View Full Version : One Question about Chelsea...

4.30.08, 1:23 PM
what on earth does losing part of your pancreas have to do with not being able to have children? I just don't get this. Was it explained? I did miss Days on Monday.

4.30.08, 2:52 PM
JMO, but lately not a whole lotta anything is making much sense on Days. I would venture to say somewhere down the line Chelsea will end up pregnant somehow. Days turns everything to suit the story.. Nothing is ever written in stone on this soap!!

4.30.08, 4:18 PM
I thought so too - pretty pathetic.

Just Samantha
5.3.08, 3:31 PM
I think they said that she had an infection that settled in her fallopian tubes and created scar tissue, leaving her unable to have children, ever.

Meanwhile.........there are MANY surgeries out there that can eliminate scar tissue in and around the fallopian tubes. Plus, she could go through in-vitro procedures to have a child.

This storyline is ridiculous.

5.9.08, 10:59 AM
My neighbor is a surgeon and I was telling him about Bo and Chelsea's partial pancreas live donor transplant and he hasn't stopped laughing since! I can't wait to tell him about the fallopian tubes. LOL! Now, another friend of mine had a pancrease transplant about six years ago to cure his diabeties and it worked.

5.18.08, 4:21 AM
Chelsea is a self-centered human train wreck, why add 'another' innocent child (remember Zack?) to that mess?

5.21.08, 12:14 AM
I think the whole "not being able to have kids" thing was put in to make Chelsea seem like a more sympathetic character...just as her "saving" Bo is supposed to make us like her more. Nope. Sorry writers. Still hating her. Might be the actress...cant really stand to look at her and hate the whiney way she speaks.....might also be that the character just doesnt have that spark that a good character seems to have. Plenty of characters have done the "starting out bad...turns good later" transformation. It is a soap standard and it works most of the time. But not here.

5.21.08, 1:39 PM
It's a train wreck we long time viewers can see coming a country mile away lol. Been there. Done that. Got the Tee-Shirt.

5.21.08, 4:30 PM
I just can't believe she got an Emmy nomination. She's not that superior of an actress in my opinion. So many of the younger actors on other soaps have her beaten by a mile. Kristen Alderson who plays Starr Manning on OLTL should have been nominated. That child can act.