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4.26.08, 11:28 PM
Noah was at the Blue note working his regular shift when a guy out of nowhere shot him. Noah fell and was transported to the hospital. Sam his father was the first one there.
S: Noah buddy wake up. How is he Eve?
E: I am not really sure at the moment. We will have to wait and see
N: (he groans) What happened? Where am I? Are u my doctor?
E: Noah u don't know who I am
N: No and I don't know who you are either. (he points at sam)
S: Eve whats going on
E: He must have gotten amnesia
S: Noah I am yur dad
N: You are
S: Yes
Eve examined him and then Paloma came running in
P: Whats going on?
S: Paloma Dr. Russell is examing him
10 minutes later Eve directed them outside to talk to them
E: Alright Noah has amnesia. He doesn't remember what happened at all. All I want u two to do is remind him of things and just go on as normal. I am sure he will come around
S: Thanks
P: Thanks but when can he come home
E: Tomorrow
Paloma went inside
P: Noah
N: Hey who are u
P: I am yur girlfriend
N: Cool I got a girlfriend.
P: Um tomorrow I will come and pick u up and we will go to the Crane Mansion we will be comfortable there. We live there.
N: Ok so see you tomorrow.
P: ok sleep good
She left and picked him up at nine that morning.
P: Hey u ready
N: yea just give me a second
he got dressed and they left. She gave him the details on the ride home. That she was a cop and how close they were and they arrived. They got out and went upstairs. She had to work that night.
P: Well I gotta go to work so i will see you tomorrow morning. make yurself at home. Theresa my sister and my mom Pilar are here so just ask if u need anything. Go see yur dad if you want so see ya later. she left. Noah went upstairs and got inot bed he was tired.

4.26.08, 11:41 PM
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4.27.08, 12:34 AM
Noah woke up to the smell of something smelling amazing. So he got out of bed and went downstairs.
N: What smells so good he called out
T: I am making dinner
Noah came down and saw Theresa and Theresa saw him
N: Oh hi
T: Um I am paloma's sister
N: Ok hi. What are u making
T: dinner u want some
N: Sure I would love some
Theresa dished him out a plate
T: So how are u feeling
N: Alright I guess
T: oh well i know u got into that accident and all
N: I don't remember it at all though
A little later on they were laughing and talking when paloma came through the door
p: I'm home
T: We're in here
Theresa and Noah were sitting at the table talking and laughing
N: Hello
P: Noah, Theresa
T: How was work sis
P: Fine Noah u ready
N: For what
P: I am tired and I want to go to bed and shower its late
N: I'm not ready for bed
P: Fine I will see you later then
N: I'll be up
Paloma went upstairs
T: Noah maybe u should go up she misses u
N: Nah she'll be fine
T: Well its late and i need to go to work early tomorrow so night
N: I had a great time
T: Me too. you are going upstairs right
N: Yea I just want a drink
T: Grab whatever night
N: Night
he watched her go upstairs and went upstairs himself. paloma just got out of the shower Noah was in bed.
P: Oh geez u scared me
N: sorry
P: No its ok I am glad ur up here
N: Oh
P: Did u have a good night
N: I guess so
P: Well I am tired I gotta work tomorrow but I was figuring we could go out tomorrow. Is that alright?
N: sure I guess so
P: Ok well goodnight
She kissed him on the forehead. he pulled back
P: Sorry did i scare you
N: No u surprised me
P: Ok well can I kiss you
N: On the cheek
She kissed his cheek and went to bed. He dremt of Theresa that night he really liked her.
Paloma got up the next morning before Noah did and went to work. Noah woke up at 7 and went downstairs.
N: I thought that wonderful smell was breakfast
T: Oh Noah don't do that
N: Did i scare you
T: A little
N: U going to work
T: yea
N: U need help I would love to help you
T: Noah thats alright
N: please
She couldn't resist that smile. It made her instantly melt. She had to keep her emotions inside this was her sisters boyfriend.
T: Alright Noah
N: Ok let me get dressed and write paloma a note just in case
He was dressed in 10 minutes.
N: I am ready
T: Alright lets go
They arrived at her office
N: Wow amazing
T: Yea it is
Theresa showed him what she did and he helped her with some ideas. She was impressed. This wasn't the Noah she was used too.
Back at the mansion Paloma had come home for lunch to surprise Noah. Then she saw his note it read: Paloma, I went to help Theresa at work. Sorry if I am not at home. See ya later tonight. Noah
So she went over to Theresa's office.
T: Noah thats a wonderful idea
N: is it really
T: yea that would help business improve a lot
N: Good U know i do need a job
T: Well hey ask Paloma what she thinks
N: yea it would be fun working side by side all day
P: Noah what are u talking about
N: Theresa offered me a job
T: If its ok with you
P: I guess so
T: Well good Noah u can start now
N: Great
P: We are still going out tonght right
N: if I get home in time
P: I hope so See ya later
N: Sure
Noah didn;t get out in time. It was late when they did get done
N: Hey Theresa (noah asked as they were leaving)
T: Yea Noah
N: Um do u want to get a bite to eat
T: Um its late
N: please
T: I guess so (she couldn't resist that smile)
They went to a local place and got a bite to eat. They started playing music.
N: U want to dance
T: Noah
N: Come on Theresa (he grabbed her hand) he loved the feel of her body next to his
T: Noah we shouldn't be dancing
N: Theresa we aren't doing anything wrong
T: Paloma should be dancing with you she is yur girlfriend
N: I don't remember her I like u
T: Noah
N: I like spending time with you
T: (she pushed away) I can't do this to my sister
N: Look Paloma is a nice girl I am sure but I don't like her
T: U don't even know her maybe if u tried a little...
N: I am trying and i like you a lot
T: Listen don't come to work anymore if this is the way its going to be alright
N: U just hired me
T: Well yur fired
N: Theresa come on I need this job
T: Ok but Noah no funny business
N: Ok ok lets go home
T: Sounds good to me
When they got home they went their seperate ways. He got into bed with paloma she didn't move and there was a note it read: Noah I have the day off tomorrow we can do something tomorrow. Theresa will let u have the day off I will explain. love ya, Paloma. He would give paloma a try. he went to bed and thought of ways to get Theresa to like him back. He dremt of her.
In Theresa's room she was furious. How dare he try to make a move for her when he very well knew he was with Paloma. Although she did like him. She could resist that smile. Just thinking of it made her knees weak. She got into bed and all she could think of was Noah even though she knew how wrong it was she couldn't help herself.

4.27.08, 12:58 AM
The next morning Noah got up early. Paloma wasn;t in bed and he went downstairs.
P: hey sleepyjhead i was telling Theresa u weren't going to work with her
N: oh ok
T: Its fine Noah (even though she wouldn;t admit she was a bit dissapointed)
P: Ok Noah I got quite a day planned
N: Ok
P: Why don't u get dressed and we'll get started
N: alright
Noah got in the shower and got dressed and met Paloma downstairs.
P Come on
First they went to his dad's house and visited. Then they had a picinic in the park.
P: Isn't this the perfect day to have a picinic
P: Noah is something the matter
N: No why
P:Well u seem distant with me u just answer with yes or no don't u like me
N: Paloma i don't remember you thats all
P:Well u seem pretty at ease with my sister
N: I don;t know she's easy to talk too
P: Whats that supossed to mean I'm now
N: No i don't know its hard to explain
P: Try me
N: Paloma come on lets go for a walk. (he didn't want to tell her the truth that he liked Theresa and he had to admit he wasn't trying)
The walk was different they walked by the ocean and he even joked around a little bit and he pushed her jokinly and she was laughing. Then Paloma took him to by Miguel's house and they talked while Paloma talked to his sister
K: Hows he doing
P: Well at first he acted funny when we went on a picinic but now he's acting like himself again
K: He just needed a little push
P: Theresa and him have been spending some time together I thought he liked her at first
K: Come on Paloma Noah likes you he just needs some time and lets admit it Theresa is a pretty amazing person and she's nice. She yur sister though so she wouldn't do that to you she loves you
P: Yea maybe yur right I just worry. I mean I love him so much.
K: He loves you Paloma I know it
They left and went to a movie and they shared icecream at the end of the movie. He joked around with her and even shoved icecream in her face but wiped it off with a napkin. This was the Noah she knew. They ran into Theresa and Jared at the end of the night.
P: Hey Sis hi Jared
N: Hey Guys
T: Oh hey Noah this is Jared
P: Jared and her have been seeing each other off and on
N: oh ok
T: Hey Noah I am going to have my driver come get u for work tomorrow I am spending the night with jared so I will see ya tomorrow at 8.
N: Alright whatever (he walked away)
T: Whats his deal
P: I don't know see ya later. Noah wait whats wrong
N: Nothing at all
P: Noah come on what is it
N: Nothing Paloma I Just don't like that guy
P: What come on Jared
N: Yes he just doesn't seem like a very good guy
P: Noah they have been seeing each other off and on for about a year nothing serious has happened yet but Theresa deserves someone whats the big deal who she dates anyways
N: She's yur sister and i am yur boyfriend right i just worry about yur family thats all
P: Ok she said but wasn't convinced.
They went home and went to bed,. Noah couldn't sleep all the thought about was Theresa and Jared and her kissing. It made him sick.
Back at Jareds. jared was kissing Theresa
J: This is the best part of the night
T: Why
J: Its just u and me
They ended up making love. Theresa felt guilty because she thought of Noah the whole time.

4.27.08, 8:13 PM
Noah woke up the next morning and got into the limo that picked him up. He left before Paloma was even up. he arrived to work and went straight to Theresa's office.
N: Theresa I'm here.
T: Good I had some ideas
N: Cool so how was yur date last night
T: Hmm it was great Jared's a good guy you to might get along. How was your day with my sister?
N: Well I let myself enjoy her and we had fun but thats it. Paloma told me Jared and you are on and off again whats up with that.
T: I don't know but he is such a romantic guy but I don't know if he's really my type.
N: So romantic guy aren't yur type
T: Thats not what i am saying Jared and me are just too alike. Like you would know what romantic is anyways
N: I do know what romantic is
T: Right don't make me laugh
N: Ok fine you know what I have a propostion for you. You go out on a date with me and I will show u what its like to be romantic and if I'm right u have to go on a second date with me.
T: Ok what if i win
N: Its yur choice even though that won't happen
T: Ok u have to go on a real date with Paloma
N: Deal
They shook on it
T: When and where
N: U pick
T: Ok tomorrow night
N: Good idea 7
T: Sounds good
N: Wear something fancy
T: Ok now lets get to work
They worked on a bunch of ideas and then work ended and he went home. Paloma was at the kitchen table sipping tea
P: Hey you guys want some tea
T: Sure sis
N: Its ok I'm good
They all sat down and talked
P: Hey Noah lets go out tomorrow night
N: Um...
T: We have a business dinner tomorrow with some new clients sorry
P: oh thats alright
T: Ok
P: We can do it some other time
N: Yea he said
Noah got a bite to eat and went upstairs to bed with Paloma. They were lying in bed staring at the ceiling when Paloma kissed Noah. He didn't fight it either she was a great kisser. When she pulled away he asked
N: What was that for
P: Noah I miss the old u. U still kiss like the old you but i want you back. The tender way you touched me when we made love it was great.
N: Sorry Paloma i just don't remember. I don't want to hurt your feelings.
P: I know she said
She kissed him again. Then she pulled away
P: Good night Noah
N: Night Paloma
The next morning he had the day and off and so did Theresa. Paloma kissed Noah before she went to work. Theresa and him had breakfast
N: You ready for tonight
T: Noah u act like its a big deal
N: Well it is to me
T: Alright
They ate in silence. They passed each other all day that day. In the halls and in the living room. Seven finally came. Noah was downstairs when Theresa came down the steps. She was in a short black strapless dress. Noah took one look at her and his mouth hung open. She looked so sexy.
N: Dang you are a knockout
T: Yur not bad yurself.
He kissed her cheek. He wanted to kiss her lips but held hmiself back. Noah took her to a candle light dinner. Then they went for a walk on the beach and talked about differnt things and opened up to each other. Then they went dancing on the beack
N: So is this not romantic for you
T: This is really romantic so i guess i have to go on another date with u
He never answered her and he kissed her and to his surprise she kissed him back. She had wanted to for awhile now and she did. He finally pulled away and they got into the limo. They kissed all the way home. Things got really hot and heavy. Then she pulled away.
T: Noah no we can't
N: Theresa come on
T: Noah I can' do this to my sister
N: Don't stop now
T: I can;t i'm sorry
They pulled up to the house and Theresa ran in. Noah went inside by himself hot bothered and frustrated. He didn't go to bed for awhile that night.

4.27.08, 11:18 PM
Before he did go to bed he left Theresa a note. he had to make things better. Theresa got up that morning and there was a rose on her end table and a note by her bed. She opened the note it read: Theresa, I am sorry that i kissed u. Wait no I am not sorry about that but I love you. I am falling hard and fast for you. Please don't be angry and u still owe me a second date. We need to talk. We can go today at 6. Talk to ya later. I will not be at work today. Theresa smiled got up and went to work. Noah woke up at 8. He woke Paloma up.
N: Paloma
P: What is it Noah
N: Do u have to work today?
P: No tonight
N: U want to get some breakfast
P: I would love that I know just the place
They got ready and left. Paloma took them to the place they had their first date at
P: Noah do u remember this place
N: Not really
P: Well this is the place u took us on our first date
N: oh ok
They ordered and had a good breakfast. Noah and Paloma took a walk and they held hands but that was it. Then they went home. Paloma had to get dressed and she was leaving early. She had some things to do. She kissed him on the lips and left. Theresa came home at 5.
T: Ok Noah whats going on
N: I think we need to talk go change we are going out
T: Why
N: Well we still have that second date and maybe we should be in public so things don't get out of hand.
She didn't say a word. She got dressed and came downstairs. They went to the Blue note where he used to work. People that he didn't know greeted him. They took a seat.
T: So lets talk
N: No I want something to eat
T: Alright
They ordered and Noah started talking
N: Theresa I ...
His cell rang
N: Hold on hello
P: Noah its me
N: Yea
P: Um i have some news I have to go out of town for a couple days on some important police work so I have to leave tonight.
N: ok
P: Where are u
N: The blue note
P: Oh well I will see u in a couple days and I will call you
N: Alright
P: I am glad you are out and about it might help u get yur memory back
N: Ok talk to ya later
P: yep
He hung up
N: Anyways
T: Who was that
N: Paloma she is going out of town
There food arrived
N: Theresa I can't go on like this everytime i see you its just such a major turn on. I can't stop myself from kissing you its hard.
T: Noah what about Paloma
N: She is sweet and shes hot but she not what i want
T: Noah i will not do this to my sister she loves you i can't do it
N: Follow your heart you like me
She looked at him
T: Yes but i can't
N: Ok well then do me a favor dance with me
T: Alright
They got on the dance floor and danced. He held her close. He loved the feel of her close to him. Pressing up agaist him made matters worse. He was whispering in her ear. It gave her chills down her spine. Then he kissed her softly and she didn't object. she led him out the door and into the limo. When they got inside she straddled him they continued kissing. the limo driver stopped and he picked her up and carried her upstairs.
T: Noah come on I want you
N: I want you too
They got into her bedroom and lied her down
T: Do we have protection?
N: No i don't have anything
T: No here I do
She handed him the condom and he put it on. he kissed every inch of her until her nor she could stand it. They made love without a care in the world and fell asleep in each others arms.

4.27.08, 11:27 PM
The next morning Noah woke up to Theresa kissing his ear. They made love again and got up and got dressed. Theresa didn't end up going to work. Her and Noah couldn't get enough of each other.
T: God Noah your amazing
N: No you are
They were in their own little world. Until Paloma called that night
P: Hey Noah how are you
N: Good what about you
P: Alright
N: Cool
P: Um i think i will be home in about a week
N: Ok he said (he tried not to sound too happy)
P: Ok well i gotta go love ya bye
He just hung up
T: Was that Paloma
N: Yep
T: Oh god Noah what happens when she comes back
N: We'll think of something
T: Good because now i don't think i can be away from you
The next morning Noah and her went to the office and jared was there.
T: Jared whats up?
J: Nothing I wanted to see you tonight
T: Um no we need to talk. Noah can u excuse us
N: Yes (he walked out the door)
T: I have fallen for someone else
J: Who
T: Nevermind who i just don't think its a good idea to see each other anymore
J: Theresa come on
T: No jared i mean it
J: Well if u change yur mind i am still here.
he left and Noah came in
T: I ended things with him
N: I will have to do the same with Paloma
T: I don't want to do this to her she's my sister.
N: I know I know
T: God I feel terriable. We need to get to work
They worked and went home and made love. They were crazy for each other.

4.28.08, 9:22 PM
Theresa got up the next morning earlier than usual to drink tea. She felt awful about sleeping with Noah and doing that to her sister. She was crazy about noah. she sat and sipped tea for awhile. Then Noah came down
N: Theresa i was starting to feel lonely in bed.
T: Sorry
N: Whats up
T: I feel awful about what i am doing to my sister
N: I know and Paloma is a nice girl but I am so crazy about u
He kisses her and Noah made her stand up and lied her down on the kitchen table.
T: noah don't we need something
N: I don't want to run upstairs and spoil the moment.
T: I don't want to get pregant
He kissed her again
T: Noah please
He picked her up and intended to carry her upstairs and got distracted and they ended up making love on the floor
T: God you are incrediable.
N: Yea that was great yur incrediable
T: We need to stop being so careless i don't want to end up pregant
N: I wouldn't mind having kids with you
T: I don't think Paloma would be too thrilled
N: Probably not
Noah went upstairs to shower and Theresa went to work. Noah stayed home an extra day he wanted to go see hid dad.
he thought maybe he could talk to him about what was going on. He knocked on his dad's door. His dad answered.
S: Noah what a nice surprise
N: Hey dad
S: Come in do u want something to eat or drink
N: No I am fine can I talk to u
S: Of course u always can
N: Well Paloma is out of town for a while and Theresa and I have devolped feelings for each other.
S: What u know u r supposed to be with Paloma
N: I know but were crazy about each other
S: Well then I think u need to tell Paloma I mean thats all u can do or at least try to be with Paloma
N: Dad I tried I really did but i couldn't stop thinking about Theresa she was on my mind constantly.
S: well the best thing to do is to be honest. How does Theresa feel?
N: Awful she hates betraying her sister but she says she's crazy about me and ditto for me too
S: Let Paloma down gently
N: I know
They talked for a little while longer and he went home. Paloma called about 10 minutes later
P: Hey Noah how are u
N: Alright how about u
P: ready to come home i miss u
He didn't comment to that
N: So when u coming home
P: Um in about 2 to 3 days
N: Oh ok
He was going to tell her he needed to talk to her but didn't have the heart to. They talked for a few more minutes and let her go. he watched tv and waited fot Theresa to come home.

4.29.08, 5:43 PM
Theresa got home late and Noah fell asleep waiting for her to get home. he was having a really crazy dream. he was dreaming of a bride he was waiting at a church waiting for her to walk down the aisle. he couldn;t see her face. He tried to touch her face but he couldn't. He woke up and sat up like he was being shot out of a canyon. He was breathing heavy.
T: what is it
N: I just had the craziest dream
T: A nightmare
N: No but for some reason it disturbed me
He told Theresa his dream
T: That doesn't sound scary
N: Yea its not but it just distrubed me
T: its ok
N: I need something to drink
he walked downstairs and got a drink of scotch
T: Noah i don't understand why this is such a bad thing
N: I don;t know but it scared me for some reason
T: I don't see why it would
N: I don't know lets go back to bed
Noah didn't dream the rest of the night. The phone rang early the next morning
N: Hello he answered sleepily
theresa moved next to him
P: Noah its me
N: Paloma
P: Sorry to wake you but i will be in harmony in a few hours
N: What i thought u were supposed to be gone for a few more days
P: I was but they cut it short
N: oh ok well i had a strange dream last night
He told her about it
P: That is weird
N: Do u think it has something to do with my memory.
P: I don't know maybe hey can u pick me up from the airport
N: Sure when is that at
P: Um meet me there in 2 hrs.
N: Sounds good
They hung up
N: Paloma's coming home today now we are going to have to be careful
T: Yea i guess so
N: Lets get in one last round before she gets home
They made love twice then Noah went and showered. Theresa went with Noah to pick up Thersa. They had the limo drive them. They kissed all the way there and almost made love again but they were almost to the airport by then. They waited for Paloma to get off her plane.

4.30.08, 10:05 PM
Ch. 10
Noah saw Paloma get off her airplane. They were waiting in the lobby for her. She ran to Noah.
P: God I missed you
N: Its great yur back.
P: Oh Theresa u didn't have to come with Noah
T: Not come to see my sister home
She hugged Theresa and turned back to Noah
P: Its so great to see u
She gave him a long passionate kiss. Theresa tensed up and took a deep breath and Noah pulled away
N: Alright lets go
he grabbed her bags and then took the limo home. Paloma practically sat on top of him
P: Am i being too smothering?
N: A little can u give me some room to breathe
P: yea i'm sorry
N: its ok
They got home and Noah carried her bags inside. Theresa made some tea and they all sat down and had tea.
P: So what did u guy do while i was gone
N: Work and hung out a little bit.
P: Like what did u guys do
T: We went out to dinner a couple times and thats about it
P: Oh sounds like fun
T: Yea i guess
P: Well I am tired Noah will u come to bed with me
N Yea sure see ya later Theresa
T: Yea night
P: Night sis
Noah and Paloma went up to the bedroom. They got into bed and Paloma kissed him. He kissed her back. She was a good kisser. Then she started kissing him and turning him on
N: paloma what are u doing
P: Noah i want u to make love to me
N: no i really don't want to
P: Thats not what yur body is sayong
N: No I really can't
he couldn't help himself. She was pretty and had a great body. He was just about ready to enter paloma when he said N: I Need a condom
P: No just cum in me i don't care
N: Alright
They made love twice and they finally fell asleep. Noah had a different dream this time. He dremt he was alone at the alter and then Paloma came down the aisle. She was very pregant and he thought they were married. he had a ring on his finger. Then he had a dream of Paloma and him on the beach and they were making love. Something he didn't remember. he didn't know if he was dreaming or if it was a memory. The next morning he woke up sweating.
P: Noah wake up yur sweating is everything ok
N: I had a dream
P: What was this ome about
N: Did we ever go to a beach and make love
P: yea once
N: I had a dream we were on a beach making love
P: I think yur starting to remember
N: Paloma i still don't feel that way about u
P: Oh i understand its ok in time u will I beleive it
N: Well i hope u do for the both of us
Noah got up and got in the shower. Paloma wanted to join him but he said he wanted to be alone. he was taking a shower. Then he started getting images of him and Paloma but they were evry little ones and he didn't want to get her hopes up so he didn't say anything. He went downstairs and Paloma got in the shower
T: Hey u going to work with me today
N: Not today maybe tomorrow i got some things i want to do today.
He left Paloma a note and left. First he went to see his dad. He got to his dads house.|
S: Son whats up
N: Dad I think i am getting my memory back
S: Well thats good
N: Well I have visions but they are really little ones and i still don't love Paloma
S: Lets go to Dr Eve she might be able to help us
So they drove to the hospital. They got there and asked for Eve
E: noah sam what can i do for you
N: Well I am having visions little clips of ones and i asked Paloma about the dream I had and she said we did that
E: Well maybe u r starting to get yur memory back
N: I still don't love Paloma I am in love with someone else and still am
E: Hon don't lead her on u might need to tell her that u don't want to be with her because its not fair to her thats my advise
N: Well thanks but what do u think this is
E: Well to be honest i thought u should of had yur memory back now but maybe its happening. try to really go into these memories thats all i can say good luck
they left
S: So what are u going to do about U an theresa
N: I don;t know dad I hate hurting Paloma but I am crazy in love with Theresa she has everything
S: Well u need to do something
N: I know dad
He went home he knew he would be alone. No one was there. He sat there and wanted to see if any memories came to him. Nothing. Paloma came home first
They had some tea and talked about her day. It was uneventful. Paloma went to bed before Noah did. Theresa called and told Paloma she would be home late she had a meeting. Noah went to bed and tossed and turned he wondered what was happening with him.

5.1.08, 11:30 PM
Ch. 11
Noah hadn't really been talking to anyone. he was trying to figure out if he was getting his memory back. he tired to go into his mind when the memories happened. they vanished so quickly and didn't come back. He was so confused. One dau Paloma couldn't stand it any longer.
P: Noah snap out of it are u ever going to try
N: What are u talking about I am trying
P: no yur not u have been sitting there for a couple of days
N: Well I am trying to read into these memories unless u don't want me to remember
P: Of course i do I thought u would of remembered me by now
N: Sorry Paloma but i can't do anything about it
P: U know what Noah I just don't really feel like you are trying too hard and its pissing me off
She left the room and Noah sat alone and Theresa came up behind him
T: Hey Noah whats up
N: nothing Paloma is mad at me and I just keep having these crazy visions and I think i am starting to get my memory back and its giving me a headache.
T: I think I know how to help
It had been awhile and she did look stunning. they went upstairs and they were kissing upstairs and they went to her bedroom. She pushed her agaist the door and felt her up instanly.
T: Noah she whispered don't stop
N: I don't want to he said
he carried her to the bed
T: Condom put it on
N: I don't want to I want to wait
T: Yes i don't need to get pregant but right now who cares
They made love twice and then they came out of the bedroom and Threresa kissed him one last time before she went to work when Paloma walked out and saw them kissing
P: Oh my god what are u doing
N: Just kissing
P: Just kissing? Thats all u can say
N: Well its the truth just a friendly kiss
P: Don't lie to me Noah you two are involved
T: Yea the truth is we fell in love
P: Noah u have been lying to me
N: No I haven't I told u i didn't feel anything
P: U know what i understand this happening to u and i understand but my own sister why
T: its not like i meant for this to happen I tried to not have feelings for him but it just happened. I knew u loved him but i fell fast
P: U took advantage of him. I can't even trust my own sister.
T: Paloma
P: No u two deserve each other
She ran out the door. Theresa started after her.
N: Let her go and cool off
T: I am an awful person
She ran in her room and locked the door and Noah was left alone.

5.2.08, 8:46 PM
Ch. 12
After sitting around for two hours he got bored and went to his dads house. He knocked on the door when he got there.
S: Hey son u look a mess
N: Yea its a long story
S: Come on in
N: ok dad i got a few problems
S: Whats that
N: Ok Theresa and i were kissing in the hallway
His dad stopped him
S: Let me guess Paloma saw u
N: Yea and Theresa's all locked up in her room and Paloma ran out the door and she hasn't come back and now I don't know what to do
S: Well I don't know what to tell you. I mean u haven't got yur memory back how come u don't like Paloma
N: Its not that I don't like her its just I have fallen in love with Theresa
S: I understand just go with yur heart
N: Yea i guess so
He stayed at his dads for about 2 hours and left. When he got home Theresa and Paloma were sitting at the kitchen table not talking but staring off into space
N: Hey girls I am glad yur both here
P: U r why
N: I want to talk to both of u. Paloma its not that i don't like u alrigtht is just I fell in love with Theresa and i can't just turn off those feelings
P: Noah u don't have to explain
N: I never meant to hurt you alright bc u r a very special girl and I hate to hurt you
P: I know and I don't blame u but if i let u go and yu memory comes back u will break Theresa's heart and i can't wait around forever.
N: well u even said that i should have gotten my memory bach already
P: I know noah but if i start dating u will have to move on
N: I guess we will have to cross that bridge when we get there
P: I guess so. Well then u two be together there is nothing i can do about it
T: Sis I am sorry
P: Theresa listen i can't believe u would do this to me being my sis and all and u knowing how much I love Noah but i guess i understand and I don't hate u I am very heartbroken but i will get over it
She left the table and Theresa and i stared into space.
T: So what do we do
N: I guess we start a relationship just not around Paloma
T: Ok lets go upstairs and talk
N: Yea I guess so or watch a movie
T: That sounds good
They picked a movie out and went upstairs. paloma came home about 2 hours later her mom was sitting at the table
P: Mama what are u doing here?
M: Just sitting here drink tea
P: Can i join u?
M: Sure if you want to. Look Theresa came down and told me what happened with Noah I am sorry honny
P: Mama i am just really upset I mean Theresa knew that i loved him mama I am just so heartbroken I asked for extra hours at work to take my mind off things. I still think he may get his memory back. It would be hard on Theresa but I want Noah back
M: I know and i know Theresa didn't want to hurt you ok
P: i know its hard
M: Things will get easier with time
P: I know that mama i just miss him but working helps. Well I need to get to bed I got an early shift tommorow night mama
M: Night baby
She went upstairs and went to bed. Next door Theresa and Noah were trying to sleep
T: Noah u awake
N: Yea whats wrong
T: I was just thinking about what Paloma said
N: Whats that
T: What happens if u get yur memory back. I don't think i could lose u that would hurt too much
N: I know but u know what we have to cross that road when we come to it i may not get my memory back
T: But u have had visions that could be a sign
N: it could but who knows
he kissed her
N: Try not to worry about it ok
T: Alright
They both lied on their sides and Noah held Theresa but she just couldn;t sleep nor stop thinking about it. She was afraid to lose Noah

5.4.08, 8:15 PM
Ch. 13
Theresa and Noah had been dating a month. They tried to steer clear of Paloma but always ended up running into her in the hallways. When Noah and her ran into each other paloma always had this glum look on her face Noah just kept on walking. Theresa got up early to go to work one morning
T: Noah u coming to work with me today
N: No i am exhausted
T: U never come to work with me
N: I know the only reason i went was so I could be with you and so that i could get u to like me
T: Noah u have such great ideas i guess i will hire somebody else
N: Sounds good to me
He rolled over and went back to sleep. Theresa shook her head and shut the bedroom door and left. Noah was eating breakfast when paloma came down.
P: I'll just grab something to go
N: Don't u have to work today
P: No I have the day off
N: Oh well join me
P: Thats ok
N: Come on paloma we can still be friends
P: I can't just be friends Noah I love you and still do
N: oh well i am sorry about that alright I thought we were past that
P: U don't get past things like that
Paloma went over to Noah and drew him into a kiss and ran out the back door. Thats when the headaches started. he had visions that he was drawn into and they were more intense and longer but his head hurt. The first vision was him and his dad playing ball. Then it went to Paloma and him meeting at sister's bridal shower and he remembered that she married Fox and divorced him and was marrying Miguel. Then the second vision was Paloma and him kissing. Then the vision stopped. He remembered his dad but he didn't remember his love for paloma. He called his dad
N: Dad i remember you and kay and that Kay married Fox and divorced him and is marrying Miguel.
S: Thats good what about Paloma
N: All I saw is us kissing and that was it
S: Oh son i think yur getting yur memory back
N: All I really rememeber is you and Kay. I don't remember anyone else
S: Well thats ok take one vision at a time
N: yea but i think I should ask Dr. Russel about these headaches.
He called Dr. Russel
N: Dr. Russell its Noah I had a vision and I remembered my Dad and kay but thats all and I get awful headaches when that happens
E: That doesn't sound good. Um take some apin reliever and see if that helps but try and get into yur memory and see if u remember more. If that doesn't help call me
N: Alright he said
They hung up. Paloma came in.
P: I won't be here long
N: Paloma i need to tell u something
P: yes
N: I remember everything about my dad and kay
P: U do
N: yea
P: Well thats one step closer
N: yea isn't that great
P: I am glad that u remember them Noah but that doesn't help me
She went upstairs and changed her shirt and left. At Theresa office her secertary told her someone was there for the interview
T: Send them in
M: Hello I am Ethan Crane
T: Hello Ethan
She looked up at him he was gourgeous. He thought she was amazing looking
E: So I hear yur looking to hire someone
T: Yea are u interested
E: Yea i am
T: Ok yur resume is really impressive
E: Thank you and I have some ideas about what we can do
he told her his ideas and she was impressed
T: yur hired
E: Great
She showed him to his office and told him what to do and he got started. She closed the door and leaned agaist it. He was so good-looking

5.5.08, 5:53 PM
Before Ethan left for the day he went into Theresa's office
E: Um I am done with my work
T: Well u can go then
E: What are u working on
T: Just some papers
E: How late are u usually here
T: Don't ask
E: Well how about I help you u know so u don't have that much work
T: Really I would love that
E: Ok then cool
Ethan helped her and they got done about 3 hrs later
T: Ethan thank you i haven't gotten off this early in ages
E: Yur welcome i don't really have much to do anyways maybe i can help u everynight.
T: That would be great well I am going to get going
E: hey Theresa before u go u want to grab a bite to eat its late and i am hungry.
T: Ethan that sounds great but i need to come in early and I just want to go home
E: Ok maybe tomorrow
T: yea maybe
She went home and Noah was sitting reading a book
N: Geez honey yur home early
T: Yea my new co- worker helped me
N: Wow that was nice of her wasn't it
T: Not her him
N: Him? Do i need to be worried?
T: Of course not (she kissed him) Well look I need to get up early so i want to get something to eat and go to bed.
N: Ok well u want me to come to bed with u
T: No its alright i am just really tired
N: ok
Theresa got something to eat and went to bed. Noah was sitting there and he dozed off and had a dream. Noah saw a house and kids. Paloma was there beside him she was holding a baby. Then he woke up with a bad headache. He ran to get some pain reliever. he decided it was time to go to bed since he was dozing off. He got into bed with Theresa and didn't dream the rest of the night.

5.6.08, 11:26 AM
That moring Paloma came downstairs and sat with her mom
P: Good morning mama
Pi: Good morning. U want some breakfast
P: No I am ok I want to talk to u about something
Pi: Sure whats up
P: I am thinking about leaving Harmony
Pi: Dios mio no don't leave because of Noah
P: Mama he is never going to get his memory back and my heart can't take any more pain
Pi: don't leave Paloma and Noah could very well get his memory back
P: I don't think so
Pi: At least think about this
P: Alright I will but i gotta go to work
She leaves. Upstairs. Theresa kisses Noah's ear and they start kissing. They start to make love
T: Oh god Noah that feels good
N: God Paloma
T: What did u just call me
he opens his eyes
N: Theresa why are we having sex? Why am in yur bed not with Paloma
T: Oh no u got yur memory back
N:What are u talking about
Just then he had the flashback of theguy shooting him.
N: I gotta go find Paloma
T: No don't leave me Noah
N: We'll talk later I gotta go find Paloma
Noah dresses and dashes downstairs
N: Pilar wheres Paloma
Pi; She went to work why
N: I remember now
PI: Hows Theresa
N: Not too good
Pi: Oh geez i'll go talk to her
N: Thanks tell her we will talk later He kisses Pilars cheek.
He decides to wait until that night and make a romantic dinner and surprise her. So he calls his dad and tells him the good news.
S: Thats great but hows Theresa
N: I don't know her mom went up there awhile ago and i haven't seen her
S: Well be gentle she loved you
N: I know he hangs up and goes upstairs and knocks on the door. Pilar comes out
N: How is she
P: She isn't good
N: Ok well thanks
he knocks on the door.
N: Theresa can i come in
No answer
N: Theresa please
No answer
He opens the door and he sees the window open. He had to go find her. So he grabs his coat and leaves without telling Pilar to no upset her. He thinks he has an idea where to find her.

5.7.08, 10:08 PM
Noah ran to the wharf. He knew Theresa liked that place. She always talked about how calming it was. Noah looked and there was Theresa looking over the ledge near the water. he went rigth up to Theresa
N: Theresa
T: What do u want leave me alone
N: look i tol u I wanted to talk to you
T: Go be with Paloma ok
N: no i want to make things right between us
T: Its fine were friends ok
N: No u don't mean it yur angry
She turned around
T: What do u think? I loved u with all my heart and soul and u completly destroyed me i am broke inside
N: Theresa it hurts me when u hurt i was yur friend for so long ok i want us to be ok
T: We will never be ok or at least i won't
N: Theresa look we knew this might happen
T: I thought it wouldn't because u lost yur memory and u could remember anything
N: Take some time get away
T: Yea maybe
N: Ethan's a nice guy maybe u should go for him
T: I don't want anyone else
N: I gotta go home are u going to be ok
T: As best as i can be
He kissed her cheek and left. Theresa looked out over the wharf. Then Ethan saw Theresa looking over the wharf
E: Hey whats up
T: Not too mcuh what are u doing here
E: U look sad
T: Yea i am a little bit
E: why
T: Well i was in love with this guy and he had amnesia and he got his memory back and now hes with my sister who he was in love with before
E: I am sorry Theresa
T: Yea me too
E: Hey lets go out for a bite instead of being alone
She hesitaited
T: Alright
They left. At the mansio Noah ran into Pilar.
N: I am throwing together a surprise for Paloma tell her when she gets home to come up to the spare bedroom ok
PI: Ok
Noah called the cooks and made all of Paloma's favorites. He found something nice to wear. Found candles to light when it got later. Then he got some chamapange from the cooks. Then he called his dad and they talked and it got later. He called the cooks to see how the food was coming and asked Pilar if she was in the kitchen. Everything was set all he needed was Paloma.

5.9.08, 5:53 PM
At the police station the phone rang and paloma answered
P: Harmony Police statio this is paloma
R: Paloma this is Roberto
P: Roberto how did u find me
R: Well i am coming back to harmony
P: Really why
R: To see you
P: Oh really
R: Yea maybe we could pick up where we left off
P: Maybe we could see where our relationship leads us. What time do u get in
R: I'll surprise you
P: Ok well i need to get back to work talk to u later
R: Alright
They hang up and Paloma goes home. She walks in and her mom is sitting at the table
PI: Hey paloma here is a note
P: Who's it from
PI: its a surprise
The note read: Go to yur room and theres a surprise. Paloma bouned up the stairs and there was a beautiul dark blue dress and a note. It read put this on and go to the spare bedroom. Paloma put the dress on and put some lipstick on and freshened up. She thought it was roberto. She walked into the room. There was candles and food and it was beautiful.
P: Dios mio hello anyone here
Then the boombox came on and played Noah and paloma's song.
P: Dios Mio
N: Paloma
P: Noah whats going on how do u know that song
N: Its ours how could i forget
P: U got yur memeory back
N: Yes i did
P: Oh my gosh
She started to cry
N: Paloma why are u crying
P: I am so happy
She threw her arms around him and hugged him and kissed him. Then they ate dinner
P: So how did Theresa take it
N: She was upset
P: Yes but was it bad?
N: She's ok we talked
P: Well i hope so i feel terriable
N: I know but she's alright trust me
They ate dinner and talked and then they finshed and Paloma got up and went over to him
P: Noah we haven't made love in such a long time
She straddle his lap
P: I want you
She kissed him. Noah kissed her back with the passion they once shared. They got up and walked over to the bed
N: God Paloma i have never seen u like this
P: well its been awhile. I missed u
They couldn't keep thei hands off each other
P: Noah just rip the dress i don't care at this point
He ripped the dress off and she ripped his clothes off and they made love 3 times. They couldn't get enough of each other and they both felt whole for the first time in awhile.

5.11.08, 10:11 AM
Ethan took Theresa to the resturant Noah took her a lot of times. Ethan realized Theresa didn't look too happy
E: is yur food alright
T: huh? Yea its fine
E: yur not eating
T: I'm not hungry thats all
E: ok whats wrong
T: nothing nothing (She took a bite and smiled at him)
E: Come on tell me
T: Well this is where Noah took me all the time and it makes me think of him.
Ethan signaled the waitress and got his and her food to go
T: Ethan u don't have to do this
E: yes i do i wanted u to go and i don't want u to think about Noah and no offense to him but yur beautiful and he's crazy
T: Thanks she smiled at him
The waitress brought their food back they went back to his apartment to put the food away and took a walk she went home and got up early to go to work to avoid Paloma and Noah. At 7 there was a kncok on her office door
T: Come in
E: Hi beautiful
T: Hey whats up
E: I just wanted to say thanks for the beautiful night and i wanted to see if u needed anything
T: nope not at all
E: Wll ok
They worked until 4 and Ethan came in u leaving for the day
T: yea
E: Do u have any plans?
T: no not really
E: Wanna hang out
T: I guess so
She hung out with him bc she didn't want to go home she couldn't bear seeing Noah. Ethan was cute but she didn't want a relationship at least not right now. She was crushed. Ethan took her to his house
T: What are we doing here
E: Don't worry i am making u dinner
T: oh ok
E: Here u can sit at the kitchen table and we can talk while i am amind dinner. Do u want something to drink
T: Sure what do u have
E: how about a glass of wine
E: Sure
He poured her some wine
T: I didn't know u can cook
E: Yea once I moved out on my ow i had too with no gf and all its kinds hard to live alone and not know how to cook
T: You are a great looking guy don't lie and say u haven't ever had a gf.
E: oh i did we llived together where i lived before but she wasn't how i thought she was. I needed a break and i left her. We were going to get married and i loved her so i know how u feel. I am not a jerk Theresa and I know yur hurtting. I like u but I am not going to try anything unless u want me too
T: Thanks Ethan your a great friend at the moment...
he cut her off
E: theresa thats all i want i still want to get over my ex i need time to heal too.
Ethan and her ate dinner and they drank wine. Then they went for a walk
E: So Theresa did u have fun tonight
T: yea i did it was great thanks
E: Well what do u think about doing helping me out with something
T: So there is siomething else u want
E: Listen its simple. My aunt Sherdian is getting married and i want u to come with me please.
T: why
E: Well yur a friend and i really don't want to go alone u don't have to tell anyone yur my date or anything just friends
T: Sure when is it
E: Um next weekend
T: Sure
E: You'll have fun i promise
She left and went home for the night. She had mixed feelings about Ethan.

5.11.08, 10:32 AM
Back at the mansion, Paloma and Noah just finished making love
P: Gosh its good to have u back
N: Yea its great to be back
They got up and showered together and made love in the shower and got dressed. They were both tired but they had a lot of lost time to make up for
N: I am hungry lets get something to eat
P: Ok i am hungry too
N: i need to refuel for later
P: noah
N: We have lost time to make up for
P: I know we do
Paloma was making breakfast when her cell rang
P: Hello
R: Hello Paloma i am in Harmony right now where can we meet
It was Roberto she had forgotten about him calling her and wanting them to get together. she was so happy about noah it slipped her mind.
P: Can i call u right back
R: Yea sure she hung up
N: Who was that
P: noah Roberto my ex finace called me when we had broke up and I need to tell him my plans have changed
N: So he wanted u back
P: Yea i need to tell him not anymore
N: ok
She called him back
P: Robeto hello
R: What was that all about
P: My plans have changed Noah got his memory back so we are back together and i am happy i am sorry i didn't know if he would ever get hsi memory back but he has
R: Well good for you but Paloma u promised me and u know i don't like when people break promises i want to see you
P: Well alright maybe sometime
R: How about this afternoon i can take u out to lunch
P: no come to the manison and u can have lunch with Noan and i.
R: ok i guess o but he has to be there
P: yes he does
R: Alright i guess so
P: So what time?
R: I don't know 2
P: Sounds good see ya then
N: Why is that guy coming here
P: He doesn't like people who break their promises
N: Fine but he can only stay an hour
P: I will try my best
They ate breakfast and Noah started kissing her
N: So i am refuled
P: Me too
He smiled at her and they were kissing and were aiming for the stairs but ended up on the floor
P: Noah shouldn't we go upstairs
N:The doors locked
P: oh yea it is
They had just finshed when the door bell rang
P: Must be him she buttoned up her blouse and Noah grabbed her hand and they opened the door.

5.13.08, 10:27 AM
Ch. 20
At the mansion Noah and Paloma went to answer the door.
R: Hello Paloma
P: Hi robeto why don't u come in
R: Well actually could i come back next week i need to settle into my apartment and come back next week i just needed to see u before i did that
P: Oh ok
Roberto left
N: So thats him
P: Yea thats him
She thought he looked great. Noah and her made love
Next weekend came fast Theresa worked and hung out with Ethan. She really hadn't been home but to go to bed. That afternoon she choose the perfect dress and got ready but ran into noah on her way out
N: Wow dang u look great where are u going all dressed up
T: out with Ethan
N: oh ok well have fun
T: ok i will
He smiled at her and she left. Then she drove to Ethan's. She got out of her limo and went and got him and they left in the limo together. When they got there he went to his aunt Sheridan and introduced Theresa.
S: Well hello nice to meet u
T: U two congrats
S: Why thank u
Then Ethan noticed some movement and saw Gwen
E: Sheridan whats Gwen doing here
S: She's my maid of honor and my best friend
E: I know that but nevermind. Theresa lets go before..
G: Ethan what a nice surprise
E: Gwen
T: Hi i'm Theresa ethan's date
G: oh how nice. Ethan what have u been up to i have been thinking aout you u know
E: Really well i don't care
G: Sure u do i think we need to talk
E: I am here with my date
G: Ethan i don't think she'll mind it will take on second and she grabbed his hand
Theresa went to ask Sheridan questions about gwen
G: Ethan look i know i was not the person u thought i was but i swear everything was a misunderstanding
E: gwen no it wasn't alright. Look i forgive u
G: We should be here together dancing not u and her i love you
E: look i still do but just let this go its over
G: U know i asked Sheridan to put u in as Luis's best man but they already had their people
E: Well good it might be for the best
He got Theresa grabbed her hand and sat down
E: Theresa i didn't know she was going to be here thats not why i brought u. I don't want u to think i brought u to make Gwen jelous
T: I know Ethan but what did she say to u
E: just that everything was a misunderstanding and she wants me back i broke it off but i don't see how things can would work out.
T: yea
Then Noah and Paloma walked in holding hands
P: Hey Theresa and you are
E: Ethan Ethan winthrop
P: Nice to meet u
N: Hi Theresa
T: Hey Noah
P:Well we need to find a seat see ya later
T: Yea
When they walked away
E: So thats noah huh
T; yea but lets not talk about that and be happy this is a wedding.
E: alright
the wedding started and gwen walked by and smiled at Ethan. Ethan turned bright red and Theresa squeezed his hand
After the wedding the rode with sam and his mom. Ethan introduced Theresa to his mom since she already knew sam
I: Hi theresa. Hey Ethan Gwen was there
E: I know mom we talked
His mom liked Gwen and wanted them to be together.
They arrived and sat with his parents and ate and then the music started. Theresa and Ethan were dancing when Gwen came up to Ethan
G: Theresa u don't care if i dance with him do you
T: No she went and sat down
Noah and paloma approached her
P: hi where's ethan
T: Dancing with his ex
P: Ok well hey Noah why don't u dance with my sister
N: Sure
T: ok
Thy danced
N: How are u doing Theresa
T: Alright
N: So is Ethan treating u good
T: Yea he's nice but were not serious or anything he trying to get over her like me trying to get over you
N: How's that coming
T: Its a day to day thing. Some days are good some are bad
N: I am really sorry
T: I know
She put her hand on his shoulders and drew in the moment. Back to Theresa and Ethan
G: So how are u doing Ethan
E: pretty good
G: whos this Theresa woman
E: She's my boss and I asked her to come with me
G: So u aren't dating
E: no not yet
G: look sometime u and me need to sit down and talk we really need to talk about us i love u and i think we should get back together. i am sorry for what happened to us please i owe u that
E: if it means that much to you then alright
G: Thank you I'll call you and she dropped his hands
The song ended and Ethan went back to Theresa and they left early
T: WOW its great to get out of there
E: Sorry i was hoping to have a nice time
T: Don't worry its fine
E: i hope so
Theresa called her limo and they went to Ethan's house. They went to his house and walked. It got late and Theresa decided to go home
T: Its late and i'm tired i want to get out of this dress too
E: Yea i am tired too. See ya at work Monday
T: Yea see ya
Theresa left and went home. she was so tired she didn't think about anybody.

5.14.08, 8:15 PM
Ch. 21
Theresa had the day off and she wanted to go and see Ethan. So she got up and showered and had an interesting converstation on the way back from the shower.
N: Theresa how are u
T: Good
N: theresa look i am really am sorry
T: Noah thats all over and done with i have moved on alright
N: Is Ethan treating u alright
T: Yes Noah and u and my sis are together ok I am on my way to spend the day with Ethan right now
N: Well a day with you is always great
T: what that supposed to mean but he never answered
She went into her room and got dressed and went to Ethans house. She didn't see any lights on and looked through the window. She saw gwen and Ethan on the floor making love. She started crying as tears streamed down her cheeks and she ran home.
This is how things happened between gwen and Ethan. Gwen had called Ethan earlier that day and said she wanted to talk to him and explain herself. He said ok and she came over. There was a knock on the door and gwen arrived
G: Hey handsome u look great
E: Thanks gwen u look great yurself
G: thanks ok. Now i know i made a mistake by lying but when i know i made a mistake and would do anything to make up for it shouldn't that count. i was stupid but Ethan i love you don't throw our relationship away. U mean so much to me and i am sorry and i will make sure that i would never do anything like that to u again. I swear it
He didn't say a word
G: Ethan u can say something now
He didn't say anything but ran over and kissed her. then he lied her on the floor and made mad passionate love to her. They were going a second time when Theresa saw them through the window.
When she got home she ran up the stairs to her room and closed the door. She was done with men. She sent Ethan and text and told him what she saw and wished him the best of luck.
That night Paloma had to go to work. She had been at work for an hour when the door opened.
R: Paloma hi
P: Roberto whats up
R: Nothing
P: Well right now i am working
O: Paloma take a break
P: Officer benton are u sure
O: Yes go
R: Come on we'll get a bite
Roberto took her to a nice restrant.
R: Isn't this just like old times
P: No i am getting married remember.
R: Yes i know but u love me Paloma
P: Roberto of course i do when u left me I was hurt but that doesn't mean i will end things with Noah come on u come out of nowhere and want us to be together
R: Ok sorry i love you thats all I can say
P: Roberto we can't hang out if you are going to try and do this. Its not going to happen
R: ok ok fine
they ate and talked and before Paloma went back to work Roberto kissed Paloma and she didn't stop it.

5.16.08, 1:52 PM
Ch. 22
Paloma pushed Roberto away.
P: Stop i can't do this
R: U love me don't you
P: yes very much so
R: Well i do to so whats the problem
P: I am with Noah u left me
R: I know and i made a mistake
P: That doesn't matter now i can't do that to Noah i almost lost him once.
Roberto kissed her again and she kissed him back and turned and left. She worked the rest of her shift and went home. She wanted some sisterly advice. It was late but she went into Theresa's room and she was awake
P: Yur still up
T: Yea u just got in
P: Yea um can we talk
T: of course yur my sister
She sat down on her bed
P: ok well Roberto came back when Noah had his memory loss and well i told him we could see each other. Well then Noah got his memory back and well we went out to dinner and he kissed me and well i can't lie i kissed him for like a second and pulled away. I enjoyed it but i do love Noah but i love Roberto too.
T: At least u have to guys who want u
P: What do u meant
Theresa told paloma what happened with Ethan
P: I am so sorry
T: Yea me too i started liking him and i saw that and i texted him and told him what i saw
P: wow that terriable
T: Yea i am hoping he will move away with her i can't see him everyday.
P: I know u have problems but what do i do i can't see Robeto anymore if i am with Noah but i don't really want to do that but i do love Noah
T: Look in yur heart who do u love more. Take some time and think about that
P: Thanks now get some sleep
Paloma left the room. About 20 minutes later the door opened please i want to sleep
N: Theresa
T: Noah what are u doing in here
N: we need to talk well at least i do
T: about what look i am really tired can't this wait until morning
N: No it can't i faked my amnesia

5.18.08, 5:12 PM
Ch. 23
Theresa sat up in bed.
T: I am sorry Noah i think i heard u wrong.
N: What did u hear
T: I thought u said u fakes yur amnesia i must be more tired than i thought
N: No thats correct
T: What why would u do something like that? Did u even think about what u put me and my sister through oh my gosh Noah
N: Listen I will explain everything. I got shot and i remembered everything. I began to have feelings for you and i wanted to see if maybe we could be together. I knew we couldn't with Paloma and all so i faked not remembering anything. Well we finally did get together and i started to miss Paloma. Well we would hang out and everything but then i started running into u but Paloma's great as a friend and all but yur the one i want
T: Noah she thinks she might want Roberto back
N: Really
T: Yes but this so low of you Noah how could u.. Then she pulled him into a kiss
N: God Theresa i missed you
T: Me too Noah
Noah lied down in bed with her and pulled her closer to him. They were kissing fast and heavily. I thad been so long
T: Noah god don't keep me waiting
Noah got undressed and Theresa was bascially if a very short sexy nighty and she took that off.
N: God Theresa i missed you and u making me feel the way u do
T: me too now lets get to remebering that
Paloma was in bed sleeping when this woke her up
Paloma got out of bed and went to Theresa room and knocked
T: Who is it?
P: Its yur sister what the hell is going on in there
She opened the door and saw Noah and Theresa in bed.
P: What is going on Noah i want to know
he threw some clothes on and said lets go back to our room
P: No i want to stay here
T: I need to get dressed
P: Get dressed
Theresa threw on her nightgown
N: Ok well i faked my amnesia I started falling for Theresa before i got shot. I started to miss you and then well i think i liked u as a friend
P:Well thanks Noah for lying to me. U know what i can do much better than you
She slammed the door shut leaving Theresa and Noah feeling pretty bad. The next morning Paloma woke up even though she didn't have a very sleepful night. She called Roberto the next morning
P: Hello Roberto
R: Paloma how are u
P: um alright Noah and i are finshed
R: Great so u want to meet for lunch somewhere
P: Sure
She went downstairs Noah and Theresa were there and had Paloma's favorite breakfast on the table.
T: We made u breakfast
P: I'm not that hungry i need to go
N: Look I am sorry
P: I know u both are but i am not in a forgiving mood
She grabbed a bananna and left. At noon she went to meet Roberto for lunch
R: Paloma i am so glad that we can be together now
P: Well first i need get over Noah we will just have to see where things go alright
R: ok i can live with that
Paloma kissed Robeto. Roberto was the perfect guy for her. She was finally glad to have made her descion and maybe fate made it for her. She would have to see where things would lead from there.
The End. I hope everyone liked it.I will come up with a new story soon