View Full Version : Pirates of the Caribbean - No Spoilers

6.6.07, 5:36 PM
Holy SMOKES what a movie! I won't spoil it for those who haven't seen it but this is definitely the pretty one of the three. The make up and cinematography in this film are absolutely mind blowing.

I missed the silliness that 1 and 2 brought us. This one, although definitely still silly at times, is much darker. But truly, one of the most gorgeous films I have seen since LOTR. A must see IMO.

6.7.07, 8:36 AM
But I HAVE to know... spoiler tag it and tell me, is the Keith Richards cameo as fun as I imagine?

6.7.07, 9:19 AM
I shall spoiler tag it for you...I don't think it's really a spoiler though..but just incase.

OMG he's AWESOME! None of us were expecting him to actually be any good but man, not only did he look incredible, he even pulled off the pirate accent! Plus we all cheered when he showed up. Seriously, it was brilliant!

6.7.07, 12:25 PM
Arrr! Great news, matey! I have irrational love for the geezer. It's amazing that he survived his ill-spent youth.

6.7.07, 5:14 PM
I have to say Keith Richards scene in the movie was fun I enjoyed it alot. My favorite scene in the movie was the very last clip after the credits!

6.8.07, 10:55 AM
My two fave scenes were the opening sequence and then the scene on the boat towards the end...the shot of the guy walking down the steps with the explosions behind him. That's all I'll say with out spoiling it but MAN those scenes knocked my socks off. lol!