View Full Version : What is with that wounded look Meg gets

6.6.07, 12:26 PM
whenever she is talking with Paul... or Craig ? It is the most idiotic fake
look I've ever seen. Kind of en injured pity pathetic childish thing. UGH !

6.7.07, 12:28 PM
I think Marie Wilson is absolutely gorgeous, but she does make some, uh, interesting facial expressions.

Meg's a weird character... and SO different from oldMeg. Paul and Craig think she's a saint on earth and that she will/has "saved" them. But Emma and Holden act like she's the black sheep of the family and she's perpetually disappointing them. Are Holden and Emma just that good and Meg can't live up to it? Or is it that Craig and Paul are that bad so Meg seems like a saint to them?