View Full Version : Hi! I am new!

5.2.08, 12:44 PM
Hi everyone! I am new to the forums! I live in the Washington DC area and work with ViewMyLife.com. Right now I am living just outside the city but I am moving next weekend into the city! I am excited but moving is the worst!

5.2.08, 4:09 PM
Welcome ForeverC. Best wishes on a smooth move!

5.5.08, 9:13 PM
Hello new friend:
I am so new at this too.
This is a great web site to belong to.
I am trying to catch on I am still not sure.
I know on thing this is one of my favorite hobbies is making new friends, I feel you do not ever have enough friends to chat to.
I hope we can be friends and chat again.
For now I will keep it short and sweet.
Your friend KAT:o:queen::surprisedq::jesterbob:

7.11.08, 9:38 AM
nice to meet you