View Full Version : Does anybody else get grossed out watching Max & Stephanie?

4.30.08, 2:41 PM
I know that they aren't blood relatives. But legally through Max's adoption he IS still Stephanie's uncle. That thought crosses my mind everytime they show these two hooked up on screen. Please tell me this has crossed somebody elses mind besides my own! Max is a smokin' hot guy. Are you telling me that he and Stephanie are suppose to equal Day's new SuperCouple? I'm sorry but it makes my stomach turn. Bring the guy in somebody who isn't related by paperwork or otherwise.. PLEASE!! It was hard enough stomaching him and Chelsea. Does the guy only have a thing for his nieces he gained through his adoption or what?

4.30.08, 4:19 PM
Doesnt bother me at all!!!

5.1.08, 10:45 AM
yes i have to admit it does bother me as well - in reality I want to be the one that is his love interest - he is SMOKING hot and his real personality (Darin's) is just sexy as well - i love him - can't stand him with Steph

5.1.08, 1:19 PM
I'm another one that it bothers. I know they are not blood relatives, but ewwwww. I wonder if Caroline ever thinks "my son is upstairs having sex with my granddaughter". That is just sick!

5.9.08, 11:05 AM
It's just a little too close for comfort. But then, EVERYONE in Salem is only separated at birth by a thread! This show is so close to incest it should take place in some remote mountain area (no offense meant to the mountain people).

5.9.08, 9:35 PM
Nope doesn't bother me at all. There is no blood relation there and they did not grow up together

5.9.08, 11:51 PM
Oh, it bothers me as well! Blood related or not! Max is legally a Brady and legally Stephanie's uncle. Legally, it is incest! Ewe.

5.18.08, 4:23 AM
Chelsea and 'her latest conquest' grosses me out more.

5.21.08, 12:06 AM
Not grossed out so much as bored silly. Those two are so uninteresting and have no chemistry whasoever. I think the writers should just come to grips with the fact that Max/Stephanie are a dead end and quit trying to make that work. Call it a day and have them go off somewhere and stay there.

5.21.08, 1:45 PM
Yep. I can't help but think it's a little creepy too. But, on the other hand, it's not a huge leap from their relationship and that of Doug and Julie. Doug was Julie's step-dad before he was her husband and they've made it all these years.

5.27.08, 9:13 PM
Nope it doesn't bother me in the slightest because thay are not related by blood as you said. An accident of adoption should not destroy their lives.
To me adoption means absolutely nothing when genetics means everything in this particular instance.

5.31.08, 11:22 PM
Doesn't bother me at all. There is absolutely no relation between the two. They met as adults. To be quite honest, I might feel differently if Frankie and Max had actually grown up on the show, but they left when Max was small, and Frankie was a teen, so I really don't relate them to the younger character. Weird, I know! :rolleyes: But like dylanangel75 (http://www.coffeerooms.com/bb/member.php?u=14) said, they didn't grow up with one another. They don't consider themselves uncle and niece, so it doesn't really bother me too much.

That being said, it is a bit weird that when she is talking about her grandmother it is his adoptive mom. But it only bothers me when one of them says it.

6.6.08, 10:47 AM
I dont know, the fact that they were supposedly raised by ma and pa brady, kayla should look and think of them as brothers, why isnt SHE grossed out by it? lol

6.23.08, 4:48 PM
I haven't watched in about a year, but I happened to tune in to SoapNet when Days was on last night, and I am grossed out still.

I know there isn't a blood relationship, but I have stated this before. Maybe if the other familial references were not there, we, the audience might not notice it so much. Bo considers Max his brother(doesn't bring up adoption) and Stephanie is his niece. YUCK!! Sometimes they even bring the two relationships up at once. When Max was dating Chelsea, Bo would say something like "Bro, if you hurt my daughter, blah, blah.... EWWWW.

6.27.08, 7:42 AM
Well, if it were real life, I'd be disgusted with it. But since it's a soap opera, it seems more acceptable. It's just a "don't try this at home" kinda thing, ya know? lol.

Myra T
6.30.08, 2:46 PM
In a word, "YES!" I can't understand why they can't find someone Max isn't "legally" related to. I know that Days is wanting to focus on the core families (Hortons, Bradys, Kiriakises, DiMeras), so couldn't we bring back a female Horton cousin, or a distant relative of Phillip's or another DiMera sibling (surely Stefano had more daughters that just Renee). What ever happened to Jack's and Jennifer's daughter, Abby Devereaux? She isn't related to him, and she even had a crush on him. She's related to Stephanie but no to Max. In fact, the more I think about it, a return for Abby might be just the thing!

7.6.08, 3:36 AM
ok well for the past few weeks I've gotten sick of Stephanie's nagging and duantless pursuit of what max is thinking/doing/hiding/etc!!