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5.6.08, 1:56 AM
Hi everyone. Where have you all gone, thought I was the only one with writers block? Anyway, let's get moving again. We have been busy trying to sort out certain aspects of life, i.e. starting new businesses (actually anything to make money, lol), etc. The kids have been off school for a quick 1week break, which was nice for them. Other than that, nothing much has been happening in deepest, darkest Africa.
Oh, it was my wedding anniversary yesterday (5 May) and for once I was the one who remembered first. My hubby, Dave is always very quick and gets in before me, but this year I beat him to it - haha
Well, that my lot for now, pse let me know how you all getting on, Dragonmom you been bowling lately? and Julie, what is happening in your life at the moment? Hope you both keeping well and take care.;)

5.7.08, 12:22 AM
Hi Lynjay..I am alive..LOL. Email me..miss them!! I am doing well..just been too busy to catch up on here. Sorry!! Enjoyed my last three days off...but keeping busy. Going to my Weight Watchers meetings..and losing weight..woo hoo! Though tonight I blew it..ha ha. But back on the saddle again tomorrow. I've lost 11.8 lbs so far in just 4 weeks time!! Starting week 5 now. I might not lose as much this week..but hey, I'm gonna keep trying!! Just going to the meetings weekly helps get you motivated and I'm walking more too. Didn't today..but I am trying to average at least 4-5 times a week. Hope to increase my walking time too. Just taking baby steps..and work my way up!
Went out to eat with your bowling friends tonight. Our league ended two weeks ago..and the one couple that bowl with us are moving..and we are going to miss them terribly..so it was sort of a going away dinner. I hate goodbyes...they are moving to Dallas Texas...about 5 1/2 drive from here..but we plan on keeping in touch. And hope one day to go visit them. And hope they do the same ..come see us. Anyway..tonight was nice...but sort of sad too..you know?
Julie..I'm so glad to see you posting again!! Missed you a lot!! And enjoy our chats on msn messenger!
Oh and Lynne...happy Anniversary to you and Dave!! How many years now? I'm gonna try my best to come in here more. Missed you both.

5.9.08, 4:32 PM
Happy Anniversary Lynjay! Hope you had a good one!:winkq:

Well I've been busy trying to find more work and also trying to get healthy again! Got appointments next week to get a tooth extracted and get my vision checked. Might get a perscription card next week too and sign up for food stamps! Also plan on seeing about better jobs like I said I have an interview next week on Friday. So wish me luck! Any whooo I'm so looking forward to being a full time gal with benefits again hope it happens soon. Well take care everyone.:)

5.10.08, 10:04 AM
Julie...I always wish you the best..keeping you in my prayers.

5.11.08, 12:25 PM
Thanks Dragsy. I'm looking forward to the interview. I leave it God's hands if it is meant to be it will happen if not he has something better for me, right? Any ways busy week ahead I have to go out of town and go car hunting on my days off the interviews and starting my new job at subway too. So won't be online much this week I don't think. Take care!!:winkq:

5.12.08, 12:56 PM
You have a busy week planned Julie. How was everyone's Mother's day?

5.12.08, 2:44 PM
Yep I do! Got an appointment today at 2:15 to see the Dentist then also got to do work at both blockbuster and Subway and so will be busy and also another appointment tomorrow for glasses too! LOL Well So I'll be busy all week but will try and get in here when I can! Take care!:winkq:

5.12.08, 10:21 PM
Busy...busy. How did the dentist appt go?

5.13.08, 7:56 PM
The dentist appointment went fine except at the end when he pulled the last root! That part hurt the worst but was much better after!! But today it's less sore and hardly any pain so that is good. So it's healing well!!:)

5.29.08, 3:40 AM
Hi guys. Thanks for the good wishes for my anniversary. Dave and I have been married 18yrs now which is quite a feat in SA. Lots of people divorce here, not sure why, anyway we have been together for 18yrs now and 4yrs before getting married. We have always been best friends and I think that has also helps keep a marriage alive and happy.
Didn't go our or anything, decided to stay home, bit short on the finances at the mo. Anyway, had a great evening and sure will have many more.

5.30.08, 2:56 PM
Glad you had a nice anniversary even if you did stay home. Sometimes that can be nice as well. Wow 18 years huh? That is great! I'm glad you two are so happy!:)

5.31.08, 10:11 PM
These days being married that long is such a rarity. My hubby and I will be married 32 years this coming Nov.

6.2.08, 2:08 PM
That is great Lynn! I do hope it continues to last and go well for both of you!:)