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6.6.07, 4:16 PM
Hi everyone,

Don't know how many of you have heard, but Kali Rodriguez (Kristina Davis Corinthos) and Hope & Faith Dever (who formerly played Molly Lansing) will be having their very own event at this years Fan Club Weekend to benefit little Hailey Kent (an infant diagnosed with a very rare form of Leukemia). A portion of the proceeds from the ticket sales and the auction will be donated to Hailey's family (the Kents) to assist them with medical and living expenses.

We still have plenty of tickets left so if any of you will be at FCW please join us! (We need to sell at least 25-30 more tickets to reach our goal of what we'd like to donate to the Kents!) Not only is this event for a great cause, but I believe that tickets for the girls' event is the least expensive out of all the other FCW events this year.

The event will be luau themed :) A light lunch will be served. Activities for the event include: Special guests, Q&A, auction & raffle.

Depending on Hailey's health, some of her family members will be at the event and we'd like to show them as much support as possible. You'll also get to meet three adorable little girls! Kali is very excited about the event and I am sure very excited to meet some of her fans. And this is possibly your only chance to meet Hope and Faith Dever at any GH related event since they are no longer on the show (wait until you see them...they've gotten so big!)

Event Info: "Luau to Fight Leukemia with the Kids of GH"
Date: Friday, July 13th
Time: 10:30am-1:30pm
Place: Sportsmen's Lodge Hotel in Studio City, CA

We're also working on putting together a blood drive in honor of Hailey at the Sportsmen's Lodge on Friday the 13th 8:30am - noon... more info on that to follow...

If you are unable to attend the event, but would still like to help little Hailey, please consider making a donation (no amount is too small) It'd be greatly appreciated!

For more information or to purchase tickets or donate please visit: http://ghkidsevent.tripod.com/ Or feel free to contact us at GHkidsevent@yahoo.com

~ Cindy