View Full Version : Shawn & Stefano: Does anyone think later on it will be revealed...

6.6.07, 7:17 PM
Does anyone think that later on it will be revealed that maybe Shawn is really a DiMera or that Stefano is really a Brady? I know the story hasn't unfolded yet but it seems like they are leaning towards a Brady having an affair with a DiMera in the past. Maybe this Colleen person committed suicide and the DiMeras ( Santo ) blamed the Bradys for the loss of his love. But really, would that be a strong point for anyone here? That years and years of the Brady/DiMera fued is justified? Or, would the fact that Shawn is Really a DiMera be more interesting? Crazy, but interesting?

6.6.07, 8:28 PM
I'm open to pretty much any idea....it'll be interesting to see how this plays out. I would like if Shawn and Stefano may be half brothers or whatnot