View Full Version : Happy Saturday all......

5.3.08, 12:30 PM
I haven't been able to post for a long time. So this is nice I can again! Not much going on here today. Just getting things done so I can go to work tonight is all. Hope all of you have a wonderful day and good weekend.:)

5.6.08, 12:59 AM
Hi Julie. I posted a new thread asking where you were, and then stumbled on this one. Hope all is working out okay for you and you keeping happy. Are you still having to use your friends computer? Miss hearing your news.
Take care and keep posting.:D

5.6.08, 11:15 PM
Hello Julie and Lynjay. I haven't been around this past week much..sorry about that. Just a busy week for me. I know we all get like that at times. Julie..it's so good to see you back!!! Nice weather here and I've enjoyed my three days off..but alas it's back to work tomorrow..uggh.

5.9.08, 3:26 PM
Hey Lynjay! Yep still using my friends computer tell I get settled in a place of my own and get my bills caught up. But I get on here more now and then when I can. So will post when I'm able to! Work is going OK but had troubles with a tooth and had to go see the Dr. and get an antibiotic and painpills again. Then my friend Mary is a health nurse and she mad it possible for me to get my toothe pulled so hopefully by Monday! Also got an appointment to get my eyes checked too through the health service. So that will be nice. Even pays for my glasses if need be. And also going to get a car as soon as I can get out of town that is cause can't find nothing here in my price range. Also have to job interviews coming up. So life is certainly starting to go better for me for sure!!! Well take care!:blush2ey:

Dragsy I do hope your work week went well and your not to tired out! I am working a lot right now too! Start next week at my new job and stuff so looking forward to that! Well take care! :p