View Full Version : Beth's Days of Our Lives Page website?

Just Samantha
4.27.08, 1:09 PM
What happened to Beth's Days of Our Lives Page website?

I tried to look something up today and it's gone!


That was such an excellent reference site!

5.18.08, 4:15 AM

The site still works for me but it doesn't seem to be updated anymore.

I enjoyed her site too!

9.19.09, 3:39 PM
Sorry to report this, but I tried to log onto Beth's page today and it was truly gone!! :confused: The message said that either it was taken down of the bill hadn't been paid! :o The tab at the top said "Site Suspended." I sure hope that nothing is wrong and she can get back online. I rely a lot on that marvelous resource for all things DOOL.