View Full Version : A quick good morning to all

5.10.08, 9:06 AM
Got to get ready for work soon..but wanted to stop in and say howdy!! What's everyone's plans for Mother's Day? We are having a combination Mother's Day and birthday. Davy our youngest grandson turns 6, May 14, but we are gonna have cake and presents tomorrow along with celebrating Mother's Day. Will go to my mom's and have it all probably. Hope everyone has a great weekend!:winkq:

5.11.08, 11:22 AM
Dragsy hope you had an OK day at work I did. But one of our closing managers didn't call in or even show up. So our store manager had to come in last night and help me close. She is off today thank goodness but still was unfair she had to come in. Any ways. Enjoy your day with your family and give Davy a birthday hug for me OK? Take care!:winkq:

5.12.08, 11:59 AM
It really stinks when someone doesn't show...especially if don't even bother to call. Hope work is treating you ok. I read in one of the other threads how busy your week will be. I had a nice Mother's day and Davy had a nice birthday. Will have to share pics soon. Oh btw..Jill is at the hospital as I type this. Austin hurt his foot Friday night..horsing around and jumped off his bed. Turned his foot wrong. Think it's just sprained..but the swelling hasn't gone down. She took him to his dr. this morning..but he doesn't have xrays in his office..so sent them to the hospital. Austin is hobbling around..and it hurts. The dr. doesn't seem to think it's broken or fractured..but just to be on the safe side..and prescribed him some crutches..so waiting to hear from Jill.

5.12.08, 1:17 PM
Oh my! Sorry to hear about Austin!! How is he? Hope he is OK? Any ways he and Jill are in my prayers! I had an OK weekend of course I worked even on Mothers Day but at least I got to go to church and out to lunch first and relax a little bit. The dog sitting went fine got paid well. So offered to do it again if she wishes. Any ways I get my tooth pulled today so that is good but called Subway and told them no working today cause of that. They weren't happy and I did appologize, but told them if I don't get it taken care of they won't have me any ways, so wanted to get it out of the way. So they said call them tomorrow. And then maybe I can start depending on my tooth and how it is feeling. Any ways yea it's awful when people don't show up. And the news is my store manager and a few are walking soon when they find other jobs! So if they put this one lady in charge or she stays I will quit cause she is horrible and stupid about things. Don't want her being in charge! Any ways take care! I am off today but will see how I feel when I get back my be lounging on the bed or couch! Take care!:winkq:

5.12.08, 9:23 PM
So you didn't feel up to going to Subway to start work? Hope you feel well enough to go tomorrow. Jill didn't hear back from the dr. Austin had the X rays..but the techs won't tell you anything..have to wait on the dr. So guess she'll hear in the morning. She's making Austin use ice on it..and he seems to be doing somewhat better.

5.13.08, 6:53 PM
Well I didn't go work today at subway said Sunday again. Keep postponing it. Any ways so worked only two hours at blockbuster is all cause had an eye appointment. Then came home. Hopefully tomorrow I can work all day at blockbuster and then come home and relax. Any ways so Thursday might go see about a car. Take care!:winkq: