View Full Version : I'm on cloud nine right now!

4.22.08, 6:38 PM
2 weeks into Weight Watchers and I've lost 9 lbs. Lost 4.8 this week!!! WOO HOO!!!!!!:D:wow:

4.22.08, 9:51 PM
Congratulations now kick my butt in gear would ya

4.22.08, 10:28 PM
Great job.

4.23.08, 12:31 AM
Thanks..."kick kick" to you dylanangel..LOL

4.23.08, 1:59 AM
Congrats are definitely in order. U have lot more willpower than I - keep it up.
My sister used to go to weight watchers and now she has gone on some other Diet by some Doctor and she lost a whole lot but is now feeling depressed and all, she is thinking of telling them she quitting and join WW again. It's cost her R1,500 tho (not sure of currency conversion, think it $8 to R1), so she not happy chappy at the moment.

See you got my new email address okay? Good, will send news sometime soon.
Take care and keep up the WW.

4.23.08, 9:32 AM
I've been to weight loss clinics and yes, done well too, but spent lots of money too! Just to go back to my old ways later and gain it back..grr. All that money down the drain! Weight watchers is so much more affordable!

4.23.08, 11:10 PM
I'm glad your losing weight! I am kind of envious because I sure ain't! LOL Glad you are though! Yipee! I am so proud of you! Although if I keep having to walk I should eventually lose a few pounds right? Take care! :)

4.24.08, 12:37 AM
yes..walking is good Julie. Just so good to see you on here..and soon you will have wheels again!

4.24.08, 7:24 PM
Hi Dragsy,
That is wonderful! I am so proud of you. Loosing weight is hard and it feels so great when we succeed .You are doing great! Keep it up !

4.24.08, 8:56 PM
Thanks so much coffenut!!

4.25.08, 1:25 PM
Hi dragsy,
I posted o you on this yesterday but for some reason the post didn't show huh.
Anyways ,that is wonderful. i am so proud of you.Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!! you'll notice you have more energies and feel so good about yourself. Way to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4.25.08, 10:47 PM
Thanks coffenut...I appreciate the support and encouragement.