yea
I: Yep come with me
G: Alright
Gwen and him got in his limo and left. She couldn't wait to see what ian was planned. He was so sweet and she was starting to like him a lot.

3.2.09, 1:26 PM
Ch. 43
Gwen and ian pulled up to her house
G: Why are we at my house
I: You'll see
They walked inside her mother was smiling
R: Oh gwen you will never believe what ian did
G: What did u do
I: Come with me
He grabbed Gwen's hand and they walked into her room. Her room was totally redocorated. It was her favorite color yellow and the her bedspread was new.
I: come here and open your dresser drawers and your closet door.
Gwen opened the dresser drawers and had all new clothes. She opened her closet the same thing
G: Oh my gosh how did you know what i liked
I: Well i had to help you dress when you were in your wheelchair and I thought you would like this
G: The clothes are all so beautiful its great
I: I donated your other clothes to the good will. Come here i have other things to show you.
G: Ok
He grabbed her hand and led her into Sarahs room. She had new toys and new bed and bedspread and new clothes. Jonathons room was redocorated as well. The crib was new. New animal wallpaper new toys and some new clothes and diapers. Also some bigger clothes for when he got bigger. Her mother got the same thing. The living room and dining room were the same. They just got some new plates, glasses, and silverware.
I: One more thing
G: Whats that
I: Well I have decided you need to get away for awhile. I am sending your mother to a spa to pamper yourself. Ethan is coming to pick up the the kids for two weeks and you and i and are i going away.
G: What is this ok with Ethan to watch the children
I: Yep i already talked to him
G: My mother will be alone
R: Gwen i need to work and you need to go enjoy yourself. Plus ian introduced me to someone.
G: He did
R: Yea we have already met and we hit it off really well.
G: Alright well i guess i will pack some clothes.
Gwen packed her suitcase and one for Jonathon. Her mother packed one for Sarah while ian played with the kids. Gwen went into Sarah's room while she was packing
G: you got everything
R: Yea are you already
G: yea i am. I hope this is a good idea
R: Gwen Ian is right you deserve to be pampered
G: I know i am just scared about being alone with Ian.
R: You will be fine go and have fun
Gwen pulled the suitcases into the living room. Then the doorbell rang.
E: Hey kids you ready
S: Daddy
E: Hey sweetie. hey gwen
G: Ethan
E: Everything packed
G: Yep
E: Can I talk to u alone
G: Yea in the kitchen. What
E: Are you sure you want to be with ian
G: yes I like him
E: He may seem nice but i know him he likes girls and drops them
G: You don't want me so why do u care
E: I still care about you. I don't want you to get hurt
G: he has been persistant and not giving up on me.
E: Well just be careful
G: if i wasn't we would be dating. Now get your daughters and sons stuff so Ian and I can leave
Ethan got their stuff and she kissed the kids and they left.
G: Bye mom have fun
R: I will you too
I: Come on lets get to the Crane jet and have fun and relax
G: Alright
they got to the Crane jet and took off. They cuddled and drank champane all the way there.

3.6.09, 3:47 PM
Once they got there Ian helped Gwen off the jet. She had a little too much chamapne.
I: Gwen you shouldn;t have drank so much.
G: It was so good Ethan
He stopped and looked at her
I: Gwen don't call me that i am Ian
She stopped and looked at him.
G: I am sorry please forgive me
I: I do just please don't call me that
G: I won;t i promise you that
I: Alright lets go
They checked into their room and Gwen went in and took a shower. She came out an hour later. Ian was looking at a map and brochure
G: Sorry about earlier
I: Its ok I just don;t like him and what he did to you
G: Don;t worry it all over with.
I: Well I have a little planned for us today. I want you to go get a massage and then we will go to dinner
G: What are u going to do
I: I got some things i need to do
G: Ok
A limo came and picked Gwen up and she got a massage. The massage lasted for about 2 hours. Then Ian called and told her he would pick her up it was about 5. He picked her up
I: ready
G: Yea i am
The place he took her was very nice. The lights were dim and they had very good food. They had wine for dinner and it was all romantic
G: This is a great first day
I: U deserve it
They went back to the room and watched a movie. It was about eleven and Ian turned the tv off.
I: I am ready are you
G: Yea I am about ready.
Ian got in his own bed and Gwen stood there.
I: Something wrong
G: Can I get in bed with you
I: If thats what you want
She climbed into bed and kissed him. He kissed her and they kissed for quite awhile and she pulled away
G: I want you to make love to me
I: Are u sure
G: Yes
They made love that night. The next morning they woke up a little later than he wanted too
I: Gwen wake up
G: Hmmm
I: Get ready
G: Why
I: I got a couple things planned for us
They were busy the whole two weeks. They went to an amusment park, got a massage together, they went out to dinner evernight, they went to see a movie or two, went to a couple musuems, and at the end of the night they always found time to make love. It was going great. Gwen was serious about dating Ian. They decided to date awhile and see where things went from there but they were crazy about each other. When it was time to leave they were sad to go but it was good to be back too. Gwen missed her children like crazy. They got back Ian dropped her off so she could umpack and told her she would be back later. Her mother had a note saying her and this new guy were out and she would see her later and want to know the details. She smiled at the note and went to unpack. Halfway through unpacking the doorbell rang. She walked to the door. It was Ethan and the kids.
G: Oh Sarah I missed you.
Sarah hugged her mother. Then Gwen grabbed the baby
E: Hey did you have fun
G: Yea I did
E: Listen I hope your still not too upset with me
G: No not at all
E: Listen i was hoping we could remain friends
She hesitiated
G: Maybe in the future right now I still love you
E: Ok i will give you time.
Gwen's life was going perfect right now. She knew would get better in the future.
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