View Full Version : hey shortness!

5.3.08, 10:30 PM
You must be relieved, I hear Carl has resigned with roush racing, I guess we won't be teammates any time soon! Lol!

5.4.08, 1:17 PM
I know she must be relieved! I guess the rumors were wrong. They sure can get those rumors swirling quickly. It did sound like he talked to some other teams. As I said in one of my other post I am glad he is staying. Too much power in one place makes racing boring.

5.4.08, 2:22 PM
Yeah we see enough dominance already.

5.4.08, 3:29 PM
Hallelujah! So relieved Carl resigned with Roush. Thought I might have to give up NASCAR all together rather than switch drivers again already. I also totally agree about having all the power drivers on one team. I think there is too much of that already. I do wish that all the contract stuff wouldn't upstage the racing sometimes.

5.7.08, 3:48 PM
Oh no, you can't contemplate giving up Nascar! What would I do? Where would I go after I've talked my husband out about Nascar? lol!
I agree, that's what I was saying about Silly Season. There's so much other stuff going on now that it seems like the racing itself is almost an afterthought! I just wanna watch my race! Enough about the chase, silly season, etc.... I wanna hear about the races and the drivers. I wish they'd leave the chase stuff til nearer the chase and not make it the headline of every story beginning in January. :-)
I'm happy for you that Carl re-signed! I guess that means we'll have you around for at least a few more years huh?