View Full Version : Jessica

6.7.07, 4:18 PM
WTH is wrong with this female? She act like she expect to be friends with Antonio.
Just because he saved her life does not mean that he want her in any part of his life.

6.7.07, 4:39 PM
Because the world revolves around Jessica and she believes that everyone should love her no matter what. She committed adultery, but oh well, Little Miss Perfect is still the shining star of Llanview.

She and Nash need to move to Italy and open a winery there.

6.7.07, 8:24 PM
She has always had a little problem with faithfulness hasn't she ?
Didn't she cheat on Cris and become pregnant by Will ?

6.8.07, 3:47 PM
While she was supposed to be deeply in love with Chris and determined to remain a virgin, Will got her drunk and they had unprotected sex. I seem to remember Will lied and said he had used a condom but she later found out she was pregnant.