View Full Version : Tuesday Morning in Africa

4.23.08, 1:04 AM
Hi there. Thought I better fess up ... didn't actually mow the lawn eventually, hired a gardener for the day instead. Really lazy, but he did the job way better than I would have. Anyway, that off my chest - lol - we have another lovely cool pre-winter day in Africa today. I am getting psyched up for the reflexologist again today (man, she really hurts the feet!) and this time, taking Hubby with me. No reason why my feet should hurt and not his :D. No, really, she very good and I have not had a bit of back-ache since I saw her last month.

Anyway, wishing everyone out there a great day and hope all your dreams come true.
Take care and keep in touch

4.23.08, 8:30 AM
Hey, that's ok to hire a gardener. I won't tell..ha ha. Good luck at the reflexologist today (it's Wednesday here btw). Our bowling league is over as of last night. We got our awards (cash!). We won't start bowling again till August. I leave for work in about 1 1/2 hours so not on long. Hope everyone has a good day!

4.23.08, 10:14 PM
Hey we all need a hand with gardening now and then right? I'd do it too! LOL no worries!:p

Dragsy I am so glad bowling is over for you and you can concentrate on summer now right? Baseball games with the boys and also going to have your vacation in June right? Well take care and I hope to get on more eventually!:)

Well I'm staying busy working part time right now so not much time to be on here. Soon no time again if I get another full time job. But will try and come when I can and post! Getting a new used vehicle here soon so hopefully have good news! Hope everyone is doing well! TTFN!:)

4.23.08, 11:36 PM
Julie..it's so good to see you on here!! Glad you are doing ok with your Block Buster job and great news about getting another car soon!! I sure miss our chats..but come in when you can. I know you are borrowing your friends computer. Take care now..miss you!