View Full Version : Anybody else feel the Earthquake today?

4.19.08, 12:32 AM
I live in Indy and was awakened by a very strange vibration, I thought it was the cat jumping up on the bed. I was still groggy and realized the whole bed was shaking and I could hear the windows and the headboard rattling and the bed continued to sway for a minute or two. I sat up in bed, totally puzzled and thought I was having a weird dream. When I turned on the morning news, they said there had been an Earthquake! Most unusual in this part of the country. Tonight, they said we've had about seven or eight aftershocks, but I havent felt any of them. What a way to wake up this morning!
It was The Topic of discussion at work and with all our customers.

4.19.08, 1:20 AM
Not us but friends of ours in Ft. Knox did!!

4.19.08, 10:45 AM
i'm on the western edge of illinois, i didn't feel a thing and i was already awake. but i guess it was just me because it seems everyone i talked to felt it. hmmmmm?
i have a son in the st. louis area, but i haven't heard from him, i hope that is a good indication!
i remember vividly one here in '68. and i spent 10 years in so. cal. and rode out a couple of big ones. i even kept an emergency earthquake kit.

4.19.08, 9:59 PM
Live in Louisiana..but have experienced a tremor while in Ohio once, and when we lived in Guam as a child.

4.26.08, 12:34 AM
yes, it woke us up, and freaked my husband out, he kept saying "do you feel it? do you hear it?" I must say, it was my first earthquake and i hadn't realized they would be so loud.
I felt at least 2 of the larger aftershocks as well.

5.2.08, 11:39 PM
Lived in southern california and did not hear anything so far..

5.3.08, 1:28 PM
That is awful! I have been in a slight one when we lived in Jackson and it shook everything. But that was a long time ago. I live in Wyoming and where I live now we are near a fault line but none so far thank goodness! Glad you are all OK though!:winkq: