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4.29.08, 9:40 AM
No one's been around..where's everyone at? Well..we are all busy ladies! Hoping this finds everyone doing well. I am about to head out the door. Going to my Weight Watchers meeting and go birthday shopping for my grandson. Actually we have a lot of birthdays in May! Jill's is this month, and so is my hubby's. Hope everyone has a good day. I'll check back in later on today.

4.29.08, 2:27 PM
Hi Dragsy,
I hope you had a nice time at weight watchers and birthday shopping. I love Birthday shopping for the grandkids. I love buying toys Lol. It's Davey's 6th Birthday on may 14 right?
I have been busy cleaning out closets and the spare bedroom. Shannon is moving in for the summer in 2 weeks. She got a lot of furniture and stuff now,so we need to make room.I can't believe summer break is starting in two weeks already.
I called Germany on the weekend and found out I am not gonna be the only grandma of all the sibblings anymore. My oldest brother is going to be a grandpa,my oldest and youngest sisters are also going to be grandmas.Lots to celebrate. The sad part is that my brother is 58 and has Alzheimers so advanced already that he does not know anyone anymore. It's just heartbreaking .He is still so young.
But anyways, I hope you have a fun day dragsy!

4.29.08, 4:43 PM
Hey again. Well...my Weight Watchers weigh in didn't go as well as last week. I didn't lose any...but gained a partial pound. Just gained .4 lb. I am not going to let that discourage me..cause I have started walking..so that will help. So..you have siblings now that are gonna be grandparents too huh? How exciting! Too bad about your brother having alzheimers at such a young age. Hate to hear that. Have you been back to Germany lately? Any of your family been over to visit you recently?
So Shannon will be back home for the summer huh? What is she in college now..a Sophmore or Jr?
Yep..Davy will be 6 years old May 14. I bought him a nice pair of tennis shoes today..plus getting him clothes. Jill said no toys!! She's getting enough for him. Grrr...no fun! LOL Jill turns 30 May 9. We have a lot of May birthdays coming up! Nieces, nephews and a brother in law too!

4.29.08, 10:14 PM
Hi dragonmom
I had two of my sisters visit me before ,but that's already been ten years ago.
We are going to visit my sister in Tn, in july .I am really looking forward to that.We are really close.We talk everyday. She is not just my sister but my best friend. We have always been like that. We even married two guys who were best friends. My husband was best man at her wedding and her husband was best man at our wedding. Maybe it's because we are only eleven month apart.
Nobody from Germany has visited me they all say that they are afraid of flying. I have not been back in germany in 22 years. With three kids it was always a question of being able to afford it . Well maybe some day!
Shannon is a Junior now. She really enjoys it.
don't worry about not loosing any weight this week.You always loose the most weight at the beginning and than slow down. So don't be discouraged.
have agreat night!

4.29.08, 11:14 PM
Thanks coffenut..that's what I"m telling myself. It slows down..and I'll lose better next week! Too bad you can't see your siblings as often. Your one sister lives in TN? I'm glad you are gonna get to see her. Perhaps when your kids are older...you and your husband can go back to Germany, just the two of you. So Shannon is a jr. Now? wow..time flies! Well..it's late so I'd better say goodnight now.