View Full Version : Does ANYONE like Logan?

6.6.07, 12:57 AM
I can't stand this character at all. He
is so greasy and annoying, a Beady
eyed little rat

6.7.07, 2:24 AM
Like wouldn't be a right choice...but I don't hate him either. I think I'm still in the frame of 'reserving judgement.' Probably because I see the Logan/Lulu writing on the wall, and I think they'll make a great pairing eventually. But that's just me.

6.7.07, 5:37 PM
You know, I think he has something to do with Scott. Something tells me he has something to do with whole thing

6.8.07, 7:00 AM
I could've sworn I posted a response in this thread... but, I can't find it. Anywho... I voted 'not sure'. Even after yesterday's epi - I still feel the same way.

6.8.07, 12:24 PM
I voted yes, but because really I like the fact that he has some potential as a character, some mystery. I hope that we see some more sides of him if the whole Lulu thing pans out.

6.9.07, 5:29 PM
Yes, I like him for the same reasons as others have posted- he has lots of potential. I would love for him to be Scotty's son and for he and Lulu to fall in love forcing a whole "Romeo and Juliet feel to the affair between Luke and Scotty. I'd rather see the two of them fighting over their children than Laura at this point.

6.11.07, 2:32 AM
Logan is too brash for my taste, and I dislike Scotty anyway so if Logan does turn out to be his son (which would not surprise me at all) it would make me like Logan even less, possibly. Bleh!

Illogical I know. heheh...

6.23.07, 4:31 AM
I gotta go with no at this stage. This guy just does nothing for me. I get his character is supposed to be unlikable at this stage, but please show us some sort of redeeming feature. I'm getting nothing from this guy. I hope that changes, I really do.

6.27.07, 5:47 PM
So far there is NOTHING likeable about him, not one thing I can think of. Even most of the bad guys have qualities in them that I do like. Not Logan though, I just find his to be a pompous arrogant jerk. So far I have despised every aspect of his personality. If he was written off tomorrow, I'd be very happy about that.

6.27.07, 8:20 PM
Not yet. I just don't see anything there much appealing. The character seems flat and one-dimensional to me. The actor (so far) is doing nothing to change that.