View Full Version : Loving Days right now

5.10.08, 10:23 PM
Ok so I have been slacking in paying attention to my TiVo'd Days. But this whole New John thing I AM LOVING!! He isn't this goodie goodie anymore. He has a personality. and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Brady's living in the Mansion. THIS IS FUN DAYS!! I even like Marlena again! I'm enjoying Nicole back because it is fun and energy and giving us a reason to see the BEST Baddie VICTOR!! LOVE HIM TONS!! I like AVA and her whole family drama, I dont HATE any characters right now!!!! I am EXTREMELY happy with Days right now!! Still want Vivian back though.

5.10.08, 11:09 PM
In general I'm enjoying the show. I seem to just be FF'ing anything with Chelsea in it. I can't stand her!!!! I love John and I can't get enough of his smart mouth. I'm also glad Victor is back but I want him in a more powerful storyline instead of having coffee with Chelsea. Ugh!

5.18.08, 3:28 AM
I can't find anything enjoyable about the show anymore.

5.20.08, 11:04 PM
I agree for the most part. Loving the new John..you are SO right. He is way more fun this way. I hope they never change him back. And dont even get me started about Sami and EJ...so hot. I think they have tons of chemistry and I love watching them together.

I agree with the posted who said the Chelsea story line is boring...I dislike Chelsea and fast forward past any scene with her in it. I also race past Max/Stephanie scenes, too. Yawnnnnn.