View Full Version : To Lynjay, Coffenut and Julie...

5.16.08, 12:17 AM
Sorry I haven't had time to post much..but think of you all often. I hope things slow down some..so I can catch up on here. Julie..glad you feel better after getting that nasty tooth out. Lyn, how's things going your way? Coffenut, enjoying grandson time still? I'm just working and coming home...plus we have lots of May birthdays..so that's keeping me hopping! I hope to post again soon..take care everyone.

5.16.08, 12:51 PM
Hey Dragsy don't sweat it OK? I've been busy too! Now I have to get even busier. Start my new job today at Subway. So won't have much time to post I don't think either! Whew! Any ways glad you found time to post is all. I won't have much time either so don't fret the small stuff!:winkq:

5.16.08, 1:14 PM
No problem Dragonmom! I have been busy too. The weather is finally nice and warm. I have been trying to get the yard ready for summer play and planting.It's finally warmed up enough to open the pool Saturday. Christopher is been asking me since Christmas when we can go swimming in grandma's pool again.Lol Now I am working on doing that and getting flowers planted and the lawn furniture out.Can't wait to be spending time outside again.
Summer vacation starts Monday for Shannon and we are moving her back for the summer on the weekend . And Nick is starting his break on Thursday. Yeah, finally summer is coming!
The best part is I am loosing weight and getting fit and have enough energy to actually do a lot of the work myself this year.I am feeling a lot better than I have been in a long time.
Have great day Dragonmom. I hope you get a break soon.

5.16.08, 11:54 PM
Coffenut sounds like your having an awesome spring already! We finally here too! Glad things are going well for you! Wish I had a pool! LOL But I can use the High school one for free so maybe I will find time. :blush2ey:

5.18.08, 1:08 AM
Hello all. Julie..I know you are keeping busy with your two jobs now. And Coffenut..enjoy the outdoors, the pool and having your daughter home for the summer!

5.19.08, 7:27 PM
Well I am staying busy! I've been going to and from every place today. DFS, Post office to get my stuff for IRS and also trying to see about volunteering in between at the animal shelter too. Whew! I'm pooped. And on top of it trying to hold down two jobs during the day. So busy week for me! Take care!:winkq:

5.19.08, 11:14 PM
Girl...you are wearing me out just reading what all you have been doing!

5.27.08, 4:08 PM
yep been staying busy! Whew! Still working two jobs, then also helping my friend out that I live with. But haven't done the volunteer work cause I've been so busy with other things. Don't think it's going to slow down any time soon! LOL Oh well busy busy right? Take care!:)

5.29.08, 3:33 AM
Hi All. Sorry, haven't been quite with it lately. Julie, glad to hear you sounding much happier here, although extremely busy, good for you.
I have been stressing out badly the last month or so, my hubby was been offered a job on a Dairy farm in New Zealand! :raincloud: A long long way from home. Anyway, we don't have much choice, staying in Africa is not going to help our kids get ahead in life - very sad, but true - anyway Dave left last Saturday and arrived in Aukland on Monday. Although we chat every day, it is not the same....I feeling pretty lonely at the moment, but must just get through this year and then, if all goes as planned over there, will join him with our two girls. Please hold thumbs for us that all turns out well, we could do with any prayers you may have for us.
The girls miss him terribly, but do understand the situation. Thank goodness for Internet and Msn chat, at least we can keep coms....
Take care all and will be in touch.

5.31.08, 10:15 PM
Lynn, thanks for the email and letting me know what's going on. I'm sorry..I didn't see this post before. Hope things are going ok for you..and the new job for your husband is going well. Please keep us posted.

6.2.08, 2:07 PM
Wow Lynn sorry to hear your hubby is so far away! I do hope things work well for him in the new job. But I'm sure you do miss him. Hopefully the communication on the internet etc. will help. Hang in there and know you are all in my prayers!;)

6.13.08, 4:32 AM
Hi there everybody. Sorry not been around much lately, been busy trying to sort out all the bits and pieces that need selling, etc., now that Dave has gone to NZ. Need to get stuff organised here at home so that myself and the girls can join him by end of the year. The small stuff always sells fine, but the big things, i.e. house, car, motorbike, etc., are the difficult ones.....nobody got any money these days (join the club!). Anyway this has all been keeping me out of mischief. It's great to get back online and see what everyone's been up to while I have been away. Seems you all doing well so far.
Take care everyone and will keep in touch now.