View Full Version : You will not believe what I just heard

4.19.08, 6:06 PM
Hey Everyone! You will not believe what my brother told me today. We were at the spring football game and he said so what do you think about the big switch for next year. His boss (remember he works for a race team) said that Carl Edwards is going to be racing for Hendricks next year and Casey Mears will be out! OMG!!! I could not believe that.
Other news....Hubby and I are going back to Daytona this summer. We have front row seats coming out of the pits!!! So excited but my brother says we are gonna be hotter than you know where and that we will probably leave there covered in rubber. My husbands response to that is Yahooo!!! LOL

4.19.08, 7:47 PM
aaarrrggghhhhh! i seriously pray that is just a horrible rumor. carl is my current favorite driver and hendricks would be the dead last place on the planet i'd like for him to end up. :confused:

4.20.08, 1:00 AM
But Shortness, then you and I could be teammates! :-) And we could root for Johnson together! ROTFLOL!

4.20.08, 1:06 AM
Oops! Forgot to finish my message. lol
WooHoo for you going to Daytona! lol about your hubby and the covered in rubber thing. I hope for your sake you're able to keep cool and leave with limited rubber souvenirs. ;-)
Then again, maybe you could package the rubber pieces and sell them on ebay. lol