View Full Version : Happy Wednesday evening

4.30.08, 11:03 PM
Hope everyone had a good Wednesday. I had an ok day at work..but very tired for some reason. Weather is nice here. Hope to hear from you all..miss you on here!

5.1.08, 2:11 AM
Hate feeling fatigue!! I was actually looking at the FRS stuff... hope you feel more pep soon hon.

5.2.08, 12:36 PM
Happy Friday Dragsy! Sorry Wednesday was so bad! Well I have a new job. Well another one so that makes two! Whew! I start on Sunday at Subway! They want to make me a manager eventually so I'm going to try. I just hope I can do it. And I hope my other boss can work out a schedule to work around theirs cause they need me at night! I hope any ways. Well I do hope you get some much needed rest! Been snowing here the last two days and cold again. So no spring right now but I'm hoping it will warm up soon! Take care!:blush2ey: