View Full Version : Praise God I have wheels again !!!

5.16.08, 12:57 PM
Good news everyone! I bought a Buick Century 1997 yesterday! How I'm going to afford it I have no idea! LOL:p any ways it's beautiful and runs well! And the good news is my credit is good! So go figure so was able to get it! Yahoo! Well thanks everyone who had been wishing well for me!:)

5.18.08, 1:09 AM
Julie..I'm glad you finally got a car!! Woo hoo!

5.19.08, 7:25 PM
Thanks Dragsy! Yep wheels are working great except for one thing. Gas gage isn't! GRRR! So don't know what to do about that. My son wasn't much help either. Just told me to keep an eye on it is all. Well any ways take care!:blush2ey:

5.19.08, 11:16 PM
If all the other gauges are working..I'd just keep track of how many miles you are driving? Does the mileage thingie work? Set it to zero everytime you fill up. And figure out how big a tank you have and go from there. Our Malibu acts up sometimes. We think it's the "floater" in the gas tank? I'm not sure if that's what you call it. Anyway...might costs you too much to fool with it..unless all your gauges go out (heaven forbid)..then you'd have to worry.

5.27.08, 2:40 PM
Yep that is what I'm doing. My son set it so I can check it every time and fill up etc. too. So it's gone down some. So will fill up today. Gas is so high though urrgh! Any ways keeping an eye on it for now. Thanks for the advice! I'll keep you posted. But yeah might be the floater in the gas tank for sure. Which is expensive to change so will just put up with it for now. Take care!;)

5.29.08, 3:43 AM
Hi Julie. This great news, it always makes a difference tohave your own transport. I've been driving for a long time with no fuel guage and do just what u are. Know after so many km/miles(?) when to put in more fuel.
Enjoy your car and freedom. Take care

5.30.08, 2:55 PM
Thanks Lynjay. Yeah just keeping an eye on the odometer for now and filling it up when I think it needs more gas. With gas so high I am afraid to go out of town even! Urrgh. But when my friend says her daughter can have company and see other people maybe I will go and pray for her in person. Take care!:cool:

6.10.08, 1:07 PM
Hi Julie,
I am glad you got wheels again. I know how hard it is when the car breaks down. we had it happens quite often.
How is everything going for you?