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6.7.07, 12:45 PM

LONDON, June 6 (http://www.nytimes.com/2007/06/07/world/europe/07olympics.html?_r=1&hp&oref=slogin) — It was said to provoke epileptic seizures. Someone compared it to a broken swastika or “some sort of comical sex act between ‘The Simpsons.’ ” The mayor was not amused.

Price tag for the logo design- $800,000. An animated copy online had to be removed, as it caused 10 people to be hospitalized with epileptic seizures. You know your design skills suck when your work literally makes people ill.

6.7.07, 2:49 PM
It's pretty ugly too. I can't believe they paid $800,000 for it. A 5 year old could of done better. Why didn't they just have a competition for? Makes it more fun and gets people involved.

6.7.07, 2:56 PM
I was LMAO when I first read about this. It really is ugly and ordinary. Wonder where the inspiration came from? The Simpsons comment is pretty funny too.

6.7.07, 2:58 PM
I couldn't agree more. When I first saw it, but hadn't read the caption or story, I had no idea it was a representation of "2012". Even knowing it, I can't really see what they were doing with the second 2. Is that little piece in the middle part of it? Oh well. I know a lot of good designers who would never charge anywhere near that number for a logo design. And your competiton idea would be the best solution. Give the winner to their choice of events as a prize.

6.25.07, 12:30 PM
What, is good taste dead? That thing is hideous.

6.27.07, 7:00 PM
They need not worry about trademarking that.....no one is going to want to copy it. Even the letters spelling London are ugly. Good grief. It looks like a bad LSD trip.