View Full Version : Adam!

5.12.08, 2:07 PM
What is the real deal with Adam, does he have Victor's best interest at heart? I can't wait to see what he motive is for coming to GC.

6.11.08, 6:15 PM
I think we're still waiting to see what his angle is. (and I think the writers probably haven't decided yet ;)

But if he DOES have Victor's best interests at heart, that would be kind of boring, wouldn't it?

Although it was irritating, he was amusing trying to undercut Victoria. Now that Victor has him under his thumb, where is it going to go, especially now that Victoria isn't at Newman anymore.

Any ideas?

6.21.08, 2:15 AM
yea i still can't tell if adam is good or bad????????
but why does he go by Adam? isn't he victor.jr???
i don't trust though...

7.19.08, 9:27 PM
I had some doubt about Adam at first, but now I'm not too sure. He does seem to be loyal to Victor, but it was a quick turn around for him not wanting anything to do with him after his mom died. Did he know Victors' new wife before they married? Can't think of her name at the moment, but I sure don't trust her. Whats she up to?

9.3.08, 9:10 PM
Well, now we see what Adam is about. And he's about to get caught on the couch with Heather. I can't wait till tomorrow to see what Victor does to him.....should be good.

And its odd that Victor told Nicki that he was never going back and just to leave him dead. Looks like he beat her back to GC.....